Independent from Long Beach, California on March 12, 1966 · Page 1
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 1

Long Beach, California
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Saturday, March 12, 1966
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WEATHER g- Night and morning fog with hazy sunshine ·; in afternoon. Continued cool, high about 65. '·'_ Complete weather on Page A-2. f- Independent Phone HE 5-1161 --Classified No. HE 2-5959 ·'/ LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA 90801, SATURDAY, MARCH 12, I9i4 VOL. 28 --NO. 168 COLD-DECK CREDIT CARD DEAL GOT HOT -- People )n News, Page A-2 iSBBRRRBSi HOME EDITION -- 10a PRECEDENT-SETTING VERDICT 'Fright Murder' Conviction for 3 By BOB SCHMIDT Three young men Friday were convicted of first-degree murder and robbery in a Long Beach case which might have profound implications in criminal law. '.The three men were held responsible for the death last Oct. 26 of Carl Honeyman, 60-year-old businessman, who died of a heart attack shortly after being held up at the point of a gun. Honeyman had a long history of heart trouble. The verdict, returned shortly before 3 p.m. by a four- man, eight-woman jury which had deliberated nearly two full days, means, in effect that criminals had better check on the physical condi tion of an intended victim be fore they perpetrate illegal acts. their SO FAR AS is known, thi: is the first lime in the United States that a murder convic tinn has resulted from a deatl where I here was no direc :ontact -- in the form of a ilow struck, a weapon wield:d a fire started, gas or raison administered, or some t h e r death-dealing agency 'mployed--between the criminal and the victim. Honeyman, Deputy D i s t. Atty. George Trammell III contended, was frightened 'to death. His ailing heart, its eat accelerated suddenly by he shock and fear induced y the robbers, was not capable of performing the addi- ional w o r k a n d ceased to 'unction. * * * * HAD there been ho rob jery, Trammell argued, Honeyman would not have died when he did. His contention was supported by three doc tors, including t h e coroner who performed an autopsy! '?· physician who treated Hori eyrnan for a 1964 heart : at lack, and a nationally known h e a d s t h e school's de authority who UCLA medical partment of cardiology. One doctor called by the de ense, a professor at the USC chool of medicine, said death .y fright was "an old wives ale," and had no basis in act. Basis for the prosecution's Ming of a murder complaint igainst Joseph Dean Lehman, 57; Michael John Koory, 22, and Jonathan Earl Stamp, 21, was California's felony murder rule. The rule, defined in Section 189 of the Penal Code, says High Canadian Official Named in Sex Scandal that "All murder which s commitled in Ihe perpetration or attempt to perpetrale arson, rape, robbery, burglary, mayhem, or any act punishable under Section 228 (child molestation), is minder of the first-degree." (One brief example: If a person sets fire to a structure in order to collect insurance, and a person is trapped inside and dies, the arsonist is urged with murder even though he never intended to kill anyone and had no idea (Continued Page A-2, Col. )) Tideland Tax Grab Postponed By JIM McCAULEV I. P-T Stale Burr.TU SACRAMENTO -- Textbook-Fund Cut Stirs State Board By ROBERT WILCOX Education Editor state Friday postponed until March 31 a decision whether lo raid $150 million in county- local taxes from the Long Beach tidelands. ; The tentative state plan for the ','possessory-interest". tax- fund grab was spelled out in a two-page staff memo made public at a meeting of the State Lands Commission. * t * * THE commission staff estimated the state grab could add $150 million in the next 35 years--a sum $15 million higher than previous guesses. Earlier this week, Assemblyman Joseph Kennick, D- Long Beach, was assured by state officials that there would be no 1966 fund raid. In spite of the no-raid assurances, the proposed ban interest taxes was added to the commission's agenda Friday as a special item. The resolution proposed the commission back legislation to: . 