Independent from Long Beach, California on April 3, 1962 · Page 23
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 23

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 3, 1962
Page 23
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Television Log I. TUIMN MI M rininmm tor ctixn M* r iiiMnn TUESDAY, APRIL 3, 1962 ·fr PAID ADVERTISEMENT V 5:45 2 Farm Report; News f 6:00 AJVL 2 College o( Aln "Biology" '4 (Color) Contin. Classroom ' ' "Contcmp. Math" (repeat) ···" 630 2 USC Tclecourse: "Every| day Law." Allen Nelman ,4 (Color) Contin. Classroom · "American Government" '. First of 4 lectures on due · process of law. 7:00 AJVI. 2 Capt Kangaroo: Hobbies ;4 Today. John Chancellor . i 7:45 '9 Cartoonsville--A.M. ; 8:00 A.M. 2 Panorama Pacific, R. Rowc with Kabukl Theatre 5 AM-LA. Stan Chambers 7 Chucko the Clown 8:30 5 Morning Cartoons 11 Susie, Ann Sothern 13 Guidepost: Science (9-12) 9:00 A.M. 2 Calendar, Harry Rcasoner 4 Say When, Art James 5 Face-Lifting by Exercise 7 I Married Joan, J. Davis 9 Movie: "Music in Manhattan," Anne Shirley ('44) 11 The Princess, Pat Blake 13 Public Service Film 9:15 13 G'depost: Soc. Studies (3) 930 2 I Love Lucy. Lucille Ball 4 (Color) Play Your Hunch 5 Romper Room 7 The Pioneers 11 The Jack LaLanne Show 9:45 13 G'depost: Soc. Studies (S) 10:00 A.M. 2 Video Village. Monty Hall 4 (Color) The Price Is Right 7 Abbott and Costcllo 11 The Pamela Mason Show 10:15 13 G'depost: Living In West 1030 2 The Clear Horizon 4 Concentration, H. Downs 5 World Advntn "London" with Mrs. Sebastian Cabot 7 Our Miss Brooks. E. Arden 3 Film: "The Illustrator" 13 Felix the Cat's Cartoons 10:55 2 Harry Rcasoner, News 11:00 A.M. 2 Love of Life 4 (Color) Your First Impression, Bill Lcyden 5 VoRa for Health 1 NEWI "THE TENNESSEE · ERNIE FORD SHOW" . . . MUSIC COMEDT DAILTI "Just a Closer Walk with Thee" is today's closing hymn. 9 Crime Docs Not Pay 11 Broken Arrow. J. Lupton 1130 2 Search for Tomorrow 4 Truth or Consequences 5 P.M.. Mike Wallace, with Gladys Cooper, Jerrv Lester. Mel Torme. Forrest Tucker. Lillian Briggs 7 Yours for Song, B. Parks 9 Medallion Tlitr. (tcleplay) 11 Songo, Del Moore 11:45 2 The Guiding Light 4 Ray Schcrcr News (11:55 12:00 NOON' 2 Burns and Allen Shew 4 Jan Murray Show. 7 Camouflage, Don Morrow 9 Movie: "That Girl from Paris." Lily Pons ('37) 11 Sheriff John, John Rovick 13 Midday Report 12:15 13_Public Scrvice_Hlm 4 Floyd Kalbcr News (12:25 1230 2 As the World Turns 4 Loretta Young Theatre 7 Window Shopping 13 Assignment Education 1:00 PJW. 2 Password, Allen Ludden 4 Young Dr. Malone 5 Dr. Brothers; Telecopier News: Movie (1:10): "Golden Eye, "Roland Winters 7 Day in Court: Burglary 11 The Gale Storm Shew 13 Public Sen-ice Film 1:25 7 Alex Drier Report 130 2 Art Linklelter H'se Party 4 Our Five Daughters 7 My Little Margie 9 Tic Tac Bowl, D. MrGrcx 11 Divorce Court. Bill Welsh 13 Guidepost to Spanish (6) 2:00 PJW. 2 The Millionaire 4 Make Room for Daddy 7 Jane Wyman Presents 9 Movie: "Dangerously The Live." John Garficld ('42) 13 The Lloyd Thaxton Show 230 2 The Verdict Is Yours 4 Here's Hollywood. Jack Linkletten Perc Westmore, Chester Conk!in 7 Seven Keys. Jack Narz 11 Movie: "Over the Waves, Ann Rutherford (M2) 2:55 2 Charles Collingwood 4 Sander Vanocur, News 5 Telecopier News 3:00 P.1W. 2 The Brighter Day 4 FRANDSEN'S FEATURES * ACT I -- "Ul THAT GUTTERS"--A. Dihl 5 Makeup Tips; Dorothy Gardiner Show (3:0^) T LIVE from Phllidilphia * "QUEEN FOR A DAT" 13 Felix the Cat's Cartoons .1:15 2 The Secret Storm 330 2 The Edge of Night 4 FRANOSEN'S FUTUR!