Independent from Long Beach, California on February 26, 1969 · Page 39
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 39

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1969
Page 39
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rltto Wwtttf 140 MfN 4 WOMf N a«ss k?TJl?d !?. Rvles *,s24m KEY PUNCH OPERATOR (TRAINEE) · mo. to 1 vr. *xp. required alMia - numeric Pacific Scientific Co. 6280 ChjW Dr. 773-2020 City of Commerce An CQUO) opportunity emolover KITCHEN help t» or»»r« sjlads and MtfMd. A»tv Queen Eliza, belt) Kntnnnt, SOT Names Piaz*. 2-i o.m. KITCHEN HELP EXPERIENCED DAYi OT6 Grand Ave.. L.3. S"s)IS I .'.ALb or tema'e. lunch IIUCK owa- tor, 636-1S15 lor aoo'l. NURSES AIDES EXPERIENCED Intercommunity Sanaloi icm ·^ Grand Ave.. L.S. ·*??-391.S PART time. Flexlb'e hours, pas* out Camples. P'cV vo ordtrv Fu'l»r Brush olflce, *?* C351 bit. Spanish 5 Making or ? California Licensed Tech. part- time full lime, salary open, contact Mr. Johnson, Pioneer Hosoiial Lab. UN 5-6291. TELEPHONE wort. Will train. Full or part ttm*. Salary bonus. Ao~ olv 133W San Antonio Dr., Norwa!k. TELEPHONE SOLICITORS A FEW Choice Openings Still Available Don't Delay- New Sales Program Kicks Off Set in on the ground floor now. This is a permanent job with » long established concern. Experience n o t n e c e s s a r y -Complete training program furnished. Take Advantage of PREFERRED LISTS CASH PRIZES XLNT COMMISSIONS CASH ADVANCES ON EARNED COMMISSIONS Apply in Person to Bill Wright 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 302 E. Anaheim St., Suite 200, Long Beach, Calif. WIG STYLIST 2 years experience Io wigs WOMEN or men cab drivers. Full or part time. 25 or older. Guar. qood earnlno*. Southeast Tax! 13124 Lakewood Blvd. Bellflower Employment 14S Agencies (MEN! FLO BAILEY AGENCIES NOW IS THE TIME TO GET A JOB WE HAVE MORE JOBS THAN PEOPLE TO FILL THEM TAKEN YOUR CHOICE!!! Employer Pays Our Fee Programmer to $900 2 vrs. cobol disc. : ooersting svs- Chief Acct to $900 HDP exposure cos! bkgd. 1 \-n college Gen. Acct $800 Diversified exo., advance in Co. Jr. Acct Io 5600 2 vs. Coll. or cxo'd cost man. Sales to $600 Coll. srad., irain irtilrjt for outride. Local area. Sales .to $800 ind. chemicals, ties, or eaulv. exp. Sales Service $600-f l vr. *xp. In corrogafed and/or Drod. planning. Buyer to $600 Cler cal iKIlls-to ess l1 Purchasing Msr. Draftsman to $600 Arch, l structural plans Jfc concrete drawings. FEE Credit Mgr to $800 Whsle. or retail exo. at luncrviso- rv evet. Fee negotiable. Jr. Acct. . to $ 1 50 Wk. Deo., pot. for suovsr. in I yr. Sales $700 + 8ldp. materials to rifaler} fr contractors Partial Listing Only LAKEWOOD OFFICE 5787 South St., Suite C (at Woodruff) 866-7001 LONG BEACH OFFICE 4270 LB. Blvd., Suite C 422-0471 DOWNEY OFFICE 8555 E. Rorencs 861-9281 Free parking at all offices. BUSINESS WORLD AGENCY 3970 Atlantic GA 6-3933 Free Fee Positions General Acct to $800 Payroll, xlnt. future, 3d. co. Staff Acct $740 Deo., 5 vrs. em, local Ofc. Mgr./ Acct. $850 Hvy. acctno. mimf. em Jr. Cost Acct $700 Coll., construction exp. Sales Rep $700 2 vr. coll., sales exp., married Order Desk st. $500 Auto ports exo.. lite tvPf. Buyer to $600 2 vr. coll., cxo., draft over CLAIRE CARMODY'S GOLDEN WEST AGfNCY 1 9 Pine Rm 3 14 HE 7-0501 JR ACCOUNTANTS . .55/SiOO ? vr colrti rfccto. ylnt loc Co s .ID ACCOUNTANTS . TO StfO i - flcaree. rcc orad. lite exo OK PAYROLL 4SSTNT . MS5 use 10 kcv calc, Vet. LB car JR INDUS ENGR iM7)0- I.E. or related degree, local SALES REPTRNE 5J75- tws live personality, mar'd, car SALES REP - . 55J5+* mln 2 vrs sales exp, Nat'l Co. WAREH'SE MGR SoOOr ·* good rcc exo all Dnases, LB oood «xn boiler/steam, pr'ef deo FREIGHT MGR .__,, -- S8/S900 traffic-rates, overland Frr. STOCK MAN -- SSI3 exo nee, huikv Vet, good LB Co. Afttftcitt (MEN) ALWAYS ! rc .EVPLOYMENT AGENCY PERSONNEL CLERK S ..' C *0 S100°w* j "·Ip Wwtn 150 Accountant -- Office Mgr. Construction firm L.B. Area. 25 VNCS f j sMk'n? man to accent cofpoicie cftaroe ot all office a. accounting activities. Salary SSCO i350 a inonin to start Plus vesriy orotit sharing H'.V. Prefer 33 v?ars oi age or older. Sorrt know- t«2;e cf construction crocc^utc c«rrab'e. Plwje svbmJt cait i ' o^esent emoioymeni saia^ fc-s i3'v eix. in first teTter. tfi. J. tA. PQ 6c* 9?:5, Lorg Bfacfi 5C310. Accountant; $600 to $650 mo. DuTics Viiil mcl. asiis-;ng i^ orcw r^'lon 0* financial ita'ein^ni i. 3; coj.-.l analysis auairirg V.'n 3oi ACCOUNTANT Minimum 1 yesr CPA experience. . Perm oosition vr'ilh growing CPA . firm, Southgalt area. 567-33S7. Accountant (Accounts Payable) Will supervise the oreoaration ot n- voicei tor payment, in a large volume operation, ulltiTing data croc- cssing for check preparation and a DO!! coble traniotnion^ oaner work. Should have appropriate experience sufficient odidemlc training to b? able to successwiiv conclude tiansacticns thru iojrna! vouchers. U.S. Citlienship Required ; LOCKHEED ELECTRONICS Data Products Division A Division of ' Lockheed Aircraft Corn. 6201 E. RANDOLPH . City of Commerce · tlr. Florence i L.B. Freeway Fnuol Op.-orlunitv F.molovcr "~APPLiAHCESlN5T"ALl.ER 1 \VAREHOUSEMAN No bc-oinners. Must nave exocr. 01 . Refiioeriiton. ranges, iauntirv I A'. Rels. Blflv.-r. ^2S-2241 , ASSISTANT MANAGER W20Q to S9QQO. Ordperv i Don'.Ci- iic slore. Mflit resumt or apoly. LEWS 525 Pine Ave. L. Ben. AUTO SALESMAN for new can. 25 to 35, agaress vt, must nave some basic sales exp. will train, too pav clan. GUY MOOTHART t FOR DON L* MAR YSLER-PLYMOUTH N. Lono Beach Blvd. H NE J-7171 AUTO SALESMAN Used c»r exp., 50 car Inventory. Ralph Klnchloe 2IS5 L.B. B vd. Front End £ Brake N«d exr*reinr.ed man, "rferablv Oldsmobile. See Ed Lc-aert at JOHN BOHLS OLDS 3555 Soulh St., l.kwd. 531-7600 AUTO SALESMEN We Need You MUST BE EXPERIENCED Finest opiwfunitv to sell America's Leading, Luxury Soort Car. Lincolns, Mercury, Comets and i Cougars and the Continental Mark "'· Between 150 and 200 Lai* Model, fully reconditioned Ussd Cars on dlsoiav M all times! Laroesf Advertising Ruriset and Ton ConiiTiissioni Duiti PLU5 DEMO PLAN. Interview Daily Only 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. No Phone Calls Please MURPHY Linc.