Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on June 2, 1930 · Page 15
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 15

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, June 2, 1930
Page 15
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p^' J V fiy fiOCJAR WALiACfi, "Ok** ireheft" "fh* Man tatfe ttanweoy "Th« frwf," »fe> '-,.!• x i n%-»ald, ''and ha Was, i taagme, de- SWoye'd 'by Malpas Of Ofre Of hi* agents. At the moment t n*ven:t exact news'as to Whether Such fast AfiVlCfli. ;s Was Over Au- afld draf- hihe cafj and she was 'When sud« Jfjf wlftked arid she fell, half SWdtfHfngjr.tb-the ground. Before 'tfftg'happening th> ear flashed past her. nien funning, heard a' and then she was lift' there was something the clasp of the and She looked Jjick Shannon. up .._ glrV' said Dick But you have given see him?" ,__. saw his rear lights, and thefe** 4 chance that they may have caflght him at one of the, gates, but 1 ctm*fe%8 It Is a very remote chafice, My titan missed you; it -was only by Itielt that he picked you up again jtost &8 you were driving through Claffenc8 gate, tie got on to me at Miryleborie lane , by- phone or else—" ' 'V>. She shuddered, "Did' h* tell you anything material?" ho- asked, She shdok her head. . "No, he made a number of unpleasant promises,, which, I hope he won't fulfil), ftlctfi I'm going back to my lilckens!" < ) Shannon laughed softly. "S)v«n tlte _ fiercest of your hens Quid, be Inadequate to protect' you no\ir, H»'y d«ar," he said. "Malpas, for some treason or other, thinks it" is necessary to remove you. Why he didn't shoot you without any preliminary I can't fof the life of me understand." *' And there and then he relieved her mind. "Yes,: you've-been followed all day' but not by , the sinister Mr. Malpas. Two painstaking police officers have been Watching your goings-out and comlngs-ln. The nursemaid In the park scared you, they tell me?" Audrey was human enough to blush. "I .didn't notice anybody following me," she confessed. "Because you weren't expecting to see those particular people. You were looking for a nasty old man with a long nosd." He saw uer safely to her hotel^ went 'on to the Haymarket. And then for the second time he saw the man BroWn.'. He was standing in exactly the same'' Spot as he had been the night Dick had taken Him into his flat. agent was employed and 1 think you'd be on the safe side if ydu marked Lake* down as Malpas 1 own personal handiwork." . ~ / > Dick looked at him in silence. "Yehi'fe asking yourself whether; It Is possible that there could be such a—What is the expression? 'Mend In human shafts' is popttlar—who Would murder his way out of all Ms dun' culttes? Why not? Commit one toast*. dec and find no cause* f6r remorse, and all the others are not only simple but a natural consequence, I have .met many murderers—" • ' "You have met them?" said Dick incredulously. . The man nodded: "Yes; 1 was a convict for ma) . years. That father startles you, but if. is, nevertheless, true. My name is Torrlhgton. I had a life sentence, but was pardoned for saving the lives of two children—the chlldrfen Of the high commissioner of the cape. .That Is why 1 am allowed a passport In a j any "My, ; friend,, you haunt me," said Shannon. "How long have you been waiting?", : / "Four minutes, ""possibly five," said the other'coolly^ with a good-natured smile.. ,. "May I suggest that, If you wish to soe me, .you knock at my door? ,1 employ people fwho will admit you. I suppose, you do want to see me?" "Not> particularly," said tUe other, surprisingly. And then: "Did you patch him?'