Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 10, 1972 · Page 36
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 36

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 10, 1972
Page 36
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any skin kin wounds' NO WONDER D06S.' l \ HOWL AT 7HeMOON ( S ,, TIMES/TAKEHIMTOTHeVET!* " !NOl MATTER WHAT W VS. ALWAYS END UP AT HIM!LOCK icH HIMToAPOSTi PADPJ-E-BAU. CONTEST TOPAY I'VE GOTTHEPAVSOEPRftP IN /w ARTIFICIAL LES OPEN. HERE'S YOURS. NOW RING 1 FOR THE ST EWARPESS . ; ~J W VOU RMG,]T KEEP QIHET.ANP DP AS YOU'RE-rcm THIS · , JOT NO '' P100K ON HER, ·-' (v\V MflN SNUFFV'S BEGW bOlN'THflT TRICK FERVEflRS SHUX- V THftTfllN'T J NOTHIN 1 6LORV.BEJ! seSHOULD ft-GONEtO TH 1 COUNTRY FfllR THIS 4eflR,LOWEEZ.V--1 I SEEN fl FELLER IN OWE OF THEM THflR SIDESHOWS: SWfiLLeRIN RUSH ME TO A V { HADN'T WE BETTER. TAKE , , HOSPITAL.'.' r V'HIMTOO^lR-r 3 WEMAV ) \, ( WAKJT-TO SUE HIM -^ -^ v - IT WAS fW VT'S ,,.VS. ATESCM THAT. WAS BO BAP 1 COULDN'T I'VE GOT TO HURRY ANO SSTTHS HOUSEWORK FiNIEHECj BEFORE COMPA^4Y ABRIVSS OH/NO-THEY'RE DAGWOOD.' YOU'LL- HAVE 4ll|! TO AHSWER THE DOOIV- I'M NOT DRESSEO , YET/ Believe Ji or 7/bt/ ,. aouff Mat. AND BUILT, nsif/flST" SKICKKItHf SHf CAST H0! Ftps? VOTE 36 - · N«rthw«» Arkflnw* TIMtS, Thur«.,,Au».' 10, 1W2 ABMMIM _ _ ... - .__ - . !!lllllillllli!ll!llllllllllllll1M11lll!liniitllllll!ltlli:t!lllllllllllll|lll^l!l!l!ll!IUIIlW^ FRANCES DRAKE . ~ Vbur Daily 1-lorpscope Q KbC r«gm »£» to. IVI V.J1 M* · ESTER L. COLEMAN, M. D. Keloid Scars May Return; several keloid Scaisi n my b a c k where cysts v\ere e moved, ha\c been told that these gly scars can be lemoved by urgery. What assurance do I h a \ e tat the same keloid scars will ot return again as ·«_ lesult ' the operation 7 Miss C S Va 'ear' Miss 'S; A keloid is a f i r m , dense uckenmg of the skm that a wound, a lacciation, the surgical removal -You must, of -course,: discuss Yitli your doctor the possibility hat vkeloids'. may come back. Only in this way can you avo i d dis appoi ntment. Four months ago I suffered a stroke, and my left ami arid iarui have been partly paralyzed The theiapy treatments so. far lave not been helpful. Should I continue treatment? Mr. A. P.,'La Dear Mr. P. U n d e r n o circumstance should jou discontinue the physiotherapy treatments. tissue Normally, heal with a fine ne that : is thin arid sometimes a'rely visible. The elevated thickened keloid car- sometimes«occurs-:without ny known reason Doctors-who perform surgery sually have rio way of know ng who will heal with a keloid It always comes as a isappointment to them, too, r hen this type of healing unex- ectedly occurs. THICKENED SCAR Occasionally, a thickened oar-may occur, even in people vho do not have a keloid: ten ency if the wound has been nfected. a doctor is awa^e of lie keloid tendency, as he yfiuld be In your case lie does idVe methods at his disposal to Tevent their recurrence. Intensive"X-ray treatment qf our.'new scar, shortly after the :eloids are lemoved, may keep hem frdm-'coming: back. Some lectors have been enthusiastic about the 'use of- cortisone, and ome chemicals to prevent the donation' of keloids. Look in tho' se'ctlo'rt in which your sbirthday · comes awl-find what 'your outlook ts, according to' Hie stars.:: · ' ' ' · · · , ·..··,· ARIES '(Mar.,21-lo Apr.'20) ;- /The position of Mar's Indicates a AYider scope of. Interests, possibly greater activity. "Don't go o Rxtrembs, however.: Respond only to i offers, that really mean something.., .... i . . -..,···. TA-yRUS,(Anr;,21 to'May 31) ·{There are:tcndenc1cs-tb\Vard emotionalism. :/ here'.'vBcv, alert. :Yoii and those about, you may .e.ijd to .blow- up.^slUiatlon's otit nf all proportion. .