Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 21, 1969 · Page 21
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 21

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 21, 1969
Page 21
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CLASSIFIED Phone 442-6242 MB WOttD . . . ft MJolmH OMtr II WOT* mnlarara Chaift Sl.«s T E R M I T E S ! Rttldtnrial Spraying ·RtMchM ·Ctrtipwlei ·Spiders 442-7291 ADMIRAL PEST CONTROL P. C. BROOKS CASH nscotnrr EATM (cMHcullv* {MBHCUUV* JconMcutiv* ttuortton* IcotiMcutit/* Itucrtloni IconwcuUvt tawrtloiu Abovt in th* cub Discount MM you wui nctiv* by or* dfrtni your Ad at Tbt ttaM office *nd purlnf cub for it er toy ordering your Ad by Phon« ami piyinf for It within 10 dayi of the date billed. 10% added after 10 daya. For bett rnulti cure full dwerlp. Uon and tun your ad tor ( dayi. You may cancel your ad when re- lulu are obtained. You'll only be charged lor the actual number 01 daya the ad ran. SAVft MONEY! Place your ad In the TIMES SERVICE DIRECTORY 3 Linn Daily For ONE MONTH ONLY B.N (Each additional line--S3.00) Card ot Tlunkl -- JZ.OO (Over 30 worda. 7c per word) . 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CAT*, ftTt 27-- FOR SALE-- He4«e NeMl 27A-MU1ICAL MIRCHANDISI »-ron MLC-MletellaiieMii HA-- FO* SALE-- AlrtlilMI n-FOH ML! OR TRAD! It-tTXCHAHQI n-WANTID TO BUT !2-- WAHTKD TO TRADE U-- FOR «AL1 OH RENT 14-ROOM* POII HINT MA-ROOM AND BOARD tS-APARTMENTt FOR RiNT K-DUFLEX FOR MINT ir-HOUSEC FOR RENT CTA-MOBILE HOME* FOR HINT K-BUILDINO* FOR RINT WA-- FOR MINT OR LEACI tf-FOR LEASE 4*-- FOR HINT-- M!l«llai»e 41-WANTED TO KENT Oil LEAC* 42-WANTED TO RENT U-- WANTED-- REAL EtTATI 44-SALI OH TRADE-- Real Estate MA-- SALE-LEASE-- Real Estate ISA-- CITY RIAL ESTATE (SB- IUBUIIBAH RIAL EfTATI tSC-LOTS FOR SALE 4SD-- FARMI AND ACRIAO.ES U-FOR SALE-RIAL ESTATE ·HEIP Wanted Advertising If placed Wider "Male" or "Female" column headings for tbe conrentenoa of }on- Mekers. Unless AB adTertlsemeBt ape- rtficnllr staites that applteantf of one aei only will be accepted. Job-seekers nhntrld assume that applicants fit either sex will be considered for HIB position. In compliance wlla Tltla 1H, Civil nights Act of 1K4. Legal Noticii-- NOTICE OF HEARING IN THE CHANCFHV COtlHT OF MADISON COUNTY, A R K A N S A S IN THE MATTER OF THE APPROVAL OF PLANS AND THE ESTABLISH MENT OF THE HIGHLAND CREEK TOCMECT A R E A OF WASHINGTON COUNTY AND MAUIEON COIINTV SOIL CONSERVATION DISTRICT'S OF WASHINGTON COUNTY AND MADISON COUNTY, ARKANSAS NO. 3939 Notice is hortby given that the Boards of Supervisors of the Washfnuton County SK'i of NVV'i SW'.i Of N E U S'i Of SE'.i Of W'.i of SW'i of BW'i E'i of SE'i NWU Of SE 1 ; of .NE'i ( SW'i ol SE'.i S'4 of