? Dick spun round. "Catch Whom?" , "Malpas. ' I heard you were chasing him tonight." "You hear a great deal more than pn innocent man should," said Dick. Mr. Borwn chuckled. Nothing annoys the police worse -m-to be supplied with information they fondly imagine' is their vn ' private secret! When you remember, that your gun play. has driven-the peaceful inhabitants of Regent's park into a condition'of frenzied alarm you can hardly say that your unsuccessful attempt to capture, the devil man hasn't been well ad- .vertised." . "The devil man; eh? You know Malpas?" • . < "Remarkably •well," said the other Immediately, "Few people know him .better." . "And probably you knew the late Mr. Lacy Marshall?" f "More intimately- than I knew Malpas," said Brown, "Better acquainted in fact than I was with the late Mr. Laker." "Come into my flat," said Dick. He was not sure that the man was following, he walked so softly despite his injured leg, until, glancing Ije hind him, he sa\y him at his heels. "Laker is a name you have mentioned before; who is he?" . "He was a drunkard, a .thief and a trainer of thieves. He was not so well acquainted with Malpas. that he didn't make a mistake. You only make one with Malpas and his was to call on his boss .when he had looked upon red wine—it was the night of Laker's death i" "His death? Then he's dead?" Mr. Brown nodded. * "His body was taken out of the river some time ago. I thought you would associate the cases." Dick jumped up from the chair in which he had sat. "You mean the man who wus club bed and thrown over the embankment?" Brown nodded. "That was the Intemperate Laker, 1 ' false name. I am in fact"-fhls quick smile came and went—"one Of the privileged classes! 1 am Interested in Malpas; I was rhuch mote interested In the late Mr. Marshall, but that Is a point I need not labor. Criminals interest me, Just as a train that has jumped the rails interests ofie. While it keeps to the rails and carries on Its humdrum business It is hardly worth while noticing unless you are a railway engineer; but when it has Jumped the rails and becomes a hopeless wreck or plunges along some track of Its own making to destruction then it becomes a fascinating object." "You did not like Mr. Marshall?" said Dick, eyeing him keenly. Brown smiled. "I did not','—a long pause—"like him. Tha"t is true, Do mortuis nil nisi bonum is a slupid lag. Why shouldn'l you speak ill of Ihe dead? For if Ihey die Iheir acls sllll circle oul on the pool of fate. .You want to be careful, Capl. Shannon," His hard, brlghl eyes" Iransflxed Ihe delec- live. i "Careful aboul—" "About Malpas. One killing more or less isn't going to bother him, and he has an especial reason for getting at you. Remember, he is a genius With a deplorable sense of the theatrical." His eyes did not leave Dick's face. "If I were you I should leave him alone." Shannon laughed in spite of his ir- rllallon. "That's fine . advice to give to an !xeoutive police officer," he said. "It is good advice," said the other, but did not pursue the topic. "Where do you think they have taken the body of Marshall?" ' Dick shook his head. "It is In the house somewhere. But don't know why I should give you ii" stna me oincr, DUI'-UIU HOT td eXplaln wlMSmv . ..„& Waft- 6n» eHfidtJ* faet'.tRat Dick ntrtfed 6*> th« way to the ftfttt thai W»r that Mfc TOWJ limp was not so prenbuneed Wines as it wa« at otfrers. > ll f ft* ah most as, though he had lapf«* « nttmory affd forgot ttt drag hi* foot, Shannon remarked upon It JflSt they^ reached their destlnatf "I thiftk a great it," said Torrlngtt-,____ fassmeht., "I've b$lI|P FT ti8ed 16 dragging my leg titePW has alnWst become second nature." He looked past Dick With the same str&nge intentness that he had Shown before. "You still expect to f see some- Hody?f • , • TorMhgton nodded. s "I am looking for the shadow," he said; "he hasn't let up once today, so fat as 1 cati discovert Shahnon chuckled. • "You don't like being shadowed— if Was smart of you lo delect him." Torrlhgton stared at him. "You mean the policeman who has- been following me? That is he tin the' corner. 1 know all about him. NO,, I was talking of the man' who has been trailing you." "Me?"- asked the commissioner, and Torrlngton's eyebrows rose. "Didn'l you know?" he asked Innocently. "Bless my soul—I thought you knew everything!". .: \ (To Be Continued) OWN CAB. BVANSTOtf, III.,' June 2.