Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 19, 1976 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Monday, April 19, 1976
Page 5
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Headed For West Point Mistakes ; Made in Shopping lly VIVIAN BROWN AP Newsfcalurcs Unless Ihey seek help,- young people may make some mis akes shopping for a house o apartment. Many pay ex orbilant rents, some are n lankrupl condominiums atn nany find Ihey know absolutel nothing aboul Ihe . house Ihe lave bought. Meanwhile, the slruggle lo mecl all the pa mcnts. · . Spring is house shoppmc tim for many young couples wh will be so preoccupied in Irym lo find a house Ihey can afford Ihey may forget all else. That is why many will as themselves later whether the have copper or galvanized pip in Uv2 new home. One young couple move, f r o m an'npaiinicnl into a hou and a year laler do'not kuo where their well or septic Ian arc localed. They do not kno much more about their hou than what they can see, an they've been too -busy worki lo pay the mortgage lo find ou . "Th" re^l estate woman was very nice but she didn't tell us cry much." the new owner ob- may be par for the Mifiirflininiiii«ii«^ TT-T/ 01 ' WOM Monday, April 19, 1976 · ^^ Reading Council Teachers Conference Set For Saturday 'Spirits Of 76' To Be Theme Of. PEO Convention "SPIRITS OF 76" was chosen] as the theme.for Ihe forly ; lhir.d annual Stale P.K.O." Conversion o be held in Rogers, April 23 nd 24, at Central United lelhodist Church. Mrs. Harold Clayton, Rogers, is general cha'irman and Mrs. Richard Kclkcr, Rogers, is co-chairman of convention. The honored! finest wi' Smitt Northwest -.- Arkansas Reading Council (NARC) . will sponsor a conference for teachers Saturday, April 24. Leveretl Elemenlary School, cified times whicTi will he note on printed programs. _At othe times teachers m a y . visit exh ith. second vice president of he P.E.O. National Chapter, whose residence is Spokane. Wash. 'Honest Couple' At Outs With Former Friend i bi'lTol centers design,':" 1 to leach al skills of reading, main, science. Rolicrla Hoitn'l,~..2(l; n K c n I looks o \ c r f i e r ' scraphoook showing progress of legisla- lion opening West Point lo u'omen." Miss Rolial will he in the firsl group-of women lo enter the U.S. Military Academy next September. (AP Wircpliolo) ______^_ Kappa Kappa lota Observes its Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Here Arkansas Epsilon State observed .Us 25lh' anniversary as a member of Kappa Kappa lola with a. banquet at the Holiday Inn earlier this month. Dr. Jane Treat, nrcsidenl, welcomed the conclave members and 21 of the state's conclaves were represented. Kapp; Kappa Tola is a national profes siotial organizaLi9ti for women in education. Tlie nine conclaves of Norlm " west Arkansas served cooperatively as hosts For the conven- 130 history al Ihe University o Arkansas, presented a challcng ing-message on woman's ro i n ' . A m e r i c a n deinocraci "Women must move with'- a i.deep concern .lowar fellow human beings and mi work lo improve Ihe educatio of every: citizen-voter," sh said.. The speaker pointed up the situation of women in ihe FaycUcville. ·- T h p theme, Learning Centers for Quality Learning, is one that Is of much current interest to educators. Miss Esther Crawford, supervisor of Elementary Education, North Little Rock schools, is the resource person for lh? con Terence! . Miss Crawford . i s \vidcl known for her : work oh learning social studies or music. Signs in the halls will direct people lo the various exhibits. The formal presentations will include a discussion of centers especially designed for children with Spccilic Learning Disabili ties (Sr.D). Leaders for tta session are Judy Biekncll and Mary Cal Hollis of Rogers and Mat-veil McDonougli of Benlon- vilie. Virginia