SW'i f . of SVi nf SW'.i Section 7, Toi NW'i Of NW'i 'i oi NE 1 ; o PB'i of NW'i E; of SW' i Of N !i of SW'i E'i of SW'I E'i of NW'i Of SW'.i ( swi or sw.i W'.i of W'.i of SE E'.i of NW'i E'.i ot NW'i I NW'.i of NW'i . of SW'i SE'i of SW'i !i ol SK'i X'i of SE'i SATISFACTION GUARANTEEO-REPLACEMENT OB MONEV PEFUNDE eet- ,i plitrM eel Iki MMI- n OuntmtlM DWrM 1 petlliui le tee aiaeceo ison County. Aittnun, (irova! el a »Un ot (ra- the eMaMimmtDt W en r o j e c t ana ultxii nit ryint out wck elan. »id plan th* follo»inl mil k btMHlM »y tut tin prepoirt Improve 1 In incllrfrt within the t area: EXHIBIT A »nri miuateil la Wtihli* kanias: unship IT M, HUH 2IW SW'i » acrtt Df EE'i 10 acres W »CTM nshlp 17 N. Mine 28W NW'i * KIM I NW'.i 10 aciw 40 acres ( NE'i 20 acres NWil 31 awn a NW'.t i« KM HO acres ot BW'i in K«S SW'I * acres or EE!i 10 m-ret HO acrel vnahlp 1« N, Run MW ot SiWU I" "crcs 40 acres · 40 acres KB* 30 acres 110 acres nshm US. Ranse 28W SW'i 20 acres of SWU » acres 30 acres nship 16N. name 28W f an u 20 acres NE!i 3) acres 40 acres SO acres SW'i «0 acres ot NW'i JO acres 220 acre, owiuhip 16N. K»n«e 29W ot NE'i 31 "ere of sE'i 10 «cre 30 acres ownship 16N. RanKe 29W of NE'i 10 acres inship 16K. name 38W 40 acre, f xw-i 3) acic 4B acre. K«"l yt »cre of NW; 10 acres 80 acre or K\V'i 20 acre f s\v; 20 acre, of jw; 10 acre SE'i « acre JOO acre unship 16S. Range J6W 80 acre rt NW'i 2(1 acre of NW"i 10 acre of NE'» -0 acre of H E ' i J" acre of NE'I lOacre to acre ot KW'i HI acre at SEU 20 acre 260 acre K«jKn-B«xtl ING SALE c* Thru April l «*2*uz P^ iB ^Kr l^immtm lecllea IT. '.Xruhip UN, Itinie MW nrti el iW4 M urn ti of KW'i ef SW'i It Mtw NW'i « NWH ot BIVI4 1« arrn Wli e( ft'4 X BW'.i 2« acrn St acr»i Section SO, Tawnthlp UN. ltin»« XW NK'i ot NW'.i 4» arm F,, of NW'.i ot KW'i 20 irrta NW'i ot NWS of KW!4 10 acres *:, ot f V ' t of NW 20 ami NK'i ot fiW'i of NWli 10 acres «E'i of SE'i of NW'i 10 acnt vi; ot KE'i » aci» KE'i of NK'i 40 arm ", of sn 1 ; ot NE'i a ami KE'i of X K ' i ot IWi 10 acrw W% of SE'i M acrca V'i of K'i of SKU 40 acres NE'. ot NE'.i ol SEi 10 acres S90 acres Section 20. Township IffFf, Rtnf* 28W V'i of NE'i ot NB'l OT acres E!i of W'i cf NC!4 20 acres 40 acres Section 21, Townahip UN, Ranft 3BW S'.i of KW'i M acres S'.j of N'i ot KW'i 40 acrei RW'.i of NE'i 40 acres S^ of NW'i of KE't 20 acres W'i of SE'i ol NE'i 20 acres SE'i ot 6E'.4 of NE'i 10 acres SE'i 160 acres 570 acres section 2P, Township 16N. Ranse 2RW NE'i ot XE'i 40 acres NE'i of NWli of NE':i 10 acres 50 nrrrs Lanrls located and situated in Madison Counly, Arkansas. Section 22, Township 16N, Range 25\V S\V'i of SW'i 40 acies S'i ot SE'i of SW'i 20 acres RW'i of NW'.i of SW'i 10 acres SW'i ot SW'.i