Independent from Long Beach, California on February 2, 1960 · Page 5
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 5

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 2, 1960
Page 5
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'STONY-FACED Charles Lindstrom (left) and Robert Fiilmer take temporary seals in jury box at Los Cerritos Municipal Court awaiting arrival of Judge Roberta · ' -Butzbach.--(Staff Photo.) Insurgents Quit; Chief Is Jailed ALGIERS, (/PI--The French insurrection in Algiers ended ingloriously Monday with one of the two leaders In custody and the other in flight. The last diehards marched out of the barricades after jetting a harsh army dictate o form a unit with the French foreign L e g i o n l o f i g h t Algeria's Moslem rebels or go home and face possible trial r subversion. Moving f i r m l y to end the eight-day uprising, President Charles do Gaulle's government laid down the unbending ilternatives. They were re- aycd to the insurgents by a paratroop colonel at a meet- Huge Tax t)ebt Left 'Daddy* '' ' WASHINGTON W)--Uncle Sam froze the huge estate of "Sweet Daddy" Grace Monday with a batch of court liens aimed at collection of nearly six million dollars in incpme tax claims against the Negro preacher. The estate of the late head of the "House of Prayer for AH'People" has been estimated" at, up 10 25 million dollars. Thq bulk has been willed to the church which the eccentric evangelist founded at Charlotte, N.C., in 192R when he baptised his first followers in a mudholc. + * A * AT THE TIME of his death in Los Angeles .Inn. 12, Grace claimed a m e m b e r s h i p of three m i l l i o n , nearly all Negroes, in more than GO cities. The b i l l for ?5,9GG,000 in taxes for the years 1945 through 1956 is one of the largest ever entered by the Internal Revenue S e r v i c e against an i n d i v i d u a l . The sums claimed range from $108,014 for 1P-1G to .$1,531,- Ofi.'{ for ini).'!. The IKS tiled the liens against real properly and other assets of t h e e s t a t e in Washington, D. C, and 15 other federal j u r i s d i c t i o n s in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts. Ohio, New Jersey, Florida and Michigan. These had the effect of blocking any dist r i b u t i o n of the estate pending settlement of the tax claims. plus FREE 21" RCA Color TV for niw Investment! or iddltions of $25,000 or mori Killers Face Court as Victim Buried (Continued from Page A - l ) person from narcotics it has importance." A pretty blonde girl bit her lower lip and wept. Other young tear-filled eyes started at the flower- decked coffin. The faces of members of the chapel choir of St. Timothy Lutheran Church were streaked with tears. * * * Municipal Court. Judge Roberta Rutzbach asked the suspects if they wanted a public defender. Neither answered. "Do you need the services of the public defender?" the quiet-spoken jurist repeated. "Cwi you afford In retain your own counsel?" "No," mumbled Lindslmm. * * * A husky, dark-haired boy shook his head, looked up at Lennie's family s i l t i n g in an alcove behind the casket and began sobbing audibly. The organ swelled in the "23rd Psalm," and the young people rose and slowly passed the bier. Some looked in and others looked away. As the organ intoned the "Lord's Prayer" t h e young pallbearers took up positions around the casket. Not one of the boys looked into the coffin. * V * Judge Rutzhach named a public defender tn represent, the hoys and ordered Ihem held without, bail. Preliminary hearing was ordered in the samp court l-'eb 8 ijr * * The mourners filed out of the chapel for t h e dreary drive to Melrose Abbey Cemetery in Orange County * * TJT I-nhner and Lindstrom were, laken hack la Countv Jail. T"T V -K Workmen barely got the a w n i n g over (lie grave before the (iO-car cortege arrived. The mourners plodded through b e a t i n g rain to the grave, dug between a young e u c a l y p t u s tree and a f r u i t laden orange tree. Tombstones in adjoining plots said the occupants were born in 1SS3 and JS90. The minister, an umbrella held over his bowed head recited the Lord's Prayer. ' Mr. and Mrs. Harold Moore, parents of t h e slain hnv embraced under a portico away from t h e grave. Then the mother cried. She didn't want to be at graveside She refused to look at the body of her son in the coffin Then under lashing rain the young people scrambled for t h e i r cars. Cemetery workmen moved in to close the gaping hole. t h, C.HI., Tuesday. Fob ». iwo INDEPENDENT--Page A-5 by RVPE y"N (^) % , J ) X ) ^~^J A ^ ,."