The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas on August 31, 1952 · Page 9
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The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas · Page 9

Leavenworth, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 31, 1952
Page 9
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Three Homes Sale Prices Over $10,000 Three sales of over 510,000 were recorded in the office of the register of deeds Edna May Walker this week, including the transfer of the former Biddle home on Miami for a.reported $16,000. Minor transfers continued fairly strong. Robert L. and Charlene J. Woodard purchased the home at 620 Miami, lying on lots 11, 12, and 13, block 78, City, from Clarence E. and Margaret Davis Moulden. Earl 0. and Arlene Foulk have obtained title to the home at 306 Ninth Ave., from Montie H. a n d Montie A. Morris for an estimated $14,000. The property lies on lots three and four, block seven, Benz's Subdivision. George D. and Eleanor F. Warren have sold lots 20 and 21, block 114, City, to George K. and Susan Plein for a reported 11,000. Steve R. and Violet M. Jones have purchased the property in ^ot eight, block 10, James Davis Addition from Josephine Waldstein and others for an estimated $9,000. George and Julianne Van Eerde have sold the home at 1501 Metropolitan, lots 25, 26 and 27, block five, Morris' Metropolitan Subdi- , vision for an indicated $9,000. Purchasers were Arthur and Florence Hoffman. A tract of land in the east half of the southwest quarter, section 18, township eight, range 22, has been sold by Victoria Wosser to Henry and Alice Louise Hund for * reported $8,000. Charles L. and Juanita L. Kant have purchased lot 20 and part of lot 21 in block three, Ewing, Roelofson, and Company Subdivision! from Elmer C. and Violet L. Price j for an estimated $7,000. j J. Perry and Thelma E. Wagle have purchased a tract in block 26, Cleveland Park Subdivision from Goldie P. Brown for a re ported $5,000. Other transfers recorded dur ing the week on tax assessmen PLOW bracket fastens to bumper with hooked bolts, wing nuts. PLOW drops into bracket in view showing skid rod at plow point. Lightweight Auto Snoivploivs Will Save Ruffled Tempers FLEXIBLE arms adjust plow automatically to' driveway grade. * detach the plows, throw.'em in the car trunk and be off in a gay mood. Each of pounds. It BY MR. FIX Distributed by NBA Service There are those among us who view with a chilly eye the likely chance of awakening some wintry morn to be faced by the aftermath of an unexpected, overnight snow storm. the unite weighs 12 consists of a wedge- shaped bracket, designed much (the same as the ones used to hold But A. S. Jaffe and Michael J Morris, a pair of Cleveland, 0.,iwaU can-openers, and the plow it- inventors, have worked out a wav self. to get up to the office on time, fresh, and still a little sleepy-eyed, as usual. Their brain child is a portable, Most of us have no choice but lightweight snowplow, or plows, to to attack driveway drifts with j be easily attached to front or back snow shovels — a chore that can be tough on the old ticker —scattering the drifts in a frenzy to avoid being late for work — then being late, anyway, and dead tired before noon. bumpers of automobiles in a couple of minutes—even by a woman. With a plow mounted behind each back wheel, you can back out of your garage, whisk merrily down the driveway into the street, islped his father cut and hang his moved to the Higgins house east The bracket is clamped to the bumper, in front of a front wheel, or behind a back wheel, with hooked bolts and wing nuts. A bracket is mounted at each end of a bumper and can be left there throughout the winter season", since the plow is simply slipped into and out of it. The plow blade itself is attached to a flexible arm which fits into the bumper clamp. The arm's purpose of voting,for the bond is- SNOWPLOW skims through drift, clearing a path down the drive. flexibility permits it to adjust the plow to the grade or contour of the driveway. Plow blade is pointed, each side of it being curved so that the snow 1 spirals off to the side and also under the car. The blade cuts an 18- inch swath in front of each wheel. On the point of the plow and at ach corner are short, curved steel rods that act as skids and slip the blade over any obstruction, such as a stone or hunk of ice in the driveway. This portable auto plow works through snow up to 12 inches deep. It's not yet in production, but soon will be. It will surely save many a ruffled temper. •THE LEAVENWORTH TIMES, Sunday Morning, August 31, 1952. Nine vacated by Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Griffee and family who recently moved to Jarbalo. