Independent from Long Beach, California on March 12, 1966 · Page 3
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
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Saturday, March 12, 1966
Page 3
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Red Guns Defied to Save Six SAIGON, Saturday Wt -U.S. Marine search helicopters, sweeping low through mountainous terrain, t o d a y rescued six more survivors of the lost battle at the Ashau Valley Special Forces camp. Two were Americans and the tribal soldiers. helicopters had FIFE OF 20 YANKS LIVED One Green Beret Survivor Tells of Hopeless Fighting (Editor'! Noli: Of tt» It Aimrlum taclra tntmv attacfci at the Aihau Special Fcrcts Cftmp, only five cim« ·vt alive. One of mem deicrHm the balllt WMEd agilniT hteelm «6di In others Nung M a r i n e risked heavy Communist fire Friday to pluck 59 exhausted allied survivors. In Da Nang, resentment flared at the ouster of Lt. Gen. Nguyen Chanh Thi as commander of the South Vietnamese First Army Corps. About 3,000 persons, mostly students and soldiers, held an orderly demonstration. Speakers said the radio station had heen taken over to broadcasl their demands, hut a check at the station showed there was no attempt to seize it. Other reports said students Look over the government radio stations in the central Viel Nam cities Hue. of Hoi and S O M E 2,000 Vietnamese had paraded peacefully Friday night in Da Nang, 380 miles north of Saigon, lo show their support of Thi. There were reports the de posed g e n e r a l was under house arrest in Saigon. B52 jets staged an explosive sequel Friday to the fall of the Ashau Valley camp. The eight - engine homhers from Guam saturated an area in the Central Highlands, three miles from Cambodia's border, that was described as a Communist assembly point. U.S. fighter-bomber pilots managed to fly 11 missions against Communist North Viet Nam Thursday. A terrorist grenade blasted at a U.S. military jeep on its way from Saigon to the capital's Tan Son Nhut airport. Four American soldiers and By ROBERT IBRAHIM DA NANG, South Viet Nam (UP.I)--Out of the elephant grass and through the barbed wire the enemy assaulted the camp in human waves until they swarmed over the hill. "They just kept coming and coming." said a weary, bandaged survivor of the battle : or Ashau Special Forces camp Friday in recalling the fierce fight. "We killed an awful lot of them." Spec. 5 Wayne H. Murray, 23, San Diego, Calif., told how it was to face an overwhelming force of Communist troops at the camp located deep in enemy territory about three miles from the Laos border and SS.miles west of Da Nang. Murray had been shot, but he was ready to go back. He walked proudly but with a limp. He wore his bandages like a badge. He was one of the elite "Gren Berets," the f n u r Vietnamese were injured. passershy A. Little Rain May Cul Sninze What this parl of the country needs i s - a good .05-inch rain. That, says the weatherman, would rid these parts of the current night - through - morning fog and afternoon smaze predicted for today and Sun day. The forecaster isn't risking even a nickel on prospects of pricipitation in this area, although a cold front due in by late Sunday may (or may not) clear the atmosphere of the U.S. Army's Special Forces. * * * * AFTER two days of ceaseless fighting, Murray was brought out by Marine helicopter Thursday from the camp where he and the 380- man detachment had stood up to an estimated 5,000 North Vietnamese regular troops. "They didn't take the camp," Murray said. "We were evacuated. They didn't take it away from us." Murray's left arm, left hand, left side and left leg were swathed in bandages. He had been hit by mortar and grenade fragments in the battle. In the final dash for the evacuation helicopters, he was shot in the leg. He had been a member of the "A" team, 102nd Special Forces Detachment at the Ashau camp since last August. * * * * THE FIRST full-scale alert, Murray said, was about 2 a.m. Wednesday. The Americans and the oth er camp defenders spent the rest of the night'on the mut wall, and all the next day in a mortar and machinegun due with the Communists who die not get too close that firs day. Some planes that man aged to get.through the thick overcast helped hold the Com munists off with bombs, rock ets and napalm. And late in the afternoon, an Army Cari bou brought ammunition am more medical supplies for th besieged camp. "Then (at 2 a.m. the nex -AT Wlreohnts SURVIVED BATTLE OF ASHUA VALLEY CAMP Sp. 5 Wayne H. Murray Was Rescued by Helicopter smoke and haze that produces!day) they a s s a u l t e d th I wall." Murray said. " T h e Sukarno Bows Out, Suharto in Charge (Continued from Page A-1) stralions in the Indonesian capital for the past two weeks, Sukarno ousted Nasution