Independent from Long Beach, California on April 3, 1962 · Page 22
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 22

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 3, 1962
Page 22
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p. g « CIV-INDEPENDENT Ivt »·««. C*U. Inn. JLMil I. Mil Top Viewing Today 8 P.M.--FASHION SHOW on channel 5. Jane Fonda serves as hostess as 26 summer dress designs by Andrew Arkin are displayed. 9 PJVt.--DICK POWELL SHOW on channel 4. Glynis Johns and James Coburn star in an adaption t, H of the Academy ·i Queen." !^.-.'..·-;...·_-. Radio Programs » ""£il AMY by H«rry M«ct Siff ~T W KN»" .--liS We" -~i» KO m i«««»i«a»«l atwmt w nwMtkiitr Mr CM««M niaca »y iiaiMt. TUESDAY, APRIL 3, 1962 Awaid winning movie "African S by TERHY VERNON KN I-- We* U htwt , KABC-- Nt«vi; 4c»rn KHJ-RobfrtQ Irwt K N X -- Bob Cr*r« !h«* CR-AutftvLrt BC-Nfw^ Around World KHX-- Fr«nk Go VI, Nrw* Glynis Johns, the British actress who guest stars on "The Dick Powell Show" at 9 p.m. today, channel 4. admits she easily gets lost. ; Traveling around the world hasn't helped her become "a pro al moving." It has succeeded more in mixing her up. "I once grew angry at a studio guard who couldn't tell 'me where a certain picture was being filmed," she re- icalled. . "It was a big picture with top stars and I thought he certainly should know what stage was being used. "But he didn't fecm to know a thing about it. 'Then I remembered that I was in the wrong cou "ry." · · · * AFTER 17 YEARS out of the Navy. Ernest Borgnine re-enlists tonight. He'll play a lieutenant com mander on the "Alcoa Prc ' mierc" drama at 10 p.m.. channel 7. "I joined the Navy to sec the world in 1935," Borgnine recalled. "I was KABC-W. f KNX-tobC - - KGLR--Hcavtni 8:00 A.M. -News: Milmr UOJ KHJ-Nr*l; Soorfi - . I 1» KABC-- Nfwt; Soc KMJ-PftXMQ l 9:00 AJH. KHX-Hfwi: Art tMtetlff KGER-Or. Ikwd A/wr* KABC-T*lHTnl "l£li ' KAftC-- CvltCM KNX-Gwr« Moo Crml»lx»t« l"l:«l KCCR-- Sw**»»«t IVIft'tfl Kfl~Emi*i«ii ll:tl Kfl-P.I Bitrioo: Jocrh KCER-OtnGIMrt 12:00 NOON KFl-N«t: Ftrm Rraorttr KMPC-Nm: BH R.»T»» K*BC-Ptul Htntv Nn» KM J-- fvntr Brock* nrwt KN X-- lluo^ McCev Nrwi KCCR-lgr, Noen B't't ICABC-- J«r-it»i.e«t New» KMj-Wtitrr O'Kr^t KNX-- NtiMA Mcln nh KH_t«ll. AfIC 111 ») KMPC-- Btwe«ll 111:1)1: Anot's vt. C«lt1 ravtl ll:t i; Hcf 19 H«rl t M J. ^»w*tt KHJ-Rtbcrt Q. l*wl KNX-Bcb Cr^t SNiw Kn~L«dfV6lv KGCR-- Jofin Brown Hovf 1000 ; KNX-pit Butfram Shew iKGCR-Dr. Orr. C-bt i 1:00 P.M. :Kn-Nt«s: Bintr u» KABC-Nt»: U. lf»t KHJ-- Wivnt Thorf M ntwl KNX-Ntwt: P«l Bb1tr«ri KGER-- Airmail from cod KABC-- Ptmtl* Mavn KHJ-W«ltfr O'Krt«t KG£R-- Inrl.Gcui Ittsut KFi-Blitell ll:l!l: ». Baitcm l v world: P*T Buttram Vww ll:Ji) KFOI-BiflColl«loS Crinae* ;KGER-H*attn Talk 2:00 PJVJ. KABC-lrwcJ. C s*ay» KHJ-Nrwj; Fulton lewif KABC-Oa.-B«l* tk«n»r KHJ~FYrrv Alw% itaw KNX-Th*»tOfirl* "MX"" «TMy'*«»*" ~ XM'PM. KABC-Nrwi; Smrli mustered out the September before Pearl Harbor and four months later signed on again." When he left the Navy in 1945. after a total of 10 years' service, he was 29-ycars-old. "I didn't have the slightest» her: mi KGCR-Crv. LcR^v Ifrro ' - ERNEST BORGNINE Back in Navy operas and plays with than I have since." His mother'.s casual suggestion led to the award of an Oscar In Borgnine for his portrayal of "Marty" in Ihcithe night of the champion-' 11:00 AJM. IxABC-Flair ' i KHJ--wa'Ter O'Krtf* 1 I 1» KABC-Wfnd«ll M-ibl* j