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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 18

Long Beach, California
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Tuesday, April 3, 1962
Page 18
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Cancel C-7-INDEPENDENT Leaf teata. Call, leel. Afrri i. IM RICHARD BOONE Wired For Sound MINK IIOIUMOBIII- htmthe Sp«tU Hiitr Paladin Quote Does Travel Washday blues: Best quote from the Archie Moore-Alejandro Lavorante fight was that of Richard Boonr, star of the "Have Gun, Will Travel" TV series. Paladin overheard newsmen comparing cards after the ninth round and learned that all but one had Archie way ahead of the Latin. The loner's card read only 5-3 for Moore. Cracked Paladin: "Where's that guy from, the Argentine consulate?" · . . . Archie himself laid on the old sauce when asked about Gov. Brown's proposal to ban boxing. "Governor Brown is a very good man," declared Archie, with a straight face. "He called me up and asked me what I thought. I don't believe he really mean what he said, which probably was in anger. I told the governor his proposal would put a lot of people out of work--and one was ME. If that proposal went through it would take the bread out of at least 20 mouths for just one fighter--and that doesn't include newspapermen." . . . Arc you. too, tired of pro basketball playoffs? This silly nonsense is being carried so far that the FIRST Laker-Celtic game here may be played on the same date that baseball season opens in Chavez Ravine. September to April Is TOO much. . . . Sporting goods man Lauren Proctor and the Chamber of Commerce, cognizant that collegians drafted by the new L. B. basketball club must be contacted immediately, are doing something about it. They scr.t out letters to the dozen draftees congratulating them for being chosen by the L. B. entry. (The letters meant, in effect, do nothing 'til you hear from us--again!) . . . By the way, an organizational meeting to lay the framework for the Long Beach club will be held this week. The team's name will not be discussed at that time, although someone connected with the city (and deeply cognizant of our Miss International Beauty Contest) proposed this monicker: "The Beauties." (Isn't THAT peachy?) ... A bid for boat racing dates In Marine Stadium June 23-24 by J. C Agajanlan hasn't yet been granted by the Recreation Commission. Reason: It's too close to other dates already granted on May 30 and July -4. (How's that again, commissioners?) It's hoped the commission decides before its next meeting April 12 that there's plenty of time during the five-weeks span for other activities in Marine Stadium. The city gets a hefty hunk of change from two-day regattas, too, if anyone missed that fact. * * * ·THE 1D02 MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL HANDBOOK," edited by Don Schlffer, really produced a stunner. It tabbed the Dodgers to bag the N. L. flag, of course, but It nominated Detroit to win the A. L. pennant. "This Is the year the Yankees lose the pennant," wrote Schiffcr, "because they have too many questions." Ills questions Include: Will Mantle and Marls approach their '61 standards--will Ford and Arroyo again win 40 between them-Is Elston Howard a genuine .348 belter--will Htrra continue to field and hit like a man of 26 Instead of 36? . . . Like the man you quoted, Donald, I think the Yankees will be so far ahead by Aug. 20 "that they'll be declared In restraint of trade and ruled 'off the turf for the year." They're the greatest thing in their circuit since Blue Chip Stamps. ... A member of the Ram family thinks Bob Waterfield must have concocted the '62 NFL schedule. "We really got n break with that schedule," said the