Independent from Long Beach, California on January 22, 1975 · Page 2
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
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Wednesday, January 22, 1975
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People in the news Haig to pay U.S. f or dog's ride ,-V;' : ; ·-· C.J ".-· ~ -t , . . ' · · · . . . - · - - t 7 ' . Combined News Services n. Alexander M. Haig Jr.' has decided to reimburse the government for what it cost to transport his dog Duncan f r o m Frankfurt to Stuttgart last October, a spokesman for the U.S. European Command said Tuesday. The f o r m e r White House chief of staff heard about the matter for the first time and decided to pay the $46.92 cost of the 260-mile round trip by two enlisted men to pick up the dog, the spokesman said. Use of a staff car to transport Duncan was disclosed in Washington by Rep. Les Aspin, D-Wis., who said this was illegal and demanded that the A r m y collect the costs from Haig. The soldier who drove to Frankfurt airport to pick up Duncan and bring him back to Stuttgart said Tuesday he did it "under protest." ''·'I figured with the gas shortage and our regulations, a special run for a do£ was totally unauthorized," said Pfc. Marty Lopez, 19, of San Jose, Calif. .The incident occurred when Haig came from Washington to Germany to become supreme com- njander of allied forces in Europe and chief of the U.S. European Command iri Stuttgart. ·The command spokesman said that in addition io repayment, Haig ordered "counseling for individuals concerned," Reagan hi oil Gov. Brawn, right, applauds as former Gov. Ronald Reagan watches while his wife Nancy pulls the curtain 1 on Reagan's official state portrait during ceremonies at the state Capitol Tuesday. At right is the portrait of the late Gov. Culbert Olson. including the colonel who authorized the trip, and investigation of "related possible abuses." The spokesman said Haig had the dog flown from the United States on a commercial plane at his own expense and arrived himself a few hours later without knowing the dog had gone on ahead to Stuttgart Elvis Elvis Presley is considering buying a Boeing 707, equipped with sauna and dance floor, once owned by fugitive financier Robert Vesco. Presley's f a t h e r , Vernon Presley, inspected the craft last week at Newark International A i r p o r t , where it has' been kept since it was repossessed. Underworld massacre Combined News Services ·MONTREAL-- Thirteen victims of a gaiigland assassination, one with a bullet- in the back, were found Tuesday in a squalid, fire gutted, topless bar and known underworld hangout. Police be- iifve revenge-- gangland or personal-and the need to wipe out witnesses motivated the massacre. "It is definitely^ gangland killing with revenge as a motive," police said shortly after the bodies were discovered about 3:30 a.m. Bat later a police spokesman said a '··personal vendetta" could have sparked the attack. The victims, 10 men and tjjfee women, were found tumbled atop one another amid cases of beer in a stockroom padlocked and barricaded \\pth a jukebox at the Club Gargantua in the city's northend, a district rife with sfnalltime gangs and hoodlums and a history of petty gang wars. ? Palestinian soldiers 3"EL AVIV--Israeli security sources claim thousands of Palestinian soldiers trained in Syria have moved into southern Lebanon, threatening to escalate fighting in that flash-fire zone. The n u m b e r of reinforcements was not gryen but the sources said there were at feast several thousand in three Palestinian units. Israel and guerrillas have been fighting a running border war in the area, with Israel threatening retaliation against Lebanon if guerrilla raids continue. Viet discharges frozen SAIGON--South Vietnam ordered a freeze Tuesday on all discharges from its army pressed hard by a Communist offensive. In the Cambodian capital electric power to homes was sharply cut and less than one week's supply of food was left. The Saigon Command reported a new surge of fighting near South Vietnam's second largest city of Da N'ang. The South Vietnamese air force crossed t h e border and bombed Tambodian Communists in an effort to clear the Mekong river bank and enable a food- loaded ship convoy to reach beleagured Phnom Penh. Soviet steel champ BRUSSELS--The Soviet Union regained the position of leading steelmaker and American output declined as world steel production rose to record levels in 1974, a report showed Tuesday. The International Iron and Steel Institute said Communist nations accounted for most of the increase in the world total aiid for the third time the Soviet Union topped the list. Western European output also grew but Japan's dropped. Venezuela oil tax - CARACAS-Vcnezuela hiked foreign oil companies' income tax payment Tuesday by an average of 38 cents a barrel to allow the government to maintain its oi! income at the some level while cutting production. Percy U.S. S e n . C h a r l e s P e r c y , R.