Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 10, 1972 · Page 37
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 37

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 10, 1972
Page 37
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Sell Outgrown .School Clothing, Bikes^ Supplies Thru TIMES Classifieds! 45-A249-. A^K FOP ri AQCinpn · IF YOU OFF^R A S SERVICE, THEM'S Nb BETTER WAY TO ADVERTISE it'fHAN r«l! v^o//MO AQl«f FOP n A to^^--AON rUK LLAbblrlhl) E E C O . . ! A T LESS THAN M C 'A DAYI Call AAZ-o2A2--AON rUK L-LAo Titties* Classified Ads Dial 442-6242 Dally, ^...JiQO to 4iOO Saturday 8iOO to I!i30 steed MatHttMl WMW c, 18 Words \3doyt.. ,11 I day... fJL Of\ O^att i «4O.OJ O3£ ,$3.78 '21* $1.44 8* Abov. ar« the Ca*h DOcomrt rate* »ou will ncelr* by or- dertni jrour Ad tt The THUS or by loMerfiii! JrowiA Phone and paying for it '·tt^'aSS^fl.? lO^di F(r7le«t t ,r«anj3t»jtiv« 'full da- act I pt Ion and «t art i your ad (or · days. You mty cane*] your ad when nsrulta «n obtained. You'll only be'charod for Uw nctuaj number of day* til* id fan, ' ' , PLEASE be rare to check jrottr Kac« TOU», oa that* aneoUl Hat rat«n (MlnGnum S Unea) t uncaj dally for ona mo 'ltoea for II coniecutlve day* ·.,. ., ; ! line* for 11 eonaecutlva :nate«'fo'r"ad'Jiaonai 'line* on requwt) ,-SERVICB DIRECT^HY-Minimum's llnaa dally for ONE MONTH . ONLY 112.25 (Each additional line, 1h« «r«t da made'jon tfie appearance only, ttona' made alter plred. 1 day o! WU1 bo of!the tint No .d I ThU newspaper reiervc* t h · : right to'edit, reject and Drop. erly cla«ify all ad*. Card of Thanki - »250 (Over CO word*, 80 per word) DEADLINES! , Cidialfled adi are accepted until 4 p r n on the day before publication and until 11 JO am. Saturday tor .Monday publlca- ClaMlfled DUplay Adverting Deadlln« 2 daya before publication. T WA1TIUHWI, - Cr 11 r or p*il llmf OI/DKII: Udy ;io : l!j'f"in'Bhd'c«r«,'lpr'a «nr old boy. /loom, botrd, *i|ar. Call 50-21S7 Wlnltll« t 0««nl«nd Tnif* «i i i 10-H»lp WaHUd- 25-Hom» N»»d»-ror Sal* Truck ly ,X CARPET , . HOtt, ENDS map* Tweed r AHliUnl. Home ferred Bwdj h«n4wrUUn / Wnencn to t»)c X.JI e/ po»lllon, »ood lyj required, .Borne knowledo helpful (C«ll 87S-iiy \' Mil Urn* (Unlvenlty ·plS«, ihorthanil. ikllli ,_ . Shut ll'xlf .. . , Burnbhed Gold : Shag U x l f , , i · Holland Blue Shag ' n'xli' ,, ftpahlfth Gold I2'xl7' . Jonnuil Skat $1930 $80.00 $80.50 .'i ,b«He«plnii ' ; " ooox needed, Breakfast and dinner New al«ondlllo«d 'kluten iriiw..'412-7123 INTpRESTED ^ A NURSE AIDE?, We.are belnnln a « wwk'clau for nurfe Md; tralulnjt'Aucuai 23, 1972'-Ap?Iicjmt* thould be'mature- minded :lndivitiu«lf j Who can-work full time, weekends and practically any ahm IVftlnirik, weffea^wtth an Increase at the'ena'df tratninff. Excellent beneflU. .Contact personnel orflce. Wuhlnjlon General Hoipi- al.j Faj'etteville , ' An Equal Opportunity; Employer, i TV PART. TIKE"!ielp,: IS or over. Apply In. person ;bclw«en 2-5 p.m.* (Minute -?rfan; B23 N.-OoIlpee. PAnt TIMB Drive In help needed,. 18 or over, apply a tier, 8:M! : 'Trl-City Drlve-Tn. CLASSIFIED INDEX CARD, OF. THANK* , EN MKMQRJAMV i 1--ANNOUMGKMINT* 2--COMING IVIMTS 1--Corning Events RUMMAOB BJlo W38 Neltleshlp, olt Ra zorblcV: lloail CloihlnB, ill sliea, rnlsc Horns, some furniture. Bierylhlnz cheap Thurwlay, 'Friday. , 4--SCHOOLS INITHUCTIONI S--LOST FOUND a-^TRANIPOItTATIOH : 7--BUIINKSS OPrORTUHITIII a--MONEY TO LOAN S--SALMPIRMNS WANTED 10--HELP WANTED ' It--SI T U AT 10 NS WANTED 1C--SERVICES OFFERED 17--BOATS MARINE SUPPLIES It--CAMPlNO SPORTING . GOODS" ' i , ll-RECREATION «t RESORTS 20--MOTORCYCLES Jl-^AUTOMOTIVE--FOR SALC U-^MAOHINERY FARM EQUIPMENT 21--LIVUTOCK -- FOR S*,LB 24-- DOeS, CATS t, PETS ' 2S--HOME NEEDS - FOR SAL! 2*--FOR SALE-. MISCELLANEOUS 27--MUSICAL -MERCHANDISE 29-ANTIO.UES -- FOR SALE 2»--FOR SALE'OR TRADE 30_WANTEDTO BUY 31--WANTED TO TRADE 32--FOR SALE OR RENT 31--ROOMS FOR RENT M-APARTMENTS; FOR .MINT JS-- DUPLEX FOR RENT 1C--HOUSE* FOR RENT. 17--MOBILE HOMES · SPACES FOR RENT 31--MOBILE HOMES-IFOR SAL! 19--OFFICE SPACE, . BUILDINGS FOR RENT 10--FOR.RINT.OR LEASE 41--FOR-RENT-- . MISCELLANEOUS/ ' · . t 42--WANTED TO RENT , · OR: LEASE ^ ^ ' 43--REAL ; (STATE--WANTED 44--REAL ESTATE-;SALK OR TRADE 45--LOTS FOR SALE 4»-- FARMS ACREAGES 47-REAL ESTATE-FOR SAL! LEO.AL NOTICES FOUR-''Tamil/1 yard" sale,"Friday·. and Sslurdoy, Aug. liiv 12, 8-5. 