* .. HIGHWAY HOLIDAY ... 5 Skipper Frank's Cartoons 7 Who Do You Trust? 4:00 PJW. 2 Amos V Andy 4 FRANDSEN'S FUTURES 1ST RUN1 "All Athori" Dick Hiraii, M. Roomy 7 American Bandstand, with Mary Wells 9 Birthday Express 430 2 Life of Riley. Wm. Bendix 9 (Color) Movie: 'Tension at Table Rock," Richard Egan ('56) 1 3 Stooges, Don Lament! 4:50 7 American Newsstand 5:00 P.M. 2 Movie: "Harard." Paulette Goddard, Macdonald Carey ('48) 5 Popeye; Tom Hatten 7 Love That Bob! I Superman, George Reeves 3 Joe Palooka. J. Kirkwood 530 7 The Soupy Sales Show 1 Rescue 8. Jim Davis 3 Tom Malonc's Sports 5:55 4 News Almanac 6:00 P.M. 4 (Color) News and Sports 5 Bozo the Clown 7 Baxter Ward. News 9 Newsrell. John Willis 1 Highway Patrol 3 Peter Hansen, News 6:15 4 Huntlcy-Brinklcy Report 7 ABC News, Ron Cochran 3 Harold Fishman 630 2 Big News, Jerry Dunphy 4 (Color) Curt Massey Show 5 CIcte Roberts Reports 7 Tombstone Territory. 9 Cartoon Express 1 Space Angel; Dick Tracy 3 Waterfront. P. Foster 6:45 4 (Color) Jack Latham News 5 The Big Three (Nev/s) 1 George Putnam Dateline 7:00 P.IW. 4 WyattEarp.HughO'Brian Drldge City is on Us best behavior. 5 Beat Odds, Mike Slokey 7 Bat Mastcrson, Gene Barry 9 Science Fiction Theatre 1 Huckleberry Hound 3 Wonders of the World: "Sailboats In Bolivia" 7:15 2 Doug Edwards and News 730 2 Marshal Dillon, James Arncss (Gunsmoke). Homesteader's disappearing wives make townspeople lynch-happy. 4 (Color) Laramlc, John Smith, Erin O'Brien, Lyle Bcttgcr. Slim's rekindled romance ends in tragedy. 5 Peter Gunn. Craig Steven 7 The Bugs Bunny Show. 9 (Color) Best of the Post: "Carnix-al of Fear." Francis Lcderer. Escape from Iron Curtain. 11 The Best of Groucho 3 Wanderlust. Bill Burrud: 'Tokyo Goes West' 8:00 P.M. 2 Password, Allen Ludden. Guest celebrities: Ann Sothern. Alan King. 5 I. MAONIN PRESENTS * "A LOOK AT THE LOOK" With JANE FONDA . . . 26 new summer styles by Andrew Arkin. 7 Bachelor Father, John Forsythe. Del Moore. ~ Nc!gnb6rs~Eattle over -stray cat believed htir to $1,000,000. 9 I Led Three Lives. 11 Rescue 8, Jim Davis. Explosion buries Chinese gir 13 A Way of Thinking Dr. Albert E. Burke: The Buddhist and the Commissar." First of 4-pt. series analyzes growing Communist threat in Ccn tral Asia and Tibet. 830 2 Dobic Gillis, Dwayne Hickman. Dobic believes daughter of business tycoon can boost him up th social ladder. 4 Alfred Hitchcock Present "10 o'clock Tiger," Robert Keith. Karl Lukas. Frank! Darro. Pep formula trans forms has-been boxer into a dynamic fighter, with ironic results. 5 Roller Skating Champion ships (Olympic) 7 The New Breed, Leslie Nielsen, Cameron 1'rud' Homme, Oscar Beregi. A swastika turns up a; a clue In a waterfront braw death. 9 (Color) Kingdom of Sea II M-Squad, Lee Marvin 13 The Lupi Saldana Show 9:00 P.M 2 The Red Skclton Show (repeat). Don Knot!? and Amanda Blake guest as San Fernando Red starts a talent contest racket. 