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Everett of Winchester were Sunday guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Jones have purchased a modern trailer and are living in it east of the Pauly Cafe. • Platte City Mrs. Mollie KjJghton Mrs. George Tatman, Mrs. Thelma Pulem and Mrs. J. B. Head will teach this year in Leavenworth schools. Mrs. Emma Wells has been suffering with poison ivy but is improved. Jimmy Walker received a letter from his wife from Germany where she left by plane for a three weeks visit with her mother. Mr. and Mrs. E 1 b e r i Elgin cared for the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Miller while they were on a trip to Canada. Mr. and Mrs. George Harrington accompanied the Millers on their trip. Mr: and Mrs. Erwin Nieman and Mr. and Mrs. John Lawer returned from a Colorado vacation. Mrs. Ben Knight and daughter Sara have returned from a week at 4-H Camp at Knobknoster. Mrs. to their school for which more room is badly needed. Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Woods have redecorated their home. SELFISHNESS CAUSE DIVORCE BANGOR,, Me. (fl-Selfishness is the real cause of divorce, says Paul W. Alexander, presiding jud- ?e of the integrated family court in Toledo, O. Lack of money, women and liquor are only symptoms, says the judge, a visitor here. Even the Farmers' Special! Roofing Shingles $ " Roll Roofing Per SO .35 Roll • c*i a i Silo Seal Per. S 4 .50 Gal. * BERGMAN COAL CO. 707. Cherokee Phone 63. . poorest people can get along together if they have the will to succeed in their 'marriage. He believes that automobiles make delinquency a lot easier. He doubts that movies, TV or comics have contributed to juvenile delinquency. CITIES HAVE UNEMPLOYMENT HONG KONG (B— Communist China has three million unemployed in its major cities, says the Peiping Peoples Daily, organ of the Communist party. For Heal See BALMAN'S • Furnaces • Stoves • Heaters BALMAN'S T 4 C STORE 1/2 block North of Mehl & Schott's Phone 2686 sue for the erection of a one room tobacco. jof town for future residence. Mr. and Mrs. H. Cooper of Ne-j Mrs Be]]e Connelly who cele-!addition to the school building, odosha, Mo., were visiting her brated her 84th birthdav last Sun-i Mr - and Mrs. Grover Fevurly uncle and aunt, Mr. and'Mrs. C. " " A. Beckwith last Wednesday night. rolls in the office of County Cler Cahill together wit] Thomas amounts o£ r e v e n u stamps ($1.10 for each ?1,000 cash consideration) were: Joseph Oliver House to C.F. and Betty Jane Taylor, lot eight, block 18, Latta's Addition, none; John D. and Ida R. Miley to Charles E. and Eileen M. Borden a tract of land in section 18, town ship sine, range 23, $1.10; J.E. and Sarah C. Leighty to Boy L. and Margie Jean Redding lots three and four, block three Brice's Subdivision of block A of Bury's Addition, Tonganoxie, $4.40 Norman and- Pearl Corlett to Robert D. and Charlotte Patzwald a tract in block one, Jones and Huntington Addition, $1.10; Berths. Edgell to Ben and Ollie G. Neubauer, part« of lot three block 19, Clark and Rees' Addition and part of Fackler's Addition none; i Ben C. and Ollie G. Neubauer :to Mary L. Neubauer, part of lot j three, block IB, Clark and Rees [Addition and part of Fackler's Ad- 'dition, none; David A. Strickler to Leon anc Janie Pearl Lants, a tract in the southeast quarter, section two township 11, range 20, none; Elizabeth S. Ludolph to Thomas Rice Jr. and A.L. Davis part ol lots 30, 31 and 32, block 41, citj proper, none; Andrew H. and Ruth Forge to George and Eleanor Warren, -lots 20 and 21, block 114, Western Addition, none; Hershel 0. and Frances Kell to Thomas D. and Johanna Davis, lots five and six, block 34, South Side Park Subdivision, $3.85; F.M. and Nellie Morrow to Charles Nichols and Jack Boyer, part of block three and four, Jones and Huntington's Survey, $2.75; Edward E. and Cleo Ingerson to Edward .D. and Edythe Mae Smith lots 14 and 15, Western Addition, ?L65| Herb B. Ifye to David