The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on February 21, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 21, 1920
Page 3
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•*.• THE DAILY FREE MEYERS'GARAGE WHAT BECAME OF >bUR. FRAHKi \THIS is HER.> AND REPAINTED A S clothes, make the man so will a thorough overhauling and painting make your car. It will make it look like a ten time winner and let other folks know that it has its speed clothes on. What do you think about it? USE BOMBS IN DUBLIN Sinn Feiners AttackrBritish Military and Police. One Civilian-Killed and Two Othtn Wounde*-Raideri : ; Barricade Roads and Cut Wire.. Local News Senator C. E. Hull ot Salem, was here to attend the Farmers' Institute yesterday,' especially the "Booster for Egypt" session. Senator Hull is editor of the Salem Herald-Advocate. : County Adviser -H B. Piper of Richland county, former member of the Normal faculty, has returned to_Eis home in Olney after attending the Farmers' Institute. Dr. G. F. Mead of PinekneyvUle made a business trip here yesterday. Glen Douglas o£ Brookport visited friends here Wednesday. Mrs. John Hiller ot Pinckneyville, formerly of this city, is visiting Mrs. JL E. Hiller and Mrs. Lawrence Brooks. Misses Mae Washiehek and Clara Korando of Jacob, attended the Illinois Fanners' Institute tie past thres days. Church announcement* lionM be to tie office not, later than t p. jn. Frt-' day to insure, insertion Saturday. Pro-* ., L ,. - - • -.-..,..- Kaxan, for missionary meetings th* ^^rX^^mlll^^ >«* *>"•"** ""»< * '" - — out a raid near Grafton:-street'where they were reported to have made several arrests. :The raid followed early morning fights • between civilians and police, In. which a constable was killed and another constable and a civilian were wounded and several persons were arrested. NOTICE I have purchased 'the entire interest of the. MUlisau & Fly Music' Co. We kindly ask that all owing us accounts will please call and settle same before March 1, so we can balance our books. I will-remain in the music business at the same place. Your continued patronage will be greatly appreciated. J. W. Milligam. AdTertiaememt. .. Harold Senoff of Mt. Erie has gone to Lebanon, to resume his studies after visiting his sister,. Miss Florence, a student of the-Normal/ Mrs. John Yandell of Rpsiclair, is visiting her brother, Chas. A. Gullet! and family. i Mrs. Irillie Rife of Villa Ridge attended the Farmers' Institute. L. E. Beltz, superintendent of the play grounds of the South Side School at Herrlu, attended the Farmers' Instir tute here- today. ^ R. E; Remfro.was visitor in Marion Tuesday. Basket ball at the Normal gymnasium- tonight. Normal vs. Cape Girardeau Normal.—Advertisement. E*£ket ball Friday and -Saturday nights, Feb. 20 and" 21. Normal Gym. Cape-Girardeau vs. Normal.—Advertisement. . Those who wore the uniform in the World War 'meet at the ^Armory Hall. —Advertisement.^ \ PUBLIC MEETING GALLED A public meeting will be held at the City Hall, Carbondale, 111., at 2 p. m. Saturday, Feb. 22, 1920. Proposition, community matter. If you belong to) What you consider the -community of Carbondale don't fail to attend whether you reside ini Carbondale township or immediately outside of same. You will mot be asked to donate or subscribe any money. Your council I« all that is desired. Frank M... Hewitt, Chairman, . J. D. Dill, R. A. Taylor, R. E. Renfro, Frank Clements, A. S. Johrason, Judge Herbert A. Hays. Advertisement ' . It Is believed the early, morning disturbances' were part of an organized plan for a simultaneous.attack upon the police In different parts of the city. The plan was frustrated^for the most part by arrests of suspected persons, many ot_whom were^ found to be heavily armed.'-- '' ' '. ...-••. Lpnclou, Feb. 21.