Independent from Long Beach, California on March 12, 1966 · Page 2
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 12, 1966
Page 2
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A.2-INDEPENDENT *** »«*· ""*·- »*·' *"*· "· »"| PEOPLE IN THE NEWS 'Credit Card Carlos' Gets Free Lodging--Jail JONATHAN E/STAMP ' : Had the Gun 3 Guilty in 'Murder byFrighf (Continued from Page A-l) anyone was inside the structure.) '. . . · .!·· ,." . . - . . . ' · · · · * *.-. . SINCE the prosecution did not seek the death penalty, the three defendants face terms of life imprisonment. Formal sentencing is scheduled .for ..April 12, at which time attorneys representing the/"defendants are expected to^ask for a new trial, . ; The attorneys -- Harry Simon, representing Lehman; Luke McKissack, representing Koory/'and E. Fred Lightner, representing Stamp, indicated they: would appeal the ver diets if a new trial is not granted.' They a r g u e d throughout the month-long trial that Hon- eyman'i heart was in 'such bad shape that he could have expired at any time, and all on ar doctors agreed that Honey- pital. man could indeed have died at any .time, even in his sleep'. -The felony murder rule was ne.ver intended for this type of application," McKis saok argued to the jury. "This is absurd and bizarre. It is H legal, for instance, for a car to be driven through a crosswalk when the crosswalk Is occupied by a pedestrian. -'But if the pedestrian Is one step away from stepping onto the sidewalk, and clear across the street-a .motorist proceeds -through the crosswalk with . no. possibility of dyigeir to tie .pedestrian, it is ri?t'proper for that motorist to^be cited:" lit WA*S fik'ewYse 'riot proper for. the three defendants to be charged with mur- d^r because Carl Honeyman diS not take care of his health, the three defense lawyers argued. ·'Honeyman, who ignored his doctor's orders to q u i t smoking, lose weight and JOSEPH D. LEHMAN Getaway Driver MICHAEL J. KOORY . Backed the Action breathing heavily, pale, rub bing his chest, and com plaining that his heart was "beating too fast." CtmMfltd W1r» Servkn Dapper C a r l o * Celjas' credit card carousel ran d o w n F r i d a y , a n d h e stepped Into the arms of two sheriff's deputies in New York. "M o s t e m b a rrassing," Ceijas confided, as he adjusted a furled umbrella for a journey to the civil .jail on West 37th Street. He is 29 and gave a Miami address. C e i j a s ' embarrassment stemmed from a little matter of c r e d i t -- $27,000 worth, according to the Diners' Club, of which he might be classed a most active member. He joined the club last June, paying the annual dues of $11 with a check w h i c h , the c l u b complained, ' bounced. But by that time, Ceijas was off and running, Diners' Club Card at the ready. In July, the club charged, Ceijas turned up in Rome, waving the card beneath the noses of airline ticket agents, hotel managers, rest a u r a n t proprietors and shop keepers. Then it was on to Gay Paree and Old Vienna, with the little card ever in hand. Finally, in -Zurich, according to authorities there, Ceijas' credit spree ended when he tried with his card to get a car rental agency to put him in the driver's seat. The Swiss government accused him of fraud and he was deported. Which is how a welcom- HE declined an o f f e r to have a doctor called, but some 15 minutes later fell to the floor while talking to police officers. He was pronounced dead on arrival at St. Mary's Hostal. The trial, presided over by Superior Court Judge Beach Vasey, had been watched with keen interest by lawyers. The appellate courts are expected to review the verdicts with great thorough' ness, and all four attorneys involved in the trial agreed that the landmark case opens the door for a wide spectrum of interpretation in both civil and criminal law. ing delegation happened'to, greet Ceijas. upon his arrival at Kennedy Airport Friday. Besides the sheriff's deputies, it included customs officials and a Leonard · Wellt, a t t o r n e y for the credit card firm. With them the greeters brought an arrest order, signed by State Supreme Court Justice Birdie Amsterdam, on complaint of the Diner's Club. But this was not the final indignity visited upon the returning traveler. Customs agents stripped him of a $600 watch, and said he faces a fine for failure to declare it. The watch, of