KNX--vnoman't wo»w: i Ph.l D Norman (}:3J| |KOCR-COrMMLan 'KCER-LII.Li" : 3:00 P_M. ! KABC-Newl; J. C. S»a«ll KMJ--Foifer BrocM pewi Year* jKNX-Nfwi Alien 'KGCft--Yov**t9r Crirut ·I 1:1) KFI--Scoreboard: Nrw« KABC-- Jim AMCul'a Nmrt KHJ-Ptrrv Antfi Wiow KNX-TIW Slor»Lt KFI--Altnlc Tint. C. CKil KABC--Alff Dff'tf; Sam Baiter SoorM 14 4C1 KNX--ha». Coll^vwood: TM irorvLInt » 111 KGER-Rv. AM S,tntdtr 4.41 KGCR-Chmtia'i Counitl'0 KFI -loorU Sumrrarv KABC-Bill Srittnart Nfwl KNX--fxlor-« Hofw Call 5:00 PJM. KFI-Rroorter: New« KABC-Ncwi; Market Final KHJ--Newi; $DOrt1 KNX-Loweit Thomai: Pti'l R'lfuto SoorH I):1C KFOX-Sgveak.n' IXaeon KGER--Awtfe* Let KABC--Speciti (rerort KHJ-Perrr Allen 5r«« KNX-carroiiAken KFI-Point olla« 15:13) KFI--Sid Fu"'er. Newt KABC--Headtirt Hewi KNX--Tom Harmon, Sets. KGER-BullderolFattt I:4S KFI--Oa«t Shaw. News KABC--H. Weaver; Newt KNX-Frank Cost: Newt 6:00 P.M. KFI--Newt: Feature Wire KMPC-BJO KHI«». SoorM KABC-- tcJward P. Morsai KHJ--Newt: Soort* KNX-SDOrttiee: Swlnett KFOX--Race Rereatom KG£R-Back to me B bit KFI-WOrtd Ct Spr-m KABC--Newt: VVm Winter KHJ--Fulton Lew-t jr. KNX--The World Tonisnt KFl-aty Newt Oeik KABC--Oene Sherman KHJ-Nwt: Paul Coinotcn KNX--f errlt Kale-dOKeot KFOX-AI Rtle ItO II KGtR-Rev. Al Hartan · II KABC--Finance: Weather KNX--local News 14:3*1 7:00 P..M. KFI--News: Ban(}*tcnd oil i lorn* iii Ocean Truiltl by Sharks SINGAPORE /Vl --Ar.had Din Awang. 35, reported he and three other sailors shipwrecked off Jax-a clung to a lifeboat for SO hours with sharks trailing them all the time. He said the sharks never once attacked. The sailors 11 cached safety on a small Island. "I LOVE H! Buy it quick before I OUTGROW HI" REWARD II Ik. U«YU-W«H!.j l««J. l«t Ikii «J «ill »i»it tk« ··" ..d tit III. 9 Stiep |»il»p«Ma»t »JJ f!« AM.. ili« »il| t« rtwardtJ by b«i«9 obit U pirtliltl (lit try loltil aid tidting faihUiti fir S p r i n g ««d Eoittr. KABC--J. Rolfion; Sf«rH i KGER--R«. C. T. Waibtrf , tl:M KGCR-DanCiltrrt , KGE~R-Oa'RK*ttrlch 9:00 1'JM. ! 11:00 P.M. "BtSSI,7-55t"KSS».! «L-N?«.- s""'.^" HOME TV REPAIRS Day*--Evenings--Sundays Mail Sink*--Riisiiltlt lint EliettMlt Smlci AtiKltttt HA fill IMIII IT. KGE «-- family Bit't Howr KAftC-- Cd ten*! I KABC-- Cante* t-'Kt ritM KNX-Nrw»; Lr«*ng 1 OurifXNI |7:JSI iKGER-Rfv. VKtcr Clrm KABC-NMi: O'rk "«««« ri.c-Niit^ii Or* 'ill R" ·li'K'S^S^' K»"7?«"iiv**«' »OtR-R*y^l*«n«ll«y |KNX-Ne»l! F1«IN»rm KFI - itr rman 8:00 P.M. KFI-News: Emo».ai^: AAiietton*t In M^lc IMC) KABC--Ntw«: Hemingway KNX--CUV Editor KFOX--Frank Sirw KGCR--Voic* of Chna 1:11 IKGLR-WiiaurNtKHl KABC-N!gMlint. Jo* Pyn, 11:11 KNX--Atk Mayor Vcrtv KFI-LJftLIn* KGER-A. U. Mlcf«'tCA ' KA%C--Niarillin*. Jet Pvn* I » 'KMX-PfiilNormmTcni'* KFI-Oulef tM'Af'l KH-nrac-UD KA3C--NioM^i^. Jo* Pyn* ' |;XBC--Nfwton /Hi KFOX--Arl*n'saric*tri ; INA8I . ^ ^ ^'"IO-OO'MI. ;^^^«TM«MI:U) KFI-N*ot: Emrtjvt · KFI-ll*TM Called Lll* 1 KABC-- Nnt: Ralrn Jamn ! KABC-Earl NWilwioa'* ' ~ '" 12:00 MIDNIGlfT KFI--Ron McCoy l(» 5) KNX-Mule-MDa«n KFOX-Hutfl CMrry Ik) I) KGER--Or. J. Vemon . . McCtt: Dan P fc» (It 11 SHIRTS! Transmission Leaking Compltli Sill CAf* lot. Pirtt » liber, V.«°l H Mitt Cirt WW A. E. Transmission Eich. S5JI Chtrry CA I-fSIS , STOCK MARKET L E C T U R E A FREE Wctrr* will b* atvrn an tt Imnl and Trad* H mtliict M«.,,. LONG^rA'cHllWd.''