The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas on August 31, 1952 · Page 11
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The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas · Page 11

Leavenworth, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 31, 1952
Page 11
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THE JUNIOR TIMES Esther Norman, rnone 374 Eleven Winkie and the Quicksand Ted's Aunt Dot shook her finger at Ted and Dee. "Now, promise you'll be very careful hiking out here on this new farm of ours!" "Why are you so worried?" Dee WINS $1.00 PKEZE One morning a boy couldn't find .his trousers, so what did he do? Answer: He raced around th room until he was breathing in short pants. Patty Cassella, 12 1007 Grand. WINS ADULT FORT PASS What can be found in books ant on liushes? Answer: Leaves. Vera Langley Easton. WINS HOLLYWOOD PASS What has a head but no eyes? Answer: A head of cabbage. Carol Ann Bell, 9 1423 Olive. When is a soup the same as solid gold? Answer: When it has fourteen carrots, (carats) Rose Marie Howard, 11, 1037 Spruce. Why does much? ' a little pig eat so Answer: So he can make a hog of himself. Jeanette Moore, 118% Fourth Avenue. What runs all day and leaves its tongue hang out all night? Answer: A farm wagon. Carol Vermillion, 115 North Second. What is gold, but you can't buy anything with it? Answer: A gold-fish. Karyle Ann Schmidt, 10, 729 Cheyenne. What is the difference between a typist and sixteen ounces of sugar? Answer: One pounds away and the other weighs a pound. Joy Martens, 11, 113 Pottawatomie. DlfttTEVCR asked. "We go hiking all the time at home." _, "I know, but there's a lot o: quicksand in the big creek through the woods. Its treacherous, so don'; cross the creek, anywhere!" "Okay!" laughed Ted. "We'll watch out for snakes and poison ivy, too. I've read all about quicksand. It is wet sand and when you get caught in it, it pulls you down and you can't get out." Mrs. Dale, Ted's mother, put in, "Now don't you kids ruin our Sunday on the farm by getting hurt,' Ted and Dee took the lunch of chocolate cake and fresh peaches that Aunt Dot gave them, and were on their way. They hiked over pastures and through the woods. They swung on wild grapevines as strong as ropes. They explored peculiar rock formations and found a big stack of square fence posts and climbed over them. Suddenly, Ted stopped short and listened. "What's that? I thought I heard a scream." "I didn't hear anything." Dee shook her head. "Look at Winkie." Ted Pointed. The little dog was growling. Then he barked and dashed into the deep woods. They ran after him until they came to the big, deep creek. Ted worried. "We promised not to cross it, but we've got to follow him." They heard Winkie barking like fury, then they heard a long drawn out human scream. Hurrying ahead, they looked down into the creek and saw a sight that made them chill. There, caught in a wide, innocent looking bed of damp sand, was a boy about Ted's age. He had sunk into the quicksand up to his armpits! "Get help!" he gasped, as he saw Ted and Dee. "Don't walk on it!" The boy closed his eyes again. 'I can't breath! I'm Jack Jones. [ live over there." "Don't talk!" Ted told him. Instantly, Ted knew he didn't have time to go for adult help. He made a decision. "Thank goodness I've ;ot my scout knife to cut brush. Dee! That pile of fence posts! IVe'll drag some of them here!" In a little while they had a line of brush and fence posts leading ;o and around the boy. Ted laid down on them and dug sand away rom the boy's chest so he could breathe better. Then he told Dee, 'Run as fast as you can, for lelp! -I won't let him go any deeper." In a short time, help arrived; and the men got Jack out. Everyone praised Ted and Dee. • "Don't praise us." Ted beamed, as he hugged Winkie. "This little scamp is the one who found the boy!