-Use care in estimating values. ' ' · . GEMINI (May.22 to June 21). You can win'newlaurels;-now -- if you; keen your wits' ab'qul you a n d . use that iritelligeni mlit'd'pfyours. ' : . ' ' ; - ' ' ' ' ' CANCER (Junp ; 22 to July 23) Umlsual .situations: will' nbtt call Mr; topflight! .performance Sudden- shitts.'1n circumstances should not'deter, you from pur suing iniBarijrigrul. goals. Avoid impulsiveness.: LEO (Jiily 24 to.Aug. 23) . If you lake''your .p'lace amohj the dp-ei's .'-- jiol,, difficult fp- the., ambitious' Lepite-'iA ; yoi should accomplish' a great dea how. Look ahead! · . . VIK'GO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) '.Tighten: up .loose: 'ends., Don' et the^ day become emotion iharged. .Where possible, stic' .0'routine, nnd'jdori't'go off o angenls. Keepi'orc5er,- ; " · LJBRA'-(Sept; 2f,t()..0ct.,23 ,) ;More than us'ijar activity ind: cated in certain areas. "Brin forth the' best in your repertoir and exploit it'to the hilt. Don waste time on the ihconsequen tial. 1 ··;·····"· - ' : SCORPIO ;(0ct. 24 to Nov. 22 Do .not make plans based 'o false premise or that whic you are building will come turn Wing down. Emphasize th Libran's foresightedness. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23'to Dei ' ' " Thls;day:a'waHs YOUR s pusli - hard and stfhlglitl^G^ th } ump on at least some .project* { iid you will land in .tl\o.sp(rlted, ompetitlve compotltlon you on 6y, You can dlctalo youp owij loic'o of action. 1 -^'-. ' · ' · ; · ' · ! i APRICORN^ (Dec. 22 16 Jan* } 0 ) -, ; · : ' · : . : ' ' . i : : ' . - , } Do.riot answer: questions or nake commUrnents, U ^ y q u - a r a } nsure of ;your,o\yri stand.op b i l i t l e s . ' ' . T h e , o'bveroptlpiis.Hc ; .;'jip'wi : .AQUARIUS (Jan. 2Ho;Feb...l9) You m a y - f a c e sortie''stress 5 nd strain,' b(U,.;doitt;'leb;it get f ou .down/- Counteract. wHn .R f, ust-right blend of "iserloiisneM J and light-h'earl?iJness,va'nd 'keep s ilugging- tbwafd worthwnila ·, 'ISCES : "(Fo'b;,V2ft 'fa Mai-.' 20) ·'·: You could mastermind a, most ', vo'rthwhile '.activity' 'that' wo.flld ( benefit many,- if yout.lopk^.for i, he oppoi'lunity and grasp it im- ,j mediately. Good Ideas slimulat- ed-now. ' " ' ' : YOU BORN'TODAYHre en- v dowed with great personal mag- ., nelisni and a brilliant: wll. ; ,If Iving qn'the higher plane, you; can reach top level- attainment arid become a leaHer-in almostia any field you choose' as .a; Ufa;j- work. Your -' personality: .-is a -t volatile one and, i f . at your t tjest, 1 you make a-delightful,'.j buoyant companion; ^ at other.^ times, you'.can be too:oplnionat- ( ed, · ohstinate, *donnincef jhg JoivJ just plain moody. :Ahd'.'pn£do'es, o j not know when to expect tlicsa-if quick changes'- pt 'mopd,vfeith'er.- r? You: MUST/ learnv:Jo ; .cdnnuer;:* such tendencies for, \yith -self- mastery;" 'tithcrs'i- will , : be/drawn *|. to you instinctively, arid you will; ij make many : _frichds : along the-i«; high rqad.'to,success.:'F|elds;in which you would make a noiabla.'jj name for,- yourself: ·.·The \stage',.it; literature, music, the" fawf-poll-re tics statesmanship' Birthdala * of Gov Gilford Pmchot, of £ Pennsylvania - ' It MUSCLF TONE is important that t h e muscle tone oF.,.y.our arm hand be"' maintained while waiting for ! the possibility of tlie return of normal' function: About one year ago, the right side of my jaw suddenly pop »ed. It was painful and I'could bardly open my . mouth. This lasted a short while, and comes back every." couple:" of weeks The pain shoots to my ear and I can hardly chew ·What..kinob of doctor--,takes care of such problems?. Mrs. M.H.T..SC. Dear Mrs.' T. Your story, is typ.icalof' some problem nijlhe jaw joint al most invariably connected with a distortion 'of "the dental bite There a r e m a n y denta surgeons who. specialize in the treatment' of this condition which is known as. tempero- man'dibular joint disease.'