Independent from Long Beach, California on May 21, 1957 · Page 15
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 15

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 21, 1957
Page 15
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wince* FOX THIMBU [1ST COAST JNOW USTf DAY- | Audrey HEPBURN, Fred ASHIRE in "RINNYFACr "THE QUIET GUN" · FORREST TUCKER STARTS THE LYONS DEN TOMORROW "·MA* nMKMMM THK Out of tha iMrahM, mountain*, Jungl** ewn* , ' . , ttta Prtrxh Foreign Loglon to turn th» Dot In Indo ClNEMASCOg --·GENE »WIE^ BARRY- DICKINSON "NArKINGJOLE PLUS--ANOTHER CINEMASCOPE HIT JEFFREY mm ·SHEREE NORTH' 'BMSIILUYAI! WALTER BRENNAH Adventun ' Pf» Stiry «f aiHf. Lavaf Last Day-Voodoo Woman' 'The Undead' OWN NOON IMPERIAL J Tomorrow Revenge *m Romance SPARK A MIGHTY ^ . ADVENTURE ON THE BORDER TRAIL! Girl 'Press By LEONARD LYONS THE VATICAN ha» ju designated two Aroericara as I permanent representatives 1 the UN, particularly on mattei of atomic energy. The two an Prank Folsom of RCA and Fa ther Hesburgh of Notre Dam University . . . Dr. Adams, th 3rltlnh doctor acquitted xlson!ns one of his elderly pa ;lent», Is writing .a book wit f'ercy Hosklns, the trlme reporter. Its title will be "Wall o Gets 3-Siar ^Billing Prejudice" The completlo of Irwln Shaw's new novel was delayed by a skiing acclden !haw required six stitches nca Us eye. · · · · · · ' " S H A R M A N DOUGLAS laughter of ex - Ambassado Lewis Douglas, Is a press agcn now. She's been touring th country to exploit a new movie "Battle Hell." She returned t N. Y. last week with a treasured news clipping from a Texas pe rlodlcal. It refers to Miss Doug lat as "the starlet who appears In 'Battle Hell.'" as "the daugh ter of Justice William D. Doug las." and, as a final tiote, tha she's the "wifs of Peter Law ford." - · · · · · ' MRS. DYLAN THOMAS' TV Interview In London was cut of the air because of her comments about the American author o the book on her late husband. Rocky Marclano will make USO camp show tours abroad BUCK IND HIT ANTHONY QUINN ·· William Conrad THE BIG : CAPER R«ry CALHOUN REST , JADD-WEBB'IORI BCrYONA DOtfHIN O^^wo^ HENRY FONDA a ·UMONT Ml SlMI 'SS ITAITS 'WED, LAST DAY "TAnfiRKD '.'." DRISS" "10.000 v IID ROOMS" MM CINTUIt.FOX ·»»·* Daborah · MITCHUM Hivivi'ii Knows V Mr. Allisoiv^ fci I INI.1..AO. ·»*' ft ' Ray MILLAND 'RIVER'S .Anthony , OUINN ' EDGE'.' . "The House of Seagram's, the new building at 373 Par Ave, will be renamed, lest po tentlal tenant* object to takln quarters In a whisky bulldlni . Irene SeUnlck will vlsi Russia with the Cecil Browns tour. . - . . . INORID BERQMAN told my wife that she really knits on stage In "Tea and Sympathy"-that so far she's knitted two sweaters and one scarf. As soon «s she's knitted another sweate she'll end her Paris run and spend the summer with he; family In Italy , Miss Berg man added that by Octobei she'll be ready to accept work in the U. S. ,,, ..,,. Picasso showed one of his new surrealist paintings to a critic who told him: "No, no. You pu tha ey« on the wrong leg" . . Mike Todd, now at work on his lext movie project--Cervantes 'Don Quixote"--refers to Cor vantes as "a one-shot author 1 . Boris Morroi, the movie pro. ducer who helped the U. S reak the latest Red spy case ost 90 pounds In the process Irving Berlin scoffi ai rlends who complain aboul 'arls' high prices. He taldi 'Look upon Paris as a remark ably beautiful woman -- who hould be supported." - · · · · ; · · ' ' ' ' · , SYLVIA SYDNEY and Lu her Adler have a 17-year-old on, Jodie. He won't be the tilrd -generation representative n the theater. Jodie has just een accepted for matriculation t the Massachusetts Institute Um (Mch, MM, TM*. M»y II, 1M7 INDEPENDENT-^. B-* 8HARMAN DOUGLAS Treuure* News Clipping of Technology. "So what'i §o unusual about being accepted by MIT at 17T" §ayi the boy'* fa- iier. "MIT» the place where they accept 9-year-old boyi," · · · · MIKE ROMANOFF gave a lie luppcr party last week. He seated Frank Sinatra alone at a table with eight pretty models . Herbert- Bayard Swope counseled a group 1 of Journalism students: "The function of a good reporter Is not Ju«t to cover a itory--but to uncover a itory" MGM bought movie right* to the Sat. Eve. tat lerlal, "Blade of Grass"... t took producer John Shubcrl Ix week) to convince the Ford PWHKll-Ma FIBRE* i KNMKDtR-MKffiLEMfiKM **« VINTAGE UBEL 7 STARTS TOMORROW roaring excitement of America's most exciting, era-and JAMES STEWART asXUSDY? fudge Won't Strike VEller Trial Matter company' to paint his station wagon black. Ford was reluct ant to oblige, because the ve hlcle now looks like a hearse. AFTER THE BILLY Roses finish their African safari this summer they'll go shopping for a palace to buy In Italy ... The Duke of Bedford said, In expressing his liking for Rome: "Everything's so open a bright here. In London It's rud) to stare; In Rome It's rude not to" . . . Rocky Marclano asked Marlon Brando about ploying him In his film biography, Brando said he's already played a prizefighter -- In "On the Waterfront"--and doesn't want to be typed . , . The Rlngllng circus grossed almost S1,895,OOC In Its five-week run here. MERLE OBERON Is being being feted In Hollywood. From her fiance she received a 30- cnrnt diamond ring, a largo diamond bracelet, a diamond necklace* and two diamond brooches. Harry Kurnltz* gift to her was a can of jewelry polish ... Kur- nltz, Incidentally, met TV's Weather Girl, Carol Reed. He eyed the beauty and suggested: "How would you like to do research on the and Park, Apartment 20-A?" OILBKRT MILLER, the producer, will Achard's Paris hit. "Palate," to Broadway ~ Ziegflcld Follies' ball team has a girl centerflelder. She's Nancy Kackenbcrg, ed teacher In nandel, the French star, will try to emulate ' by producing "The 12 Chain." It's about the search for a dozen chairs In which jewels had been hidden, accidentally sold by an antique dealer to customers all over the world, Fernnndcl will film the story In several countries. %? m "Untamed Youth" "HILL1 · CROSMOAM" STARTS TOMORROW tm WHOM N AMD TRUTH! ^^ f--*--· ni"f" imi-ir-rir-TT-ti-mi m ji i i n ·!!. i orr-^*^^^^^^ ' *n a WASHINGTON UE--Federa Judge Charles F, McLaughlln refused Monday to strike government testimony f r o m playwright Arthur Miller's contempt of Congress trial de signed to show he was a Com' munlst In the mld-1940's. Miller's attorney, Joseph L. Rauh Jr., argued that the pros ecutlon testimony of Richard Arens, staff director of the House Committee on un-Amerl can Activities, violated rules of evidence, , : ,... ,.. , But McLaughlln ruled t h a t admlsslblllty or "correctness or soundness" of committee material was not nt Issue,. ,., , · , · · · · » , » . . - · , ' '*', HE SAID the question before he court was whether the committee had Information which caused It to question Miller In ts Investigation of passport vto- atloru. , . · i , During committee hearings ast June, M i l l e r refused on grounds of conscience to dls- lone names of associates who ittended l e f t - w i n g meetings with him in 1947. He subse- uently was cited for contempt t Congress. The court must decide wheth- · the committee had a legitimate legislative Interest In Its demands that Miller name his colleagues. . t · · - · · · - · · · AREN8 SAID u n d e r questioning today that he was "not sure" If the committee decided to call Miller as a witness be- tore or after the playwright applied for a passport In May, 1956. Rauh pointed out, however, hat In earlier testimony Arens had said there was no question on (ho passport form about an hdlvldual's Communist connections when Miller applied for his. Rauh read from a committee tearing transcript A quotation 'rom passport c h i e f Frances Knight stating that the form was changed to Include the question on May 1, 1956. Arcns admitted under Hauh's luestlonlng that Miller applied or his passport on May 17,1956. OMNI fill -- rill PAIKINO ENDS TONIGHT! "OKLAHOMA" ELEANOR III |77|B" PARKER fclA^IE a STARTS TOMORROWr Deborah Robert KERR · MITCHUM · f^ ·· *"* V» C Brjfl 30 UNI «VL --PHONI 40e Till 5p.m. -- Kld2K tO« EVIi.-WEEKEND t HOLIDAY Always 3 Features '. ALEC GUINNESS ... DETECTIVE ' - · VAN HEFLIN -- C.lor ' Count 3 and Pray CLIO MOORE OTHER WOMAN Tile Spirit ofStWs" Heaven Allison" SPECIAL TURKEY DINNER SERVED DAILY; 5-10 P. D«l)doiu Sporwibi-- Moaty Sandwich** · - BarbQ Maati by tb« Ib, to go. Longhorn BarbQ $ W. Coraw Pacific Willow 2ND TOP SUSPENSE HIT . ALSO. ' FOR TOUR IVININS'S . INTIRTAINMINTI i/;/ ADUITI IM · DOOSI OPIN KIDS 901 | till lUWn BTAN.A1J. RAT "MEN IN WAR" IS*** Ml «|JO, lOlll _ run -- . :, tHurt PONIM*Vr« MIUS ' Allnd HIHkcMt'l "THE WRONG MAN" Ihnni mil SjlO OHM t fill · MMI Ml Mill "CARMEN JONES" (SMh iMtvnl III C»l*r) ' -- PLUS -- HAPPINISS AND HILARITY! MUCK IAWMR- THE RAINMAKER PARK Nil Ani* i n. HI. "THE RAINS OF RANCHIPUR" ROADIUM DRIVMN THEATRE Ptranrt. t Conipt. Rlrd. Psrint, 'NAKED PARADISE' ADM * --HUt- Wtlt BIlMl't Tm LIU Unmm 'SECRETS OF LIFE' (OllH) Pir Csr T» IseL jayne mansfield SHOWS Starr Tonlft at