Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on April 30, 1963 · Page 28
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 28

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 30, 1963
Page 28
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T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N TUESDAY EVENING; APRIL 30l : fvii^ -·-.--··-*.-.- -; ter^vw - ^ 11 STORES IN ARIZONA! NEW SUMMER RATES! BUY YOUR NEW TELEVISION SET TODAY 9 AM to 9 PM AND MAKE YOUR FIRST MONTHLY PAYMENT AUGUST 10TH. 50 PER MONTH 400 TV SETS DISCOUNTED! 1963 G.E. 23 INCH M49 CELEBRITY MODEL WITH TRADE #M730 TERMS ... $ 7 50 Month 1963 19 INCH PORTABLE TVs DEIMONICO MODEL #PTVM!l) $ 79 WITH TRADE Model M930 COLOR TVS $ 3 ff% gf^ TERMS... 8 9 *i4 44 WITH TRADE OPEN UNTIL 9 PM AL EPPS RADIO TELEVISION 2346 NORTH CAMPBELL 2202 SOUTH 6th AVE. TV PREVIEWS By LEONARD HOFFMAN TONIGHT ^ v f 6:30 P.M. ^ RED SKELTON. Comedian Pat Carroll and actor Forrest Tucker star tonight, with Tucker making one of his rare song-and-dance appearances and doing very well at it. He pairs with the bubbling Miss Carroll in one number and goes on his own singing "Stepping Out With My Baby." He also joins Red and Pat in a funny skit on the marital problems of the George Applebys, appearing as a psychologist. The Silent Spot, usually the best part in the show, is up to par tonight with Red pantomiming a playboy bachelor. (Channel 13) EMPIRE. "Duet for Eight Wheels." Color. There are some moving moments in this episode effectively . brought about by guest star Inger Stevens as a paraplegic. She comes into Redigo's life after he is trampled by a wild horse and confined to a wheelchair. Both principals face a life of confinement in their portable prisons until they agree to take the risk of dangerous operations and the chance of walking again. Lawrence Dobkin is featured with star Richard Egan. (Channel 4) 7:30 P.M. DICK POWELL THEATER. "Last of the Private Eyes." A hilarious spoof of private eye stories, with a sharp jab at "The Maltese Falcon." Bob Cummings is the focal point of the plot as a detective who tries to uncover a mysterious COMPLETE W Automotive SERVICE ^ HOWARD'S EXPERT MECHANICS USE THE FINEST PRECISION JQUlPME · Motor Tuneup « Alignment · Overhaul · Brakes · Refrigeration · Mufflers · Transmission * Radiators QUICK Service Reasonable Prices! COMPLETE. STATE APPROVED SAFETY INSPECTION LANE Fos- GUARANTEED Automotive Repair, Call Smilin' Howard, the Auto Man! HOWARD'S AUTO SERVICE 4596 E. Broadway · EA 7-5626 blackmailer by using the technique of successful fiction rather than fact. A swarm of recognizable stars add frosting to th'is delightful 'piece of cake, some in brief roles and some in important support. They include William Bendix, Sebastian Cabot, MacDonald Carey, E d d i e "Rochester" Anderson, Jeanne G r a i n , Linda Christian, Jay C. Flippen, William Lundigan, Janis Paige, Arnold Stang and Keenan Wynn. Don't miss this one. (Channel 4) JACK BENNY. Ann-Margret and juggler Francis Brunn guest for a variety show. Jack gets into Brunn's juggling act, and George Burns appears briefly. Don Wilson and Eddie "Rochester" Anderson are featured. (Channel 13) 