Independent from Long Beach, California on February 2, 1960 · Page 1
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 1

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 2, 1960
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FEATURES INDEX Amusements . .A-4 Classified . . . . C-5 Comics B-6, 7 Death Notices A-7 Editorial B-4 L.A.C.Says ...A-2 Markets B-5 Uadio-TV B-8 Sports C-l, 4 Women .... B-2, 3 Independent The Southland's Jf Finest Morning Newspaper Phone HE 5-1161 -- Classified No. HE 2-5959 26 PAGES LONG BEACH \2. CALIFORNIA, TUESDAY. FEBRUARY 2, I960 VOL. 22 -- NO. 157 WEATHER Gradually clearing this morning, becoming partly cloudy this afternoon. Chance of rain late tonight or Wednesday. High today about 60. Complete weather report on Page A-2. HOME EDITION -- IDs Bandit Returns $4,000 Loot to A conscience-stricken bandit Monday returned the $4,000 loot lie look in a Beltflower bank holdup hist Friday. The First Western Bank got its money back in a two-by-fivc inch cardboard package in the morning mail. Enclosed with the money was this hand-printed note: "1 am returning your money I took Friday. I never did this before and am sorry for the trouble I have caused. Also sorry to have troubled teller and his family." In the holdup, the bank banclil had handed a note to teller James Johnson, demanding money and threatening to harm his family if he didn't cooperate. Officials of the bank, at 16824 S. Bellflower Blvd., turned the package and letter over to the sher- iff's robbery detail. Bank officials refused to comment on the return of the money, except to say it was a two-by-fivc inch package picked up at the post office. Lt. Bill Salyers said the package was being examined by department experts. The package was addressed in hand-printed lower case letters to the Bellflower bank. Sheriff's officers didn't reveal the cancellation identification Finch Flaunted Carole Before Wife at Resort which would show from what post office the package was mailed. In the holdup the bandit walked into the bank shortly after 4 p.m. and handed a note to Johnson, demanding $5,000. The bandit gave Johnson a paper sack, and the teller put $2,000 in 20-dollar bills and another $2,000 in 10-dollar bills into it. Customers in the bank were unaware of the robbery u n t i l the bandit left. Drenched by Rain A rainstorm, riding with gusty winds, Monday slick- streets, flooded inter- ened LOS ANGELES (UP!) -- Dr. R. Bernard Finch. ,. ,., , , i i · i /- I r.- rr i r i · -.- .sections, caused several acci- llaunled red-haired Carole Iregoff before his wile o n d c n t s tmd backcd llp i n ( 0 a water-skiing afternoon at the exclusive Palm Springs store and residential door- resort, a prosecution witness testified trial Monday. Mrs. Mint-lie Maber. a dark- haired woman dressed i:i black, said that Mrs. Barbara Jean Finch was very upset when the dnclur look Carole out in his boat, and iiad his w i f e sil in a rear seat. The occasion was in Jannary or February of the murder i_" SACRAMENTO (Ul'l) -1959 ICov. E d m u n d G. Brown Mon- Mrs. Kind] was shot to death J u l y ly in what t h e state charges was premeditated murder lo break up the " t r i angle." Mrs. ll.iher was a surprise day opened the 1960 Lcgis- 2.13-billion-dullar budget proposal whiclrran in- lo trouble from two directions. IX'inocTats ways in Long Beach and surrounding aieas. The storm, which had deposited 1.63 inches of rain by 9:30 p.m., was expected to continue through this morning. In Long Beach, two pedestrians were injured seriously and six other persons h u r t in t r a f f i c accidents d u r i n g the heavy rain. Cheryl Sawyer, fi. of 2507 R 17th St., suffered a fractured skull when she darted into the path of a car near her home. She was reported lo he in serious condition at of the L e g i s l a t u r e in propos- a TMnonty: Cu|nmunlty Hu , pila | witness. She t e s t i f i e d t h a t l h e l i m ; l l i l l s '" l l l l 1 1 '"'uses for ·12-year-old doctor and h j s M u k c n I ; | X -''"· wife had come to the Habei home in Palm Springs over a period of six years, d r i v i n g down from Los Angeles about I hey guest once a month and I ha slaved together in a room. SIXTliEN-year-old l.avonna lleruld. of ISilti California Ave., was taken to Harbor i General Hospital a f t e r she R e p u b l i c a n s jumped on Brown's budget as loo heavy, complaining t h a t he would; need new