Independent from Long Beach, California on April 3, 1962 · Page 19
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 19

Long Beach, California
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Tuesday, April 3, 1962
Page 19
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Title Bout Pits Age, 'Hooter' BOSTON UP)--The middleweight title bout Saturday night at Boston Garden i could boil down to' a cockney "Hooter" and a former fireman's age. The 15-rounder for a claim to the disputed crown pits champion Teny Downes ot London. England, against former titlist Paul Fender of suburban Drookline. Both had pro-battle concents Monday. Downes' chief worry could Prnt Wlrntota WILLS CUTS DOWN ANGELS' MOKAN Shortstop Maun- Wills of Dodgers forces Angels' Billy Moran at second in first inning of teams' exhibition at Palm Springs Monday. Angels rallied in eighth and ninth inning to edge new cross-town rival, fi-5. GIFFORDBACK WITH GIANTS NEW Y O R K (UPI) -Frank Glfford, star running back \\liu retired from competition last year to become a broadcaster after suffering a head Injury in ' I960, Monday announced ' he Is returning to the New '· York Giants as a pro football player and signed his '.contract for t h e I9G2 season. "I feel that I still have a lot of good football left In me," said the 31-year-old former Southern California star. Glfford has played nine seasons with the Giants and holds three of the club's all-time r e c o r d s -- for points scored with 370, most touchdowns with 59, and most yards-galncd-rush- Ing with 3.G74. Pod Frosli Hallics lnEilg«l9prJY,H.ft Whittier's Freshman rallied to edge Long Beach Slate's JV baseball team, S-G, Mon day on the Poet field. The 49ers now stand 5-3-1 on the season. t.B. lll'f JV 001 JI3 «»-4 7 3 Wfitttr Frcih -. 007 303 Ol-l 4 3 TrxMt. Ff-rrafite II) and Jor*i; Reader, HjliHV (II and Harm. O F F I C I A L CITY P R I N T I N G NOTICE OF AILING OF ASSESSMENT N'oUc^ Is lifrMiy Rlvrn by tli* City Otk of th* City of I^nc l:rach. Calirornla. lhat tli' City Knelnrrr nf nld City rtlil. on tli* nth day rf Marrh. 1W, fll«- with »anl nit rlrrk the aj.«f«mcnt with atucht-l diacrani for tl.r Init'ri.irmrTit f thf AI.LKYS IN 1II-OTK KAST OF DAIRY AVENUE. HKTWKEX FIFTY-SIXTH STISEKT AND NO1!- TON STKECT. In t l « Cltr rf lyi ruarh. a* d«-*mlic-d in Kfjnlull nf Ir.trntlnn No. O-1S115. by thp City Council tif *ail t'ity r( Lone Iltarh on t!" 13th day nf rh . ... 1961, . tl-.n of Intention rtfrrrnr*! is t maiie for a dr.«rii|it.nn »f work cr tmproirnicnt. Notice Is further R i i r n City Clfrk di* 1 * l u r f t y ftx l«t d«r "f II»V- 19^-. *t 10::a) n'clrxtc A.M.. ot Mid day. at I! Council Chamber of the City Hill · nf *aia City, as th- time ani Mace vhtn anJ vhfre all perrons Inter- f.*tfd In raid work or IniproTrnifnl don* undrr nnuiation of Intention ' N*;. r-lMil or In raid ass«*fjmerit ' Mil le h^ard by nald City (Touiicll. !' VH p*r?on» dn«lrir,c lo I* hrarJ. i»«n^ I'finr to *at«l ttatf. apt^al lo 1 mirt^ in tti'- , pnT.i!fd, shill · t»t» dr^mfd tnhiratanly *aui*d. '»ny rer*on cntlttf.i to apr**- ^hall | H dVmtii to have ton-r.t^ii lit t!.* ' rrnr«os^d «jut««mfnt. , .-.UAlUSAIlirr !^ i!KAKT\VKI.L City Clerk rf u.t (9EALI Clly r»f i-mc Hrarh Ilih. April :. .1. 1^62 f:t-!.IVI. NOTICE OF F I L I N G OF ASSESSMENT ' Kntic* 1 t« liffhy pltfn *»* th«» City 'Wfi-k of th* City of IX.H.T I^arh. CaJUonila, tUt the City l.nj;.n'*T 'of raid City did. *-n the rath d* 'i.f tarrh. ISM. fit*? with s*ll City 'Clerk th« a*»w5mrnt with attarh^l fliaeram for th^ lmpro*fm.