8:00 P.M. GARRY MOORE. There are few loose moments in this well - knit comedy - and - song hour starring comedian George Gobel, singer Rosemary Clooney and simmering bombshell Nancy Walker. Top comedy skit is a takeoff on Thorne Smith's "Night Life of the Gods" with Moore as Eros, Gobel as Bacchus and Durward Kirby as Apollo. There is another rib-tickler with Clooney and Kirby playing newlyweds being haunted by their former spouses, Moore and Walker. Miss Clooney also presents her new version of "The Prisoner's Song" and Garry salutes 1931 as "That Wonderful Year." (Channel 13) 10:30 P.M. MOVIE. "Sensations of 1945" (1944) Eleanor Powell, Dennis O'Keefe. Musical spectacular; dancer gets chance to put on a show. Fair. (Channel 9) 11:15 P.M. MOVIE. "Journey For Margaret." (1943) Margaret O'Brien, Robert Young. Foreign correspondent adopts two English war orphans and brings them home to his childless wife. Good. (Channel 4) Kurt says: ' Put the colors of Spring into your living room now with a brand new RCA VICTOR MARK 8 COLOR TELEVISION In the new, slimmer cabinetl Buy your color TV where service is tlie finest and the selection is the biggest. MarkS Series 213-G-27-M URT APPLIANCES In the Campbell Plaza Shopping Center 2808-N. Campbell Ave. Ph. EA 7-7491 open for your convenience weekdays 'til 9, Saturday 'til 7 NO, PAYMENTS TIL JULY TAKE 36 MONTHS TO PAY THE FINEST SERVICE IS YOURS WHEN YOU BUY AT KURT'S dineafc _y ~ i--^ i A. r Eastgate Shopping Center 5601 EAST SPEEDWAY Open Daily 11 A.M. to 2 P.M. 5 P.M. to 8 P.M. EVENING FEATURES 5 TO 8 P.M. 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Friday, May 3 Malayan !hrimp Curry wifh Buffered Rice .................. *B09° Saturday, May 4 ' "" Vienna Cauliflower wih Sfeamed Frankfurters... R £ 39* IN DO BROW'S VIEW 6 Naked City'Cancellation Season's Most Infuriating that with such diuupfiaf; tosts ail Reasoner ini Flckett deprived oC . daily habit, tho"Tod«y^:pr6i; gram on NBC-TV should of.; fer to buy them jn exchange,, for Us own plodding emcee, Hugh Downs, and a good left- fielder. " - By RICK DU BROW HOLLYWOOD---UPI-- Easily the most infuriating entertainment cancellation of the next television season is that of ABC-TV's "Naked City," and there are two main reasons for it! First: This gentle and remarkable series about human foibles in a New York setting ran into NBC-TV's pretentious new program, "The Eleventh Hour," which, riding the crest of medical show popularity, offered the subject of psychiatry in the form of sensation. Second: "Naked City" had been severely play* ing down its cops-and-robbers format and emphasizing the human aspects of the stories with a lack of sensationalism. The all - powerful ratings indicated that gentility, like virtue, too often comes at high cost. Yet, even with the "Naked City" cancellation, and some others, there may be room for cautious optimism about next season's network entertainment schedule--^mainly in the apparent promise of some new shows. Except for the dismal programming in weekly public affairs series in the coming season, the schedule certainly appears to offer more new excitement than this semester's atrocious diet. Among the worthwhile