-Merc. 1940 Lakewood at Circle, L.B. AUTO MECHANIC Class A smog lie, oreferrcd. Salary. Doug's Automotive. 235 E. Pfi. AUTO MECHANIC-exper VW mechanics wanted bv authorlied BMW dealer. Full or part t me, loo wages. 714-892-5551; 7U-5K- 2284 AUTO MECHANIC FOREIGN CARS. L.B. J35-13M AUTO SALESMAN Wanted used car salesman. Excellent company benefits, outstanding comm. crooram. i5% of the grass, demo plan. Contact In ocrson Mr. Clark, Frahm Pontiac. 7255 E. Firestone Blvd. Downev AUTO METAL MAN Highest waoss. Group insurance Ask iot Mel, 456-^Jj.l AUTO PARTS Rooidlv erpanclmg chain ri^£ MC'i- ings for clerks 3. managemenl CHIEF AUTO SUPPLY 9,'i E. Willow, Long Beac i An eaual opportunity Emplnver AUTO METAL MAN Need experienced man. TOD money, lots of work. Cali bodv shot foreman at PARKWOOD CHEV. 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-07B1 ' CoTibinafion air conditiong line man. Excellent working conditions. 50% commission. Group in- ·^urance. orofit sharing, paid vacation, ?-dav week. Exoericnced only. 5 2e Norm Ropers at Dicfc Browning Oldsmobile i?2/ Long Beacn BL, Long Bedch Auto Metal Man Excellent working condilions. S0 r i comTiisslon*. Groun insurance. orofit sharlnq, paid vacation. 5 day week. Expereineed only. See Norm Roacrs at Dick Browning Oldsmobile 1227 Lono Beach 81, 1 .B. Auto Service Writer Excellent workino condilions. Salary olus commission, oroup nsor- ance, orofit sharinc, paid vnca- tlon, 5-dnv week. Experienced onlv. See Norm Rooers «t Dick Browning Oldsmobile 12?7 i ono Beach Bl. Lono Beach AVIONICS TECH AUTO SALESMAN i Need 2 aoressive vouna men who want to make SI ,000 per mo. or more. Free demo 5400 mo. guarantee. Only esflcr, enthua?1!c vounq men need apply. Lalcewood's ast- Mr. Harold Rowsev at 63-1 7530 BARBER-- Men's Hair Stvllst, advanced apprentice OK. Excel or- oortuniiv. Mel's Place, 315 E. South St., N.L.B. 423-9873; 438-5JC? BARTENDER, Position osen in Pvv Club. Only tionest, experienced bflrtenriers need aooly. 596-4J2J Body Man Ford ««ocncnce oreferrerf. Immediate ooenino- musl have ow n hand tools, orcelient workino conditions plus all company benefits. SM Lou Hutchins at MURPHY Line-Merc. "BODY SHOP" 1843 Oblsoo Ave.r Long Beacn NttpWdHt«l HO Help Wanted MO MIN * WOMEN MEN * WOMEN DIAMONI DRIVER' A9ES ^ m^ ,j. \/^X=N^ ) CAB CO. MANAOEMENT 15 It SI PAID VACATIONS FAMILY MEDICAL PENSION FUND APfLY |.S Wt«k Doyi 444 San Fnncliu Art. , Lent IMCC 1 H*l* Wonted ISO H«V WMt*4 ISO Hdp Wanttd 1 SOHetp Wantttf ISO (MIN) (MINI 1 (MINI (MSN) ! SEA ANNOUNCES CAREE AT TORR FOR EXPER PASSENGER TIRE SAL OPPORTUNITIES EXCELLENT EAR · PROFIT SHARIh · HOSPITALIZAN · 6ROUP LIFE IN 0 PAID VACATIO · 8 PAID HOLID/ · 40 HOUR WEEK · EMPLOYEE DISC Apply at Perso SEARS ROEBl 22100 HAWTH TORRANCE, C An Equal Opport INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELESRAM (PMj-C-7 CLASSIFIED HE 2-SH9 LMM l.arh. r*li« . uw*^ . c.h 4 iu« ELECTRICIAN Help Wanted 150 Help Wonttd ISO' ..cLt^lKIl^lAN (M r N) ( ^^ RS i JOURNEYMAN F " NEW BUS|NES$ R OPPORTUNITIES ! INDUSTRIAL ELECTRICIAN DEVELOPMENT OFFICER. A K | / ^ r ' Thorougly ·iptritnced induifria! pint m«in!