4 The Dick Powell Show "Sarari." Glynis Johns, James Coburn, Junno Hernandez, Oscar Bcrcgi, F.llen Corby, Parley Bacr, Jay Novcllo. Adventure and romance of a prim missionary nurse and a gin-guzzling boat captain Based on the book and movie "African Queen." J A KINO'S MONUMENT * BUILT WITH HOOD . Mu from UJ. WMtmic 40 FORECAST For Doytimt Tcrtdoy flgurw itiowr Hi|h T«mp«fori)f«t I»p«dtJ oil, TNI. AMU «, INDEPENDENT-- P«JI C-7 --Atwdtttd prni wirrdMta M«o V\IR TO PARTLY cloudy weather is expected over most the nation today. A few showers should fall in parts of the northern and central Rockies. Cooler weather and continued cool weather is due along the central Atlantic coast and the northern part of the south Atlantic states as well as in the Gulf states and the northwestern Plains states. "THE LAND OF THE PHAROAHS" -- COLOR Stars Jack Hawkins, Joan Collins, Dcwcy Martin 1 Divorce Court. 3 Rendezvous with Adventure, Lee Green 930 2 Ichabod and Me. Robert Sterling. Jesse White. Bob gets a race horse, too, when his uncle becomes a house guest. 7 Yours for a Song. 3 Racket Squad, R. Hadlcy 10:00 P.M. 2 The Garry Moore Show. Nat 'King' Cole and comedian Bob Melvin are guests in repeat show. 4 Cain's Hundred, Maik Richman, Robert Culp, "Jersey" Joe Walcctt, Bruce Gordon, George Macrcady, Zina Bcthunc, with Sammy Davis Jr. playing himself. When his bodyguard is attacked and his girl friend slain, entertainer (Culp) egrccs to help Cain find secret meeting of mobsters. Culp wrote the telcplay for this episode. 5 Clcte Roberts Reports 7 Alcoa Premiere, Fred Astairc: "Seven Against the Set." Ernest Borgninc, Juano Hernandez (tec also "Dick Powell"). A handful of Navy men under Japanese siege throw the rule book away, 1 George Putnam, News 3 Peter Hansen. News 10:15 5 Big Three Final (News) 3 Harold Fishman 1030 5 Divorce Hearing 1 The Paul Coatcs Show 3 NEWI TONIGHT! NEW! * THE MIKE STOKEY SHOW 11:00 P.M. 2 Jerry Dunphy Report 4 (Color) Jack Latham news 5 Mahalia Jackson Sings. 7 ABC News Final 9 John Willis. News: Dow Finstcrwald Golf T:ps 1 The Tom Duggan Show 11:05 5 "EVERYTHING HAPPENS AT NIGHT"--R. Hlllind 7 Baxter Ward News (11:10 11:15 2 Movie: 'Til We Meet Again." Ray Millard. Barbara Britton ('44). 4 (Color) Tonight, Art Link letter, with Danny Thomas, Sheldon Leonard Giselc MacKcnzie, Del-Fin Thursday, Loriene Johnsoi 9 Movie: 'The Conspir- alorsT'Hcdjrtamarr ('44 7 Weather News (11:25) 1130 7 San Francisco Beat 12:00 MIDNIGHT 7 SUSPENSE-- MTSTERT . . COMPLETE WEATHER I FORECAST . ttit» Beach *nd VlCMty: NIoM and morning lew clouds. Moitl/ tunny i ttv» ·nemoen. Uti't cftwtt H irmperatvft. H-eh isetr 4i. t MovnUtn Afras: Vanatii* Ngft cioud-neti witti mojriy tunny eav« today and Wtdnndav but ton antf low clowrt atonfl tower coastal Hoc** in ntgtit and momino hours. SPohtiy wim»f Wfdnnday. . , Irtttmr a*d Oestrt Rrttons: Som« h-oti cloudintis but mostly tunny todiv anJ Wednesday. Ousty winds locaity JD to M m D -h. In afternoons. H oft tfmwtturrt today h to R irporr valleys. M » n lower valleys. iefiTty warmer norm portions tod'v. . vVv3 and Wither F«ee*il (Pi canceeciaa ta Mtitean larder):. Mostly Hfltit vanalr winds night and mornmo hours becem'no w«t t9 sovthweit ID ta ft knots In afternoons today and WeOtesda/ but normweJt IS t» 2J knots at times ever outer channel waters, tow clown pioM ·*** momma hovrs but mostly sunny afternoons. Unit temperature chanoe. SUM/ MOON AND TIDES TONIGHT I aitd the ^BUDDHIST COMMISSAR; Dr. Albert. Suite, in part one of a four part series, analyzes the growing Communist threat in Central AsiawffliTibetasaspring- board for further aggression. . . . MMnrlse: S.Ot am. Woomet; $:IJ pm. . . . . . _ . . .», Tides: HI:*I 57 feet at r:U am. *M Ji fett at |:7f rm. Lew, 0 2 feet a! 1:4* am. and -- X7 toot at 2:1* Dm. Lwa Beatf* _~. . Lena Btidi Airport Lei Anst'ti ...... A«!on . Bakenfifld . By Btar Lak» MONDAY'S WEATHER REPORTS C«1if«rnla H. L. ft 51 _ _-- ** SJ « il Rlvtft * 57 11 .n :j I n s* Fresno Rivet-lid* 5vi Bernard',no"*"! S«m D'f79 ...