731' Wopkej., OJI Qty. Park. J f vggnse t ' sheets, electrical apnlhincM klldicn (lemj Jewelry, nice clothing and Interesting Items NUK8EEIY School '.woriter 'needed, .Apply, nt Terry VlllaKe 1 Kuwerj',' 220^ Buchanan "' Near Vnlv/rally ]MftBpI|lTBiOptnlh««: '.La'dlejj Jor'.fele. phone, work slour 6IIIceV Phone 4424240. MATURE : IiVDYiwllh collection .experience/Apply, at Sfohtgomerx .Wards,-'Fay- ellevllle i ' i . tojworkiWllh .exollc animals, travellnjt, excellent opportunity, i See' Moe, Petllne ZX9 ) Northwest Arkansas Flsza, £) Bag h-- « "I wore 'the same drees yesterday 'and nobody noticedl" ' 20-^Motorcycitvt 21-Aofomoilv»-For Sata- 1972 »OCZ with need Valie Call Sam, House o! Honda Pint 521J813 1966 BSA. 141 Vlclar Phone 4425142 or . nee at 10S Nolan, between 9 a m p.m and needed/ male 'and female, full or part- time. lApply afferi 1 p r n , Burger Ohcl, 401 W Dlctaon _^ WH BUY USED FURNITURE *'APPIJ. A.NOBa Phoim 452-6618, Robert's Auction House Hwy 71 N., Springdal* Sales Tuesday St Friday 7 p m Open 8-8'6 days for consignment; PHONE 751-8840 or 751-SiOS WE BUY SBH, For home delivery of the TIMES, Phone 442-6242 AD3 lh« TTMRB WAN7 ' ' '' .INSimANCTQ; ItANAGDitBNT Opportunities, for personal / producer! ';ta go into manag*m«nl. k SjarlSnit .contract will-be In Jin* with your present income plus many Uirienllytis for - youV.o *^pand jouc operallon Posslblllllta jncldde ul dry, overwrite, sxpwis**, office, secre tery 'and personal · ciwntnlsslon. rA.' : con- fldanllal interview will be arranged by sending a resume to BaTea,Director,. P.O. Box l^, HulcWns6n,' : KanBas 67S01; NOWMNiTOCK: 125cc C-Z Mote-Cross D D SUZUKI Hwy,71 South - 521-2811 Fayettevillp, Ark. 19M MOp^L A ( ro«i in excellent OJB- 4IUon; orlzln«l engln*. Collector* · lien |13W, Phone J 5n-I077, 1963 MUflTANO Fower Ktttint air, good «rej aad Interior, needs enjrlne wdtV. |4iO I or best oller.'P£one 5a-!74S. Troplo MOAS Royal' B/ue 12x0 , i. Honey Gold 14 x20 Capri Gold Tweed 11'xS' Mateo Gold * Txff . ... Dublin' Green IS'xS' i,.. Gold Spark- 12x12 Copper 12'xll' , · I2'xl2' ..!'. ' Gold Tweed, iz'xiz' !/.'.;,' Gold . 15'xlB' ' ... 12'X6' . .... Avocado I 12x12 ,' . 12X5 1 . ..'... Ihca 'Gold K'xIV .,... Burht^." Amber 1 1 ' ' Fern Green 12'xS' , nuslln Gold Pliuh 8x9' .... Leaf Green 12'xlJ' Indoor - Outdoor Green 12'xlO' ,,, Blue Green "Tweed Gretna. Green Morthwoit Arkanios TIMES, Thun., Aug. 1Q, 1972 rAYITTKVILLit, 2fr-For $12.00 $115.00 . $37.80 $15.75 (51.50 $45.75 $50,50 154.16 $81.00 , $28,00 . $5275 $2150 $78.75 OOtt 100TH AMNIVniaUUlY VIAM FAMOU'S KING'S CANDIES FRESH AT WARDS 23-Uv«*tock-lwr Sola Bia Sorrel^'AQHA-regtslered yearllnz coll. S6und, ; ; ilraljht. l««Vc nailer broken, d dllposlUon Priced to acll 5H 2587 Davidson: Baper«lld, moderately,-chopped." Phonei 621-7536, See *l Skull Oreek, No 316 5,.YEAR'old Palarnljjp Jtldfn?,-2 ; yoi)lh saddles, -2 'Blue Tick coon 'hound 'pups 5 month! old .7517J80 MUCT sell'1070.model ·Jamahs SOOoo, ex. eellent condition, .adult:owried. Call 621- 5487.v«ler. 5'p.m. EXPERIENCED Keypunch operator! : Sid shift Pay accordlni:. to . experience, Faya Gwjlui, Syslemallcs, 5217500 CaS P^RTTime dishwasher and wanted Apply fn person Joe Restaurant '2338, N. 'College. ' Used .Pornltara ana Antigua*. Asbera · Tradlna Post ·pntrl*, orovi. PhooCBW-Isoa 3--Personals HAtF PRlpE 2--Coming Evtmrr 7ARD Sale J Aug 12 and, IS Ladles clothing size 16 only No panls cults Soroe 2 and 3 piece d«S3 suits Box 235 Beav-ORama Road. Phone 413-3917 LARGE, -.3 /armly-sarage 1 sale. Furniture, lamps, , .antique?, clothes, books^ botlles, misc. 16$ Le\erelt Thurs day, l Friday,': Saturday: On All. Hallmark'Merchandise, QiecUng- card?, candles,. stationery, eto. Through Sunday night NEED .'Babysitter' to; keep': Two Yetnalt Children. Phone n-Siluotioni Wanted-/ student Crania Job a i : aparlmenl manager lor. next, 3 i'ears.i 8809 Pair- haven, Little - Rode.. 225-2417 collecl. 