«nanc«. AINV^C '· fcjgl, Jc t 00 | 9 , a duat«. Leading Sjvmqs «id L°«" Aiioclsl'oi n«i \ P.rmanenf position, excellent benefits career opportunity «or pro^ncubl. man Jod.. ItriOtU · ' v»fop* new Savings b-jimfss in i^c Long Be a en XPPLY Area. Must h*v» financial t iDfrlfnce. i«'«» . TRUCK ' UNION OIL COMPANY 'SV;l^" ab1 ' o! ""'·'"' °^' '* ~C)i ylTK 1 'os An 9 e ' es Refinery C O W P f N i A T i O N S - i -'ja- =ss» u - v , rOlvitlN 1660 W. ANAHEIM ST.. WILMINGTON * 9 .n., 0 ,,, ,- c ,n,;,, B ^. Jtn .-d b-.-.-:-,. ANJOUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER $end rep|iei ,,,. UNLIMITED : Help Wanted ISO Help Wanted 150 P.O. BOX 46575 LOS ANGELES CALIF (MEN! (MEN) , fl NINGS PLUS Ci5DEt:E3S JG BULLOCK'S TION i AkTwonn SURANCE LAKtWUUU \\ , is interviewing for YS :OUNT$ ; Gardener full and part time nnel Offics ; E ' ctilent w " K ' n!1 «""'"·"' iniervlewino Hoyfi · x-s j y Q /~* S~\ ' : 9 30 *o 11 a.m. and 2-?-30 o m. JUK LU. 5005 ctark Ave 3RNE BLVD. Lakewood ALIFORNIA ai eou«l o»oorl-jrit.. ,-,,0'oer .nl+.. GENERAL MainTenflnce fer jnity tmployer I'rsm Cluos. Mult nave own i Kansp^i tools. A.'.ust be cwaple Helg M Wanted 150 Htj^ Wanted 1SO| ^£^^S^' "TOYSfBOYS! BOYS! TM DRAFTSMAN" " ! -~-^^^ J *-' ~~--We need 5 yo-jng men over 18 wno ;TRI IPTI IP AI f L? f l 1 1 D are free to travel the Easier n re- j bIKUUIUKAL V~7 K V J 1 J 1 sort arens, Florida and return.. E*oerie.nce reouired In timuei . ^~^ ' x ^-- * ^~* ' Must be neat appearing and reiidv : i't-e! and concrete. to leave immtdialelv. Circ.-Slles, l .'.'.OFFATT f. NlCHOL. Encincrrs P A 1 f~ (^ S300 salary or commission. Trans- , 250 W. Wardlow Road, Long Beacn V £\ t-- V. cartallon furnis-hed. Apolv MIS* i 4?c-?551 or (L.A.J 7 1 4oi t M ^ J / \ 1 1 ^) Reinharl. Kana Hold. I S o.m.. " "r\"D"f\/CDC: ,,.'"" T " urs ' "° """"' """ ,,,,., ,,ave vll^ o. M,. OO , Blue Cross of So. Cali B ??d« ''«.'° dVvffVa nS't-o. ""bogaWLL IKDUHRIES h a s openings for sales net. 19 P.m. Rm 509- 101. SB W. PaiUi.. CMS: H.»y. rBnrPiBntjtlvo^ tr wor'i INDUSTRIAL M ENGINEER -;·,"**: i E A-;-; \M :.\ Si,.* - »-,i sa^ioV UM to ir *s:i/V*f n'-W--" 1 VIRTUE BROS. 19SOI SO. SANTA FE COV.P'^N · jysj_. K .° s l H . OF DL A V O . P ' nspoction Lead Man _ Sie.=i2 1 .' wvrk t QcH'd i'-iv to- frgi' nifli. Co.-iirvrl ;:i*o ADVANCE fouiP'T^co INSPECTOR : H on ^chooi orrtoj.iie ;o rerfofi* cetJ-.lcrt insoccnun O! mcon-m-i J pjris m proccii A fmish?d pro:! 1 ucts in me · 1 hand tool iield. Mnit b* ft»le to ' rtr.3 blucDnnt^, y.e a varieiv oi ! Insoection in^lrumcnts and t«n- mqucs. Prefer at least 3 vrs reiai ea e-ioer. inclurilno m^tlirmaiical Xlni wanes, twntftiis- working con- · dition* i rosni ID Irarn Jt oroiV . v.i)ti an exoandino · nianular-turfr whose business 1? ! r noi depend* nt on diMens* con - ii «(.