Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on June 2, 1930 · Page 18
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 18

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, June 2, 1930
Page 18
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*fti *Wft*A -!l!»^0»^-yi^M^'---y^fi:li^ 1^4' JW" /(v *v >«5. W 5 #r !f< bij\VMam Brauchep Strain S«well of the Indian* tells a M, fives an interesting insight > diamond life of athlete and the occasion was a ball game the Browns and Indians. It i the eighth inning, Helnie Manush ^ third base with the tying run ftlfkh Kress, the Brownie short- ras at bat. Luke was catching. • trying to make Kress strike at balls, Pitcher Wes Ferrell ft. couple nnd the count was i aftd two. The tension was hor- , Se-well and Kress were rigid aWful suspense. Then suddenly plre Bill McGowan stepped out behind the plate and raised his for time. 8»Wetl and Kress turned to look at Jit* ««» Surprise. , f- "t Just wanted to 'state," said Mc- ?«3<ttMUI, "that I think Ralph Kress, like Sewell and Bill McGowan are greatest men in the American ae." •Strain broke -into a million that that's settled," said let's get the ball game over «\JKf*Ss singled on the next pitch and •*atamish scored. «"'*? i * * * •I ' JStfce Umplrlcal Humor * One of the classical retorts of ye •d umpire to ye Enraged man; >• »«i|ter is furnished by Bill Dineen. Bill f i' *Was umpiring a game in Detroit 'twixt U- ; flndians and Tigers, and in the ninth - vInning the Indians filled the bases, , -"with two out, needing two runs to win ; *lhe contest. "*li Ayerlll hit sharply to centerfield and '' J Rtee came in on a dead run after the ,,',jball, made a headlong slide, stuck out [' , vfaia arms and came up with the onion. ' »Dineen ruled he had made the catch. <** Roger Peckinpaugh, the Indian ,- 'chieftain, rushed out to do battle with i,, -His Majesty. "He didn't catch that ball," shouted *, Peck. "He couldn't have! He trapped It on the first bound!" And here is Dineen's reply: "Say; Rajah, there's a very good Show at the Granada tonight. You [\ -must go." 1 . « . Dinner for Two " 'Once upon a time Jack Egan and Billy Evans were sharing the umpire's duties in a pitchers' battle between Walter Johnson and Chief Bender. In nearly every inning the players called some sort of "conference," asking for " lime while they put thefr heads to^ ffether and talked about this and that. ,„ Egan, who was calling balls and . „ strikes, became irked at the frequent (' -• delays and protested. The players f realizing he was anxious to speed up ', the game, held more "conferences" * than ever. Finally Egan called time * and summoned Evans, meeting him , half way down the foul line toward » first. '? "Wliat's the trouble?" asked Evans. :! "Not a thing in the world." Egan ' replied. "But these players have been R making themselves look wise all after.' noon with their counterfeit confer* ences, so I just decided they wouldn't w have a thing on us. Where do we eat * tonight?" ^ Evans suggested a well-known res- * taurant. Egan agreed. J. "WTiat will we eat?" asked Egan. , "Well, I'm hungry, Jack," replied i Bill, "what do you say to a nice sir- !|_i_lpin.siea.k with a,U the trimmings?" L ; "'Okay," said Egan. Forthwith he called one of the Washington attaches and told him to ; CENTRAL AREA ASSISTS I 'IN PENN STATE SPORTS « Central Pennsylvania students at •• .Penn State were real active in sports -p,t~Fenn State during the spring a ,,Jist of the Blair. Cambria. Center <".an'a* Clearfleld participants including v the following: * ' Hugo Bezdek, jr., State College, .i 'golf. jijji Howard Gravatt, State College, as- ''fsistant track manager. ft John P. Lonberger, State College, •» lacrosse. ;«•". William D. Musser. State College, ti track and baseball. *» Calvin W. Shawley, State College, f track, weight exents. > : -» Richard Smith, State College, golf. ,4, Charles W. Stoddart, jr., State Col- *.lege, golf. /-*•' Robert H., Jackson. Philipsburg, _ Richard J. Detwiler. Smullton •? track, mile and two mile. J John R. Metzner, Johnstown, ten£ via. » Wilbur T. Jones, Johnstown, la* crosse. 'l\ WJlaon D. Lewis, Ebensburg, man. < ager/of varsity track team. ." Charles A. Glaser, Carrolltown, J lacrosse. , Walter f. Corbin, Altoona, lacrosse •*' Glenn E. Thomson, LaJose, tennis • William H. Smith. Irvona, basebal '' outfielder. ' WATCHING SCOREBOARD. •«, yesterday's hero—Dibrull Williams * Philadelphia Athletics' recruit second * baseman who hit a home run with two » men on base, helping his team bea •t*,AVa«hingTton 9 to 6, and go back into the American league lead. AVIATOR PAtfL call tip the restaurant and order the steaks, one well done, one medium, for six-thirty. Then he walked back to the plate and the game proceeded. BID YOU KNOW THAT— Harvard and Ynle first met in rowing 78 years ago. ... Of all the colleges in the east, Harvard and Massachusetts Tech are the mbst advan- .ageously located for rowing, with the beautiful Charles river flowing through their front yards. . . . The Navy train- _ng course, the Severn, often kicks up rough water. . . . Yale has a beautiful practice course for the crews on the Ftousatonic, but the oarsmen have to ride six or seven miles by bus to get there. . . . Oh, well, the Yale football team pays for the buses. . . . Princeton