Independent from Long Beach, California on February 22, 1964 · Page 6
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 6

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 22, 1964
Page 6
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f,, t 7 Children, \ Rescuer Die in Home Fire nittress ia the hiH broke into fUmes. Mrs. Alford slid she scrcmcd that th; thd- drtn were upstairs, and Robinson dished up to the second floor. A moment later, (lanes thot up the stairwell. CHICAGO UV-Fire need rough a two - bedroom bungalow attic early Friday, killing seven children »nd » mm who tried to rescue then. · Three of those who were in the house survived. They! are James Alford. 37. a city detective, and his wife, Gloria, 35. parents of the children, and one of the eight youngsters who were in the two upstairs rooms. The boy,| Keith. 13. saved himself by breaking a window and jump- 1 ing 20 feet to the gorund. · · A l f o r d suffered severe burns and smoke inhalation. Leroy Robinson, 41, Al- fonfs cousin, and seven children ranging from 1 to 11 years of age. died. Mrs. Alford told police she and her husband were roused by the smeQ of smoke,.and found the bathroom. The smoke became so thick and blinding that Alford broke a window for air. ' ; -. Fanned by the draft." a WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY Clearance w SALE W« Ar» Or»ntock«d : onTrad«-ln»''- · ROYALS · L.C. SMITH · UNDERWOOD · R. C ALLEN Portables Tlii* efi«r good en FB1DAT SATUHDAT ONLT AMERICAN TYPEWRITER SALES CO. · 144 C. 4rk St. . . Bo«ir»wiUI. A PLEASANT CHAT is enjoyed by Tom Carvey (left), president of the California Democratic Council, and Sen. Eugene McCarthy, Minn, keynote speaker of the CDC convention here. POLITICAL HATS worn by Clara Axtater Geft) and Adrian Evans Joyne.-, members of the Newport Beach Democratic Women's Club,'proclaim their support of State Controller Alan Cranston for the senatorial nomination. Democrats Cautioned Against Overconfidence duties of of liberalism in foreign policy lis the application of reason -Specifically, the physical'and judgment in intema- Reds Dynamite Hiding Places on Berlin Wall BERLIN (UPI)--Communist (Coniicued from Page A-l) as progress continues year.Dr. Sexton had conferred able to fulfill the 'after year." iwith other attending phy«- *!« nffice. fights over the endorsemtntj -p^ statement jjj,, rec a- cians and that it could techniques, Engle s workers p i tu i lted previous advisories assumed Engle's recovery impairment heretofore pres-itional affairs and not to Ieave,_. . . . here passed out a new state- by pr. Seitca. One cf Aug. "is proceeding on schedule ent and rapidly improving is it to the movement of history!TM" cnarges m inree . v..:v ... surgery was and will continue henceforth due to motor and sensory or providence--to run risks »«t houses forming , demolition teams placed dyna- ment from the ailing senator's yj thi t ~ u - - I* **Jts\* uui, m+* f,^* jr *· «3. tuiu «* ti* w**iCAiJ.u.c nt-ii^ti^j* »jj w-uc *v *ti«k*« w%* v^uwv* j physician. Dr. Roy L. Sezton^rfon.^ to correc t t cir-[oa an accelerated basis. . phenomena produced by the --a telegram: "1 stand on *ny |CU utory difficulty. At this "Upon this assumption we s u r g i c a l procedures and statement 1 have made n-^g u^ operation appears to feel certain that the Senator s h o u l d disappear entirely, garding Sen. Claur Engle's t^ completely successful will be fully able to take on f^ di f alic f n * tion - aI *_ ! » im yiThere was no tumor and no the active phases of his re. . . . . . . . . . _ Lotion campaign a t t h e 'proper time and if elected he KEYNOTE speaker Eugene J. McCarthy, junior senator within the next few months.