*nt of 'Ihf NOnTH-SOimi AN'D .SOUTH 'the In ;Any 6ty Council l.y hrlf'lly jtathi; viltinc the cri.uriil* t. apical y obltctioTi not i'ifj nereinatime E.VST-WIIST AI.I.KTS KASY IN N THIIITT-.«KO ANI in TIIIIITT- ntv of In . Tiiir.n Iwjnc Ileafh. a.1 df^rlU ·. lutkin of I n t i n t m n . N . . ' a'lnpted by the (-)ty Council of L u a l d Clly of Ixinc l:eah un It. . 2^id day ot Auguit, l?il. t" whlh · Il'^olution of Intention r i f e r e m e ; hereby madfl for · description of . Mtd work or Improvemrnt. Kotlr« In further Riven that Mi · rily Clerk d"e« |,-rehy fn tl. · l.t rtay of ilay. IK:, at 10::« o'clock A.M., ot Mid day. at the .·I'oiineti rhamher ot tl.e ntr Hall . of Mid City, aa the time ar. 1 place · ^ w h e n and w h e r e all |.er«on« Inter'. Mt(d In Mid work or Improvement · il^ne under resolution of Inlentt'.n No MMC3 or In »aH a«e.««mer.t ' w i l l I- heard br (mid Cltv ( ·. All peraon* de^innc to l«e heard. · »M1I. prior to Mid dale, appeal tft ·II.* Otr Council or brifflv alatlne · i n wrlllnc the rrourdt of appeal . A n j r objection not made In the man- · r»r herelntnore provided ahall I* ' deemed rohintarlly waived, and any · peraon entitled to arpeal ihall be | deemed to have f onaented to the ' itAr.fiArtrrr I. «'!eik of tl.e .?KAI. ritT c.r I^T i»''i Mb. Apul 2. :. iw: 1211 1. 1: 1. ·llv ROSS NEMAN PALM SPRINGS--"I've never seen this room so crowded," said Danny Thomas as he surveyed the packed International Ballroom of the Beverly Hilton Hotel, site of the fifth annual Southern California Base ball Writer's Dinner Sunday. "I thought it was the Cubs' coaching staff when I walked in." So began Thomas' laugh-filled reign as toastmastcr of the scribe's fete. Three hours later few members of the dais had escaped the sharp needles being tossed by the Lebanese story-teller. All in fun, Thomas subjected Walter O'Malley to the majority of his barbs. Here is a video-tape of the best of Thomas during the two hours prior to TV time. "I want you to know Waller," began Thomas, "that 1 expected my scats at Dodger Stadium today and you certainly kept your word. Iliey're right near home. But my home Is In Beverly Illlls. If I ever want a hot dog It will have to come by CAKE package. "Actually, the Ravine is in i wonderful location. You just jump in your car, get on the freeway and in 25 minutes you're lost. "1 read where the Ravine DANNY THOMAS O'Mallcy Chief Target Gpnzales Checks in for Aud Go Jorge Conrales, 'cathcrweight who Mexico opposes Tommy Noel in the 10-round main event at Municipal Audi- orium W e d n e s d a y night, arrived in Los Angeles early Monday and spent the day in the offices of the State Ath- ctlc Commission obtaining lis California license. Noel went through a final Ight drill at the Main Street gym and has been installed a 10-7 favorite. The supporting card is attracting more than ordinary "ntercst. Jerry Stokes, one of the likeliest looking featherweight prospects in Southern California, is a 2-1 favorite over Felipe Larazola in the six-round scmi-windup. Tony Valenti, local middleweight who is undefeated in 'our starts, steps up in class when he faces Jose Zapata in a five-rounder. Licho Guerrera and Chino lernandez, featherweights, open the show. Tickets are on sale at Trans-American ticket agency, 143 W. Ocean. Reservations can be made by phoning HE 6-1341. LAKERS (Continued From Page C-l) riors at Philadelphia tonight. The Celtics also lead 3-2. Both teams have been crippled by injuries. The Warriors will be without the services of Tom Gola, who suffered a sprained a n k l e Saturday, while Frank Ramsey and Jim Loscutoff of Boston are on the doubtful