1970 .SUZUKI 250 Trail Bike..:1600 milts. exbeUeht condiHon. Never raced. -Phone 5316612. 16--Servicai Offered-- MID SUMMER SALE New Suzuki - KawiiakI TS90 Enduro Suzuki - $39« T390 Trail . »39 TM 250 Koto Croaa , $731 TM 400 Moto Crow ' i $831 125'Enduro ~Kawaaaki - - --$ 175 Znduro · ' . - · ! - . · , : $ ssO'Enduro · . - . . . ' · · . ,$SSO 500 III Cyl ?»9S Prices Effective Through August 15th- D D SUZUKI Hwy 71 South Fayetteville ArV TWO mares In loal lo registered Appa loosa ' Both 'fWO ' Phone 839 ami. $40.00 $25,00 $93.50 $35.00 . $30.00 $10.00 ddvone Z East Mountain FayettevlUe, Arkaiuaa LOOK te -COMPARE--ANYWHERE REGISTERED ANGUS BULLS Age 18. month*'and younger. Price reasonable. Farm 'located' 3 miles Ka«i, Hlway 45--',5 mile North Phone Homer Try. 443-2529 .FRY ANGUS,FARM. SHALT. a[r_condltloner. Recently .cleaned and checked. Phone 442-5215. Candy of the Month Special -~ Delicious Almond Toffee; 1/2 Ib. FREE With Purchase Of 1 Lb. at Reg Price Looking for,Buy«ri for. r .. r REPOSSESSED,'USED' 'AND FLQOR.plSPlAY! MERCHANDISE, i ' " ' Matched w«)i«r ·n*' dryer, r Weit- Irtjhouje Tun, Very deluxe, «u»r- antccd Tak« up pftymcnlJ, WIJS9 month, 14 (XX) BTU WeitlnthouM Air Con. ditEoner, 110 vo^t 3 yMr warrantr. Take up payment*, *12JO iiymtn. 14 Ft, 2 door, frost free Wt*tln»- house refrigerator Real n!ce. Ttk* up payments, $723 rfjonth 1«" ROA ricor, rhpdel color TV with base Take up payment*, J1350 month i 25" RCA'Color, TV, : coruole, .wal. rut. Automatic .fine - tunhiKr.-ancl aulomatlc color. Freight danufed, Bave »125 Call or See Joe, Russell of Aljby GOODYEAR SERVICE'STORE -104 N. East Phone 442-6222 , ,'. used color 24' console tele vision, excellent .condition.. Call a f t e r S p m , 41Z5M8 PORTABLE washer'and recllnlh* 1 rocker, excellent condition Ptor.e 442-17S1 OAK doutleibeil/ Brown-'iecUner'clalr. Phone 521-1763. FOUR year old quarter mare, .Well broke, wllh (addle,- bridle, »sd additional tick. ?»0. 839-2612 , NEED A BABYSITTER? Trained and experienced,- for children .of all r ages, . AU hours- Monday through Frld9y. 110 weekly for children over 3. (12.50 -, weekly, for Infants, Call 52^5429 OAK PLAZA PHARMACY 4--School i InttrucHoru ITIREH family garage - sale; \ Frliay. and Saturday, Aug.- 11-. -ia-.Iro?n 8 a.m- to S r m I/jis of men s. women 8 and children a ctothlntf liahoraade ]c*«Ity t and jnlst 682 lake gequoyah Drive, Baldwin. H3GH 6CHOOt/-AT'HOMB Diploma Awarded--finish rrapldly., Write for fre« brochure.. AznerJcub'School, Dtpt, AT, Box 7245. Little Hoclt. Art. 72207. BABYSITTING in my home/ Close -ta = ill ' factorlts, -' on ' Boutii babies Phone Tl. W« · especially 1970 HONDA 173'mr«t/rra|T,^'ex«lltnt omditidn.' W DCTlt Repaired- th«r Shop--Saddlej ' Tt'ck, or Oostom im.4*. Bwy ITtX 367-3W3, CLEAN nijfjt, ; l l k c - new, 'to euy to' do wllh Blue Uislrc. Hent electric sham- ixxer, |l. : Tjcwis Bros;,i on the aqiiare. 24-Oogi, Coti A P«t* BE1AOLB papples AKO reglitratlon pa pen funiliirirf Phone 521 ]jJQ7, or e« tt-005 o.'trcre»t. » ONE r«g1slered'-Ea.duuhd".unI two re tertd Ecljlppet^es .for sale;. Phone 25S*L.aiicr S.p.rii. TAKE soil away 1 the Blue- Lustre way from carpets And uphoUtery. Rerit'elec- Irlc shampooer, ^i; jPoik' Fiimllurc, 603 Vf. DlcVson. White Chocolate For Your Favorite Baking Recipes.- Fresh Shipment 1.60 Ib. PWFE3T Com, okra, ,0recn beans lalope^' watcrrnflons' Phcsje "#$ ·OffK BTl) Air condllloner-^ean Phoqii 4 4 3 ISaa^allef 5 p m , Am Conditioner, Sears' twst, 23 000IBHJ, lued 3 months Movlny -- must Mil. TM The Vault 8prjn?da]c Cralts7pcn 101 Holcomb . powntowa Ouric Irdndmade^Arrs ' am 5 30 pm KotTthru Sat, 7 Ot?E Brunswick reguTalloo pool table, nlth new cov'er, pockets. *and pool ctlef and equipment. UM. »- -H ATLSO AD DAK ACT; BUn,DINO MATERIALS 50 Highway I - j. IntereecHon of Main Stfeet' It i Across from Farmera. coop r. Van Burcn, Ark, Phone,«f-»831 Paneliixg , $2 and IIP Outside Siding--B grade ? 