—Esther Norman. Piccr BANK LtA t* t . *. , . ~Ci Idea from Rita Fevurly, 713 Metropolitan. Wins Hollywood Pass. WINS $1.00 PRIZE Man: "No, st-st-stuttering doesn't bb'bother me. It's just a peculiarity. Everyone has one peculiarity y-y-you know." Friend: "Is that true?" Man: "Yes. D-do you stir your coffee \yith your r-r-right hand?" Friend: "Yes, I do." Man: "There, you see. Most people use a sp-sp-spoon!" Joseph Kempter, 11, RR 4. WINS ADULT FORT PASS Two boys were painting their club house. One boy's father came past and said, "Why on earth do you each have on two heavy coats? It's too hot to be wearing coats." "We don't like it ourselves," one boy said. "But it says on the bucket of paint, "To do a really nice job, you must put on two coats." Jo Ann Wright, -12, RR 1, Piper. Why did- the little moron go to sleep in the fireplace? Answer: Because he wanted to sleep like a log. Beth Lauer,. 10 1221 Shawnee. Why did the little moron jump off the new Cody Hotel? Answer: He wanted to try out his new spring suit. Marguerite McCarthy, Lansing. WINS HOLLYWOOD PASS Dad: "You don't walk enough. When I was a boy, I thought nothing of a ten mile walk." Son: "I don't think much of it myself." Jim Williams, 13, 716 Delaware. Contributors In the last few days, the following readers have submitted riddles, jokes and letters, worthy of special mention. They will be published just ai soon as space permits. Wins 81.00 Prize. Dorothy Berry, 13, 1012- Filth Ave. P t\ "Old bankers never die. They' just lose interest." j Winnie Westphal, ' RR 1, Tonganoxie. Singer auditioning for producer: 'I sing by ear." Producer: "That's nothing. I 'iddle with my moustache." Kathieen Gwartney, 625 Grand. Idea from Winnie WcstphaJ, 11, Tongiuioxie. Artist: (To friend drooling over writes: When the last carnival before this one. was in town, we won two (Jucks. Their names are Bill and Peep. They are growing fast, and already sometimes. I like cowboy shows best of all. Kenneth Harmon, RR 2. DAD IS IN KOREA Dear Editor: My father is in Korea, so I won't be able to go anywhere on-vacation. But I have had lots at fun right here at home, even if we do not go away from Leavenworth. I go swimming and play baseball, and we go on picnics. I also go riding on my bicycle. I help my mother, too. Oh, its a wonderful summer! Sincerely, Carol Sharp, Box 74, Potter. FUN AT THE PLAYGROUNDS Dear Editor: This summer I have had Ipts of fun at the playgrounds. We are visiting other playgrounds, and one day we had a checker contest and I played a girl at another playground and won. My cousin Billy came from Washington to visit, and I have been having lot of fun with him. We went to Swope Park several times. Last summer we went to Springfield to see my great aunt and uncle. I will have a birthday party Aug. 18. 1 will be 10 years old. My grandmother has been sick, so I have been reading to her out of the Bible. Yours truly, Shirley Simpson, 145 Logan. Tim Henry, 13, 904 Metropolitan, Sharon Price. 9, 1003 Kenton, Jo Ann ! Steed. 14, RR 2, Lorraine Blume, 13, 531 Ohio, Connie McCammon, 10, P.O. Box 257. Joseph Kempter, II, RR 4, Bill Fowler. 10, 768 Cheyenne, Hose Maree Price, 1003 Kenton, Sarah Jane Heintzelman, 10, RR 4, Helen Kempter, 13, HR 4. . ' ' ' Jo Ann Spearman, 9, 207 Linn, John Guenther, 9, RR- 4, W. M. Guenther, RR f. Dee Dee Shafer, 12, 208 South Esplanade, Larry Owen, 10, 208 S. Esplanade, Patty Cassella, 12, 1007 Grand, Vera Langley, Easton. Rose Marie Howard, 11, 1037 Spruce, Dick Greenamyre, 6, 121 Fourth Avenue, Sharon Wheeler, 628 Marshall, Gary Nichols, 1005 North Broadway, Donna Wheeler. 9, 628 Marshall. Terry Lee Eagles, 7, Lansing. Mary Alice Haas. RR 4. Celeta Olander. 14, 908 Spruce, Annie Brooks 1325 High, Karen Westfall, 8 1006 North 12th, Kay Brooks, Billy Brooks. 1325 High. Charleen Timmons, 10, 1105 North 13th. Barbara Bielecki. 13, 200 Maple Avenue, Patty Cassella, 12, 1007 Grand, Doris Jaster, 12, 610 North Fourth, Dorothy May Willey, 8. 2613 South Fourth, Beth Lauor, 10, 1221 Shawnee, Mary Ann Montgomery. 