Independent from Long Beach, California on February 2, 1960 · Page 2
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 2, 1960
Page 2
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P«g« A-2-- INDEPENDENT ''··»· ··« h - «·»'· · »· "« r-LA.C. SAYSr Algerian Tragedy The tragedy of the present Algerian trouble is that it is Frenchmen opposing the government of France. They arc the French settlers who have long had their homes in Algeria. They have cultivated the ground, raised their children and ruled the North African country for generations. They are now faced with the probability they must be governed by Moslem rules and be placed in the same position as the British in India, most of whom have been driven from their colonized homes. * * * It was only 20 months ago when the French army in Algeria revolted against the weak French government. The army joined with the French settlers in demanding a strong leader to bring about order in the five-year rebellion against French rule. The result was a new government under De Gaulle who quickly brought order out of chaos--for a time. Then De Gaulle decided the only solution to the Algerian problem was a plebiscite whereby the people would decide (1) if Ihey wished to continue as a French colony, or (2) if they wanted a modified form of government wherein Algeria would be a part of France with greater freedom--such as Canada enjoys with Britain--or (3) that Algeria would be independent of France in every way. * * ft It is this self-determination policy of De Gaulle that brought about the insurrection of the French settlers. They see the probability that the plebiscite will mean they will be ruled by the natives and the danger their properties will be seized--as has occurred in India. They hope the French army would join with them in a last effort to hold Algeria as a French colony. It seems probable De Gaulle will win over the settlers. The army is remaining loyal to him. But out of the settlement will cnme a new bitterness among Frenchmen who feel the government has not protected the interest of settlers who have done much to develop the agriculture and enterprises of Algeria. One has but to read "The Leaf and the Flame" by Margaret Parton, a story of present day India, to understand the fears of the French colonists. * ft ft Mrs. Parton spent five years in India as a correspondent for a New York paper. Her husband was correspondent for a British paper. They tell of the tragedy of the British as India was given over to the all-Indian g o v e r n m e n t . They were molested and driven from the home they had enjoyed for generations. Their lives are in constant danger. Only a small number remain. It is this picture the French settlers have before them which has caused the present insurrection by Frenchmen against Frenchmen. There may be more bloodshed before the plebiscite is held. It may be the Moslems and other natives will decide they need the protection of France--and therefore will vote accordingly. But the hatreds that have been aroused by five years of rebellion by the natives may cause a vote for complete independence. If that occurs, the Algerian Moslems may turn to Nasser--or even the communists. It is a tragic example of the changes going on as colonization is being ended in many of the areas where European nations have so long ruled.--L.A.C. (L.A.C.'s column, rw (_. A. Co : 'ins pression of personal opinion, .inr] doc ·iHfired opinion of this nov.spdpcr.) MRS. ROCKEFELLER "A Little 111" Rockefeller Bride to Have Child N E W Y O R K (UP1)--The Norwegian bride of Steven Rockefeller, son of millionaire Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller, l e w home from N o r w a y economy class Monday night and confirmed that she was expecting a child. Mrs. Anne Marie Rasmussen Rockefeller, who married Steven i n N o r w a y l a s t August, wore no makeup and confided to an airline em ploye that she felt a little 11 when her plane landed. But she smiled and waved :o her husband. When they met, they greeted one another 'irst with a handshake. Then Steven gave her a gingerly uss on the left cheek. * * * * BY TRAVELING economy class, Mrs. Rockefeller saved ler husband quite a bit of money. Round-trip economy 'are is $492. De luxe is $940. Steven said that he would 'be happy" with either a son or daughter. "I have no par- icular preference." he said. His pretty blonde w i f e was "eported two weeks ago to )e pregnant, but she has re- 'used to confirm it publicly. Gov. Brown Budget Hit on 2 Sides (Continued from Page A-t) above the majorities needec in each house to pass the bills. Rumford said the repeal ol on prescription drugs would save California's sick aboul five million dollars a year and cut that much from state revenues. have a one-cent local sales tax, prescription drug buyers would save another $1,650,000. Passage of