Independent from Long Beach, California on March 19, 1976 · Page 17
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 17

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 19, 1976
Page 17
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A-18--INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) LWI, c»iu., pn., M.rcn n, mt Lom BtJili. C«lll , frl, M«rch It, Itlt INDEPENDENT {AM) PRINCE BERNHARD Denies Taking Bribes Dutch feel prince not truthful AMSTERDAM (AP) -More than two-thirds of the Dutch people do not believe Prince Bcrnhard when he says he never received a penny from Ixickheed Corp., according to an opinion poll published by Panorama magazine. The poll was conducted earlier this month by the Dutch Institute for Public Opinion. Just 30 per cent of the 886 persons questioned a c c e p t e d t h e prince's denial, while 79 per cent f a v o r e d creation of a commission to i n v e s t i gate his affairs. A total of 96 p e r c e n t were familiar with t h e Lockheed bribes scandal. S e n a t e subcommiUe hearings e a r l i e r t h i s y e a r revealed b r i b e s totaling $1.1 million paid to a high-ranking Dutchman to promote sales of Lockheed's aircraft In The Netherlands. Lasl month the Dutch government announced that the recipient w a s P r i n c e Bcrnhard, but that this did not necessarily imply he was guilty of any Bonn gives I power to workers BONN (AP) - Workers w i l l h a v e a greatly in- creased.say in running the a f f a i r s of West Germany's 650 b i g g e s t companies under a government bill approved by parliament on Thursday. The measure requires all companies with more than 2,000 workers, including about 50 subsidiaries of U.S.-based f i r m s , to g i v e employe and shareholder representatives an equal number of seals on their supervisory boards. These powerful panels appoint and oversee Hie work of the senior executives who sit on management boards. Supervisory board members a l s o decide important company affairs such as m a j o r spending programs. The so called eodctermi- nalion law is the f r u i t of nearly six years of tough bargaining between Chancellor Helmut Schmidt's S o c i a l Democrats and their liberal coalition partners, the Free Democrats. IT IS expected to put West Germany in the vanguard of efforts in several West Kuropoan countries to expand what is usually known abroad as "industrial democracy." G e r m a n b u s i n e s s leaders originally (eared that full worker-shareholder voting parity m i g h t p a r a l y z e companies by exposing their supervisory hoards to voting deadlocks or even union diclalorship. Rut the Free Democrats p u s h e d through a m e n d - ments lo ensure effective shareholder control. One key provision gives a casting vote in deadlock situations to the b o a r d chairman. He is elected by both shareholder and em- ploye representatives and theoretically c a n come from either side, with the v i c e chairman c o m i n g from the opposite faction. B u t shareholder m e m - bers can pick their own man if a candidate chairman does not receive a two thirds majority on the f i r s t ballot. This loaded system in practice would keep the chairman's casting vote in the sharehold- ers'hands. I I 3 BLOCKS OF NORTH BUILDING SOUTH BUILDING TOOLS NEW HOMELITE® XL · With 10" Bar And Chain Dooley's Cuts Logs Quickly And Easily Reg. 114.95 [95 HARDWARE Famous HOMELITE® XL2 With 2 Triggers · Front Trigger for Little Jobs · Back Trigger For Big Jobs With 12" Power Tip Bar And Chain Dooley's Low Price '139 95 FREE EXTRA CHAIN With Model XL-2, Super 2, No. 150 SEZ TIRE GAUGE 14' Dooley's Keg. 17.95 · 0-60 PSI Capacity · Flexible Hose Anc Bleeder Valve Fo Easy Operation PORTABLE AIR TANK 1 Q88 I V Dooley's Reg. 24.95 · 3.2 Gal. Capacity · 250 P.S.I. With Safety Release Valve PULLMAN BATH Choose From Over 50 Beautifully Detailed terns. All Hand Finished, Sturdy, Tough, Finely Molded Metal. Antique English or Antique Silver Finishes. 