Independent from Long Beach, California on February 26, 1969 · Page 43
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 43

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1969
Page 43
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ItMl bM« W«tt4 910 OVER 321 HOMES SOLD since Jon. isi, WJ. For FREE D?VanLia»n Rlty "59 M 361 HAVE. TO SELL YOURS? CASH ADVANCED TRADE-IN PLAN Have All Cash Buyers For 2- * 3-tKirm. trows, Lakt- \vooi, Ptaro, Carson Park Los Altos r«. Clean or dirty, call ... bolin wSd Rlty HAii'fls NEED 2 on 1, Bdlflower area, t have a buyer for nice home to the iront, + · 1 or 2 bedrm. in rear, if vou h»v* such a Drooeflv, call Dennis FaglTij Rex L. Hodoes Realty. 25-«2S or M7-7273 DUN 1 LUbc III! WE'LL BUY IT ! ! Richards Rlty. HA 5- 1251 SOLD OUT!! NL8 listings urgently needed. RA1AJACK REALTY GA 3-iJeS 5913 Orange Aft. p.m. Ga 3 3?7S ! OUTRIGHT PURCHASE ! WE'LL BUY YOUR HOME ON THE REAL ESTATE STORE 4M-5731 587.3351 WANT N.E. Hunlinoton Bch. or Garden Park area. Newish 4-br. 2 ba., tain, rni., tirepl. Assu.-ne loan. Fast poss. Priv. ply. only. Joe Trapasso (213) 4M-2220 Real Estate 98$ Exchanges Real Estate Problems Weed more Shelter? Less management? Dead Eouities? Nationwide exchanging, tdx free exchanges i, counseling by a qualified R.E. counselor. HAVE: Fret clear commercial. Long Beach, inc. $250 mo., $25,000 WANT: High equity props in exchange. HAVE: IJ'/a Ac., Banning, clear, 522,750 Mobile Home Or Trailer Roselle L Sommer "Certified Property Excliannor" 4?3-.J6G8 Eves. 43M538 Booming Garden Grove 16 units, all 1 -Bedrm, 16 gar. Bl t- In kitch. Appro*. $33,000 equity, will trade down for house, duplex, triples or ? GoixJ financing. Call: BOB COLE REALTY 189 PARK AVE. 43J-OT5 WANT units or stores. Have oood S39.000 2nd TD. Owner. 968-2»l5 or Eves. 1213) 78S-AI93 HAVE TRADES. Write or Call SALOCCHIPINTI REALTY 4 AC., Ml, clear, sell or exciiunqe for good unils. Clyde Mason Rlir. 423-2290 925-7314 BY OWNER-- 6 unils SiSO income Will consider clear house -134 5553 TRADE what you hcive tor what vou want Bkr. 423 0468. TRADE ANYTHING - ANYWHERE BOB COLE REALTY 4349945 EXCHANGE Specialists HE 6 7261 JOHNNY HIGIIS10NE SOU E. 4th. TRADE 12 rnis., 5 brs.. 3-ua.. 2 tire Dl. Spanish. L.A. HE 6-3964. Business Industrial 990 (FOR SALE) AH rented, ail block, Must sell. Nr. L.B. freeway, make offer Ashwill, Burke Co. 598-2484 530 E. PAC. CST. HWY. 47x135 Alley C-2 zone. Sub. dn. Owner will car- NR. ATLANTIC Carson. 50 ft. 2 tenants. Inc. 57200. Price $60,000. Terms. E. H. Lockwood GA 7-8V97 WAREHOUSE BLDG. North Long Rparh 4000 in. ft. 134,500 For Information 424-1641 ATI ANTIC Ave Blxbv Knolls. 50 fl. 2 Icnanls. Inc. S7200.Pricc S50.MO E. H. LOCKWOOD GA 7-8997 SfcE 2420 E. Broadway, In? home + C-3 tor business. GE 4-4392 1Wx230 on Soulh 51. Across from Zo- dVS. GANNON'S GA 3 3-126 Commercial-Indus- 995 trial (Sites-Lots) IND LAND AIL Areas Industrial Specialists /? ac. site, S.D. irwy., si. 10 sa ft IV; ac., Ml, tnd. Pk., 565,000 2.4 ac., M2, near trwv. 1 B Harbor 5 ac. M2 1000' tront Harbor frwv. Bill Brooks Co. GA 6-5924 INDUSTRIAL SITES T-b ac. indst'l aark. Pard $1.50 fl. 1 ac, Wsidc, Nr. L.B. Harbor " 5,7 AC. plant site, L.B. si ft. 9 ac, 26AA ic, ripe Ior develop. ASHWILL, BURKE CO. industrial specialists 59S-?-ia^ You Can't Beat This Location for a restaurant, it's bio;. 100'x?00' area needs restaurant. Phone me -- Cooper. Rex Hodges Co. 437-1251 570,000. We Nave Others, call MAYES REALTY UN 6-7766 C-3 Lot, Paramount Blvd, house condemned, S10.50Q. Terms. Income Property 1000 8UNITSWRIGLEY Full price 349,900. Excellent loc. Income 5565 month. Crconcr Rex Hodges Co. 437- 1 2 5 1 i price reduced $10,000 12 UNITS 5 vrs. old. 580,000. Income 513,930 vr. Cdll BILL SPEASE eves 424-7801 LEAR REALTY INC. GA 6-5935 S3.5.500 at 7W«i payable SHOO mo., no loan clrarae or oav off oenaltv, with 513,000 dn. on 4-2 brs. cor. lot, potential income $560. Unfurn. Eguilv build-uo under free rent oood inc. tax shelter. IIF 5-8445. 4 APTS. 1 STORE S3« mo. Income. Onlv 527,500. Low down. For details Ph. Cooper Rex Hodges Co. 437-1251 BDWY. COR. $50,000 $7100 vr. income. 2 r.torerooms, 3 apts. For details Ph. Cooper Rex Hodges Co. 437-1 251 Try S4900 dn. Fin. S4/.000 at S405 rno. Inc. S700 Bevinslon Rex Hodges Co. 437-1251 12 UNITS -- 2 Br. ca. Good cond. 8. area. 10 vrs. old. inc. S13S5. $112,000 P.P. Submit dn or trade 5-13.000 equity. ELLISON Rea'tv 599-1317 A RARE BUY! 16 Units, Pool, 6 vrs. old. M..J50 Inc. Flexible terms. Drive by 2474 Lewis. Bv ODD!. Dlense. Coll Mabrv R"V GE 3-3471 GE 8-5732 FOR Lease Holrl ?£ rms 4 owners aot or manager's. Low Vacancy factor. Call NE 8-3991 p.m. til 9 D.m. 5 Units-- 2 xlnt hscs. triplex, 529,500 -- Furn. Nr. 4th Chcrrv. COMPARE Value security. 23 units with established Income. Priced to sell or trade. Rllr. 865- 61 HOME INCOME 528,500 Two delightful 2 Bdrm. homes on street Io street lot. Submit. SNAPP REALTY 424-16^6 9 -- UNITS, 5 vrs old. Close to market schools. No rental problem. S1.W5 Inc.-FP 596,000 Bkr GE 33??2 Buy every Incom proo. vou can 1 U 57,000; 4 U 520,000; 5500 Inc. 30,000 Shapiro 839 DAISY OCEAN BLVD. 15 units, best location. $145,000 3 HOMES 13 br t, 1 br) on 75xUO R-3 lot. Both vacant, very sharo. onlv 520,950 -will Gt. LANTING REALTY 864-1791 1113 ROSE Ave. 3 Br. home 1 2 Br. duplex 5 years old Red Top Rltv GF 9-2179 GFZ B-054S 6 UNITS 611 '58. S.:3,900. Inc. 5510. Owner poino to desert. Submit. ELLISON Rcollv 5991317 S225 INCOME Allcv cor. .talM, R-4. 519.750 HOME duplex, 5300 income. Clean. Priced to sell. Owner. 434- BY owner. Triplex, Corner Del Amo Orcoon. OH rlohts. A-l cond. 540,000. 423-5380 S16.000 P.P. 10% dn. 4 Units w/gar. Complon. GA 4-4576; GA 3-2628 eve. MONEY IN THE BANK 9 Units-- No vacancy. 8 x press. LISTER Reallv Anvlimc 425-M86 7 UNITS. Inc. 5530. Gd. orca. Onlv HE 5-1422 HELDE 597.2720 S13CO MO. inc. 16 units, dose n. Furn. E/Z Irms. Merrill GA 4.7604 1 HOUSE, R-3 lol, 12'i32 Rose Ave. Downcv. Eves. (213) 243 8544 III. S4500 dn. Bkr. Hu 7-J.GT4 dwn. 1300 mo. 597-7256 Duolex and Home. Tenants pav off Art/Alt* i'/l-567X 920-12S4 BRAND New 4-1 hr. apts, al 484 South St. Mr. Bunch TO 6-9791 DELUXE Unils or BUILD on vour lot STATEWIDE 42J-1637 GOLD MEDALLION 4-PLEX on Coronado. Oil 4J-M4I1. MCWM Preptily 1000 (FOR SALEr , 4 new oil elect, studio lyw (fi li* "ff- unlls '!