series that are disappearing are these: "The Untouchables," which also suffered : n the ratings when it played down violence; "The Dick Powell Theatre," which is not being renewed because of the death of its producer-founder; the "Voice of Firestone," whose sponsors are going in for Bike Rider Misses Dog, But Hits Car A woman bike rider was hospitalized yesterday when, in attempting to miss a dog, she ran into a parked car in the 2200 block of East 4th Street. Mrs. Carolyn Sheley, 23, of 602 N. Euclid Ave., was in good condition today at Tucson Medical Center following treatment for multiple bruises. She told police a dog ran at her from a yard. Her bicycle struck the rear fender of the car. Single Ladies and Gentlemen YOU DON'T HAVB TO BE LONELY MEET NICE PEOPLE Social Introductions By Alice. Requests For All Ages. A Private Licensed Service. Tucson 22 years AX £4692 more hard-sell advertising, like sports programs; the Fred Astaire ''Premiere" anthology; Perry Como, who was slaughtered by "The Beverly Hillbillies";, "Car 54, Where Are You?"; "Have Gun, Will Travel"; "I'm Dickens . . .He's Fenster," and probably also the Shari Lewis children's show. Of all these, only "I'm Dickens . . . He's Fenster" bowed in this season; the others are veteran series. And "Dickens, etc." may yet return, though it's a very long shot. Here, however, are some of the highlights of the coming 1963-64 season, though not yet proven: Weekly variety shows, with Judy Garland, Danny Kaye, Jimmy Dean and Jerry Lewis. Lev/is' outing is for two hours each Saturday night. Also: Anthologies with Bob Hope and Richard Boone, and at least two other new hours each week of spy stories and mystery-dramas. Also half-hour comedies with Phil Silvers, Bill (Jose Jimenez) Dana and Oscar winner Patty Duke. Also some 20 shows apiece for Edie Adams and Sid Caesar. Also an American history ..jries and two dramas about teachers, as well as one about a social Ted Walker MOBILE HOMES 2832 S. 8TH AVE. MA 3-2595 FOR 10 V E A R S y EA 7-6571 - "" Appliance Service efrigerators, Washers TVs Car Radios Gaver, 4044 E. Speedway rviiiK Tucson 37 Years · Musical Instruments · Used Appliances · Washers, Dryers · Radios, TVs · Records · Stereos, Hi-Fi SOUTHGATE SHOPPING CENTER MA 4-2261 "Must I Endure Humiliation All My Life?" If You Have a Hearing Problem, Come In Today and Get Your FREE Copy of this Amazing Booklet. DOMAR HEARING AID (ENTER 1221 N. Stone Ave. PH. 622-8740 worker with a fine actor George C. Scott'in the lead. Also a folkslnging show, may- b e . . . . ' . . ' : . Unfortunately, also apparently headed for scrapping is CBS-TV's .superlative daily morning show, "Calendar," with Harry Reasoner and Mary Fickett. It is said that new public affairs program with Mike Wallace will replace it. My own feeling is Sta-Glo" Cleaners -VJt - 4 HOUR :^T ^ | SERVICE EA 5^8252 .