list. Ramsey has a badly pulled muscle in his left leg, while Loscutoff has a sprained wrist. Bob Cousy, weakened by a week-long virus, also came out of Sunday's rough brawl in a bruised condition, while Tom Hcinsohn has been slowed by a deep bone bruise on his right foot. Meanwhile, five players were fined S50 each for "un- sportsmanlike conduct" in Sunday's game won by the Celtics, 119-101. They were Sam Jones. Loscutoff and Hcinsohn of Boston and Guy Rodgers and Ted Luckenbill of Philadelphia. well be a combination of fender's talented left hooks and jabs and Terry's nose--or "hooter" as the Britisher calls t. D o w n e s is'considercd stronger and has a G-ycar age advantage. Pcndcr, a 31-year-old ex- 'ireman, gashed the Downes nose for 14 stitches and elastic surgery in their first r ight, winning on a seventh round TKO in January, 1961. itownes -needed 18 stitches 'or nose repairs after a 1959 ight with Cowboy McCormack. · * * · HOWEVER, the Downes camp says it's not a bit worried about his nose for the third fight. "He didn't have a bit of trouble in the second fight," reminded Sam Burns, Downes' manager. "He went through nine rounds and Pcndcr didn't hurt him a bit last July." Pender, claiming to be weakened by virus, retired in [he ninth round of the second fight, held in London. * · * * PENDER, a 9-5 favorite for the rubber match, says he will fight the same kind of light against the walk-in-style 3ownes. An excellent boxer, Caul plans to hook and jab and move away, probably ;oing for a decision. "Downes starts a left jab and winds up hitting you with a right uppcrcut." said Pcn- dcr while winding up his training for the clash. "So docs my sparring partner, Willie Greene. That's why it's a good thing to use Greene." Pcndcr, training at Mano met at historic Plymouth, has boxed 100 rounds against Greene, who once fought Downes himself. Poly Risks Slim Lead, Tests Rains Poly High, after three ceks of playing catch-up aseball, will try to protect s slim Moore Lcagvt 1 lead oday against Millikan (2-3-1) t Silverado Park. The Rabbits, coming off a 2-3 win over Lnlicwood hich vaulted them inio first lace, carry at 3-1-1 record nto the contest. Lakcwood ollows at 4-2. In other Moore games 'owncy (2-4) plays at Jordan 3-2) and Wilson (2-4) at jkcwood. St. Anthcry's re- ved Saints travel to face ius X in a Catholic League onteM. All games rtart at 15 p.m. · · » · riTCIIEKS ARE still domi- ating the Moore League but ic hitters arc catching up. oly is the club hi*, leader ·ith a .2(3 average. In today's only prep track meet, Wilson hosts Los Altos t 3 o'clock. will scat 56,000. Actually it will scat 56.027. Some of these Mexican families still refuse to move out." Thomas then directed his darts elsewhere. "Autry, Crosby and Hope aren't the only entertainers with baseball-Interests, -l-reccntly took the-plunge. I'm- renting bicycles to the Angels. "When Bilko got his bike I thought he would spread ketchup on it and eat it. Man what an appetite. With that rubber tire around his waist the Angels didn't know whether to give him a uniform or a license plate. "The only guy that gives Bilko a run is Frank Howard. When he finishes a meal Alston has to count the players." * * * THOMAS THEN LOOKED at the pennant races. "The National League looks like a fight between the Dodgers and Giants. The winner gets to lose to the Yankees in the World Scries. "The Angels pitching staff looks like a winner to me. The week I was in Palm Springs Bo Bclinsky won two games and five Twist contests." Autry and Bob Reynolds, the Angels' co-owners, did not escape Thomas' wit. "You