Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on June 2, 1930 · Page 17
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 17

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, June 2, 1930
Page 17
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mwiwWvmm>^€' { '$> * iir >;%>•? >^^r'^ ^SP • ,7 * y #• +" r-- -^f^.-t^ff •"^wgwsi **TV "p*5tf ,t *%,* W JX, f "» i* ** /* p v / £ ' "^ j - ? f * r ' s-^% 1 -* " v - •- • •'/-• V MARTINSBlJRG TEAM College, fit Base Atone* Sail. : ••'$!** , iv j ( -f _ ft&n-tientfAl'a revaWpeil lineup of ftftff $IayeM rin SaturdaV Afternoon took a fthtttotit vlototy frofti Martins- bUrg'ift'i filfcif teagtte contest. Bill WllBirf r Wr1inf P*nVr<fcntriU,W a 7 (Hk 0 wlA4a the Mfcpl* avenue diamond, Mini^t GtelnW.-ifttt «iitj «. Mt of „„„..„...„ Wound, wmthe addition 6f Bet#fcrd Ahdrews to.the. Peftn Centra] ia <( ,*ndrewirwas the star first .itoan/flf the Junlata college team. i refiflrWdifor duly on Saturday and ».g placed 6n first base.. , Puddle tthay <WK» h*d bBeti-filling in at first ^an^mri^eH to second. Frank Chad- tiHR* VtA Moved from second bade to •hortiltopt altti Chemerttl was moved ftowi sh*« sfopto his original place at thfrd base*. vBttb Walters went from third base to rtght Aeld, In frlace of iDaff Donnelly. Other positions remained unchanged. The 1 hew combination worked well on iatufflay, the playing of Andrews at flrit base being a real feature, besides being 6n« of the best .fielding first basenlan td show In Altoona for a long tlme^fie .proved to be a hitter of real . ability getting three, hits in four Mmes up -!on' Saturday, one a home run and 'orfa a iiduble. ' . , "Bill" Wilson was on the mound for Penn Central and the port side hurier chalked up his third county league win of the season. Wilson Pitched good ball," Allowing but i two hits until the MM* Innings, when Marttnsburg col- teeted three hits, two of them being of .the.teritch variety, scoring re* U *"'' never In trouble until To Amuse I SfOHl'S the nirith- Inning. Up until that time only two Martlnsburg men had been as far as second base. In the second inning, Wineland walked and went to secJbnS-'otf a wild pitch, but he died there,: when Bllko, and Brumbaugh fanned ^and, Hlnish fouled out to IlMtn'e fourth Inning with two out Wlneland doubled but no damage was done as Bllko fanned for the third out. in ttte other innings the Martinsburg team went out in order, with exception of lhe\lhth, when a little trouble was Ca L»tshaw batted for Hunter and grounded but Chementl to -Andrews- Sheeders hit one to Wilson which he knocked .down but could not make a play at first, getting credit with a hit. M. Kay-batted for Beery and he -col- leoted ari infleld hit. Grant Sm th singled to left field and Sheeders tried to Score, being thrown out at the plate on a close play, Walters to Chementl to Hlokey. Wineland .grounded out to Chadwick to end the game. Penn -.Central scored three ruiy in the setond. Athey doubled. Walters grounded out to second Athey going to ' third. Andrews grounded out to short, Athey scoring.on the play. Schapple alrtgled. •••->• Hlckey singled. Wilson doubled and both Schapple and Hlckey •cored.^; Chadwlok' filed out. Penn Central got one run in the ' fourth when Andrews the. first man up hit a home run to right fleld. Penn Central's flnal three runs came ih the fourth when Andrews the first nian-*up hit a. home run to right field. Penn Central's final throe- runs came In the eighth as the result of another honre 'run. this time by Hlckey. Athey grounded otrt" v to 'open the innings. Walters singled, Andrews doubled. 