Independent from Long Beach, California on March 12, 1966 · Page 4
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 4

Long Beach, California
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Saturday, March 12, 1966
Page 4
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A-4-- INDEPENDENT l(it« tfldi, ClHI, )·(., Mircl II. mi Students Jam Hall to Hear About U. Drug Expert Tells of Perils --SUM Phlll tt TOM SHAW LESLIE O. McMFLLIN ... Users 'Lack Guts) :;/ .By BEN ZINSER M«*c*l-S4tne* ^tftar , in a police station ' an "acid head"--a user of the drug LSD--craftily dropped a sugar cube of LSD in a ·police officer's cup of coffee. But the person w h o ' d r a n k the coffee was a 13- year-old boy, the officer's son who was visiting the station on a Saturday. Upshot: three -weeks-, of hospitalizalion for-the hoy, and then two months of. intensive psychiatric treatment- for.what had been a terrifying experience: The story was related Friday at Long Beach State College by Leslie O. McMillin, deputy director, of the Los Angeles' office of the U.. S.V-Fp'od and Drug Ad-'ministration.;- » . ,'.-.. · The 'hallucinating ;'com- : pound LSD is a dangerous Namesake Ship Ijfeads forL.B* irt ·r . -.' : ' . ' · - · · · · ' ' . · · drug, he lold more t h a n 450 students. Campus observers said it was the best attended noon lecture in the history of the college. Students jammed · the hack of the hall, blocked exits, lined the aisles and even sat on the floor.- . , · · McMillin said adverse reactions to the drug have caused an increase in hospital admissions. He said 10 to 15%: of ad- imissions to the UCEA Neii- : ropsych|atric Institute are a result of USD reactions. "Some of these patients are now mentally unbalanced," McMillin said. '. He specifically cited the : 'c'ase of a freshman student who''has been trying to kill himself for the past three 'weeks''in a'hospital. · "Not'a day goes by that :we -don't' get at'least one call an adverse r e a c t i o n to LSD," the speaker : said. ' He .charged that the drug was being "pushed" solely for profit. · "One 'gram costs $140, b.ut 10,000 doses can be made f r o m ' t h a t amount," he said. He said the drug is being b o o t l e g g e d from other countries and that impure "bathroom" varieties are being made .by amateur chemists. "The drug is not only deadly in its own right but dangerous from 'the standpoint of impurities that may be found in that being sold here." : In the .United ;States the drug can be sold legally only to qualified scientific investigators w h o k e e p * * * . meticulous records, he said. McMillin called many LSD users "the mushroom people--the type that jump on every new bandwagon for kicks." . "Some have said these are people who primarily lack guts to face' life," he said. Misuse of the drug is ruining lives, he continued. There are many reports of suicide resulting from use of the drug, he said. Police o f f i c e r s don't know whether to book * * * Inem or to send them (o a hospital. Sale and possession of LSD are illegal, but using the drug is not, he said. "Bill no law will, eliminate' (he problem," he admitted. Symptoms such as hallucinations m a y r e c u r m o n t h s after use, he warned. "I know of one case where the user was seen eating the bark off a trie and the grass on a park lawn," McMillin said. * * * LSD Glossary Acid -- LSD,' also known as LSD-25, d- lyseric acid and lysergic acid diethylamide., .Trip -- An experience with LSD. On -- You're "on" when LSD is in your system. Freakout--A "hum trip"--that is a temporary bad experience, a "scary time." Groovy -- A partic- u l a r l y exhilarating LSD experience. . Straight--A', person who doesn't use LSD. * * * Acid Heads Admit Escapism "You straights will never understand's like to~ be on. To take the trip, that is. When you've had the ncid, and there's no freak- out, it's groovy sometimes. You're hipped to the whole universe." By BUCK LANIER Navil Alfiln 'Mperltr AT SEA ABOARD THE USS LONG BEACH--Some sailors in this nuclear-powered cruiser have responded lo 35-mph wind and 12-15 foot swells hy deciding to re-enlist. This happened while the ship was being buffeted off · the gulf of Tehuaritepec some 1,800 miles from Long Beach l off Mexico's southwest coast. For two of them it * * * will mean a bonus'in excess'of $5,000. They are Oscar Harnple of Tyrone, Pa.,'and Larry DU- Bois of Hartford City/ Ind^ Both are fire control rnissile technicians third class--listed as a critical rate. ' ; ' · ' ' * * # ' * ' A LONG BEACH resident' is re-enlisting, too. tie is.'Gunner's Mate Missile Chief Miles Beaver, 2411 K. Fifih 'St.,,'a 151/2-year veteran.. Beaver and Lawfeijce P. ' * * ·*'.