course, according to authorities, had been purchased by Ceijas with his little Diners' Club Card. GREAT SHAPE Gemini 8 astronauts Neil Armstrong and David Scott got medical clearance Friday for blastoff Tuesday on a three-day v o y a g e that calls for four historic orbital hookups and a record ' space "walk." "They're in great shape . . . very much ready," reported mission flight surgeons Dr. Fred Kelley and Dr. Norman Plncott. While the two pilots were undergoing the m e d i c a l tests at Cape K e n n e d y , flight controllers a r o u n d the world played a dead- serious game of keeping t r a c k of a little moving light as it inched steadily NEIL ARMSTRONG (LEFT), DAVID SCOTT ' Astronauts Ready for Tuesday Blastoff across a flat map of earth. The light represented the Gemini 8 spacecraft. Flight Director Eugene Kranz conducted the test of the global tracking network from Flight Control Center at Houston, Tex., watching closely while the toy Gemini changed colors from yel-. low to red as it passed from the imaginary light to dark side of the world. After nearly three hours of checking with his stations, Kranz was convinced that all is in readiness in that department for the or : bital voyage, America's first - m a n n e d space effort in 1966. WORKING MODEL B r i t i s h - m / o d e l Jean S h r i m p t o r i h'a s been granted a work' permit by .the U.S. Immigratio'n Service and- will be allowed to .work in-this"country during her three-month stay, an Immigration ' D e p a r t - ment spokesman s a i d in New York Friday. There had been reports that M i s s Shrlmpton, reputed to be the world's highest paid model, had been refused a .permit and would be allowed to stay in this country for three weeks, working only when a photographer stated a U.S. girl could not do the work. An' Immigration Department spokesman said the model who a r r i v e d in New York Wednesday, will be allowed to work here through Sept. 11, 1966. Aaron Frosch, the attorney for the Eileen F o r d Model Agency which han- .dles Miss Shrimpton, said the' whole incident was a misunderstanding and Miss Shrimpton never was denied a permit. MAXIMUM BONUS Gordon E. Freeman, 44, is $10,000 richer today because he re-enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard at Portsmouth, Va., for six years. Freeman, of Morehead City, N.C., became the first man in the Coast Guard or Navy to qualify f o r the maximum $10,000. re-enlistment b o n u s approved by Congress last September. ' The bonus resulted from Freeman's service longevity and the Coast Guard's critical shortage of electricians mates. "I went back to get the retirement b e n e fits," he said. Freeman is married and has two children. Low Book Fund Stirs Loud Row Heart Victim i ·-. - . · Sends Sirens A-Whining Lennox sheriff's deputies "went Code 3" three 'times Friday night to collect rare blood for a patient undergoing heart surgery in an Inglewood hospital. The first "Emergency, Use Red Light and Siren" -- a work less, was in bis office Code 3 -- started at 5:30 p.m. ai| 517 W. 17th St w h e n when two units raced to Little Company of Mary Hospital in Torrance, South Bay Hospital n Redondo Beach and Daniel 7 reeman Hospital, Inglewood. Their mission: bring rare Type A-RH negative blood to Inglewood's Centinela Valley Hospital for a patient whose name they never knew. . Succeeding calls at 7:13 and 8:45 p.m. took deputies to Hawthorne Memorial in Hawthorne, Crenshaw Medical Center in Los Angeles, Baldwin Hills Hospital, Los Angeles, and finally, Harbor General, Torrance. (Continued from Page A-l) $22 to $38 million was "too vague" and that he wouldn't blame state finance officials, the governor and the legislature for questioning it." * t * · + IN H E A T E D opposition were Daniel C o l l i n s , the only Negro member, and Mrs. Seymour Mathieson, Republican member from Fresno. Collins argued that textbooks are a tiny percentage of the total cost of education in the state and that 'the board should press immediately for a full.'fund allot me'nt. "The only action I ever gel is when I embarrass people,' said Collins. "I'm going to shout as loud as I can." Kpory and Stamp entered at aljout 10:45 a.m. last Oct. 26. W c ith S t a m p displaying a gun, the two'ordered Honeyman and four employes to lie on the floor while they col- lepted $2,500 in c o i n s ami cijrrency. 