—Attacks were made ngninst the British military and constabulary throughout ail of Dublin said h Central. News dispatch .from that city. Bands of, armed men were reported, to be roaming the city. The leaders, \vere said to have planned attacks upon isolated patrols. The fighting spread from the barracks to the vicinity of Trinity college, where a civilian was killed. Two others, were' wounded. ' Three civilians were arrested by the troops. Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland, Feb. 21.—After a three-hour siege, in which hand grenades, rifles, and- pistols were freely used, an attack on poHce barracks by armed raiders was repulsed here. One police officer was wounded_ahd it Is believed three raiders were struck' by bullets. • The raiders made extensive preparations for the' attack, 1 , having blocked all roads with fallen' trees and barricades and having dug deep trenches to cheek the approach of military motor lorries. Telegraph and telephor e wires were cut over a radius of IS miles about this place. One end of the barracks was demolished by the explosion of a bomb. not later than Saturday noon. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 307 West Corner West Main St. and North Normal Are: J. W. Merrill, Minister. •Main StT ' >Phone 3S7 L. ; 9:30 Sunday school . ' , Come .promptly on account of the plans for the next hour.. 10:30 The Sunday school and. congregation join the American Legion and march to the Normal Auditorium for the American Legion" Memorial service. Bring your weekly church offerings. -.- They will be 'received .Just before we leave the church.. Let every Baptist be 'on hand at 10:30 sharp. 2:00 Juniors. Mrs. Stewart Chandler, leader. 6:30 Senior B. Y. P. TJ. Lonls Wolff,; President. . 6:30 High School B. Y. P. TT. ' ILed by Group 1, Ruth / Lambert, Captain. . 7:30 Special program in charge of' the World Wide Guild. Mrs. J. H. I Bagwill will have .charge ot the music. I A very interesting program has-been prepared. •' I 'Come thou with us and we will do ' th'ee good:" " • I Vale Tonight "A -.Wdtttf s i^cnce^' FEATURING : N MARY 601 con. The.smartest story of exclusive society ever tuil - ceived. A drama of fascinating beauty, power- • lul action and weird suspense. v • B«TH ROUND I "THE ADVENTURES OF Bimr | _ 11 and 22c J attmmimitfmmmm!aimmmmMiiana,mm^ l f THE PEOPIE-S COLUMN HARB TO BEAT FOR THRIFT Idea of Young Penniwise Just' About the Record Along Lines of Real Economy.' PUBLISHERS MEETING HERE SUNDAY AFTERNOON A meeting of the Southern Illinois Publishers Association, organized in this city last month, will be held at the Elks Home Sunday afternoon. A meeting was arranged for last Sunday but "was postponed because of the flu ban at the time.' Hal Trovillion, editor of the Herrin News is president of the Association and- W. S. Stafford, owner of the Stafford Printing firm of Marion, is secretary.. . . When the old miser, whose name was Skinflint, called upon the young miser, whose name was Penni- wise, he . found that worthy sitting in the dark. Penniwise 111 up, however, I when he found ' there was a mort- i gage to be exam- ' ined, a email candle, made up of three candle-stumps and a nightllght wick. But as soon as the paper had been read through he blew out the name. "Why did you do that?" asked Skinflint, sharply, putting one hand on his watch and the other' in the pocket where he kept his loose change. ."Can't we talk just as well in ^the dark?" replied his host. "And think 1 how it saves the candle!" They talked on. But suddenly the host noticed strange sounds coming from his guest's chair. ; "What are you doing there?" he asked, suspiciously. "Why," replied the other, "It's dark, and nobody can see me, so I thought I'd take off my coat and waistcoat to save the wear and tear!" CHURCH WF GOD. Elder.O. W. Sidenei, Pastor. Services: heft In L. O. O. F Hall East Main St. Services Lord's Day will be as fol-l lows: • - I Because of missing last Sunday let us not lose interest in the Sunday