ot EE!i 10 acrei 80 acres Section 23, Township 1SN, Rinfe 36W SE'i of SW'i of SW't 10 acres SW'i of SEVi ot SWU 10 acres 20 acres Section 27, Township UK, Range C8W N'i of NW'i 80 acres NE'i ol swu of KWi 10 acres NE'i of PEU ol .NW'i 10 acres N'.; of NE'i FO acrea SE'.i of NE'i 40 acres E4 of SVV'i of NE'i 20 acres NW'i of SW'.i of NE'i 10 acres NE'.i of SE'.i 40 acres E'/i of PE'i of SE'i 30 acres SW'.i of SE'.i of SE'i 10 acres 320 acres Section 28. Township 16N. Hanje 28W S'- of NW'4 of NW'i 20 acres NE 1 ; of NW'4 of NW'i 10 acres NW't of NEli of NW^. 10 acres N'.S of SW'I of NW'i 20 acres SW'i of SW'.i ot NW'i 10 acres W'.i of SW',i EO acrei NW'.i of NE'.i of SW'i 10 acres S'-i of NE'i of BWVi 20 acres SE'i of SW'.i 40 acres S'.i of S'.i of SE'4 40 acres 260 acres section !4. Township Its, Bans' 2«W NE'i ot NE'i 40 aores E'.i of NW'i of NE'i 20 acr*i N'.i of RE'i of NE'i 20 acrei SW'i ot SE'i of NE'4 10 acres SE'.i of SW'i ot NE',4 10 acres 100 acres Section 35, Township I6N, Range 2?W N'i of N'.4 of NW : i 40 acres SE'i of NE'» Of NW'i 10 acres N!4 of 7-T5'i Sn acrrs SE'i of NE'i 40 acres NVi of SWtt ol NEU 20 acres 190 acics section V. Township 1SN, Range 38W WH of NW'i M acres SWU of NE'i of NW'i 10 acres ··vaBBji nawiiJtw^ IWii ef ICU M acne Mann MtfKm 2t Township UN, RU|e 2TW 1% ef SK'i ot NWii 39 am* ·U of «W'i of NE'i 29 acrei NW'i of BW'i 40 IC'.TS H'4 el NE'i of «w; 30 anei CWU of NE'i of KW'i It acrei NW'i f SW'i at BlV'i 10 acrei N!i el SE'i M acres MO acres Section W, Township IW, Ranfe 77W NW'i of SW'i 40 acres SW'i ot NEii ol SW'i 10 acres Wii of SW'I of XW'i 20 acre* NE'i of SW'i Of SW'i 10 acres NW'i of SE'» of SW' t 10 acres E'i of SE'i of SW'i 20 acres SW'i of SE!i 40 acrrs S'.i of SE'i of 8114 20 acres 170 acres Saclion 24. Township UN, Range I7W S14 of SW'i of SW'I 20 acres NE'i ot S\V'i ot SW'i 10 acres S'i of NE'i ot PW'i 30 acres NW of EE'i of SW' 4 20 acres 70 acres Section 33. Township IfiN. Ranse 27W NW'i of NW'.i of NW'i 10 acres 8!4 of NW'i of NW'i 20 acres SW'.i ot NW'i 40 acres W'i Of SE'i of NW'i 20 acres SE'i of SE'i of N W ' t 10 acres N'.-i of NE'i of KW'i 'jn acres SE'i of NK'i ot sw. 10 acres NE'i of SE'.i of SW' 4 10 acres NE'i of S K ' i 40 acics NW'i of NW'i of FEU 10 acres R'i of NW'i of SE'. 20 acres W"i of SE'i of SE!i 20 acres SW'i ot SE'i 40 acres 270 acres Section S. Township 15N, Kangc ?7\V E'i ol NW'i of NW'i M acres E'T of NW'i HO acrt-s W'; of K ' j ot NE'i ^0 iicrrs \V. of N K ' i ^0 fi'TC-; S K ' i of SE'i nf N F : i HI ii'-ici NW'i of N E ' i of SW'i '0 acres E'i of E'i 01 SW'.i 10 acres NW'i of .VE'i 10 acres NW'i of NE'i of RE'i 10 acres; WW of SW'l o t S E ' i y\ ncrcs NE'i of SW'i ot SE'I 10 acres 360 acres Section 8, Township 