—Arrested for parking her automobile without lights, Mrs. Walter Sohwihd tesli- fled lhal-she had been so busy turning on lights on Norlhweslern unl- verslly sludenls" cars 4n front of her home to keep them from being arrest- edi that she forgot her own car. - Htetffcy, Appl*KAu* fflW iff resonse f» the «»*• Appropriate H tiftifigffiotttes Are Carried Out by Catitp No, 12 at Rose Hill Cemetery. fir, t, P, Patch Speak*. Appropriate ceremonies in memory of departed comrades were held Thursday afternoon at Ro^e Hill cemetery, feast find, under the direction of camp No. 12, Sons of Veterans, the program being in charge of W. It Stambaugh and consisted of vocal selections and" short addresses. The exercises were concluded' when the Sons of Veterans firing 'squad delivered a salute at the cemetery toWer. Dr. 1. P. Patch, Grand Army of the Republic member and a prominent Civil w*ar veteran here, delivered the principal oration In which he lauded the memories of the departed dead. The program carried out, in detail, Was as follows: Invocation,.Dr. Patch; selection, Y. M. C. A, quartet composed of Thomas Filer, William Householder, L. N. Fopr and H. M. Bradfield; reading of general orders by . , ihg of 'each of IW abo** ftaHtfa, rail of druftw, W. ' tysbufg ad'dfe**, R. O. SKyd6r;*<WiAl Aolft, ThxMttag Fll«r; 6faltotl» D*. 1. P. Patch; voltey, flflrig 8<(Uad. MSN OUTNUMBER WOMEN AS COUNTY HOME WARDS HARRlSBtJRO, June fc— A bt the eighty-bite couftly hofties 1ft the state shows that exactly two-thiftU tit the inmates ate men while ,W6tnen comprise only one-third of population^ This ratio made public today by in*, state department of welfare In 'ft. report frorti Mrs. S. tt. McCauley, State {ft 1 WattS Wlw vfrlttafty jftd dfJHilttjlS is sUcft «ir extent that JM*«* for *& Btffldinf Of mifldlng heW btttfalnf* no* l*fr pfdvitton fof men aftd wotBert that ratio. f ormfcrlv th« home* ,»eWs divide* ftj fraff tort it was found that* M an ot the*, the men's quartets were ov«f' crowded While there was vacant spac* in the women's quarters. f He feason* contained in the report indicate that there are more homes and institutions provided for women only *nd tfiat more Women are taken into private homes than men. l*tttO TlffcAtrlE and Tomorrow 1A tier «r»t all Miking picture, "THE TBfiSS* PASSER." Also comedy, "ttig birthday Bolt." Free—One piece China to every lady. Why Go Home for Lunch? We Serve Complete, Lunchei for 30c to SOc Including br'ead, butter, coffee, 9 vegetables • and salad. FAMOUS RESTAURANT 12th St., Next t*> Mt. City Bank my Iheories." •I don'l Ihlnk it Is in the house at all," said Brownr "I have an idea— however, I have said too much already. 'And now you're coming round to my holel for a nightcap, captain." Shannon declined laughingly. "Well, at any rale, you'll come along and escort me?" said the other, with his tremulous smile. "I am a feeble man and in need of police protection." Dick sent him down to the Streel while he telephoned to discover thai no furlher Irace of Mai pan had been seen. When he joined his companion he found him in his accustomed place on the edge of the curb looking up ACHES There's scarcely an ache or pain that Bayer Aspirin won't relieve promptly. It can't remove the cause, but it will relieve the pain! Headaches. Backaches. Neuritis and neuralgia, Yes, and rheumatism. .Read provew directions for many important uses. Genuine Aspirin can't depress the heart. Look for the Bayer cross: The Ideal Graduation Gift THE WATCH THAT WINDS ITSELF! AH IDEAL TIME to have teeth extracted with SWEET AIR Registered in U. S. Pat. Office. Gurna frozen for those requesting same. l r aJ«e Teeth a Specialty OR. SHOR 1118 IS Ave.. t Flour, 1'bone S-1IKU Hours: Pally U a. ui. U> 6 p f ni. Mou,, Wed., Sat., to 8 p. in. (CENTURIES of ^-" have brought the first solution of th* "perpetual motion" problem f n the f nven- tion of the Perpetual Self- Windins Watch. Wear this watch, and (t will keep itself fully wound forever, utili'sins the power developed^ by the natural unconscious^movements of your wrist. See this amazing new watch at