Independent from Long Beach, California on February 2, 1960 · Page 3
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 2, 1960
Page 3
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Qpvm By JIM PHELAN- The Fastest Car in the World Last weekend police picked up 24 youngsters -- 1 1 of them legally juveniles, racing their souped-up cars on the public streets in a nearby town. Thanks to the police, they'll live at least a few days more. It is old hat to deplore these suicidal pranks of the young and a mark of senility to assert that the youth of a bygone day were really any different. But they were different, and if this be s e n i l i t y we embrace the state. W h e n w e w e r e young in southern Illinois, too many years ago, our sole dealings with automobiles -- except as a passenger in a vehicle managed by an adult -- were purely verbal. consisted mainly of arguing about how fast a Stanley Steamer would go if PHELAN They you opened 'er up wide. It was the consensus, arrived at by some arcane formula, that a wide-open Steamer would vastly exceed the awful pace of a hunnert miles an hour. The issue - was by how much. She'll Just Keep On . . . .. One school of unfettered thought maintained that there was no limit to the Stanley's ultimate speed. "She'll just keep on a-gainin 1 until she's can't take a curve," these radicals would assert. This led to speculation on what she would do on a level straightaway, a couple hunnert miles long, with no curves, bumps, or cow-crossings. It was generaly conceded that such a test was impractical because of the human element. "Nobody," some young sage would always interject, "would have the guts to stick with 'er." As opposed to the modern couriers of death, with their encyclopedic figures on displacement, compression, and gear ratios, our s p e c u l a t i o n s about the Stanley Steamer wore uncluttered by any real information. The steam- powered vehicle was an exolic machine that none of us had seen, although we would not confess to such provincialism. Our u t t e r ignorance gave free play to our young imaginations and thus made the topic inexhaustible. The Voice of Dissent , There was always a dissenter who claimed that the Stutz Bearcat could give the Stanley Steamer a run for her money. We Steamer fans would hoot down this contention without mercy. We had never seen a Stutz either--its habitat was the Ivy League and none of us was a Princeton man--but we knew that the Stutz was powered by a gasoline engine and thus finite. Gasoline engines had a measurable maximum speed, and there was incontrovertible data to establish this. When a town sport made the perilous run up to Peoria and back on a weekend, he would give us a detailed Track-and- Road report. "Opened her up when I hit that straight stretch the other site of Staunton," he'd say. "Got her up to 54 miles an hour and I thought the wind would tear her curtains off." The Last Word We would cite these figures to the Stutz supporter as evidence of the feeble limitations of the gasoline engine. "Even if a Stutz could go twice as fast, she couldn't touch a Steamer. When you get a Stutz up ;i round a hunnert she'd get so hot she'd burn her insides out. But a Stanley can't burn out because she's got nothin' inside her BUT WATER!" This was always the clincher. We feel sorry for the youngs! ers of today, shackled to a real car with a finite speed that can be determined. And since it can be determined, too often it will be, in those last seconds before the grinding impact of metal. Call it senility, but the Stanley Steamer was a vastly superior car. When she whizzed toward her awful supersonic speed, somehow we always survived. Sinkage Pacts Set tor OK final drafts of unitization agreements for the Fault Blocks 11 and III sections of the sinking Wilmington Oil Field were distributed among major operators in the field Monday, and Long Beach harbor officials predicted that the private oil interests involved will sign the documents promptly. The agreements call for a unitized campaign to control subsidence in the Long Beach Naval Shipyard area by re- pressuring the oil z o n e s underlying and adjacent to the shipyard. Although w a t e r - flooding operations to repressure the shipyard area now are advancing rapidly under cooperative agreements, Rep. Craig Hosmer said Monday that the signing of the unit agreements will be "a very large factor" in determining whether Congress will allow