-.._ San Fr*retico _ Santa Barter* » Victorvlllt __ F.M STATIONS KLON KXLU KPFK , I11 KCBH ,, 1 TM If 7 KMOF 1 »0 7 KW.LA 1__ tl.J KHJ . N -zzJHBHS nn=!! KRKD KWIZ KFVU KDUtl H.NOB K9IO KOLA KBCA KLFM KB'Ai KBBl FM HIGHLIGHTS Art Modes at 9 a.m. on KNOB. . . "The Unsinkablc Molly Brown" at noon on KMLA... Gcorce Shearing at 3 p.m. on KBBI. . . Percy Faith at 5 p.m. on KGLA. . Elliott Lawrence at G p.m. tin KBIQ. . . Boston Pops in stereo at 8:15 p.m. on KPOL . . . Edmundo Ros in multi plex at !) p.m. on KMLA. . . Anita O'Day at 10:05 on KNOB. Scollind Yard Inspector Cesar Romero stars. 12 JO 11 Maria Palmer; Movie (1235): "Dinner at S." John Barrymore, 12:13 9 Movie: "Race Street." George Raft. Wm. Bendix 1:00 A.M. 2 Movie: "It's a Small World." Spencer Tracy. 4 One o'clock Curtain iao 4 Almanac; News Wiap-Up CUT OUT AND TAJTE ON BACK Of TOUR TV »ET-~--«··"" Expert TELEVISION and RADIO Repair HE 6-9897 S.S'RriS $9 95 lab U vvv I Kik guiiir limn. S* SC,H Sfompi It yean of torn, location SH Jlompi RCA VICTOR · ZENITH · PACKARD-BELL OHH FIIDAT EVCNINBI UNTIL t RELIABLE RADBQ-TV CO. 202 East Fourth Street Stnrlclig Iki follcwlnj Artai · IDS AITOS · UKEWOOD · IELMONT SHORE · NORTH tONO IEACH · DOWNTOWN LONG IEACH CUT OUT AND PASTE ON BACK OF TOUR TV ICT brought to ,ou by GLENDALE FEDErtAt'$AVlN6S "rid LOAN ASSOCIATION Jackie Leaves for Palm Bench With 2 Children WASHINGTON OT) -- Jac quclinc Kennedy, wife of the President, and their two chil drcn left by plane for a vaca lion in Palm Beach. Fla. Mon day. They are expected to spend about a week at the Palm Beach home of President Ken nedy's parents, former nm bassador and Mrs. Joseph P. Kennedy. Earlier Monday the Prcsi dent relumed from a week end rest at Glen Ora, his rented estate near Middle burp, Va. MIKE STOKEY Dr. C. A. VARVEN D E N T I S T · COMPLETE DENTURE SERVICE · REPAIRS WHILE YOU WAIT · 18 Months to Pay · Pension Work Ptililkal EitrattloM Arranged F»r OM lltci N.rtk ·( S(Btk St. ·· CK.rry A.«, N. Lot] Itack 5881 CHERRY AVE. GArfield 2-7906 1962 VALIANT WE Will CfllVCK WITH $299 oo AN ED BARBARI riTMOUTH CINTIR AUTNOOItlO l»lf» AND »IV1»-rtTMOUTH. VAIIANT AND VOIYO 6200 N. BELLFLOWER BLVD. TO 7-2731 ALL NEWI ALL LIVE! NIGHTLY I MONDAY THRU f KID AY * * + + * * * * * * * * * * OO-MINUTES OF TOP ENTERTAINMENT He talks too much! · His pronunciation makes everyday words sound obscure... "The smarg is very heavy in Pasadener." · His musical taste is unusual, it ranges from the charming (Nelson Eddy) to the bizarre (a singing dog). · And yet ... the over-all effect is stimulating, refreshing and different Why? Because Robert Q. Lewis is not a Deejay; essentially he's an entertainer with all the talent and timing that profession requires. · If you're tired of the same old formula radio uni try Robert Qiewis Kill MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY, 6:30 TO 10:00 AM

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