^! PJ lW,« Hall. Ill Lamt SI. IOJ ANGEttj--T«t« , A«rll . P · r I MaiHr. in S*. wnl*rn Av*. CRCNtHAvr-lktn. Aaril L Camnwiny Cnttr, HI* Santa Riulia tx- L A n Rt(.UM JOSI WITH JmltiC.ll W U OAT «M NIGHT GE 4-3002 IUD1 TV. 121 Ctnltos, Olflci Tlf Service Calls I V 7 A.M.-9 P.M. aft TV SERVICE ct: CA 1-tStS WE REPAIR AIL MAKES · t YEARS IN NORIH IONO BEACH 111 SMI* Strrfl Cl«»* Smday ORANGE T.V. IITH ST. 4 CHANCE AVI. HOUSE CALLS HEM919 $2°° Wf SPECIAUZEl FANTASTIC VALUESl MEN'S SLACKS Imported thorksLin. Char grey and brown. Fine Tailoring. Usually 19.95. 1211 EAST ANAHEIM, L.B. NEAR ORANGE AVE. Ed's Not Bunco--BRENCO MOTOR OVERHAUL $59 ,s , 79 « MOST f -- MOST ft ALSO ENGINE EXCHANGES 24 MONTHS TO PAY FREE LOAN CARS SET PAGE 57 YELIOW PAGES motion picture with title. Borgnine said he was at a loss to understand all the "hullaboo" about the Oscar award. "I was proud mainly be- that 1 ship bout. 10 P.M. "Alcoa Premiere" (7) stars Ernest Borgnine in "Seven Against the Sea." It's the story of a handful of men on a small island under Japanese cause, my father was so siege. A Navy lieutenant, proud." I fresh from Annapolis, is para- His father, F.rnest. lives chuted onto the island. He's with the actor's sister, Eve-'shocked by the lack of disci idea of what I wanted to do."l|yn Velarili. in Garden Grove, pline ;iml the example set by he said. · · ' · th disheveled commander of "My mother (the laic Mrs. 7:.-;o P.M. the men. Borgnine was an I t a l i a n ; "Wanderlust" (Tl) visits countess) casually suggested Tokyo for lunch ;it Hie Im-, pcrial Hotel, a walk through thit 1 take up acting." Borgnine suspects h i s mother wanted to live vicariously through his thcspian chores. "llcing in the nobility, -she was supposed to frown on the entertainment profession," he said. "She did, on the palace g.irdens, shopping! on the Gin?j and relaxation; in n nightclub. riSO P.M. "Alfred Hitchcock Bal Week Police Test --51 Seized! NEWPORT BEACH (UPI) iNittt'iiui iiuuiu Kiiinuia mm; . ', «· ... · . · . · .,,. ., transforms a has-hcon into a -Aroundupof 51 Inghschool but she always had a feeling dynamic fighter. The formula atul collepc students attcnd-j for the dramatic. I saw more'works with ironic r.-sults on '"« !1 f art ' hcrc was rp P° rtcd the surfare, Presents" (-1) the story of a IKIX ing manager wlio obtains a rxiwerful liquid formula that by police Monday who cau- .tinned it was a sample of. , treatment that was awaiting i young revellers on Easter and "pre-EAStcr" vacations. The majority of the youngsters arrested at the party : were from the Riverside area, according to police. Police Chief James Glavis said it was part of a "no nonsense" policy he intended to follow to prevent disturbances at beach cities which have become annual problems in i-lonil.i and California. Four of those arrested were booked and the others released to parents, Glavis said. He received a notice of a party in progress and said he, 'suspected drinking although 1 'the age range was 18-20. APPLIANCE H U N T E R S jwatch Classified for things; they need. Low-cost Classified Ads bring you these buy- i crs. Dial HE 2-. r 950 to start your ad today. IN 'CAM. Mi: MADAM' Three of the players in the I.oiig-Heach Civic l.iKht Optra Association's production of "Call ML- Madam" are Audrey Share (left) as the (irancl Duchess Sophie; Elaine Nelson as Princess Maria, and Phil Poppler as the (Irantl Duke Otto. The show opens Thursday to run April 5. (i, 7, S, 12, l.'l. and H in Hie Concert Hall of Municipal Auditorium. Tickel information may he ohlained at 518 M. Fourth SI. or liy call- in,; UK 2-7!K!