funds for subsidence remedial work at the shipyard. "WE HAVE encountered considerable delay in getting these documents printed," Sam M. Roberts, the city's subsidence control administrator, Monday told the Board of Harbor Commissioners, "but I am satisfied that the private operators involved Flaunted Carole Before His Wife \.: POLITICS Peahe Announces for Assembly Bid By BOR HOUSER William Hardin Peake, 31-year-old bachelor of 246 Coronado Ave., and new president of the El Dorado Democratic Club, announced Monday he will seek the Democratic nomination for Assembly 70th District. iPeake, who said he attended the entire 1059 General Session of the State Legislature at his own expense in order to ground himself in the fundamentals of its operation and become acquainted with members, opposes, to date, Mrs. Ora Knudson, Lake-wood (Jivic leader and president of trie 18lh Congressional Dis- trjct Democratic Council, for the nomination to opose the six-term incumbent, William in the East Long Beach 1 Grant. * + + * I 'PEAKE WAS born in Seattle where he attended grade and high school. He served as Downpour, Winds Hit 1L.B. Area · (Continued from Page A-l) police car had to be towed from deep water in the 1000 block of Roswell Ave. . FIFTEEN noninjury and four minor-injury accidents a program o were reported in the Compton Americanism " area. The intersection of Rose- £rans and Atlantic Blvd. in Compton was reported impassable and water backed up into nearby stores. ', Several intersections a n d Stretches of streets in Artcsia, Lakewood, Bcllflower, Nor- Walk and San Pedro were flooded and rendered nearly impassible. ; In county areas, the High- Xyay Patrol logged approximately 50 accidents in a four-hour period. ' * * # * ; ROCK SLIDES, with some boulders weighing 200 pounds, created a t r a f f i c hazard on Pacific Coast Hwy. near To- pango Canyon Blvd. and Rock Dr., but the const route \vas passable. '. Mud slides forced Los Angeles police to close a sec- lion of Benedict, Canyon Dr. to all but area residents and emergency traffic. a medical corpsman and dental technician in Navy service from March 10-15 to November 19-47; Marine Corps Reserve 1947-51; Korean action 1950-51 with intelligence section. He miijoreu in political science and law at the University of Washington. Since 1951 he has been employed in various aircraft, lumber and engineering firms as a draftsman, methods analyst, industrial engineering consultant, spare parts analyst, technical writer, technical publications checker and contract administrator. Me now is em ployed at Babcock Radio Engineering, Costa Mesa. * j,-. * * HE WAS ON the Washing ton State Democratic Central Committee 1953-54; worked for Adlai Stevenson in Los Angeles County in 1956; was county campaign chairman for State Treasurer Bert Belts in 1958. Peake said he is for passage of the state water bond issue. He opposes the Bonelli Plan for Senate reapportionment; would work for protection for small business against 'price undercutting policies of chain stores" and endorses of "responsible 6 More Bodies Found in Mine Y U B A R I C I T Y , Japan (Tuesday) (UP1) -- Rescuers found the bodies of six more :niuc-is today, bringing to 33 the number of known dead in a tremendous explosion that wrecked a shaft in one of Japan's largest coal mines. Ten others still were missing and feared dead. ADRIENNE BECKER, cochairman of the 18th District Democratic Central Committee, has appealed to members of area Democratic groups to write or wire Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson asking him (o reconsider his decision to eliminate the grading of lamb. Mrs. Becker noted that the new State Consumer Counsel Helen Nelson has branded the discontinuance of grade label ing as a serious threat to the consumer interest. "This action," she said, "would leave the consumer] with no guidance other t h a n | b r a n d labeling. Moreover,; in the past the smnll ! packers have relied on q u a l i t y labeling to compete with h i g h - j ly advertised brand names,! this change will materially aid] the large companies to stifle competition from newer and smaller firms." n o w will e x e c u t e them promptly." He said the Union Pacific j Railroad, largest private pro- iducer, plans to sign the agrec- jments this week and that the , Southern California Edison Co. and Ford Motor Co. already have taken board action authorizing key executives to sign for those firms. The