has a wonderful rowing course on Lake Carnegie, calm and peaceful compared to the Severn. . . . Rusty Callow has been taking his Penn crewers over to the Delaware, an hour by bus. though the Schuylkill is close at hand. . . . Columbia oarsmen have to ride in the subway to get to the Harlem river or Hudspn. . . . Then they have to dodge coal barges. . . . Cornell finds Lake Cauyga rough and cold in the spring . . . and the Syracuse shells find the going good on the Seneca, after the ice has melted. DID YOU KNOW THAT— The original "Calamity Jane," famous putter of Bobby Jones, is no longer in his bag . . . Jane was still carried by the little champion last vear but she was so haggard and worn that she threatened to collapse' any time . . . Her back was bent and Jones had wound adhesive tape around r to keep her going . . . Finally Jack White modeled a new "Calamity Jane," just like the old girl herself . and as a sentimental touch, Jones wrapped adhesive,tape around the new Jane so she would look like Jane the First. . . . Coast sports writers are screaming for a chance for Young Corbett III to beat Fields and Thompson both, mind you, and now is being left out in the cold . . . Maybe one of these days, Corbett will turn up in the east and press his claims . . . and there's always a chance, if he presses hard enough. Card of Thanks KB DESIRE, IN THIS MANNER. TO thank relatives, neighbors and friends for heir kindness and sympathy shown in pur ereavement In the death of our «o« And rother* Robert E. Lafferty. Also for the eautlful floral tributes and tho use of au- MR° b AND MRS. IRA B, LAFFERTY AND BROTHER, GEORGE LAFFBRTY. WE DESIRE, IN THIS MANNER, JO thank relatives, neighbors and friends for heir kindness and sympathy shown in pur ereavement in the death of our son and rother, Lester P. McCachren, A so for the eautiful floral tributes and the use of au°MR. lle AND MRS. H. A. McCACHRBN, BROTHERS AND SISTER. By ,JOE O'G'OOFTY. . ORANGEBURG, N. J.,—It would take a couple of hotel detectives to find It, but there is a whisper going around here to the effect that Jack Sharkey expects to beat Max Schmelr ing for the worm's championship June 12. When I interviewed Sharkey the other day I asked him if he thought he could win. He looked surreptitiously around, placed a finger,, to his mouth and gave me a quiet wink. Then, drawing my head over, he whispered faintly into my ear: . "I am beginning to believe I will beat this fellow Schmeling, really now, I honestly am." / This comes somewhat in the nature of a scoop, as the sailor man never has been known to lift his voice in public. So I replied: "Don't tell anybody else, will you, Jack?" This is Sharkey in a new mood. Hitherto, when queried as to his chances for victory in any fistic combat, he always would reply: "Oh, I just wish I could win, but I fear the brute with whom I am matched will outdo me," or words to that, effect. Since hearing this confession of Sharkey's, I have been pressing him for further details of his unexpected faith in himself. But as yet he has refused to amplify his first statement. I hope I can draw him out further. Paul Wancr, the hard-hitting bull hawk In the outfleld of the Pittsburgh Plrntes, also is something of a hawk In tlie sky, judging from this picture. Waner Is an enthusiastic aviator and spends considerable of his time among the Oklahoma clouds when nt his home In Ada, Okla., In the off season. BUSINESS CLUB IS IIMERJ§ LOSER The Altoona Business club, newly organized won and lost in games over the weekend. The team defeated Petersburg on the latter lot 8 to 7 a.nd lost 11 to 9 at Cresson. Altoona got 6 runs in the first round at Petersburg ten men batting, Weigand making 2 hits in the round. A triple play in the ninth saved the game. Hohman and Piper singled with none down. Rupert hit to Weigand • and a throw Overcash to Talasky to Scotto grabbed off both runners and the batter for a triple play. Cresson got 7 runs against Whltey Mohler to win the other game. Jimmy Berkheimer did relief hurling, giving but 4 hits in seven and a third rounds Billy Kyler got 4 hits. The locals want games Call 2-9000 and ask for Louie or write George F West of 1616 Bell avenue. Juniata.Y is wanted for a game this Saturday Lineups: Altoona— AB. R. H. O. A. E Weigand, 2b 6 2 2 2 1 0 Huber, If 3 0 0 1 0 0 Overcash, If 2 0 0 2 0 0 W. Kyler, 3b 4 I 2 0 3 0 Scotto, c 2 0 0 2 0 2 Stange, rf 20 0 1 0 0 Kalasky, Ib 5 2 2 4 0 0 B. Kyler, c 6 2 4 4 1 0 SOcey, cf 6 0 1 1 0 1 Godfrey, ss 4 2 1 3 3 0 Houck, rf 1 1 1 1 0 0 Mohler, p 1 0 1 0 0 0 J. Berky, p 3 0 1 0 2 0 GET FREE CUTS. KINGSTON, R. I.,—If Babe Ruth were playing for Rhode Island State college instead' of for the New York Yankees this year, he probably would save about $5 on haircuts. Harry "Pridey" Rawdon, college barber and rabid rooter, recently promised State college varsity baseball players that each home run they hit during the season would "be fair exchange for one tonsorial operation. MANV FOOTBALL TEAMS. LONDON,—Five major association football leagues comprise the circuits that play to enter the cup finals of Great Britain. Each of these leagues has 22 teams, making a total of 110 teams. The 110 teams are represented by 1210 players. Besides the major leagues it is estimated that there are over 150 minor loops