man, who wishes to remain anonymous because he likes his job. "We've got two games with Minnesota and one apiece with Dallas and Washington. That should give us a 4-0 record right there." It would--with Ram teams of yore! TIIH ELKS' LODGE prize ($200) for selling most tickets tn the Charily Ball went to Frank Leahy's old roomie, Frank X. O'Ncll. Frank X. turned right around and clumped back $100 into the Elks' charity project and the other $100 to the Carmelite nuns. . . . The Elks, through their new exalted ruler, Dr. Charles Fabish, also want to lend a big guiding hand to Long Beach's ncxv basketball club. (With the nations largest lodge--10,000 members--maybe the local Elks even can produce a dribbler or two from their own ranks.) ... Robert Wcnkr, commissioncr-without-portfolio of the city's Slo-1'itch Softball League, wants those interested in forming teams to contact him at HE 7-2286 (days) or GE 4-D312 (nights). This is a hitter's paradise, men, believe me. ... This being an election year I wonder what Atty. Gen. Stanley Mosk thought of the "applause" he received when introduced before the Moorc-Lavorante fight? The eudlcncc must have been loaded with GOP "boo-birds." ... A tip of the hat to Anaheim coach Don LJcbhart, a most unusual man. When his basketball team blew a four-|X)int lead with 22 seconds remaining in a CIF playoff Fame at Arcadia, Licbhart commented: "It was my fault. I over-coached myself." 1 suppose he lost his card In the Coaches' Union for that bit of hor.csty. Lake Ties for 1st in Links. Play Recreation Park pro George Lake and club president Art Von Goltz tied for first place n the Southern California HGA Pro-President's Tournament at Anr.andale CC Menday. Lake sank a 27-foot birdie putt on the 18th hole to give Us team a best-ball net of 65. Others at 65 were Jim Swag erty-Harvcy Kruse of Oakmont, Ralph .Evans-E. P. Dan- eldson of Candlewood and Sam Randolph-Haricy Ben nctt of La Cumbre. Lake also had birdies on the first and 16th holes. Von Goltr shot an approximate net 68. At the evening banquet, Tom McMahon was present ed with Merit Award for out standing contribution to golf. Guy Bellitt was installed as SC-PGA president Other off!' cers arc Dick Boggs, first vice-president; Howard Smith, second vice-president; Jimmy Thompson, secretary, and Mac Hunter, treasurer. Lake and Johnny Jurus of L o n g Beach are members of the board of directors. Warn Liston for Speeding H A R R I S B U R G ( U P I ) -H e a v y w e i g h t contender Charles (Sonny) Liston has received a letter cf warning from Pennsylvania, authori tics for a speeding offense which cost him a 30-day driver's license suspension In New Jersey, it was disclosed Monday. Garden State officials re- [X)rted last week that Listen's license was lifted after he was tagged for going 71 miles an hour on the New Jersey Turn pike In Washington Town ship. The toll road speed limit is 60 miles per hour and Liston paid an $11 fine for the violation. Pennsylvania and New Jersey have a reciprocal agreement on suspension and revocation penalties for drivers. However, n spokesman for the State Traffic Safety Bu rcau said Monday Liston was let olf with a warning because this was his first penalty Under the state's class A schexl ulc covering the more serious motor-vehicle violations. He also said the state gives drivers a tolerance of 11 miles over the speed limit before suspended and that Liston's offense was "just on the bor decline." SOLON SAYS FUN BEING TAKEN FROM BASEBALL WASHINGTON OH --Sen. Estes Kefauvcr, D-Tcnn., told the Senate Monday he has the disturbed feeling that "the businessmen arc taking the fun out of baseball." The businessmen, he said, "judge a game hy the tcorc In the box office, not on the