A. Strickler,. about 30 acres in the southeast quarter, section two, township eleven, range 20, $1.10; Marlin G. and Ruth E. Baer to F.R. and Valarie Macgregor, lots 16 and 17, block eleven, Day's Subdivision, $2.20; Michael and Clara F. Morioity to Harry B. and Ola Weeks, Jots 40 and 41 and part' of lot 34, Norton, Williams and Thomas Addition, $1.10. William C. and Evelyn Last Strange to Ralph J. and Lela F. Palmer, lot 14, block five, Central Subdivision, $3.85. Easloi Gol*« Ala The Sunshine Home Demonstration Unit held their August meeting at the home of Mrs. William Marsch Tuesday afternoon with members, two guests and four children. The club was happy to have the new home demonstration agent, Miss Christie Hepler, as their guest. Roll call was answered by "A mistake I once made in gardening I try to avoid." Recreation was conducted by Airs. Irwin Brown. Prizes were awarded to Mesdames C. A. Beckwith, Herbert Kramer, N. P. Wagner and William Marsch. Refreshments of sandwiches, ice cream, cake and punch were served. Mr. and Mrs. Jewel] Burdette; of Rushville, Mo., visited his par- ! ents, Mr. and Mrs. Will Burdette several days last week. Jewell \ day wishes to thank her many'and daughter Maxine and Ralph friends for the lovely birthday : Fevurly returned . home Sunday Mrs. ^ Alice Hibos and Mrs^Maryj cards and gifts which sne en; j oyec j from a two weeks' vacation with *" "~ ^ T Criswell of Alberquerque, N. M.,j so muc h were calling on friends in Easton last Tuesday afternoon. ! relatives in Oakland, Calif. Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Wallace were visiting friends in Easton Tuesday. They were en route to Springfield, HI., to visit their daughter Lucille who is employed there. The Mr. and Mrs. Audean Kramer of! McLouth daughter are born the parents of a recently. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Kramer of McLouth are the paternal grandparents. Mrs. Mary Wagner of Easton is the paternal great grandmother. Women's Society of Chris-i Herbert Jones has completed and Mrs. Adolph Heim entertained at dinner Sunday for Mrs. Susie Fevurly, Mrs. Helen Edmonds and children Nancy Sue, Keith and Allan, Miss Jeanne Frey, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth McEvoy. The Lucky Six 4-H Club held their August meeting at No. 6 tian Service met at the hall Thurs-'hvo farm bulletin plastic display school nouse _ RoU ca]1 day afternoon with Mrs. Lucy :cases f° r tne Long-Bell Lumber Scheerer and Mrs. Roxie Goff as hostesses. Roll call was answered by quoting a Bible verse. It wae decided to have the annual falJ sale on Wednesday evening Oct. 15. During the recreational hour prizes in contests were won by Co. of Enid, Okla. Miss Catherine Abel and Mrs. Dolores Thompson are attending teachers institute at Oskaloosa this week. swered with a joke. The program consisted of a talk on "What Equipment to take to the'Fair." Jean Marie Theis gave a demon- were served by Mr. and Mrs. Leland Doty. Mr. and Mrs. George Bell were visitors at the Mrs. Helen Edmonds home last Sunday afternoon. Rev. and Mrs. John Hodge and children, Sandra and Gary and Mrs. Lulu Robinson left Saturday morning for a week's vacation in Colorado and Salt Lake City and other places of interest. Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Spackman visited relatives here recently. Mr. and Mrs. Fitzpatrick and family have moved into the Schmidling property in the east end of town which was recently Tom Fields Hope, who has been for several weeks with his brother Mr. and Mrs. David Hope, returned to his home in Phoenix, Ariz. Herman Crouch, the Platte City druggist, has been suffering with asthma. Mrs. FJSzabeth Johnson is confined to'Smithville Hospital the past week. Platte City received a good vote recently for an addition to be built You Will Get The "Best" In Prescription Service At WEBER'S PRESCRIPTION SHOP 527 Delaware Phone 21 stration on ''Selecting Canned Foods for the Fair." Melvin Wag- The students of the Easton Rurallner spoke'on "Danger of Tetanus." High School enrolled at the school Mesdames Susie Fevurly and Sar-;]ast Friday. School will open Monah Fitch. Refreshments of peach- • day Sept. 1 for part of the day es, cake and iced tea were classes will begin on Sept. 2. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Evelyn Hodge is enjoying Mrs. Helen Berg on Thursday af-; a week's vacation from the Easton ternoon Sept. 5 at her home if;State Bank this week, weather permits. In case of in- Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Heim were clement weather she will entertain! calling on Mrs. Susie Fevurly, Visitors were Mr. and Mrs. Ed Theis, Mary, David and Richard Theis. Recreation was led by the Wagner children. Refreshments his car went out of control ran into a bridge span in at the hall. Verlin Beckwith escaped serious injuries last Thursday night when and Salt Creek Valley while he was on his way home. He suffered a broken rib and minor chest injury. The car was almost demolished. Mrs. Mary Kreutzer, who has been staying at the home of her daughter Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hand, is now at the home of her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Abel. Mr. and Mrs. James Goff returned home Friday from a week's vacation in places of interest in the Ozarks of Missouri, and in Arkansas and Oklahoma. The children and grandchildren of Mrs. Belle Connelly gathered at the home of Mr. and airs. Arthur l,assiter near Valley Falls last Sunday Aug. 24 to celebrate Mrs. Connelly's 84th birthday. There were 42 gathered around the love- y table which was centered with four birthday cakes and lots ofj good things to eat. | Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jones announce the birth of a son born Friday Aug. 22. Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Jones are the maternal grandparents. Jeanne Frey spent several days last week with Mrs. Helen Edmonds and family. The Henry Wilks family have Mrs. Helen Edmonds and children one afternoon last week. A special election for voters School District No. 22, Easton Grade School will be held from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the grade school building Friday Aug. 29 for we FIX n" Phone 1440 for Plumbing Installations and Repairs! Morton Plumbing Go. Wayne Morton, Prop. 1424 Spruce CALL HOLLAND FURNACE CO. 3rd & Shawnee PHONE 531 PEONIES Potted Roses—Iris—Day Lilies—Tulips Other Bulbs. All are hardy, high quality plants and bulbs that will give you utmost satisfaction through liveability and years of blooming-. Leaven worth Nursery "Where Quality Counts" 12th and Vilas Phone 1825 —Member A. A. N.— L. C. Gatewood Elizabeth Gatewood. CLEANING AIDS tesiant Dip Glamorene Sponge Mop $3.95 Ax per single a* roll WALLPAPER For every room as low as Scratch Remover Polish 250 Rub-On Polish Dust Mops 980 to $2,69 Copper Brile Upholstery Cleaner Cleans copper, brass or stainless steel in- one second. US HELP YOU! Call us tomorrow and let us dry clean those dresses, suits, skirts, blouses and trousers. Quality work at reasonable prices. ROCHE. CLEANERS PHONE Ctias. H. Olson, Owner . Free Pickup and Delivery 21 6 410 So. 5th Street FURNACE CLEANING Reasonable prices Goodyear Roofing & Heating 416 Cherokee Phone 165 or 4765 Master Painter PAINT WHITE OR ALUMINUM 995 ^^ ^^ GaU Porch and ^25 Deck Enamel ^ eai Linseed Oil .... $2.25 Gal. Paint Thinner . . $1.39 Gal. Leavenworth Auto Supply Co. 745 Delaware Buy the GAS SPACE HEATER that gives you more for your money VI70 There is o model and sizo for every need. Select Yours Todoyf Bringing you the utmost In warranty, style and s beauty All AGA approved HARDWARE CO. 87 5'n anc CHPOHEf SINCE '3$3' PWONE 358 OUT OUR WAY 100 YEARS A hundred years plus, is the experience among our skilled mechanics. Experience Available for your needs int •ROOFING •SIDING •HEATING •GUTTERING •Quality Brand-Name Materials •Top Skilled Mechanics GOODYEAR BY J. R. WILLIAMS OH—so you DO OM THE SLY THE VERV TH1WSS YOU GIVE US. THE WORKS. FOR/ LIKE BEIMS TOO TO GET UP TO 6.ET A SPOOW: WAIT... WAIT/ LET'S HAVE A LITTLE 'TALK HERE WHILE IT'S FRESH' WHY MOTHER'S GET GRAY OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOQPLE V/E'tJ SETTER 5AYSOODBYJ H6PDSTROMS FILLY, MAJOR/ HOW ABOUT POTTIMS HER.I IM A CLAIMING RACe Z 0NE OP •THE OVAIMEKS MAY CLAIM HER fOS. *I,OOO AMD ALL, OUR WORRIES, VJILL e _mosf THE-, DRAT IT,Twll66S/ I'A/V , , FOMD OF 6ATTLE-A*/ , THS fHOUSHTTHAT 6HE MI6MT SE CLAIMED SY 50ME PERSON WHO WA CARELESS OR CRUEL XT* LIKE TO TAKE" HER HOME AMDTURM HER GOT TO PASTURS, BUT THAT yiOULD i A CRUSHIM6 •~c^-c. ^jm^i" TOI3O? 8-30 . foe. T. M. fat- U. S. Ptt. Otf. ' LIKE- FAMILY

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