1 60 Up GOLD velvet Bellg. sofa, excellent condition, s?50.: Cohtemporao' coffee table, J15..' Curlls-Mathis · tlereo ' console, J». 021-15*2 after. 5 p.m. 21--Automotive-- For Sal*-1360 :6 Phone ( TWO female Dachshunds. .One '2 .years old red color one 10 months oid htack and tan 443-2734 alter 8 MUST: sell. thlj week: 1969 -Opel Kadett Rally.- Red:-wHn:-l)lsck' stripe. 'Bli .o^iel englne^'In exce!]ent''con'dltl6n,-'tS30. 521 2S55 Toy Ctiampajrne ' Poodle ^nppier *^0 Toy Terriers make excel ent vnilrrel' do?,' fl-- months old, $20. Phone. 443-3S6!/ 1384 CORVAIR, clean; good tires, J200, Also' chhia "cabhieL'. Phone 442-52S4: CUSTOM Upholstery. Free estimates, pEckup end'delivery. ;'Cail .442-9922-or 44S-5UO OA RPORT - Sale, t Now r through - Saturday. 1637 N Leverell Clothes diahes ap- plfances, 4 and miscellaneous; ' YARD Sale. Kfl?a and Riches.' See Us First!: All :day, Saturday, S14 N. Mission. YARD Sale, through Saturday. Rollaway. b«d, hand-made qylll, 'old sewing ma. chine 'cabinet,- arid'mUa. 300 W. 15th. YARD Eale. Frlifayfand Saturday, 8 a.m. to S- p.m. Downtown West. Fork.' Follow signs. PRESCHOOL EDUCATION, ' 3-6 sear olds. IJie LcamnlB Ctoiler. 322 W. Meadow. Call -413-7087 or 442-7162, TOP INSTRUMENTAL: .and VOCAL INSTRUCTORS Enroll now for fall Instruction, Piano, Organ, Bras-s iand String Reed, and' Perciiissfpn. All ages --· Insist on the finest Call 443-2131 from 9-5 or 521-5793 alter 5; 5--Lost Found 5 FASfUjYj Bate.'Friday and- Saturday, Carol collection, antiques, mattresses and lunk. 1 'block north Watsons on Happy HoLlow.Road. I YARD Sale -- Lots of rice clothes, aiihes and miscellaneous Nothing over Jl. Comer - 62. and RBzorhack .Road. YARD'SALE Pressure canner, JaM, elect, mixer, bedspreads, china, carpet sweeper, nlow torch, gla£S, old fruit jars, Mexican glass, jewelry, kitchen warea,. mlssca clothingV-S-lO, -and much more "4 mlla East of !ylt Comfort Church Sat, Aug 12, 10 a.m. !to 5 p.m.,. Phone 442-6J78. LOST:. Ladles blue\ till fold., with. Important Identification papers. Heward. E?ara Sessions 5212217 LOST: 2 year i old,:'male. Bt Bernard, named 'Ramsey" Call 5J16097 atler 6 p m Reward. 7--Business Opporfunlllet LOOK Mothers!!Have fun 'While seltlnz p?ld, Jolp.the Playhouse Oo. , or. coltectlnj.-JustL'shbw toj-a and lake NOTICE Farm Bureau Members For Vour SAFEMABK TIRES Batteries Coll or Come ( By BOB'S AUTO SERVICE 1641 N. Leverett--, Ph. 442^181 1364 CHPVaoUTT, -Impals..: Gooi-'cotidl- lion, r a l r - conditioned, 4 ..door,, automatic transmission Call 443^334 after S p m OAltPlNO all .year-Tilth IsTl .vW-ca'mp er, excelleTLt condition. Phone 443-2123. Palntlnz interior and Exterior.- GiiAran- teed worlt'wjth a reasonable-price.-Free etttautei. Norman Wilber, sa031 .after 6 REFRIGERATORS PAINTED to match your colored appliances, Factory Duplicate Finish. FlClfup and Delivery FALWELL BODY SHOP f Phone 44?-9358- MOAWEX : MOBILE HOME SERVICE and repair.' Omplele' ttnict on mobile homu. Phtm« 756-6370. t L173 DOpGB.Ohallensffir* 'low".. mUeaffe alrOT)dKtoried, AKFM radio, v d)* brakes, brown with vlnjl fop (450 and pick up pajmenl5 Phcmt 443-419L after 5:30. f v MOVING lo .Europe .jnust sell · new -ayo : cado. "frost-free" tcIrigcrator 'Irtczcr;..'a'vor cado deluxe Wdsher end dryer,- 1 ~'ear old; ar-flques; Bthan.^AUcii-'imndlc bed; TV; clothes and jnls^ellaneou/. i- Phwie 443-IT73. TO'Q1VH AWA.Y: rmaJe part .Labrador Htlrtever. .--Male ;i*«rt B*arte ^ood 'with children, food Valchdoj?. For Sale rfrd,; Q)\!ie .puppies; female i stiver 7oodle, DO papers Phone Rerrltferatnr,, Air Phone 443-5696 Conditioner ,lhree ;mpnths -pld:. Coldjpot- upri 'reezer. "New Hl^c-ft:bcd y -never opened. Large rccUncr, Dinette set. Phone 521-3377 .Her-5 p,m r 26--For Sale--Miscellaneous HALF PRICE SOOTTIES. Kee' at Farmhigtoq Anlma IIospK*]. l : mal« : *nd 4 females left, |iQ and J60, Call 267-3301 belneen noon and 4 pm ON ALL HAIiL^nK JEBRCHANDISB Greeting carets, candles, stationery, etc Through , Euaday. ntghl OAK PLAZA PHARMACY OLD FASHIONED CLEAR HARD ROCK CANDY 1.45 Ib. Plywood Plywood -/a Plywood . 