(;. WASHER REPAIRS AND REFRIGERATORS DECORATOR ADVICE Drop ia al Colcr Key Corner and rr.ftt Madie Cftapmax lfati( nil! jive ysu the 5 rin- tie Ccl:r Key Test ABSOLUTELY FKEE! Once ou kno« your correct Color Kty it's sup la pick cut colon for (arnilute, draperies, rujs, wallpaper, walls cr teili.ip. Me floon PIUS the aidce of i Ut T. H. liltn 1 J««i «ltt « Ihol Ntw le«k "ilk Iktlr b*«u1ill Fl«iol«« ·m*c*vfrtd pati*. Call C( J-0»»i ».r U» e«.t l»raii *r t»m» tut* 1700 I. 7lk St.. · · . . . you absolute!/ FREE. Of CoursepuYe Coming but please say when! Like any other thoughtful host awaiting invited guests, Soattlc and Washington State arc anxious to we that everything In provided fo make your stay comfortalilo and enjoyable. Especially that you may anticipate suitable housing accommodations upon your arrival. Toward that end we hare set up n non-profit, public Fcrvice operation known as "Expo-Lodging" for the sole purpose of processing housing reservations. This organization has assembled all housing facilities in the area... millions of room nights... and is the official dearinc house for housing of all types and times. Truly we cipect visitors in the millions . . . spread over the six months of our Fair ... hut we also have housing facilities capable of handling millions over the Ramc period. Accommodations to meet practically every preference, every purse and every purpose. Metropoli- tan hotels and motel?, modest hotels and motels, hotel- apartments, rooms in selected private homes, group facilities in dormitories, parking parks for trailers, appropriate facilities for campers! Accommodations amidst the hurry and hustle of the downtown Fairground 1 :, or perhaps half an hour away in the relative peace and quiet of one of Seattle's nearby peripheral cities. Yes, accommodations in great number and variety, and Expo-Lodging will do its best la place you happily. Hut we should know "what" and "when." The service is yours for the asking and there is, of course, no charge. Clip the handy ooupon IxJow. Fill it out to tell ns tchat you would like-and uhen. Pasta the coupon on n past card or slip it in an envelope and address to Expo-Lodging, Seattle 9, Washington. You'll get n prompt respoa^e--probably by return maiL WASHINGTON S T A T E DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE. S ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON · ALBERT D. ROSELLINI. GOVERNOR EXPO-LODGING SERVICE. SEATTLE 9. WASHINGTON Please reserve the accommodations indicated below: (check one) D HOTEL- 0 MOTEL- Pr«f«rtnc«, il any For persons Arriving Leaving Day Month Day I would prefer accommodations in (tie price bracket circled below: APARTMENT PRIVATE HOME SINGLE . I «n oo to in oo 1 J 1 0 C 0 1 0 1 U . O O I J 103 to JI2.K1 I juooti»»j?oo ; 11:00 to J U M ) jn.oo to $1400 I t 9JOto I1JX10 I ttOO la IMOO .) (SCO ta 11200 no, I J4.50 t » » l O O O ) » « P I j 5 0 0 t o » « 0 0 I J 7.00to»1000 IF OTHIR HOUSINC IS DtSIBtO. PttASC CHCCK APPROPRIATC BOX TRAILER FACILITIES Q No. Spaces CAMP FACILITIES Q No. of persons DORMITORY (groups only) n No. persons NAME CITY. ADOKCSS. _ . STAIt P! t P fl IIT ''" '" * nd m *' lj " ' "" "" ""· "" °" lCl " *" to M '"'· °* conf.rmM rawrvltioni. « L 11 U U I Th*r«'l no Chirp, of court*! P*iu» print p«m« ind I jdrctt cf any. SEATTLE WORLD'S FAIR jL$ April 21-October 21 lvy/Sa J r

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