taxes to balance the was UnocUed down b * a car |at Pacific Coast I l w y . and 1 Olive Avc. She suffered hip budget next year. Assemblyman William 15. Rumford (D-Bcrkclcy) proposed in the Assembly and SHE WAS asked about th4 Sc "' J u h n '"'· M ^'iir(liy (R- ocaision last w i n t e r and whai the, couple's a t t i t u d e was toward each other at thai time. "They were more a f f e c - t i o n a t e than they had been for a whole year," Mrs. llaber said. "How do you mean': 1 " asked prosecutor Fred Whichello. "Oh, Rernie put his nrm (Continued Page A-3, Col. 5) San R a f a l ) introduced in the Senate, h i l l s which woud remove sales taxes from prescription drugs. RUMTORD SAID :)l Democrats and 16 R e p u b l i c a n s had signed his bill as co-authors and McCarthy said he had 2-t Democratic and 12 Republican signatures on his, and pelvic, fractures. Police blamed heavy rain for a three-car accident at l.akewood Blvd. and Wardlow Rd. in which a mother and her I0-month-old daughter suffered m i n o r injuries, and a two-car collision at Albury Avc. and Stearns St. resulted in minor injuries to a woman, At leasl .six intersections! and low-street areas in Narcotics Warning Voiced at Funeral Funeral services for a slain teenage youth and a court hearing for two youths admittedly responsible for his murder, were held simultaneously Monday afternoon at Bellflower. Long] Beach were reported flooded The signatures totaled well at one time Monday night. Aj (Continued Page A-2, Col. -1)1 (Continued Page A-3, Col. 1) Across the Nation Hunt Insured Woman in Mystery »' »/ STOCKTON (AP) -- An all-points missing persons bulletin was issued Monday for a heavily insured San Diego County woman who has been listed as drowned Dec. 28 in a slottgb near here. Deputies from the San Joaquin County sheriff's office gave no definite reason for believing Mrs. Mabel L. Thompson. 2(i, s t i l l is alive. But they have been unable, lo find her body or any of her personal effects a f t e r repeatedly dragging the San J o a q u i n River Delta slough where her jeep submerged. Mrs. Thompson, blue-eyed b r u - nette Irom Santee, San Diego County, carried 5;89,7()0 in life insurance. She was the w i f e of Thomas Thompson, .10, a contractor, .and was an officer in his contracting company. The all-points missing persons bulletin said Mrs. Thompson's "disturbed and possibly despondent over severe f i n a n c i a l difficulties." Deputies said Thompson had acknowledged his business had not been going ton well. MRS. MABEL THOMPSON Insured for $89,700 Clmssmati Seoks Slav JnlicriLs SLOOJMMI SAN FRANCISCO ( U P I ) -- A u t h o r convict Caryl Chessman carried his case to the U. S. Court, of Appeals Monday 18 days and some hours before his scheduled date w i t h the San Q u c n l i n gas chamber. The appeal was filed by one of Chessman's a t t o r n e y s, (ii'nrge T. Davis. He sought a slay of the. execution, permission lo present (he case on typewritten documents rather t h a n printed ones, and a c e r t i f i c a t e of probable cause. 'Ihe p r o b a b l e - c a u s e c e r t i f i c a t e would have I h e etlec.t o( the court's formally accepting the appeal. The documents were an appeal from the decision lasl Friday of Federal District Judge Louis U. Goodman, who held Hint Chessman's a r g u m e n t s had no basis in law. DCTR01T (,'l'i-- Curl W. Hrnge. ol .suburban Wyandoltc, inherited S I ()().000 Monday from a relired bachelor shipyard w o i k e r he had befriended. The money is half the estate of Lewis W i l l i a m Armstrong, 71, who had lived acioss the street f r o m Brogc. The men long had been friends. Riogu, -17. is a steel mill worker. He is married and Ihe fat her ol t w o childien. Dam IVrmil LOS ANGF.I.L.S /l'i-- Los Angd. ··, Monday asked permission of the federal government to build a I ( i 4 - m i l l i « n dollar finm and power plan; on t h e Colorado River. 