*· lor fwnrr of M»r. Mrs. Hammond 4 i-Ml t' »· ,' ,' oSv S 5?5 r DO? 5 *" ''"''* '"" C ' 2 lor HUNTER A$»" C '? I *426-W77 A 1 I^TI/^KI AULIKJN Wednesd4y Feb. 26-2 p.m. 3 UNIT Art. Housp, 4303 CaVmtll- ta. Bell, Cjli;. IK «:.. bal S100 trot., 7% int. tot SO'xllS' Inc. S205 (no, Col. Watly PJuwer Rlty. HE 2-0725 5 U BELMONT SHORE Corner to- Nr. btacti and shoos, ^turn-l Br. sootlesi apis. 3 gar. Tre S7?20 vr i v . i nc es sav raised. Owner will finance w.'reas. down, ft' gEALIY SERVICE 433-0403 . 5723 b. 2ixl St. Customer oarktno INCOME SPECIAL 11-unlts-- Less lhari lo-yra. old- Eastside. Wolk to ocean. Prime lental location. To shelter with income. Priced to sell 0! 5,132.000- Coll for aoa't to see this one-Tomorrow vou'll be alad vou did 1 THE; REAL ESTATE STORE -3 5313 E. 2nd St. -- 43J-5731 TAX SHELTER? come S595'mo. Assume existing loan ot S24.0W. Owner will carry aocittonal financing. Total price only W5,000. Call £21.9431 WALKER LEE, INC. BY OWNER-- 4 UNITS Located In Bell 3--2 bdrm 5 vrs old w/w carpet, bit Ins Mice S. large 1--1 bdrm. older 5385 mo Inc. 533,750. Full price 52.750 an. Take over a net net monev maker. PSST! PSST! PSST! Beat the crowd to UiCie fi-fur- nlshed units in choice area. Fl- nannno set - Tax shelter olus potential increase. Adjoining 6-units aKo avail. 597-4354 MOORE HA 1-8431 NEWER 10 UNITS Excellent loc. No vac. factor. Inc. S15.043 vear. Full price $109,000. Nets 10^. Ph. Cooper Rex Hodges Co. 437-1251 HERE'S A GOOD ONE Downtown corner loc. SfifiS month me. Full price SS3.500. Take reas. down. Trust deed?. Cooper Rex Hodges Co. 437-1251 3 Units $2! ,950 TOP 6 CONDITION? TO S FMNCOw!| X " Easy to buy! HOWARD BUTLER REALTOR 10 UNITS. TRY $29,000 S730 income. 10°i down. Norm Ide Rex Hodges Co. 437-1251 Own Your Own 1010 Apartments VILLA RIVIERA FABULOUS VIEW. Eleoanci- In decor- creates one of the most desirable apts. L.B. 2 Br. or (1 * den) + study, 2 baths, bit-In Kit. Air conditioned, Ige wardrobes. GF 4-7407 GE 7-3902 Or vou'll BUY this cozy unit ASKING 55500. Best L B. loc. OR 1-BR. OCEAN AVE. STEAL! RAY HAZLET, Rltr. 598-3309 1/2 BLK. TO BIXBY PK 2-Br. Din rm. l/ba. Brklst rni. Gar. liOO' 517,950. Ph. Cooocr. Rex Hodges Co. 437- 1251 1 furnished singles Iwo 1-BR. (1 furnished) Two 2-Br. 2 bath. Ocean View JIM PICKERT HE 6-43^5 2 BDRM VIEW APT. WITH OCEAN BEACH A real buy af 519,500. For Eiont. Call Soeier 437-1251 ; ·13'1-0666 REX HODGES CO 6% LOAN Submit down. 1-Bdnn. Now carpet. Garage. Xlnt. cond. Norm Ide Rex Hodges Co. 4 3 7 - 1 2 5 1 OCEAN front view! 2-BR., 2-ba. Elec. beauty. 521,600. Owen Rex Hodges Co. 437-1 251 FULL PRICE $4200 1st St. nr. Bixbv Pk. OWEN REX HODGES CO. 37-1251 OWNER -- comp. furn. 1 br. elec. kltch., ww crpt., gar. at 1227 E. 1st, -2D, 432-4714 or 437-460?. 33S ELM-- 1-Br. Extra Nice! ESTATE SALr. 2-BR. ELECI.Gar. 112,900. WAGNER 437-3925 WANT ocean view, ocean front. HE 7-6188 SIMMONS 437 3610 SINGLE. Nice furn. close in. S5000. Terms. Bkr. Ht 5-7449 Condominiums 1020 SPARKLING NEW 1 2 BEDROOM CONDOMINIUM HOMES In beautiful 30 unit CONTINENTAL TERRACE 2500 E. 2nd St. From $17,350 Bank financing With Carpets, Drapes, Garaae (ONLY 7 LEFT) Security building, Sound proofed. 2 Blocks from Ocean East of Bixby Park Open every day till 5: TOBIN CONSTRUCTION CO. 434-7991: HE 5-2535 "CHATEAU LISA" Long Beach's HEWFST Condominium! 2101 E. 2nd St. (AT Junipero) Facing beautiful Bixby Park OPEN DAILY 1-5 HURRY! Excellent selection still available for IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY! ALL 2-BDRMS., 2 BATHS. GOLD MEDALLION award tor total electrical excellence. Furnished models hv Carl's 25 YEAR LOANS AVAILABLE HARRIS ROGERS, Builder LAFAYETTE - V10 LINDEN 4354631 CONDOMINIUM APARTMENTS TO 525,500 Enclosed patio. 2-yrs old. 2-Bcdrm, 2-batns. Garaoc. Storage. Eicva- f/AAOORE 597-4354 New! Deluxe! EZ terms. Owen Rex Hodges Co. 437- 1251 2772 E. 2nd SI. Me Kcniic bit. Tor floor. Choice corner 2-Br. 2 Bath "Rilev" 432-0337 Christoolier Rltv Duplexes for Sole 1025 BEST BUY Foreclosure s?'c. 2 hscs on lot. Live in this 2-8r. 'or only sin. 1-BR liic pays rest. Own, modern stucco. Xlnt ^rms GAGNON "0. J3WB69 3TMUNitS"$"l5,900 $200 DN. Only $8900. Home or inc. BELSHORE, ocean view, 2 bdrms furnished, J39,000 434-3652 ARf/ALEX 591-5674; 920-1254 MA i PA 1 Br., or bio 2 on 1. Will trade. Realtor 433-J317 Lots for Sale 1030 R-J Will subordinate Owner- Investor v/ill subordinate purchase of J-25' ft. lots to auali- f cd n.irtv. Colorado Ullimo oroa. Long Be.ith. Call Tonir US?/ or 9282900 l.-i!:f 27 units. Oolsa Chini Rd fron- taoe overlno'iino H. Harsour 693-0544 WELLS Realty *30-40W HAVE; o'ins for AnlS. or hcniCS. Will build on your lot. Finnncino o Lfcwrt. B/ owner. 6630-36 Loomis ME 3-1491; HA 5-0457. ALAMITOS HOtS nr siiopolng J, gplf course 50x130' corner $22,500. 714543-1278 Bkr. 50*1W ATLANTIC Ave. Nr. SI. Marv's lioiP- Sletraall HE t-7002 2(M» GALE, lot 40-X130' to JIICV. P.P. S6 ( MO Jerrl/AlCX 591-5674 UttforS* 1030 DEVELO^RS! 3 prime R-4 loll in Lott Altos. Maxine Hurl «7.52W. LOS CERRITOS Marvtlous tr«-«v! silt tor "That Horm" Flo liktr tU-tSn HUNTER AMOC. 42W577 Choice Ocean View Lot own»r la-f!Vi x 115'-- S. «1l«v. 4327 Livingston Dr. «34oU NLB -- R-2 corner 50x115. Alley. Lets WoMtd 1035 R-4 LOTS FOR »UILDERS Older houses O.K.-- Mmont HeUhts orca. Skr 5J7-KS1 Roaches * AerM9t 1045 ATTENTION INVESTORS. Las) chance ior large profits in Los An. odes County land using leverace iactor with small commitment. Call after 6 PM. 433-2574 ac., stone hse., olus duplex. Hwv. lint. S20.000. ALSO 60 aaes on Mesa, a steal J725 per ac. 714-345-2301 FREb large map ot San Diego County land orochure. Garden Real Estate, corner Hwy. 395 i 74, Fallbrook. CHICKEN Ranch-- a acres, 20,OW capacity, fully equipped, new house. 140 ACRES with neiv 4 BR house. Northern Calif. K5553, S6CW79S Pine trees. County Road. Utilities. (213) 781-9473 Mountain Desert 1050 LAKE ISABELLA Own vour own mobile homt tot, also home sites, 500 yds from lake. Close to shopping center. Statt County approved. Lots on nigh, side of valley which elves beautiful view of Kern County volley For information mops wnte P.O. Box 58, Isabella, Calif. 93J20 or coll (714) 379-2645 SI?, 500! motelette on lake. Rentals Lots SS95 up. Cabins £4,000 up List map. CAROLYN COOKE (?13) 681-3743; (714) W6-34B4 NICE 3 BR, 510,500 terms. Victor C. Wood, Rltor, 32750 hwv IB. Luceine Valley, 7H-248-9212 213-8B6- 2327 20 ACRES Colo River, laKe view wilderness $9500, 580 mo. P.O. Box 2606 Fullcrton for map picture. 