'jThe two y o u t h s , ihem- s e l v e s obviously nervous le'ft in such haste that they dropped a sack containing about $300. They' climbed in td a car which witnesses siid was driven by Lehman, and escaped. i Lehman was picked up a snort time later in downtown Long Beach, and Koory and Stamp at later dates. Honeyman, h i s employes testified, rose from the floor CASH B U Y E R S check Classified Ads for stereo components. Sell yours quickly. Just dial HE 2-5959. RAFFERTY said that hj had talked with Gov. Brown a month ago in a vain effor to get more funds. He con tended that it was just sue; a textbook-fund slash tw years ago that stopped th board from adopting a "pack age plan" for the so-calle "new math" and is giving th innovation a "rocky road." None of the board member could say how Gov. Edmun G. Brown arrived at the $15 million textbook figure in h budget, and the hoard, clos ing a two-day meeting in Lo Angeles, argued over whethe the amount was "tentative or fairly "hard." * * * + RAFFERTY said the righ amount would be closer $30 million and Common who stated "we should su ply youngsters with the fu program," guessed $25 m lion. As a compromise, Rona Cox, assistant superintenden was directed to work with t! State Department of Financ to set a supportable minimu figure, as soon as possible, revised final cost figure is be presented by mid-April COMPLETE WEATHER Be«f Mtf Vlclnily: NIoM and momlna lew. cienie si tfm«, lodav " ' ' Hazy afternoon itKisWr*. Continued cool, nign downtown .u~.* 1C I.U. ,~ n 1 n ht Mar yj oslly lunnv today *id Sunday. and Sunday. Hazy alferr. -- ----- ..... ------ a Lone Beacn lorfay about S, low rcnlgm near 50. sMounlaln Arm: Variable hl -------- -~ , nlaln Arm: Variable hlpn douch but inferior 1 Vn^p".rt..R«Cf U Variably high ctaxf. byj.moil'i iwijv "*"" ^ 18 krwts Irt afternoons today and Sunday. Widespread fop and Fow F clouds but cleartr.5. parHaltv In afternoons along- Ihe shore. LHtle ft temperature flange. S SUN, MOON AND TIDES 2 - Sonnst: 6:M a.m. Sunset: Srsa p.m. 5 MflMirlse: . Moonsel: 9:« a rp. * ' Tides: Hifftis, 5 (eel at 12:30 a.m. and 3.1 let al 3:3« p m. Lews, OS. IT foot al 8 a.m. and 3.3 fe«f at 6:34 p.m. FRTOHY'J WEATHER R E P O R T S INDEPENDENT PublTihcd cfatly ex«pt Sundi xt Sixth St. and Pine Ave., Lo/i Bench 12, Calif. Entered AS iccon class matter Mar. 27, W3, Jt I.on Beach 2. Calif. Adjudicated by Su perFor Court, Los Angeles Count Oct. 6, 1941. Decree No. "C-102BO Carrier Delivery Bv Mall Single Copy Per Mcnrh $2.75 3.3S e legislature is still in ses-li on. In another matter, the board ard Dr-'Paul O'Rourke, di- ctor of the Slats Office of onomic Opportunity, de- ribe migratory agricultural orkers as the "most dis- vantaged" group in the ate, * * * * O'ROURKE g u e s s e d the umber of workers at 300,000 nd the number of itinerant hildren as 60,000 to 80,000. owever, he added: "We now more about migratory rds and fish than we know )out our own migratory rarkers." . O'Rourke declared: --At least half of the work s are Mexican-Americans --3,000 of the families do ot have shelter, "let alon ducational facilities." --At least half of tire chil ren do not attend schoo uring the California migra on. · ' --The a v e r a g e gradi chievement of the childrei Long Beach Bridge Player in Cup Elims Harold B. Guiver of 510 Vista Hermosa, tong Beach s a member of the five-pi aye earn leading at the halfwa mint in the Vanderbilt Cu second elimination round he annual spring tourna ment of the American Con tract Bridge League in Louis ville, Ky. His teammates are Do Krauss of Los Angeles, Robe Reynolds of Coral Gable Fla., and Edith Kemp, CM Russell and William Seamo all of Miami Beach Fla. They are leading by seve international match poin over a five-player team whic is scheduled to participate the forthcoming World Brid] Championships. The trailin team includes Lew Mathe an Robert Hamman of Los A geles. at least two years behind eir ages. O'Rourke said that the parts are not particularly anxi- s to send their children to tiool because the youngsters e needed for crop work hool districts, he said, can t enforce attendance laws cause they are not able to eep track of the "here-today- ine-tomorrow" families. O'Rourke urged the board recommend granting of spe- al state financial support for stricts to handle the children nd that a study be made of peak farm