such a tax cut would knock Bro\vn's 1960-61 budget of $2,477,721,574 a little out of kilter. The budget would leave a surplus of $1,426,917 to the general fund. Brown did . not propose either tax cuts or increases to the Legislature and he said any cut would be a "callous disregard" of proper money landling. Brickbats showered on Brown for his budget proposal .vere led by Assemblyman Joseplj C. Shell of I.os Angeles, the GOP floor leader in :he Assembly. Brown said the budget "is Balanced not by borrowing against the future but by liv- ng within our means." * * * * SHELL REPLIED "The governor's definition of fiscal responsibility seems to be to raise the expense of government operation . . . to expand he funds, then he will be 'orced (o raise (axes again :o cover the new expendi- State Senate Car-Filter Device OKs$lMillion for Oi Said No Smog Cure By BILL BROOM of The Independent's Washington bureau SACRAMENTO W -- The 1- C !'l r °!± C "L S ^ l . e . sales _ 1 ^ State Senate, overriding arguments that it was acting hastily, Monday approved the one-million-do!!ar Squaw Valley snowy-day fund by a 27-9 vote. The action sends the emergency appropriation, requested by the Olympics Organizing Committee in case a blizzard holds down attendance at the Winter Olympics, to the Assembly for final action. The measure by Sen. Ronald G. Cameron (D-Auburn) received the bare two-thirds vote required to pass an appropriation measure. "I don't think any of us is happy about the choice, but INDEPENDENT Published dally except Sunday al Sixth St. and Pine Ave., Long Beach 12, Calif. Entered as second class natter Mar. 27, 1943, at Long Beach 2, Calif. A d l u d i c a t e d by Superior ;eurt, Los Angeles County, Oct. 6, 1941, Decree No. C. 10280 Per Per Inrrter Delivery By Mall .. Single Copy Maryland Democrats May Support Kennedy WASHINGTON (ffi -- Sen. John F. Kennedy (D-Mass) apparently is about to pocket Maryland's 24 Democratic presidential-nominating votes. Kennedy's headquarters announced the senator and Gov. Millard Tawes of Maryland will hold a joint news conference in the Annapolis State Kennedy seems likely to be House today. Reliable sources said Monday the governor will announce that a slate of Kennedy delegates will be entered COMPLETE WEATHER FORECAST Lono Beach nnd Vicinity! Gradually elenrlno skies Ihls mornlnrj. becomlno Dtirflv cloud v "us ollcnioon. Hi oh Hear 60. Ctinncc of r.nnv her laic tenia!i! cc 'iVctlncitJjy. Interior and Desert Regions: Cloudy with Intermittent riiln in the north portion ind light showers In Itio soulh portion today gradually clearing In the afternoon Partly cloudy tonloht nnd Wedncsd.iv. Winds 55 to 35 m.D.h. at times today. Sliohtly cooler loday with high temperatures of 45 to 55 in the upper v.illevs and 55 to 65 In the lower v.illcvs. Mounl.iln Areas: Rain tod.iv with snow 'owcrlno to about 6.000 feet bv mid- d.iv. Oetrccisinti cloud' thfb afternoon, Ch.iiice of rain again Into toniglil and Wednesday rrrriallv over the northern mountains. Gusty winds bolh dtivs. Slitjhtiy cooler loday. Oflshnrc Wind and Wtfnther Forecast (Pt. Conccpcioi to Border): Small - c r a f t warnings displayed. Southwest to west winds 20 to 30 m.D.h. a I times today becoming llphl ,ind ".Triable tonighl tind Wednesday morning mainly along the south const. Partly cloudy In Ihc afiernoon, COASTAL WEATHER SUMMARY An intense low pressure center Is located tboul 250 miles west of the Winhmoton const. From this center n we.ither trout extends throunh the norHiern Pfirt o( Cilflornia. \Vdik high-pressure area extends from Bald California west to the Hnwalfan Islands but north of this a moist current from the Pacific is swcepino in over most of the Pacific Coast causing rain from Ihc Mexican border lo the Ciinadian west coast. SUN. MOON AND TIDES Sunrise: 6:50 a.m.; iunsel: 5:?J p.m. Moonrise: 10.U a.m.; mooniet: 1 1 : 1 7 p.rn Tides: Illoh, J 5 frrl at 12-5J d.m. dnd 37 feet at 12:J7 p.m. Low, 1.6 feet al 7:11 a.m. and I.I feet ni /:03 p.m. M O H D A Y W E A T H E R R E P O R T S Water-Sale Plan Urged by Panel SACRAMENTO' UP) -- The Assembly Water Committee, capping three years of study, Monday called for sale of state water at cost-without subsidy, limitation or cheaper power for public agencies. The policy conflicts with Gov. Brown's recommendations, which seek a penalty for holders of more than 160 acres, and drew sharp criticism from a six-member minority on the committee. The majority of the 20- membcr committee urges a single rate, varying only with distance from the s o u r c e , saying it "eliminates all sub- Month Y e a r j s i d y to irrigation and any $2.00 524.00 | and enhancement," 2.00 2 . "TY\ C on |y limitation on water deliveries should be full repayment of the costs," the majority report said. The report also called for sale of power at the prevailing market price. That jibes