Feb. 21 from his position as defense minister in an apparent move to regain the power the president lost after the abortive Communist - backed coup attempt last October. Sukarno has been under increasing and violent pressure lo get rid of Communist elements. Sources here sail they had heard Subandrio already had left Indonesia, but they did not know where he had gone They said they suspected he would head for Tokyo, Cam · bodia, Karachi or even Hanoi t * * * SUBANDRIO has been a target of anti-Chinese ele ments since October. In the months since then the country's economy has ;one from bad to worse. Th Ms included galloping infl; lion. It has been estimated the more than 100,000 Commi nists have been killed in I: donesia since Oct. l.Thecou ray has a population of mo than 100 million. In the past few days, st dents, with tacit support fro the army, have sacked t Red Chinese consulate ge eral, the Chinese commerci attache's home and the J karta bureau of Peking's Ne China News Agency. I the east wall, and Ihen the uth wall where I was. "We were hit by recoilless ·e, and at 2:15 they . fts- ulted the wire. We re- rned their fire and k e p , t on the received steady fire, a i m i n { them up About 2:30 I ju 0 shrapnel wounds. 'T kept pulling pins renades and throwing them. "They kept coming in mass irmations. About 4 a.m. they ot lo the closest wire lo Ihe amp.' There were two rows ol arbed wire. Murray said le Communisls used a type 1 Bangalore torpedo--ex- .osives in a t u b e--which iey slid under Ihe wire to low holes in it. "ABOuV this time, I was unhing low on ammunition, nd went b a c k for more, here were only six rounds ol vTilie Peter (white phosphorus)'left. We fired those and len took a half box of gren- des back and threw them for bout a half hour u n l i l we an oul. "1 had lo fall back to the mortar pit again." Using a machine gun anc inches above the top of Ir wall to keep the Communis from coming over. "But, finally, about 5:3 they got over the wall. The were within grenade rang but we were out of grenades Murray said he and sever other defenders pulled to the heavily fortified com munications hunker and hoi ·up there u n t i l about 7 a. Captain Probe of Sex Spy on Way to Affair Not p ubl j c Viet Shot BOGALUSA, La. (UP!)--A egro army captain preparing ship out to Viet Nam was lot by a sniper while his ack was turned early Friday id charged tearfully that it as a racial attack. against. Framed by the bright lights an all-night service station nd preoccupied with a cal om a public telephone to his rother, Capt. Donald Sims 9, was hit by one of at leas iree shots (hat ripped irough a plate glass window. (Continued from Page A-l) side. 1 happen to love and respect my wife and children. "I shall not permit the respected name of the Sevigny family to be dragged in the mud o r I o h e disparaged "I shall ask the soldiers who by the thousands fought and bled w i t h me during World War 11 if they believe that Pierre Sevigny or any Sevigny f o r t h a t matter could betray this Canada that the Sevignys love so much.' THE BULLET penetrated is shoulder and lodged in his eck, but he made it under is own power to a ^los vhen two people in a car reused to take him. He was in ood condition Friday night. The Federal Bureau of In- estigation joined local and tale police in an investiga- ion in this papermill coni- lunity with a history of acial turmoil. In Washington, )efense Secretary Robert S. VIcNamara called on the Jus ice Department to step in. The Chamber of Commerce announced a group of private citizens in town had posted a $2,500 reward for information eading to the arrest and conviction of the sniper. * * * * SIMS, a six-year army veteran just hack from Germany and en route to guerrilla .raining for Viet Nam, was in civilian clolhes. "There was no advance warning, I saw nothing, heard nothing," (he muscular six- footer said from his hospital bed. SEVIGNY lost a leg h World War 11. Sevigny's name was thrown into a fiery House of Commons debate by Creditist Party leader Real Caouette, who overcame bitter Conservative 1 arly Opposition to read a Toronto newspaper account of Canada's "Little Profumo* April Draft Call Slashed to 21,700 WASHINGTON (AP)--The Defense Department Friday called for the draft induction when planes started bombing f i f 2 ],700 men for (he Army through the overcast. Robert Rcguly, who said he iad located Miss Munslnger ilivo in Munich, where she was previously reported to iave died. She claimed, in the report, she also knew another min- ster in the same cabinet "very well." In the procedural maneuver that finally outwitted furious Tory opposition, Caouette listed the following questions in the House of Commons: Is It true (hat Miss Mun singer was well acquaintec with Pierre Sevigny, forme: ssociate defense minister?" "Is It true, according to thi ory, that another ministe as 'perfectly acquainted 'ith her? "Is it true she was at anquet in Montreal attcndei y opposition leader .loh iefenbaker and other mem ers of his Cabinet? Is It true that she Is read o come and give evidence o verything she knows aboi lie case? "Is It true she feared fo icr life in Canada from a Montreal businessman and acketeer?" Cardin did not rise to an- wer Caoueltc's questions. The conservatives kept up constant heckle, and former Conservative Veterans Affairs mall ither nrms, M u r r a y an( defenders kept up "THE C O M M U N I S T S would come over the south wall, and he driven back, ime and again. It was that way for the rest, of the day. We stayed in the pil and the communications bunker from 6 a.m. until about 10 minules o 5 in the afternoon when we got a message that we were being evacuated. "They had a lot of Communists out there. The camp was ringed with antiaircraft weapons, and there w e r e automatic weapons all over the valley. We had killed about 450 to 500 of I h e m ourselves and the air strikes got. a lot more. But there were still a lot of Communists out there." n April. This is the lowest monthly quota s i n c e last August, shortly after (he big buildup for Viet Nam got under way. The April quota is slightly below the 22,400 now fixec for March. The March call was revised downward from more than 32,000 because of a high rate of voluntary enlistments. INDEPENDENT--Pago A-F" i »uch. c»M.. lit., M«rcft 11, l«4 Minister wondered Gordon aloud if Churchil the Miss LESTER PEARSON He Closed the Doors case. Munich police said Mr. Munsinger lived alone in one-room apartment. The said she was born in 1929 an was a "fashion journalist" h profession. Her neighbors described he as a quiet girl--(all, slende and w i l h large eyes. She has occupied the apartment for three yars. A name plate on the apartment door listed her as "Gertn Munscnger." Rut police said their records carried her name as "Munsin- gerriz." Sevigny served in Ihe defense post in the Conservative administration of I hen Prime M i n i s t e r J o h n Dicfenbaker, Munsinger quoted in the newspaper story was the real one. He pointed oul that "ardin had said the woman had died four years ago. "Is this an impostor brought into print to serve someone's purpose?" Churchill asked. Cardin, a liberal who repre- RABBI ADLER 'A Noble Spirit' Rabbi Adler i. Dies From i Gun Attack "·f. DETROIT (/«--Rabbi Mor- · ris Adlcr, a prominent Jewish religious leader who was ;unned down during services..'; almost a month ago, died FrU»i day without having regained' 1 " consciousness. He was 59. ·"···· His wife Goldic and on(y"_ T daughter were at his side. .'. Adler was shot in the head Feb. 12 at the niultimillion- ... dollar Shaarcy Zcdek Syria-. } gogue by Richard Wishnet- ·' sky, 23, a brilliant young marf'" with n history of mental lll : ' ^' ess. "' Wislmetsky then shot him-'" 1 self as some 600 worshippers at the ecumenical service'· looked on. He died four days'-'; sents a Quebec constituency, charged that Diefenbaker *new of the scandal but did nothing about it because he did not think involved. security was The Indonesian debacle fo!-' lows severe rebuffs to Red China in Ghana, where Chinese diplomats, newsmen and advisers were expelled following the ouster Feb. 24 of President Kwame Nkrumah, and in other African countries in eluding Kenya. Auto-Thcits Tipster Flees Baja Prison TIJUANA, Mexico (UP1)-- Nathan Pupko, 42, who gave authorities the information hat led to the smashing o! an international car-theft ring las escaped from La Mesa Federal Penitentiary, it \ reported Friday. Pupko, who took refuge in his home in San Diego, Calif, told officials he fled Thursday because he learned that othe prisoners would try 1o kil him. He said he escaped while being taken to a dentist downtown Tijuana. PRESIDENT SUKARNO Now a Figurehead LT. GEV. SUHARTO Indonesia Strong Man INFORMATION supplied by upko after he was arrested n Los Angeles led to the reakup last January of a car- left ring assertcdly head- in La Mesa Peni- uartered entiary. Officials estimate ing members stole ahout 4S ars in the United States, al- ered the markings in the irison and sold them in Mex FBI Grabs Fugitive Who Fled Calif. WASHINGTON (UPI)--The FBI announced Friday nigh he arrest of Ralph Dwayni Owen, 25, one of its mos wanted fugitives, in Kansa; City, Mo. FBI Director .1. E d g a Hoover said that Owen charged with bank robbery was seized by FBI agents a newly rented duplex in Kansas City residential neigh borhood, where he was livin wilh his bride and her teen age brother. * * V * HOOVER said that Owe and Charles Lorin Gove ha escape from the Californ medical facility at Vacavill Calif., Oct. 31, and then a legedly took part in a natio wide crime spree. Gove was captured by f". agents in New Orleans Fe 16. CO. The alleged ringleader was Diabetics Warned on Hypos WASHINGTON IXP) -- The ood and Drug Administra- on warred diabetic patients, lysicians and nurses Friday check on any two-cubic- entimeter insulin syringes iey have. Dr. James L. Goddard, com- lissioner of food and drugs, aid at least 1,440 incorrectly alibrated syringes labeled ith the firm name "East (N.J.) Syringes been distributed from A u g u s t , February, 1363. 