and a number of wildcat circuits. UNCLE SAM'S CHAMP. •x- The Bt. Louis Cardinals made their i* initial eastern appearance of the sea- i non by opening the second intersec- ' * tional series against the Phillies at * Philadelphia today. Jt The Philadelphia Athletics climbed y back into the 'American league lead • " Sunday by winning their eighth * straight game and their fourth in a i row from Washington, 9 to 6. ° Brooklyn increased its National » league lead to three games by defeat" ing the Phillies, 10-3, Adolfo Luque '; pitching his fifth straight victory of * the season against no defeats. * The Chicago Cubs rolled- up their £ .fifth straight victory and went into £ Mcoad place by handing Pittsburgh a § 16 to 4 defeat. Hack Wilson hit ins Ifitb and 16th home runs of the season. ^ . v * Featured by Harry Hermann's six * •traigbt hlU in nix official times at d, bat in the two games, the Cincinnati * |ied* beat the St. Louis Cardinals * (wipe. 6-4 and 7-1. Two of Heilrnann'b |. |UU were homers. | Breaking their 4-game losing streak « th* Mew York Giants took a double * )>«ader from the Boston Braveg before £ 46.000 face, at Boston, K-4, and 1U-3. J Tb* Giant* made 12 runs in the third Dtog of the second game. A triple play helped the Boston ftcd break a It-game losing streak and Irotn the New York Yankees, 7-4. Cleveland replaced the Yankees in « y»*ir place by winning from .Detroit, § to 9. Me) Harder, Indian*' 20-yeaj- rookie, winning hie bi&tu ijuiiic of ] jfee •ea*uB. i Walter Stew a 11 \itu> hauimi-rcd. out i , r .f.'&t t>O* a* the Chicago While box I JMA livm Ittfi St. Lv.Mt* iJJOwus, b to !>. [ Totals 45 9 15 24 10 3 Cresson— AB. R. H. O. A. E Kane, 3b 4 2 2 2 2 ( C. Veil, ss 5 1 1 0 5 2 E. MtfTague, cf 31200 Rickens, if 4 1 2 0 0 Quinn, 2b 5 1 1 3 1 F. McTague, Ib 3 2 1 11 0 ( Sheehan, rf 5 2 2 1 0 f George, c 5 0 1 8 0 < H. Veil, p 4 1 0 2 1 ( Totals 38 11 12 27 9 Altoona 030 002 004— I Cresson 070 001 30x—1 Stolen bases, McTague 2, C. Veil Two base hits, Weigahd, Quinn, B Kyler. Three base hits, Kane, Rickens B. Kyler. Home runs, Sheehan. Double plays, Cresson 3. Struck out, by Moh ler 2, J. Berky 6,-Veil 6. Hits off pitch er, oft' Berky 4 in 7 innings; off Moh ler, 8 in 12-3 innings. Left on base Altoona 13, Cresson 3. Bases on balls off Mohler 1, Berky 4. Losing-pitchei Mohler. Wild pitches, Mohler. Scorei West. Umpire, Stritt. Altoona Business Club— AB. R. H. O. A. E Weigand, 2b 5 1 2 1 5 Huber, rf 3 1 1 0 0 Socey, If 2 0 1 2 0 W. Kyler, 3b 5 2 2 2 2 Stange, c 3 1 1 5 2 Talasky, Ib 4 1 2 10 1 B. Kyler, If 3 1 1 0 0 Godfrey, sa 2 1 1 1 1 Overcash, ss 2 0 0 0 1 Mohler, cf ...' 3 0 03 0 Scotto, c 1 0 0 2 0 Houck, p 4 0 * 1 1 Totals 38 8 15 27 13 Petersburg— , AB. R. H. O. A. E Estep, cf 5 2 1 1 0 C. Llghtner, 2b 2 1 0 4 1 R. Piper, ss 3 0 0 1 2 Hohman, rf 4 2 2 3 1 P. Piper, c 4 0 1 9 2 R. Rupert, if 4 0 3 3 0 R. Lightner, 3b 2 1 1 2 1 M. Piper, Ib 3 0 0 4 0 Pry, 3b 1 0 00 1 Davis, c 1 0 1 0 0 Hohman, p ..; 2 1 1 0 1 Fleck, p 1 0 0 0 0 Totals 32 7 10 27 9 Altoona 600 020 000— Petersburg 002 310 100— Stolen bases., Godfrey, Estep. Sacri rice hits, B. Kyler. Two base hits Talasky 2, Rupert, W. Kyler, Stange Houck 2, Homan. Three base hits, W Kyler. Double plays, Weigand t Talasky, Hohman to C. Lightner Triple play, Weigand to t Talasky to Scotto. Struck out, b Houck 7, Hohman 9. Hits off pitcher off Hohman 12, Fleck 3. Left on base Altoona 10, Petersburg 7. Bases o balls, off Houck 3. Hit by pitcher Scotto, Hohman, Rupert. Scorei', West Umpire, Smailey. CHICAGO WINS ON HOMEUS. ST. LOUIS, June 2.—Chicago Whit Sox won 8-5 from the St. Loui Browns yesterday home runs by Jol ley, Harris and Reynolds helping th winners. Stewart, after his eighth win, was knocked out of the box i the third. Score: R. H. E Chicago 104 000 300—8 12 St. Louis 000 020 120—5 15 2 Walsh, McKain and Riddle; Stew art, Blaeholder, Kinsey and Ferrell. ODD FKIO.OWS TO MEET. The Ben S. Davis lorlge of Odd Fel lows'baseball team will meet at th lodge rooms this evening at 7 o'clock The learn plays two Civic-Mercautil league games this week, playing Whip pets Tuesday at Prospect and Me Mahons Dairy Thursday on the sam field. Tlic licav) ucight buxing of the i-'ur Euat is Steve Uemeter, above, ^uJIur ijj I'jicle Sum'* Navy. Ucuii Iri jt btujioued uu lli«; L. S. S. IVary wf tile Abiatic Meet, lie liat, litlii tint title lur tlie past Iwo >tura, di-li-uilog both civilian uuU From Cellar to Seller—Used Furniture Sold Thru Want Ads;Brittg Ci Help Wanted—Female SJtS'fiRtBNCED 'GIRL FOR., GENERAL housework. Family- of 3. _fteferenc« re- ulrea. Apply In t>«rson at 2829 W. Chest- ut Av«. RELIABLE Q1RL. FOR GENERAL l!otJ9B< work. Apply 2112 llth St. DESIRE, IN THIS MANNER, TO THANK relatives, neighbors and friends for their tlnrtness and sympathy shown in my be- eavement In the death of my wife, Mrs. Theresa Platzer. Also for the beautiful loral tributes and the use of automobiles. f HER HUSBAND, JOHN PLATZER. AMBITIOUS LADIES BETWEEN 24 AND 40, to tram as extra representatives for Charts Corporation. Those who qualify will e kept permanently as this Is our busiest eason. Here Is an opportunity to make ome real money. Many of our ladles mak- ng $38 to $50-ner week working 6 hours per ay, 6 days PCT week, no Sat. work. Ex- erlence not necessary. We train you. Write or appointment to charts of-Altoona, Room 8, Altoona Trust Bldg. VE DESIRE, IN THIS MANNER, TO thank our friends and neighbors for their tlndness during the Illness and death of our son and brother, Harry Claar. Also for flowers and use of cars. «.