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NORTH LONG BEACH STORE SERVICES 56 OPEN EVERY DAY 9 to 6, FRIDAY 9 to 9, SUNDAY 10 to 5 CUr THREAD PIPE WINDOW SCREENS NAILS BY THE POUND BULK SCREWS BOLTS · CUT GLASS TO SIZE. .-"-.. · KEYS MADE, LOCKS RE-KEYED 9 ROPE CHAIN :BVTHEPT; -·· · PAINT MIXED TO ORDER PRESS-TELEGRAM (P_M)_--A-19 TODAY'S WORLD "II tumt Ilk* · lut of tioubl* to to to juit loi · blind dJt«l" Curb due 011 missile command I!Y JOHN W. F1NNEY .NYw York Tlnu's Sm Ice W A S H I N G T O N -- A retired v i c e atlinirnl w h o was in charge of nuclear l.irncting s a i d Thursday Hint t h e Defense nep.irl- mcnt was proposinR lo revoke UK- aulhorily jjivi-n lo Ihc North American Air D e f e n s e commander ID u s e n u c l e a r w e a p o n s u n d e r c e r t a i n c i r c u m stances. Of all the m i l i t a r y commands, o n l y I l i e North American A i r D e f e n s e r n tn m n ml i'r has b e e n j;ivi'ti iiudmrity to fire nuclear wtMjkins without the specific a p p r o v a l of l l i c I'lT.siilenl. The u n u s u a l delegation of presidential a u t h o r i t y lioes back some 20 years when Ihc A r m y first hci;an dcplnyins; Nike Hercules a n t i a l r c r i i f l m i s s i l e s . ;iniH'd willi nuclear w a r l u i a d s , as a d e f e n s e against a picsumed Soviet bomber threat. V1CK A d m i r a l (Ji-rald K. M i l l e r l u l d a House I n t e r n a t i o n n l R e l a t i o n s SulH'oinmitlee t h a t "action is u n d e r way in the D e p a r t m e n t of Defense lo revoke this authorisation in tin 1 near future." U n t i l his r e t i r e m e n t in 19V'i, he was deputy director of the J o i n t Strategic T a r g e t I'laiiiiing S t a f f , and in his retirement lie is still serving as u consultant lo the Defense Department. There w n s nu immedi- n l e miifiriiiiilioii from t h e Defense' D e p a r t m e n t , tml Pentagon o f f i c i a l s noted, as did Miller in his testimony, t h a t circumstances h a v e c ha lined considerably from Ihose days when it was thought necessary to give the Air Dcfcme Commission c e r t a i n re- s t r i c t e d , discretionary a u t h o r i t y to use n u c l e a r weapons. In the early period, the a d m i r a l observed, UK; air w a r n i n g networks w e r e mil as Knxt,and there was some cnnreni t h a t the air defense cuimnamler mighl nol be able to respond rapidly enough ID a s u r - prise bomber a l t a c k if he had to w a i t to obtain presi- d e n t i a l HcMniiur to use Ibe m i c l c a r - a r m i ' d m i s - siles. Kven t h e n , I hi- a d m i r a l continued, ihe a u t h o r i t y lo use the wtapmis w;is tldi 1 gated "only under severe restrictions and specific conditions of a t t a c k . " The air defense comma nilc-r, he saw), had lo keep trying and I r v i n g In obtain presi d e n t i a l a p p r o v a l u n l i l the "situation W D S i n e x t r e - mis." Even Ihcn he s a i d , the air defense command cr coulrl use Ihc r e l a t i v e l y s m a l l n u c l e a r weapons only under certain, "fjulie severe" conditions. THE delegation of su-h a u t h o r i t y lo t h e air defense c o m m a n d e r , he said, has now "outlived its us"- f u l n e s s " A m o n g Unc h a n g e d c i r c u m s t a n c e s cited by M i l l e r and I'enta gon o f f i c i a l * w e r e i m proved r a d a r w j r n i n g sys- t e m s , a l e s s e r S o v i e t bomber threat in ao age of intercontinental misiiJcs, and a p o l i c y decision v i r t u a l l y lo d h m a n l l c the air defense on Ihe grounds t h a t it makes litllc seme to try to defend against bombm w h e n Ihe nation is likely lo be a t t a c k e d by ballistic missiles In the past few years, for example, Ihe Army deactivated all of iti once elaborate network of Nike Kcrculfs missiles except for one battery in southern Florida and another in A l a s k a . The unusual delegation of authority was f i r s t disclosed as far hack as I9W by (Jen. Earl K. Patridsc. then commander of the N o r t h American Air Dt feme

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