5 A nr. Hemet secluded hideaway 3000' el., water, deer, ouail S5SQO, 555 dn 714433-7710 aat 8-10 a.m. HIGH desert Hesperln, 2 acres. PFRRlS Valley lot, mobile horn* cabana, util. In. 66656/0 Frecmont Road. $3000 421-3096 Out-of-State 1065 (PROPERTY) LOT, Freemont National Forrest, OreQon. Sacrifice WSO! 866-7312 1M3 IFD'H Sftjj? All Areas 1070 . HOME HUNGRY?? HERE'S A REAL TASTE PLEAS- FINE LOCATION WHERE YOU'LL LOVE TO RAISE YOUR FAMILY. 3 of the largest bedrooms you've ever seen. Huo* family room, l^i baths, fireolace all those Other deluxe extras you could want, it's vacant i ready to be sacrificed ior just S2J,950 on the best terms a v a i l a b l e anywhere. YOU SHOULD SEE THIS! Aetna Realty Service GE 0-1019 or TV/ 3-0537 MR "GO GETTER"!! onlv vou will get this one-- this lovely 3 br., 1% baih/ sniny hdwd. floors, bit-in R S, 0, util. rm. tor washer dryer in this iove y "STARDUST" home. VA no dn. pavni* -- I-HA oood terms-- pavmts. lesi than rent, tco price til ,900, so Mr. . . . go GET 'EM!! DIAMOND REALTY (213) 593 2314 (714) 635-533-1 ONLY THE DISCRIMINATING can appreciate this unbelievably unique residence. A bit of English countryside, set in Belmont Heights. Tie vour carriage to our qatepost visit us. 3-BR. A suntan treatment during vour bath, closets galore, perimeter neat, new elec. kitch., tarn rm off of charming English garden. Formal din rm, fireplace. ,' MOORE 597-4354 LOW INTEREST SMALL EQUITY Beautiful carpeted 3 bedroom And den home with fireolace, hardwood floors double attached ga- rane. Only 53,600 down to low Interest FHA. Call 429-5924, open eves. WALKER LEE Inc. VACANT CUSTOMIZED 1 BDRM PAN- tLED DfcN w/Ooen Beam Get liny. WAV tpt. Brick frplc, dishwshr. Enclosed patio. Owner will help MoV| in D ar RL P A q LTY HA S-7496 4 BEDROOMS 2 BATHS S141 Paymts include taxes if vou ass-.-r"? existing 5V* FHA In. o $16.350. It YOU are a Vet refinance with no down Davmt. Forced air heat 8. 2 car garage. Call for more information-- 430-7564, open eves. WALKER LEE, Inc. 2 ON 1 $100 DOWN to iinvonc. Lovely 2 bedroom home with 1 bed rental. Tiled baths, huge fenced vard, paneled aluminum sidings. For only $19,950. Call 596-WV3. WALKER LEE Inc. SUPER DUPER Cusiom 3 Bdrm., 2 bath, immacu- laio condition, w-w carpet thruout, drapes, bit-in range-oven, cov. patio + S150 mo. inc. John Read Rlty. HA l-l 761 537.50 FOR G! moves vou in to this 3-BR., i'/z bnth. 2 car gar. Cov. patio BBQ- Range/oven. Big fenced yard. Block wall. 1 blk to Knotts Berry Farm. 15 min. o AVAILABLE 74 HOURS LESS THAN $6,000 INC We can help you Qualify to own your own home. FHA will help you with the pavmts. For info . . . John Read Rlty HA 5-64 16 4137 Norse Way -- Open eves VA REPOSSESSIONS 3 4 Br. homes. All areas low dn Ho loan fees. Anyone dualities but priority to Vietnam Vets. LAKEWOOD HOUSING CORP- 421-BB76 5464 Del Amo 866-3736 TRY S2600 DN or Gt NO DN. Professionally landscaped. 3 fam-rm. 2 Ig. baths, crpts, dros. frol. Built-ins. Fountain. Covered oatio. Cement drive. Exlras. "21 8313 DAHL REALTY 433-3825 OBTAIN PERSONALIZED SERVICE AT ANCHOR REALTY 2-BR- nr. beach. 127 Rpvcro t. immcd. occupancy. 525,500 or trade for land near Vista or Carl;had. 55,000 dn , terms. X3I-4733 3 brs.. Pi baths, oucsi hse., tire- ol.icc, w-w, FHA or VA LISTER Rlty, anytime 425-W86 K)R PfRSONALIZED SERVICE EQUITY BROKERS 1046 RedMdo Realtors 434-6731 beautiful large covered Da io, fenced backyard. 6103 Roscbav St. 421-8035. VACANT CLOVER PK. 3-BR, 2-ba. Fireol., ige lot. *20,5DO FHA or LARGE stucco 1-br., small down. Pavm't less than rent. - 438-07-n wvnns, 530/ Atlantic Ave. 428-4643 Eucalyptus 591-3158 fcr apnt Alamitos Boy, 1075 Naples Islands --Island Waterfront As new 4-Br., 2 3 * bath. 2nd story patio overlooking water. Very aharn. S79.500. 2-- Naples Island Quiet older 3 Br. wMtttc den. hear) of Nnplcs. S76.500 MUNTZ REALTY 55a E. 2nd St. GE y.JHl HEART OF NAPLES 3-Bedrm family rm., 1-i baths. Formal dinino rm. 6-vrs new. Large yard. New oaint, Carocts. Drapes. Only 559,500 REAL ESTATE STORE "NO. 3" WIB E. 2nd St. 434-5731 NAPLES PRIME BLDG. LOT 1'j lols, 4-car garage. 45x80 tt. ' block from Bay. 15 fl on both sides tor privacv. Only $42,500 The Real Estate Store -3 5318 E. 2nd St. 434-5731 3 BR., 2 batlis, firepl., cuslom built BARTHOLOMEW' Rcaily 431-9408 MOVE! 3 BR. TRY S900 DNI Bit- ins! Clean! $?e,vOO. Owen REX HODGES CO. 437-1251 HOMES FOR SALE -U^MliM. Hfli^tec 10M Hi dry in DM Htightt English cott*9» w/commandlng vut of golf cwr$». Loti of room lor cxMnslon on Mx!3I tt. CE»-2I»I McCONNEL GE »-03»7 REX L HODGES CO. Artttta IMS KIFW 1 KTINft 3-8K- !« BA, M«d floor*, car- ttts, draots; Ig* rear llv Rm. sliding glasi doors to patio. S21i900. Assumt 5% loan. CUTE Cory ?-B». on bi3 M-l lot. Owner will finance at S75 Mo. SI2.TO FP SEEKING QUALITY See this custom bit Ranch style home In cnaice Artesia location. Priced ta sell at S35.000. Artesia-Cerritos Realty 865-9566 SEE THIS ONE! Beautiful Aitesia loc. 3 bedroom, P* ba., fullv air conditioned home. Newly painted inside, alt bit-ins, incl. dlsrhwfher. ne»v carpet drapes thrvout; Swedish brick fireplace, nice covered 13x15 oatio. Owner will sacrifice far 524,500 -- FHAorGl. COGBURN RLTY. CO. 1001 Artesia Blvd., Beltflower Phone 935-5005 kltf lower 1090 $113 PMTS. Are yours it vou assume this $13,700 5'.'i% FHA loan. Large corner lot with lots of privacy. Room for boat parking. Lovely 2 bedroom plus cozy den, hardwood floors, shlnole roof, lovely land- scaotno- Vou Vets may refinance with no down payment. Call for free Information. 430-7564, open "WALKER LEE, inc. ! ! HUKbt LUYcKb ! ! Lot 66x453--4- stall barn. Tack room. Custom-built ISOO-sq.-ft. "· BR. home, FA heat, air cond., elec range, disw, -f guest house now rented. Only 449,750-- Submit your RAPHAEL, Ritrs -- HA 9-5917 22 x 33 GARAGE Lovely 3-br. Gold medallion home. Shake roof extras! 526,950. MINKS Rlty 925-5041; 634-2524 Bellflower $10,700. Own. 165-5860. Belmont Heights 1095 Lovely Home ·+· Income 4 Bdrm., 2 bath, Gold Medallion home only 3 vrs. old. All large rooms modern as today. Modernized 2 Bdrm. den home on front offering income privacy. It's lovely, must see to appre. John Read Rlty HA I.-I76I 63-55 Sonno Onen EvfS PRICED RIGHT 4 Brv dm, dining rm., huge living room, ww, drapes, bit-in electric kitchen, U-i baths. Real laroe home. Near schools. MUNTZ REALTY 5535 E. !nd St. GE 9-7I61 NR. REDONDO 2ND S beaut. 