-Your own dentist, who knows your condition!, is in. the besi position to help you find such a specialist. r Crossword By Eugene She/far ACROSS 1. Nobleman 5. Public recreation area 9. Flounder i Region 13, Winglike ·, 14. Greek ; -" : : letter ilS.Pupish : 'severely : 17, Mountaui '. g a P'V ' 18. Roman - : - date . 19. City in Florida 21. Burst of applause 24. Ardor 25. English ·" ; ·· actor- ''Manager 26. Dash(4 · ,30. Tavern 31.Severe ' 3?. r^-.L; Gal. liehne 3.3.ReyeIs 'noisily' " : 35.puto£ 36; Average 37. Flexible ·pipes'." 38 US f emblem 40,-ImpartiaI 42.Eussiah community 43, Scottish ! political . ' economist 48. Mountain · - on Crete"' ,49. Slush ·-.' ; ''50.. American Indian 51. Com: , i munis t i ·52. Observed 53. Judge DOWN 1. Resin 2. SJoney o£ account 3. Thing (law) 5.'Case ' in : grammar | 5. Attendant. - : B.Exclama- ':· tion [ 7;Roderif. : 8. Moscow '·· citadel · 19.Glass · "bottles 10. Tiny particle ·Average lime of o1ut!oni 22. 11. Island east of Java 16. International language 20..-^ : , Fleming 21. Mix 22. Italian. . river 23. Russian '; city ' '24. Trans-' · 'gresses- 26. Stalk 27. Through 28.Bacchana- Jiancry 29. Water barriers 31. Small' ' rivers 34. Sun 35. Shaped. 37; Pronoun 38, Arabian . -chieftain- 39. Assistant 40, Transpor- ', tationfee 41. So be it 44. Expire 45. Wrath 46. Fasten 47. Surround B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play) South dealer. Neither side vulnerable. NORTH A A K Q 3 V J 9 6 4 A 8 2 + K 0 5 WEST VAQ1042 4 J 7 5 3 SOtJMl A 104 EAST * J 9 7 2 V K 8 7 3 4 K 6 4 #72 # A Q J 1 0 8 6 3 The bidding: South West : North 3 * Pass 3 NT 5* Pass ' 6'* Pass Opening. JeadW ace of. hearts. The Vienna' -Coup is an unblocking play that precedes .the execution of a squeeze. It is not a difficult' play.-- all -that declarer lias to do is cash one particular.high card-befgre running hjs other winning' tricks. For example; · take this deal \yhich occurred In the.niatch between the United States and the United Arab Republic in 1960'wprld 'championship. the South was Marcel Zananlrl J and North was Georges' Gress,TM both of Cairo. Norman Kay was West and I was-.East. -, ; Kay led the ace'.atrd anoth'er~ heart, which Zananiri-ruffed. Ha then cashed the A K of trumps and ace of diamonds. It was tlila cashjng of the aca. of diamonds that constituted ,,; the Vienna Coup.-It was an absolute pierequisite to tha* r squeze that followed. t Zananin next played tlirea' 1 'more rounds of trumps, producing this position: J . Now he led -his last trump;'·"· 'discarding the heart from durn-'f 1 my, and I was !sq"ueezeK"I could- not .part with' a/ spade, for · that''.' would make dumrhy's spades all"tricks. .So .1 "discarded, the. ;king;;!of diamonds,- hoping'. Kay.. liadV, the queen..'. ; , · . · : : , ; ': :-';'; But Zananiri ; had the 'queen; "v which he cashed, and that was = the end of -that: The Egyptian' · pair scored" 920 ptt'Inls aS'a re- 1 ""suit of the successful''Vienna-"' 1 : 'Coup. . - . . " " . : ~ Not only that, butit later de-;? veloped that our teammates atX the other table had played the--hand at three notrump, that .East had led a, heart, and,that,-, they wound iip going down one. -l-i PONYTAIL Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 22 31 ' ·19 52 44 24 27 40 19 SO 47 C K/D, Futoru Syndk4l«, ; w , l7[. ^ at lj ,1,1,,. H , ! Was I exaggerating when I said I'd met a boy '"' with the PEUFECT summer job?!" ':] IIMES Classified Ads Get Fast Resylts, % Try : eik Just Dial 442-6242; I

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