? ...WONDER WHERE .. -_~- J5CA5E UP ft PENNY.'? 1 CAN] INY.'? I --''.i^ Ike Surgeon Alllllg r ng behind the Sunday night. barricades A GOVERNMENT spokes- NEW YORK (UP1)-- Army Surgeon General Leonard D. Heaton, who operated on President Eisenhower for ileitis in 195G. flew here Monday from Washington to examine a i l i n g Gen. A r t h u r . Douglas Mac- Lt. Gen. Healon said in a man said 420 of the insurgents medical b u l l e t i n after seeing vho surrendered w i t h their : M a c A rll"ir at L e n o x Hill ^oatced m i l i t a r y lender. Pierrc| H o s P' t a I t n a t tllerc nav e been Lagaillarcic, agreed to serve 'indications of some degree of v i t h the legion as a speciali^'diiey involvment in the ill- jnit. Gen. Jean Crepin, Algiers' 11055 but the "exact n a t u r e of corps commander, said they;" 1 ' 5 can he determined only would fight t h e A l g e r i a n nationalists who have been in by 'url her study". Heaton examined M a c - ·evolt against French rule fori A r l h l l r w i t » Dr. George G. 'ive years. Slaughter, a civilian urologist. T , ~ n , , , ... , They informed Mrs. M a c The 29-year-old Laga.llarde Ar , h nf h - exclusions d P U ' y '" hef °'-o releasing the bulletin t o r a l i a r r i e n t . was f l o w n to. w h j r h l r d ,,,, Fans Monday n.gnt and ,m- d i s c l n s u r c t n a t ( h c p c n c r a l piisone.c. | vls a " s j m pi e n o n - m a l i g n a n t Less t h a n 12 hours a f t e r c n l a r g e m e n t of the prostate he marched out of Algiers-gland which resulted in inter- barricadcs at the htdd uf his fcrcncc with noimal u r i n u i y dispirited followers, Lagail- functions." larde arrived in Paris in a 9 1 R W m i l i t a r y plane. i" 4 * * * ILose Purses THE PARATROOP reserve'. l i e u t e n a n t was driven from an]*-® Cruiser Rochester Slates Open House Open house will be held aboard the heavy cruiser USS Rochester this week end at her dock, Berth 123, Pier K, Long Beach Harbor. Visitors in groups or as individuals will he welcomed aboard irorn 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Tours will be guided by some of the ship's 900 officers and men. DON'T YOU WANT TO SAVE MONEY? · WITH THE FINEST OF HAIRCUTS I · SEVEN BARBERS TO SERVE YOU J (UNDER 12) HAIRCUT JACOBSON'S BARBER SHOP i a i r f i e l d in t h e Pans area to [ t h e g r i m Smite Prison under heavy guard. A policeman was waiting at 'OHllp; A motorized mugger attacked (wo women within an hour Monday morning in d i f - ferent Long Beach locations. t h e a i r f i e l d to n o t i f y La B il-L,^ ar " n L TM au *. .23. " f ' ' 2 '"" ° rc *TM . Avc - sald she iwas attacked bv a young man wh(J - 8 larde that an order ' f o r his - , , i issued by arrest had been Al8iers c o u r t s - nn,t si. and followed her a At the prison a prosecutor short distance before snatch was expected to r e a d thcjing her purse. charge against him. This is' An hour later Florence A. Forhy, 6(5, of 3389 Goldfield Avc., was knocked down and rnhbrd by a y o u t h near 1011 , . . C l a i h n i n c Dr.. She said the ,.,,·· tl.e ..iu-M i l .JoM'pn ( ) , , i / , mb|)C| . .,. C(| his c;l| . nc I lie o i l i r r mp lendrr m tn.r- revolt, who has disappeared.'TM i ,-... T l i a r i i o r ( , i l y Danrn t li e saloonkeeper ( . . vho was p o l i t i c a l boss of t h e ' n s u r r c c I i o n, fled as his :omrades filed out of the arricadcs to surrender. almost certain to be a t t a c k i n g the security of t h e slate. A warrant also was ivsnrcl :.irby. Truck Dynamitings in Oregon Probed plus FREE 17' GE PORTABLE TV (or new in»?jlm»Mi or tddilioni of J7.500 01 mon .iJL ^j^rkti annum plus FREE RCA STEREO HI-FI lot new Investments or *ddit)ani of 45.000 or mart llpti ;;-JLr'«iEpwUnwi,: : pin* FREE POUROID 'HiRhlandcr' ] : tor nsw inveitmcnli or idditiont of i : S3.500 or men i ·h.i^/'a i ···r^^^r.