playing field--by the ring of the cash register, not the roar of the crowd." Kefauvcr is chairman of the Senate antitrust and monop oly subcommittee which hai held extensive hearings on the question of monopoly in base ball. Kefauver said In a Senate talk that the front offices major league teams put profits ·head of the players "who are traded, and often treated, like cattle." In his talk he read ex ccrpts f r o m a magazine article by Carl Furillo, former big league outfielder, who said that he was summarily dismissed after an injury anc then was blackballed by own crs for openly opposing his dismissal. In reading the excerpts from the article, Kefauvcr said that baseball has suffered "from the appalling absence of humanity in the from office." Ikn Hrlil In Draw BUFFALO (UPI) -- Youn." Tony LaBarbara battled ten of soned Ike Chestnut of New York to a draw Monday night In the first 10-round bout of a brief professional career for the unbeaten Buffalo, N.Y., lightweight. SECOND RACE--I mile. Class C-l Pace. fUl'es aaal Mares. Parse a Cetty Tim« (Dennis! ____^__ Beet rtiTaSdTike II e't, _ Miss Cash My (Owens) _____ Fits well here, ,--. jMJtJl JJIe.JQ-llrtent . Tevoh . oveen-i r ~ Duchess ~THI«O~«ACC--I nyie. »· and'4r««r eidl. Tret. IMrsa !»»». * Davis Davis (Va::e» Her) _---- Cominj otf IM win wishful innee eri _ __^_^^ strkthr me one to tea). . snat'er tcfto (Cartnal) * ' ' In D, · ~f IFTH~«Aet-l mile, a- and «-rear aids, rite- Mine HIM. * war counsel (Dennis! _.____^ ReaoV for. test.. "sixTH Rice-1 mile, ctass ll. Trot, rvrsa siae. --. _ -- Dunoeen B. (Cruise) . Hortmej (Vallcs Key) 1 Bureau Chief (Cormierl ,, I Tnden Hanover (Whee'erl i Success Dean (Bmuneer) I Cew Jerwy (Kre-et _ . LONCtHOT-BUIllAM tHltf._ _ ~SEVtNTH~RACE--I mileT'CUss A'-i. Pace. Parse HOOeC 4 Mockiro Bvrd ICrviie) _____ Herd to pick aje'nst him. v * MIIS Pamela I0ennis __ Had a rovoti Irlo. ______ J J " WivL -----Ore.! McGlitre's Specials let! iel--WiskM la Jrd. letl Chance les-wnif in en. Acress The Beartf--Annval Reaen tn preferred raniy-wiiafvl la Meckwt vrd. Bankroll Serciel--Orty Time In ind. Cleckers Tia--freitir Bell la 111. IJETZ' BEST ..I Preaaale Wlaner-Mecklmi I Beit Bel-- Erreto In till · tit Metier rresaKI-lincniiin Tedd a 4m. WM pariar--Davis Dais m lit te Var cevnsel M stN. Lentshet Saecui--Stiatrr Hanevtr IttL Harness Handicap By ROY BETZ TUI»OAr, t milj t »j-UtH.OAY.Of_»OAT Milling ML rut! rest l:» r. X. flMT'HACt-l milt. CUIwVlM race. r»rsa «?'£" n best raca t _ a* »«;i-ji fhnia. Petti wvtm IStoryl . I Pet Frost (Williams Jr. Abie Mab'a (Crenetl i Wonder Mile IBeierl Srettvt Time tseftwtndM LON01HOT--OUCMtIS OAT. Fitly (Wn no (Vanes 4 Rusfif Mrvrt lAckermaS f Hr Heves Jrlansenl SAnastacla Tass Itne-1 MIIS Red Lees (Coi i Vatt Colov IJe. fin . . . 9 Lvnm't Polrter (f vrotxw) AtfM Sttvt ICrtful LONCtHOT--HU1TT rARVtt Coming elf winntna raca. VvSyjl pactnsMn nve'lfriti Ma/ take it an. M iro 10 Mlwr. nft eri trttting ric*. ittrxd. 1KMU. 7 Ri ) T i · t rt«l 4onj (Ofnntil »V W«/ (Boiritrun) . M.y Hold · fllgM . solid mrut nan, .. Herd to sttwitt no thrtt. . Witt kt«o ir«m hen«it. «_ . Ritn an eutild* ttitnct. . Thrt«t from knldt. . Nrttn l» Improve. . Surprllt II eloit. LOMOtHOT-ClltAT K 'er) ._ -- KtVlltR. . Steel vo Irem . Willing but In toutfl. . . Fir Uttn Uil Hen. . 'E'ICHTH RACE--I mile. Class B-i. pace. Parse ( 'ennessea B:II (Cronkl " rk Tom (Wlnn) Dired. ICrmse) I Tennei ) o";" j Shatter'Hanover "(Boirtfman) ___ Good lonoshel t-.