Melhorn of the Ozark ' Guidance Center will lead a session on how to counspl , : ny rtiiivirtiij VAN nuin-,1' DEAR ABBY: I feel just lerrible. A [riend of ours brought . . · . ,,,, . ..i a young woman over Tor us lo meet. (His wife died about a Slate officers in attendance v( ,:, r a go ) will be: Mrs. Roger Host. » ; · I- · shc w ' as very lolK | uikatlve and bossy, which was disap- dent. Ullle. Rock;. Mrs.. Robert . . . , · . h e crll , se W6 knew-his first wife, who was a real II. Pine, lirsl vice president, p . B . . . . I.itlie Rock: Mrs. Peyton Gol- T j ]e r a ii mv jng fay [|, c man came over alone and asked its den. second vice president. what we thoughl of his lady friend. We loltl him Ihe Irulh. Batesvillc; Mrs. Robert b. Ken- - .y ., vou . | ) UC5 s C d jt They are being married, and we a r i Fayctleville:| not . nv j (c ' d to » thc reccp[iQn , Were we wrong in being honest? My. husband i Mrs. Jay Cai vei, ciii respondH i,i i)F(\i{ CAivr* uoticsiy is anvays me in:ai IJUM^J , u« j " ·· secretary, Mena; and Mrs. V , i t s)]o[||[1 k]]ow (||a , m mall WJ ,n| S .-;ui honest orinlon of a horse ham U. -fcilliol, - i a f[e r j]c' s Ixmehl tt. - - - -· - l! Monlicello. . . . . . . , ' .. Reservations have . .niCAR ABBY: 'We've been riiarried for two years, and for lor more llian 200 members] u, e last IB month's-we've liatMn law Iroublc. We are both em- attending from 63 Hostess e as e v e a n aw rou. chapters, ployed, have no children and live 250 miles from our families. Hostess Chapters' are from The problem started when my husband's parents, who a*a Rogers Springdalc, Fayettc- retired, invited themselves to our home for a lhree,day weckj crvcd. That ourse. Ask and you will finrt nl Don 1 ', a^k and "on will fmn ul maybe the hardWay, later omc real estate people. will ut a $10 breakfast order in the ·elrigeralor for the new-owners and place a $5 plant on the window sill and then call it quits as they pick up their commissions. IMPORTANT QUESTION People must learn lo ask the mporlant questions. Not onlj with parents of SLD children, centers ui schools. She spoke Some new yeas for 'earning on this topic at a recent regi in music be end. That particular weekend, we .had .invited my brother and wife, who were flying 700 miles to he with us, Aftei nal meeting of Inlernali Reading . Association in Okia- tftiu | ciMHUia "I i.ju.m. .,.,. -.- ional! presented by Maxine Page and jhould thcsy know ..,.~... --septic lank is located, hut they should know how old it is and when it was last serviced In fact they should insist that it he serviced before they buy ths homa ..- . . 'Sh/r'wijl - make two ·prcseri- tations--al the local'conference, one to primary teachers a n d ] one to intermediate teachers. : In keeping with Hie concent of learning centers, Saturday's conference will be set up as a large scale open-education classroom with varied centers for teachers to visit as they ,,,.., Reed, music leacters m Payetteville schools. These centers arc appropriate for the regular" classroom as well as til," music room, Jeanelle Loring of Benlonville who is well known tor her work on perceptual-motor skills will d e m o n s t r a t e methods a n d Golden will preside. past state guests, will , ,,. all limes--regardless. . . ;o Mrs. I NOW my husband's family (niulhcr, fa'.her and sister)'a r,» very hostile loward me and believe lhal I alone am lo blanVe, even Ihough my husband agrees with me and has told them so: ' ' I wanl lo be friendly with my "in-laws bul find it difficultTM ii-iiv. apologize for'nofwelco'ming.them that weekend or for not hay- presidents "and ing an open door -policy-at all times. : '.