school. Bible school meets at 9:30. Lawrence Sammons, Supt. Preaching services at 10:45 a. m. and 7:00 p. m. Good spiritual singing and interesting subjects. Everybody Invited to come. • CottajFS-'prayer meeting wi Wednesday night, Feb. 25th at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. McCluney 507 Beveridge St., Mrs. J. E. Coleman, leader. \ ST, LOUIS SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA PLAYS The complete instrumentation of the orchestra to be heard at the .coming concert at the Hippodrome Monday evening will be the' same that gives the weekly symphony concerts in St. Louis. It follows: 15 first violins. 14. second violins. / 9 violas. 8 violoncellos. 8 bass violins. 1 harp. . . 2 oboes... ,.-.,..-;. x . ,. ." '; , English horn. All ex-service men meet at the Armory hall at 9 o'clock Sunday morning. —Advertisement. •H r rfnncimeement! Having purchased the American Hotel Building and completed one of the niftiest stores in Carbondale, we take pleasure in announcing to the public that we opened for business Saturday morning,. February 21. Our stock is composed of staple and fancy groceries, which is^-guaranteed "to be absolutely-new. 'The price is"'right. o • 0 Civilian Aviation. According to the presidential proclamation of February 28, 1918, before undertaking to run civilian aircraft,* including airplanes, seaplanes and balloons, all persons must obtai% n l!cense_from^ the joint army and navy board of "aeronautic cognizance, building D, Sixth and- B streets,' Washington, D. C. During tife parade or the 27th division 'in New York city, says the Scientific American, a flying boat, piloted by an unlicensed civilian,, flew up and down Fifth avenue above the parade at a dangerously low altitude, estimated to be between three hundred and five hundred teet. If his engine had failed, the. pilot could not have reached a landing place, but would have been forced to come down in the crowd on the avenue. The board cun- tions airplane operators against, repeating the performance and warns them that if they are to fly x a civilian machine, they must get a license.— Youth's Companion. • '' ~ CHRISTIAN SCIENCE CHURCH ' CoJner-of-South Normal Ave. and West Elm St. . Sunday school 9:30 a. m. Sunday morning service 10:45. Wednesday evening service 7:45. x • Pubject for the Sunday service: "Mind." ; The free reading room and circulating libraiiy i s .open every Wednesday imd Saturday from 2 to 4 p: m. Au-. literature is for loan'and for sole. .••'}„ All are cordially velcome. HRISTIAN CHURCH v\ CornerjNornml Are. and Monroe St. Duncan MacFarlane, Pastor. >_'';• BJtole ,j> school: next Sunday at lary member of the school 9:30. E wanted a The it fii) it'opportunity will be made for /line, . those' wJi ii.' gave the full measure of devotion i b pur,bel( > ''^d Land: and Flag. It will be.necessary -to dispense!with the > chutf ih service on this account so every member bring your, church pledge eirly, before 10:30, if you can't get to Bible school, as the.offer- :will le taken for the church expense >a1 Christif n ^Endeavor at 6; 30. . song service at 7:30. i. W. W. ARE FOUND "Jury at nal ontesano, Passes' on'';Crirn|- yndicalisrn'.Jp^ses^Two" ' .Are -..••' i '• -•,;••• • * -•-,- Monte'seanrt'- Wash:,ilFeb. 21 EIPV "->: -.T -*> :: nr--<-rTM- , ..-L.1KV- ,1.. W ; , -yrjt charged •~"-'-"--n 'under the Corne? iServIis with se 7 30 i Condi' Chetter Enterti ' Mrs this service. immunity to pay honor to hat time. Evenii Come < r.d; join in service." ! a great vening £|'!SCOPAL CHURCH loath Normal and West Elm St. Andrews 'Episcopal 5:30 a.m. Holy 'Communion on, • .'.'"