^ i snir-s Imeoe "vJnnleeri ma*** Irllia *LON(»HoV--JHArrrR~MAN6vlRr~~ "* I . (Mjrml#»r| Evfl Pf't ( LONGSHOT--WHIZ. Final Week of Harness Western Harness starts the ast lap of its abbreviated spring meeting at Santa Anita oday with a nine-race card headed by the Eagle Rock 'ace. The season ends Saturday. Sex-en swift sidewhcelcrs vcre named overnight for the jle Rock, including Robert ronclly's Tennessee Bill, Neil ioardman's Shatter Hanover, iugcne Minnicar's B i l l y ' s nugc, Byron D. Kuth's Zicg cnhcim, Lee B l a c k b u r n ' s )zark Tom, Tim Anspach's Volo Direct and Noel Simp- ion's New Zealand ace. Fitment. Fitment made his first start n the U. S. Saturday, and arrived here with the recom mcndatlon of having beaten cromc Jacobs' Scottish Com mand, another New Zealand lar. Scottish Command won his first race in this country after a 20-day boat trip from Auckland on the second day of the current meeting. IS'L Howling Results Tom Cites Utt. freing roll. Ft Wsrtn 7t, p»'l»s ?9 New Yort n. Detroit I/. 'ALAMITOS TO TELEVISE FEATURES Los Alamltos Race Course and television station KTTV Monday completed arrangements to televise, live, the four Saturday feature races to be run at Los Alamltos during the 25-day Spring racing season which opens Monday. The 45-mInule program will be telecast from 4:45 to 530 p.m., with veteran turfmen Bill Garr and John Beckman handling the color. Track announcer Bobby Doyle will call the races. One of the features of the first program on Saturday, April 14, will be the "Milk Run," in which foals four to seven weeks old sprint 100 yards to their mothers stationed at the finish line. The milk run long has been a highlight of the spring race meeting at Los Alamltos and Is usually held 30 minutes before first post lime. Thompsons Press On in Gas Run TULSA. (Special) -- Judy and Mickey Thompson maintained their positions Monday as the long, rugged course of the Mobil economy run was too much for one car which failed to arrive at this overnight stop in the six-day trip from Pasadena to Detroit Judy averaged 20.16 miles per gallon at the wheel of a Pontiac Star Chief to lead in her class of medium-priced cars. Mickey is still holding to second place in piloting a Tempest against six other entries In the large-engine compact class. Left behind In Tucumcari, N.M., was a Nord Falrlane driven by Sunnie Baker of Hollywood. The car** distrib utor froze, and Miss Baker, one of 11 women drivers in the fuel contest, did not have enough time to make repairs and catch up with the fleet. IRONICALLY, the car was entered by auto dealer Bill Doenges of this city. Leading in overall mileage scores for the 45 cars left in the run Is a Rambler Amcri can, driven by Les Viland Livonia, Mich., with an average of 3251 miles per gallon. The Rambler Is running with eight other cars in a class for stick' shift compacts. Closest contenders are In a class for low-priced V-8 cars. A Chevrolet driven by Bryon Froelich of Downey, is one- ten-thousandth's of a mile per gallon ahead of a Plymouth Savoy, driven by Bob McDan iel, Whittier. The Chevrolet averaged 21.4990 mpg and the Plymouth averaged 21.4989 rnpg. In second place for her class of small engine com pacts. a a · a OTHER LEADERS by class es were: Small-engine com pacts Con-air, 28.16 mpg; large-engine compacts. Ram bier, 28.16; luxury compacts. Valiant, 25.71; standard-size sixes, Plymouth, 2550; and hiph-pricetl c a r s , Chrysler New Yorker, 18.73. Today the cars will wind through the Ozarks on a 402 mile Junket to the fourth overnight stop in St. Louis. Junior Baseball Clinic Dates Scl The last four of six sessions of the North Long Beach baseball clinic have been schetl ulcd for April 13 and 27, and May 11 and 25, it was announced Monday. Admission is free to all po tcntlal kid baseball players and coaches. Parents also arc welcome. The clinics, which feature films on baseball fundamcn tals, arc being held in the Hamilton Junior High Audi torium and start at 7 p.m. The forthcoming