1. S e e k a constitutional amendment compelling local The State Board of Education, smarting over a proposed slash in textbook .funds, engaged in a shouting T h ej match Friday over how it should press for more money. Mobs Burn, Loot, Bomb in Calcutta NEW DELHI, India (/P) -Mobs swept Ihrough Calcutta and surrounding towns Friday in the second day of food riots, setting streetcars afire, looting and throwing bombs. Police shot nine rioters dead In an uproarious session ol Parliament, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared the riots were due to "deliberate plans for violence" by the na lion's leftist political parties Communist and other leftis members walked out. * * * * TWENTY-FOUR p e r s o n s have been killed since dawn agencies taxing leasehold oil Thursday in C a I c u t t a an and gas interests on net-profit ventures to remit to the state those portions of the tax revenue derived of the leasehold attributable to the stale's interest. 2. Provide a "stopgap" measure permitting the state con- (Contintied Page A-2, Col. 8) other parts of the West Ben gal slate of eastern India. Among today's victims wa: a hoy, 15, shot down in thi central part of Calcutta. Tw policemen were among th victims in the past two days beaten to death by frenzie crowds. FEMININE LOGiC NOUVEAU RICHE is better than never rich. The board, on Ihe eve .of le largest textbook order in tate history, which could run "' high as $38 million, reacted igorously to a tentative udget proposal a doting only 15 million. 'Board member D ' o r r h a r i ommons called the proposed Ilotment "totally unrealistic" nd Max Rafferty, state uperintendent, termed it ridiculous." * * * * COMMONS was joined in is objections by the other members, but the argument roke out when Thomas Jraden, board president, and nember William Norris con- ended that the skimpy allotment might be the board's wn fault for failing to provide supporting facts for a arger sum. Other members contended hat the need for more money vas obvious. As many as four members were arguing at once before Braden restored order. LATER this year the board vill adopt new science, health, geography, history and civics extbooks schools. , The board has been indignant for two years over the "drastic" slash in textbook funds made by the legisla- --AP Wlr«ph«l« GERMAN BEAUTY Gerda Munsinger has been identified by a Canadian news agency as the woman pictured above in photograph made about 1957. Justice Minister Lucien Cardin has charged that her involvement with government leaders caused a risk to Canadian security. DA NANG, Mam, Saturday Marine search Southland Men Safe in Battle Sukarno Bows Out, · · · · · ' i ^ 'Suharto in Charge Probe of Girl Spy Affair Not Public By FRANCES RUSSELL OTTAWA (UPI)--Pierre Sevigny, former associate defense minister of Canada, was named Friday as a principal figure in a sex-and-security scandal which has shaken the Canadian government. The scandal i n v o l v e s n shapely former German beauty queen who a l l e g e d l y worked as a spy, was reported in Canada to have died of leukemia but has been reported by police in Munich, Germany, to be living there now and working as a waitress since r e t u r n i n g from Canada in 1961. The beauty was known as Olga Munsinger in Canada where she became friendly with Sevigny, but in Munich she is known under her true name of Gerda Munsinger. Prime Minister Lester Pearson decided Friday night to set up a closed-door judicial inquiry into the case. * * * » PEARSON acted over strong protests from the Conserva live Parly and challenged its members to throw his Libera Parly out of office--if they could -- on a no-confidence vote. A government spokesman aid the inquiry probably wil e approved by the Cabine South Viet A) -- U.S. helicoplers, for elemenlary which earlier rescued Iwo Orange County men, loday found two more American Special Forces troopers and four tribal soldiers who survived a b a t t l e at the Ashau "green beret" camp. This makes a total of 157 men recovered from the camp, overrun Thursday by a Viet Cong regiment. Taken out Friday were Lt. Col. Charles A. House of Santa Ana, and Sgt. Schuyler Puchett of Orange. With them were 1st Lt. Joseph Weiss, Hutchinson, Kans.; Sgt George Mayne, Havelock N.C., and Sgt. Robert E. Lea than, Jacksonville, N.C. After a helicopter they were aboard was shot down at the SINGAPORE, Saturday UP) -- Indonesian President Su- arno has handed over politi- al power in Jakarta to the ntf-Communist army chief, t. Gen. Suharto, and appar- ntly has been retained as gurehead president, highly eliable sources said here to- ay. The sources, who are in onstant touch with develop .ents in Indonesia, said the minister, o have been removed from tower. Subandrio's fate was not camp Thursday the men [inked up with a group o its last mass camp survivors and fled into the jungle. (See stories on Page A-3.) ture cutting purchase. However, the hoard is faced with a time problem. The