other private producer involved, the Mobil Oil Co. (formerly General Petroleum) previously signed when the agreement was in rough form. THE AGREEMENTS themselves declare that the private operators must sign "on or prior to" March 1 if they are to be effective. The City of Long Beach is allowed one year following the effective dale to join the unit. In Harbor Board a c t i o n Monday, the commissioners adopted resolutions approving the agreements and authorizing Port General Manager Charles L. Vickers to execute them in behalf of the city. Similar action will be quested of the State Lands seeks to assure validity of Commission and the Long lease extensions in event the (Continued from Page A-l) Miss Tregoff as she sat 10 around Barbara and called her 'Honey.'" "Did he have a pet name for her?" "Yes, he called her his 'Black Bunny.'" Finch smiled slightly at the words, looked grim feet from him. "What happened that specific day?" "Bernie got a telephone call and when he came out he said 'Carole is going water skiing with us.' Barbara was upset." :i: # * * CAROLE, who was Finch's receptionist at Ihe time, drove up half an hour later with a girlfriend in Finch's car. A boat was on the trailer behind the car and they drove to Salton Sea outside the resort. Mrs. Haber said,that when they got the boat launched Carole, sat up in front with Dr. Finch and Barbara sat in the back with Mrs. Haber. "Was the doctor and his wife's manner and attitude different at the end of the visit?" Whichcllo asked. "Yes. Dr. Finch was less affectionate." Mrs. Haber testified that the day before her death Mrs. Finch called to say she "warned to get away from Bernie," and asked if she could come to Palm Springs for a few days. Mrs. Haber said sho told her certainly, but that 3r. Finch, was not informed that she had the right to reuse to answer any questions. The occasion of Carole', idmission that Finch was her over was a preliminary hear- ng for the doctor last July 29. Bringgold elicited from Municipal Judge Albert H. Miler the admission that he, in Fact, advised Miss Tregoff to answer the question of whether she was "sexually in timate" with the doctor. sponsor a charter amendment proposal at the May 10 city election. The measure will be designed to make the charter conform with state law on the matter of extending upland oil leases so these leases can be included in units to be formed in the Fault. Blocks IV and V sections of the Wilmington Field. AT THE PRESENT time there is a dispute between the city and the state as to whether portions of the land on which these leases are located are uplands or tidelands. State law permits Ihe lease extensions regardless of status, but the city charter authorizes extensions only on upland leases. The proposed charter change MRS. MINETTE HABER "Barbara Was Upset" he heat was 120 degrees an hat the rooms were not air cooled. * * * * SHE SAID Mrs. Finch told ler she would think it ovei ihe said Mrs. Finch lold her he doclor had called and lolc icr to withdraw contempt-of :ourl papers "within 24 hours or else." Defense l a w y e r Roben lale in Ihe day fough to keep Carole's previous ad missions from being read '·leeb said Miss Tregoff hat icen "entrapped by the prose cution." "How would this 22-year old girl know the technical ties about her rights?," he asked. Highlight of the morning session came when Carole's stepmother broke down on the witiuss stand as she tcs tified about the day Carole 'irst admitted she had been ntimate with Dr. Finch. Mrs. Gladys Tregoff, who iad raised Carole since the age of seven, sobbed anc could not continue. THE TRIAL was recessed or lunch and Carole, too, was in tears as she walked out. The stepmother was questioned by defense attor- icy Don Bringgold in an cf- 'ort to show that Miss Tre;off, on trial for murder, with Beach City Council. The board also voted to state's claims eventually arc upheld. Canadian National streamliners take you through Canada's snow-capped Rockies HEADING EAST? SEE THE C A N A D I A N ROCKIES ON THE W A Y ! Miles of breathtaking beauty through the Canadian Rockies See Jasper National Park... playground of the Rockies Shop and sightscc In colorful Canadian cities Have a drlve-yourself car waiting at your destination It's twico trio fun lo travel oast aboard a modern Canadian NATIONAL Stroam- linorl Arrivo relaxed and refreshed .., ready for work or play. 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