-. USS Long Beach Housing Drive On Community'leaders- began a concentrated search F'riday for housing' to accommodate 75 : Navy;famJIies who will move here,next week and shortly^ thereafter as the USS Long Beach settles into her new-home port Meeting at City Hall, the official welcoming committee for the ship made Melvin L. Mould chairman of a volunteer group to direct th'e.nous- ing campaign. Mould, former president of the Long Beach D-l s t r i c t Board of Realtors, said the Park Beauty His Job for I 28 Years The man who has kept Recreation Park trim and green for the last 25 years, Hugh . Easton, retired Friday after 37J/4 years service with (he City Park Department. City Manager John R. Mansell, other officials and coworkers honored him at a farewell party, with gifts and testimonials, at the department's maintenance yard. He and his wife, Muriel, plan to sail April 8 for a five-week tour of the Orient and South Pacific. Easfon has worked at Ihe 26J - sere East Long Beach park for 35 years, first as a laborer and since 1941 as gardener in charge. His most trying days on the. job, he said, occurred immediately after the 133^ earthquake when the park became a rampsile for the homeless and for Wilson High Schoo: classes. He h e l p e d develop the sunken g a r d e n a t Seventh Street, and Federation Drive nne of the park's show places 3oard will assign member: :o greet t h e newly arrivet r amilies and help them ge permanently e s t a b l i s h e c nere. * * » * OWNERS of rental apart menls and houses were in vited to assist by identifyini themselves a n d their prop erties. They m a y telephon GE 0-7561 or HA 5-7496, o appear in person at th hoard's office, 3747 l i o n Beach B l v d . Four-bedroom units are particularly needet but there are also takers fo smaller units. The committee, 11 n d e c h a i r m a n s h i p of B. 1 (Bunny) O'Hare, also com pleted details for a noisy an prolonged welcome lo th ship itself and its officer and crew. T h e o f f i c i a l wclcomin party, headed by Mayor F. win W. Wade and city coun cilmen, will assemble a 10:25 a.m. Tuesday at Pi E to board the vessel for th opening ceremonies. The sli is scheduled lo arrive off th outer breakwater at R a.m. * * « * OTHER THAN Ihe nffici party, visitors won't he a towed on board immediate! but there will be open lion events for everyone fro 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. the wee ends of March 19-20 an March 26-27. Committee members su gested that the best place view the arrival of the sh Tuesday is f r o m Pierpoi Landing on Pier A. rdan, ; 20,.of 345 :E. 61 si St., e the only Long Beach.per- nnel aboard. Jordan . i s a aduate- of- Jordan High chool and'is a;machinists' a t e third, . - ' ' . ; ' ' Capt. Frank H. Price. Jr. ook a walk" off the bridge ednesday night and Thursay. afternoon to check the hip's .condition from bow to ntail. He did not give an Ivance warning, cither. "We're coming along, but ,'ere-is stilt plenty to' do be- ire our arrival Tuesday," he So far, there have been two eneral quarters sounded to est battle readiness of this uclear cruiser, Security regulations jrced with grim .apt. .Robert Himmerich's 39- mari'Marine detachment. THERE ARE many areas of iis ship out of bounds to all lit security-cleared or nu- lear-trained personnel. "We still will be able to how the ship to the public n its best light on the two pen-house weekends," Capt. 'rice said, "but there are ome areas that cannot be ipened up. These restrictions re imposed by higher author- 2nd Man Held in Gas osion Detectives were questioning : Friday-a San Diego Navy man as the' second suspect in the $400,0'00 gas explosion at the Cabrillo naval housing project:- last Sunday, blamed by investigators on careless burglars. - .John H. Eblen, 24, a fireman aboard .the USS Mataco, was ^returned to Long Beach after his a r r e s t Thursday night:at the San Diego Navy Base.;. ,... ,......,.- Some of them wore their hair long, .with beards--and they lingered. in a group after the lecture about the evils of LSD. They were self-admitted "acid heads," and to them, the speaker, a government official, was a "straight"-a person who never has used LSD, the hallucinating drug. "You see that-crowd we had here today?" one asked. "Ha! There were only six or so people here for the .Peace Corps lecture." "I'm 21 years old and a student here and' I've had the trip--taken ISD--four times," another said. What does LSD do for him? "An awareness of cosmic oneness," he. said. "It's be- ing a part of nature., H raises the ' l e v e l · of ^consciousness." - . ' ' · ' . ..'--'· · . "I'm 20 years .old and I've had the trip :'seveh times," a n o t h e f 'said. : "You see yourself-as you ; f eally are. You're hipjied. to the whole universe..' 1 ." '".' : · ' . . . . · "For a'while, .you escape f r o m - : gameplaying. Y o u walk in the woods." · Users reported that they .pay $5 .up::fof a'dnse of LSD. A trip 1 --an' experience . --lasts about' 12 hours/- ' "You-shouldn't 'take' it when alone,'. 1 one said. 'You should be with someone you; love." ; ' · ' . . ' : Like your parents?. " '· · "Why sure; That's a good- ideal".- ··'.-.'