Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 8, 1929 · Page 7
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, November 8, 1929
Page 7
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I THE ALTOONA MIRROR—FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1929 HALF POPULATION NE6LECTC TO VOTE (Cohtinucd from Page 1.) were. equally as poor as a glance at the appended table will disclose. Had It not been for the high percentage maintained In the city of Altoona, the county would have made a miserable showing. As It was, about 34 per cent of the borough and township men and women voted and about 61 per cent of those In the city. The following table shows the number registered In each of the 108 districts and the number who voted on Tuesday: Toting Precincts Altoona City. No. No. Vot. Keg. 1st wd. 1st pct...»... 1st wd. 2nd pet 2nd wd. 1st pet 2nd wd. 2nd pet 2nd wd. 3rd pet 2nd wd., 4th pet...... 2nd wd. rth pet..... 2nd wd. 6th pet..... 3rd wd. 1st pet 3rd wd , 2nd'pet 4th wd. 1st pet 4th wd, 2nd pet 4th wd. 3rd pet...... 5th wd. 1st pet 5th wd, 2nd pet 6th wd. 1st pet 6th wd, 2nd pet 6th wd. 3rd pet 6th wd. 4th pet 6th wd. 5th pet 6th wd. 6th pet 6th wd. 7th pet 6th wd. 8th pet. 7th wd. 1st pet 7th wd. 2nd pet 7th wd. 3rd pot 8th wd. 1st pet 8th wd. 2nd pet 8th wd. 3rd pet...... 8th wd. 4th pet 8th wd. 5th pet 9th wd. 1st pet 9th wd. 2nd pet...... 10th wd. 1st pet 10th wd. 2nd pet 10th wd. 3rd pet 10th wd. 4th pet ll(h wd. 1st pet llth wd. 2nd pet 12th wd. 1st pet 12th wd. 2nd pet 12th wd. 3rd pet 12th wd. 4th pet 13th wd. 1st pet 13th wd. 2nd pet 13th wd. 3rd pet.,... 13th ward, 4 pet 13th wd. 5th pet 14th wd. 1st pet 14th wd. 2nd pet.,... 14th wd. 3rd pet 14th wd. 4th pet 433 277 166 202 223 238 238 53 342 429 342 251 103 351 433 272 270 259 197 323 219 202 80 324 ,214 247 221 320 283 108 66 279 341 326 262 101 194 326 414 384 250 96 102 111 ,199 . 297 319 394 122 269 132 221 557 369 222 256 284 338 320 78 445 541 442 330 157 457 572 372 365 348 278 438 294 243 105 400 304 320 321 426 366 156 87 381 460 475 373 144 292 418 527 543 356 135 130 175 301 409 416 516 155 378 216 307 Total, city., ...12.W6 17,298 County Districts. No. Vot. Allegheny twp., 1st dist. 63 Allegheny twp., 2nd dist. 99 Allegheny twp., 3rd dist.' 28 Allegheny twp.,-4th dist. 103 Alleg'y twp., Benn. dist. 27 Antls twp., 1st dist 574 Antis twyp., 2nd dist 168 Blair twp., Catfish dist. 83 Blair tp. B. Hollbg. dist. 158 Bellwood borough , 698. Catharine twp 200 Duncansville borough... 228 Frankst'n twp., 1st dist. 127 Frankst'n twp., 2nd dist. 403 Frankst'n twpi, 3rd dist. 138 Freedom twp., 1st dist. 30 Freendom twp., 2nd dist. 828 Greenfield twp., 1st dist. 206 Greenfield twp., 2nd dist. 29 Hollbg. boro., 1st wd... 292 Hollbg. boro. 2nd wd... 371 Hollbg. boro., 3rd wd.;. 114 ' Hollbg. boro., 4th wd... 143 Hollbg. boro., Bth wd... 192 Hollbg. boro., 6th wd... 253 Huston township 260 Juniata twp., 1st dist. 45 Juniata twp., 2nd dist. 46 , Logan twp., 1st dist... 17T Logan twp., 2nd dist... 187 Logan twp., 3rd dist... 10 Logan twp., 4th dist... 36 Logan twp., Bth dist... 98 Logan twp., 6th dist... 164 Logan twp., 7th dist... 113 Martlnsburg borough 270 Newry borough 162 N. Wood, twp., 1st dist 113 N. Wood, twp., 2nd dist 220 Hoar. Sp'g boro., ls.t pot 428 Roar, sp'g boro., 2nd pet 661 Snyder twp., 1st.dist... 44 Snyder twp., 2nd dist.. 80 Taylor twp 217 Tyrone twp., 1st dist.. 142 Tyrone twp., 2nd dist.. 54 Tyrone boro., 1st wd... 305 Tyrone boro., 2nd wd.. 217 Tyrone boro., 3rd wd... 232 Tyrone boro., 4th wd... 324 Tyrone boro., 5th wd..,. 135 Tyrone boro., 6th wd. . 245 Tyrone boro., 7th wd... 112 Williams, boro,, 1st pc 291 Wijllams. boro., 2nd pot 204 Woodbury township.... 51 No. 261 338 85 247 119 1,112 352 268 661 1,406 ' 389 743 252 665 271 56 643 1,268 79 595 753 333 430 565 700 473 142 64 719 1,123 90 153 349 935 434 673 205 216 655 734 866 641 475 700 333 139 1,091 511 564 1,042 682 887 510 698 464 630 Total 10,596 29,179 Grand total 23,421 46,477 CONFERENCES ABE HELD The third and .last of . a' series of three morning conferences between executives and employes of the Altoona & Logan Valley Electric Railway company was conducted this morning at tfre power house. Matters regarding .the operation of street cars and busses, safety measures and other 'related subjects were up for consideration. Afternoon sessions of the conferences are also being held during the present week. Joseph Cramer, charged with, assault and battery and threats to kill, was accorded a hearing last evening before Alderman H. C. McClellan of the First ward and was required to put up a tond to keep the peace and also was •entenced to pay the costs. KOCH & TOOLE offer Waste Paper Baskets for $1.00 Something new—something: different; they're made of wicker in assorted colors. Framed Pictures Children and Landscape subjects. $1.00 Pictures have 1-lnch antique gold frames and sell for $2.50 regularly. Artificial Flowers lOc ea. and Up Many Different Varieties 1316 12th Avenue TMf ICN-T4 N Be Here With The Crowds Tomorrow THEECN-TCN The BON-TON'S Greatest Winter Sale ! 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