sessions are considered tant. the most Impor- PCL Results leertie 12. Vancouver X Pom«"d 4, Toronto (III J Tacsma 1, Oklahoma City ITU 4. S»i Dew 4, Syracuse (111 1 Hiwol I, Dallas-H. Worn IAA) 7. HINT VAULT MARK MAY HIT 32 FEET Uelses Sets Sights on 16-6 By JOHN DIXON Is there an "ultimate" in he pole vault? No one knows, not even John Uclscs, but statistics charts supply a hint that the world record may be up to 12 feet in the year 2062. It took 100 years for the record to advance from Andrew Foreman's eight feet [with a wood pole) in 18G3 to Uelses 1 16-J with a fiber glass stick Saturday. Former record-holder Don Bragg has predicted that "those so-and-sos" who use the big-bend pole will be up to 17 feet In no time at all. Uclscs. who will compete in the Compton Invitational June 2, agrees. "I was too anxious trying 16-4?; Saturday, but my goal this year Is more than that. I'm out to do 16-C." Dave Tork of the Camp Pcndleton Marines, another of the glass breed, figures he will go over 16 feet this sea son, "and maybe 1C-4." Tork won the Long Beach Relays vault at 15-0, and cleared 15-8 at Santa Barbara. Tork may have to go 15-fu- or higher--to win this Saturday when he duels Olympic Games silver medalist Ron Morris (15-8) In the All Comer* Relays »t Long Beach State. They'll have to stop at 1C-C, though. That's as high as the standards will reach. Jack Rose has an outstanding entry list. It includes such internationally-regarded roorly-clads as high jumper Bob Avant (7-0); hammer :hrow record-holder Hal Connolly (230-9); shotputtcr Dave Davis (62-4) and sprinters Roscoe Cook (9.3), Doug Smith (9.4), Ed Collymore 9.4) and Jim Richardson (9.5). Top representatives of Long Beach State, the L. A. Track Club, LaVcme, Camp Pendlc- ton and Southern California Stridcrs will compete. Admission is FREE. · » · · BRUCE MUNN, USC track c.ipt.iin, was lecturer at the track writers' spiritual uplift meeting Monday. Munn lifted the spirits of the Trojan rooters when he pointed out that Occidental's Steve Haas "has never beaten me." They'll duel Saturday at Oxy. Munn prefers the European style 220--on a curve--to the straightaway furlong. "It separates the men from the boys," the 21-year-old expressed. "There's strategy involved. You can tell how far it is to the tape when you run a curve, and you can see some of the other runners. "Some men can run a straight 220 in 20.4 but can't better 21.3 on a curve. It brings out the best in the best." Munn's strategy calls for 100 yards "as fast as I can," 30 yards of coasting, "and the last 60 all-out." Munn's best 1962 time Is 20.8. CINDER SYNTAX ... n e e r dt» meets, UCLA is al Stanlort. P ame and Cat western are at Clar f.Vjd4 and L, A. »l«!e and Fresno ienta Barbara. In ofKr latur. ' ' Peeper- ·amont- _ - . . - - J 03 tfl Oivi Jra ias "hopes we tan score SO points- aamii mC lilt. . . Ud«n Mil DIM'S 4:M1 mi'e in pe Caiter Rs'avt Carre off lers ct lit. aMTa!I and "«. . . . JeM oeners ct tVer-e will coacti the U. S ttvi too Russians July 31-2} at pa-o A:to Tre sar-e U. S. leans wi.l meet Po'eid June Jo-July I In Chice» . . . O'ewsn's »:Jti tft'ance nea'ev relay Saturday, second laitest ever, WM r~«n"e4 ft flf Otr)«mann's 47 f un. Arckte San Remanr* l:4t.l U9. Oeerae ··eves' ! S7J IJM and Drral ·arlesan·· · Uf m.le. tenese* a'w ran a 1:411 UJ In trie I mile reey. Ire writers wed baM "track iitiie'e al na week- tor It's 4 047 rvle, wti:e Larrr Sfearl of Santa Ana Colleoe won t*e field honor for fHs J*M\i lave"r throw--a rut.onal JC record. . . . Tf* Stanford meet I Bum so close that UCLA-s C. K. Yam Is sct*duied far StvtM rvwts-Ji'B-i a-d low rmfn. TX levenn. ti 0ti lump, troad lumo and pole . . -- - J htrtfer Jesk Cal- areaisi is do-ng a novel--a "Peyton Ptwe -- ' -Omeier tw *$*?Ii, 1 -fw/ai -si I1M H-tvtn N wi| bv ···# to mn · J. C. AGAJANIAN ptMnta · EVERY AMA MOTORCYCLE jr. Din AY RACING - UHI ASCOT PARK lr( if J Vf rner.t-Wl Hirtcf f» w 1:52 mile br -U and 1:41 ty -ii. , ! erl Nelsen ouotes Clem Cannlnttiam kn rack L Fie'd News: -Mr coacft 0eye ne strict orders. 