* part of on the side of commitment rather than hesitation. California's facing up to growth problems and rapid'ings as cover. change, he said, should be! Armed police and an the Berlin Wall Friday and blew them to bits to prevent escapees from using the build- opening s e s s i o n American guide and example to the restjannored car were moved into of the nation. These attitudes the area to keep the demoli- from Minnesota, told the " m ^ lst ** reflected in the,tion workers from escaping policy and programs cf the during the operation. liberalSm is not a strange j Democratic Party wtich, on It was the latest step in and foreign philosophy md^e record, has shown itself to movement, but one which | "has its roots in the ideas i 1 * » East Germany's attempt to belief that the statements I indication of malipuncy." have made win be borne out) . . . . by the facts easily observed A JA.V. 23 advisory noted |would likewise be entirely Makarios Says Cyprus Has Room for No More Troops; 7,000 Only NICOSIA. Cyprus (UPI)--Nations) Security Council ofThant was reported Friday" "Its basic ideas are these:! 10 make Judgment* *nd toac- p--cnv v« TM President Archbishop Maka-the dispatch of troops fiwn'rfght to be revising and ez-l**rty. tfraality and the l"*^***"?**** tor ^'the^rtic^^'ve f^und tSv ,:,,. ..-^ r^j._ _:.v. .v^.'-.v..»--.,,·-...-..n «TM,M ^ _ _ !»«.. «%T. ~i ^f.r^m.n* t+,,i'judgments. line an:cie j o u \ e touna may ready clear the field of fire for Com- of Independence and the Constitution. to face up to new difficult de-munist guards ordered to that underlie the Declaration C "' ORS - to iavent rather than t shoot and kill any refugees to simply prevent, to act trying to escape into West rather than to simply react, Berlin. rios said Friday night there'other countries as wen would p^;,,., h!s jur-estions for *"'* ro!e °* government--that was no room left on Cyprus entail a proportionate reduc- ? . . _ jis, government by and through; for additional foreign mili-'tion in and replacement of," 0 TM 11 ?". °' TM C « ims ' tary forces and hinted he may'the number of British troops."i crisil - H * fc «^ d to get agree- ple _- - JKennick of Long Beach| - ' - - - - ..ment from all countries con- ia a news conference, Mc-V"t«l delegates on behalf of : weekend. . . i» demand that any internal ion-' Makario's statement re . al peace-keeping force beiferred to an article in the cerned over limited to 7,000 men. Nicosia Daily Makhi news- ,be trjTng to reach you. Be ion 12 now. IF YOUR DOCTOR PRESCRIBES hearing aid ASK HIM ABOUT MA1CO HEARING AIDS He knows ci our outstanding reputation for jmesnTT and write to the niri of hearing . . . He tnow» there a m finer heirinj tij T*I«« llixa . . . Chancel he trstei ;ouf hciring with l lliic» A otnctei . . . Aboul 90"£ of the doctor] vx liiica testing equtpmcnt. Then irop ia tntl * te c £i you to htj specificltion from IS of the fincsj qtiilitT hearing « raaic- Several prominent tonjt Belch FBTJicians ia4 turgroni weu M.UtO HEAIUXG AIDS . . . need we 127 more? TMEXJi AJ YOCX HOME OK OUX OFFICE YOL~K COMTOKT Hearing Aid Center -THE HOOlt ILCS, in EAST IIGHTH ST. HI 7-r«i Fr.. Cia»«m.r f«rtTnj N W. Com.r. Itll I Hit. Cirthy said changes which the city and introduced it- As Makarios spoke Britain paper which said the presi- was flying in an additional dent had warned the British worked out proposed revi-!earlier times are that the 1,500 reinforcements to bring high commissioner not to sions of his original mem-!vo!ume of problems is great- its own troop strength here! bring in further troops. [orandum on the subject in er than ever before and that to the 7.000 figure. But a] A British spokesman said talks with Britain. Turkey.|the rate of change is more British spokesman said Ma- Makarios had been told blunt-.Greece and Cyprus and aimed rapid than ever before. There- karios had approved the lat- ly that the size of the inter-|to send those delegations a fore, he said, those who pro- est move in in amicable dis-'national force "is a matter for new memorandum overnight pound the need for less gov- cussion. ' i n t e r n a t i o n a l discussions His latest conference with ernment activity are testify- · · · · 'which presently are taking a Cypriot government dele- ing against history. MAKARIOS noted the 7,000 place in New York." The|gation lasted almost_ five I distinguish political problems,tending members of the state INFORMED sources said he t o d a y .from problems of | legislature, the latter a task usually performed by Assembly Speaker Jesse M. Unruh. Unruh was with President Johnson's party in Palm. Springs during the state visit of Mexican President Lopez