13, 201 Elm, Joy Martens, 11, 113 Pottawatomie. have turned white. They have long.lLitlle MorOll Department his latest painting.) "So, you like S'Uack^DuckT*row ver' "^""and my painting?" Friend: "Oh, yes!" Artist: "I believe its the best sunset I ever painted." Friend: "Sunset? I thought it was a beautiful fried egg." Tim Henry, 13, 904 Metropolitan. Teacher: "What are the four seasons of the year?" Boy: "Football, basketball, base- jail and swimming." Barbara Montgomery. Man: "My wife called me handsome last night." Friend: "How nice!" Man: "Yes, she said, "Hand some money over." David. McEvoy, ' RR 2. Johnny: "Grandpa, can you help me with this sum?" Grandpa: "I could, my boy, but t wouldn't be right, ,would it?" Johnny: "Oh, I don't suppose it >vould be right, but have a shot at t, anyway." Ella Marie Hammersmith, 13, RR 3. The Railroad Game WINS ADULT FORT PASS Nada Wagoner, 8, 319 Walnut, vrites that since her father is a Methodist minister, she and her lamily go on trips to attend meet- ngs in other towns. She has given us the rules on how to play "The Railroad Game". First of all, one person spells a v/ord. Then the lext person takes the last letter f the word and spells a word beginning with that letter. The next ierson does the same. For example, if the first person pelled cat, the second person vould begin his word with t. If a player spells the same word twice, or misspell a ; word, or can't think of a word to spell, he is mt of the game. The last one left s the winner. eat a lot. Especially my ducks. We have already built two pens for them.' ENJOYS WINKIE STORIES Dear Editor: I am sending an another drawing. It is of a hat shop window. I am also enclosing a little moron joke, which I hope you can use. I really do enjoy reading the Winkie stories every Sunday. They; are very interesting. We are going on a western vacation trip pretty soon'. Yours truly, Cleta Olander, 908 Spruce. Wins J1.00 Prize Dorothy May Willey. 8, 2613 South Fourth, writes: "I have been busy this summer. First, I have an every day duty which I never miss doing. That is taking good care of my pets and playing with them. I have a pet turtle named Myrtle. My cousin found it on the highway coming from Wichita on June 28. 1951. Myrtle lives in the celler, which has part ground floor. Myrtle comes to me when I take food and water to her. I hold a bit of lettuce and it comes and eats some. If I take away the food, she puts out her head and makes a noise. She loves all kinds of vegetables and gets in a pan of water. During the winter she hibernated. That is, she hid somewhere in the basement. Children should not handle turtles much, but should be very careful with them. My puppy Is named Trixie. He can sit up and beg and bark. A few months ago, I heard a kttten crying. I put milk in a saucer, but it was too little to eat. So I put my finger in the milk and dropped it off my finger into its mouth. It just took a little while for it to learn to eat. Now it follows me all over. I named it Cork}-, and I put it in my doll buggy and it sleeps there. I put water and feed out for the birds every day; A Jair of red birds come for crumbs all the time." : Contest Prize Jane Baker, 13, 226 Pine, writes: "I want to tell you what happened to one of our pets. Our dog and cat liked to wrestle and play together. They would >ox and roll on the floor. Sometimes t looked like they were playing tag. Then, August 5th. our cat came home very sick. He had- been poisoned. The next morning he was dead. Our dog is 'very sad about it, and just mourns for the cat. He lies around the house all day. He wondered if the torn cat j . r e orn ca would play, but it scratched him. It looks like there aren't any other cats who liked to play like the other one did. - 1 GOING TO CALIFORNIA Dear Editor: Our family Is going on a vacation trip to California. It will ge lots of fun. My school is thi Third Avenue Scholl. I was in the sixth grade last term. I read the Junior Times every week-end. I hope it continues from now on. I have a dog named Cutie. She is a real nice dog, and do a few tricks. Vours sincerely. Norman Michel, 12, 629 Ninth Avenue. ANOTHER DAISY MAE Dear Eduor: I will be ten in August: Three weeks ago I got a new bicycle. 