2x4 Studsi Doors/ all~s'Ezes' Ceiling i Tils . Banquet Tables, 6 It X S ft . Folding Chain Roofing .. Outside Paint Kitchen Sinks $300 $450 .i. " ;. ' :, 3.50 .. , .. t \era ... 52 and up . ., a)ic atj ,A. . f)S 50 and up 3 25 ' »79S S3 2 'ara lon THEABURB Hunfen-oarrelt M«tal Of lectors, the Na 1 profeistonaU nil tut. for octant call U L. fAbt) Uieoln, R02er, Art ' PORTABIJ: type-writer for 'college titgti school worV, excellent oonrtlllon \Vhlle high back rodtltig chair Ptwne RIDING rno^er. * 85 ' ORANGE-, Rua, ,1'hone. 521-6317. 15xlS. : - Good : condition 12 CU.'FT. relrtgcrator, JSO. V 18,000. air, conditioner, one year old, J200. *", vram f Buy -- B«ll -- Traa«' ' ' 'PERKIHa SAFE-CO.' 1053 Forest. Oarttale,- Mo. 35M1J1 Hi mils 8M-3344, e5:'-Brlns conlalnert, RoaJ, ' Unrjnbi. Cook, HOMB squash. gromi beans/ b«eti, tomaton, applef, grapes etc. Bert Taldo, W or Tontltown 3S122M 27-^mlcal Morertondr.* U5FD 1 jear "· Bundy iB-pial oiaruiit- »100- Call I 4 4 K 5 0 , , . ! ' . ( BUNDY B flat Clarinet 90 Phone 443-310S ni ye IT ' 1360 OLDS.MOBLLB Delta 88.'' Unt mile ase, automallc lransmlSjLon,.'pOTrer ateerr Ing, power brakes. ttZtl, . or 108 Nolan between 9'a.m. and 6:30,txra. 14 Ft. FREUKAUF Truck. Van ; Body . In IlKe new Conrtllton. *^00. Call..or-come bx 'Lewis Ford Salej,. Hw} 1 .'- n : rforth, 442-5301 HUNT3KAN 8- Camper, Equtn-wd' with slove, refrigerator and-Beds.' Ex-ce\!ent Condition,. J1IK). -Pnone .«2-5301, .. Lewis lord siles,':jlw'. 171'North' WANTED, yard; ' work- and:, 'shrubbery wo*. Reliable service.: :Call;-;Edward Smllli, Ki-iK7. orders. Help 'mother 'earn' 353 free. 2129 442- IiAUNDROJtAT FOR SALE. Phone 5314211. do Boa IB Cleanlr,?*' Thou* STL- o School Specials. GUARANTEED 1968 VW Stlcfc »50 1»69,Austin, auto.' traiu. ...... 5950 Rogers 'Jeep Marine Hwy. 71 So.. · Rogers. Ark. 636-5710 ' cash accounts, buainesj, all by -leapj and AUCTION Saturday, Auguat 12 Starting at 10 A.M. Two 5' piece 'dTnette :sets;'Two, practically neif »ovens';pne Kelvlnator re : (rllerato.ri one inllqiie dining table; one imllinia todte'rjjone peeler; jwvaral piece* o( ! carnlval fl^asi; several pieces of- depression glass; also many more Bleo'ei of 'cryj)«l and antique dlines; M»ny other ilemi loo numerous tion. ' -·, ;· - '·"./'- ·- · - · ' FLOYD CANTRE^L, Owner COKEB BROS.; Au ct t° nl;or * JAraled one blbcfc North of Blackman'a Grocery In West For*. , bounds. We need a . dependable associate In your':arr?a 'with' J900.00 rhlnrmum lo Invest In crulpm'ent »nd . Inventory which will lurr* over 'about two · times 'monthly. Income potential 'exceptionally hlkh. AH replies strictly confidential. CONSOLIDATED CHEMICAL CORP, Freeze Dried -Products Division 2315 Monfrcfie, Suite -130 Houston, Texas 7700$ PESTS, TERMITES, [ree and Shrub Spraying Phelan's Tree Service 846-3899 and 751-4580 8--Mo'nay To toijn; GARAGE SALE .'. ' '·' 1005 Song .' Friday n'nri Saturday, 9-5 p.m. Sunday l-« p.rn. twin hcdi, aomo nlco clolhca, ca tables and chain, ifoorl toy» »nd gnmca, pbckotbooxfl and odd* and : , 'BItt 8 FAMILYT' , GARAGE- SALE . FRIDAY AKD . RATUJIDAY . Antlriue*, Cork .Bottles, Fruit Jam, Boty Clolhc« end Thlng«, All Site Clothing, Old lUKinWiod T r u n k s ahd School DMk», Bfoycle", on Hwy. 1« at Elktnj, W»tch For Sign*, NEED MONEY? PromPS-Coiirteoiu-ConJIdenllal ' Service · I/JANS [MADE:ON Jewelry, Diamonds, Guru and rnoit anything of value. ROCHIER'S JEWELRY 7 E. Mountain St ' Fayettevllle 10-H«|p Wonted- ASSURED F U T U R E U p . lo $200 per w«ek. for man or woman who can sell 6 day* A week. Training and mnlerlnts supplied without cost. Earn wMIo you learn. Full company bcnefiU and fringes. For interview appointment only write, giving details of education and work-experience to Box K-39, c/o Norlhweil Arkansas Time«. Termites?. Pests? Ray Johnson . .521-3750 17--Boatj Marina Supplies 1972 VEGA Hatchback Coupe Phone 521-1716 CirEVY truofc, H ion, one owner. Pour aood/Ures. .Low ,mllflige, . 