• Evening prayer.. by Rev. R. M. Gunn ,of ins Relative Guests' ' at Noon Dinner lie :Moak.e entertained Mrs!' Dolo Neu rfeld of St. Louis/Mrs.'Jem me Schiil and ward, ot r- r ohii£ ..... Sheeks. ' Thirteen SMly Charged, one. being ,'cii^ fcior lack of evidence and- an- ting dismissed .because : of 111- Me m« JWch prevented *lm attendl^: ^^ .._. * " • • ' ' ' '• " ' -i- . Vr. tf« little son, Glenn.; Ed- ohnston City, Mrs. Carini! Leigh of rihasiton City, nieces of.Mrs: Moake, Hs\W. M Felts, of Janesville Wiq, aid Mrs Ella Murphy of dity, 1 9r|sasters, at a 12 o'clock r ]»me at 502 Normal Ave. 1 piccolo. ; _ . 3 clarinets. 3 bassoons. 5 French horns, • ' 7 trumpets and cornets. 5 trombones. 1 tuba " I set 'tymparil' or kettle-drums. •:••'. 4 side drunks, basa drum, 2 glockenspiel and others. ; ; Conductor Zach has been with the St Loute oorchestra seven years. H Joined that orchestra after man years' membership with the Bosto Symphoony, an oorchestra which i universally conceded to be second t» none in existence ( at-present. Durin that Mme he conducted the Boston o: chestra during its. summer seasons an frequently in Us regular concerts Artists who have been soloists unde the.baton consider s him one of the lies conductors of the' day. Busoni, th great Italian pianist, unqu^lfledly as serta that no conductor in Americ gave him such good accompaniment during, his last tour, in this country- ai Mr.. Zach; and Fritz Kreisler, whom many believe the greatest living.vio linist,. said • in an interview after hi; appearance with/the orchestra las season:. .• •...-. ' , "Mr. Zach is a true musician, .sound sane and genuinely artistic.' He'.is,no given to sensationalism. No great art ist ever, is. He has made the St. 'Louis orchestra the best in : the west." .. The St: Louis Symphony' Orchestra will appear in concert at the.Hippo drome Monday evening'with Elsa Diemer ,lyric" aoprano, -as prima donna soloist. •'- . . •. ''- •''-••• • —^Advertisement. . ' .. - • •w^ ! ^rea~av > «^n^ l »v^^ ii a^ i ;,. a;!f ^,:_.,- : «ive location ana jiowesfc'** J *' 1 "*" h '~ 1 '*~ ki * lJ "*"~™ price. Address Box 168, Carbondale. WANTED-Girl for housework. John Metcalf, 612 West Sycamore. -. i FOR HINT. ' r.\ it that all former-Bery- it the Armory HaU at 9 mornlng.J-AdTertiBe- MRS. LILLIE DIXON DIES LAST EVENING iMirs.. Lillie,Dlxon, wife'of Hess Dixon, died at her home on Marion St: last evening about 6 o'clock blood poisoning 'causing her 'death. She .was 30 yearns old'. She leaves her husband arid tour childreni, besides her paTentei^r. and Mrs. jiames Lewis of Pomona, and the following brothers and sisters, Art, Bert,. Ralph, Ray ~. and .--Mrs".' Adam Stearns, iall-of Granite Oity.'Mrs.'Wal- ter'Linsey,. F,rearick t .'Mo., 'Mrs. .Clarence Ellas, Oscar ;and Claude 'of Pomo'£. (Funeral services/tomorrow after- nopn' at 2:00 6'cloeK /Interment at Snider cemetery. Local News, General News, Latest Novels ARE FEATURES OF THIS PAPER •" FOR RENT-Furadshed rok\ glrto preferred, call 414 X. KKNT—Btoimg» i tie on. story flows, en aBey back Theatre. Apply Kin FOR RENT-^-Two furnished 216 West WaH; Phone 437 L. . TOB MLB. FOR SALE—Five room hotu* aad larje lot, clone to town, $1500: O«U at 305 -East Main St' - FOR SALE-T-Dandy 5 room house, modern except heat 403 Normal Aye, Price and terms right. J. G. Warneoke CentraMa, 111. ' t ' . n houro, -.two lots and l»rn at a bargain. H. O. ' FOR S^E—Five room coth«e on West: Sycainpre St. All convenienceB except heat.. Lot 60x230 feet Etas good barn also. Phon» 247 K, at «1 West Jackson St. FOR SALE-tTsed piano. Bargain If sold this, week. , C, care of Free Presg FOR SALE—Pony. Reasonable: -70S West. Pecan. FOR SALE—Farm, 280 acres at »50 per acre. Within two miles of Normal University. "B," care of Free Press. : .: • LOST LOST—Elks emblem charm, durlnr farmers' Institute. Finder' please ie- urn'to Roberts Hotel and receive reward. . • ,.' •LOST-OR STRAYED—Red pig (gilt)"' 0 or 40 pounds. /Reward if.returned, Notify Free Press. tXJST—^Slsriner's pin. urn to Free Press, • Reward. Re- PRICES Are All Fixed at as Close a Figure as GOOD PRINTING and ROMPT SERVICE Wilt Permit

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