*«.. Please call or viVif A Personnel o f f i c e UNGAff 5 ' D I - O' Eil!Ori Illd I'll BUMPER SRINDER Wi S oWSi out of their Long Beach 2" E. Manville, Compton Bumoer cxoer onlv. S*mn innt. · Mcl-0-Deo 1601 V. 1 . !5!h LBcli rr. . . . _ioo »;»_. ""'«""·'" "" : DRIVER AGENT $ 1 3 0 " ^' , , , . BUS BOY ofl driV | no rtcora , ,,, , ch . 5r , d i Suaranteed Salary Over 21 years old. davi t e v e - j JEWEL COOPER AGcKLV , . · Par Allnwanrp ninoi, good oay. Call JW-5115. ! IS.'S A Paramounl 634-Bi:0 ' 1 ^ ar ""OWance BUS BOYS SEE MR. ROMEO. 10 a.m. to " noon or after 2 o.m. Java Lanf! 3800 E. Pac C!t. HWV. CAB DRIVERS Full time Ovtr 35. 127 W. B St. Wllminnton CHOIR DIRECTOR Small church. S50 mo. 633-1M1 CIVIL ENGINEER Asst. City Enqr. Salary optn (orM. sal. SI127/13M). RcsDOnaitJIe for admin, engrno. otc incl «upv. of personnel. B.5. to civil engrng. and -3 vrs. responsible civil tngrng. work exoer. int.! citv trfc. engrncj. exuer. Cali!. civil engrng. regislrciiiui rec:ri. Subinil resume hv War. ;. C;ty Hall. Personnel Oic., Hm. », 12700 i Norwalk Blvd., Norwalk. Calit. ! W4SO. T.LIHICAL Laoordto'V Tet-hnolools! (rc^ibtfifdl for Hosoilal or (Jinic. \ jn-dour week, no call. Salarv cpen. UN8 . 1/68 ""COOK""" $476 PER MONTH El Cerrito Hosp. needs a '"f^ 0 havft r 3 years experience, 1 year of j nevman level. : E«m will b! glvc^at 1:45 a.m. j 1J01 Cnesmut Lono Beach i ADDlicalions musi be filed by S j D.m. Mardi 4, 1969, =! · | COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES 415 W. Ocean Blvd. RODrtl 101 Long Bfrdch 90802 COOK-Fry or Broiler 520 TO Sis GWINN'S Employmenl Agencv 316 Elm, Long Reach HE 7-2885 COUNTfcR MAN In Tac Drive In, late night shift. Full or oarl time. Ideal for rolleje student. Call between 9 a.m. i 12 noon. 597-2076 COUNTER SALESMAN Ask for Ben Adomso'n HE 6-9J41 Curtis Christenien Incoru. - CREDIT MANAGER FULL TIME OR PART TIME Norwalk TV t. Appliance store. To handle rtdijcounlting own fl- nanclns. Salarv open. CALL Mr. A. MS 3777 CREDIT Mgr. tor Ige. Mtg. Co. S6SO ··-. Qualified Aoency, 1417 5. l.-B. Credit-Collection Man 1 ior retail lewelrv llores in Norwalk aica. Good samrv. W.anv comasnv hpneflti. Pleasant ; orci- DEALERS needed In Long Beac.'i, i Oranoe County, nerbv. 300 fa*i repeat Household Products. Some , earn SJ. uo hourly. See or wnse ; ROWlelSh. 4707 E. 49th Strprl, l.cs i Angeles, Ca. 90D5B. ! DESIGNERS MARINE DESIGNERS DRAFTSMEN STRUCTURAL PIPING SHOP DESIGN Call (2 13) 547- II 73 OR WRITE ! RADOS ENGINEERING CMl TERMINAL P.O. BOX 830, San Poifro, Calif. DISHWASHER/BUS Boy (over 211 (Desert) R i B + «S8 Mo. GWIHN'S Employment Aoencv 116 Flm, Long Beach HE 7-23S5 j Draftsman Detai · For valve manufacture-" plione for Ajio'l ; VAREC INC. ; 770-1500 : A.i ennal onnortunits' cmiMo/cr Draftsman V/ho enlovs board work onJ Interested In drafting procedures. Mechanical background neltful. 2 VMrs mechanical txnrlence di- ilrablt. § xcellent worttlno coodlMons xcellenl company benefiti Profit sharlno SENISCO TECHNOLOGY 18435 Susana Road i Compton (2 13] 774- 1850 Near Long Beach Freeway An eaual oooarluntlv cmolovtr """DRAFTSMAN : MECHANICAL ; with oood del.iilinoobilitv. 