«TTTT C. C. CLAAR AND FAMILY, Salesmen—Agent* ^S^Sts+SV******'**"**'*'*'**'^''****^**'*'*' UTO SEAT COVERS. INEXPENSIVE. Pays big money selling autolsts direct. Elaborate samples free. -Marvelo, 2304-WL. Wabansla, Chicago, Lost — Found ,^ NX>/ W^/>X\XV^>SXWAXV*»^'S/N/'\/S/V/'V LOST—PAIR LADY'S GLASSES IN MISH- Icr theatre Wed. evening. Please return .0 Trainmen BMg., Apt. 7, or call 2-8291. Reward. Situation Wanted—Female X V ^^sxvyX^X«>V>SyV~^'v^^/s>V^^^*^^^ REFINED WIDOW WITH 7-YEAR-OLD child, desires housekeeping for widower. Dial 2-6897. EMERALD RING WITH DIAM&NDS, LOST during week, Altoona or Hollldaysburg. Notify L. Treesc, 715 Hickory St.. HOllldays- )urg. Reward. WOMAN WANTS WORK—CLEAN OFFICES or big buildings. Call 2-3750. LOST — GRIP, BETWEEN WEHNWOOD and 16th Ave., llth St., containing clothing and razor. Ralph Long, East Wehnwood, or Dial 2-8746. LOST SINCE MAY «0, GERMAN POLICE dog, 3 years old. Answers to "Tony." Finder please call 3-9993. LOST. STRAYED OR STOLEN—SHEP- herd dog, 13 months old, brown and white. Small bell on collar. License 6879 or 6881. Answers to "Peanle." Dial 7514. WHITE GOLD BROOCH .LOST FROM 1341 Penn brook Ave. to Mercy hospital via street car, to Union Ave., through culvert to above address. Phone 2-1745. Personals FACIAL TREATMENTS, SCALP TREAT- ments and .violet ray for all body ailments, See Verna Kuny. Phone 2-0741. SULPHUR VAPOR BATHS AND MASSAGE, Dr. Kruse system. Dial 2-7635 for appointment. Mrs. Chas. S. Casner. PERMANENT WAVING, STEAM OR ALL methods. Requires no finger waving. Mrs. G. Evans, 1440 13th Ave. Phone 2-0197. LE MUR PERMANENT STEAM WAVE, $5. Genuine supplies used. Marcel 50c; finger and water waves, manicure 60c. Dial 4213. RUPTURED? WE FIT TRUSS CORRECT- ly to your individual needs. This service means safety, relief, comfort and satisfaction for you. Altoona Artificial Limb and Appliance Company, 907 Green Ave., Altoona. Help Wanted Male *X\/v'S/VX/S^-'NXX^^'VNXSy\X\XS*' 1 ^XX\/'SX' OLD ESTABLISHED MANUFACTURER will back reliable people In a $1,000 permanent business with life-time earning of $50 to $75 a week, without security, bond or endorsements. Selling the 54 year famous Gottschall Products; rapid advancement. Write P. N. Gottschall A Co-Workers, Harrlsburg, Pa. SALESMAN—HIGH CALIBRE, SELL WIN- dow and outdoor Neon Sigh, trade and national advertisers. Exceptional commission, opportunity. Neon Displays, 816 Chaintn Bldg., New York. WANTED — MECHANICAL DRAFTSMAN. One who can work nights. One who can Invest small sum. Inquire Frank L. Chucker, 522 5th Ave.. Junlata. YOUNG MEN—4 OVER 18, NEAT APPEAR- ance, to work with local manager. No experience necessary. See Mr. Wallace, after 6 p. m., Wayne hotel. CHEVROLET SALESMEN We are going to employ 5 additional sales men to sell the new 1930 Chevrolet cara. It is not necessary that you have car selling experience—we will teach you the business. One man never having sold cars before made $200 this month. See Mr. Corliss or Mr, Herr. CRAIG CHEVROLET CO., 407 2nd St., Junlata. Phone 9411. Help Wanted — Female ^N^XN/NXS^X\^N/NX>*^'N/'V^^^X/"\'N*^^^/N/*s/ AN EXPERIENCED HOUSEKEEPER IN small family. References required. Apply to 936 22nd St. ' WANTED — EXPERIENCED MAID FOR general housework In family having tw< children, agea 6 and 8. Advise wages ex pected, age and reference. Write 1731-L care Mirror. WANTED—LADY, 45 TO 50, WITHOUT children, to take charge of home. Mus be good cook. Address Postofftce Box 2500 TEACHER, COLLEGE STUDENT, OR ED ucated woman with car preferred^ for va cation position. $200 monthly fur right per son. Write 1939-L, Mirror. TEACHERS—AGES 22-40 FOR TRAVEL Ing position; definite income to start; rail road fare paid: opportunity for $300-?50l monthly this summer. Weedon Co., Dept 68, 2036 E. 89th, Cleveland, O. WANTED — EXPERIENCED SALESLADY for Saturdays. Apply Lester's Shoe Store 1425 12th Ave. RELIABLE, EXPERIENCED GIRL FOR general housework. Small family. Steady place. No cooking. Inquire 1908 Pine Ave 2 WAITRESSES WANTED. APPLY A Union News Restaurant, Penn Station. STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN! HEED EVER! day the things that the classified ads havi to say. TED BOLUKB BEATEN. Ted/Bolger, Altoona pitcher witl the Hazleton team of the New York Pennsylvania league dropped an ex tra inning game to Wilkes-Barre on Saturday. Going to the relief of a pitcher in the eighth Ted saw the score deadlocked at 4 runs. In the tenth he allowed a triple and with two down a wild pitch was uncorked to let the winning run trot home. 320 8th AVE.—3 ROOMS, all conveniences, $28; „*.. floor, all conveniences, $28. T443 or 2-6056. CALVERT APTS., 2607 W. .CMiS*. AVfi., modern, 6 rooms, 2nd toot, hardwood floors, fireplace, porches, an* condition, $45, 206 7th AVE.—FIRST FL6oR, 4 o. bath. 1B37 W. Chestttut/ 2nd floor, 4 ooms, all improvements. Phone 6076. ROOMS, BATH. S1NISHED ATJflC, GAS and electric light. Hot, Watef and telephone ervlce. $20 month. Inquire 706 4th St. Dial 2-1003. , .10 18th ST.