. : · . :' .: . - .; A 24-year-old art major who has taken the trip eight times: "I can't paint any better, hut my sensitivity to color is heightened. It is an ; esthetic experience. 1 can see; more things in my world.-" '-.Said another: :'·· .-.''I'd; say 10% of this : campus has tried LSD at one time or another." thing about nuclear ty." One xnver, though, there is no vorry about the point of no eturn on a long voyage. BAD ODDS Editor in Mobil Economy Run 1, P-T Motor Spnrls Editor Bruce Young will have all the odds against him when he drives Detroit's most powerful car- in the 21st Mobil Economy Run, which starls Monday from the Ambassador :Hotel. Bruce will be behind the wheel of a 1966 Plymouth Satellite, which is powered hy a 426-cubic-inch street hemi, and will be entered in the luxury-car class. The Plymouth hemi engine puts out 425 : horsepower and averages about eight miles to the gallon. Bob Fendel of the New York World Telegram and The Sun will he Young's codriver for the trip, which begins at 6 a.m. Monday. The run will be started by noted local promoter J.C. Agajanian and will end Sunday in Boston. Bob G.-Anderson,. 32, of 1631 W. Pacific Coast Hwy., was arrested earlier; in the week and arraigned Friday on two counts of burglary. * * * * POLICE suspect the pair of taking a ,$150 kitchen range from an apartment building under construction near River Avenue and 20th Street last Saturday night. A refrigerator had been taken earlier. Whoever t o o k the stove failed to cap its gas line anc accumulating fumes reach'ec a. hot water heater pilot ligh'l about 12 hours later, blasting one apartment to splinters and severely damaging many others. Detective Harmond said Eblen admittet having helped Anderson move kitchen stove fo the home of a woman friend last week Sgt. Charles J end, but denied helping sfea HARMOND quoted Ehlen as saying Anderson told him le had "borrowed the stove." Anderson is being held in ten of $3,850 bail and Eblen' bond was set at $2,750. The Sunday morning explo sion rocked much of Lon Beach hut caused no fires be cause a passerby immediate! turned off the gas in the unii r«A. Average Factor Gross weekly pay of man ufacturing workers in th greater Los Angeles area in creased an average $5 to $12 in January as compared wit Ihe same month a year agi according to the Californ 1 Stale Department of Indu trial Relations, but $4 of th increase was wiped out b higher cost of living and in creased Social Security laxe Flames Gut Gaylord St. Auto Shop Fire which started when a mall heater overturned am ;nited volatile fumes quickly ngulfed an automobile equip ment shop Friday night, do ng more than $30,000 dam e. A u t o Crat Performanc Center housed in a four-uni ndustrial building at 214 Gaylord St. was gutted b; he fire reported at 5:30 p.m 'hree adjoining shops wer nly slightly damaged. Battalion Chief John Monl ;omery said one of the firm' mployes was working at In iack of the building whe he heater -- used, to dry uto parts -- was knocke iver, touching off the bl * : * * *. RICHARD Pleschncr, own er of the shop, and two em iloyes battled the- flames a neighbor called firemen. A 30-gallon drum of carbu retor cleaner, a container i ;asoline and cardboard aut motive pans boxes fed th ila?,e; Flames were shootin through the roof of the fram and-stucco structure w h e firemen arrived. There was -no immedia estimate of damage to tl building, owned by James Halby, .but Pleschner said had $30,000 invested in th business. That included se eral high-powered engine accessories and chromed ra ing wheels, all badly dam aged. "It's gone -- it's junk Pleschner moaned, s i t t i n down on a curb and buryin his face in his hands as fir men swarmed over the smo ing ruins. -- SliH Phlli H JOE RISIHGEK . . .. . . . FIRST PUPIL in rerhedial-teaching^program for neurologically handicapped, Tim Trollen works under guidance of-Dr. Kenneth Z. Zike, chief of pediatrics at Harbor General Hospital,; and teacher, Mrs. Margaret Bozanich. Neuroldgically Handicapped to Have School in Hospital Timothy Trollen, 7, goes to school in a hospital. But, as a famous umpire once said, you can't beat the hours. Tim's classes are only one hour long, and he attends only two days a week. And then he can go home--to 1146 W, 21st St., San Pedro. Tim, son of Mr. and Mrs. Martin E. Trollen Jr., is a neurologically handicapped child and - the first outpatient pupil in a new program at Harbor General Hospital, Torrance. . Tim's classes are intentionally kept brief, because this type ,of pupil has a very short attention span. His teacher, Mrs. Margaret R. Bo/anich, explains t h a t teaching procedures are purposely short and varied so t h a t the pupil's interest can be recaptured. She teaches Tim in the pediatrics ward at Harbor. Dr. K e n n e t h Z. Zike, chief of pediatrics at the hospital, says that the neu- r o l o g i c a l l y handicapped child has normal intelli- gence and no physical handicaps--but learning is d i f - ficult. "These patients are very hyperactive and