1SV. Range 27W Eli ot NW'4 M acres Ett of RW'i of NW'.i 20 acres W'.4 of W4 of NE'i 40 acres KW'i of RW'.i 41) acres N'i of NE'i of SW'i 20 acres NH of SW'i of SW'i 20 acres SE'i of SW'i of SW'i 10 acres SE'i ot SW'.i 40 acres 270 acres Section 17. Township loN, Rinse 27W Eli of NE'i of SW'i 20 acres S'i of NW'i Wl acres SW'i of NE'~i of KW 1 ; 10 acres SE'i of NW'.4 of NW» 10 acrei W'.i of N W ' i of NE'i 'JO acres SW'.i of SW'i o' NE'. 10 acres W'i of NW'i of FW'i 2n arres NW'i of SW'i of KW'i 10 ncrrs NE'i of NE', of SW, 10 arres Wi of SE'i 40 arres SW'i of NE'I of SEU 10 acres NE'i of SW'.i of SE', 10 acres SE't of SE'.I 40 acres 230 acres Section 18, Township 13N, Range 27W SB'.i of KT'i of RE'i 10 acre NX'i of EE'i of SE'i 10 acre 20 acre Sectron 4, Township 13N, Range 27W E!4 of NE'i HI acrei F.ti of NW'i of NE'i 31 arre NE'.i of NE'i of SE'i 10 acre 110 acre* Section 3, Towruhtn 15N, Ranse 27W W'.i of SW'i ot NW'i 20 acre NW'i of FW' t 40 acre S'.i of NF.'i of SW'i 20 acre SE'.i of SW'.i 4fl acre MM*WM» AriMMM 1M«, MM., A*K« Jl, tM» · If SAVE TO 50% OR MORE Leather Look Nylon GLOVES Asst. Colors, Lengths Values to $5.00 $ 1.69 Girls SHOES Colors Values to $10.00 NAME BRAND SHOES Paradise Kitten, Johansen, Town Country, Personality, Old Maine Trotters Ladies' CANVAS OXFORDS Reg. $5.00 On,y SE'i of NW« of SH of NE'.i NW'i of SW'.i of NE'l NW'i of SE'.i of NE'.i N'.i of SE'i SE'i Of tSE'i E'4 of SW'i of KE'i KWU of KW'i of PR '-A N!i of KM ol SWi; SEii of NW'i of SWii S'/, Of NE'.i Of SW'i NE!i Of ££ of 6W'.i 40 flrn*f 30 acres 10 HCTCS FO arrcs 40 a 'JO Here ft 10 u r i f : 40 n r i 10 am*! Bathing Suits 1 and 1 Piece by "Cole" and "Jantien" Values to $26 $ 3 $ 5 Boys' SHIRTS 'crma Press, Knits, Kir. Assl. Colors anl St.vles. Val. loS4.Ul 67 To *1.97 Men's Surf Jackets Matching Trunks Reg. $8.99 Now $3.99 Men's White Sandals $1.00 Reg. $5.00 Now Ladies' Sandals $1.50 Reg. $3.00 Only Men's White Canvas Slip-ons Reg. $5.00 $1.99 Rise Shave Cream Reg. $1.19 2 For $1.00 Schick Injector Blades and Razor Both For Save to '/2 or Mor* ON Window Shutters Room Dividers And Bamboo - Plastic - Wood Pull Shades For Porch, Patio, Etc. SHORTS and TOPS By "Jantien" Asst. Colors S Styles Tops - Reg. $5.00 $ 1.99 Shorts - Reg. to $8.00 $1.99 $2.99 Scrtion 31, Tnwnsh.p 16N, Ranf* 37W swi; of sw-:; of NW; SE'i of SW',i of NBH S'i of SE'i of NE'.i SW'i of SW'-i W'i ot SE'i of SW'i K»4 of fiW-t NE'i of SE'4 Cf SW'i K'i of SE'; KE'i of SE'i N'i of SW'i of SF'i KE : i Of EW'i Of section C2. 