'Walters stopping at third. Schapple grounded out to second base, both runners holding their bapos. Hlckey drove onMver Beery's head In center fleld for' a home run scoring Andrews and Walters ahead of him. Next Saturday Penn Central travels to Willlamsburg for a Blair league contest. ' Saturday's summary: AB. R. H. O. A. E, 00140 00140 Appleipan, cf. : 3 0 0 r 0 0 Athey, 8b. .... Walters, If. .. Andrews, Ib. . Schapple, rf. , Hlckey, c. ..• Wilson, p. ... Blatcd at Baretown • ' | ' Roaring Bprihg, boasting; df e.. Quartet of pennahta ih the Blair county Baseball league, Is sitting On top of -the W6fld at present and prdtnlsea to sit there too, clear down to the end of the baseball season. The Papertown is out In front in the Blair race without a wptry In the world" and baseball fans ifi .the town are whooping things tut for. another pennant. And they, have a right to make whoopee, tod. R6a«ng Sprlngr handed out -A real licking In this city to the Penn .Central champions, Leo Carroll being a real king on the hurling peak allowing but 6 hits fanning a half dozen. He came near scbrlng a whitewash. The visitors made merry With base hits and 18 of them scattered all over the Maple avenue arta, the drives being good for 10 runs; Blir tfauver, foraaer Eastern league ball star, who Is a newcomer to Roar- Ing Spring, made merry against the juloemalters in this City. He banged out 6 successive lilts to set a Blair record for the seasons One-of', his drives was tagged for a home run, too. Experiment Successful The Blair County Baseball league experimented over the Week-end 'by staging a game on a holiday and also playing ball on the following date. And the experiment has been highly successful and future Blair league schedules will likely see the holidays filled up. In the past years of the Blair league Memorial day, July Fourth, Flag day were all open dates in order to give the various teams a chance to play .at home or tour away meeting independent teams. ' Fans, however, care nothing about the independent exhibitions, but want more league competition and the Blair league managers are going to give the fans just what they want. Crowds at the Friday games were large despite the cold weather. And the fans were b,ack for more baseball again on Saturday! . • •• Five of the six Blair entries were at home over the two days, WllllamsbOrg being the. only team to miss a game. This came- about due to Williamsburg's two straight home, games earlier In the race. Willlamsburg gets a July 4,home date. M. D. Busy \Vlth riann Big things are on tho .way for the Middle Division of the Pennsylvania AtttLt;*!d8 (Id WAdHlfoatotf, June 1-Wnen bib. rell WllliaM substitute t^cohd sacker hit « homer ih the sixth With two on the Athletics weftl ihto tlte lead and Washington dropped out of first place yesterday. The Macks w*bn 9 tb « and m6V6d into first., tt was ttf« first loss of the year for Sam Jones. Lineups: JPhlladelphlft- AB. R. H. O. A. E. Williams, 2b. .......... 6 i 2 0 ? 0 Boley, ss. ,-. 8 0 HaasYcf 5- 1 Gramer, if... .k........ 5 1 lb..ii..- • 52 11 1 8 1 2 2 11 MI11BJ-, rf ; . ............ Sri 8 MoMair,,3». . ........ ... 4« 1 8 ' railroad.and While this terhwd the "off season 1 ' in sport f6f som« of- ganiaatlon Middle Division is fat from Idle. •'."