Independent from Long Beach, California on April 3, 1962 · Page 21
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 21

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 3, 1962
Page 21
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EicHmann Wife Asks Right to Visit Him ACADEMY AWARD SWEEPSTAKES Directors of three American, one British and one Italian movies are contenders for the Academy Award for the best achievement in directing. They are J. Lee Thompson, Guns of Navarone;" Robert Rossen.."Th9 Hustler." Stanley Kramer. "Judgment at Nuremberg:" Fedcrico Fclllnl. U Dolce Vita." and Robert Wise and Jerome Robblnj, "West Side Story." Felllni, the Italian, Is the only nominee from a movie which also isn't in the running for a "best motion picture" Oscar. Fcllinl, a onetime poet and artist, a l s o directed "La Strada." "II Didone," "The Nights of Cabiria" and mole t h e s c e n a r i o for "The Miracle." SWAP ANYTHING FAS1 trough Classified ads! Dia IE 2-5959 for an ad-wrlter. JERUSALEM. Israel (UPI) Aharonot said Monday. asked for permission to visit cabinet Mr*. Eichmann Is be- mann, the newspaper Vedlot lieved to to In Argentina. TOMORROW NITE 8:30 $6500.00 JACKPOT $250.00 POSITIVE AWARDS WIN WITH MISS FORTUNE PAN/MSION" ACTION CO-HIT IN COLOR GUNSOFTHE ..,, x wm. Hddn . cmtM Wrt* I UST \ "SATAN NEVER SLEEK" I nlV / Pol Mnmux . JMM« WM«»«r ' £*I/-|UU.Y ROUND THE FLAG IOTS" I BIACK WITCH Oliiii dtHir'.llmd-- Romna trin! Thompson, a veteran British director, didn't make his first film in Hollywood unti Gtorgt HimiUon-- Yvttf* M!nu«ut ."LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA" FilmtJ in Hertnc* la Color Jomtt Cojntjf -- Hont luclioli tiny wiuifi i in.. Turn cwrtyHit · UnB| IWO| IMPERIAL] STARTS IAKEWOOD TOMORROW ·iftrs a Hammmttln't -FLOWER DRUM SONG ., RKk HUDSON ' "COME SEPTEMIER- SANDRA DEE JAMES DARREN In GIDGET "GIDGET GOES HAWAIIAN" Jamti Damn -- Diberah Wollty -- Eolk U Coler -- -- OPEN i P. M. -LAST TIMES TONIGHT 2 Acidtmy Altc GOES fJAWAItAN RUSSELL GUINNESS "MAJORITY OF ONE" "ROMAN SPRING OF MRS. STONE" CINEMASCOPE and COLOR! Long Beach Civic Light Opera OPEN 4:U ··^··-··w DtrH Dn . KKk M.dim In C«lM- "LOVER COME IACR- DrtK«» Km tMwii tl 1:11 Mir -THE INNOCENTS- · TARTS OMORRO w · Rotalmd RUSSELL -- AI.e GUINESS "MAJORITY OF ONE" Shown 1:45 Only -- COLOR Sophia LOREH -- P.l.r SELLERS "MILLIONAIRESS" Sho.n 4:50 ond 1 1:70 -- COLOR IRVING BERLIN'S TUNEFUL UUGH RIOT.' PETER USTINOV (Hit Moil U-iiqui Roll) "THE MAN WHO WAGGED HIS TAIL" SutlHI.i AN ALL-STAR CAST OF 55 KATHY DAVIS, MARVIN CLOYD APRIL 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 1 2 - 1 3 - 1 4 LONG BEACH MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (Concert Hall) $6500.00 JACKPOT TOMORROW NITE 8:30 M«ik»l turt iKhido: "Y»«t« lilt H l«»«.~ -Thi Inl Thl«f Itr YM.~ Oc*rM«". "M*rrvmg l«r Ltvf. **lri · Ltvtlv Oar TM«r . "TM H M«itn ', - Lavish Sets, Costumos and Full Orchestra ORDER NOW FOR BEST AVAILABLE SEATS MICE!) TrlUXS. ft SUN. J2 la SJJSO FRI. t J»T. tl^O tl S( HE 2-7926 OPEN NOW II TO S IOX OFFICE -- SI I E. 4TH AUO. BOX OFFICE OPENS APRIL 5 Tt*r olta kor» a drawlicj for two lit* D o d g e r \»mt gen* llclttt ««IT Six in Race for Oscar Director Honors INDFJENDENT-P«g*C.S U« ·*·* C4«l. TM», *Ktt I. IM1 CASH IS EASY to ralsa when you use Classified to sell articles. Call HE 2-5959. THOMPSON KRAMER the 1961 filming of ''Cape Fear." His other pictures In- cludo "The Yellow Balloon," "Woman In a D r e s s i n g