1 of .NWi i of NW'i Of NW'A SW'i nf N W U N'i of N'i of NK'i SW!4 of NW'i of NF.'i SK'.i of NE'i rf NEU N K ' i of SE'i of NE'i W!4 of SW', W'i of NK'i of SW'i SE!4 of SW, S'.i ot SW'; nf SE'i NWii of SW.. ol EE'.l Section 2ft. TOFvr.ship 16N. E'i of NE'i of R l .i of SK : i ijij acres Secuon 53. Township 18N. Rsns* 27W SF.'» or SE i of NW', of ! SUNGLASSES Reg. to $2.00 50 M«n'i - Boys' Bathing Suits By Jantzen and Othtrt Values to $7.00 ONLY A FEW OF THE HUNDREDS OF ITEMS AT SAVINGS TO '/2 OR MORE OUTLET SHOE STORE SALVAGE 121 East Popular St., Rogers, Ark. 72756 4 of NEU of SW'.i of SW' of NE'i of fiK'i ii or NE'i or FE' Of NW'i Of SE'i-. SW-4 of NW'i of FF.' WJA of SW^t of RE'i Section 2, Township 15N. Range NW!4 of N\V'4 of SW'^ ti'.i of NW'i of SW'i N'.i of SW'i of SW'i ii of NW'i of SW'i 4 of SW'i of N W ' t of SW'i of NW'i Section 10, Township N MfW KM* 27W 39 nrrvt 29 ·rrci 40 icirs 30 »ct« 19 trrci 10 »pr« M *cie§ 3W acres lUni* 27w ·10 irr« 10 acres 20 acres 10 »CT« 10 ftrrfs 20 acres 40 arrpi 20 fl(:r*1 Rinft 17W 30 acres 30 Heir* X icres 70 acres Rtnt* 27W 10 *crf6 20 nc.ret 40 acres 30 acres 10 acres a) arirs ID acrei 40 srir.*. 10 arres 20 anrps Kangc ?riv HO acres ·10 iK-rrs I«0 nrn*; HI Ji'-ifi in arrrs ·10 ac-ips -.0 nn*?s 10 acres 2fl nrrfs 10 arics Rang* 27W W) ain»S 20 acres 40 acres V) acres 2 1 ! nrres ?0 ar-rri 10 acres 40 acves 270 acres Rinse 27W 20 arm Wl acre* 10 arrefi 10 acrei 'JO acres 10 arres 20 acres Ifl itn-rj! 10 arrps 30 ar-rer? 10 acres 40 acres WO acres , Range 27 W 10 anes JO acres 20 icres Rang* 2TW Wl arr»K 2fl *irren 10 ncre. 110 acres RtBt« 27 W 20 nri-M 40 Kfttn 90 acres 40 acit 10 arrf 10 BRT* 30 acre 10 iirrr 20 « err 210 acre Range 27W 10 ncre ·JO «ci» -0 at*re 10 arrr 11} ai-rp 10 ncrr 20 ncrp 1W acre , Rancc 37W Ufol HkM Mtflft muit «xh)Wt ih*m duly v*r1flH, o thf undvriifnvi within ux month * rum the dtt* of the fint publication of his noMrc, or thfv dhall be forever tarred and precluded from any benefit In he estate. Thli rtotlc* firit publUhftl 14 rfiy of April. 1M9. O. W. Steven*, Kxrculir r-n Niblni'k. Hipp Se Glbwn At (vi at Law- Hex IK. Ka^ellcviMf- Ark 73tf»l H H-71 NOTICE OF HI-IHi nr PKT1TION TO wntr rrn-K · The dHN-reiy ""rt «tf U«»hli«ln* R. l. MKl,Fn,l.AN[ anl GENEVA Icri.ELLANI). Hufbnnfl an'l Wifp. Kx Parte N". 30MO Notice i* hereby civen (hat there has Veen filed in my nffirp. an Herk of tlif Thancory Oouii of WKshmirion (bounty. Arkansas a petition !u r^tablish. fjniPt nd confirm in R. I. Mpnpllanrl and he title tn thr followiie fie.wnbod lands o-nit: Part of (he Soirthpait (junrter (SK'i ' "f 'lie Soii1hw«! nunrtpr Township Kiflfcn "ISi North nf Hancc lliirl\-on« (Sli WP«. flcsi-i-h- pft »s bpine all of «·(! Ion-.' HI-IP dart Ijnz Ka^l of t .e OM VVirp Urmrl an:l contaminK twenty-two i22i All persons rlHinun/ KB id lanrlii rr any pan thereof nr an- ir.trre^l ihere-n or lien thereon am hereby nntifir-l an! rountv Chanrfiv f'mirt