•• Middle Division always leads all divisions In points scored In track and fleld meets and this year prdhliseS to be no exception. The division is lining up the squad of athletes 'and It is hoped to make a clean sweep this fall In the system events, Last 'year Middle DivlSt6n won almost all the races, missing out only in the half mile. This yea* Middle division wants to win this event also. The division Will sponsor, a Junior baseball team and plans ate now. under way to place a team, oh the .Held Within the next few wdetts. Ike Me- Cord will likely get the call to coach the junior team. A big squad of play- ets'is available. ' Things You Should know • That It was good and cbld on Memorial day and this cold weather was responsible for the high scores In all Blair league ganies . . . all winning teams counting Into two Hgures . . . as winners ma'de 36 runs and losers got 13 ... which .is some high aeorlng. -^—Five home runs Was the total of circuit drives for one day in.the Blair race . . . MaUrice Thompson Williamsburg landing one, Bill Fauver and Dick Snyder of> Springs each getting one with Hinlsh of the Martlnsburg team and Abe Burket of Claysburg gettlhg the others.——That It waa too cpld to pitch ball Is best shown In ,the free walks given out ,by 'Danny Grove and Herb Bolger ... warm .weather chuckers ... the pair passing 9 to first base. Busy days are ahead for the- Altoona speedway and it is Just thirteen more days-until the race machines will roar/around the Tipton bowl . . . with drivers to hop oft to tune up their cars within a day or so.' •'' Local fans will regret the, accident to Deacon Litz who fractured an arm at Indianapolis ... and that means he'll have to miss his first Altoona race. Roger Speidel, who performs for the Roaring Spring Blair league team Is also a cage player . . . seeing service last winter with the Middle Division Juniors . . . and his -residence Is Hollidaysburg. . Schang, c .......... '-.. 3 2 Cbchrane, c. . . ......... 0 0 Mahaffey, p. Grove, p. STATE COLLEGE—TWO members of the "Penn State' coaching staff left the campus today for the summer months, Charlie Speidel, wrestling coach, and Larry Conpyer, freshman basketball and football line coach,. Totals Wftihlngton— West, cf. ....... Hayes, zzzz 1 Bice, If •• 5 Goslin, Ib 4 Judge, Ib 3 Myef, 2b o Cronln, ss. ..;<••. 4 Bluege, 3b > 3 Spencer, c. ............ 3 Tate, ,c., zz 1 KUel, zz* ..; .'... 1 Jones, p. ..;....i...... 2 Thomas, p. 0 ..41 9 12 27-12 1 AB. R. H. O. A. E. 4133 0 0 0 0 1 1 4 -I 0 6 0 3 1 1 0 0 2 0 6 0 0 0 DARBROOK SILKS H08K OUT OYOLONHS fr 10 4 Overcoming a three 1 rHri Jtftftd the Darbrook Silks defeated the,Cyclones B-4 on Saturday, Grimme struck out A dozen batters but lost the decision, the 6 hits off his delivery coming with men ott the paths. .Cashfnan chucked fine ball for the Silks. Weigand featured with • a noriter 1ft t«e eighth. Godfrey walked 1ft the sahi* «>tiMA, Conion hlttln'g* a two bagger to scot's him. Pot games with Silks Call 6387 or write to Harry J. Mohler of stt Jag* gard street. .Lineups:. (jycione*— AB.:;. 'M: O. A. B. oiasson, 2b. ........... 6 i' i 1 0 i Conrad, ss. 4 01020 Dawson, 3ti 4 0 2 2 2 0 Shay, Ib S 21900 B. Russell, cf 3 110 0 0 Harris, if .'.. 4 0 1 0 0*0 C. kaphammer, rf. .... 3 0 0 0 0 0 Blendle, c .3 0 0 12 0 0 Grimme, p i 4 0 1 0 2 0 J. Kaphammer, cf ,1 0 0 0 0 0 Barnes, z l Marberry, p. ...< 0 Boss, zzz ..v >•••• 1 Burke, p »....-«-. 0 Loepp, zzzzzz 0 0 0 Total*'. .' 38 ~6 15 2? 9 2 ' zBatted for Thomas In 6th. zzBatted for Spencer In 8th. zzzBatted'for Marberry in 8th. -• zzzzBatted for Tate in 9th. \ l zzsSzzBatted for Burke in 9th. ' zzzsi**Batted for West In 9th. Philadelphia ., ,. 