2-BR., 2 ba. apis. WW, drapes bit-ins. All elrct. Some w/Ocean view! Pride of ownership GE 9-2191 SKINNER d30-57Jfi REX L HODGES CO. 2-BR. BELMONT HGTS. This lovely cottage has a fireplace. Only $20,000. Ph. Cooper Rex Hodges Co. 437-1251 EXECUTIVE CLASS ! ! Sharp! Spacious 7% k»n. Ry appt. 365 Ximcno Ave. Owen REX HODGES CO. .137-1151 SWISS CHALET NR. 2ND ST.I Secluded stucco. S16.900. Owen Rex Hodges Co. 437-125! N£W Lisrino! Beautiful spac. 3 br, duplex, w/frplc, 4 par, -t- 1 br furn apt, owner carry 1st TD, 538.000. GE 9-4255 Bkr. CHARMING 5 den, 2 fireplaces, lz block to ocean 1 blk to bav. MADEIRA REALTY GF 4-093S 2-BEDRM, small lot only 518,500. Nr. bus, school, church market. RALPH CARY REALTY 433 1S18 264 QUINCY 4-BR, den, sharp! ANDREWS REALTY 4389934 HOME Income, owner. 9 AM to 5 PM. 430-6557 BEL. HEIGHTS. 2 S, den. 60x135 R-4 for Inc. TD's. Land. HE 2-3427 agt. $17,750 Buys good 2-BR. stucco. 315 Argonne Ave. 439-3783 NICE older i BR 1 ba. home R-4 cor. tot. By owner. 2701 E. 3rd. Belmont Pork 1100 3 BR., fom. rm. ! 3 /4 ba., crots, patio TOM STEVENS RLTY GE 8-1177 Belmont Shore 1105 NEAR OCEAN S. BAY Remod. 2-Br. $24,900. TrY S2.0M dn. RENE REALTY GE 4-W08 2-BR. NR. BEACH, 423,750. Isabel Patterson, Rltr. GE 9-0419 Bixby Area 1110 3 DEN-- NICE Lovely home. I 3 .i bath. Nirest den you'll find. Firepl. Carpet, draoes. More! Lets us tell vou rrvire. HOWARD BUTLER, REALTOR 6176 ATLANTIC AVE. GA 3-6473 2-Br. -- den pool Tile kitch. A baih. Cov. patio. Fireol. Only «2,500. 4549 Goldfield S.L. Starr Co. 423-1487 OUR PLEASURE TO SHOW 37.JB Gaviota, 2 br den, 3865 Chcrrv, 2 br, del rumpus nn Pane Cunningham, GAX-8113 4324 BOYAR Lovely 3 Br. Real tire- 01. nice yd. Gl or FHA orCal Vet fin. Don Brlstow. 426-7579 4735 GUNDRY 2 BR vy-w crpt, "Fruit trees." 591-7308 after 4 weekdays A LEADER IN GENUINE SERVICE BIXBY KNOLLS REALTY 424-8523 Bixby Knolls 11 IS home, 2500 sa. It. fireplace, fit. ins, fenced huae oack vard. Ph. FOR BCST RESULTS REG DUPUY REALTY 3999 ATLANTIC GA 6-3324 California Heights 1120 ROCK OF GIBRALTAR FIXER UPPER 12-YR. OLD CONG. BLOCK 3-BR. 2-BATH, 2000 SO. FT. HOME ON BIG R-2 LOT. 3 CAR GARAGE, §EADY FOR APT. TO BE ADD. D OVER. VACANT 8, READY TO GO FOR 10% DOWN. Sparow Realty HA 1-9478 "A NEST FOR EVERY BIRD" $2500 TOTAL DOWN Sharp custom built, corner. 3 Bdrm., P.i bath, carpeting, draperies, sprinklers, 1500 i«. ft. Bkr. HA 5-1251 Priced for quick sale. Onlv 524,500. STOLP GA4-J712 Price 523, 500 Will G.I. Ed Grant Realty 593-3358 597-4354 Take a few seconds to dial this number for vcars of pleasure in this lovely 3-Bcdrm home with tiled bath. Sen dinino rm A 18x2! rumpus rm. Gin be yours for FHA *opr*bal of S24.900 PRICE REDUCED $750 1 Br. "A ModH" cnlacd bath new \vw, I0e cov. Datio, FHA loan of S17.000 may be assued at S'l'.i. WARREN Rlty. GEO-1033 Cerritos 1127 Builders Repossession Mammoth 2 story homo with cathedra! 'ccilinsi. This house has 2300 sq. ft. living Men with car- ncts, drapes, Datio, fencing, lots ol decorator wallpaccr, wet bar and too many othnr extras to mention. Never flved in. Located in CMv of Cerritos. Shown bv aooointment onlv. Call Mr. Dunhn 7U.843-3131. Circle Area 1128 FIXER UPPER LEASE PURCHASE Until after oronate at S1J5 with ISO per month towards purchase price. Needs oaint cleanino. Lot US' deep. 2- Bedrm. with dble. detached garage. Open Eves. John Read Rlty HA 5-64 16 ""BARGAIN" PRICED Owner will finance. No loan cost. No oualiMng. 2 Br. corner. Bonus room S19.750 make offer. WARREN Rlty GEO-1033 23R1 ROSWELL ?-BR A beoutv! City College Area 1130 NO DOWN Gl 3 Bdrm, Pi bath, forced air heal, double garage, new listing. HURRY ON THIS! JOHN READ Rlty 61W Soring Own Eves HA 1-1711 HOMES FOR SALE fit* PnMfm* A - -- 111ft DOLL HOUSE Hwieynwort ccttact -- 2-Bdrm. lovely with hug* cov'd Mto, perfect for outdoor tnttralnirtg, ligM bright kitchen, double garase. Only $20,50) makes this the best buy In town ! 1 Call 421-7431. WALKER LEE, INC. CONTRACTOR'S HOME Spacious 3-B*drm. Entry wav. fcltc. kitchen with beautiful a«,h paneling. 2-baths. Anthony POOL. Corner lot, nr schools shopping. A pleasure to show! Fred Rose Rlty 597-2481 DomiNoues 1140 IN Carson-Beaut. J-BR., llrrot. 2=i Da.* bit-ins. Carpet, drapes. U:.CCO. S6000 drt. BBS CA 3-QT6S Downtown 1150 EXCITING Furnished 5 BR Hse 3 APIS. Drake PK. 829 DAISY Eostslde 1155 NEAR RECREATION Park on Park Ave. loe 3 Br. stucco nome. New kitchen, bit-in oven, ranof, reirig. wasner dryer, tile batn will stall shower. fiiK)t. carteled wain. Oivnw wiil finance. Subrmt o:rer on down. Red Too Rlty GE 9-2179 GE 7-3435 NEW "RED HOT BARGAIN" 418,500-2 on 1-- C-4. 50x130 lot. 2- Btdrms 1 -Bedims. Tlo top shape! Excellent location. The Rral Estate Store =2 2J81 E. Carson 427-5425 O DOWN TO ANYONE ? br. only iU.500. Pymti SIM mo. P 1. Nr. snooping, MURDOCH REALTY HA 1-3737 2924E,5thSt.ByAppH 5-BR.! Big Gar. EZ Terms. Owen Rex Hodges Co. 437-1251 BEST Buy-Good loc. Lot 50x137.5-- 5370 Inc. S-furn units. .'MOORE 597-1354 3 BR., nr. schools markets. 744 SI. 2 ON 1, Inc. S215 mo. Out of town owner. Jprrl/Alex 591-SA74. 2 HOUSES-- 1355 OHIO-- 10". dn. 119,500. Owner 434-4485; 434-5952 DUPLEX Home. Tenants pay-off. Art/Alex 591-5674 920-1754 El Dorado Park 1160 LARGE SPLIT uEVEL 4-Br, 3- baths, GIANT FAMILY RM, fully air cond. The new section in oor- oeous El Dor. Pk Esi. PRICE JUST REDUCED $2,000!!-- Now 545,950 Key at , . RAPHAEL, Realtors 6435 E. Sorino HA 9-5917 NEED MORE ROOM? Price lust reduced on 4 Bdrm., 3 bath, dinino room. cov. patio, loads of extras. Don't Wail! JOHN READ Rlty 6345 Soring Open Eves HA 1-17S 3 Br., pool. Eating area in kltch. Sep. dininn rm. Detach. Gar. SEL 7930 RING-HARE FIND AL WALSH 8KR. GE .1-0700 Gardena 1165 2 Brs. · 1 Bath - covered patio - dter» ww nrpeting. Lakewood Area 1175 4-Bcdrms., 1% batrn, large kitchen w/blt-ln range oven natural wood cabinets. Living room with fireplace new w-w carpets. Cov'd patio. Clean sharp thruout. Gl or FHA terms. Call now .... ELLIS-SCHRADER 5715 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-5133 A REAL JEWEL 3 bedrm. large family room, real clean. Custom drapes, nice carpet thruout. Hi ba. Remodeled kitchen, new Targonil floor, Ige eating area, covered patio with barbecue. Realtor's choice ior Home of the Week! Price S24.500. GENTRY REALTY W72 Alonrir.l, Bfllllower V25-37V ONE IN A MILLION! You can't beat this near-new 3- Bdrm, family rm. IVa batlis, 2-story with built In ranfle oven, fireplace, completely carpeted all for $20,300-- HURRY ON THIS ONE! ELLIS-SCHRADER 2S91 Belltloxver Blvd. HA 7-5928 BETTER SEE THIS! 3 Bedroom, I'l ba., bit-In kltch. Hugt den with ^replace, good Lkwd. location. Owner has new business up North must go. Price reduced to S27,500-Don't miss it! BOB PR1GMORE CO. REALTORS 846-1763 CONVENIENT! for Dad to park his boat or trailer, modern kitchen for mom. 3 Bdnn + nice yard for the kids. Close to Lakewood Center on a choice coiner lot. Only S23.750 John Read Rlty HA l-l 761 6345 Spring Open Eves SPECIAL of the WEEK In a "Going up" neighborhood 3 Br, 2 bath, built-ins, new VMV Thruout, drnocs, block fence, sprinklers, xlnt cond. Only S23.900 MOULD REALTY HA 5-7496 PRICE REDUCED Out-of-tawn owner says l '5FLL"H 3-Bedrms, 2-baths, palio, sprinklers, new vinyl, carpeting, near Dutch Village. Price S2u,900-Can vou beat it???? STOTLER Realty SERVICE X3U Carson, day-nite, HA 9-5901 Divorce Forces Sale BEAUTIFUL TRI-LEVfcL HOMES. 