within four i4i weeks from the' Hale of the first publ:- (·aliun nf liii*. notico anrl show cause, if anv thpv ha-.c. why thr title lo sanl hand flnd w:fp, forever. WITNESS my hand as Clerk of the thereof on Inn 17 day of April, 1363. AI.MA KOI.l.MKYKR, 4tc. -:i-2S-May 5- 1C. ] --Announcements-AUCTION EALES-Monday and Thura wiy 71 N., Sprmgdale. PORCH, furn. Rlassware, children'* clothes, 60 Chevy ton truck, new deep freeze. 3rd house S. Bhakeipeare. 443-6*19 4-- Personal*-HAVE peace, -- tree counjclinz for roublcd onei anjiime. H3-4-1M or write B. C. Gorham. ElkJnt. Ark. 77727. 6-- Instructions- PROGRAMMER TRAINEES IBM r.'JO WaRp Potential Male nnfl Tcrnnlc applirnnW. a^ 1« 4'J w-nh »t least Inch M-hoo' pducat'fn. \\ will tram nci^rinr.rl [rrm IhU jmmrdi- 181P- aren for jobs miw n\at'ahV ns 1HM' Fv-strm 360 prnaramnipr*. You will wirk and train nn'lcr 1h-* MJtr-n Kion nf nr-m- it-.ts. tin* irBinine can tie nrrnnccd «o qiltted. I-'"r pciKimnl UI(PI-VIPW to rirlrr- mine oi:r rjuaiif'-'Jition'i, fi.l in tht? coupon nnd mail in- Arkansas TIME. 5 . Name -- Wrwkmf Hmin . U. S. CIVIL SERVICE TESTSI H:Rh unit me r" 1 Phort hour?. A d - vanmnr'nt P:r[ia:fllo:y Iisln-nfT a*; l"nK fnrmntiin on, Jih«. Mlanet, rc'imrpment' Wnlp t"r]a civinr* nnnip. a ( l(lros nnrt phonp. T.mcnln Sernrc, Box E-R*. North wc-it A:kar,-.n*, Timri VOICB-- Piano Initniclioo Phnne 412-2344 limriJdliiM ANNOUNCING Tninlnf on IBM Keypunch ma- chlne. timll«d enroUment -- lAtM elUMtt. Prerequisite aptitude tut. Ozark Data Presetting lot W. Cw.'.tr 4(3-3361 riyttteville. Arkanul 8-loit and Fouixl- l/lf-T -- ijirEft Hitmese cat. child's p^U Vinnily of KaMMon Dickson Sts. Hrwtid. I'lifrtie r^l-i37f l^l.ST-- While Miniature Toy Poodlc.^1'4 icars olrl. rhlM's pet. fthatflfy hadn't rtfen trimmpd. I-ast scpn aiound campus. Phonf U1-357B or 4«-3258. 12-BuiinMt OpportunititM-- acfxl ear arnund bu^mrss. Plenty' pnrlt- Bprrvj]l^, Arkansas. TEXACO SERVICE STATION FOR LEASE · Excellent Highway Location · Strong promotional sup- pert · Paid training program · Financial assistance available CALL J. R. MASSAY 521-1573 Nichls PL 1-SfWI AVON' '.'FF.n VONF.Y to helti vwir fam:'* tr.mcMv. C»ll 4-i:-7?.77 etletnoon's and ask KVERYBODV read! tha TIMES WANT ADS. You are: CnlTO.V canrt*'. sno-rone i: pon* 1 "^ Hnr-R.Q NOW INTERVIEWING Rrsnfinsihle ticrsons an dealer for nrwly rnnntruutpcl DX cottftKe- typf service station arljo nine arRc apartment complex within 3 hlocVs of tiniver».it v. Phone Fa* - cltcville. 442-S711-- Roecn.; 635-6733. APPLICATIONS niw bclnc taken fnr Applr clrnilatinn department. Northwest 14-- Monty To loan-? NEED MONEY ? Eff* Us We Bu* . . Ecil . . . Trtrtt Inr Most Anything W» will buy our diamonds, watchu. an opt;on lo rrpu.