Gown." "Flame Over India" and 'Tiger Bay." New York-bom Rosscn Is tho grandson of a rabbi and tho nephew of a Hebrew poet. Among tho pictures he directed: "Body and Soul," "All tho King's Men," "The Brave Bulls," "Alexander Great" and "They Came to Cordura." Kramer, who says provoca live pictures are his trademark, started as an $18 a week backlot studio laborer. ROSSEN ROBBLNS WISE FELLINI Since, as a producer, he has turned out "On the Beach," "Inherit the Wind," "The Defiant Ones," "So This Is New York" and "Champion." He also produced "High Noon," 'Cyrano do Bcrgcrac" and "Not as a Stranger." Co-directors Wise and Rob- has bins of "West Side Story" spent $6 million to transport tho plot of "Romeo and the Juliet" to the streets of New York for a lavish musical. Wise won an Oscar nomina tlon for "I Want to Live." Robblns staged tho play version of "West Side Story" for Broadway, the national com' ·any and for London. You can compete for prizes i the Academy Awards weepstakes by predicting ho Oscar winners. Official ntry ballot will be printed n Sunday's Independent, Press-Telegram. To help you predict Oscar vinncrs, this and other ar- ides have been appearing on Academy Award nominees. The sweepstakes Is sponsored y Long Beach theaters and The Independent, Prcss-Tcle- ;ram. Cellist ZaraNelsova and Conductor Hailed By RACHEL, MORTON Music lovers of Long Bcachjless the greatest woman cell had the opportunity of hear- 1st in the world today. She was very feminine and lovely ROCK HUDSON -- DORIS OAT *********£ ; ATLANTIC »"LOVER COME BACK"* A °"" * "BACK STREET" * u£' 0 f v IUIAN MAYWARD -- JOHN OAVIN a wonderful conductor Sunday night in the Concert Hall of the Municipal Auditorium when Paul Klctzki man's. in a scarlet satin bouffant gown but her bow arm was not feminine--strong as a conducted the Los Angeles concert which included an other fine artist, Zara Nel- sova, cellist, as soloist. With bold strokes she be- Philharmonic Orchestra in a pan the beautiful Concerto in B minor for cello and orchestra by Dvorak. There was surcncss and skill as well as Kletzki in his short stay as |ower and drama in her play- guest conductor of tho Los ing. Angeles Philharmonic already endeared himself not only to the audiences which of the Adagio the sobbinf have heard him but to thc^unc of the cello pulsatct orchestra men as well. In the with warmth and deepest IN THE GLORIOUS music three concerts I have attend' emotion. The Finale gave op cd, I have been more and portunity for brilliant tcchni more impressed by this man's|cal display and showed Mmc great gift as a conductor. BATON seems sur charged with vitality, his all embracing arms include every section of the orchestra, his body bends in graceful rhythm and his beat is clear and concise. Despite his com' manding control, his facial ex prcssions reveal a kindly man, eager to encourage and and the music he ilclsova a master of the in stmmcnt. The audience re called her enthusiastically for several bows. Tho music of "Pictures n an Exhibition" by Moussorg sky is as various and mult I colored as arc the 17 dif fcrcnt subjects it depicts Klctzki delineated vividly am magnificently all tho many facets of this trcmcndou work and the o r c h e s t r a evokes from the orchestra isiplaycd it superbly, spellbinding. | Th c overture to "Oberon 1 Madame Nclsova is doubt-|by von Weber which opcncc (the program gleamed am ·_· j glowed with new significance n under KIctzki's magic touch !, : The concert was one of the finest given this season Ir the Los Angeles Philharmoni' TBfE 1.31. U.I4. · i! : j Here arc starting times of features at Long Beach theaters r.s listed by theater managers: -Wt ««xl f* leioort." 