6 ' cyl, «2-2137.e[(cr S p.m. sell IMf Ford IfTf),' all vow a i r and electric. |725 or best of/er. Call 521-5187 after 5 p.m. 1967 FORD XU One owner --'^ood condition.' ,FuU .power;' Including stuU and window*. Phone 456-2220, DraSe'*'Cre«V. raat§ KskimofSpltz. 2 yeari, UKO -- Pe'dlcre* Phone 5211522. Poodle,·'black, fema!e'puppy, J10. Oakcli« Drive.' Phone ^,2-'f5^^. FREB la good home. H teM,i7\wccks' old. Phone 3 30 p.m. Persian kll- alier PRBB Klllens: 1 «rey and white, one bfack. Phona 521-65OT. ONE' La islc-lypc- mate collie. Ilfld'ihots, 3% ' month t "oW, J20. .'PEBK-A-POO . pup. Kernele, ,had (hots, '·!'£.· Phone AKC reaLa(«red Sf. Bernard poppies. Call 83(5-1068 " .TOT POODI^E . PUPPXES Tteasonabla Phone 751-0107. AKC'REO- pup3rfes/-SUver Toy Poodle: Calrqs, Scottles Small t-pe r^achshunds, and Schlpperkes Paul Clifford, Cane hill. Ark. 8M-S551. TIIB best puppy at Uiff KW Ark Fun Match Vai bred, ly us.' We have Just aj fine. Caprice Acre Kennels Pomi, Harvey's Tropical Fish New Location: 2605',4 S. Thompson (Htway .71 South) Springdale' . . Shop .751-1092 . Home 751-9153 poo All^Breedi Phone ,751-7301. I960 CHEVY Pickup. New rubber -- very sood conolllon. Phono 443^301, «xf. 45, a tier. 6 , 8M-5To6. . . . SO' KToRDUffT hpuseooat, steel hull, outboard, fully equipped,' cxcellcTit condl. tlon. »I500. 'Clll 5JS-5W1 evenings. , 14 FT. Runaboijt wilh 45 h.p. Tilt Trail, er, Eklr, 1100. Bee-at Terry ^ Lynn .Trailer Part, Hwy. S2 West , . . I593 CHRYSI.ER Sport Valiant host 45 h.p. Chri'iler motor, heavy rtuly Dllly V-1S trailer. )U95. Phone ' 21 FT. 'fArls Cralt Fu\\ Cruise I/itxwrd. Jutt recondllloned. Ciilorlnaled head, alnV, brldffe, and cover. Extra 'clean, 13000, 7514634 - , MJ,a -- Bpoftsored'hy Iho fARti TT.KW OKNTUn, (VllMrclay, Annul 17. Cornlf L«lwelll i.nd'.Wtlt II. Slart S:!0 a.m. TWO Firnlly ««(·»« ·«]«· ,Ar)U)n»f, Ixltllei, /roll J»rj I .r.i:l«lni, 'iMhy lurnl tore, «fr1«(/ralir, "If nnM{\i\ir, nn/1 mric.' Balurdup; A-), iOW Auilln n;lv», NOT i itt« Viin-oMlie-rnlll «»r«;« »nl«: We net mnvtfK Item * rag ma to 6 room i -- ItKIA'l On« iiprlnlit lilunn, lirn«i lied, refrljtrnldr, «nr- den »iippllw, loy«, h»hy fur'nlluro, children" clolhlnif, FrMty and Saturday, I 6 I S Ovfr«r««t. ' . ., ,.. Bait, wmrdiy,, A n n u l 11 MW on I)r1y«. Front 7 »,m. lo 1 tm. only, CloUiM, dlititir, »oll clutx, Km* fumflar*, , WANTED Driveway Attendants R.I.D.E. CAR WASH Interaction «2B - 71 Jk 4.5 Paft Time dnd' Permanent Employment Wrlto To nox K.S7 o/o Norlhweul A r k « n i « « Tlmtf,-r»yetttvlll«, Ark 72TOI. . . . . ' . . 18-Camplng 4 Sporting Oeodi . 1963 FORD station. wajroh, power and »lr, clean, low mlleaie, IU50 firm, rfvwe THE FISH BOWL Tropical run · Supplies Ojien'10. 8:00 p.m.'TuM. - Sat., Sunday 1 - 8 p.m. 442-9700, 249. E. Clebum, .Turn Eaat :«t ' Sunbrlte Janitor Senrlc* oa.North Collere- · . · IF HEARING IS YOUR PROBLEM BELTONE IS YOUR ANSWER For Complete Hearing Aid Needs -Batteries, Cords, Suppllea ·and: Servico Foi, A Ireei Hearing'Test-- SEE or CALL MR. K. O.' WOODBR1DGE 1810 Tstll. Sprlngdalo: Phone 351-7811 COUNTS me.lpns ,are.-ready .at Hwy.- 7);'Wesley. HAY: Ecixmd cutting mixed, and J(Anson grass. - Phone 412-7177. USED Typewriter · for rs a!e,. $20. Phone 1 44MWi-:fron. i .9 to 5. SORGHUM alum hay behtnd baler, 1-yna .RoUst, .S1S-2S72. ROCKBY'S SECOND HAND STOFB Korth fide of Square ' Lincoln / F u r n i t u r e ' , and some ·' Antiques ROYAL electric 10 key adding jmachliic, like new, WD-- Zenith cons^e 'black and wh^e .television, -excellent condition, $50. 