Independent from Long Beach, California on February 22, 1964 · Page 7
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 7

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 22, 1964
Page 7
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Baker, Sen. Kerr Great Friends, Probers Told . By STEVEN GERSTEL [Monday and released Friday .hii oral agreement also cov said. "I think the 'recom Black told the committee:coin machines ever give evenjCari T. Curtis. R-Neb, that i'n«» hi,« -n- ni mHrf th* jt would take him quite a the to get out WASHINGTON (UPI) --jthat ea the »*rice of Kerr he'ered any k»se», toM the com- mendation that 1 received that Baler never introduced one bad cap of coffee, H* late Sen. Robert S. Kenyborrowed Ji 75.000 from the mitte* he sold half of the from Sen. Kerr cemcemn^hija to aay officials at thejfirm win berrying to ge ChO'tla-. onetime ·uncrowWridelity National Bank, Okia-|Black-Baker shares " " '" - - - - - - -,^ -· ^ -. . king of the Senate." once t,.^ GtJ . ^ m M^^J, zo.Wn any possiNe lo declared te would do any thing la Hs power for Robert to : Joss. . t ,1962. bought 6,400 shares int The stock was sold to Ben o ' fBobbrt "Baker--and did tke **"»«" -* Merchants Sigelbaum and Edward Levin- Srf?? £££k d £ st t* 5-M?^.!**... .lift.?*'-? :« «5*£! Mr.' Baker's friendship With Defense Department, with of the coatract- for him, it was asserted Friday. fred B. Black Jr, Wash- He said B a k e f c the Serr-U him was about all I needed to do right along with it.'' which Morth American does --Black testified that h* most of its business. He said]bought 1.500 snares in the Kerr introduced him to SpacelSenr-U firm for $1 a share. BLACK testified that his Administrator James F_ Webb which was less than other 'acquaintanceship with Kerr. transaction with the under-lcorp.. according to'the wit-jchainnin of the Senate Space standing that Baker couV) buy ness. · ~- . (committee, ripened after he but' lhat Baker never was stockholders paid. He said ington contact man for North American Aviation, said testimony released by Senate Rules Committee half of Black's shares any Asked why he 'obligated,met Baker in 1959.-He said time he advanced the money, himself for *uch big sums ofihe. Baker and Sery-U had (Black saM Baker never has'money « * "^ ' ^e w« V ££"£££; «-.*-·- "*« * «· * L.»«.» M v.« .»j n*v» »L *· * snare. between Kerr and Baker, the former Senate Democratic aide who'served the politically "powerful legislator. BLACK also threw some light oa the current financial status of Baker, who about a year ago estimated his net worth at $2 minion. Black said that during the past two months Baker had borrowed $1,000 from him in smal amounts, mostly cash Black, a Baker business as sociate. was asked by Sen. Howard C a n n o n , D-Nev, i bout the relationship between Biker and Kerr. The Senate committee is trying to determine whether B a k e used his Senate contacts L jay business deals that violat cd the c o n f I i c t-of-interes laws. ;"Sen. Kerr told me." Blac replied, "that outside of hi sons, his wife, he never knew 9 cd loved a man so much a hi did Bobby Baker." 'Asked whether Kerr helped Baker in financial transac tions. Black slid: "... Sen. Kerr told m there wasn't anything in the world that Bobby Biker would ask him to do for him. if he had the power to do it, that he would not do." · · · · WHEN HE died of a heart attack on New Year's Day I9S3, Kerr was regarded as the most powerful man in the Senate. But the Oklahoma oil millionaire, who rose from a log-cabin boyhood, operated chiefly behind the scenes. Black told the Senate com mittee in testimony given Black, who testified that oa Baker's behalf, borrowed more thai half'a id he thought friend-[million dollars from t the FV ship probably had a tot to do'delity National Bank,, com' · ' monly referred to as Ken's with it . . -But, more than that" he'bank ia Oklahoma. INDEf END-NT--P« 5 . A-7 * Lv* »·«», uu* imrtn. N*. a.jtM while to came aU the gamblers be knows. But he said.] -I don't know any whose gambling profession is not legal' Integration on Waj" *i for Rice University- i- HOUSTON (UPI) -- A ci^a district court Jury ruled-TR; :ts« of University intended it to be and tuition-free -- it practicable u n d e r present --Black testified that Bak-'conditkxis to keep the school sold most of his stock in that way. uX Inat DAKer never was stoc*jicHacr» pajo. nc MIU.CT ***« uva* v* *^» ·W^NJ* ·»..«-. -- ,. ,'^' present when he met with he did not realize at the time the District of Columbia Na- The fay decision wai ;in - Webb or his aides. In ether testimony: --Black .said pcbBcirjr from the" Baker inquiry is "distasteful * to a company like North American,'' which entered '.into' vending-machine {contracts with Serv-U. If the that the lower price was of- tional Bank although a 1963:Important preliminary victory fered because he might belfinanrial statement showed,for Rice trustees in tt-«'^*t able to help get the firm's vending machines into North American plants. --After mentioning t h e names of several Las Vegas, Nev, figures. Black told Sen. , that all the shares were to integrate the school and pledged by Baker as collat- charge tuition. But the final eral with the American S«- decision rests with Dist. Judge curity and Trust Co, Wash- William Holland, who said It ington. D. C. The stock was will be a few weeks before _h« __ *_. _ J _.« * J C ^W 'nl»« " - . valued at $45,000. rules. ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY ALL STORES OPEN EVERY NIGHT MONDAY THRU SATURDAY " WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY French Leftists, Students Riot as Segni Visits PARIS (UPI) -- Hundreds of French students, egged on' by hot-headed L e f t i s t s ' battled police Friday when Italian President A n t o n i o Segni visited the Sorbcnne with French Education Minister Christian Fouchet. The demonstration was directed against Fouchet in protest over what the students feel is government neglect of French university facilities. Gendarmes, swinging tightly-rolled, lead-weighted capes, beat back the students and placed some in police wagons.) There were no reports of] casualties, but witnesses said several students and police were shaken up. FOR THE22nd^ IT'S TRUE! WOMEN'S COTTON CLASSICS FINE WOMEN'S ACETATE BRIEF BARGAINS I i 32-31 Oil«1irvebT« tavtngi OA your favor^t rot- iktv* cotton broodcfclS blocwl. 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