-.Y/PieMp*/ 48.0*fi. 22nd Delivery f. Matffair Plaz.i --Preitnfocf Ton//* by-SAM LEVITZ DIRECT - TO - YOU WAREHOUSE TONITE* 10:15 P.M. * CHANNEL 13* 1550 RADIO DIAL KTAN (580)--NBC news on the hour, cosmopolitan music for adults 5:30 a.m. to midnight. KEVT (6QQ)--Spanish language features and music, -news three times daily; 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. KCEE (790)--Adult music, news and features on tha hour; sunrise to sunset. KTKT (990)--Popular music, news on the hour, sports on 8 4 hour; continuous. KCUB (1290)--Adult music, Mutu?J news on the houi and half hour; 24 hours daily. KMOP (1330)--Country and Wsstern music, news an tbr hour and half hour; 5 a.m. to sunset. KTUC (1400)--ABC and Arizona Network programs, adult music, sports, news on the hour; continuous. KOLD (1450) ~ CBS programs, standard-popular music, sports, news on the hour. 5:30 a.m.rmidnight. KAFK M49C)--Music and religious programs, news. KFIF (1550)--Adult music, news headlines; sunrise to sunset. KFMM-FM (99.5)--Classical and light popular music, news on the hour through tba day; continuous. KSOM-FM (92.1)--STEREO--Arizona FM Stereo Network. Fine arts programs 8 a.m. to midnight; opera 2:30 Sunday. SPECIAL PROGRAMS TONIGHT J:M KTAN--Monitor Tucson KFIF--World Tomorrow StM KTAN--Morgan Beany KCUB--Stern Sporti JlU KOLD-News *iM KOLD-CBS Th« World Today KTUC--Sporti 4:15 KSOM--The World Today «i!5 KCUB--Fulton lewis Jr. 4:10 KCUB--Stern* Sports KTUC-Fr«t Flnnty Ma KAIR--Funlly Bible Stdy. 7»» KOLD--Manny OrntlM I:W KTUC--Edward Morgan ItM KCUB--Patrick Sporti ItiN KCUB--Geb'ljl Heatter MtM KOLO-Starllnht *ym. TOMORROW J:« KTUC-Chepel In Desert 7tM KCUB--Stern Spofti KTUC--News M* KTAN--World Roundup KAIR--Have Fallh In God KFIF--Internal'! Gosnel L»e 7:41 XOLD-- News KAIR-BIble Institute 7:55 KTUC-Polnt of Law 1:93 KTUC--Prank Hemlnsway KAIR-Famlly Bible Stdy. KFIF-Mth Cent. Reformat). ItM KAIR--Haven of Rest fl30 KAIR--Faith For our D» TONIGHT KTUC-News-Flnney KFIF-- Faith Far Our Day HIM KOUD-News Godfrey U:J* KFIF-- Allen Revival Hour HIM KTUC-- Newssaptr of Air KOLD-- Newj-Llnklefttr 11:OS KTUC-Don McNilH lltJO KCUB-Ar!en» French KOLD-- Garry Moor* NOON KCUB-Ntws-Fulton Uwrlt KTUC-Fred Flnnty KTAN-N«ws KTUC-- Paul Harvey lit* KTAN-Cfcxt Huntley UN KTAN-- David BrlnMey HM KCUB-Patrlck Spwtt KTAN-- New." «:SI KTUC-- News 6:00 P.M. BASEBALL. Los Angeles at New York. (KTUC, 1400) WEDNESDAY 4:55 P.M. BASEBALL. San Francisco at Pittsburgh. (KOLD, 1450) AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR - DIRECTORY Any 6(yl. ENGINES OVERHAULED p»rmmi ANY* AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION '63 6OOD FINANCING AND FREE LOAN CARS 16 Operations Including Parts and Labor 1. New Chrom* (tints 2. New Gaskets 3. New Rod Bearings 4. New Oil 5. Grind Valve* t Reseat i. Remove Sludge and Carbon 7. Hone Cylinder Willi I. Adlujt Tappels OVERHAULED (On* WMk Only) TRANSMISSION CONDITION PERMITTINtt ·ULTRAMATIC A JETAWAY SL1CKTLV HIGHER t. Mine Cyllndcrt 10. Cut Cyllndtr Ledtt* 11. Mlk» cnnkihift 11. Adlusl Main Bearlnn 13. Clean oil Lints 14. Slum Ciian Parts 15. SM-Mir« Checkup -.