443-1767. TOMATOES QUALITY RIPE NO WASTE Old -Wire Boad North One Mile Beyond City LirnlU Phone 442-S42T : or '442-2084 spiNET-coNSbrii puko: Payments can be taken over 07 rejponsf. blc parly In this vicinity · on small monlhl/, basis. JVe'll arrange oonvfrnl- ent Inspection Call or write 'Plunketl Mu Ic i Tarn , aa. Dortson, Ft «*lllJi, Ark Phone 782-4073. ' 28-- Antique*-- for Sql* ' JUST RECEIVED! ' i i A load of Early Pint/and Walnut Furniture. Mllo Marks, ..Lincoln. Ark. Come out Hf\ysy,62,- turn left at Frldemorc Real Estate 'Agency. Drive 35 miles to Sugar HU1 Church turn left -- first home on right. Phone 824-3921. OLT) solid Cherry baby ·' bed. Piiont SERVICE DIRECTORY® Alr-Condltlonlng Installation Service. Reasonable. Also save on used elr-condl. tloners. 5M-6115 or 5J1-11BI, yoRK Sales · service. Central, ant! window noils. EYea esllrnalev Pasclial 7S- 0195; ntshU 7a-7CO. --Bullctezlng--/; oteartnj- ' !{aullnjr -- General Cleanup -us keep your hedges trimmed. Fart service, Reasonable. 443-518L . 197L OWC PIclcup. MO deluxe 'cab,' A/C,' new Urei. Phone 521-5717 19SJ CHEVROLET PIcVup, iahle. Call 8164513. standard. 19TO FOBT) Torino. Excellent oondltlin, . reasonably price*. Call 75t.02J8. . «, . IDfifl CORVIPTTB 8IIn«ray 477 4 «P«d- AM-FM radio, Marina blue. Phone 621- 4»ta afler 4 pm. . 10W DU1CK IrfSabre, 4 floor 'hardtop, 1 exlra clean. Call 521-BM "tier S p.m 1«0 V\V, '»M5. \V1II lam older-car .or plclrnp h'oo trade. Phone 442-2499. GlRI.S, GIRLS, OIRLS . Mcilll.million dollar ccurneUn com p u n y need* ', nnrt lime ftlrlji In t)il« nrc». rnr Inlervlow cull 751 MO; or .1B1.5OTI, 4 to 8 p.m, Thuri day «nd rrldny, W U f l , mobile traveler motor home. Fully aelf-conlalned wllh power (leering, power brake*, air conditioned, dun] wheels, f769S. 1971 M ft. Wlnnebago motor home 2 sir conditioners, 4000 watt gen eralor. Tiipe player, all the «xtru. ) 10,000, ' * ' · ' - . ' We 1inve · lot full of Wlrmebagoii, «nd Champion Molor Home«. Now and itsed travel IrAlltrs, 'Flckup coveri and camperi. Dennl* Snow Trailer UI3 Midland Ft. Smith, Ark. 7«2-241I or T8Z-MJS 0 n, IDMTttMES cabover onjp on^j oTd, JAC.KI ' «l. Call ' r. 8 fflUirrA 15 ti. «mp«r trailer, ft* ·OSA Union HI., or r*on« 44S-S710. APACim Mtu III, lurd top, hard ildis. HbVTNO lo Europe mutt Wit '1370 Chevrolet wagon, excellent condlllon, all power snd nlr,- llnled glais. lujgjse rick, tmmacuialely dean, rhone 443- 4T7S, · : ^_ .. .. Ea'rtlJ work. OPtione BMM3'«iii 25--Horn* Naedt--For Sale USED, while, gear* Ira wllh {Merer on bottom, 2165. J70. Phono 4(3- I.ARQB Wpor relrlgeralor, J75, Auto, malic washer, · J30.' Dlnlntf tAoTe and ehalrf. MO Und«) Fayeltevllle. FtVH niece chrome dlnetle, jrood con dlllon, }(0. Oeorie Wswell. 816-OTI. OOOD 4 ipeed 'record player. $15. Portable typewriter wllh caae, very good conalllon; »».· notion Tocker, »!().· L«rn Avon collection, miscellaneous bolllej, other Items, cJicap. 531-1521. rialre and while' RCA' TV, and Frlgl- ONR Air Conditioner and one circulator hMllnrr store. Phona 443-5551. 1971 TOYOTA Csrona irart B Wngon, ?25B. 1OT 3M Kawasaki Big Horn, IW »". S «P«I. Wj c l«. «!· most new. ISO. 'Can'ste' H( BnehitnUoah Villa Mobile 'Home, rarV,. Space IMS VW, whllf. W.OOO mire« «h», »eOO. Call' 531-1518, or Linden after 7 f.m new en. ser »t W ONH O»n«r, .1068 Firebird. S4.000 miles. Vinyl top, wood train «***.· «uornyllo, «lr, Rally whirti, rtalo. |11V). 443J011. mi ORANDVIU.T3 Cuitom 4 loor hard lot. Tull noier «nd llr. SOOO mlle«. Utl »«W. rtwne 4«-(MJ cr-Ml-4414. 1071 TOYOTA Coroni neluxj, 4 door, 4 speed, ytnwt, raolo, hour, cl»n, en ceiltnt; oofiJIIIon.': Call 5H-4M1-, '···· ·.. \m CIlBYROMrr «*wl !«· camper, in food, C6nlll|on. rniV« offer., ' - 19TO ^BONNfATIJJl nroiiham ' dooc , , . i r«mtr for «. I.f ««i, l«ho«, w«Kr indlN ilKlrlo f«cltH|«. HMUl, t M rvil power and air. CARPET' DISCOUNT ·213 'Morno. Lynn- Drive · . Prairie .Grove,. Ark. ....... 8^-2739 ; 8RBCIAWI . . ...... . . --Buspihogglng--, jOOKI naollnl. movlnB' * trash service. lava truck ft stock rack- you tiamt tt-- Wl haul It Rnioaable- 413-2179. Tre» Trimming - Tree! Removed - Lots Cleared 1.Free estimate. Barrel Gulhrle, 835-2)01 ALL types ot BRUSHHoaoiNO. P1XW JNO and DISCING. Phone 4*3-7T32. ' · CUSTOM . Brush-rjozglni; iln , .Fayellevllle area. Free estimates. Phone 443-5(31. --Carpenter-REMODELING. Room additions, Car ports/ PatloV Pane)ln«, PalntlnB, Any thing In homa Improvements. 