7 SAN J U A N . Puerto Rico (A'l--A U.S. Air Force B52 Stratobomber w i t h seven airmen aboard crashed at Ramey Air Force Base here late Monday night. Fate of the seven airmen was not immediately known, an Air Force spokesman announced. The huge eight-jet bomber crashed just short of the runway at the air base during landing practice. The spokesman said the plane was a "total loss." The B52 was attached lo the 72nd Bombardment Wing at Ramey. WEIGHTED DOWN WITH BIG BRAIN Weatherman met a Scottish farmer one morning and observed: "Well, Sandy, you're- getting very b e n t . W h y d o n ' t y o u s I a n d u p straight, like me'.'" "Eh num.' r e p l i e d Sandy, "d'ye see yon field of corn'"' "I do," said WM. "Ah, weel," said Sandy, "Yc'lf notice t h a t the full he-ids hanj', down, an' t h a t the empty yins stand up." Widow Kills Self as Husband Did ROYF.RSFORD, I'a. (UPI)-Mrs. Ethel Weikel, M, comm i t t e d suicide by carbon monoxide Monday in the same automobile, in which her husband, Russell, took his l i f e in t h e same manner on Ocl. 27, 19,~)8. Her body was found in the Fullest In (i Courtroom . . . und in a Cemetery Accused killers R o b e r t F t i l m c r (above), and Charles Lindstrom listen stoically as Los Cerrilos M u n i c i p a l Court Judge Roberta Butzbach (background), reads off charges against them. The two 19-year-olds were assigned a public defender to handle t h e i r case. Mourning friends (below), mostly y o u t h s , follow casket of slain Leonard Moore across rain-swept Orange C o u n t y cemetery to grave site. Young friends of Moore stood in rain while parents, embracing each other, watched 25 feet away. Earlier, in chapel, minister called young Moore's life "a triumph" a n d , in reference to the youth's slayers, warned mourners to "be afraid of those who can destroy both soul and body . . . I speak of dope addiction."--(Staff Photos by Dave Emery and Bob Shumway.) By LOU .IOBST The rain began f a l l i n g gently at almost the moment the black-frocked m i n i s t e r stepped lo Ihe pulpit. The Rev. Alfred Storvick looked out acioss the oOO predominantly young faces l h a t (railed off into the shadows of the chapel. He spoke of Leonard Moore. 17. and what he was-n healthy, ambitious and lovable boy. Lcnnie Moore's death was not a tragedy, lie told the audience. Lennie's life had been a t r i u m p h of a boy who hud found the bright side of life--(he wonder and warmth of goodness, fellowship and faith. The deep voice of t h e clergyman at the White Funeral Home Chapel carried reassurance t h a t death was not final. * * * On/side the rain came dawn harder. A sheriff's car edged lo the curb and slopped a few hundred feel down l/ie slrenl. .41! (irined deputy emerged and motioned command- inxly In I.IIK ocrjipniils. Grimactiifi as Ilicy xli-pped inlo //ic cnld rain were Robert Earl Fulmer oj Arleaia, and Charles Cordon Lind- xtrom of Paramount. Rolh \vrrr. mounded. The Iwo slender /9-year-o/tfs dashed behind the deputy (o Ihe. cover of Ihe entrance lo ios Cerritos Municipal Court where they were lo nit.wor charges Hia(; they killed Leonard Moore, who, a block away, reposed in a pi/i/z-gray co/fin. T/ie yoiifh.s, who confessed lo slaying Moore in an attempted holdup of a Lakewoud dairy .store Wednesday, entered Ihe courtroom. Bol/i faces, parchment yellow and drawn, bore Ihe troubled look o/ tiurcotics users. * * if "Be afraid of it which can destroy both soul and body," said the Lutheran cleric, now talking intimately. "I speak of dope addiction," he said. "II can create weak and craven beings who cannot control t h e i r thoughts or t h e i r actions. It destroys the precious image of right or wrong." * * -A- .di.sf (hen I'ulmcr nud Lindstrom were led into Ihe gold oak jury box and stared stoically ahead. * * * "If there is a lesson from his death, he didn't die or live in vain," Ihe minister said. "If his tragedy deters one (Continued Page A-5, Col. 2) Fumes Start $11,500 Fire in Paramount [·umes from a gasoline c a n i w l n c h caused an estimated Dicing used by n M.year-old SI LfiOO in damages. to spread across the lloor. Before county fire u n i t s ! h.tck scat of the wulomohilc, boy to refuel a f a m i l y n u l o ! Sheriff's deputies said that could extinguish the flames parked in the garage ,il t h e ' i n the garage of his Para-ivhcn t h e can Michael V a n i t h e garage, three cars, and home, of neighbors, a f t e r h c i | m o u n l home were i g n i t e d by.Heist, of 8850 Pafco St., was,welding equipment, belonging f a t h e r reported her nnsMiigja nc.irhy w a t e r he.uei Mon-.using caught on fire lie. : lo the boy's f a t h e r . Garret) from t h e i r home. day night, s t a r l i n g a firc^lroppcd it, causing the (lames,Van Ec;st, were damaged. f i g h t i n g erupts on ( Israeli - Syrian border and both sides h u r l war llue;iis. Page A C .

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