2 v e a r s exoerlence desirable or college equivalent. BAASH-ROSS : J95Q1 SO. SANTA FE AVE. i COMPTON 638-6781 · Draftjman-- Stmor 3 vr* ^jyjerlence. Complete knowledge of mechanical hvtiraullr blueprint readino layouts, and checking Sorafl'J* Enoin« 19300 S. Vermont Avf. Garden^ "ve VE s5 5S 0 ! lV m i? r 3i' 1 TO°S(»i lme ''' 0 '' nm "P 6 " 5 " DRIVERS TOW TRUCK ' Complete Training ° C !jdSTo r NG BEAcWSS*"' r ' ? r - 09ra 1! (·* rui^S. TMn! , B x D ".I,c ,, hr . ·', £ ri . n j e . b = n , ef lts L^ffll'ssl?" 1 "" 1 * 11 ;^, i- Paid health ENGINEERS -- AIRCRAFT coverage ^ST^^^T-- JS R( r^ ir « ««nt insurance ii»aac E r.r e!irA 'l9i%« sales experience end Estimator-Salesman Iome Colle 9 e ' caii^.S^^ffilL,. TRAINING PROGRAM FACTORY TRAINEE .... S2 IT. ; Tf) START APRII 1 AEA AGENCY ! IU J ' A K l AfKlL 1 534 A!!anlic 59] ilOl Factory Representative uALL ^^ fa - 6 f u ' Soutfwrn California srea. Ior lead- ' For Infefview Aopf. ins mefol cutrino Tools AAto. Salarv ' ' ' S, ccmrniisiori. Send 1 resume io · r\ t i i r-- s-** r-i ^-- v r* r- P.O. Box 1051. La HBbra 90631 t R P f ^ P f ^ ^ ^ r ACTORY TRAINEE, car S1.65 i t-»l-- W t- \-s\ \ V v-^J is-^Xt^ntl^'Av^ 11160 ^n^'o i An Equal Opportunity Employer FISH CUTTER j (~* M A D P\C Exueri«nced in cdnnsrv work or ! \~J M S~\ f\ [_/ 3 tintilai. Z5+, married. Nedi, fniel- ; ^*-ff \ l \ U / ^ ligtnt, responsible^ sober dependable. Permanent work, fringe HARBOR AREA* TORRANCK benefits. Write Box A-100S9, Ind?- COMPTON LAKEWOOD pendent, Press-Telegram f : Ut_L UR PART TIME FINANCE ,V,osl be In oxid Dhysical condl r t ' e s t i n g h o u s e C r e d i t ^""X^ \S?TM*: tu i ^ . nlione necessary. . .. APR! Y ^orp. 612 S. Serrano, L.A. W!lsh!re-V/est Unusual oopoi-tunitv ior «mbifio!i ern 3rM - 7 «- m - *» - D-m. Won youiig man fntsresied In working i *!iru Fri. or call Jack Hubbani tor national sales finance coro. : 38W-0?!, Erf. 39 for irnfornniion. previous bank or ilnanc* comoa- n i A D r \ C nv cxser. outside coiiecrions dc- OUAI\UJ arable but noi essential. Oood i F ; ULL PART TIMF starting salary olus comoanv c?.r. l p l N K E R T 0 N 'S has ooenlpr- Complete insurance p-osram. i ihruout tiie Lono Beach ;re,i Planned salary increnses a other areas of Los Angeles. Uniforms ?, attractive benefits. For Interview «JDI furnished, «r i phone nee 31' ^aS^o'Kriai^-.molowr. W^JS^!!!. fett C RY COOK, oraveyerd shift. TOP cHKrwac paoers. APPLY N a «r ouan-fled m=n. 925«« "f^n.^ra, w ., , w , ·urniture Delivery 1350 LOCU.VT u " LONt^BEAcfH Must be exo. Aoolv after 12 noon. fll t A Rn^ 5151 ATLANTIC UUMHUJ =uu TIM C FULL PART TIME Travel Trailer Mfqr. PINKERTOHS, the nation's num w**d pxnpr rabtnot Makers F). b * r one Security guard «rvl» hB {^ii»S§S!c%'M'w, r fi.Vd s°«l n " '""g^,;", x L°TS iS±BB£ SDSnT'jKiSMS S h n^" ? ,T L r,T"5^ "^Sl's^iKWfc^ MV'lS' n Sil, ai ^SlJ?t U ,r J 10ID wllhliSton If, Belltlower . tolly tor advancemtnt Uniform Gardener wanted. Lakewocd »«» ^"teia/"^'^^* 6J:-1S31 Or 6j3^?34 charpg D air5. r~ rt »'l 1 »U n i. n ,. t^ IH APPLY IN PERSON toenl Laborer J J.I U i? so. HILL ST. LA Wl-tri AaFNfY M °N fHRU FRI A/A TO S PW bUHU AtotNUT SATUROAY v AM TO NOOI 17057 8el!f lower 81. 