Independent from Long Beach, California on February 22, 1964 · Page 9
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 9

Long Beach, California
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Saturday, February 22, 1964
Page 9
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The World Around, ^50-Million Fire Hits Manila's Chinatown '. MANILA, Saturday (UPI) -- The worst fire since the Japanese sacked much of Manila at the 'end of World War II destroyed hundreds of buildings in Manila's Chinatown before it was brought .under control early today. Damage. was estimated as high ts $50 million. ""There were no reports of casualties. - The blaze, fanned by a !5-mi!e-an-hour wind, 'broke out Friday afternoon in an auto supply store, "apparently as result of a short circuit. Within a short time flames were shooting up to 1,000 feet from the crowded district of narrow cobbled streets. * Hundreds of firemen responded to fight the flames but were hampered by low water pressure. The district is bounded by 30-foot canals, however, and firemen succeeded in containing the blaze. The flames leaped the canal twice but the breaks were contained. Glenn Awarded Highest Honor ; of 1963 by Freedoms Foundation:; VALLEY FORGE, Pa. Wl for the Republic." (president of the Ladies Aix-John H. Glenn Jr, the Ma- THEY ARE Mr*. Margaret.iliary of the Veteran* of For- --AwoclaM rrrw wu-totw' JUDGES TELL NEWSMEN about bomb threat telephoned Friday to the office of Justice of the Peace Joe B. Brown Jr., right. His father. District Judge Joe B. Brown, center, is presiding over the Jack Ruby murder trial in Dallas. The caller didn't make it clear which judge's courtroom was supposed to have a bomb planted in it Nothing was found in either. Pick 2nd Ruby Juror; Bomb Threat Fizzles ing up a "writ of prohibition to be taken either to Tex. appeals court or the VS. B preme Court to disquali vcniremen who saw a te! Mac*. C1X-. INDEPENDENT--Pig. A 7 - eration c , women's dubs;'yet humbly personifying:th« day night w a s named win-i yirgil Miller Newtoa Jr ..[American Way of Life by sin- er of Freedoms FoundationYmanaging editor of the Tata- cere patriotic w o r d s -"and iijhest honor "for his eiem-'pa (FU.) Tribune; Russell Pot- deeds in our country's hours !ary citizenship in boyhood ter Reedcr Jr, retired Army of challenge (and) for inspir- and manhood." [colonel of West Point, N.Y.; ing all Americans in actively Besides Glenn, who wiU get'sharon Sue Rountree, San espousing' resoulte, responsi- the $5 000 George Washing- Angelo. Texas, youth leader, ble and reverent patriotism, on award, t h e foundition'and Mrs.- Alfrieda Freeman by boldly speaking for this honored 922 other Individ-JTice. Mitchell. SD national Republic nnder God." . r . ua!s, schools, business and or-( ganiations for things" they w r o t e , said, did or photographed in 196J. "to bring ibout a better understanding of the American Way of Life." during the noon recess. No bomb was found in a search of .the empty room. McCoy testified he had seen a telecast of the Oswald DALLAS (UPI) -- A second juror was picked for the ) _g Jack Ruby murder trial Griday in a courtroom session I marked by bitter quarreling and an anonymous bomb threat LAURIS Norstad. retired Air Force general who once commanded NATO forces in Europe, was hailed as an "ambassador of Freedom for the U.S-A." and given a special freedom l e a d e r s h i p award. National r e c o g n i t i o n awards were made to three women and two men who, the foundation said, *have shown resoluteness of persona] faith and character, creativeness ol mind and sacrifice of heart SPECIAL NOTICE TO C.D.C. DELEGATES You »Q Vaov that Senator Eflpte tcrvcj for 16 yean a* your xongretttnaa snd for the r**C 4 years icrvej as your U-S. Senator. and in hii «cnkt to California ia t?c 22 yens le tai upMJ n erytflinj tfic Democratic Party !iaj »-Uhcd (or. ^Tt ill lno» that the Senator la beta ill for the past 6 months, but he is ca rus w*T Kick to full rcccnery, »e ill know that it takes tim to jet bait to normal, thereby I mould mo%e that you u a Delegate »-ouU enione cor able V i. Senator C«nr Engle to a second S-jear term ti our Senator from California. 