· . · '-:\ be held al lhe| What do you recommend? . . - , : Friday evening al 7 o'clock a reception, . honoring Mrs. Smith, slate ' board rmcmbi Spr?n7da]'e'''High School: Mrs. Ralph Golf. Jr. is chairman 6! DEAH PliRPI-EXED: No mic is cxpccled to have an open- Ihis evcnl. Following Ihe recep- floor" policy for guests In visit whenever Ihey feelI like il. Your .. ,i__ ....1 -Unni,,ml I.Inln...r rl./i,M Ho ,·;.. li n il n rtl finfl · Anri If (HEX' hall'lhelr hCArl S C V . materials for working children in this area. with where the 1 choose. A lew [ormai pre^en- .ations house. couple hou U.S. i n . 187G The feminist leaders tried, through oon-vlo- 1 ' --·--., lo make."lhe Amen r Garden Club Discusses Wildlife p«r tiiusi. u^ ni,n*-u ...... - - I D -- Colonial Garden Cluh book which explains the house Wednesday mornins in Some years ago a bought a beautiful old only to learn from *-.. terminator Hiat the house was under service fof termites. These days any house shop per must be armed with a Boor lent lion with approximalely membci-s ill allendancc. Satlird-v Ke.*P :(lr "" 'vere He] the Arkansas Union. Officers elecled for Ihe rn suing sear are Dr.,Treal prcsi dent, Mrs · Louise Pale, of Little Rock' ' president elccl, Mrs Heten\Cros«/!ll. Favetle, ville, first Vice president, Mis Janet Burks. Conway, second vice pfesidcnl Mrs Kermit Thomas, Little Rock, third vice president: Mrs. Theodora Hallin. Fayttteville, secretary: Mrs. Thco Storey, North ' Little Rock, Ireasurer; and Mrs. K a l h r y n Bailey. Little Hock, treasurer. Named to Ihe executive commiltce were Mrs.- Bailej and Mrs. Violet Bridges, Green w o o d . ' D r . Treat was electee delegate to the national norm · naling''" committee and Mrs Storey, alternate delegate. . The ".new -officers, were in stalled by Sirs. Veda McGimj of Tulsa,"currently second vie president of the National Kapp ' Kappa lola. Mrs. McGml I .leaches al Tulsa Junior Collcg : and has held membership in Ih ; organization all during the 2 ' years she has been teaching. "Vision ot. Ideals is th · mollo selcclcd- by Dr. Trea : who announced Ihe naliona : -convention will be held in Ana I heim, Calif. June 20-24. : Dr. Ann Vizzier. j professor o en n , . can public aware that the vote h had not yet been Extended to ;TM women, by penning a "Women's in ' " be made at spe detective role must be Declaration." "The" accomplishments since 187G, are-obvious, but there are slill goals:In reach by inves- ligafion) .discussion and wise decisions," she concluded Announcements Northwest Arkansas Relirec Officers Group will .meel .al W a l l ' s Cafeteria Private )ining Room Friday. The socia hour begins al 6:30 p.m., am dinner will be served al 7:30 p m Prof. Henry Tsui of Ihe Jnivcrsily of -Arkansas, wil nsas, role of th Liberation Army . in speak ^eople's ~ .-recent .China Pqlilics. On Wednesday, April 21; 111 University Trio will , be per forming H h e l a s l concert of th Fuchs. Gates an Rappaport of the Universit faculty will perform music b Mozarl. Casella and Brahms. The concerl will be held Ihe Fine Arls -Auditorium- al p.m'., and is free of charge an open to the public. r A n n Vi/zipr, J professor o \iy~" ^ "-- i ------- -- - IHSfc^^ me , ,, ... thi home of Mrs. Max Wortlilcy Greenview Drive. . service. Mrs. at the _.. Fourteen were .in atten'dance. Mrs. Ellis Shelton reported on the State Convention of Federa- Daily Calendar Of Events Tonight ABC's o[ Parcnling, Rolling H* Baptist Chtircl,. 7 PJm. I Woodcarving Seminar, Graduate Education Auditorium, P Wciehl Watchers, Goft Building, 7 p.m. ' ' SMITH'S Communication 2-Way Rodio B E. Ctmltr - 442-4MS CBj Ptrklnj! Let In R««' Tuesday. . . . . . Arkansas .Dcparlment o( Education Art Exhibit, East Cam Ar! S Group, Mr, M. C.-Ki k , 9°30 8 it) - ' ' · · '. ' We'igl'il- Watchers, Goff Building, 9:30 a.m. \ WcKorne Wagon Club,-Bonania Slcak House, 9 a.m. - Klwanis Club 'Holiday Inn, 12 noon . ' laSnTniy Advisory Board, 17 West Rock, 12 noon · Civilan Club, Wyall's, 12 noon -· _ : American Red Cross, Chapler House, 4 p.m. Nbrthside notary Club, Wyall's, 6:15 p.m. . . . ; ; . Weishf Watchers, Goff Building, 7 p.m.. - ; ; ; . - , , ; Single ! Adi.ll Fclliwsliip. 