002^^0006 100-9 Washingtoh • • 010 001 120—6 Runs batted In, Spencer, Williams, Hras, Judge 2, Foxx, Miller, Williams 3, West, McNalr, Goslln 2. Two base hits, Cronln, West, Foxx. Three base hits, Goslln 2> Home run, Williams. Sacrifice, Judge. Left on bases, Philadelphia 6, Washington 12. Base on balls, off Mahaffey B, Jones 1, Grove 1. Struck out, by , Jones 1, Mahaffey 2, Thomas 1, Grove 2. Hits, off Jones 7 in 6 innings, 1 run scored, 3 on base, none out in 6th; off Thomas 2 in 1; off Mahaffey IB in 8 1-3; off Grove p in 2-3. Winning pitcher, Mahaffey. Losing pitcher, Jones. Umpires, Geisel, Dineen and Nallin. Time, 2.10. ALTOONA TENN1SMEN WIN. Altoona-High net players on Saturday defeated Willlamsburg High 6 matches tq 1. Parson, No. 1 maroon player, was absent. , John Miller, Altoona beat Hoover 9-7 and 6-4. Fred Smith, Altoona won from Fay 6-2 and 6-1. Sam Sealfon, Altoona won from Whittaker 62 and /6-1. Henry Radner beat Snare 6-4 and 6-2. Bob Halght, Altoona beat Detwller 6-0 and ,6-0. In doubles Smith-Miller,. Altoona won from Hoover and Fay 6-2 and 6-3. Wil- llamsburg won the flnal double match 6-2 and 6-3 from Sealfon and Rlgg. Totals .............. 34 4. 8 24 6 1 .JDarbrook Silks— AB. R. H. O. A. E. Weigand, Ib., c. ..:... 4 2.111 0 1 Griffith, 3b. ... .x 3 01120 Huber, If. 3. 1 0 3 0 0 Godfrey, ss. .«.• 3 1 1 1 B 0 Conlon; 2b 3 0 1 2. 2 0 Lewis, rf. , 4 0 00 0 0 Letscher, cf 3 0 0 0 0 0 Jaghuber, c., 1 b. ..... 3 1 19 .0 0 Cashman, p 3 00 01 0 Totals ....'.; 29 5 5 27 10 1 Cyclones 300 010 000—4 DafbroOk •... 000 101 12x— 6 Stolen bases, Cyclones 7, Darbrook 9,. Sacrifice hit, Griffith. Two base hit, Conlori. Home run, Weigand. Struck out, Cashman 7, Grimme, 12. Bases on balls", Cashman 2, Grimme 2. Hit by pitched ball! Shay. Left on bases, Cyclones' 7, Darbrook 3. Umpire, Turchetta. OLA88Y 6» COAST. In the rnclfl6 Const league garden where such baseball flowers as Mickey Cochrane, Tony Lazzerl, Jffiarl Averlll and 'Smead JoIIey were plucked,'the 1930 crop Is particularly promising. One of th"e choicest of these budding phenoms who may cost A Dig league owner a small fortune within a year or two la Meryl Moagr, above, 20-year-old outfielder with the Sacramento Soloni. The lad Is catching the fans' eyes this year with his hard tinting, deadly throwing and fast footwork both on the piitlis and In the outfield. ' ORifcftWOOfi WINNER. Oreenwood wo* two games front Langdondale $-3 and 13-8. Greenwood meets Junlftta Y on Thursday. Saturday Dftrbrobh will be:piayed. Ufl*-* upa: J*»ga<»mite1*~ AB. R. H. O. A. E. BtilhStO, 3b. 4 1 1 2 1 2 Dell, as 311331 Bfthlbllng, 2b. ..; 4 12411 WiiHantt, Ib. 310811 Kfcne, cf .".•• 3 0 1 0 0. 0 Leighty, c 300501 Singer, p. 2 00020' Shab, rf. 100100 tfeed. If. 211200 W. Kline, rf 210200 Totals <....27 6 627 8 6 Greenwood— AB. R. H. O. A. E. W. PertV, 2b. 4 23220 Grove, 8b 412111 Colyer, cf 423100 F. Perry, ss. ...» 3 23230 Engles. c. 313900 Skipper, p 323010 Ammerman, If. ....... 3 1 1 1 0 1 McConahy, rf. ........ 1 0 0 0 4 1 Chambers, Ib 3 1 1 8 1 0 Hanna, rf ..2 1"! 0 0 0 Totals ...30132024 8 3 iangdondale Oil 020 Oil— 6 Greenwood :.... 