·:--"· K. Set Timing l Carburtter Written Guaranl** for t.OM Mllei or ( Month! ^ ^ f-Cyllndtr Enslnei S.'ljhtly Hlfthtr 16 Operations including Parts, Labor and Oil 1. Rumovik Tran«ml..1iui ttf ·»_. Z.... 1. Remove Transmission 1. Steim Clean 3. Disassemble 4. Chemically Clean J. Replace New Lined Clufche* i. Instill N«w Bushings T. Instill All Necessary Gaskets and Stall I. One New Band If Needed J. Adluit Bands 14. Keiisemblt 11. Final inspection 12. Install Transmission 13. Install 11 5ti. of GM Approved AQ ATF 17« OH 14. Adtust Trtns. and Carb LlnkJjt 15. Fret SM Mile Checkup U, 4 Month or *,*oo Mil* Guarantee PH. 792-3020 RAY HARBOUR'S 241 S. OLSEN KVOA-NBC KUAT-UofA KGUN-ABC KOLD-CBS 9 Amos 'n -Andy 13 News-Weather-Sports 4 Quick DrawMcGraw t Th» Honeyrnooners 13 Mickey Moui* Club 4 Empire t Conversation 9 Ccrnbal 13 Red Sketton 4 Zmplr* t Chlldren-Wha)'* New t Combat 13 Red Skelton 4 Dick Powell- NBC 1 American Economy f Hawaiian Eye 13 Jack Bertny 4 Dick Powell HSC i American Bus f Hawaiian Eye 13 Garry Moore channel 4 channel i channel 8 channel 13 IGHT .m. rt-NBCNewi and Friends onklt« Newi .m. Sports Report Sports .m. -Grew rterj Club j i.m. Spanish «:45 ,m. s New i.m. c iomy .an 1C :«»» System 8:M p.m. 4 Chet Huntley Report 6 Playwright at WorK 9 Untouchables 13 Garry Moore 1:06 p.m. 4 Laramle 6 American Assembly 9 Untouchables 13 Lloyd Bridges 1:90 p,m. 4 Laraml* 4 American Assembly » Biography 13 Marshal Dillon 10:6X1 p.m. 4 News-Weather-Sport" f Campus News-Slsn Off 9 Panorama 9 13 Nlfelfne News-Steve Allen 10:3* p.m. 4 News-Sports-Tonleht Show 9 Theater t 13 Steve Allen II;Of p.m. 4 News-Sports-Big Movta 9 Theater t 13 Steve Allen H:M p.m. 4 Bin Movie- 9 Theater 9 13 Steve Allen 12: M midnight 4 Bis Movie 9 News 13 Ntws-Weith«r.M»htlli WED. MORNING 13 Test Tunti-Mahall» («:15) 1:90 a.m. 4 Continental Classroom . TUESDAY P.M.-WEDNESDAY TUCSON TV NOTICE: Information ID this Dial Is provided b th 2 ss-iS g'feffird.Xe £ sponslbi11 * (c TD A 0ff 12 tes Color Proomm IHA TO Bf Annntrncert 13 Captain Kangaroo 7:00 a.m. 4 Today Show 13 Captain Kangaroo 7:38 a.m. 4 Today Show 4 Chemistry 9 Bulletin Board-Dally Word 13 Captain Kangaroo A Chemistry 9 Cartoons 13 Calendar 8:3« a.m. 4 Play Your Hunch » Mnrnln» Movl« 13 1 Lova Lucy 0*00 8.m 4 Price Is Right { e i ' 9 Mornlna Movie 13 Real McCoys ·" '/ *JJO 1.18. 4 Concentration · GcclOffV 9 School Broadcast · 13 Pet* and Gladys 10:00 a.m. 4 Your Flr*t Impreislor, · Geologv 9 Romper Room 11 Love oi Llfe-Nevn 10: M «,m 4 Truth or Consequences-New* « Chemistry (Repeat) 9 Seven Keyes 13 Search Tomorrow-Guld. Light 11:85 a.m. 4 New»-M«yer-Mayer» · Chemistry 9 Tennessee Ernlt Ford Show 13 Visiting with Virginia 11: M c.m. 4 TBA 9 Father Knows Besl 13 AS fh« v/orfd Turns WED. AFTERNOON U *M nfttm · W ITCNMB 4 Ben 4trrod-N«w« A GtoJoflv 9 Genera! Hospital-Editorial 13 Password 12: 10 P.BL. 4 The Doctors * Ar.,«rlc»n Business System 9 Bingo 13 Houi* Party l:Wp.m. 4 LoreHa Younn Show t Conversational Spanish 9 Day In Court 4 You Don « TPS Cla 9 Jana Wy 11 Th* tJ(ll 14 1 IrW lw\,r 4 r/it Mat 9 Queen U y wCrcf S 1 4 Make R( ? Who Do 13 Edo« of i 4 TV Mov 9 America 13 Our Mis J 4 TV MOV f Discover 11 Decembi t 4 T\/ U/tu I V WQV 9 Marshal 13 Brighten ' 4 Movie H f Marshal 13 Lift of F . A W/VYIAFl ' 4 nrOfTlvrl · f Poptye- 13 Tim Mc( ! 4 Weather t Ckotofly · Amos 'n 1:3* p.m. 2:M p.m. p.m. U To Tall (he Truth-News S:30 4:M p.m. 4:91 P.ID. 5: W p.m. 5: JO p.m. ·-Sports-Newt (5:S5) i Andy 13 N.TWS-Weather-Sport*

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