with Brown's policy. A committee minority said the policies are " inconsistent with the greatest public good for the people of the state of California." /· V»1 ·*·** -m f* o ylilplCS I don't see where we have any alternative," said Sen. James A. Cobcy (D-Merced), urging support of the bill. * li! * * CAMERON SAID the games should realize a $300,000 profit for the state. It could o as high as $tiOO,000 or $700,000, he said, but the emergency fund is needed to )ay bills in case attendance 'alls below expectations. Sen. Hugo Fisher (D-San 3iego), one of the nine who voted against the measure, questioned its constitutional iy, saying it appeared to be i gift of oublic funds. Legislative Counsel Ralph vleps offered a contrary opiri- on however. Sen. John J. Holmdahl (D- Oakland) urged a more thorough review of the bill, saying 'somebody surely got fooled along the way." "Can't this wait until Tuesday or the next day or even Thursday to explore the in- urance possibility?" he asked. Gov. Brown called the lawmakers into special session earlier in the day to consider WASHINGTON-- The Pubic Health Service Monday said a low-cost, auto exhaust device it tested would cut down on air pollution but is not a cure-all for smog. Basing its evaluation on a 20-automobile test, the PHS said the device would reduce lir pollution by a significant amount. Even if universally installed, however, it will not delay the day when even nore drastic steps against automobile-caused air pollution will be required, the re- jort said. Development of the device was announced Nov. 30 by he Automobile Manufacturers' Assn. THE DEVICE was tested iy the PHS's division of en- Sneering services. Its 'report did not take issue with auto ndustry estimates the device would remove an average of 33 to 40 per cent of the total lydrocarbons spewed out by an engine. Despite its cautious appro- Slecps al Phone BONN (DPI) -- A waiting ine outside a telephone booth »rew longer and longer until someone finally called police. They found a man inside with the receiver to his ear -- fast the emergency fund. lasleep. val of the device, the PHS warned that its use would make no inroads 'on produc: Jon of cancer-causing pollutants, nor on one of the two luto-produced ingredients in smog. * * * * THE DEVICE probably will not eliminate cancer producers created in the explosion of the air-fuel mixture in the cylinders, the report said. Nor can the device destroy the olefins created in combus- .ions. Olefins are one of the ngredients in smog, and comprise about 45 per cent of the lydrocarbons in the exhaust stream. The device can destroy only those olefins present in the raw gasoline that : lows into it, and the total of these is small. Another ingredient the device will not destroy is carbon monoxide, the PHS said. HUNTINGTON HOTEL 10 on c rr*CAW ni vrt I.ZYU t. Out AN DLVIs. ROOM, wllh p r i v a t e tile bath and daily maid service; also Includes choice of our 95c club breakfasts and choice ot nil our 52.20 dinners, 5.90 per day. Two people, room with bath, including meals. $8.30 per day. This Is not a bonrdlno house, but a Boulevard bnth.' We serve verv excellent food Special weekly rates, $29.05 per week, un, I n c l u d l n o meals, as 1 Phone HE 6-6253 California with Tawes' approval in the! state's May 17 primary... j There also is a preferential- presidential ballot, on which! the only Democratic entrant. fllythe El Ccnlro . . . Fresno Newport Beach Albuaueraue _ Anchor.ioe Bismarck Boston Chicago Clrvcir.nd Denver Des Monies Dclroit Fort Worth Helena Honolulu Indiiin^poli 1 . ... Kansas Cily . L.ns Vefini Memphis Miami Lowest temperature Caribou, Me. Highest wa 1 H 60 iO iii .IS 69 .13 72 Jl Pfllrn Springs Riverside Sacramento S.n nrjrn.vdlno Siin Diego San Frnnclsco iiinta Barbara Vktorvlllc ... Across the Nation I L Prc i 77 ... Milwaukee 3-1 n 34 31 33 57 43 W 3: 79 36 T, 69 J? . New Orleans . New York Oklahoma City Omaha Phil.icielplila Phoenix . . . . . . Pittsburgh Portland ' Reno Richmond 5t Louis Sdll Lrtkc Cltv H L Afl 40 56 49 56 52 59 46 63 53 59 54 56 J7 55 38 36 30 -- _ _ . . . J8 .... 47 38 4S .... 5? 30 -27 JS .OS $10,000 GUARANTEED AGAINST AND STORM NS WINTER PRICES SLASHED! THE I960 AIR-SHADE ALUMINUM AWNINGS ARE ALWAYS AT THE I I insured savings CUItCNT ANNUAL HAT! I * · : · · · · ·".'." ".' · .'" ' ,y __./ Save more and earn more with the First F.cdfcrhl where ;--- each jaxingv-aceounfvis-insured ;to; 51 O^OpO^b'y'the Federal Savings arid Loan Insurance Corporation; an .; instrumentality of the United States Goycrnment. ACCOUNTS* OPENtD fay th* l O t h c f ANY MONTH E A R N f r i m t h t HI. FEDERAL SAYINGS Opin Until 6 P.M. Fiidiyl F I R S T a n d P I N E P H O N t Hlnlodt 70Jit * NO SECONDS! * NO REPAINTS! * 64 COLOR COMBINATIONS! NO MIDDLEMAN! DEAL FACTORY DIRECT! 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