Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 21, 1969 · Page 20
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 20

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 21, 1969
Page 20
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MWfiTHEOMW RHBOMI KNOUWHOaWTftKETHEJ OtrrOFSHAffENINSAPENCILJ DAISY' WHAT HAPPENED/ WU. SAWYER'S GOING TO dUSTTHlNKINSABOuTlT. AT LEAST BUT NT5U COULDN'T VTHANKS, PE TUR6ENT, MAH AGE THE RAFT BV l\ BUTTHERE'S NO VOURSELF... NOT IN I POINT IN RISKIN6 ·WOSERAaiNGWATOS./^ TWO NECKS. I'M GOING WITH YOU. W'OT'S \ CUV * "° W TM E ROCKTO -7 VOU'RE N°T . I COULP USE THE PARA CHUTE CORDS ! TO TIE THE L06S TOGETHER. WHERE THOSE LOSS ABE. ,/( TH1NKIN6 OF · l erg VIEWS? OVP fWZTMUPfi K HOWDY, MIZTUTTLE- COME ON IN SflKES/UII/E.'J VOCODER COMES 7H' PARSON'S vis 'jtotfq WKL SO9. r - i ALWAv'S i.P.EA'.'HC 1 T A TRADITIONAL BROTHERHOOD' -WIT'USWALKIN ' N DOWW TH' AISLE UNDER THEM TRADITIONAL CROSSED TOMMV-GUNK.'. r I I KNOW TH'BROTHERHOOD ISASKIN'ALOTO'YOUSE- TO GIVE-ySH. r -F06DICK. TH' KISS 0' DEATH, BEFORE -BUT IT'LL OK/W-I'LL ME AN SO C H 0*E. f -R u M*Ef MUCH TO , - . ~ T ~ OUR FUTURE h \T. r f -AN'I " ' TOMORROW we HAD 0S-1TRV/ORKOM . -THAT iSRip OP ...CDVJ'T r"OR6ET TO RX'-CW fHROJori... i WE HAP ANOTHER THINK COWIN O Q [/.p.. [)i7Hr:r!5, YOU I I TOLO!/;^ VA- -'-I ' I s UNFOP.TUNATELM "YOU'RE STILL IN THE PLAYPEN! M A W 7^ COMMON HIBERNATES I OF GRASS HO/IN6 KOLLBO AWD * TIGHT SMI BY MMAPW9 fl» Mtt. NAMUON BONAFNKTE VWS/AF 6 COFFINS 2 CORHNS flRE MADE Of LEAD AND THE OTHERS OF TH MAHOGANY E80W AND CAK-MD THE/ ARE INSIDE X SKCOfHftWS MADE FROM RED GRANITE LESTER L. COLEMAN, M. D. No Need To Be Chronic Invalid WAS HANGED N 1659 AT THE AGE OF 70 HVNICIPAL FUNDS m BUY BOOKS ON HRESTUNG AND FENON6 FRANCIS DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope l!rmil:l3lililSJ»ll!i|l'ililjlMflill«l«!WI!fl Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find ivhat your outlook is, according to the stars, FOB TUESDAY, APRIL 22 MARCH 21 to APRIL 20 (Aries) -- If you are going to do well you must take a definite stand and STAND on the principles you believe in. Also keep LISTENING. April 21 to MAY 21 (Taurus) --Even though you disagree, LISTEN to others. Their methods may be different but possibly are as good or better than yours. Discuss, don't haggle. MAY 22 to JUNE 21 (Gemini) --There's more going for than against you. and for your aims a n d immediate ambitions, though you may have to tackle matters more avidly. Be as eager as ever to learn. JUNE 22 to JULY 23 (Cancer) --Here is a chance to make a new start, re-do what you meant to do more efficiently. Yet take your time so as not to be caught in foolish or needless errors. JULY 24 to AUG. 23 (Leo) Speak with those of varying opinions: seek to know more about allied fields, even those that do not seem to touch your life at all. Broaden y o u r horizons. AUG. U to SEPT. 53 (Virgo) --You are among the Zodiac's strongest and most sure-footed --early instincts are to KNOW, not guess, your way. Be sure about all facts and possibilities NOW! SEPT. 24 to OCT. 23 (Libra) --If you think and move according to the sound balance of libra, you won't have any difficulty running your prestige up to 1(10 per cent now. OCT. 24 to NOV. 22 (Sciorpin) --Remember details, s m a l l attentions expected, then add little niceties to make things that much more on the plus side. No fretting! NOT. 23 to DEC. 21 (Sagittarius) -- No obvious reason for some happenings? Judg ments you may rot like? Study them further. Also remember that the end does NOT ncces sarily justify the means. DEC. 22 to JAN. 20 (Capri corn) -- There's more to this day's influences than may he apparent. What you "forgot 1 may bother you later, so staj "with it." Live up to y o u r obligations. JAN. 21 to FEB. 19 (Aquar ius) -- Mixed aspects, v e r y favorable, in most part, for fol lowing well-drawn plans a n t noting mistakes so as not to repeat. FEB. 20 