Dusk DESIGNING WOMAN" "THE VINTAGE" LAST DAY! OPEN * P.M. "MOUtIN ROUGE" 'Mm With thi Heidi* Arm" 'BELL THIRD anil C f R R I T O t STARTS TOMORROWI ANGRM LEE 1. GOBI 2ND "A" NCTURR ALAN LADD SOPHIA LOREN CLIFTON WEBB ClMtMASCOrt out r » wr I , BOY ON A f t DOlpHJN 3o*«w4 wta»l**laaii*MrtMai ·«····· 2ND ACTION HUI JOSE FERRER OEANJAGGCR JUUE LONDON Staff BRADY ' Mala POWERS * "STORM RIDER" "UNTAMED YOUTH" ^ "HELL'S CROSSROADS" STARTS TOMORROW . Violent/ Ezpfoi Ivof "The GARMENT JUNGLE". · LaaJ. i · Rltharri- COII ' K i- IOONC 2ND SUSPENSE HIT! 0«» -L, J«Y»» ... DURYEA K MANSFIELD "THE BURGLAR" LAST TIMES TONITII V · "VOODOO WOMAN" . "THE UNDEAD" ,. STARTS TOMORROWI LL 5170 Atlintle, N.LB^-OA 2-lltl Aittnr quis» · tikri Hilt "INI RIVIU'I IDS!" (ClMIIlMM mt IMW) · · ' Ml IHttoTllt ·'j«l» CIAII "TNI TATTIMD Milt" Llvs tho Lllo of Rlliy ot too HUNTINOTON HOTEL · . * Or A BLOCM. LONQ 1290 E. OCEAN BLVD. UNO HASH Thtt h«ttt HIM mroutn fiwn tin bouMKrd ta lh« M*M. Two lobbu*. 11 room |MV« pflvtl* MUM. w»ll. MM ud te/lr Vtu2 MrrlM. tj^n ind mull fia,00 *··« «h ntrnn. ChHe4 MMIu. Mire* rib* of M«r, rout Urkir. WtMiVInliM him · ...nrthln. Hood lo .»(, N ·»'·' ^Mt anrwti*i«. PIMM HB S4259. «r dlBln* raw klM rattrt to uw nuuMt rqbllt. Club kiMkiut sbi lUr dlnmn II. IS. CDAJl. A. lUBNETT ," ' i , . r B U R L E S Q U E - . I At bit. MC| Slacay Pamll, DaFOM Dart, Callorta, CHII lai la*, Jaw Upas, Saags, iMprMilan. '" - - - JJO» I. FW..Mi» Hw/. ,, Club Mandalay 1 ~~-- % * «tL»LOWf« P^MMOUNT SUIIL, IITM TO 1'MII "ItTTLI HHL" "(I tsssr «ir ·IMLTA, linir Tl I'ltN "SIIIL WITMDDT I ««UII" "KIT sr IBIS" lODWtll, «m»ll tS 4'HII ··KIlll WITHOUT HUH" MN P»RO WILMINGTON CUKIL10, IM Mn Tl MI4I "SB1 OH * OOUHII" "TMI autlT «M" ' " " - " IH1HD1, Wlliurin Tl 4I41I IIM SBIHS ICUMIITI "US IIPIITIIULD SS1SSI IBSSI IL T1IUSO" B»M1II, INIi I. VintHt U 4-tSII IIHS IIIIHAM n« Itt ·SUUIIM" "SISII* THIS UFI" U MIBABA, Alllln 1 III III Mill "HUtU KSBWI MS. AllltOK" "TMI QUIIT IIU" UIIOIS, IHII PHI JA I-HII "iitsm THAI iiri" "TAQUI DHUMt" HAIIIIN. Mill I. nnm. Ill 1-4141 "SAKID PAS1BIII" "iisniti or iiri" IUIBBWI, I1II4 I. Kilt. WMIIItf "NIAVII «»«»l MK. ALLIIOI" "411*111 OF Iiri" Wll »UI, Fl|.«l .1 III BA 4-lllt "·ILLIATI OF THI SA«I" "TMI TAU ·!· ·' ' ' LAST TIMES TONITII. . "BOY ON A DOLPHIN" "THE OUIET GUN" ; STARTS TOMORROWI' GREGORY PECK LAUREN CO.FIATURI . Rery CALHOUN "'The BIG CAPER" Mary Corld · Jamas Gr«g»ry 2ND lift FIATURI PIER ANCEL1 · MEL FERRER JOHN KERR · MICHCLC MORGAN THE VINTAGE W TIIE RAINMAKER" L S. CUT CO11IOI AUDITOSIUM . "~ MAT 14 AND II, SlJO tM. ACMIIIION It.OO ROXY or- «. Btm OFM II A.M. OOC'TII I P.M. In. III., IM., Mil, if OPEN ALL NIGHT * · Fill FAIKINO AfMr « fM. DtHr · VIITAVIIION AND TICMNICOl« J«MI ITIWAST . D«rli DAT "ILLEGAL" ! Out I. OM Iwy Thrill CwM Kt, S«cr~ mr I(M| · "3 BAD SISTERS" I SHOW STARTS APPROL S P.M. IM MTU , P Ktlltrltt NiMin · 'BATTLE HYMN 1 i 'THE RAINMAKER' i A C*l»tl S . LONG BEACH DRIVE IN T H f A T R f

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