Mateos. Delegates also heard greetings from State Sen. Thomas M. Rees cf Los Angeles " BEST BUY" on British figure and said: Ispokesman added that Britain hours. A f t er ward. Cyprus MCCARTHY who nominated ^County and from Charles "I «m of the opinion no,wants other countries to help Foreign Minister Spyros Ky-|AdIai Stevenson at the I960 Roche, deputy chairman of tprianou said only that he and.Democratic national conven-jthe Democratic National Com- iThant and their aides *1ud 1 tion. said the general attitude mittee. rocra is left for further in- bear the burden. crease of military forces on' the .island. For this reason.! UNITED NATIONS, N.Y.'a detailed exchange of views approval by the (United IT -- Secretary General U 'on the whole issue.' Sinnlrn-Kidiiiip Defense Starts Next Week LOS ANGELES (UPI) -The defense is eipected to start its case next week in an attempt to disprove the carefully constructed prosecution ca*e charging three men kid- naped Frink Sinatra Jr. for J240.000--against his will. The case receised Sikkini Holiday for Royal Birlh CALCUTTA (UPI) -- The [Himalayan state of Sikkim WASHINGTON l« -- The observed a holiday Friday in Nuclear Ship Finally llcgins Sea Trial nuclear ship Savannah, which had been idled by a labor dispute, sailed from Gaiveston, Tex., Friday on its first sea trial since its reactivation. Joint announcement of the ship's putting to sea was made by the Atomic Energy Commission and the Mari- Friday l , . v · .1. i r r, . time Administration, because of the holiday. But Assistant U.S. A t t o r n e y Thomaf Sheridan said he hoped for completion of his case by Monday night or Tuesday, at the start of the third week of the fast moving trial. The combination passenger and cargo ship, is a joint project of the two government agencies. The atomic reactor which powers the vessel was shut down ia a tabor dispute on May 7, 1961. holiday Friday i honor of the son bom here Thursday night to Maharani Hope Namgyan, former New York debutante who was married to th« maharaja last March. The maharaja, who had gone to London to visit two other sons ia school there. returned to Calcutta in time for the birth. The new chik win be third in line for the throne. The name of the son has not beea chosen and ably win be selected prob- by group of monks ia the But! 'dhist kingdom. KEN'S HAMBURGERS Beginning II a.m. Monday, Feb. 24 Ends C/osing Time Jhurtday, Feb. 27 3926 IONG BEACH BOULEVARD BROADWAY AT ATLANTIC H* /·»··! WARD SINGERS fmmttt TALBAIII MIZtl ·AltTI Fin . . . fill VACATION ·t Ami TAUIT * Om W FUN . . . for the whole family 1964 5th ANNUAL HOME-0-RAMA in llie new beautiful LONG BEACH ARENA Wed., February 26(h Thru Sun. March 1st ticin'if nt Quten Confett Opening Deori Open-- Wnt Davt-- 2:30 fM. Sat. t Sun. l 12 Neon Ad-n. JUS -- .fusion. fOe CftHdre* ftitt 12-- f BEE with poreat J'«t« Urw Uti **4 In. NO FROST EVER (Anywhere; 14 Cu. Ft. REFRIGERATOR-FREEZER So Much More!!! Yov m*ir n«rj fa drfroil M .'tfcirtf. fop-mount.d frMZtf er LVcopacrty rtfr'gfrefor IN* TKI NO-HOST IEH1C- EIATOS . . . COU5-IANK COOLING prexTjct tnifaitt cold rtcoviry ta fnainfaii r«- frij.roior «ni frlKir t.rrf.r- afur*. wTitr* ya« iif thtm. A U T O M A T I C INTEtlOI LIGHTING. SHELVING . . . try iKiTL Sum STOtAGE DOOI kci lyD-:. littir lopir «s t)j roclt ] futl wTdlh lfi«Tv«t. I CKtrv Jttf if ·ecomme^af* fall latiTtt Bnj tem. TWIN ctiSFEis rrj .rf.-roortf,. SEPARATETEU. rEtATUIE CONTROLS »ir- mTI mfv'jval rtfri^trofer **i fr«fz*r ftmp.rafur* ttTtcfieii. U'lLIOM MAGNET COOKS tnj *FI ···Ji for froubTriom* lofcttt. SLIOEOUT MEAT fAN. IN THI NO-flOST' ZIIO tltlll FUEZU: Jaor iforogt, fw» «c« cult tray* mni ko *LOfo« Vm. * 279 95 EKT 4IZ S31.1S dowm. $13.00 per moitk. 24 mentis to pay OVER 100 RCA WHIRLPOOL WASHERS DRYERS ON SALE THIS MONTH, TOO Prices Inchidt DeTnrtry. Inifsfafion ni Gvsrenitr! Fricci WTI It for Ltu Than tO-Y«cr-CXJ Rtfrigerater Trejt-lns. No Infcrtsf en 90-Day P*r- ctiaies. LimittJ Chjontltin on Adrerrited Iftmi. With Id* Pwtiiesi ef Any Twa Appliances You Ssv* {10.00. 1855 Pacific Ave., Long Beach HE 7-0893 OPEN t to 1 MON, HI-- DAILY f to L AMPLE r ASKING

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