areas." * * * THE BOARD, obviously up et by the problem, ordered staff study .and empowered s federal-aid committee to Christopher Asks Bid to Minoriti es BEVERLY HILLS (UPI)-George Christopher, Republican candidate for governor, :o\d a meeting of the California Republican league Friday that the party should aim for the support -of the minority groups. "The Republican P a r t y should be the party of oppor unity in 1966 and seize the chance to recover the support of the minority groups," he said in remarks prepared fo: delivery. . . . , : . , "Recent events show clear [y that the minority group must be presented with a can didate for whom the party ecide on proposed assistant does not have to apologiZ' rejects. The California S c h o o l oards Association issued a earning that school districts ave hired many additional eachers to handle new fed- ral programs and that funds o continue the program be fond August have not been ppropriated. The association said that, ccording to law, districts must start proceedings by 'uesday to release these eachers if the program is not continued. The Long Beach Jnified School District, which hired more than 150 last Feb ruary, announced earlier that 11 would be retained to take care of turnover. Mrs. Joseph Shell Picked CRA Head LOS ANGELES (CNS) Mrs. Joseph Shell was elected chairman of the Community Redevelopment Agency Fri day. Mrs. Shell, appointed to the Commission last August by Mayor Sam Yorty, is the wife of Assemblyman Joseph Shell She is past president of the Junior League of Los Angeles. M r s . Wayne Griffin was named vice chairman and Andrew Blackmore was elected treasurer. and for whom the Negroes Mexicans and other group feel they c a n confidentl; vote,'! he said. Rafferty Will Seek Re-election LOS ANGELES W) -- D Max Rafferty announced Fr day he will seek re-election a s t a t e superintendent schools in the June 7 primarj election. R a f f e r t y , who said 1 knows of no opposition, told a newsman he will make formal announcement of his candidacy at a dinner in Los Angeles March 22. Contempt Denied by Klansmen State Grab of Oil-Land Tax Pends (Continued from Page A-l) troller to deduct from state apportionments to local entities amounts equal to taxes collected on the state's interest in leasehold net-profit oil and gas contracts. The State Lands Commission m e m o acknowledged Jiat primary impact of the aw would be on the Long Beach tidelands, where Los Angeles County, Long Beach and the Long Beach Unified School District now gain tax revenue. . . : It also could affect future state oil and gas contracts," . predicted the state memo. Consideration of the resolution for the grab of funds · was delayed until March 31 on motion of State Finance Director Hale Champion. '[ haven't yet determined what the complete impact will be ... and I also want to find out whether a legal need exists for consideration at the special session," de-- clared Champion. - · · Previously, Gov. Edmund. G. Brown pledged to L o n g Beach leaders that "as long as I am governor" there wilj.. be no attempts to disturb the... 1964 tidelands compromise. . CHAMPION contends the- 1964 compromise involved . only a guarantee of $250 mil-.--' lion in tidelands oil funds for Long Beach shoreline-t r u s L. projects. Long Beach spokes- . men say the compromise wa.^ ^ a package d e a l , including taxes such as possessory in-' terest. The oil-rich tidelands have.'/ been granted to Long Beacfr \ by the state. However, the ' State Supreme C o u r t has ruled that the oil profits be--" ong to the state. State offi--' cials contend that posses'sory- WASH1NGTON ( U P 1 ) -even Ku Klux Klan leaders, ncluding Imperial W i z a r d .obert Shelton Jr., pleaded nnocent Friday to contempl- f-Congress charges. The seven officials of the Jnited Klans of America, Inc., ace individual trials in fed- ral court here, beginning une 13 .with .Shelton. They were indicted by a grand, jury after the House interest taxes of Los Angeles County, Long Beach a n d ' r :ited them for contempt on March 3. The action stemmed rom their refusal to produce ecords subpoenaed by the louse Committee on un- American Activities during its nvestigation of the Klan, « « * * THE defendants said only 'not guilty" in their individual arraignments before Federal Judge Burnita Matthews one of the. few women federal judges in the country. The seven were freed on $500 bail each, which was posted by Lester Chalmers, Raleigh, N. C., who served as their attorney during the House hearings. If convicted, the Klansmen could draw a maximum $1,000 fine and one Long Beach Unified School District will reduce future slate oil profits. The result is the 1.966 controversy on whether Sacramento should raid the tidelands taxes. An additional factor is the 1966 election. Some Southe/ii Californians have advised the Brown administration that- a 1966 fund' raid 'might have'-' considerable political reper-" cussions. Stole Clothes, Camera: A burglar picked a car door- lock to steal $226 in clothing.