19 lollow trie oact. men Ick, but tolce I ran tour-minute miles M practice, once tie took ma evt en. the measured mile, and a .... . . _ _ it avail on a track." .. . Armia Harr is back in tra nina. and has Curecean ax- br farmer Eurcpeai hitterer. riant r ~ Kig Harries Sighted, but Not Hungry Yet A fishing reporter can tell what's what a!ong v 'the water front by the volume of mail he receives, or the frequency, of his telephone calls. If catches are^good, the mail is' heavy and the 'phone jingles often^nnd vice versa. Neither the mall man or Jie telephone company has iad any trouble out our way the past week. Probably the highlight along the entire coast during that period has been the continued ;ood-catches of rockfish off the west end of Catalina by Plerpolnt's Sea Angler. Plenty of fish every day. with cows to 25 Ibs. reported. San Clemente Island gave promises over the weekend. Boat skippers from Pacific, Pierpolnt and Norm's claim the big barracuda have moved In, and were seen In good number at several spots, but were not hungry and refused to bite. Pierpolnt's Freedom scored the best catch, with anglers landing 11 harries averaging 7 Ibs. via the jig method. All boats reported fair catches of bass and bottom fish. a · · * BONtTO catches have been good for local half-day boats, small barracuda fair at times, and halibut excellent. Cata lina catches were made up of bass and bottom fish over the weekend. Pacific's Fisherman started daily trips to Catalina Monday at 4 a.m. San Diego's derby opener Saturday proved a dud, with nobody down that way doing any bragging. As far as we have been able to learn, a 5-lb. barracuda took the hi-fi stereo console as first prize. All six prizes were taken by anglers fishing the La Jolla area on boats out of Scaforth Landing at Mission Bay. a * a a A RUN of black sea bass created a bit of Interest last week, with high count for a single day running to 16 fish. We probably took the blame for stopping said run, when, with Bill Wilson of Naples, we tried our luck Friday for one of the giants. Nothing do Ing on HM's New Lo'An. although six were boated by the fleet That did it Nothing since. -ts Skimpy reports'butlof.-'En- senada reveal anglers are taking a few yellows and White sea bass--with several;good schools of yellows sighted. It will take a bit warmer water for them to move into the Coronados, however.-Temperatures there Friday .ran between 54 and 56 degrees. Two or three more degrees will make a big difference. * * * * IITS FROM THE LINE . . . This vears adinan al tna icortsmen's. Show it fna Pan Padfic Is uulte an aiuir. ·| nu are an avtdoarsrnan ol any aorts. ou can't possibtr sea an In ona ttter. We attended me opmer Thursday.-and. .*·*» 1 Chai ;'«"»·· alter a amaia ITID down . «slt la me "Paraoe cl arena, and a bull session al a very tew ef trw vacation booths..found II closing time with much kit ra ba seen. The trio down tackle row Is really .xnetfllna. Never before have so many pew Items, or- Improvements over the old ones, whichever vou prefer, been nted to anatert. It leaves vow wim Jeslra to clean out vour acruruta. MM of facile mravgn me tears and start ever. Ftnwtct teemed le e drawM me met! attentle*. New reels av Garcia. Shakespear*. Lant lar. aai antars. fnett* fr ter Ilia trim water .antlers. »ere avawlna raves. Plievoer Is showlnff a rew electronic liih-lind«r which manufacturers deifn will spot a Slnolff fit* or school wimin a ralus of 300 feet of the ans'er. It sends a 4df9ret teem back on any moving oblect In ft* water which snows vou precisely tht direction to cast, a litt:e practice-' so s«r rna makers. ou ran de*ermlna the sue and species of fisn picked up en tf-e devlca. Which is realty somethir^l Tht competition - vow vacat-en wonders of West Vlrv'nfa; padc trips tn Wvominv. Atentana. caiinrnia; hunrra trips as lar awev as Alaska, and lining and water snorts at such nearby places as Isbeua. Shasta and Clear Lakt are but a lew. The -Tint, af Oumplein.