116 Rogers Circle Drive, Spnngdaie -" '^University City Chapter, No. 435, OES, Masonic Temple, ipaicr No. 442, OES, Masonic Temple, 7:30 p.m le Bridge Club, Boss Building, 7:30 p.m ocs Anonymous, Wiggins Mcthodisl Church, 8 p.m. AI-Anon, Wigeins-Melliodisl Church, 8 p.m.- ' Oiei? Club, Arkansas Union, 8 p.m. , ' Malfilano : Duo,NWA. .Community Concert, Men's Gym, . I p.m. ck Heckalhorn. treasurer; d . M r s . W.A. Guinn, parlia enlarian. An informalive program pn PTA Organized By;Staie Officer SILOAM SPRINGS - In a ccent meeting of Siloam , nanimously lo Parent-Teachers played before the house is purchased. A leaky cellar' can add considerably lo Ihe basic price of a house, No one wanls lo lake pn he -responsibility 'of a leaky ellar, and there are many V-s lo il -- dampness, cracks n walls, rolling around window rames. mildew. If that Irause is n low ground Ihe chances ol ampness are increased. In ad- ilion lo Ihe inconvenience of a vet cellar, there is the danger I wood posls rotting. It is not only an added ex- ensc, bul a leaky house is. a eal bore to cope with. In win- er people are afraid to vaca- ion away from their homes because of one or another prob- cm. . -' Thai is why Ihe house must he inspected for tell-tale loaks. Yellowed stains on callings nay come from bathrooms above, 'n the allic.. walcr damaged areas may be caused .by roof damage which can got big per and ruin ceilings below Wallpaper stains also can Pro vide chics lo leaks. CHECK CHIMNEY The .chimney should be in specled: The prospective buye should climb a ladder and make sure it is ih good shape It is a good time, loo, tj mak sure tne roof looks sturdy. Bad recent meeung framing can cause it lo sag. prings parenls, One couple noticed some irre gularitics -- broken p u 11 j pieces around windows, gaps in doors, "but the house was en chanting" and Ihey decided I fake it without · a quibble Great But if they had talker about things that were wron -- Ihe floors needed scrapmi liles were cracked in, the .bal room -- it might have bee good grounds to have a fe Ibousand dollars k n q c k e d " ' b Ihe price. Now they "worr about the expense of repairs. Very often Ihe real esla person has a better figure work wilh, but he may "ha promised the owner he will I to get the original price. An house lhat has been on I market a long trme provides Bond chance to the buyer bargain. ; In Ihesc limes people -w ave had a house for 10 riore years may be selling at bnsidcrabie profit, and Ihey an usually a f f o r d lo reduce Ihe price. There are so many Imngs lo heck out in a house, it really s worth the expense Tor Ibc services of a house engineer vho will work in your inlfiresl. ie can check out the wiring, he healing system, Ihe well, he seplic lank and he will ;now where some hidden prob- ems may exisl. One couple moved in only lo find Ihe refrigeralor missing. They had always renled an a p a r t m e n t and didn't realize thai some houses are - sold minus a few important items. Often a house may not have been sold because the price was loo high, bul il may hf., loo. thai lots of people have found genuine faiills wilh it if il has been ou Ite market a long while. II may lie a house cvery- hml" "ill's f'nrlinr. nun'nl .irl cozy, and all the rest of il. 3ut when llwsc firsl leaks arrive Ihe superlatives wo.n't nay the bill for sump pumping. One couple has always had a Teak in Ihe beamed living room of Iheir sail box. Now they want to sell il and pray for good weather. If the fact was known, a buyer couci bargain because a big job is nerossary to (lie roof lo cure Ihis paricu l a r leak. , . PERPLEXED DEAH PliRPI-EXED: No mic is cxpccled f o have an open- lion the annual e r e c n - oor p o c y - o r g u e s s n v . " banriucl'.