1953, until I.ISS Malliews Duo ill Monday The USS Mathews. nn amphibious attack-cargo craft, is due to anchor Monday at 9:IS a.m. at the Seal Bench Na vals Weapons Station. The Malliews has spent K of Ihe last 15 months off Vie Nam shores participating in amphibious assaults. A Navy! band will'greet the Mathews as i! tics up. Relatives and friends of crewmen will nt- lenri the homecoming on the base. later. * * * * '.' i '~. THE rabbi's wife, lele : ".'"' ihoned a message of sympaJ ; " hy to Wishnetsky's parents '* few hours after the shooing. A spokesman for t h e ; synagogue said she had been · ' n touch wilh the Wishnet-'v sky's since. " ': Civic and religious leaders ··' from other faiths paid horn- ·· age to Rabbi Adler, w h o ' h a d ··'. done much lo initiate con- · tact among Jews, Protestants ami Catholics both locally.- and nationally. He had also-- bccn active in the labor field. ,-. .utherford nc.," have ince 1959. He added that the syringes re distributed by the Empire late Thermometer Co., Carl tadt, N..I. "USE OF incorrectly cali irated syringes may caus liabetics to receive a double lose of insulin and to suffe nsulin shock," Goddard sai n a statement. FDA said that the incorrect y marked 2cc syringe, whe ull, contains 80 units of in sulin (40 units strength) or 160 units of insulin (80 units strength) instead of 40 units or 80 units as indicated by the scale. THE ARTICLE, in Ihe Tor onto Daily Star, quoted the East German woman, Olg; Gerda Munsinger, as claiming to have been Sevigny's quent companion" from 1958 through 19BO. Pearson faced Ihe rowdiest ession of Commons in ten cars to announce that his ustice minister, American- orn Lucien Cardin, was wiling to gamble his career on lie outcome of a judicial in- [uiry. "And if you don'l like it 'ou can throw us out," Pear- ion shouted above the roar of angry Conservatives. Caouette led the details o! he Munsinger affair on the loor of Commons by asking lardin a series of questions about the validity of the Toronto Daily Star article. The newspaper report was based on an interview obtained by Star staff reporter j Union Leader Dies NEW YORK (/PI -- Leo Ullman, 67, former president of the .Clothing Manufacturers Association of America, died in a hospital here Thursday of head injuries suffered in auto accident that ·tilled his wife, Beatrice, 63. SAVE AT BURKS 19" General Electric 82-channel UHF-VHF PORTABLE $ TV -- SAVK AT IIIHIK'S -23" UHF-VHF TELEVISION $ Now Only S A V K AT IIIHIK'S 133 IIIHIK'S COLOR TV II"--1?"--21"--23"--25" Choose from our forge display. Hundreds of sefs. Open 9:30 to 9 BURK'S Open Evenings T fil 9 Sat. to 7--Closed Syndoy 356 Long Beach Blvd. 5372 Long Beach Blvd. Two days after the Ca fornia escape, officers caught up wilh the pair. But they were disarmed by the fugi- Val D, Culwell, 45, a former t j ves who continued on their Southern California used-car salesman. Culwell is serving: a five-year sentence for coun- erfeiting here. Pupko was taken into custody along with other alleged ing members. Mexican authorities say they will ask the United States to deport Pupko, who is a Mexican national. way in the officers' jeep. They took over a California ranch last Nov. 1 and held three women and a child hostage, then looted the premises and fled across country in a stolen car. Rusk Speech WASHINGTON /P -- The State Department announced Secretary Dean Rusk will deliver a speech at Boston University next Monday night. Editor Dies A former news editor of the Costa Mesa Daily Pilot, David Summers, died in Troy, Ohio, Thursday following a heart attack. He was 38 and was serving as editor of the Troy Daily News. He left the Costa Mesa paper in 1961. BAR Urges Practice on Rifle Range LOS ANGELES (CNS) -The California State Society of the D a u g h t e r s of the American Revolution closed; oul its four-day convention! Friday by passing severall resolutions which included calling for an end to the war on poverty and more marksmanship practice for service- age men. The group passed a resolution which said it was unconstitutional to appropriate money for the war on poverty. The resolution called for the federal government to "return welfare programs to local communities." 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