impulsive and have a short attention span'," he says. In addition, they shnw an inability to conform lo a routine, he continues. When they rock the bed, they do so excessively. They a?e either afraid or completely unafraid of height. They may be left-eyed and right- handed, or vice versa. They have difficulty in reading. Dr. Zike terms the new program a true outpatient therapeutic classroom. "We can observe the effect of medication on th« child, for nne thing," he says. Prognosis for many of thfi neurologically handicapped is promising, he says. "Some go to college," he says. "I know one who he- came a mathematics professor. But he never did. master foreign language." State Gets 101% of Profit in Oil Pact I, P-T Slafl Bir.lir .SACRAMF,NTO--A new oil i l h e stale 101% of the produc- million of oil revenue. AH ( h e B e a c h shoreline near Orange County line. (he How can any oil firm offer Slate Controller Alan Cran- contract off Long Reach's Alamitos Beach will yield t h e iripM to tap the oil? slate J11% of Ihe profits -believed to be the most lucrative oil-profits deal in petroleum history. This was revealed Friday when the State Lands Commission ratified a 35-year pro- rfuction agreement with Atlantic. R e f i n i n g Co., covering 2,200 acres off the L o n g lion profits merely for the "Alamilos" profits flow di- ston, commission chairman, speculated that the bid w a s pegged high because Atlantic needs a h a n d y guaranteed supply of crude oil for a refinery it operates in Ihe area. Presumably, potential marketing profits j u s t i f y the deal. A t l a n t i c , merged recently w i t h Richfield, which made the original bid, is expected to provide the stale with $71 rectly to Sacramento as none of the Alamitos Bay parcel ever was granted lo the city of Long Beach. In the adjacent East Wilmington a n d Wilmington fields, 15% of the public profits are earmarked for Long Beach shoreline-trust projects. For production efficiency and l a n d - sinkase control, however, Ilie Alamitos Bay parcel is lo he developer! in connection with multibillion- dollar East Wilmington field now being readied for produc- on. Some ownership parcels in E a s t Wilmington went f o r 100% bids. In another action, the commission unanimously voted to modify an original ban on strictly-huy-Amcrican bidding for purchase orders. T h e commission recommended purchasing from domestic producers $400,000 in domestic pipe for submarine lines between the islands in he East Wilmington offshore field. Foreign pipe would have 3een more economical, but commission staff recommended domestic purchase due to 'health and safety hazards from harbor submarine pipe line installations." It would he easier to obtain replacements and service in emergencies f r o m domestic firms, argued t h e - s l a f f . I.I. Gov. Glenn M. Ander son, noting that (h« domestic pipe probably will cost $40, 000 more than foreign pipe Braised the policy of spend ng ah additional $40,000 "a insurance t o p r o t e c t t h beaches." Competitive bidding-ropen ing Ihe door to both foreig: and domestic suppliers--is t apply on other pipe-purchas orders. The "submarine pipe line" purchase represents on about 1% of the estimate $40 million that will be spnn uMimalely on well casing, pip and tubing. L.B. SPLIT-RUN An Old Trouper Quits the Scene By RALPH HINMAN JR. They pronounced it "VAUD-vil" or "VAUDA-vill" In those long-gone pre-motion picture days when Frank Dielte was one-night-standing it through New England and eastern Canada. It was hard work, however pronounced, with hopeful troupers pointing toward "playing the Palace" or making the Orpheum circuit. Diette, who lived in recent years at 31 E. Sunset SI., shared the hoards with other such aspirants as young Eddie Cantor and Al Jolson, learned his trade by Following such veterans as Weber and Fields. From 1903 until 1910, Diette and his partner, an ex-bicycle racer named John Morin, billed themselves as the "European Comedy Acrobats"--for $185 a week split two ways. Exploding firecrackers were their standby as they fought toward the top. Dielte never reached the Palace but his consolation pri?.e was regular hilling in Orpheum tim?. By 1910, vaudeville was feeling a pinch from that new novelty item, the magic lantern peep show. Vaudeville was dying and its old hands began drifting into other lines--like "movies," as they were beginning to be called. Di't'.e and Morin took a flyer in yet another novel direction--the automobile that was becoming so popular in America. Diette came to Long Beach after old Henry Ford opened his assembly plant here while Morin worked in Detroit. Diette spent 30 years at Ford, mounting trim on Model Ts, As, Bs and V-8s. He was to be the first man to retire from the local factlty. · . . . - : · . ' 1 This week the ex-trouper and car assemblyman diRd nl S3. .He was buried Friday at Suhnyside Memorial Park. - . .11

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