1 am sorry tlut 1 cannot ittetul this crnventica This is the firsl' time I am n«t attcruiing. I am one of the Oiartcr Herr-bcrs cf the CD C anj I have been a Dercocat lince 19i!. Please don't turn our aMe Senator EnpTe (Jo»n at this try:nfc iy. I uipe your tytc for him because he «ie5er\-es at very crock Trunk you. TUi arscte vrOtt* ant t»i hr Iv F K A N K RURIEL1 Mtr«4 Cahfartia :t ma WITOfioto REFUGEES PATIENTLY wait on island of Terceira. Azores, after being evacuated from nearby Sao Jorge Island where a wave of earthquakes crumbled the island's main town. j\eip Tremor Jolts Island ANGRA DO HERO1SMO, Azores (UPI)--A severe, ' new tremor jolted Sao Jorge Island Friday as 5,000 i earthquake victims sought food and shelter after six j days of recurrent shocks. There were no reports of casualties in the new tremor. The sharp shock hit Sao Jorge in late afternoon and was felt throughout the Azores district. It was recorded as force" 5 on an international scale with a top force of 12. The heaviest quake of all was the force 8 shock last Tuesday that leveled all but three of 2,000 houses in Sao Jorge'i largest city, Vila das Velas. Pearson Wins Confidence Vote. OTTAWA (.71--Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson'* Liberal Party minority government won its first vote Sheriff Bffl Decker said strict I shooting. Although the de' security precautions include ^ense threatened to appeal as |thorough searches of the room high as the U.S. Supreme before each session begins.'for a ban on "telerision wit- But the afternoon session was'nesses" as jurors, chief de- delayed 20 minutes. :fcnse attorney Melvin Belli Allen W. McCoy, a stern- 'agreed to him. He was im- faced industrial engineer, was mediately accepted by Dist. [chosen as the second sworn I Atty. Henry M. Wade. ; :| juror and was taken to joinj ne 52-year-old Ruby sat S i juror No. J, Mix F_ Causey, lthroush ^ i3y of shouted { in an isolated dormitory "'argument without any display if I the courthouse where he must' o { ernot i on , HILL'S NEW LOWER PRICE! TRUE Amana QUALITY! is duate of i .... . , .ma i the striptease-nightclub engineer^ He^vesjr, Irv ;|(wrer was ^ , w ^^ "Tonight he is asking ques- out of context. He is 36th venireaan qu'estoed"in!^"ied about the world and five days and the sixth to the problems of his family. | ing. Tex., and has a wife and | two daughters. Selection of McCoy, ! take the stand Friday, came | suddenly in the afternoon His repeated demands for transfer of the trial to another [session before D i s t . Judge city were denied by the judge. Jr- B. Brown, Wade felt differently. Fri' ! ~ -ree o t h e r prospective^y was "the best day yet," ',=-· -y. including Mrs. Louise the district attorney said. IP. Richardson the first Negro * * * * era a } . . of confidence in the 1961 session of Parliament Friday, ; called, were dismissed after 134-87. The vote was a nor.confidence motion by the New Democratic Party criticizing the government for not initiating a federal-provincial medical care insurance program. Peking Peaceful, Pakistan Says RAWALPINDI, Pakistan l?V-Showing displeasure at U-S. foreign policy. President Mohammed Ayub Khan of Pakistan Friday said Premier Chou En-!ai of Communist China has convinced him Peking has peaceful intentions. Ayub told a news conference his talks with Chpu in the past two days showed that "the Chinese are prepared to be reasonable with anyone who is prepared to be reasonable with them." , B McCoy was chosen. Each had 'scruples about passing sen- 'tence. Sometime during the morning, a man with a "foreign- a c c e n t e d " voice called son. Joe Jr, a justice peace. He warned, ii a bomb in the M e C O Y was the 36th defense used up the sixth and seventh of its 15 peremptory challenges to dismiss two others without explanation Friday. The p r o s e c u t i o n u s e d its s e c o n d c h a l lenge to oust a prospect the defense liked. The court dismissed for cause an elderly Castro Will Keep Stolen U.S. Boat |of the '"There courtroom." He did not say apartment house m a n a g e r whether .he meant the son's who was acceptable to the ''courtroom or the room where defense. ·IRuby is on trial for slaying' Belli and his assistant, Joe ; j Lee Harvey Oswald. [H. Tonahil!, demanded the ;| . . . . [rjghj to bring a lie detector |i SHERIFF Decker searched to court to probe into the f both rooms and found nothing.fsubconscious minds of pros- i. The audience was not toldjpective jurors. Judge Joe B. when it reassembled for the Brown refused the request. afternoon session.. ! Tonahill said he wa* draw- Assassination of Turk Premier Inonu Fails MIAMI (UPI)--Premier Fidel Castro angrily refused to return a stolen American shrimp boat Friday on grounds some of his Cuban fishermen had been "robbed blind" ^ U.S. officials. | -- ~ , His charge was promptly ing he wa* "tired of the ; a political grudge since 1960 