legislative session, unless it is extended, ends April 2. The state board will not have precise cost figures available until at least 10 days after the texts are recommended for selection by its Curriculum Commission at the end of this month. Norris said t h a t the Stale Department of Education's present cost estimate of from (Continued Page A-2, Col. 3) · LONG BEACH STATE College students jam lecture hall to hear U.S. Food and Drug expert talk on hallucinating drug LSD. Page A-4. · FINAL 90 MINUTES of session halt rising trend in slow stock market and popular averages are down at close. Page A-10. w OREGON' STATE defeats Houston, 63-60, and Utah tops Pacific, 83-74, to gain tonight's finals in NCAA Western Regional basketball playof fs at UCLA. Page B-l. Amusements A-6 Classified B-4 CAmics A-8 DiathNot!ces..A-3 Markets A-10 Radio-TV A-I4 Religion . . . . A - I 1 - I 3 Shipping A-9 $15,000 Safe Robbery on Navy Vessel SAN DIEGO (UPI)--About $15,000 cash was stolen from a safe aboard the aircraft carrier Oriskany which is docked at the North Island Naval Air Station, the Navy reported Friday. The burglary was discovered Friday morning at the stan of the working day and re ported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The money represented the receipts from the previous day's sates in Ihe ship's retail store. Ailing Plane Lands in GG Schoolyard The pilot of a single-engin Piper Cherokee landed h plane in the middle of a Ga den Grove schoolyard Frida afternoon. The pilot, Allen Perron, 23 of Seattle, Wash., said th craft's engine began to spu er and he selected the play ;round at Louis Lake Schoo 10801 Orangewood Ave., a an emergency landing field. A group' of children w; Maying about 150 feet fro Perron's landing spot, bul h came in wilhout incident. Officer Lawrence Fishbeck of Garden Grove said a witness reported seeing the plane circle the schoolyard three or four times before landing. Examination of the plane's two fuel tanks showed one empty and the other partially filled. About 4 p.m., a flying instructor called by Perron re- By JOHN CANTWELL lusted defense minister, Gen. tbdul Haris Nasution -- is xpected to impose martial aw throughout the I h d o - icsian Archipelago. * * » * THEY said Sukarno apparently handed over control ol he country to Suharto some- ime Friday. (U.S. Ambassador Marshal reene, reached by telephone n Jakarta by the American re-Peking.first deputy prime Broadcasting Co. said iimster, _ Subandrio. appears _,,,,,, _-,:£,,, ,' l l M p et known, the sources added * * * * THEY SAID Suharto has hrown thousands of heavily rmed troops into Jakarta he Indonesian capital city o prevent a n y resistance rom pro-Communist support :rs of Subandrio. T h e official governmen adio in Jakarta announce* his morning that the armei orces were staging "a mili ary exercise" in the capita 'as a show of force." The sources said Suharto -a strong supporter o f t h nesia's political troubles were leing handled in a "peacefu and favorable manner." The ambassador said he expected he new military authorities to move against the leftists and added that anti-Commu nist students and the arm; planned a parade in Jakarta as a "show of unity."} The appraisal of sources ii Singapore was that armec forces loyal to Nasution ha finally decided to move agains Subandrio and Sukarno in r sponse to violent student de mands. Anti - Communist studen have staged nonstop demon (Continued, Page A-3, Col. 1 Monday. Mrs. Munsinger was callec former Communist spy by ustice Minister Lucien Cai in at a news conference. H harged she was linked wit ormer Cabinet members an aid thiscrealed risks for Can da's national security. A glamorous, s h a p e l y londe, Mrs. Munsinger live a one-room apartment ii Munich's famed Schwabini tudent district, scene of Ba aria's most daring artists an models festival parties. * * * * PALE and trembling, Se 'igny Friday night brande negations linking him wit an East, German spy as "com ilete rubbish . . . sheer, com ·Icte blackmail.' Sevigny, his attractive wif nd daughter alongside him said: "I first met Mrs. Munsinge at a party during the mont of August, !959. I saw he socially a few times durin the next few months and ou relationship was just that-social one. "I never had any reason t believe thai she was an agen of any sort, and to Ihis da I am convinced that this worn an was never directly or i directly a security risk. "If there had been any e planalions which have to 1 made it would have to 1 done to the persons at m (Continued Page A-3. Col. 6 3 L.B. Children Succumb