-III, Tuesday said Israel cannot' have both peace andMhe Arab lands it now occupies. "You cannot have your cake and eat it, too," Percy told a news conference in Amman, Jordon. Benjamin Viek's impersonation of a doctor was going smoothly until he s a i d he h.a'd graduated f r o m a medical school lhat had not yet opened. Vick showed up at the Kiowa County Hospital in Eads, Colo., last week and spent two days in town, describing himself as a retired A r m y physician. He told hospital officials he graduated from t h e University of Texas Medical School at Houston in l!»fi. "I knew that school didn't start until 1971," said Dr. John Crow, the hospi- t a l ' s administrator. · Vick was arrested last Friday on a warrent from Stafford County, K a n . , where he applied for a doctor's job at the St. John District hospital. Zsa Zsa Zsa Zsa Gabor, dressed in while and wearing dia- m o n d s , w a s m a r r i e d Tuesday n i g h t for the sixth time in a Las Vegas ceremony which started a h e a d of schedule and took less t h a n two minutes. The Hungarian actress married Jack Ryan, 48, a businessman and inventor who thought up the Barbie doll and the U.S. Hawk missile system. "This is going to work. We are alike. He is Irish and I'm Hungarian -both nuts," said the bride. John Dean sells book rightf^ for $300,000 hn \v. DP?" HI the man who helped" "topple "Richard' Nixon f r o m the presidency, has sold for about $300,000 the publishing rights of an account of his involvement in the Watergate affair. · ' . . Richard Snyder, executive vice president of Simon and Schuster, confirmed Tuesday that he negotiated a .contract during the weekend with the former White House lawyer for his as yet untitled book. The publishing firm executive said he has seen samples of Dean's writings and an outline of the book, but would not reveal specific details of what it will include: "The book' transcends Watergate and touches on the process of government as seen by a young, intelligent man," Snyder said. Dean's manuscript should be completed in about nine months, oiiyoer said, with publication planned-for .next, summer. ' ,. Snyder also confirmed that the con-, tract included the hard cover rights : to "Mo " a book Dean's wife, Maureen, is writing about the effects of Watergate on her life. ·;·. The paperback rights to "Mo," Mrs, Dean's nickname, were sold earlier to Bantom Books. O t h e r Watergate figures h a v e already published, or are writing, their account of the scandal. Jeb Magruder, another former White House aide, has published "An American Life," and H.R. Haldeman, Nixon's former right hand man, is reportedly working on his memoirs. : Amazed M a r y Adams brought the house down Tuesday when she went out and slammed her front door. · O n e side of the two- story house fell sideways into the River Mersey. Most of the rest of the building collapsed i n t o rubble. The house, at the end of a long row of old buildings in Stockport, England, adjoins a bridge that carries heavy traffic o v e r the Mersey. . ' Mrs. Adams said later: "The door was a little stiff so I gave it a good bang. I was amazed." She added: ".I h a v e thought for s o m e time that the building was not quite right. There was just something about it." wm Betty Too m a n y American humorists h a v e become bitter, cynical or negative in their attempts to cheer p e o p l e u p , s a y s Will- Rogers Jr., son of the the late American humorist- philosopher. · · R o g e r s , speaking in Fort Collins, Colo., said the nation needs construct i v e humor to make it t h r o u g h c u r r e n t h a r d times. "All these guys have be- c o m e t h e D o n Rickles type, trying to see who they can cut down. '"Some of the best moves made by our government to bring us out of the depression were the ' r e s u l t s of constructive humor, like my dad's." First Lady Betty Ford says there never was any truth to stories that her husband might not seek reelection