10 n, » DO. J.C;. "Anetl V.wt Rrd.' J:3», I3J1. 3:14. -uipm r....~ 7.14, 12. M. "Bl« Country." 12:30. J:IJ. "ThmvUr Ro»l- 1 IS. 1.00. TOWNE Drvm Sanj." I 41 » 4:30. Ifl-SS. · RIVOLI -Ui»«T C«n« Bxk." 1:10. 4 SO, I.SJ. ·SOU Jtrtv 3 rc^u. ,,:£· 4:Mg JV^'S,' »!SS HZ: ··M. -let P*Kt- 1:14. 7:37, A VJ66 DRIVER GETS WM CAR SWANI.EY. England (/T) Richard L a w r e n c e , 12, opened his piggy bank, went to an auction and bought a 1034 model automobile for four pounds ($11.30). His problem now: he has to wait four years for a license to drive it, Orchestra. Ul " Blklnl Hmry,M.c. cm lost i · i/c pi IID it ii. ii» iMin.t LI. inn i. tiuxii iiii. mi mi it iiHiinei JII III LAKE ULUD III U tnltll tlllll, till Blrtk I KII4I tl Illl.n lltl. tl Irtitli || CIHI OOWNEr NOKW4U .YIHUI, Bi.iif IINll III S M t l l iitr- It Mill nil II I "111*11 HUM Illl" ··com mum. ii.t. in 4.1111 ··INI cmit-Mi'i muii" ··Itl'S llltll till" ·fDONBO IEXCH sum cm I2IU1 tut. tit mi tti. lutuu-itii mints ··« NUtiiti tr tit" lEtlFLOWE* mill «i i mi "fllHlTtlll I9II1L" "tun tr int ititt wilt!" G/IXOEN CIOVE mil TIIIIII-I WILMINGTON IIII1DA (Uillil lifii) II 4 1111 "U miici" ··Mum mi NI tuiti" ·tiiei, iiijit.».t.»i T I I mi ··INI Illl DOIT 11(111" ··linn mill" II MII101 lllllrl ll/llllll III HIM "111 IIIOCIITS" ··joumiT it im UK rum" riimouit iinififi.i. mi4iti ··OIYIL II 4 O'tieCI" ··ion ir iiiotuti" suioom III ». nitiniiM uti ··linn it mi iiui" ··tHI 1011 KOI SUVVIIt" I H I I T U I rtlinill 11114 I I I . I I I I "IIIOII II HI II««I" · "III Illlllll" L flKELUOOD H* 5 2530 tin i cii OPEN «:ll-r*EE PAKIN9 ENDS TONIGHT "Premature Burial" 'Guns of Black Witch' »*fl) fttmtt I, Ctltr STARTS TOMORROW HETKOCOLOR Illl llllllll ART *+*·*·***+« "THE KING I" Shewn OKI OM it »:J1 P-M"CAROUSEL" tlmn Onct Onl» t J:ll P.M. )**·!·* «4**« * OPEN I J 6:30 * * L«T DAY J '»****+**** · LIKCOLN (IDS Ilium! I WMHIR Lincoln w. el ··lutmmtp i- I «,,,,, w . o) Knot! tut°l won" Bcich BI.4. 1A T-222) I.,}"/ i fi'.'uo VI 7-3551 UBS TOIUHII ··I.I. lUIII" lOCl" Ml Fin C1IIOID ·-- -· tNOJ TODAY AT RIVOLI "LOVER COME BACK" ALL "BACK STREET" COLOR STARTS TOMORROW! ^macchm tllOS TONIGHT AT CIBClt "BIG COUNTRY" -- COLOR "THUNDER ROAD" STARTS TOMORROW! · WIDREYHIPBUIiN UMISEMR -THE.; CHILDREN'S HOUR MRS. STONE VIVICN LtlOM WJRK1N IHATTV ***** ENDS TONIGHTI UIIKItl "UTII · 1(11 mm- "iiui mui fill 1111" "FIIVITUIII IUIIU" "tun ir HICI imcpr STARTS TOMORROW! BOTH FEATURES AT BOTH THEATRES! OAHORADCB (?'|A (*5 JAMU DARRU4 Ik?' »' »;· A art neerxnoH W.-/V ^T, [NOt TONIGHT AT 10NO 1CACH "CHILDREN'S HOUR" "GOD'S LITTLE ACRE" STARTS TOMORROW! ~CINtMASCOPe«METROCOLOR rtus CO-HITI '·THE RISK" STATE "III COUIIII" "IHUIIII 1010" ENDS TONIGHTI - - ;TOWNE 1 LOS ALTOS "ttlll SIKIHIII" "lii il link Wild" DAILY DOUBl* HARNESS RACING SANTA ANITA Season Ends Saturdayt 9 races dally.Tuosday thru Saturday First Race 1:30 p.m. 'ffHint»d ty V/iittrn HtrniH fitefna AtutltVen. - OrtNALlNIOHI »tmW**T · AMWWUIIPHT "NIGHT PASSAGE" "ANGEL WORE RED 1 'MTANrjTHifcOt PA LACE HI N PINI «Vt PHONI HI ·«» -ici fAUcr "HICH SII1IA" -JkMt-.rt tt HtOclM STARTS TOMORROW! THE DAY THE EARTH THE PICTURE THAT GIVES YOU A FRONT SEAT TO THE MOST JOLTING EVENTS OF TOMORROW..J0WI7 2ND "ACTION FEATURE!

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