tn MARCH 20 (Pisces) -- Ignorance will not be an excuse for failure; enithei will putting your head in the sand like the ostrich! Step up with an idea: step back where appropriate. You born today possess a variety of skills and talents and could succeed in any one of a wide range of occupations In the creative field, you woul make an excellent writer, artist (in almost any medium), musi cian or thespian. In the profes sional world, as a doctor, sur geon or nurse, none excels the T a u r e a n. And your fine organizing ability and amazing memory for details qualify you for success as a business execu live. Couple all this with your innate perseverance in the face of any and all obstacles, am there's no reason why y o u shouldn't reach even y o u r loftiest of goals. Birthdate of. Queen Isabella, of Spain; Henry Fielding, novelist. HORIZONTAL 1. Clumsy boat 4. Color of a horse 5. Exhibit 12. English- Welsh riwr 13. River in Italy 14. Assistant 15. Eternity 16. Parade on wheels 18. Underground excavation 20. A homer Zl.Oftht same kind 24. French author 28. Used in. preventivt medicine 32. Philippine Moslem SS. Japanese statesman M. On Sunday ? 36. "The Lip" 37. Handy in a storm Si. Parisian or Roman +J. Daub 43. A. pinniped 44. Mr. Brown 46- Borneo aborigines 50. A kind of marriage 55. Worm larva 56. May his tribe increase 57. Hebrides island SS. Sailor in reverse 59. Boulder Dam lake 60. Classroom .lid 61. South American river VERTICAL 1. Fills with wonder 2. Peasant of India 3. Game of chance 4. Pottery dish 5. Tahitian god 6. Social insect 7. A corner 8. Religious act 9. The hawk parrot 30. Theater couple 11. Tiny 17. Aaron's blossomed 19. Capon the foot Answer to Saturday's puzzle. 22. Arrow poison 23. Birthmark 25. A gram molecule 26. Region 27. Before long 28. Presidents, etc. 29. Small particle 30. The gist 31. Withered 35. Traffic lane 38. Babylonian or Palestinian 4fl. A fold ·»2. Early auto 45. A shred 47. Early church vestment 48. Dutch purchase 49. The Forsyt* 50. Machine part clan group 52. Extinct bird 53. Card game 54. Massachusetts cape 57 58 «,»·» During a routine examination my husband was found to have diabetes. For the first time, some of his complaints seemed to be understood. He has been advised to take insulin but refuses to do so because he believes that his company, in which he is an official, might consider him a poor risk How can we convince him that he is in error? Mrs. 0. H. K.. Wisconsin Dear Mrs. K.: It docs come as a surprise to an otherwise healthy person to suddenly find that he has a chronic illness. Many people resent it and even refuse to admit that it is present. With a little patience his doctor and you will make him understand that he really is not and need not be a chronic invalid. EARLY TREATMENT Actually your husband is one of the favored few whose dia betes was uncovered long before he had any severe episodes of illness. This is the ultimate aim of all good medi cine, namely to flush out of hiding the prc-diabetic and the early diabetic so that treatment can begin early and intensively. The decision to use insulin is purely a medical one. You can be certain that your physician must have considered oral use of drugs and came to the important conclusion that insulin would be more beneficial. With proper persuasion by his doctor, by you, and perhaps by his company officials, he will he given the security that the diabetic who follows a proper diet with insulin, avoids overweight and tobacco, c a n probably live a life of normal productivity in his job and particularly in his family. To have found that he had diabetes will later prove to be a blessing rather than a burden. Not Scientific Our daughter is 22 years old and suffers f r o m constipation, almost every day she takes a addicted to it. Is there any kind of diet that can break such « Mrs. J. W., Florid. Dear Mrs. W.: Laxative habits are easily acquired, especially in families which at an early age