2-4 Brs., 2 baths, bit-In wet bdr. ALL HAVE DLX CPTS S, BFAII- IIFUL LANDSCAPING wilh cinder block walls. FROM 533,950 LOW AS 10% DOWN 860-2408 OKI WILL TAKE A MONTHSH CLEAN BUT WHAT A BUY! 3 BR 2 BA. CORNER NEAR CENTER. S22.900. TRY 57300 DOV/N. JOHN READ Rlty 6315 Snrino Open Eyes HA 11751 3746 PALO VERDE Baroain! 3-BR. Lovely area. B o yard, dhlo. garage, rrnder block fence, service porch. Near al schools, bus ihopoinji Cenier. Call Flo Brendu 423-9050; 423-5527. TAKE over 521,000 loan, 6 3 .i F.H.A. on this 3-br home. Try 51,900 total down. Vacant. Nr schools shon- DmD MABRY COOK 430-0521 WALK SHOP Los 3 br. 1W ba., at South J. Palo Verde. Close to new shopping Center. 0 dn. Gl or FHA terms. Priced to sell! MURDOCH REALTY HA 1-3727 NEW LISTING "} br. 8, fnm. rm. 1550 sq ft. 2 ba., romod. kltch. Indirect lighting, nat. cabs, immac., extras oalore. BLAKO RLTY 425-6421 86/-OB06 STOP LOOK! at this share 3 br. + huge oar. close to May Co. Douglas. Onlv S21.500. 0 down Gl, or FHA terms. SHARP 2-BR. 4846 COMOUISTA. Priced to sell. Owner purchased new nomc. For info rail J304713 or 431-4456 $20,950 3 br. nr. May Co., ww crpls. Clean NEYLAN REALTY" 866-7913 IMAGINE THIS! Sharp remodeled 3 Br for only $21.900! No Down Gl. HURRY! John Read Rlty HA 1-1751 FHA 52/4% FINANCING 3 Br. Cor. Mutual. Owner v/ill help fin.ince. Existing FHA 1st TD. BURDGE REALTY 5*7-2441 WAI v TO nni ir* i A^ 2-Bdrms with w-w drsoes. n ce fenced yard. On!v 10% dov/n. BOBBINS REALTY 428-3709 BY OWNER, Immediate oossession. Park-tike yd., Ig. shode trees. Clean. 4 Br. 2 baths. Crots, frnl, dros. Built-ins. Patio. 634 1531; 433-3325; 421 8313 Pool time coming 3 bdrm, w'w cpts, drps, 20x20 pool, used Gl, no dn. Wms. Rtty. 421-B93B, eves. 429-9264 SAVF MONEY. 3-BR ~ nen Pi BA. Calif Ranch stvlo, needs work DUI a terrific buy on new FHA or Gl at S20./00 Rltr 865-9566. 2 LAKEWOOD Homes next door to each -!hcr for Sile bv Owner. Near Shoopino Center schools. For lnfo r mdtion Call A\E 3-3327 HOMES FOR SALE ( INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM IPMWM3 LMtWOOd Artfl 1I7S 2 4 Den $2 1,950 NR. LAKEWOOD HIGH Bullt-ins, carrels, drapes, cov. patio, nice condition in out. Good laididxis. Might 90 lonv dow* FHA or 10?. dn cov. A\ust st 1 socn. Quick possession. John Redd Rlty HA 5-64 16 WHY RENT? Sharo 2 br. ww crot, d3le det. o?r. Corider blk. ftnce, larc* UVi. b«t area, anxious, ileooo Cl or FH» TIFFANY REALTY S«-3;S! Lokcwoed Cewitrr 11 SO Club Ettait* LUXURIOUS MANSION facing polf coufie. i-9eJ"-!j, 3- batns. ADO* ox. 3.COO so tt. ANDREWS REALTY 4jS-«jJ Lakewood Plaxo 1185 WE PAY ALL COST Fiir a Qjaliti?,-) Gl buyfr on liH lovely 4 bedrocm 2 ba:n hov.e. i*n- niediaie DCiitssion u»on creait approval. Close to ^c^lools anc Ir.^n- sior;JJon. Gov'l acpoisea ^' 535000. Call 596-4453. WALKER LEE. Inc. 1800 SQ. FEET 3 Bedrrr.s, 2-balhs. wltn 20x20 family rm in the twit part of the P'a- ;a. Has tireoiac-!, lew v:nv floors m kiichen i. bam. Asking 527.500 on any terms! REAL ESTATE STORE "NO. 4" 5457 Stearns $n J3»] SEE THIS! DOLL HOUSE! 3-Bcdrrm. Law Jucnen. Elec built-ins. Fireoi. im maculate! PLUS . . . tillered S. heated POOL. SIV.oOO loan can be asiumM. ^ E REAL ESTATE STORE "NO. 1" ?940 Clark 475-ES')? 51/4% int. -Gl loan anyone can assume this Gl Ijin on this 1 S, den or 3 Bdrm twautv. W-w carets, trapes, extr- - i imae kitchen, rlose to schools 3. s::'»-)- pino. S121 I'fTR MONTH PAYS ALL Incl. 'axrs. John Read Rlty 4 2 1 - 1 7 6 1 !! CIRCLE THIS AD M (2) CORNER 3-BRs One beautifully cnlarocd. Eiich have 2-bdlhi, fireplaces, fine Lctr- octs, draocs. One vacant, immcd. possess. Low as J2^00 down. Key at ... RAPHAEL, Realtors W35 E. Sortno HA 9-S917 PRICED RIGHT! This sharo 3-Bedrm dm (or 4- BR) much-style home with enlarged kitchen, is oriccd to icIM let us show you all Ihe extras tnat come with It! Call now. ELLIS-SCHRADER $17,700 53/4%, $158 mo. Assume this xlnt. Gl loan S. be croud of this lovHy 3' Rr home, re- mod kitch., new w-w draocs, outside BBquc, heart of Pldia. JOHN READ Rlty NR MILLIKAN HIGH 3-Bedrm home, rear living rm with carpets A drapes. Front kitchen. Spacious vard, with trees . . . 2- rar oarnoe. Only 521,500 quick possession! Fred Rose Rlty. 597-248! 2-Bedrms-- 2-baths. Laroe livlno rm with fireplace. Remodeled kitchen. All built-ins. Kino-size iiidstcr bedrm. Dbl enrage. See submit! The Real Estate Store -1 ??JO Clark 421-8892 OPEN house dnily, reduced 51200. 3 br. 2 ba. hdwd floors, firepl. dbl gar. lath plaster, excel ncioh- borhood 5175. mo. total price W4,750, 2452 Ostrom Ave. $400 Closing Costs to Gl Posieibion on credit ooprovdl 4- BR. 2 ba. Nr. schools. CRV S23.5M LOREN BROWN Rltv 421-3786 BY owner, beflutiful home, family baths, crpt., drps. thruout. Many extras. Cnll 421 5331 or 42/-40B8. BEAUTIFUL- PAT1Q 3 bedroom, large covered natio, fenced backyard, 6108 Rosebay St. 421-8035. WALK TO SHOPS 3-BR. den. Pi bath. Low down. CLEAN 3-BR, cots, drps. Cov'd pa- Lakewood Village 1190 BEAUTIFUL CORNER HOME JUST $26,900 THE LOT ALONE IS WORTH OVER 522,000 SO IT LEAVES JUST S4900 I-OR THE LOVELY 3 BDRM HOME S, ATTACHED 2 CAR GARAGE. ENJOY IT "AS IS" OR EXPAND AS YOU LIKE. JUST SS400 DOWN Sparow Rlty. HA 1-9478 "A NEST FOR FVERY GIRD" sell. ROCKE 436-5553 Los Alamitos 1200 3882 GREEN - Cuslom 4 unils. OPEN PM. GONNA SELL THIS WEEK. Bldr 431-0528; 421-9381. Los Altos 1205 NEW BUILT IN RANGE AND dishwasher Tnake this front kitchen with natural wood cabinets n must see. Beamed ceiling, rear living ronm with wall of olass to delightful covered Datio. Of course 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. Gl appraised M 325,500. Call J29-5524. Open 'WALKER LEE, inc. !! CIRCLE THIS AD !! STRATFORD SQUARE Customized 3-Bedrm. + GIAN 1" FAMILY ROOM, gorgeous kitchen, 2 baths. The sharpest in this heautiful area. NO DOWN Gl!i LOW DOWN FHA!! RAPHAETI , Realtors OWNER ANXIOUS-- Wants his house sold today! Laroe 3-Bedrm, 1 3 i baths. Corner. Hdwd floors. Forced air hrnf. Fireplace. Listed at Gl appraisal of 525,950 -- Try S?3,950 and take over loan with 10*:, down. 5940 Clark HA 1-3892 DON'T ADD ON UNTIL YOU'VE SEEM THIS REMODELED BEAUTY! 