—SECOND FLOOR DUPLEX, 6 rooms, all conveniences, $35. Inquire John Martin, 618 16th St.. or Dial 2-6092 >r 9029. MAJESTIC APT., APARTMENT CONSIST- Ing of living room, breakfast room, kltch- 'nette, bedroom, bath, enclosed front porch unrt all conveniences, $35; also apartment at ;30. Dial 2-8380 or after 6 p. m, 2-8160. WOMAN WISHES BLANKETS TO WASH. Prices reasonable. Dial 2-0237. GERMAN GIRL DESIRES WORK OF ANY kind. Call at 1225 Crajvford Ave. YOUNG WOMAN WITH SMALL SON, wants housework. Good home preferable o high wages. Phone 2-6028. ,ADY WISHES DAY WORK. BEST OF references. Dial 6581. IIGH SCHOOL GIRL DESIRES POSITION of taking care of children. Mornings, af- ernoons or evenings. Phone 2-5497. ,ADY WANTS WORK, HOUSE OR OFFICE cleaning by day. Best reference. Dial 2-0505. Rent — Furnished Rooms , NX XX>s/VSyV/S/V/NXX'»-~ 1 V/XX\'>XvX'N'N^'V»S^* 2 WELL FURNISHED, COMMUNICATING rooms for housekeeping. Water, all con- -enlences. Refined family. Dial 2-9015. ROOMS FOR LODGING, $3 AND UP. Rooms for light housekeeping. Free park- ng space. Inquire 1411 8th Ave. 3 FURNISHED FRONT, LIGHT HOUSE- keeping rooms. Desirable location. Adults only. Dial 2-3262 or Inquire 1109 2nd St., [unlata. NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS WITH ALL modern conveniences. Rent $3 up. 1502'A 13th St. l FURNISHED ROOMS IN. COUNTRY home. Nice place In summer. Inquire 1218 7th Ave. L022 LEXINGTON AVE.—3 SMALL ROOM apartment, suitable for small family. =orches, yard. Dial 2-7723. WAYNE APTS., 1106 18th ST., 3 ROOMS and bath, all conveniences. Rent $25. W. B. Cassldy. Dial 2-7993. I CHEERFUL, CONNECTING FURNISHED rooms for light housekeeping. Front, back intrance. Inquire 843 17th St. Dial 2-8741. 105 HOWARD AVE.—3 NICELY FURNISH- ed rooms for light housekeeping, all conveniences. Not suitable for children. Dial '819. FURNISHED ROOM WITH PRIVATE bath. Inquire Mrs. D. E. North. 2104 W. Ihestnut Ave. -Phone 2-7669 or 2-6945. ROOM AND BOARD IN PRIVATE HOME •for 1 or 2 men, all conveniences. Use of phone. Desirable location. Also furnished room. Dial 8957. FURNISHED ROOM FOR GENTLEMEN. 2 squares from Penn-Alto. In family of 2 adults. All conveniences. Dial 2-8307. FURNISHED ROOM, PRIVATE EN- trance, all conveniences. Lady preferred. $11 month. 1618 8th Ave. FURNISHED ROOM IN A PRIVATE FAM- lly. Middle aged man preferred. Reference required. Use of phone. Dial 2-4462. 1128 llth AVE.—NICELY FURNISHED room, private home, all conveniences. Gentleman only. ',3 block from Penn-Alto. 3 FURNISHED ROOMS AND BATH AD- Jolnlng, second floor. Can be had fur- ilshed or unfurnished. Phone 6442. Furnished Apartments _ SX*^S/^NXV^XV/N/N/S/^^^S/X^^^'N^V^^^^N. SECOND FLOOR, 3 FURNISHED ROOMS, private bath and porch. Private entrance. Rent reasonable. Inquire 1605 6th Ave. 3 ROOMS AND BATH—COMPLETELY FUR- nlshcd. Reduced rental. Special offer for the week to save time. 715 8th Ave. Apts. are unusually.attractive and clean. No better value to be found. Reference. Dial 6301. 4-ROOM FURNISHED APT., BATH, ALL conveniences. Private. S35. Inquire 862 17th St. Dial 2-2982. 1st FLOOR, NEWLY FURNISHED, MOD- ern Apt., 4 rooms, bath, Inquire 602 21st St., Apt. 5. FURNISHED APT., PRIVATE ENTRANCE and bath. Electric refrigerator. 3 squares from P. O. on Cor. llth St., Highland Place. 861 17th ST.—SECOND FLOOR APT., FOR -light housekeeping, 3 first class furnished rooms, private bath, all conveniences, front porch; also first floor front bedroom, suitable for 1 or 2 persons. Inquire 2401 8th Ave. Dial 2-0610. 1600 2nd AVE.—5 ROOMS, BATH, FRONT porch, heat and running hot water, Rent $45. A REAL APT., IN LLYSWEN, COMPLETE In all details, with laundry, garage, light, heat, gas, etc.. furnished. For further particulars. Dial 2-6072. FURNISHED APT., IN QUIET HOME large living room, kitchenette equipped with white porcelain units. Large bedroom and bath. After 3 p. m. inquire E. Blanche Bender, 1418 Washington Ave. Unfurnished Apartments •SXSxv**^^"^'v«^v^X\XW^/VN/v*vN»NXXXN*%'v/ 5 ROOMS AND BATH, FRONT AND BACK porches. Private garage. Located In Llyswcn. 2-6601 or 8286. 8-ROOM APT., WITH BATH. INQUIRE Hahn & Co., 813 Green Ave. • SECOND FLOOR APARTMENT,, 214 LO gan Ave., Llyswen, 5 rooms, all conven lences. Dial 2-4887. . 1500 4th AVE.—5 ROOMS AND BATH all conveniences, second floor. Inquire 505 15th St. Dial 0658. 4-ROOM APARTMENT, ALL CONVEN lences. at 1801 4th Ave., Junlata. Inqulri rear apartment or 1813 llth Ave., Altoona BRETH APT., 825 7th AVE.—3 AND 4 rooms, heat, bath, gas range. $24 and $30. Dial 9029 or 2-5092. JUNIATA, 205 5th AVE.—SECOND FLOOR 4 rooms, bath, hot water heat. Dia 2-7619. Unfurnished Apartments AVlB., - «'Sii^i -ROOM APARTMENT. «S18 2nd floor duP'W- OM.ttftt. j net, linoleum In bath Sftd . RU«Me«, DIM •3534. Available on or befotUyJun* 40. ™_ . . . .- ... •-- . FOR RENT—BfiAtJTY' fARLO*t, . tO'CA- im fSTl floor Apartment, mzjaih AV«., hftttdy Pehn-Alto and b*lnesa district, Ap- »ly March's. 1224 llth Ave. '.^ , FLOOR. second 2-0307; FOR RENT—12-CAft .0ARAOB, RENT reasonable, can J>» usftd for.'toiraga or Cashing cars. Inquire 107 & 3rd Ave. or Dial 2-1183. Sale Or Rent ^^xvA^^v^^^^^wSA^VVSiAA^S^A^i^A .ROOM HOUSB. UOttT AND WELL WA- ter in kitchen. New foot. 1 «.«« ground, very suitable fot raising thtokebii or garden. Fruit trees, gran; arbor, salj terms easonable. Located 29th Av*. and I5tn St. nqulre of Charles A. Auker, 1321 lltH Ave. 614 7th AVE.