925-i47J An equal opportunity employer 4elp Wonted 150 Help Wanted ISC 1MENI (MEN) Employment Opportunities for Permanent Jobs HARVEY ALUMINUM · AUTOMATIC SCREW MACHINE OPERATORS (Multiple spindle) · DUPLICATING S PROFILE MACHINISTS "B" · GENERAL MACHINIST JOURNEYMEN · MAINTENANCE MECHANICS · MAINTENANCE ELECTRICIANS · WELDERS, ALL POSITIONS · IP, OD GRINDERS · E.D.M. OPERATORS · HYDROTEL OPERATORS "E" · MODEL MAKERS Also General Factory Help Openings on All Shifts Steady Employment Apply In Person Men. thru Sal. 6 A.M. Io 6 P.M. HARVEY ALUMINUM 19200 S. Western Ave. Torrance, Calif, (Corner of 1 90lli ond Western Off Son Diego Fr»«way) J. W. BUSSE, Personnel Mgr. AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITT EMPLOYER tradt dispute exists Inspect or- Kecei vi ng Manufacturing ExoeneiKt VIRTUE BROS. MFG. : . 19301 So. S«nt» Fe, Comc'on Just North ot Del Amo JANITORS ' .^en or couoles -- experienced. Ave- i nmos. Call 861-2.330 : JANITOR-WATCHMAN i 27/^ hn.. ocr '.veek on weekends. No drinkers. Slate ant forum emrtoyprs to Box C. 6396 Ind. JOBS «t McOonntii Douaiat In Lona Beach Huntirraton Deacn ! JR. DRAFTSMAN j CO GROWTH HAS CREATED A POSITION FOR A RECfcN' · TECHNICAL SCHOOL GKADU · A T C OR PFRSON WITH 2 YRb. . OF COLLEGE TO ASSIST WITH · DETAILED DRAFTING ASSIGN'- ' Mfc.'ITS. FAfAILIAPirV AND EX . : PERIENCED ORAFTIfJG SMALL PARTS, PRtrtfHABLY IN 1ML ' . ELECTRICAL 'OR ELECTRO- ,. · MtTCMANICAL FltTlO.^. " · X L N T SALARY BENEFITS !. ' i GRO'.VTH P O l f c N T i A l . PLtAbt i CALL OR VISIT: ; Personnel office i 7 7 4 ^ 9 M / 7 ' i 9 ^ E UNGAR Dlv. of Eldon ind-lnc. ; : 233 E. Manville, Compton Laborers -- unskilled TEMPORARY lobs-- all shifsi. Cars or nD cars. Ouen 6:30 ^ ·». ' 1 daily. DAILY DRAWS. t 1 PEAKLOAD CO. ; 212.V,'._Aiiaheirn Lab Technician : Need man to work in Mechnmcnl Lub. Min. uf 2 vrs colleoe re- nuirfd.. v/ith a bnckoround in Math .1 Physics. Prefer son.eonc Ing or related fxoer. APPLY 9-11 or 1:30 P.M. : ROBERTSHAW : · CONTROLS CO. ; clp Wanted ] 50 Help Wanted 1 50 MEN) 1 IMLNI MANAGER TRAINEE · · - · · B. .,-,=, ,.,...,,,,,,. ..,, ., * * * * ; ' j ).' i ·' ·. JA O.'-i 1 ; *.·· J. 1 · t',1 j ^/-« » i jo^.c^-itj. i'to{;:.vii A .;i ·--, -. LUUAL ^£?c^f:lt^t SUBSIDIARY OF (i^A- '."«·*» 'Ke^iv^ 0 ! ^- ^- ^'·· M"w°«! n 'm K.'r 'acT^S HIRING UBLIC FINANCE CORP. t '-. J ,, a ,^ l ' ' » » ' N E O AI OJR 'KrSvA'A';, v- {;;-'?;;; s 580 w o. SALARY ""MANAGER "'" ^^l^" TRAINEES ,^i^m^ S to ,'l front'- t . · . · . l l - . - . · i . \ i MO.-.FvF.^^n NOI- " Y \ £ r - X X X It ^\?C^S?^^S^ MEN-MILITARY career fo' fc^ert! re!;r(M tn i.ti-.- % ' - f ^^'. -- c^J' t e .· Oit^t.\n,i.^o^er c-;D(ii'-.' b '·' I^OdM ok C.lil -0' rtr-^t "rtTvi.1^% will be he!d in ·· ^ ·*, ' ^ 't!0 t-r_ «iO3!4 ^ A W ' I O J'"«. M °" '"'" " MILLING MACHINE UBLIC FINANCE CORP. OPERATORS 806? Florence, Dcmnv r ..^- -need .n .llrrrflfl i .»."* r. Zf f AOER -TRAINEE-"-; . 0 . . . ^--/."i^.f; ?, ^ ?.',,"' r, ..,;· p. 0 ,"''."