to Outbreak of Meningitis Three Long Beach children have died and an 8-month-old girl is critically ill in the big- 5 e s t outbreak of epidemic meningitis here in six years, the City Health Department disclosed Friday. A total of seven Long Beach residents have been stricken by the disease since Jan. 1. "That's triple the normal in cidence," said Dr. I. D. Litwack, city health officer. Latest victim is an 8-year- old Lincoln School pupil who died last Saturday. Also dead from the disease are a 2-year-old boy and a 21-month-old boy. * * * * THE 6-YEAR-OLD sister ol the 8-year-old boy who died is ill with meningitis in SI Mary's Hospital, the health girl from Long Beach is crit- cally ill with meningitis in larhor General Hospital. Two other victims are re- overing--a 42-year-old man and a 6-year-old boy. + * » * CLOSE CONTACTS of vie- :ims are being asked to take ;he drug sulfadiazine or penicillin as a protective r.ieas started the plane and took off department disclosed. ifrom the playground. )r. Litwack said. Dr. Litwack lighly unusual said it is to see two Lawgiver Pay Issue on Agenda SACRAMENTO t/Pi -- Gov. rown bowed to the Assembly riday and agreed to allow legislature to consider a roposcd constitutional re- ision permitting the law- iakers to set their own sal-, ries. The proposal would pro- ide also for annual legisla- ve sessions and revise the lethod of selecting lower ourt judges. ' . (First disclosure that Gov. rown would,place constitu- ional revision on the agenda ame Thursday from Jim Me- Mauley of The Independent; "'ress-Telegram State Bureau.) ' * * r * ·' . · k BROWN, however, said tha mproved pay should be ac- ompanied by .confltct-of-ln- erest legislation, aimed at reyentmg. legislators from rofitlng from their public obs. Tlie proposal, recommended by the Constitutional Rie- /islon Commission, must be pproved by both houses of he legislature and the voters, t would appear on this year's allot. The Assembly unanlmous- y had asked Brown tri submit the issue to the current pecial legislative session, but many senators disagreed. r Brown rejected requests to .ubmit revisions removing excess language and revising sections covering the execu- Iva branch and the civil service. :' * + + * . '· · IF ADOPTED, the recommendations would make the : irst revisions in California's constitution since it's adoption in 1879. Brown said he fully supports annual legislative sessions and the idea of permitting lawmakers to set their own salaries, now fixed In the constitution at $500 a month. He said the legislature will prepare a bill detailing the new salaries, changes in fringe benefits and conflict- of-interest restrictions. The legislation would take effect only if the voters approve the revision. « · · "ANNUAL sessions, accompanied by improved legislar tive salaries, will provide better government for California and will attract more candidates for Senate and Assembly seats," he said. He said he will submit his. own conflict-of-interest plan iafter receiving recommenda- ;hould be this time of year,hions of a special legal ad- He said the disease is not realized in any one part of he city but "is pretty well spread out." Epidemic meningitis is also cnown as meningoccal menin- ;itis or cerebrospinal fever. [visory panel. The change in selection of judges would provide for commissions to pass on the qualifications of prospective lower court judges named by the governor. That's Ihe method now used for ap- [t is caused by a bacteriumipointing State Supreme Court nown as Neisseria intracel- udges. [ularis, or the meningococcus. cases of the disease in one family. He said the five-year median in Long Beach for epi demic meningitis is two cases a year. Tha current outbreak is the biggest in six years for Lcrg Beach, he said. T H E DISEASE is marked by an inflammation of t h e membranes thai surround Ihe brain and spinal cord. Symptoms which alert a physician to the possibility of the disease are headache, fever, sore throat and some later, stiffness of the neck and often a rash. Diagnosis is confirmed by CASES OF the disease are obtaining a little spina! fluid Meanwhile, an 8-month-oidiiar in excess of what they by means of lumbar puncture. Bundy, Chiang's Aides in Parley TAIPEI, Formosa, Saturday , _ William Bundy, U.S. assistant secretary of state for Far Eastern Affairs, conferred today with Foreign Minister Shen Chang-huan and other Chinese Nationalist officials, Bundy was accompanied by U.S. Charge d' Affaires Arthur W. Hummell Jr.

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