because of her health after surgery for breast cancer. By the time, her recov- ' ery was far enough along to consider the matter, "we were getting encouraging news from the doctors so we really never considered the question in terms of his not running," she said. Writing in the February issue of McCaU's maga-- zine, she also said: "I long ago released him from a promise that he would ruri for the last time in 1974 -- a promise made when he was still a member of Congress." [ KT AT I (DISTAL. \ '74 highway toll lowest since '63 WASHINGTON--Fewer persons died . on the nation's highways in 197-1 than In any year since 19G3, the Transportation Department said Tuesday. The department said preliminary figures indicated 4S.400 persons were killed in traffic accidents in 1974 -- about 9,400 fewer persons than died in 1973 and the lowest total since 42,600 persons were killed in 1963. National Highway Traffic Safety Administrator James Gregory said the reduced fatality count "clearly demonstrates the life-saving value of lowered speed limits and less driving." Ship blast kills 2 M I A M I -- T w o crewmen presumably died and two others were critically injured Tuesday when a 500-foot Cypriot tanker exploded and slammed onto a southern Bahamian reef. Thirty-four of the 37 crewmen from the tanker Lucky Era were rescued by a Russian ship and the Coast Guard airlifted the captain of the stricken ship to safety. "Two other crewmen, both unidentified, are missing and presumed dead," a Coast Guard spokesman in Miami said. The spokesman said the two, who were trapped in the engine room, were believed to be a fireman and the vessel's chief engineer. Midwest blowing cold MINNEAPOLlS-Subzero c o l d , 35- mile-an-hour winds and blowing snow roared across eastern South Dakota and western Minnesota Tuesday, creating near-blizzard conditions and cutting visibility to zero. Four more inches of snow piled up in portions of Michigan's Upper Peninsula and six-hour snowfalls of one inch or more covered Park Falls, Wis., Minneapolis and St. P a u l in Minnesota, Fargo. N.D., and Pueblo. Colo. Refineries struck DENVER--Oil worker u n i o n m e m - bers struck a Phillips refinery in Texas and three Husky refineries in Utah and Wyoming on Tuesday when contract negotiations broke down. The walkouts were the latest in a series of selective strikes called by the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers International U n i o n against oil companies failing to meet a 26.8 per cent two-year wage hike agreed to by a total of 15 companies. gunmen taKe Hostages SOUTH BEND, Ind.-Two gunmen took two policemen and two women hostages and headed out of town in an unmarked police van Tuesday nicht, police said. The men, armed with shotguns, originally took five persons hostage in a downtown clothing store during an attempted robbery and held them captive for about two hours. Three of the hostages were released after Officers Larry Hosteller and Paul Harvey volunteered to become hostages. Colorful, fashionable, famous maker ironstone for 8 Originally #70 to $120 now reduced 47% to 60% For your dining pleasure we bring you a truly spectacular event... one that should not be missed! Look at these radiant patterns. We show you just a small sampling of the many vivid and vibrant and wonder- fully patterned ironstone sets that are greatly reduced during this exciting sale, all from a famous maker. 45-pc. sets include 8 each: dinner, salad, cereal, cup, saucer; plus 1 ea.: platter, vegetable, sugar creamer. Park Avenue, soft beige rimmed in black. Also yellow or brown rim in Color Kraft. Orig. S80,29.99 Foliage, in pink/green; one of 6 Country Fashion florals on pastel grounds. Originally $120, 49.99 Duet Yellow, a refreshing floral from Light 'n Lively/Duplex. One of 11. Originally S95, 49.99 Meadow View, one of three fabulous fall-tone pat : terns from the Cera-Stone group. Orig. S80, 39.99 Avitra, big, bold green and yellow flowers from a group of 2 Stone Kraft patterns. Orig. SI20, 69.99 Athlone, warmly appealing in rich earth browns; 1 of 6 floral banded Irish designs on finely speckled backgrounds. Originally were priced at $80, 34.99 Limited stock available in some patterns. Dining Accessories Park Avenue LAKEWOOD Meadow View Shop Monday thru Friday, 10 am to 9:30 pm; Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm | Bullock's Lakcwood, 5005 Clark Avc., Lakcwood, 6.M-5I I 1

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