3 Bdrm, l = i baths, fam. rm. Gl no dn., S29.500 John Read Rlty H A I - I 7 6 I 6345 SPRING OPEN EVES HEART OF LOS ALTOS 3-BR. FAMILY RM. Luc kitchen. P* both. WW crot, draocs. 16CO sq. fl. Onlv 125.750. Try FHA or no down Gl. SSOO costs. Rex L Hodges HA 1-8233 LOOKED AROUND?? then, compare ihis quality 3- borm., 1*i batn functional home. Carpetinn. draces etc. l' MOORE 597-4354 JUST LISTED! SnnndinQ 2-BecJrm 8. den co'ncr near The Sav-On Druo. 122,500 on easv terms! The Real Estate Store =J 5-:57 Stearns 597-3391 pondina. 3 Bedrms, den, J-batns, swimmino POOL. Asking 525,950! The Real Estate Slore rr4 W7 Sfearns W-3371 LOOKING "for." more" roo-n? 3 Br.. f.-.m rm, firepl. T.: ba. Cpts. Nr. srhool church. , .V.OORE ^7-4354 3 BDRM, den, P. Bo. secluded fenced natio, fruit trees. Occn d-iilv 11-3 Bv owner. 1920 Josie MWACULATF 4-Br. 1 hath w nanl. Vacant Try low down. Bkr. HE 2-34JJ SALE"bv"o"«ner 3 Br."lmmac". 2310~ /·roonno 596 7314 Los Cerritos 1210 IMMEDIATE POSSESSION 2 Brs.. 2Vi baths, dbl. oar. Lisler Reallv. Anvlimc. J25-WS6 Lynwood 1215 11900 PEACH-- DRIVF BY 3 BRS. i DEN, 2 fireclaccs. Lister Rlty., anytime i25.W86 North Lone; Beach 1220 58 t. 69th St. 3 Br. home · 2 Br. t Br. duolo*. S23.0CO. H. AOEMA R E A L T Y GA 7-1MI A PEAL buy! 3-BR. 2-ha. CPts- pa- | DRIVE by 332 E. 5Ht St. Snarp du- tio. Bio lot. Good location. · olex-l-Br each Appt. nnlv. V/OFPQ9D REALTY HA 5-1261 ; GA 3-5466 GOAINS R L T Y HA 5 8482 flY Ov.-ne--. 3-Br., 1 fia. 1 car. oar. W/w crot., lac. cov'd Datio. V.'.ilk to May C". S3 1,700. 865-1732 NO On Gl 3 fl- den, P* bflths. 123,500. Nr May Co, Royal, 634- WOODY SMITH, Realtor 633-0761 /IKING REALTY - 4714961 FHA 3-Br., W bath-:, bulltlns, 12541 Elvins St. or call 598-3169 A PIGI 3-BR. $21,500. Eves 598-2563; Bkr. 2.V7427 2 STORY, 4-BR., POOL 165-9374 2 BR. new copper lake over Gt loan 5^*4 S17.9BO. Bv owner. 423-3355 DRIVE bv-dd E. 56th St. Then call to ice 3 Br, 2 b-i., S27.5W Try VA. J-hns"n, 423.2311. Wynns, 5307 AllanU 428-J6J3 27 W. Pleosant-Sharn 1 BR. Nr. XLNT. Loc.-- Spac. 2-BR. Gl No On. 519.000. KUNKF.L ^23-0971 50 w. Louise-- Spac 2 BR. Gl no Dn. CRV J19M. KUNKEL .173-0971 NEW Gold Medallion 3-bedrm, 5X51 Lewis Cdtl BM-7312 HOMES FOR SALE North lo*9 feoch 1220 POOL TIME ! a:mos* here. Buy now at preseason price* *ave lfoysM!Cis SSS. Check th«e features: 3 BR, cartwnnff. drapes. Ultra iharo, Landscaaed -r 16 x 32 orofevj-on- any-oit pool. Decking. 2 car O dr. Priced vn^er Govi. ADcratia! i/2,»50. Hoi-se a'ooe worth it. Easy not vet terms too. Key at 5^2 Or- 'o^VanLizien G A 2-0977 5Ji2 ORANGE AVE. f ' A V E TO SELL YOUP5'C«SH STOP !' BETTER READ THIS! You'll NOT tind a beirer baroA-i. i r.CC « n :5eji.«s. D.'-.-ig c-i. i Byi!t-'n owcn S. rana*, dish*. *.rf- .s£-v» Nfa ; H * t:ioo:s - A 1 f?f REAL ESTATE STORE "NO. 2" ??*1 F C.vion Jl'-MJS ' Advertising Hoopla? 3-Br. 1-Br. duplex f.3. ^VAH^;i f A LI^OFN. S' -rnj. HJA-d uooii. N.C* s::e rooms Dle. 03r. Laundry rni, SUBMIT 10S OOA'K. $18.500. JOHN iV REBD, REALTOR GA 3 7931 -101 E. MKt. eve GA 3-S6C9 Orange Manor 3-BR. Remodeled kilch. Nat. camffi Paneled den New carpettno Fire- pl. New vent windows A doors. Cov. pailo. Dble gai. Call now to ste! JOHN W. REED, REALTOR 0^,3-7931 401 C. MM. cvt GA ll'b ROUGH B U I ? For Home Business -- ?-BR. Spaniih stucco in C 2 rone is ok at 516,500. On Souin St nr.^ Atlantic. Call CA 2-125'. 3:3- REX L HODGES REALTY CO 3-BR. WITH RENTAL Scaclcus lovely home V* bath, family rm., Hrepl., 230. -t serw. 1-Br. rental. Nr. Market St. Just listed -- call now. HOWARD BUTLER, REALTOR 6176 A T L A N T I C AVE. GA 3 J7g 3 BR. 2 BATHS Lro Mm rni, \v.- raised frplc, wired ner tanoo, iols cuohoam-, closets, over 1500 ft. Rltt Pr. Advertising Hoopla? Not this 7. Br. A ruslic cott.iae witfi tireolflrc at S1S.950. U'niow must sell. Call GA 2 1257; GA 2- ·1239 REX L HODGES REALTY CO WEEKENDS FREE l nroe 3 bdrm. Pi ba., blt-lni, small yard-Easy terms. Jerry's Realty GA 3 1637 S18,95Ct-REA"L NICE 2-Br. patio- den. Hull lot. Caropt. Nr. school. clc. Just listed A GOOD BUY! Howard Butler, Realtor GA 3-6J/S 3-BR. 7 BATH, DEN, tirepliice, Car- TO SEE. C.iH now for details. Howard Biiller, Reftltor GA 3 -6J78 BY APPT! 5J E. ELLIS SI Custom 3 BR Inc. Owen Rex Hodges Co. 437-1251 145 W. 53rd St. 3-Br. 2 bath. Terms. GA 3-5JM GOAINS RLTY HA5-8482 SAVE MONTY NOW on this coiv 2- br. with pool. Easv pav on new FHA or Gt loan. Asking 520,000 Rltr 855-9546 JORDAN HI AREA 3 Brs., U'j baths, reasonable priced. Needs some work. LISTFR Rltv Anytime 425-^*4 STUDIO DUPLEX-3-BR. EA. 7 vrs. new! 13W) sa. tt. 3 Terms or tr.idc, $35,950. GA 3-54W GOAINS Rltv HA 5-8482 ROOM Io build, front-- Lot 50x110 2- Br hse rear. Rent 5135 mo. Norwalk 1225 HORSE Property, loveiv irei, 2000 sq U home. ALSO 3 Bi 2 batn, 2 DDliOS. S2 1.500 Gl, THA ALSO 2 Br, 2 uu del. gnr S15,5QO. ALSO have a Doo Kennel. Many others MAYES REALTY UN 6-7766 ly 3-Br. stucco, Hdwd, Mod Kitch, cov'd patio. Exceptional buy al S19./50. f-HA/CI. IARGE FAMILY? 4 BRS.-- + 2'/7 baths -- family LISTER Rltv. Anytime 425-«3i 2 BR. w-w crp. 50x100 cor lot. G.I. or Cal Vet. Very deslreable 516,500. -- SSOO dn to G.I. owner. Bkr. 774-1211; Eves UN 8-8574. or rent-to-buv. Sid, 500. "Rev." Rex Hodges Co. 4 3 7 - 1 2 5 1 3 BR. 2 ba. w w cro fl. Draoes 2Vi Car gar. Landscaped. Forced air heat. Bit-Ins. 322,500-!0w down assume existing loan. 860-1496 PAYMtNIS LESS THAN RENT 3 brs., 1 both, under S19.000. ISO DN. Vacant 3-Br., cor. lot, S50 2-BR.-- Needs paint, 5250 total, move In. 516,850 P.P. Bkr. UN 3--! 