know Reynolds was a great athlete at Stanford. In fact he's still a champion shotputtcr. I was with him the other night and he put away 32 shots." When Autry and his wife In.i were presented with a sterling silver tray in honor of their 30th wedding anniversary, Thomas quipped: "If it wasn't for marriage, husbands and wives would have to fight with strangers." * * * BILL RIGNEY, also fell under the cross-fire. "I've discovered why the wind blows at Candlestick Park. Rigney has been sticking pins into a Horace Stoneham doll. Rigney was never a great hitter with the Giants, but he did set one major league record. He played in 078 straight games without breaking his glasses." Thomas then turned serious as he addressed the Angels and Dodgers. "You should be proud of the heritage you leave the youth of this country. The spirit of sportsmanship and competition would he difficult In attain anywhere else. I have been thrilled by baseball at I never have by the applause of an audience. I wa so thrilled the night Koufax struck out 18 Giants that I almost converted." When it comes to toastmasters, George Jcssel better make room for D.inny. Hat!! G"!f«Ts Win | India Nrllrrs Win Millikan's golfers trimmed LATORE. India (UPI) -Warren, 2S-8. Monday in a! India completed a 5-0 win match at Rio Hondo. Milli-' Bill McCormick and TRADE (Continued From Page C-l) o the newly-formed Twins, ills only winning season was 1956 when he was 12-10. He allowed the most home runs of --any--American League )itcher in two years--13 in 1957 and 38 in 1958. Ramos beefs up a Cleveland litching staff which includes as potential starter-; Dick Jonovan. Jim Perry, Gary Jell and Barry Latman. .'Jnl in Row for 49crs Long Beach State's golfers evcrsed an early-season loss y downing Los A n g e l e * State, 28-26, for their third win in a row Monday at Virginia CC. LBSC's John Shipp ivas medalist with 77. Salriano Hups 'I- Hits Tom Satriano hit a homer and three s i n g I c r as the Hawaii Islanders edged Dallas-Fort Worth, 8-7, Monday at Fullcrton. Kemp R! mod.i]:'*t« with 37* were co- over Pakistan Monday in the first round of the Davis Cup eastern /one tie by winning iho fmnl two singles matches DOWNES has been dividing his time sparring with George Aldridgc and viewing films ol the second fight. Downes, Burns and trainer Dan Yary huddle in their hotel room each night for a private viewing. The inference is that Downes has found s weakness in Pcndcr's attack, "You want to see the fight, then take a trip to London," says Downes in answer to vriters" requests to sit in on he viewings. "When you're in the rncm camp you just don't give anyhint: away." said Burns 'Sorry, chaps. I'm telling you nothing. Can't, you know "erry just won't allow it." Kilinnntoii Wins EDMONTON OPl -- Billj \IcNcill scored in sudden leath overtime to give F.d monton Flyers a 5-4 win over Calgary Stampcdcrs in the opener of the finals of the N o r t h e r n Division of the Western Hockey League Mnn lay night. Fishing Fads PifrvtMf LaWtd.n*--41 pauen^^rt on 3 c*goM 4 tfatrrtKudat, 21 bomto. 1 lirvg cod, S7 cow tod, 212 rock cod, 11 f*cifiC Landin**?0 pj»ifrioefi on . be*'* cAvgri IS Mrranxia, 4 Mtitxd. 