our store today. It is an accurate, dependable, trouble- free timepiece that promises to make the stem-winding watch as old-fashioned as the key- winding watch of our grandfathers. Guaranteed. Priced within the reach of all. • Housecleaning Done? You will need some new lamps to give your room a touch" of different color. There is nothing which will so change the atmosphere of a room as colorful lamps. Here is a bridge lamp which will add materially to your color scheme. Special for Tomorrow at .49 Parchment Shades All sizes. At 69c Special Tuesday, 5 to 9 P. M. Chicken and Waffle Dinner—«5c THE STANDARD FURNITURE CO. 1407 ELEVENTH AVE. FOURTEENTH ANNIVERSARY — OUR BIRTHDAY YOUR PARTY /^ WARNER BROTHERS WV STRANU ROW Never before has a picture so realistically expressed the spirit of the American home. Here is a great human story of a g^oua mother and the innocent heart of a boy whose love overcame barriers, of'hatred and/turned a losing fight into a triumphant victory. An unforgettable picture thai you'll wanl to see more than once. • A PICTURE YOU'LL NEVER FORGET We highly endorse this production and (urge every family to see it. It will thrill you. URAG 1125 Eleventh Ave. MISHLER AMUSEMENT NOW The Management , Say*:— "N It U with keen pleasure that we announce the arrival of a truly great talking • picture— "Joiinmy's End" • • • Bt Hilda out 'as a brilliant gem which* Is destined easily to win a place among the best pictures of the year. K we are nut mistaken many will oven go so far as to rate this Tiffany production one of the nnest. in recent years. X The job of transferring the Sheriff play,onto celluloid lias been done with rare understanding. None of the values of the original work have been lost, In fact, the footllght version has been enhanced In many respects, due to the greater latitude of the uliiema. Hurry — Engagement Ends Friday Afternoon GREAT/ £o simple, so natural, so mov-' ing, so real that you cannot—would not—forget it. Pefies Description 1 Challenges Comparison ~ ALL TALKING True Version of Play by R. C. SHERRIFF FKATUKK TIME:—11.15, 1.45, 4.15, 8.45 AND ».15 V. M. ! ! S ! Hi. EXTRA — 'BHURSDAY EVENING, 11.30 P. M. BENEFIT -PEKFOUMANCK FOR TUE AMERICAN LEGION FRIDAY EVE. 8.15 Ruth Barnes. Dance Recital Uuservo Scuts Wednesday BELLE BENNETT MARIAN NIXON LEONJANNEY the - -<*, A This full size EASY 99® Small First Payment Balance. Monthly, THE X E. SPENCE Electric Store 1310 Twelfth Ave. Dial 4191 The Home of the World'* Leading Electrical Appliance* and Badla* Showinf At Oar Regular Prices—Bat Worth More NOW! Guaranteed By the Management At the Season's Best Talkie. It* Perfect Her Greatest Picture Which I* Saying Much After All Her Past Hits Feature At 11 A. M 1.10— 3.20— 5.30— 7.45— and 10 P. M. NORMA HEARER Ex-flmnuute and ex-wive*! . A tor- bat truthful picture at modern , marriage moral* t , CHESTER MORRIS dONBAD NAOEL ROBERT MONXOOHERV Baaed on a story by URSULA. P ABBOTT A ROBERT Z. LEONARD Production Don't MiM It! SOUND SFORTUTE NEWS AND NOVEI.TIE8 OUR GANG COMEDY "LAZY DAYS" STARTING THIS SATURDAY Marie Dressier. Polly Moron In "CAUGHT SHORT" OLYMPIC CLARA SINKING THE FLEET WITH HER 'IT' PERSONALITY! The Sensation of Altoona This Week! Now she sings! You don't know Clara Bow until you hear her flash 'across "There's Only One Who Matters P fc-T CAPITOL'! .True to, the Navy "SWEETIE" THEN "HONEY" AND NOW NANCY'S BEST HIT HERE'S A NEW NANCY! The charming comedienne is now the great emotional actress! Made greater, by the masterful direction v of Edmund Goulding, who made "The Trespasser." NANCY CARROLL m "The, Devil's Hclidau u-lfrh ™ with PHILLIPS HOLMES with Fredric March Harry Green and un all-star supporting cast Directed by Frank Tuttle "EARLY BIRD" MATINEE DAILY 10.00 A. II. TO 12.00 NOON—IBc; 12.00 NOON TO 6.00 r. AI.—25c a iGtoramount] PATHE COMEDY—"PICK 'EM YOUNG" VITAPHONJS VAUIKTIKS 1-ATHK SOUND NEWS EVENTS Paramount News Christie Comedy — "The Stronger Sex" . Vitaphone Varieties

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