insist that every child must have a daily bowel movement. This ritual has no basis in fact, and may be the reason that your daughter is dependent on. rather than addicted to laxatives. The advertising insistence on daily regularity is a great sales promotion but has no scientific truth. Each individual finds his own time sequence for his regular or iregular regularity. The muscles of the intestinal tract can easily become lazy and wait for the laxative rather than do their own work. Ths habit can be broken in most instances by taking six glasses of water a day with a high residue diet. When once a physician has ruled out any underlying physical disorders for this condition. the diet can be used. A high residue diet contains foods that have a considerable amount of cellulose normally found in fruits and vegetables, and foods that are bulky. Grapefruit, whole grain cereal, bread, butter, eggs, can be varied for breakfast Meal. salad fruit, rice, potato, and vegetables can be had for lunch. Dinner can be a variation of the lunch and fruit or juice can be taken between meals. And don't forget those six glasses of water a day. Before starting on this regime, of course, consult your own doctor for additional advice. . . S P E A K I N G .OF .YOUR HEALTH: Only immature adult* drive autos as leghal weapons. . .Dr. Coleman welcomes letters from readers, and, while he cannot undertake to answer each one, he will use question* in his column whenever possible and when they are of general Intent. Address your Ipl- ters to Dr. Colemin In tare of this newspaper. IllBILllHHWHIMIIIIIIffi^ B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record-Holder in Masters' Individual Championship Play) iimviiiMMiaiiiiiiiMHHgMnHiniiiiM Wes.1 dealer. East-West vulnerable. NORTH + J76 V A 5 2 *8 *KQ109T3 WEST EAST 4 3 2 4 Q R 5 t «10S3 V Q J 7 · QJ1075 « K 6 4 3 + 865 4 J 2 SOUTH 4AK109 V K 9 6 4 · A 9 2 The bidding: West North East .South Pass Pass Pass 1 + Pass 2+ Pass 2 NT Pass 3+ Pass 3» Pass 4 + Pass 4 + Dble Redble Pass 4 4 · Pass 4 NT Pass 5 + Pass 6 + Opening lead -- queen of diamonds. Most players hid naturally and shun artificial conventions. When they bid spades they have spades, when they bid clubs they have clubs, and so on. But in some circles artificial bidding is very much the vogue. Frequently this fails to produce the best result because the practitioners get so involved with their artificial bids that one partner or the other misreads a bid, and the end product is the wrong contract. One outstanding exception in this field is the Italian team, who during the past twelve years have asserted their dominance in the world of bridge. The Italians use many artificial bids, but they are rarely caught off base by their methods. Their top players are firs.t-rate and they usually reach the best contract. Take this hand played in 1961 in the U.S.-Italy match. Forquet was North and Garozzo South for Italy. The club bid was artificial and showed at least 17 points. Two clubs was also artificial -it guaranteed an ace and a king, or three kings. Two notrump was natural and showed a balanced hand. Three clubs, three hearts and four diamonds was a cuebid accept ing clubs as trumps. North's redouble showed sec- cond round diamond control. Four spades was a further cue- bid. Four notrump was a slam try (not Blackwood). p'ive clubs denied additional values and North therefore stopped at six (and made seven when the spade finesse succeeded). The American North - South pair got fouled up in the bidding and arrived at a final contract of four hearts (which declarer just bafely made). The bidding went: West North East Sooth Pass 1+ Pass 19 Pass 2Jb Pass 24 Pass 39 Pan « + Pass 4 y PONYTAIL © Kill Flilin* tarikmt *·,!»«. VtnM rtftt "I'm improving, Daddy... I only nted my tltowuc* FOUR days early thu uMk! 1 * TIMES Classified Ads Get Fast Results, Try em. Just Dial 442-6242.

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