^lnrliiws shoujd have- iiiulerslooii. And II t^hey hail 'heir scan session will be of special in- er.cst to nursery, kindergarten ind first grade teachers. Interested persons may -register by contacting Charlcie Strange. John Tyson School, Springdalc. Or may register at the door from 8:30 lo 9 a.m. The presfinlalions will begin at- 9 o'clock" with a welcome by Mrs. Henrietta Holcnmh, assist- anl superinlendenl lor Elementary Education. . Fayclleville. The building will r e m a i n open until 1 p.m. to allow parti cipauls as much time as possi ble for visiting tte learning cenlers. Mrs. Oma Blackwell i Ihe LevereU principal. ' NARC is an organization of A social hour preceded: ihe x i cac hers and olhcrs interesled UUII lilt ,..l..«". ,, JIIWllIU IKHl. l.ll,,,.. jmy... ...... .. .,.-.., - - - honoring husbands ·'.of - P-.E.O. on (lull weekend; they, could have opted :for a. inolel." members, will be -held i aLthc"| " I sny, f n r g e l il. If Ihey can't see your iioint, they don t waft : .DEAR ABBY: Believe it or not, (his coming from a man who js in .Hawaii on his honeymoon! Springdal'e High School. Mrs. i n . James Cyperl and Mrs. Phillip' Sleele are in charge ot -"··" evcnl. . -· The purposes -of: the -P.E.O. organization are educational and charitable through four, .educational philanthropies, which arc the P.E.O. - E d u c a t i o n a l - F u n d ; I a man wno .is in ridwui uu ma MUIJI^IUVJUI,. . . - , Right now" my 'bride is busy writing lhank-you notes lor our wedding presents, so since I have nothing-else to" dp. I thought 1 T..I'.....ri.. in .-.n.i .,,,.! id- i.nii xi.hAl \rnii think nf Ibi'i situation. Colley Junior College, 'the ".In . lei-national Peace- Scholarship}. Fund and Hie .Fill tinuing Educalion. founded en Ihe campus of Iowa Weslyan College in 1896 and n o w ' lias a membership -of 170,000 with states and Canada." »».(.LIHi,. ,1 t.ujv.,ui. IHI.IIM.. ifl ^)g leaching of reading. To tiered linen cloth covered .Ihe |U o m nle Iheir purpose, NARC refreshment table centered with sponsors two conferences per a pink 'azalea and lily-of-thc-; vc!ar f o r teachers in this area. Joe Brennanj This y e a r - i t also sponsored an silver coffee c:i hibjt of book activities at members Northwest Arkansas Plaza in which about 300 children en- icreil original illustrations of books on a Bicentennial theme. Easter Moiif Chosen For Membership Tea write lo you and ask you what you think or Ihis situation. ! If il makes any difference. I "am 24 and she is 22. I w o u l d o t - coinplain if she look : o f f ; a r u h p u r or 'two lo write those not^s, but- it seems that more time to that than ;l» anything else. . . . ' When our' friends' gel fhank'-you notes from a bride who is pn her honeymoon, don't you think they'll" suspect somelhmgTis . W " h ^ ..':'." ' . : . .' . BORI^D ON/MY HONEYMOON DKAK BORED: No. They might suspect s'omelhlng is yfiant you. .. _.. . : ,./. . . . . . - . . - . Everyone lias a" problem What's yours? For a personal reply, wri'lc lo ABBY: Dos No. 60700, L.A., Clli!. SMW. Enclos« slampeil, sell-addressed envelope, please. (C) by Chicago TrilmncN.Y. News Synd. Inc. led Garden Clubs and displayed Otlicers of NARC "are: · Ihe Slandard of ExcellcncCi Boycr, Fayelleville. president; ived. Judy Stirewalt, Fayetteville. _. -J(i are Mrs. Wfe'^SS; M": II ^el^y; \Charlcie- siranie. Chamblee 5 secretary; Mrs. Sprmgdaie.treasurer, and I.TM 4-H Club News " .';".'. HELflNG HANnS The annual membership lea I^.e Kelly a.nd .Jackie Waddle of City Hospital Auxiliary .was led. pledges .at. the A p r i l 8 held Thursday in the home "of meeting which was allended by 5=S»KB|Bft3S^"S B3* "liskirl to atlend » business session in Ihe school cafeteria , at 12:30 for the elfidion of W76- ! 