* headed «v Dea Caluer. Inca Tarnell and Si Plcninj cl TVs "Oltlaw- lame. d Sinn Is al ·ertV'ttio'stioa'liilce'aieia. A L.. .. atfiKe. Mweser. ll ie« tale IB IM everunti aerferrnance, wear asprcerl- ate uettiKt. It was a ait duuy » nut war we ether raM. Pacific has a cuesstnt teurnefre"f underwey es b the lima and data P-e tint a-fcacore will be taken by a fcetl boat. Put vour estimated fma and ««'e on the back ef a ticket stub, with lour name and address, and leave it at re office, and vou-re e'lo'b'e for ore ef several nice pmes. Wouiont iMf m«*e gjcxj FATHERS DAY [resent . . . III! Netl came w win · rew wrtri'e i catctimj halibut Sunday, He and a-- w .fier ano-er In his private peat, lack limits --tlvllna Itv'e. That's noM-n s:nker. Bill savt they fished In sn Irrt cf water, and the t'sti tluoped VD the at- chovies tn a stria that becomes veilows. aibacora. ar any other surface fsh. Fur. r^ermore Itie two limits ran tetwrm If and IS Ibs.. which is consToera^v larger then most ef the ral:but landed around these parts recently. Major Leagues to Log 312,066 BEles Via Air CHICAGO (UPI) -- Every major league baseball team will use airplane transportation at some time this season, United Airlines revealed Monday and the airline already has scheduled 312,066 miles of travel for Keen to Pilot New Cycle Neil Keen of Pasadena, 26- year-old monarch of Southland night speedway motorcycle racing, will debut a new machine for the 1962 Ascot Park oval track opening Friday night. Keen, who ran away with the Ascot championship last year on a BSA, has been per- suadcd into the Harlcy-David- son camp and will be riding for Joe Walker of Santa Ana. The move breaks up the famed "BSA Wrecking Crew, 1 with Keen the No. 1 wrecker followed by Al Guntcr, Stu Morley and Jack O'Brien. Guntcr and Morley of Los Angeles and O'Brien of Santa Monica continue but there's a new threat from England -- the G-50 Match' less to be ridden rSw·riit'rt'Vtnind.-rtijij ^^tjj 1 *; Mann of El Sobrante "for the ies knee Injury, sa n the 20 major league clubs. The major league t e a m s have chartered 395 flights and have booked passage on a regularly scheduled flights, both jet and piston. The Boston Red Sox lead in scheduled mileage, 30,531. The Dodgers, who own their own four-engine plane, will make the fewest trips, one, for the shortest t o t a l mileage, 303. League and team statistics: NATIONAL LEACUI Mllene FlkiMs nciw il.r- " British factory. MONEY PROBLEMS? ft. Louis ,«n f ram m I 3? Is loston . IUV4 AMERICAN LEAGUE Under our convenient plan, a loan transac* lion, In its entirety, can be handled by mail-everything from application to final payment. toons$751 I to $1500 G.A.C. FINANCE C O R P O R A T I O N 10MO HACK JI3 tosl routth Slr««l Tel. HEmltxk 4-7JOI titmown 17160 South ttlltlower toultrord Tal. TOrre/ 6-1279 iOt AHBtlll 413 Wctt Pico Boultrord Tel. WEbiler 3-5711 1726 South Wtiltrn Artnv* Tel. fUaionl 3-7111 ' IIOUTWOOD 1401 Nonh Vine Tit.HOar»oed44i:/ · fAUOIMA - ' Tel. SYcomor. MJJ5 'ANY CAR M ttM aof CaCMd. t»rj, UenM INSTALLED FREE IN 15 MINUTES! 538 Long Btoch Blvd. Lent teaoi nt titct Nt. al taersl HE 5*74(7 I

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