74 7. Polos Verdes 1235 Spanish Contemn., 4 BR., Pool, tremendous Harbor-Catalina view. 575,000. See Ihis! Good terms or submit cash or trade. Owner 8332312. Paramount 1240 NO DM Gl- 2 BR stucco, hrdwd firs. only 511,900. Roval Rlty 634-3430 Zoned R-2 Paramount 630 4366 Pork Estates 1245 JUST LISTED! First time offered for sale Doctor has purchased much larger .home. Present home now for sole. 3- Bedrms, 2Vi baths, familv room. Modern, all electric kitchen, 2'/i car onraoe. A bargain ot 557,500. Coll . . . RAY PALMER 438-6530 EQUITY BROKERS, Inc. 1046 Redondo, Realtors, J34-6731 tio, fenced vd., immed. oois. Cdll Al Lorip 439-7755; 437-0631 M A T T E R Y PENINGL : R RLTRS. Ross moor 1255 WATCH YOUR WIFE! SEE HER EYES LIGHT UP WHEN YOU SHOW HETR THIS BEAUTIFUL HOME one Of ROSS- moar's finest-brimming wilh deep fsrpeting. soft DRAPERIES i all those matchless Rossmoor features-deluxe Frigidaire electric an- pliances in me woman pleasing kilchen-2 gleaming ceramic tile bflths-'.Brcc rooms priced to o'ease at 137,500 on easy terms. Here K a home your familv will love ior a lifetime. Call to see!! Aetna Realty Service GE 1-3511 11275 LINDA WAY 5-Bedrms, 3 baths, 2-story. Assume S23.703 5 3 ^i loan. Formal dinir.g rm. Laroe family rm. Largest model m Suburbia! DeBENEDICTIS 12131 LOS ALAMITSO BLVD GE 1-2507 Dutch Haven Special 1 STORY 3 Br family rm ·*· formal dining rm, 3 bath, screened in patio * all the traodies. FULL '"-RICE SJ2.950 10S DOV/N ESTATES MODEL 2 100 SQUARE FT. On 1.3 acre. Heart of Rossmoor Owner must sacrifice; separation 598-2U1 4-Br. + family rm £ baths. Pool. Lie y^rd. Trade your homo? Flo Baker 426-8579 HUNTER Assoc. 426-6577 .Seal Beach 1265 : FOUR 2-8EDROOMS Nr. beach, city hail A shooing. T a x shelter for home w income. Bill' Campbell 430-2545 CAMPBELL Rllv.. Seal Bch Cnlr. BEST B~UY New 4-BR fam Rm dm rm 3 BA's 3 car gar, Soanlsh. tile roof ! Ocean View, See 1405 SantJoioer GAGNON CO. 435-i9i8 REVA OLSON JOHN READ RLTY Inc. ; GE :·:::? .)3i-??36 LEFDOM Rl.TY., UOO OCEAN. Best Signal Hill 1270 Price Reduced $4250 Must be sold .1 Br. cuMoni-bll. ho*nc. On 94x121 lol. Bet Area Signal Hill. MAY uke imAil home in iradt. RAY SHINN, Rllr. J9JOM3 HOMES FOR SALE State College Arta 1275 2i/ 2 YEARS OLD 2'M sa It ol r*«uv. 3 Br., J balh, fa-", rm. wi'ri dr. 17x73 MOl W'd'essing rm, ca:h s'wer JOHN READ Rl*^ ^ NEAR BIXBY HILL brjni nt* 2 star* 4-BR S. itn 'IT. mal din. rm. 3 Bi.» ihas CATMt, IMA of ciosft saace. lmm«j ocss. 45J1 DfLew OAGXON CO 4JS-i3S« DO IT AT HOME! ', Re.reVi;i. ream. POOL, B_SO i , 'Mo6"RE "'597-4354 *5-J 8i r AOO 3 8", '*" P" 1 . Westsidt 1285 $ FORECLOSURES $ 2 2, 4, S bed/com h»m*» ^ Attention Families! ; Eamina less Than V.OOO c*r yr? You C^T new boy o home! Did you i know tnai t-HA v.ill wv oori o; into feajrdiio fnese crooro"^s call GA 6-4549* W1-SJ64; 4J4-1K2 1st TIME OFFERED 3-Br. firepl. $19.950 NO DOWN TO VETS. Immaculate ^o·n- beir.a w!d t-v ORIGINAL OWNER. Radio. BBQ, WW C'pt. Vrrv very cleaT CAII todav. D. Van LiiTen Rlty 591-1361 2)70 PACIFIC AVE. HAVE TO SELL YOURS? CASH "U" CAN S T E A L THIS ONE 1 ; Oisncr anxious to leave inn arc.*. T w o 2-Bearm homev. L^rae corner lot. Listed flt oilv S13.500-- txjl oilier says ".-ina me an offer"-Income S170 -- AKvavi renieC! THE REAL E S T A T E S T O R C =2 2351 E. CARSON 5275425 W A K E OFFER 2 Brs. + cues! house. Dew cay- ri'wii ·*- cioi.rig CON! SJIS total. L I S T E R Rltv. Anvtmir. 425 6-J3A NEW lnimg-2jI3 E^vv i Br No aown Gl. Ocn Bristow, J2i 7J79. 4 UNITS. Gl 522,700. eves no dn. Wms. Rllv 421-F738, 479-72M Wrigley 1295 OPEN 1-5, $25,000 4 br. P, b*. 65*U lot to alley. 9vl2 Dlflvfoom attflcncd to dHI. o^r. wnlte rock lioor to teiilno hr ol. Mirrored wall in master br. 2 tMtiOS. LOTS OF STORAGE. 2143 Maine. 591-5355 NEW LISTING-- 3-BR. SJO.OOO. No con-.p.v.lble once (or aiCA. WW crm., tlrdoes. 2-C^r oar. Noc'i GA'/'WIS; GA -t 7205 REX L HODGES CO. OiAiW£ COUNTY CITIES TRACTS ' GordtnGrov* 1375 OWNER S24.7CO lovely 3 br, I t». dw, co*, 3r«. la-^dsc. iw'Io. convert, FHA or GL 71d-39J-3617 FARROW-- Orana* County's Lor ;sf. Coll colder 7U-JE 7-9W2. Gord«nfflri( 1310 SUPER SHARP NO. 7 PLAN 4 Br. + dining rm. G*r,cr his boujht n«w horn* ·A^nis to sell ihii juo*r sharp i 3f , 2 bath noiTu in car den Parx. T":s home ft« olt-in rang* oven, ceramic til* in frltcten t^f», i-»!i A s'ii'er, vrff ca^p-t 4. custom dr*pj Tnru-out, custom wa'i piD«r, huge mirrors, Ml^ sl^D, somictfri front t, fe*r i nr\/ other exTras. Locafid on i cvel street, Nr. all schools. East- «·»!* shoooma center \» mik 13 trwwa/S. AsVing only S29,959. Buver can assume S 1 **^ F.H.A. PARK GATE REALTY W.; GirCen Grove Blvd., Gar, Gr. 437-4531 (714) 82i-!3n HunHngfon Beach 1390 Fam Rm + Fireplace $19,950. No Down Gl Soaclous tearooms, larae 30/ family room wltn fireglaxe, AddHional t.rcolace in I! vino rm. Excellenr c^'-Mtsno. custom draws. Pleas* call coMec' TARBELL 714-842-6491 1S111 Beach Bl.. Huntlngton ftfoch CASH DOES TALK 8. krfM taiklno tvery month bv a%suming \22,K9 loan at 3'/4 FHA, but best of all, A suoerb 2 storv, family rm off kitchen, w-w A crap** tnrooot. Beautiful land- JohrTRead RlfyHAI-1741 #J1S SPRING OPEM EVES Gl NO DOWN F«tra in^ro J Br. A cen. w-w car. Mis, draws, tenced vard, vours ior iust 4?,q:0. Ha dn. Gt-- Lew on. FHA.Ca.l coll-ct i;i4) 897-rCGS. CALIFORNIA REALTY IMMACULATE 2 Story, S Br., 2 boths, coroefs, drooes, tireoiac^, water sollner. dicnondra la*n, w-scrmkiers, 15'x30' covered oa- to. $34,900, «,SOO dn. Bkr. GE 9 1913 ONE CALL CAN DO IT ALLI Home Finders Rltv, Huntinoton BedCh (?131 -131-04M (7U) SMO477 ed pool, no yd, work. S27.500. agnt. ;ii_jJ7-1532 Huntington 1395 Harbour 60' VMTESFROHT 4 br. 40' dock 472. 500. Owner. 592*5140 Gl, FHA LOWDC5WN ' Sfanton 1440 SIMULA 2-BR. Crot. Newer kitch. BEST BUY!!! 5av B |.?r. Prills " C n«t A er4M"30i9 2 ' prive by 7851 Santa cVr'trudM. 3 HIIMTFR tt*r 49A AR77 : bcdrm - 75 "· lot, S15.WO P.P. ln- UIN 1 CK MSSOC. *riO-OJ/ / i DOSS, to Qualified buvfr SI 36 OUR PLEASURF TO SHOW 30M Daisy, 2 Ddr, iust listed, 2-176 Pine, 2 bdr den, fl buy, 2/?6 San Fnrnchco 3 br, will Gl. PAGE 6 CUNNINGHAM GA-i-em 2-BR. house, large yard, R-4 lot. 516,500. 2255 Elm. 426-7857 UKANGK COUNTY CITIES TRACTS All Areas 1320 $141 PER MONTH 3-Bdrm., hdwd. doors, w/w camel thruout. 6''4?i FHA loan -- seller leaving town -- ooiicisicn wimin 2 weeks. Excellent Investment. Collect 714-- 534-7040 eve. 537-3343 -- CORNERlOT-- 3-Bdrm., family area, alum, covered end. palio. Fireplacr. w w caroet, stove, 2 baths, ?-car flt tacti. giragc. FHA or Gl terms, full finer 531.900. Collect 714 534-7040 eve. 534-0353 3 Bedrooms Family Bit.-ins, HrcDiace, 1 baths. ? Car ritldc!'