—MODERN SECOND FLOOR apartment, enclosed porches. Excellent ondltlon. Hot water .heat, gas range,'llno- eum, blinds. E. R. Halton, 1610 7th Ave. 507 19th ST.—5 ROOMS, BATH, PRIVATE! basement, heat, shades, range furnished, nqulfe 605 19th St. 887 23rd ST.—2nd FLOOR APT., 4 ROOMS, bath, use of 3rd floor and cellar, large ront poroti, ample wardrobes and linen clos^ jt space. Range, shades, linoleum, screens and heat furnished. \For rent to reliable arty. Dial 2-0880. AN IDEAL HOME-8-ROOM COTTAGE, with bath and enclosed front porch, hard, wood floors, new furnace, windows weather tripped, all modern conveniences. House n A-l condition. Easy terms can be arranged. For further particulars Inquire at 113'7th St. . _^ 5-ROOM, UP-TO-DATE DAYLIGHT APT,, 1507 12th St. Inquire O. L. McCartney, 200 IBth Ave. 97 LOGAN AVE.. LLYSVVEN-FRAMB house, slate roof. Lot 76x120. All con- •enlences. Adjoins Mansion Blvd. Dial 4883. N. WILDWOOD, N. J. .— FURNISHED apartment. 2nd floor, B rooms, all conven- enc«s. June 1 to day after Labor day or. shorter period if desired. Moderate rent. Vrlte 139 W. Gorgas Lane, Philadelphia, 'enna. ALL MODERN AND ELECTRIC CONVEN- iences. Will accommodate 2 or 3 adults. No children. Very central. Call between I to 10 n. m. and 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p. m. Dial 2-1862. , 010 BRIDGE ST.—THIRD FLOOR APART- ment, 5 room? and bath. Reasonable rent. Inquire J. Levlne. APT., 1719 6th AVE., ALTOONAT-4 BRIGHT rooms, private bath and entrance, heat, yard. $23. 4-ROOM APT., RANGE, ' BLINDS FUR-i nlshed, all modern conveniences. .Rent $25. Inquire D. E. Furry, 2901 Maple Ave. 5-ROOM FLAT, ALL CONVENIENCES, $20 month; also storeroom ^t 607 I5tn St. Reasonable rent. Inquire 607 15th St. 4 ROOMS AND BATH. RENT REASON- able. Inquire No. 1, Apt., Flatlron Bldg. 321 8th AVE.—SECOND FLOOR, 4 ROOMS and alcove room. 1316 8th Ave.—First floor, 4 rooms, both have private bath, gas ranges, shades, heat 'urnlshed. Dial 8573 9-12 a. m. or 6.30-9 p. m. 1210 14th AVE.—SECOND FLOOR, 5 rooms,» bath, porches. Moderate rent for his location. FOR RENT—JUNIATA, 626 4th AVE., 3- room Apt. Rent $16. K. McGrath, 2806 Broad. Dial 2-2471. FIRST AND SECOND FLOOR DUPLEX, porches, all conveniences. Inquire 2420 7th Ave. Rent — Houses 1417 1st ST.—7 ROOMS, BATH, ALL MOD- ern conveniences, porches. Rent reasonable. Call 101 Howard Ave. or Dial 2-2153. 324 4th AVE—8 ROOMS, ALL CONVEN- lences. $40. 601 2nd Ave., Junlata—5 rooms, light and gas, $16. 1303 2nd Ave.—6 rooms, light and gas 518. -^ 710 Crawford Ave.—7 rooms, all conveniences. 2-car garage. $38. Park Ave.. Lakemont, Rev. Williams property, back of playground, 5 rooms, all conveniences. $27. 909B 24th St., between Broad and W. Chestnut Aves.—7 rooms and bath, all conveniences. $50. 1801 llth St.—7 rooms, all conveniences. House In excellent condition throughout. $42. McVEY-FARIS CO., Clement Jaggard Bldg. Phone 7128. 1818 7th AVE.—HOUSE, 7 ROOMS, ALL Improvements, hot water heat, yard, large porch. Inquire 1820 7th Ave. 901 5th AVE.—3 ROOMS, HALL FIRST floor, 4 bedrooms, bath 2nd floor. Heat, shades furnished, Inquire 905 or 907 5th Ave. 914 26th ST.—7 ROOMS,,BATH AND ALL conveniences. Inquire 918 26th St. 1911 8th AVE.—6-ROOM HOUSE, BATH, newly papered, cemented cellar, A-l condition. Inquire 1909 5th Ave. 1601% 6th AVE.—4 ROOMS AND BATH. Rent $16. Inquire at 2210 8th Ave. Dial 2-7619. 905 19th AVE.—5 ROOMS, FINISHED 3rd floor, all conveniences. Rent $22. Dial 2-5744. 2918 5th AVE.—SIX ROOMS, BATH AND finished third floor, all conveniences. Good furnace. Low rental to good tenant. Dia' 2-4769. 1809 9th AVE.. REAR—6 ROOMS, LIGHT, yard, gns, water, cellar, porch. Rent $16. Inquire 1813 12th Ave. 1818 UNION AVE.—7-ROOM HOUSE, HOT air heat, all modern conveniences, newly papered and painted. Ready to occupy June 2. Dial 2-6742. FOR RENT—HOUSE, 10th AVE., 2104, ALL conveniences but furnace. Garage. Rent $20 per month. Key next door. Cleaned, new paper and paint. 3034 W, CHESTNUT AVE.—8 ROOMS AND all conveniences. For further particulars Inquire T. Chester Parsons, 1107 12th Ave Phono 2-6192. 6-ROOM HOUSE, BATH, FURNACE, ALI conveniences. 2-car garage. Rent $28 1821 13th Ave. Inquire 506 26th St. Phone 2-5971. 1810 15th AVE.—8-ROOM HOUSE, BATH garage, all conveniences. Call Straney 7391. 2101 19th ST.—FIVE ROOMS, 60 FOOT corner lot with garage. Apply at 1701 6th Ave. Dial 75SO. . COR. HOWARD AVE., 8th ST.— 5-ROOM house, newly papered, electric, gas, water toilet, cellar. Phone 7771, evenings. Rent — Farms FARM CONTAINING 90 ACRES. GOO1 house, bank barn. Fruit. Situated 2 miles from Altoona. Inquire 1701 6th Ave TOHNADO M1UUETS CHALLENGE. Tornado Midgets, recently organized, would like to meet all teams in Blair county, agea ranging from 13 to 16 years of age. The players are as follows; J. Donnelly, H. Franks, J. Krletz, Z. Klevan, A. Geiidel, "Eddie" Humphrey, Robison. Joseph A. Mandel, Ray Klink. For games call 9700 and ask for Edjlie or write to Nathan Levine of 1909 West Chestnut avenue, city. B1LL1AUU VKTEKAN" STILL ALIVK Alter more than GO yeara in billiards, Maurice Daly of New York is blill active in the game. Past SO years of aye, he still retains the same keen interest that marked liia entry into the in Civil War days. DOEO WINS TITLE. SOUTH ORANGE, N. J., June 2.