denounced as a "complete 'American way of life." f i r e d three shot* at point - j falsehood." | The boat"* owner, Charles ANGARA, Turkey (UPI)--Bought down Premier Adrian An electrician who had borne'.Mc^eres and put Inomi back 'in power after 10 years out The bearded leader leveled H. Griffin Jr, of Thunderbolt, blark ''" n _ m feemed tohelacon nection between Suna'l assas- - - - - . . i -- - · . J" 011 * met Inonu'* car Friday but r . . . , Umv t ln d the Cythe accusations while part,a-; C a., was preparing .to hiw missed the 79-year«!d sUtes-i^^. ; V3 r hnr«k,L · pating in a hero'* welcome Key West for the Cuban capi- for the 23 Cuban fishermen |ul to pick up the 60-foot who were Jailed at Key West vessel, the -Johnny Reb," for poaching in Florida wat- when Castro unleashed his en. The captains of the four charge*. boat* involved in the poach- They (the Americans) are ing were Tired a total of not ex-en pirates--they are and their fish catchtjust cheap crooks . . . _... confiscated. ] really have the best of inlen- F""" «"t r.e · « » · jti'ws about it (returning the * DURING the dockside wel^boat) but these charge* (by come the fishermen went be-,the fishermen)are intolerable.. prus crisis, in which Greek and man by inches. [Turkish Cypriots have been A crowd tried to lynch the in armed conflict for nearly electrician, M-sut Suna, 38, but he was saved by police. An army officer fired a shot at Suna as he was seized and body- two months. LN'OVU was sitting in his fore television camera* and I Well have to discus* microphones to charge that[with the Swiss Embassy.; this while they were in a Key The embassy handle* U.S. West jail U.S. official* in-affair* in Cuba. dalged in wholesale thievery. · ' * * · - · BOTH THE Coast Guard and Florida official* denied to be driven to the National clothing, eating utensils and Cuban flags were stolen and the motors cf our Castro's charges. shipj were burned out,- they Cmdr. H. V. Gibson, chief 'law enforcement officer of contended the the State Conservation Board charged. -They also U.S., RIISS Sign for Cullurnl Exchange Today M O S C O W (UPD -- The United State* and the Soviet Assembly Building shortly be-'union announced Friday they fore noon when the assassin-will lign their fourth two-year ation attempt occurred. 'cultural · exchange agreement Suna, wearing a T-shirt,' today after winding stepped up to the right-hand tended negotiations. side of the German-made se-j U-S. Ambassador Foy D dan and fired at Inonu seated Kohler sign* for the United on the left Two *hot» hit the States and Sergei K. Roma right back door and cne shat- Vovsky, chairman of the Cora gaSeys of their boat* were in Tallahassee, taid the only smashed, "our cooking pots items removed from the boat* stolen and our wine thrown were four keg* of wine and tered the door handle. mittee for Cultural Relations The premier"* chauffeur,*jth started the car and d r o r e " TTtrboard,' .. . -'"I be damned if we're vegetable*. to hand over that] He said thi* wa* dor.e in boat now," said Cas-;keepj« with U.S. Custom* (Union. name for the trd in a Havana morjtored here. plant-quarantine slowed down and stopped. WITNESSES quoted The agreement wa* momentarily threatened in Suna'vcmber when Yale Prof. Fred as saying. "Let it be success- erick Barghoora was arrestet ,ful if it i* propitiouj to the.on spy charge*. Presiden thelnation, let it fail if it i* nof'John F. Kennedy announce. broadcast'and state jlawi. -* » - - ' Far frotn stripping ...... .-...^.^ -- .. - - , - . ^THE BOAT to which he re-,txat*. Gibson *aid, a supply a* he fired hi* Browning 7*5- he would not.send a US M fmed wa* stales by Deay of groceries--incJoding roast mn pistol at laorru. Suna *arf delegation to MM Lei Kirb? 22 WSeto Ca!,f,beef - wa, put aboard th*ilater to wanted to avenge the'cow u«a the professor - vbo sailed it'to Cuba' elaha-i vessel*. [May, 1960 military revolt that released. BUY A NEW 1964 AMAXA 14-CU.-FT. REFRIGERATOR-FREEZER BUY AMANA NOW AT HILLS SAVE Frcc-O-Fvost PLUS REFRIGERTOR · No FrosJ Ever with Amana's EicJuiire Frojf-Mayiet. S»spi Frcsf Before It Form». Ends Defroiting Forererl · Contact Freezing Up to 2'/j Time* Fatter · EirJusrve No-Tip A FEW 1963 MODELS AT] DRASTIC REDUCTIONS! 90-DAY TERMS FREE TO GASH BUYERS If Pays to Buy at Hill's. Because: · can mn srutTisis · CUR iwi HIYUC HUT I1CIS WIUT Wl J£U · U BOWI riTMtn IHOEO Ov Py«i1»iml lactl Op W l d W i k l ! it nits m Saul IUUIKI 5650 A:an!ie Aie,, H.L.B, G.\ 2-0503 CA 2-7018

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