203 132 02x—13 Stolen bases, Grove, F. Perry, Dell, Colyer, Need. Sacrifice hits, Singer, Hanna, Skipper, Williams. Two- base hits, Bambling, W. Perry; Engles, Kuhsto. Double plays, .Chambers to F. Perry. Struck out,- Singer 5, Skipper 9. Left on bases, Langdondale' 4, Greenwood 6.. Umpire, Johnson and Howard. GAMES AT BEIAWOOD. , Three ganies are scheduled in the Bellwood "Y" Baseball league this week. Tonight at 6 o'clock Cook's Market meets Firemen. On Tuesday Firemen meet the Furniture Store. Friday Furniture Store plays Goldberg's. BLAIRMONT MIXED HI Playing hi tft« h*fhfflft*£ : double* at Blalrnwtit at. day twenty-two lifting*' flne score* d«*fttt* cofd a strong wind. flwr p(*y a tie, two teattia reortnj a fl **t' tal. Th« b«*t »cor» <?f tBs d»f the Mrs. Geetfge I*eqtt!giM**-.fl)iV Miller match. thU pair ti*#Uf£ ift gross mark with a 12 handfjafr, and Mrs. Tom Norton' tunwd Ht * gross 88 (Core. The suwmaty »*» lows, giving the gross acor», IUUIdf> cap, and net score: Mrs. Pequlgnot—Dr. FreKJ IftQef Out 63547545 4—« ' ' In 54548*55 5—44 8» 12 tf Mrs. Fluke—W. H. Hughes Out B4768788 6—S3 In 64536666 6—60 103 » 7* Mrs. W. L. Morrison—Tax Smfley.' i Out 87648865 5—51 In 63546456 5—44 96 19 7* Mr.-Mrs. J. D. Lattery... 101 J2 7» Judge and Mrs. Baldrige. 98 30 78 Mr.-Mrs. Tom C. Norton .88 * .»MM." Fluke-H. Hughes .. 128 M 10* Mr.-Mrs.' C. McEldowney. 120 38- 90 J. E.-Anna J. McKelvfey. 117 29 W Mr.-Mrs. J. R. Martin 1ST » 83 Mr.-Mrs. Homer I. Smith. 108 21 87 Hiss Wolf-Paul Kuhn ... 120 3S 9S Mrs. Miller-Mr. Pequignot 16? 2* 8» Mr.-Mrs. Sid Shaffer 123 27 98 Martin and Krlck Mackey 108 28 82 Mrs. Bliss-Mr. Bell 115 2* 8» Mrs. Bell-Bob Hughes ... 99 13 88 Mr-Mrs. Irvin Isenberg-.. 117 2» 88 Mr. and Mrs. McCartney 122 30 91 Mr. and Mrs. Hale Hunter 109 18.» Mr. and Mrs. J. Smith ..117 M 8*' AM ELS Greatest T In J.J.JL ;penn Central— Chadwick, «s Chementl, 3b 2 2 1 0 3 14 1 1 2 7 1 0 MurtlnBburg— Sheeders, ss Smith', rf Wineland, c, .... Bllko, If. Hlnlsh, Ib, Brumbaugh, 3b. C, Kay, 2b Hunter, p Latshaw, x M. Kay, xx ... -, ,.. 38 7 10 27 17 0 AB. R. H. O. A. E.' ....4 0 2 1 2 1 .... 3 1. 4. Urn- TotalB ,; 30 0 B 21 B Z xBatted for Hunter in Oth. xxBatted for Beery in Oth. Martinsburg MO ooo 000-0 Penn Central 030 100 03x—7 1 Stolen bases, Athey, Beery. Runs bltUdln, Andrews 2, Wilson 2, H ckoy 8 Two base hits, Athey, Wllflon, Wineland, Andrews. Home runa, Andrews. Hlckey. Double plays, Wi eon to Cha,dwick to Andrews. Struck out, by Wilson- 7, by Hunter 6. Bases on balls, off Wilson 1. off Hunter Wild pitch, Wilson. Left 01 Penn Central 6. Martlnsburg, pire, Dyke, Steven^. BUANU AGAIN WINNER. STATE COLLEGE—For the secund year in succession Fred Brand, Jr., of Bewlckley, has been declared the winner of the all-college golf tournament at Farm State. Brand, who is a sophomore member ofthe varBlty team, defeated Johnny Murray, also a varsity player, in the final* to repeat hla triumph of last year when he •#M_a freahman. The tournament, begun last faU wa» halted by an early BHOW- Btorm with the Brand-Murray match still unplayed. • MAV ENTKB MEET. STATE COLLEGE—Two or three Penn State athletes may enter the national intercollegiate track and field championships to be held at Chicago. While entries were filed for six men, U la probable that only one or two, three at most, will actually enter the competition. Raquirementa for entrants are BO stringent that only men who have made exceptional records for the season are considered worthy of competing. Oil America's Fast Growing Lint of Tires —DEFIANCE— You can purchase Defiailce Tires for less money than any other first quality, guaranteed tire on the American Majket today. That is why-Defiance is sold by more than 250 leading Department Stores in the United States. 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