— Johnny Doeg, Santa Monica, Calif., won the Orange Lawn Tennis club's invitation tennis tournament Sunday by defeating John Van Ryu, East Orange, N. J., 6-3. 6-3, 6-2. Doeg and Van Ryu will sail with tlie other' members of the United States Davis cup team lor Europe-tomorrow* DUPLEX, 314-312 3rd ST.—5 ROOMS bath, hot water heat, all conveniences. In .julrri 219 Lloyd St. E. 2nd AVE. AND LLOYD ST.—4 ROOMS, all conveniences. $35. 84U 24th St., beside Presbyterian church, 4 rooms, all conveniences. $4U. \ 1211 8th Ave.—4 rooms, all conveniences. $25. 2221 8th Ave.—4 rooms, all conveniences. $25. McVEY-FARIS CO., Clement Jaggurd Bldg. Phone 7128. DE LENA APT., S-ROOMS, BATH, ALL modern conveniences. Inquire 1002 Chestnut A^e. IMPERIAL APT., 1905 UNION AVE., 8 roomtj, bath, porch and all conveniences, $35: also 4 rooms, bath and porch, $30. Dial 2-83SO or after 6 p. m. 2-81(10. 4 LARGE ROOMS AND BATH, FIRST floor front. 713 8th Ave. Dial 6301. 1121 17th AVE.—2nd FLOOR. & ROOMS and bath, electric titove. uhades. Call after S [). m. Dial 2-5707. ELIZABETH APARTMENT, 20K, BROAD Ave., 5 rooms and bath. Elevator and janitor service, all conveniences. Reasonable rent. Inspection cordially luviud. Dial 2-3673 or call at Apt. 1. Rent — Cottages FURNISHED HOUSE, ALONG TUSSEY mountain, between Loysburg and Everett \'a mile from highway. For campers an< tourists. Inquire Charles Rltchey. Wolf: Furniture Co. FURNISHED COTTAGE FOR RENT AT Ardenhelm. River front. Inquire 40< r Howard Ave. Dial 7849. ARDENHEIM — COMPLETELY FURNISH cottages. $15-20 \vk. Special season rates For inspection, Lookings see or write J. R Valentine, R. F. D. 3, Huntingdon, Pa. Rent — Miscellaneous 1913 4th ST.—STOREROOM, SUITABLE (or barber shop, beauty parlor or any kluc of business. Inquire Altoona Plate Glas Co., 725 Green Ave. Phone 8886. 303 GRANT AVE. —7 ROOMS, NEW PAPER • all conveniences. 1-car guruge. 714 4th St.—3-room apartment, bath, bl enclosed porch 712-14 4th St. —2 large storr-roomu, suit ablH for any kind of business. 122 1st Ave.—5 rooms with conveniences. Also Dili Ave. and Mtb St.—5 rooms, ' acre of ground L. R. MATHIEU & SONS. 1821 Union Ave. Dial B9U4 Rent—Miscellaneous FOR.SALE-V* ofd booths. Draft Store, •YPEWRITERS—ALL repaired and bvefna'-. and supplies f ° f J ve!fy ^ 1827 ilth ~A~fe. FREDERICK ranmnft^- chine, in good condition. I, 21 neater open model. Ave. WHITE MARBLE TOP 29W Inches. Suitable for or restaurant. Dial 7003. Sale—Homes 22 E. 4th AVE.—FRAME HOUSE, 7 rooms, bath. Fine condition. All modern mprovements. Finished thlrtr Hoof, mate oof, 2-car garage. Lot 28x120. Street, ai- ey paved. Bargain for someone at $8,000. "•hone 2-3606. -ROOM HOUSE, ALL CONVENIENCES, Onlv 5 vears old, hardwood floors down- tal?sf buff?-" bath tub. $6.500. Inquire 010 24th Ave. No phone calls. • HEYWOOD WAKEFIELD 8TR& good condition. Reasonable. 21st Ave. PORdh CHAIRS RESEATED — fcUStt style chair seating, chair caning of Ml kinds. Also rag rug and carpet weaving. Work called for and delivered. Weaving Works, 2119 6th Ave. Dial 2-8813. ; HOME IN COLUMBIA PARK DISTRICT, 6 rooms, tile bath, cement Cellar. 2-car garage. $8,500; $500 cash. Call 9023 be- ween 6 and 7 p. m. 910 BOULEVARD. JUNIATA — 6-ROOM house with finished floors, all modern con- •enlcnces. Inquire above address. HILLSIDE AVE., ELDORADO—2 MODERN homes of 6 and 7 rooms, with 1 or more acres of land. These properties have been reduced to sell quickly. See owner at W. W. Schum's, 660 B8th St., or phone 3-1842. Sale—Horses and Cattle Mf^ ^yvxxx^^/^/^^^/^/W^«*^/^^^^V^«*^^S»*^^VV^ YOUNG FRESH HOLSTElN. INQUIfcB OF H. E. snowberger, phono Rural 936-R3, HOWARD AVE., 113 6 rooms and bath. 2-car garage. Lot 25x 20. Avenue and alley paved. Price $3,800 HOWARD J. DASR, 1118 14th St. Dial 2-3188. SIX ROOM BUNGALOW, 1 ACRE OF ground or more If desired, spring water. Good roads. Five minutes' drive from Eldorado, C. E. Rupd, Canan Station. I 2% STORY, MODERN BRICK HOME. Practically new, all conveniences, lawn and shrubbery. Lot 40x120. Owner leaving city. 1804 2nd Ave. FOR SALE OR TRADE 3-famlly apartment house, corner location. Income $105 monthly. Will sell reasonable or will trade on a home. J. J. Kabella, 709 Garber St., Hollldaysburg. Phone 1972. 5118 Broad Ave. Extension •6-room dwelling, conveniences, cemented cellar, lot 32x120 ft. Only $3,300. T. CHESTER PARSONS 1107 12th Ave. Phone 2-5102. SPECIAL 6-room frame dwelling, 408 20th St., containing heat, bath, gas and electric light. Front and rear porches. Price $2,700; terms can be arranged. C. D. BLOOM Realtor—Insurance, . 1311 12th St. Phone 2-2383. '$200 CASH Balance $35 monthly, buys 7-room home with hot water heat and bath, at 227 E. 5th Ave. Newly papered and painted. Price $3,700. Possession at once. Realtor—Insurance, Commerce Bldg. Phone 2-0313. -Brick Home Residential district, 2601 Dysart Ave. 6 and finished attic. Very modern. All Imps.; juest closet, 2 mirrored doors, fireplace, jullt-ln bookcases, china closet. Garage. Ave. and alley paved. 