-anhuiii plus FREE SETWINFIELD CHINA PORTLAND, Ore. (DPI) -Authorities launched an all- out investigation Monday into I the d y n a m i t i n g of 10 trucks serving t h e combined Oregon Journal-Oregonian newspaper here. Police said it appeared lo be the work of "someone experienced in handling dynamite." Eight trucks were wrecked and two others were heavily damaged in northwest Portland and at Oregon City, 12 miles to the south, by almost simultaneous dynamite blasts. Damage was estimated at $70,00(1. There were no injuries. The trucks had been left in parking lots. The explosions occurred about 11:26 p.m. Sunday in Oregon City and a few min- utes later in Portland. The j s i x Oregon City trucks had | been used to haul newsprint !to the newspapers, which have i b e c n p u b l i s h i n g despite a s t r i k e which started last Nov. 110. The four wrecked here I were used to carry newspapers and motion picture film. The Portland Newspaper Inter-Union Strike Committee and the City Council offered SI,000 rewards each for apprehension of those responsible. A f t e r t h e blasts, Lt. Dean IBlackwood, Portland bomb control officer, disarmed three ' s t i c k s of dynamite found on the floor of another truck. Later, s e v e r a l sticks of wrapped dynamite were found in southeast Portland. . ' ( """av | The Nick Vargas dance band ?''" l 1 '^ al a b c n c f i t d a n c c ( ram . 9 , p ' m : l o ' ? ·'?· ?, at !"" day in the Retail Clerks Union A spokesman said all the H a l l , 25949 Bcllcport Avc..I ncn w i t h l.agaillarcie w e r e ' l l a r b o r City. Proceeds from 1 old they could r e t u r n to t h e i r , t h e $1.50 t i c k e t s w i l l go to : amilies but if t h e y did s u . j i i . e W i l m i n g t o n C i v i t a n s ' hey faced investigations. j Y o u t h Activities Fund. I Wide-Track widens the stance, not the car. With the widest track of n n y car, Pontiac gives you better s t a b i l i t y , less lean and sway, accurate control. SEE Y O U R t O C A t A U T H O R I Z E D P O N T I A C DEAIER SALTA PONTIAC 1545 LONG BEACH BLVD. (Advertisement) pinx FREE GE CLOCK-RADIO lot new invRttmtnli nr tdrlltions ot J t . ' j O O or moil Tormenting Rectal Itch Stopped In Minutes Science Finds New Healing Sub?rnnce That Promptly Stops Itching and Pain of Piles ,Vw York, N. Y. ( S p e c i a l ) One of the nio.^t common nlHic- tions is a condition known as " i t c h i n g piles". It is most embarrassing for the victim d u r i n g tho day and especially aRprravatinc at night, No rnntter what you've ii=od w i t h o u t results -- here's cnod news. For the fir.=t time, science liris /funid a now h r n h n K !-ui- s t a n c e w i t h t h e a f t o n U l i i n c : j i h i l i l y t o p r o n i p t l y stop tin- 1 h i i r n i n t ; i l r h ami p.iin. It n i - t u ' ' I ence h;i- piovi-ii t h i s ] i r i . . ) . i i i-i n rt ;Vi;!r^iif.'y rnc- t i v e r.'tte nf h e j i l i n j r . I t s perm- k i i l i n ^ p r ^ i ^ f r t i r ? nl-o liclp prevent infection. In one hemorrhoid e»«e after another 'Very striking improve- ment" was reported and veri- f i e d by doctors 1 observations. This improvement was maintained in cases where doctors' observations were continued over a period of months! Among these s u f f e r e r s -«.-re. a wido variety of hemorrho'd condi- tionr, some of 10 to 20 years' d u r a t i o n . 'I he secret is t h i i newhealinff i - n b s t a n c e f R i o - D y n e * ) -- dis- cn ve ry of a w o r l d - f a m o u s'h i n ^ t i t u t : n n . This mh- M:i!:rni.- n n w o!.';i!?^:;blr in O l » f - NGN WRK · PHILADELPHIA Onlunuu MII\1\A SNFRMKSSCQ · MW« WNSAS«n ' ST. LOUIS W JET SERVICE NEW YORK ^ Call your travel agent or TWA HEmlock 6-9691. , n s I'rff.n ru I jr^ri //.* Ask for P r e p a r a t i o n H ? : i j ' p ' i - i t o r ; c s 'convenient (.- carry if away from r,r Prfparatif.ii H o i n t m e n t w i l h !-jieoial applicator. Absolute satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded. ^

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