412-4530. HOME Improvements-- Repairs. Catlnets paneling electrical work; Children's play equipment.. dome. P»y», .442-TO37 RR1IODEUNO, carports, cabinets, hon! leveling, roollnj, repairs, retaining walls arlvewayj. , palnllng. 413-41179, 5a-S374. HOME tmprovementt, Carpentry, paint thg. piper' banaljii, ' ceramic UI«,. 11!' floors. Horns building. 441661B. CARPENTER--rot tin bert In building reinodellnj. pa^o. anil 441OT1. ' ' ' . . . . --Coner»l« Work-- BUM Ill-La, 17x13 Gree.l SluiK, 12x113, . Red Shajr, 12x1010, .. J.V43 «). yd. , J3.79 «f[. yd. . ^3.H sn. yd. Green .Hl-Lol 12x10 .. J3,« »q. yd. We Al«o Ttave Several Olher« ; 43om« Se« U« Tpdsy , ' · : ' ' . ' ; i . ' ' ':; : (: l \ '· Mil, ALIi 197? lletni; IMaullful consola ilereo. 7'aptsd blender, s«wln» machine-wllh diityn cams, portable »ewlng (able, nurflcal ilalnlen leel flatware lervlca 9p. vun pontr ana air, vmi lots for I. All In ona irntll monthly pay. Urn, W.OM mUH. 4«-49» or «!· menl. H="1IJJ: Ijjt take over vn- Jm4nM Plwn *W-«HOi« : CEStENT and Masonry repair. Call Cecil'BOM, 151-8630. OONCP.ETH work M all'types. 55 yeai experferice. Rrjiall ' jobs ffetcorne. All piaster'palchlni.' Phone OONOR.KTB WORK-^Jmllty itork, re, lonably priced. Free estimates. Call '. SirttUrr et 4(2-31 n. --Dirt, Ornvei, Top S«ll- TOP toll, crMk], road rrutorl deltttnd. Blilr ortnthoui* Pbocn 44 HO. ' - ' ' . ' : ' ' · ' ' . 1 '--Earthwork-- BACKHOB »nd Miller -- rjiona ^ TrucV Work. Jo)» ALL TYPES DIRT WOBK Olntonlo Confflcucllon lAULTNG--All kinds. Lawnmowlng and ard' worlc. PJionS 442-5143. 'ILL haul top soil, gravel, all kinds nd chat. Biz loadi Vfint Cale. Phone 12-8515. type roof repaired', or replaced, lng - Aluminum, Sfdlnjf. Free eill* raalfa --Inured! Workmen. Ph. 4415324, --Hearing Aids-- lEARINQ AldJ, Radlotar Sales and Service, Ballerlea and 'acceicorles. Mont(Tomery Ward HearljiK'AJa Depl 443-M9L TO PLACE AN AD in .rma SPACE WOULD COST 112.25 PER MONTH --landscaping-GHEEN COUNTRY Nursery A .Landscaping cxrica Phone r-Palnf Pap«r--' S 8 . S SPRAY PAINTING Guaranteed Satisfaction: Over 25 Years Combined Experience. Modern Sprny Equipment. No Job too largo or too small. ' For Free 1 EstlmaUs Call Rodger Seratt, ; 443-171^ after 5 p m. REOINALD D. Kelley, Spray ralnlln or staining Residential, cooimerca1, In dustrlal, aivd.lann. Free esllmalei. Faf lifctlon guaranteed, phone 442-751 . PAINTINO AND PAPERING Interior and exterior. Fjree estimates . rtione 830-J1S7, West For* PA1NTINO--Interior »nd Exlerlor. Hepe rlenced. Frea alter 6 p.m. ullmali. Call 4(2-743} -fotk « Ston» Worfc- OI.D fashioned railing · fence bull dim AI» bulldln* rodr, dillvered. F)«xn I3-23.11.' ' · i ' ' TATIOB and VENBfJR K4-KCO or 3-3W All Types -- Quality Work m* KiUmalM -- nefir«i«i jot Kail -- PIMM tw-an Aluminum or Steel Shakes 'erma-sliake lifellme'roofi ind siding. · Free estimates. V/esco Const., 521-7070. -Septic Tank . SEPTIO TONK3 PtlMPBD, Unis rf paired. lowest rates, .local, buslneil. Phone 441-320). , , , ' - · . · --Stwlns-- SEW1NO nuduner)' rfpalrt. AU raskn aad models, yeara experience. Free estimates.- All vrork ruarantted. TS^TSlfl. SEWINO LKSSONa IhjKniclor expert. enced In all types' oi sewli^. pli6n« S3J. 2513 or 833-5568. ' . '. ' i ' ' · - . . , --Trocfor-- ' '';'....'.. TRAOTOR SERVICE, . urav el ami top foil *pi GlKlnt, aad bnuh-hofiTln, Blade --Tr«« S»rvle»-- I.EB PERRV TREE BTRVIC!! ' PrunlnK, Tipping, Dead Woodl"' * to- moving. .WabUlly Insurane*.- Pboo« 44*. ' ' -TV R»po|r-- COMPLETE TeHvlilan Mrjloi la your home,' evenlji/i, ineJeoas «nd holldar" ipectally, Can Ted SUM, 8S»-»H7, ;'-Uphip|»»fy- CUOTOM UPUOi^TKRY ANO Free Pickup wid p#tlT«ry. 4WSSU , , QUARANTJ^D Woriro««Np. l*r« M- leclton (.brlci. llfs Unllmllt'l. . Free -V«n«tlon VJSNenAtf B)la-l»-n*i»v»i nvi JU»*Jrj4 I/erf Wimli nn-l* to^ *r4*r« _JTr»* *·*»* male*. OiU Oib« MeNEAL PUMf Dutimj. KHa, Mo MMM,

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