2 fine maples, hedge; screens, shades, linoleum. Only $7,800; $2,000 cash, bal. 1st Mtg. For inspection, Ed. Seidel, Realtor Sale — Lots CEMETERY LOT IN ROSE HILL CEME tery, Section R, lot No. 300. Inquire 814 5th Ave. Phone 2-4287. LARGE LOT IN EAST JUNIATA. WILL sell on easy payment plan, if sold soon. Phone 2-2608. HOLLIDAYSBURG LOTS * 510-12-14 Garber Street Three—44x153 ft, lots. Good location, line homes being built all around. Price on request. MORGAN-MARTIN CO. Central Trust Bldg. CALVERT HILLS Don't buy a vacant lot anywhere until you have driven over the paved streets and inspected i CALVERT HILLS Office 1115 lltli St. Sale — Farms SMALL FARM OP 9 ACRES, LOCATUD ON Buulihorn road, 1 'mile trom Altoiinu. 8 room house, buth, electric llflit, spring water in house. 2-car garage, chicken liouues, all necessary outbuildings. Some hearliu fruit trees. Price very reasonable It aoh: soon. Inquire W. C. Walker, Buckhorn roud, or Dial U-B1U3. Sale — Furniture KITCHEN CABINET, KITCHEN CUP- hoard, wash stand, chandeliers, colonnade. Mrs. Homer Grove, 1820 Sharp Ave. Dial 2-9549. WOLF FURNITURE CO., 1501 llth AVE. OFFERS China Closet $18.00 Moore's Combination Range $61.51 Dresaer $18.00 3 PC. Reed Suite $25.00 FOR SALE—1 CHINA CLOSET. INQUIRE 513 Park Ave., Wehnwood. Phone 4877. FOR SALE—LIVING ROOM SUITE, BED room suite. Leaving city. ' Apply ut once 2421 8th AVK. Dial 2-2900. business and Office Needs vXVXS/ p ^'^X^XS/>^NXS l *^XNi'^w^^X/N-'NXS/>XXX\XXXVii^i' s SHOW CASES—ALL SIZES Two 12 loot, 2nd nanu. l>'rigldalre soda Fountains Soda Tables and Chairs. Just what you need If you are starting In business. Windshield and Uooi Ulost installed. \LTOONA PLATE GLASS CO. 'ENINSULAR PIPELESS condition. Cheap tb quick .618 14th Av«. Phone •8486. LARGE PORCH SWING, 2 acTm1n«.%. S11 D S ,a, «. "^1^^ on Ave. . ' inrfiiHriln >l .00 LB. REFRIGERATOR, $1B; »•*•"?:;; dining table, $2. In A-l condition. 122 th Ave., Jun. Dial 2-0964. All the Lumber Stock of FLUKE CO., Inc., FOR SALE AT 33%% OFF COST ^ Inquire.At Yard 2605 Beale Ave. Dial 3-9183 •OR SALE—FRESH HOLSTEfN COW. fourth calf. Inquire Smith Brothew, H mile south of Hollldaysburg, on Bedford Co. pike. Phono 905-R4, Hollldaysburg. Poultry — Feed SO SINGLE COMB WHITE LEGHORN cockerels, Gasson strain, 10 weeks old, sired by Individual pedigreed cockerels, mtched from 245 to 303, officially approved, record of performance egg dams. Inquire at 423 21st Ave. after 6 p. m. any day. R. 3. Moran. HVNICK'S QUALITY BABY CHICKS Wyandottes, Rocks, Reds, Leghorns, Ancons. Custom hatching In trays of 75 and up. HYNICK HATCHERY, 322 E. Grant Ave. Dial 4343. i EHRINGER'S QUALITY CHICKS, BARBED and White Rocks, White Wyandottes, Red and English Leghorns. Hatch off every Monday and Thursday. 120 E. 8th Ave. Dlnl 2-2917 or 3-9409. Seeds — Gardening: BEST TOP SOIL FOR GARDENS AND lawns. Dial 2-4242. W. S. Counsnian. FOR SALE—BEDDING FLOWERS, QER- aniums, Petunias, vines, lOc each; also Pansles, 50c doz. Stadler'S Hot House, 607 1st Ave. Dial 2-0948. Coal VX/^V^^, GWIN COAL CO.—GWIN 3PECBTL. MU<- ler and Madison coal at attractive prices. 1911 Margaret Ave. Phone 20404 or 6623. ' 730 4th aTPE ° PLE ' S PNH) 2-7777. HARD COAL, EGG, STOVE. NUT... .J11.75 PEA COAL 1-9.75 MADISON LUMP, EGG PREPARED. .$.4.00 MILLER RUSTY LUMP, DYSART. .$ 3.75 COLLECT ON DELIVER!. TELEPHONE 2-3501 OR 2-0818. . 1 OR MORE TONS. v HARD COAL, NUT SIZE J12.00 MADISON SCREENED LUMP .$4.00 MADISON EGO AND NUT S4.00 DRIVER COLLECTS IN ALL CASES, SERVICE FUEL CO. Burn PAGE COAL For Economy, Warmth and Health Demand Our Woighbill G. F. Eichenlaub Coal Co. Dial 9-5210 McGuire Coal Co. McGuire Special and All Grades Of Coal 915 10th Street IMione 6378 Money To Loan TO LOAN ON IMPROVED PROP- erty In amounts to suit borrowers. O. Nevln Dlvcly, 1321 llth Ave. , $1,000-510,000 TO LOAN ON FIRST MORT- gugo. Inquire Lloyd A. Smith. Walun Bldb'.. HollldaysburB, , . • LOANS TO J300. HOUSEHOLD GOODS A3 security. Legal rules. Altoona Loan Assn.. 204 Central Trust Bldg. Phone 6663. MONEY TO LOAN . $5,700—on Improved property in amount* to suit borrower—•$»,700. WALTER J. HENRY, Commerce Bldg. Phone 6200, NEED MONEV QUICKLY? Cash Loans up to $300 24 Hour Service Small Monthly Repayments Vou'll be sunirlueU how easily a loan can b» arranged. Our friendly and courteous gerv- leu has helped many when they needed money (illicitly. Come In, 'phone or writ* [or full Information. There la no obligation. Benefical Loan Society Room 1, Second Kloor. 1300 Eleventh Ave. t> Cor. 13th St., Altoona, Pa. Telephone Ulai 2-4U70. Open 8.30 to 6—Saturday, 8.30 to 1. MONEY TO LOAN I have $3,000 or $3,500 to loan on First Mortgage on Altoona improved Real Estate. Can place samo at once. JOHN S. SEEDS 1 1115 Eleventh St. 725 Green Ave. Dial tiatiU or Z-73110 Musical Instruments PALMER 1 J LAYER I J IANO, J100.00 Mahogany cuse and bench. 25 rolls. Uoud condition. WEAVER FACTORY.- SHOWROOM, 1620-22 Eleventh Ave. Mortgage Loans i'lut or Monthly L. Win. Borland Kvultur—limuruiicu Union Hunk lildg. Dial 2-7U29. Business Opportunities l''OR BALK OR KKNT—ONLX GENERAL, merchandise store In town of 1,600. Not much canl) needed. Writu iUliU-L. Mirror. RESTAURANT, 812 17th ST.—INCOME from J20 to $2f, per day. Small rent. Will Bell cheap. Inquire 812 17th St. $35,000 WOKTH OF JEWELRX STORE equipment, lufludlnu 1 5UO ocj, It of French plate glass; Ideally located pool room, ness, will either stll or exchange above bujjlneBBCu for anything. When you want to buy anything, bee Canolo and Hell, 2918 UUl Av«.

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