1« bonito. : Ha^chall Froth I, U S St«tf jy 4. California 4, V. M*TV'» X Art700* 19 Wyoming I V*j*tt Caro'ltrn 3, W*^tro*on 1 Lf At Monday's Fights , , 1$r/i , he/ 4 Bruno F*fUii, isr^, Ctnoa AC ··HA.W-Ttww L*R.vt*fa, 111, ( law arew .in i»t trmrnui. III. N* tort. (1C). Al Nfw Y»ft-- Ff«J M*ff faovifh, 117 . York, ( 1 0 ) . "REBOUND CONSTIPATION I' . thai'* the rm ftx mar NT *» la»m« r*l lathmvd ctrmral laialnra that tat dry out trrvr-h araS can* many tatfl lata- nrt haiarch Fo rbtal* an crtvlai n Ik l»«rdV «m T.licit. «nnrt el dmrn fcmrnth* int. Trtl* hn« lh« frrbal [»»p. aratm *tn bf 71% en cnnrianni acr tt rrmlntxa ami Mrrf |m*- *'»· I* Ut. DJ.mV am Tatlm. lr ·»". Mfn»*m I, Turn. Ol r» I". M»an» (Jlr«t TaMm at in r»amt dr»f «m. LASTCHANCK KOK VKGAaS LAS VEGAS--The lineup for the 10th annual $55,000 Tournament of Champions remains unchanged at 29 following Dave Marr's victory In the Azalea Open. There Is only one more qualifying opportunity, this week's Masters. Marr had already won a spot In the May 3-6 classic at the Desert Inn hy capturing the Seattle Open last fall. There arc still such well- known players at Gary Player, Art Wall Jr., Boh Itosliurg and Ken Ventiirt who arc looking for a place In the lineup. Spot Ad 1 Cotfl littU wampus, ritop \\H m.lti. Call !··· p**d«t, tr»i« · T«t»?rom 0!ipl«7 Dtpt. Laa« laau, Caul. Tut, Aotl t. mi 9 i C-J P7 NEW OFFENSE FITS TO A T' UCLA changeover from single wing to T formation is going to be big job, but Mike Haffner (left) Joe Zeno and Mitch Dimkich began the hurdle Monday when UCLA opened spring grid drills. METS KETUUiN TWO PLAYEKS ST. PETERSBURG, Ha. (UP1)--The New York Mcts Monday returned pitcher Bob Botz and outfielder Neil Chrislcy to the Milwaukee Braves organization from which they had been purchased conditionally last October. The Mcls also announced that they had asked waivers on veteran Infielder Ted Lcpclo for the purpose of giving him his unconditional release. Henry Cooper TKOs Joo Krskini; in Dili (UPI) -- Henry Cooper retained his British and Empire Vike Nine, Spikes Host Metro Foes Long Beach City College's track and baseball teams will try and hold their respective second place Metro standings today in home action. Joe Lanning's track teams hosts East Los Angeles in a dual meet (lint starts at 2:30 p.m. while Joe Hicks' baseball crew will be in action at the same time at Blair Field against Santa Monica. The presence of sprinter Tim Russell and shotputtcr Bill Pace, who arc the best to NOTTINGHAM. England date in the state, figure to lead a easy I.IJCC track win. Closest events figure to be heavyweight ch.impinn«ihip'the hurdle races between (he Monday by technically knock' ng out Joe Krskine in the ninth round of the fifth bout between the two fighters. Erskine, who weighed liMi Ibs. to Cooper's 101'/j. suf fercd a badly cut left eyebrow which caused the referee to Viking's Terry Hcndrix and Hie Huskies' Randy Tavc. STOCK-MARKET halt the bout. scheduled 15-round Lrctur* itam al 7:11 r.M LONG · ··tCM-WH. Aim 4. Mtria* Hall, in latin SI. lot ANCrilv-T.,i. ABTII . f a r * CBrNt»iaw~Thwrt. ajrrf 1, Canminirf Cmttf. nil Santa Kaialia Di. UA HAT I.KADKH Second b a s e m a n Jack Smithcran will lead Wilson's plat? attack today when Bruins play at Lakc- wood in Moore League encounter. Smithcran tops Wilson hitters with .357 mark. PRUDENT MANAGEMENT: proven (or 37 years CALIFORNIA at the NATION'S FEDERAL LARGEST EiDiRAJ, SAVINGS ^" W ' ^ » « 0 1 0 « « « « « O C U I I C W SAVINGS ASSOCIATION LUVUt OFFtUS In the ffrsf 100,000 mites, New ForJ Sfy/esic/e Pickup coili $32 lett than Chevy'i picVup,* Alto, the "Big Ford Puih" to outiell oil compel!. laleit tettt have ihown a Ford Six Pickup lion vrilh lower prices, bigger trade-ini -can save $228 on liret atona during hot been eitended to April !0thI Save big 100,000 nilet of operation. Total: $2401 --buy now I U'.ll »|f«lH4 lit »^IM. Save on over 600 mocfc.'i cf Ford frucfts during the

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