-chnie Uicm. CAMEO JEWELRY ENGRAVING SHOP | J! W. Mountain HWT01 18-Help Wanted-Mala- .ll-'VaT'riUfi, """· '·' ! '" ln " : Wa:l " .\i,KSMKN P ,., N,. .,.;,,.-,,., Tr, VIp .r,, EM 'ui'!HTCiilJ. U'- If MHnnZT: t'.-awrr" J ", Mfnlnr. nil ". itnt«. ·BBfflrail^ ~ ! «" '-1 r: 1 '.I'."" 1 ' 'i'. "VU'pn^ TIMES PATTERNS iWiBiEMilBiiHioiKitaajrliiBiiifeii!'!!'. » i WTO 1 .-! ' : '·' i.-'.:!!,*'.:"''''"^!;,...:;:'!';;.^^"-.! ^. tOlisK ^TN. Section 2*. Township l.W. r.Jinse -^' NEU of .NW'i of N W ' i 1(1 n.-rn NW , of ::K\ of N W U JO «c:rs I'nr.l I'.itlrn . Atldn-"., X.ip. New 13i!i ' |M - SI "· . HlMSt I K ' W c h t ' i . \ i - \ i . N U of NWi of N K ' 4 sw, of NW'i o: NW\ of SW, of NIC * N W ' i of SW'» . i NE", ot sw; NEU of NE'.i of Sff\. Section 21. Townihip 1"N, : S'» of N K ' * of K NI, of RKi-,. Of Hhl' Why Are You A Poor Talker? A noted publisher in reports ;i himple tcchmqiii- r v c r y d a y c(nvers;ilioii w h i c l i i - . - i n j W ' , a ::w . pay you rcnl diviilentls in social I "··" "' ·"' ' and 'business ndvanconicnl a n i l 1 wurks like magic to ttivc you, self-confidence and greater Acc-ui-chiiR In this pulilisher. manv Icople do not n'iiliii- how . intich they could i n f l i i r n r c others , simply ly whiil llu-y -say and ' litiw ihcv'say i l . Whether in ^ ness, ill siitial fiini-liiins. or e \ e n in cfisiial coiner.sations wilh new , i ncdiiaintances t h e r e im- ways make a K(KX| mipre^sinn every \.. YMi time, vim t a l k . , To acquaint (he readers nf this paper w i l h the easy-tofollnw rules for developing skill in ev- erydiiv conversation, the publishers have printed full details nf I heir inlrrcsling self - t r a i n i n g method in a new iKxiklel. "Adventure in Conversation," which will \tc mailed free In who requests il. No obligation. Send your name, address, and 7.lp code lo: Conversation, R.15 Diversey I'kwy., Depl. 2M-*14. Chlcagn. III. MM14. A po'tcard I will do. *» S l \ ' \ f ' \ c C' I l l s 111 p.'itln i · ,i(i(l ] . i V r i n [o: n i . n . i n i : . .Si.;!d lo A i , lie' Ail.nns. c.ii'n n( . \ i k i i t r . is T i ir. i 1 ·-. I ' a t t i T i i D r p t . 21.1 \Vrsl I ' . t h IS! N C K ^ · . M · k . \ Y K i u l l . \AMi-:. AimuKss \Mih / l l ' M / K snd STVI.K M'M- fil.r,T t-\ .(·* haunf daimi aiainil Ok 'if 1.! 1 * 1 1 / 1 t r;i',· Hoo(; r.iunlii Superh J i i i l t v .id r e i - t s . Ht"^. t i i n i i f T 2 - M u s e u m (Juill 1 ; · )!' ; qini! 1 -' AO Hook t^imlier ,'i C h i l l i 1 * f u r Today's L i v i n g . 15 urmjiic t | i i i i l \ . .Ml r e n t s . 100 NKW F A S H I O N S your n i . n l h n x in rn \v S p r i n g S\iinpi( r P . t t t r r n C , i ! . i Free p a l t o i n nnipon. .'iO N i - w ! 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