. gaidg^. Gl no down or FHA terms -- oosscsslon on rental Collect", 71-1-534-70JO eve. 5305030 BANKERS REALTY 12372 Euclid Ave., Garden Grovo TRUST Our Judgment $22,500 buys this sparkling 3-bcdrni , 2- bath house In W. Orange County. Thcie is A country-slic kltcne* with built-in ranoe oven, reflr living rm. with a Laguna Stone fireplace. Caroeting drancs Ihruout. Laroe flagstone Datio, cinder blk. w a l ! concrete drlvewav. Close to all schools, shoDDlng t* San Diego Freeway. No down VA low down to all others! I ELLIS-SCHRADER 598-3318 GO "1st CABIN" Move to exclusive Walnut Park Estalcs when vou buy this larae tuslom-buN! 3-bcdrm., 2',;-balh home featuring all electric built- ins, 5co. breakfast room, large family-style dinino room, 2 li.c- olaccs, extra laroe service room, carpets drapes thruout. Covered oallo. All this on a 1/3-acre ciil- dc-sac lot. Submit on FHA - VA S, conventional terms! -- Priced at 534,950. ELLIS-SCHRADER 598-3318 SPLISH SPLASH Take advantage of winter prices work transfer si. 2000 so. II. of customized features in this 3 Br, fam. rm, 3 oa home -f 20xJO pool, undcroriced for fast sa:c due to out of-state fob transfer. . S39.950 -2. 2800 50. ft. of -ihccr loveliness in ihis 5 Br, 3 bath, 2 story 4 15*36 fenced pool. This home is 2 yrs new ..... U4.950 JOHN READ Rlty Inc 596-3720 827-5570 RENT/PURCHASE ·! Bdrm., Gl Of FHA terms from 521.000 to S23,000. Most areas -- Oranoe County. 2 baths, some blt.-ins, fireplace. Call collect fcr mtormaton. - BANKERS REALTY 12372 Brookhurst, Garden Grove TONS~OP "STONE decorate the exterior of this frwy (.lose newly decorated home. 2 full baihs, acoustical ceilings. Large family room 'dining room. Just liiled at 121,000 Gl or FHA CLOVER /U-527-2233 ful Home Sites. 515.000. 51,500 Dn. Low Monthly, 6.6"o Int. ELSMORF. REALTY P. 0. Box W6 RAMONA 13 ml. E Esconrjido Then W 1'.'* miles 7U- 689-1017 or /39-2029 WHY RENT? 3 8, 4-Br. homes-- Private vard. Sorre vacant. From 50 down to REENBROOK resoles, assume FHA/GI loans, Uorwln, 430-0322. 500 Homes to choose from. VA or V A C A N T i br, 2 to , 5155 r-er mo .ncl tax ins., 520,950. 665-A655 bkr Westmtnsttr 1465 S500 DOWN will buy ml! 4-BR. 1'i h^th. Lac. lot. Cfl fenced, new crot* K, draoes. newlv DSlnted. Prlncloals onlv. 7U-892*)70. 2 FA/VILIES one house too crowded? Get them Into 2 houise on 2 Ids wilh room to add duplex. 714873-1113 A i C Rltv. 71-»26-52S« S595 DOWN new 3 fc 4 bdrm. homes Irom J24.U5. Bkr. 7U-- OT7-7I34 TiB\5'lllP®®lirOTllJl Mobil* Hemn 1560 (FOR ALI 3 to Choose From 24x57 HEW MOON ...,_ 510,935 21x60 KIT «10,7;! Local, modern adult load Bvlll. Io Qualified buver. MOBILE HOME CENTER «55 Atlantic (dt Arltsla) L.8. '69 NATIONAL BRAND 12x50 1 BR., $3995 Daslnblt spaces avillabto illl Down-W Mo. Unfurn. Dellv. sei-uo Incl. RAY'S TRAILER SALES 12341 E. Carson, Haw*n Gardeni CHAMPION Why buy used? When U195 will buy a ntw 12x50 1 or 2 Bedroom. GOLDEN WEST VIKING BUDGER BROADMORE SCANDIA VILLA WEST FLEETWOOD PARAMOUNT Geo. W. Fry Lomlta 2N2 Pac. Csl. Hwv. S33-650 J117 PK. C»t. Hwv. DA 5-194 '65 MOBILE homft Wx55', 3 br., l'/3 bd. Open house Feb. 28, Mar. 1, 1. Carson St. off San Diego Fwv. 21900 Martin St. D-H, Family Park. Carson, Calif. NfcW 2JX55. 2-8r., 2 ba. Set-up In Orange Co. finest adult park. Lndscpd, awnlnos, oatlo, skirts. (714) 3?2-07)2 aft. 5:30 p.m. days, all day Sal. Sun. '63 12x52~FLEEiwOOD. steps, skirting* awnlnos. Set up In 5 star aduit park, 1 BR unfurnished. JfOO. call ^23-3619 near new 12x52, 2-br. In family Dark. After 5:30, 830-3971 NEWPORT, 20x45', $2700. takeover Dmnts. / mas old, S1000 worth Awnings, incl. TE -t-32M Suooty, 19261 Beach Blvd. HUUT1NGTON BEACH ROYAL Lnnccr- Bonded. 12W5 ROse- 0x45 2 BEDROOM S749! 1 BR mooll* home 20X55 "lovely parh." Paramnt 63J-4S38 45^10 2 BR., 17620 Lakewood Blvd., Bpllf. S 31. Dlr. Travel Trailers 1 565 (FOR SALE) PROW! FR, IAYTOH, RUSTLER TRADES ACCEPTED Save SS5SS like never before · . FUNIIME: TRAILERS 1020) E. Artesfft, BellM(M*r ' 367-9314 NO. 1 PROWLER DLR. IN U.S. Aristocrat-Silverstr*alc TRAVELEZE SPORTLAND TRAILER SALES 4945 Lono Btach Blvd. CA 3-S32Q TRAILER HITCHES Over 3332 Hitches Installed" Gas Tanks-- Cvcle Carries PIPER WELDING i WIFG 2J21 E. Artes'a Blvd. ME 3-1737 Aristocrat-Wheel Camper 15', 16', 19', 20/, 24' on display V/orsham Trailer Sales 714/531-2595 Douglas Trailer Sales 127W S. Atlantic Lvn. 632-12W ALPHA BREEZE TRAVELEZE 17424 Bloomfleld Cerritos 360-1715. Close Sun NOMAD p FIELD 4 5TREA,'. 9777 Alondra Blvd., Bellflowe '65 AIR5TREA.V 3CT Sovereign, a r cond., twin beds. Like new inside "illness forces sale" 430-0710 23' ALJO, twin bed, fuHv self con tnlned. lote model. Priced to 5eii Dlr. 4*43 Long Beach Blvd. Anaheim 1325 ! NFW 16 1 .-' KIT socrtma^erw/toiie 4- 7^r T -r ; =r S16 ' 5 Park Sales, 7U-527-4174 ha, 7 storv, central air, cots, drns, bit ins. V^alk to shoooina 522.950. rpaj terms 7U-77J.5847 Buena Park 1335 HUGE Home bio lot, io dn. drive by DUPLEX 4 Home, Tenants cav J-B», 3 bo. Onlv 51000 rtn. 2-story Cypress 1355 rni fo 6^0 Gl loan, elcoant, mar- Die entrv, o br., 3 cam, faniiv room, formal dinino rm., blt-m elec. kitchen. 0»f/ H.OCO of im- orovement, ' tAceiient. 95i2 Avenida Monte-rev. 3I4-B6W. 2-BDRM., hawd. floors, l batn, lot 50x150'. zoned R-4, 513.000, fenced. 7M-E93-41I3 A C Rltv 826-5238 Garden Grove 1375 4 Br, Fam Rm, $20,500 No $$ Down Payment Lome pat.o overlooks a cnnrminq ; vard witn a fisn oond. Red brick (.replace. 2 Lullman bains. Huge ; ir. estate ood-^'zed grounds. Call tarbcll 714-638-3941 13137 Brookhurst, Gdrdcn Grove Jc l/ 4 Acre, 4 Br S I 9,950 Oic of toda/'s oest home buvs! Delightful home with all the mode r n conveniences. O v e r s i z e d bdrms., ? oaths, extra eating area -- exceptional kitchen. No down ravmcnl Gl, oavments less tnan rent. Call collect. Tarbcll 714-892-4401 8572 Westminster Avenue Mobile Horn* 1570 Trailer Parks 90 adult SDOCCS, ocenlng in ;/.a*. For infcrmatiin call '61 CROSSLAND lOxJJ 2 Mrm furn set i-D adult park, LB $2500, awn ing. rorch. 714-527-7447 Trailers -- Mobile 1580 Homes Wanted REFINED middleage couple, excellent credfr, desires 2 Bdrm, MobHa Home, low down. V/rlte Box A 109IS independent, Press-Teleoram 6th Pine CASH for clean used 8 or 10 wide- trailer trom or Ivate p*rtv. Call GA 2-6214 Dlr. I WE Day too cash, for cood, clear mobile homei. Dlr. 598-3413 HIGHEST H oaid mowk homts or , trailers. Any size. Dlr. NE 2-44J. SPOT rash icr vour trailer, Mid to. cr nor. Dir. 63?-1411 V/ANT dean used trailer, priv pty Mrs. Flowers after 4 - 425-1705 Trailer Storage 1595 : TRLRS., boats, c»mo*r» ftc. Paved fenced, ouarded. Wasn rack Boors Yachts U0( 4 Gl.'" f ; over wood w/lA H.P E'tc sta-ter, all controls w/big WANTED Boston Whaler, 13'3" fai 1 condition. Please call GE 8-1395 16' Century Inward, glflssed, trailer Sharo! Have to see. S1S95. 430-568, BOAT SLIP apt., ALAMITOS BAY. Call 433.7057 «^"

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