- and a camera from Nils Ericksen, 55 Roswell Ave., the vie- .Urn told police Friday. The loss included two suits, sports coat and slacks. year in prison each. (Advertlscmenl) MY NAME K HANS. I'M LOST AND LONELY. MY INVALID MASTER K LONELY, TOO. PLEASE RETURN ME! REWARD -- Call HE 6-4848 I'm * Ch*m*t*n« Cif Lorto Belch Coog Beach Airport Los Ar.oefe* Avalon H L Pr C c i1iltrni ' :$ . 75 9 Rlvi Beach San Frjy.ciico 70 Santa Barbara 57 Torrancfr .,,,,'"- ·.-.:B 3 . . 6? ft . .... °i 41 M 52 ~ S VidorvllH ,,. .. 7? Acrosi th* Nalton k prt L Prc. tA .77 .» Denver ,. p« Matnet _.--- « )£"- .~~-IO - T. .0! Milwaukee ... 51 4J MUKcapolli-SI. Paul 54 34 Mew Orleans .-- 73 54 New York 50 43 Oklahoma City .. ----..-.. U 57 pWdeWa " " »1 « Pil'libu're*'" '"..'. "'.'.'.'." ~.'.'. 59 40 .09 Portland, Ore - 57 30 Reno . . . . . « » Richmond - 7 0 33 SI. Lwll ^ . . 45 40 Sail Lake City U 11 a v U 37 Seattle Washington . S B r l t C . l iKne, We. lu'e Friday In In* 41 aiMctnl iljks wat 90 ki Parm PrMldlo; Tex. LOWKI wal 7 In Caribou «nd Um«- WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT DRAPERY GLEANING BY PETRI'S CLEANERS Drapery cleaning requires more experience and skill than cleaning the fanciest or oldest wedding gown .. . D r a p e r y cleaning is a highly specialized profession and none but the most responsible firms should be (nislcri. Any drapery that has been exposed lo sun and heat reeds the most exacting inspection, special equipment and application for each particular fabric, s i 7e a n d cleanability. Petri's Cleaners with 46 years experience and the finest facilities is your assurance of high quality and satisfactory s e r v i c e . . . Cleaning, Bleaching, Fan- f o l d i n g, Roll pleating, Flame proofing, e x p e r t h a n g i n g and measurements. Petri's Cleanets at. 3250 Orange Ave., Long Beach, offer a discount for cash and carry service . , . or pickup and deliver discount . . . or a complete service of pick-up, t a k e down and rehang. Phone HEmlock 6-6291 for free home estimates. Due to the variance of fabrics and s i z e s 11 is preferable lo make a personal call and g i v e correct estimates. However, if (his is not convenient, estimates 'viU be given over the phone. All day Saturday service. Leave It To Larry By LARRY MEDER HARBOR CHEVROLET A New York cab driver, by way of being f r i e n d 1 y toward a passenger who hip- pcncd to be a visiting British D u k- e, asked him t h c following: "M y mother had a baby . . . i t wasn't my sisler--it wasn't my brother, so who was it?" When he Duke couldn't think of an answer (he cabby said, "IT WAS ME!" Upon reluming to London, he Duke was giving an account of his trip to the United Stales o the members of an exclusive :Iub, and by way of injecting a illle humor into his talk he repeated the cabbie's story. He laid, "My dear mother gave birth to a child. It wasn't my istcr--it wasn't my brother-so who was it?" When they were all thoroughly stumped, he announced triumphantly, "IT W A S S O M E BLAWSTED TAXI DRIVER IN NEW YORK CITY!" Folks, if YOU'RE stumped as lo where to get YOUR new Chevy, A S K F O R L A R R Y MEDER at HARIOR CHEV ROLET, GA (5:3341, 3770 Cherry. Saves You More! AVAILABLE IN IVORY FULLY GUARANTEED We carry a f u l l line of thermostats for wall floor furnaces at Low Discount Prices! In Garden Shop and Plumbing Supply Bldg. Hardware Mart 5075 Lonr liieh llvd NORTH LONa BEACH Glidden CRAFTSMAN INTERIOR FLAT WALL PAINT Craftsman ^ Dries ii 30 minutes, cleans up with w.ilcr, easy lo apply with brush or roller, r'amous GlitUien quality. REG. 4.98 Gallon White regular colon DOOLEY'S HARDWARE MART !5075 LONG BEACH BLVD. NORTH LONG BEACH

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