1 It is blue and white with s silver bell. I went to Brownie camp this summer and was in unit seven. On backward- day, we dressed backward. I dressed like Daisy Mae, the -girl friend of Lil Abner. Our unit won the prize as the best dressed. The name of our unit was Pumpkin Creek. I made a bracelet, book, doll, picture frame and a bird with fan wings. On the last day, of camp, we had a play named "No- good, the Dancing Donkey." We invited our mothers. Yours truly Shirley'Simp- son, p, 145 East Logan. ' .WANTS PEN PAL DEPARTMENT Dear Editor: I have an idea and I would like to hear what other Junion Timers think of it. Lets have a Pen Pal Department in The Junior Times. In Jhat way we could make pals or friends. I would like to see a department like this started. You could list names like this: "Miss Ruth Goeser, 309 Limit, Leavenworth. would like to have a pen-pal age 13 or 14." Then, when they get a pen pal or pals, they could write to The Junior Times and tell about it. I think it would be loads of fun. Lots of Sunday School and young peoples magazines have pen pal departments and I would like for us to have one in The Junior Times. Thank you. Ruth Goeser, 309 Limit Wins Hollywood Pass RAISING 10 TURKEYS Dear Editor: This summer I am enjoying my vacation very much. I did not go away. I am staying home and am learning how to sew, cook and do housework. I live on a farm and there are many different chores to do. My father bought us 10 baby turkeys and we are raising them, so we will have some sp'ending money at Christmas. I also own a yearling heifer. My brother and I have gone to the movies and swimming several times this summer. We have also gone to 1 , visit our friends. I will be in t h e j eighth grade at Sacred Heart School! n September. Sincerely, Carol Ann Kern, RR 1. Wins Sl.OO Prize Why did the little moron get off the bus backward? Answer: Because he heard a woman say she was going to grab his seat. Sarah Jane Heintzelman, 10, RR 4. Wins Adult Fort Pass Why did the little moron put a step ladder under the leaking faucet? Answer: So'the drip could walk down the ladder, instead of falling. Bernadette Forge, 9, RR 4. What's My Name Mean? If you want to know the mean-j ing of your name, include the re-i quest with your entiies to The Junior Times. Vonita Darlyne iJrune, 13, Tonganoxie. Vonita may be from Yvonee and Anita. Yvonne is from the Teutonic, meaning Archer. Anita was originally a Spanish form, of Ann, meaning "grace". Darlyne means beloved and dear. Carrie Mae Brune, 14, Jarbalo. Carrie is from Caroline, (Teutonic) a feminine form of Charles, meaning strong. Myrtle Helm, 10, Easton. Myrtle is undoubtedly from Muriel i (Greek) which comes from myrrh.! Janet Higgins, 11, 508 Columbia. Janet is derived from John, (Hebrew) meaning God's gracious gift. Mothers... when big brother and sister go to school and leave the pre-school* child at home there is no one to play with. You can solve that problem with an educational toy from— Mc'Cool's —A Large Selection of Pre-School Toys— 504 Shawnee Phone 390 c CKAYONS White, 5c colors, Assorted 10c Loose Leaf Note Books, 29c up. Filler paper. 10c & 25c All colors Sanford's, lOc Sheaffer's Skrlp 15c&25c Paste, lOc jar Crayons 8 to 32 color assortments 10cto55c Zipper Note Books Choose yours from oar • ". large variety --'". 1.49 and up Venus Pen Set 1.75 Colored pencil assortments .. 15c up Magic Slates, 25c; Pencil Tablets, 5c, lOc, 25c; Composition Books, lOc, ISc, 25c; Lead Pencils, 2 for DC and 5c ea. Scissors, rulers, rubber erasers. Modeling clay, water colors. H. Geiger & Co. 521 Delaware Street SUBSCRIBE FOR THE TIMES : B58 Dick Greenamyre, 6, 121 Fourth Ave. Wins Adult Fort Pass. HELPS RAISE MINKS Dear Editor: I am seven years old. We live on a small farm. I water the cows. We have two baby calves. ! help take care of the minks. I give them water. They like lots of -water. They live in cages. I picked S1.25 worth -of blackberries. I also help daddy pick vegetables from Contest Prize I the garden. I take piano lessons from Johnny Lander. 11, 1203 'Randolph,'mother. We go to the drive-in movies Leading Citizens Shake Hands As Labor Day approaches, we salute our friends and patrons among Leavenworth Labor. Labor's stak,e in our economy is tremendous. We know that Labor itself understands that, under the American system, its own responsibilities become greater every year. # Probably more than anyone else, the American workman will do all he can to preserve Free Enterprise and the American Way. 64004 PA? £ 1Z? Southwest Corner, 4th and Delaware Streets. Member F.D.I.C. ^ F. E. Carroll, Jr., President *^S • LEAVENf OETB NATIONAL BANE Geo. A. Goehner, Cashier

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