77 orricers. Box lunches will be esenled by Mrs. Worthley " "·.";:," '".,',,* hich. she illustrated wilh aTMl.ihlc and arts: m a r k i n g important dates P lir( ^ s TM, in S urln6 · Hie conservation of wildlife, tralion period. .., may be Ihe regis- ·v".---.TM-.-.-,-v" ."·.'"."!:. -" ·" IQ o p in · i I'alchwork pillows,* .A : - demo- An Easier-melif Prevai^ta "nsUaiion'oi^tar^g seeds m repored' on the" poultry '"bar- becue''contest'.in. which he won a blue" /ribbon." " · -.7 - A "slide presentation was given o n - h o w lo prepare and give formal demohslralions "and illustrated talks. . . . , '··: Business discussed was th» ·style show. April 26 and activity 'dav: " * " vhilc bunny wicker il was voted re-organize Associalion The m e e t i n g - w a s held in Ihe N'orthside Elementary school ·ith a large attendance. Carl Ic'Quay of KUOA was master [ ceremonies and opened ihe meeting by oullining Ilie obiecls of PTA. Stale PTA president Mrs. Thomas Gray of Fayelle ·ille was fhe guest speaker and pqiiiied out; that "PTA is a irame'work to help the parenls understand and'help liuild thei schools." In saying thai PTA was a continuing cducalion fo parents, she gave examples o many'worthwhile projccls spoil sored by fhe stale and naliona PTA. She emphasized Ihe import ance. of understanding belwee parents and school officials saying "all .of. us have roon lo gro.w and room to improve.' Mike Moss, Jr. read Ihe b) laws of Ihe PTA and w-er approved by Ihe goup. . Five persons were named a nominaling commillcc present a slate of officers whic will he acted on at Ihe Ma meeting. O n : t h e commillee a Mary Benjamin, Joyce Pillma llcva Scward. Lucy Kenned and Grady Nichols. An ensemble from Ihe Jun High presented three v o c a selections. - The Light Touch by Gardenhire Mechanic lo customer: "My advice U thai you keep.the oil and change Ihe car." Too many parents insist on obedience -- in olher people's children. - .* * We owe so much lo TV. Think of all the teenagers who would olher- wise be oul driving. What r h i s country needs is fewer people sounding o f f aboul what Ihis c o u nl r y needs. An expert is a person you hove to pay wheth- his advice lurni oul to be right or not. We're experts at pleasing the ladies wilh keepsake gifts. Take our advice al GARDENHIRE JEWEIRY N.E. Corner of Square skel rilled wilh Easter^-,,.,, ho stood "in the living room. while wicker basket of .pastel lips greeted. ..guests ai::lhe onl door. In the d i n i n g room, Ihe tea ble was spread with a pink mbroidered organza cloth ^.._ cntered wilh a .white wicker asket of pastel daisies aiid laby's breath...^ Appointm'eql ere of silver.,. In Ihe - -living! room where Tiember.ships were received, a he game (able/brass rabbil vcre flanked by baskets olored eggs. · . Sirs. Dick Pratt, membershi chairman, reported 213 mem jcrs to dale h : e lalehl show in wl his 'brother-' Peler, ilaCe in" 'the nace in me . insiuMiiicnirtii me *·-···· "··*-"··" . - · · I I vTsMqjrf : _Pcier^Claytaaker1May 13 at Rool_SchoaL_, .- Members *of "the club will participate in Ul» county cteari-up on April 24. ;. aim Rcfreshmenls were served : by first Kathy and Kim Vcncma. - ·: ilai; The next mealing will be hcla he and FABRIC MART EV.E1.YN HILLS SHOPPING. CENTER TWslsVourWeek ONE WEEK ONLY OFF Everyone's raving about the beautiful clothing found at 30 i eg. price GENIE' PORTABLE SEWING MACHINE WITH BUtl.f-|N BL1NDSTITCH Built-in mulli, Wind, zig-zag, strelch Hitches. Glide-on case. Front drop-in bobbin. MWI . , IBS Reg.S219.35 354 SINGER DEPENDABILITY IN A REGULARLY LOW- 5 PRICED ZIG-ZAG! Front'drop-in bobbin. Carrying case or cabinet extra. Model. 247 '; · · : , - 99 [95 There's No Place Like SINGER Northwest Arkansas Plaza FayellsviNe, -- ;Ph. 442-8151 207 .Vy. Walnut . Rogers..---. Ph. 634-8240 · A Trademark ol THE SINGER COMPANY

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