^!!? 1 " lo"TM^-!! °1i ,."·". ·'·· J.v.v 11.. tfrrlJi MI;=- ; - .',*'',lbre sroo'o.i nt"t' ' B .· ..', MODEL MALE MANAGERS '(ASST) '.' V .^'\l^^ ^\-'\';.' ,. . . r ' ,. ' -- s-das S.-O per hour- t OPftfiiM lonaun'r; J-n'.t" r . . . , ·_ . ;f; .\II,-K J! *i'0 men to loin rflp"iiv growino .'"·! '.'43 Pcioi'ia-iTM'. SyMe D. Lkv.d siandino benefits and i'roid .^1 '''v'\"V. F * n ^S m,» ^71.^1 -V 1 *.' vancement. Call Mr. S-.vither vv " '· .·· ("iv/" OJ 7 -- -J ' JI ^ : l?ll r L H 3H"' av ' u- u ^« R ,.^ N ,,, Management Trainees fvlultilith Opr. $500 'un1que C mani (SwnMraiSee ECHO AGENCY oroaram follov^'s a we:i · " r * l '.JLt;i!i 0 »' l *r. R1 W V A I ' J · p l a n n e d conipr^hensKp ichpdule, provides vou with K i r r r \ (~*~ f~\f~\r\ the best opporhjnttv to de- NrbUC^CJUD ve-Soo anlcklv Inio a resoon sible executive In consumer , (^ A D D 1 C D C 1 : (Inance. Inte-rvlewtno h * \^f\\\\\ \C\\O. malor part of this non-soil- ingj salaried position. Liberal . oniirc^ DP unu/ A M U I I emolovee benefits and reou ' ^ r " A_ RE NOW AV AILA · ar saljrv Increases tkiser! HLfc \tt. a I ut- FHt rLOOD ^nnl^riri,!^ 00 ' 6 "' "'"" PEHDABLE ^HAVEA^RELl- ^chooloroduate; A B L K H ES-H61. EXT. 243. PACIFIC FINANCfc toor, HE s IIAI. E X T . 363. LONG BEACH . . __ _ . . ,, I'M Long Beacn BL 4J3- 6471 oiHSIOfc LOSS R£COvER - r j . LOS A! TOS L.B. V f - S T I G A I O S V-'IH l-anil.e i.'!c.'V AfOQ Los CavotM Bl. 597-433) ijw-.tioan -n. B.ickurojncl r in^-, LONG BSACH t (j.ilion. l.iw enforcement or rr\(" 43/4 Atlantic OA ^-Ol«j ,,-,, ; d^ (!rsir,iil« bul ral n* LAKE WOOD cr.Jiryd. l. dutccl P-jmtR-r o! DOS' 1i74 f. Del A'HO OI cEai tlo ns m .in-n Se-id Dnc' iciunu-' ANU'FAC TURING" '^ ''fsoinfi o'tn-c. irie.-r-,i.t PRINTED · .^^Ji^ssj^cMr' 1 l \ l l N 1 LI-/- . i'AlNrER.| mm. M eo. r"\DC~\ IITQ A !i°_S°' ; _£l»'«K'-'':.Eve ? ,«7i;. Lx 1 K U U 1 1 O : P J|' L P f V |"V 1 ram CE %'o'S X PA K S I O M HAS CRFAUD D A DT -i-,, ,p \ / / ^ n i / OPENINGS! OR . . . P A K I 1 1 M t WUl\K Electro Platers : rei IVFRING MOSHIHG IN- Ci-L_ r , : DEPENDENV NEWSPAPERS etchers ; T0 H0 ,.., 6 s IN WEST LB C1L Q^^nar, P r l n ^ o r f '· M'JSF BE OEPENUA3LE i. bilk bcreen fnnters . HAVE GOO D rRAWSPORrA P, n^o,tmr TION. CM L MR. EDDY. IIL nocessors s n6K EXT ,43. »ritnu In · nanulouurinn o' | F M«T~Tl.v,E"D5llvery Vun. Over » lirnleiH.lrcoilboorfl5!»tlerrcd. UM om , car no % e || ino . 5ma || u , cin-.n-hln =-nuir-d : ||5 " 1S ' M o"5» 1 ' 2-OS1I. _ . . P A R T S ^ anrfcjer vw p, p s^iarv . LOCKHccD . p'EST-Coh't7inrccTis«ror-|ri'ini!i;. r-. ^^^^-r^ ^-^ L ,1^.^. ! nllll( ne 21 or ovcr - Bcflenls. sa:j F Ff IRON PS rv «· «""'·. s** :c -"" ; . » rl "" C L C O I I \ V ^ | N | V _ J iharlng. lirallh In. mid vncalion, P. , n J i rv · · unltcrn-s. /^)Dlv In person. 2633 Al- Data Products Division · laniic. L.B. A division o! i PHONE SALES Life Magazine Saia Lockheed Aircrnft Corn ; rv 4 Bonus. S2.J5 to $3.« Pffr 6 2 0 1 E. RANDOLPH TM«- """· oari/time. tuwi Ciry of Commerce Production Control Mr. norms i L.B. Hreewoy ; Mfj; .'i^SSfn i!ni EKI'r ArP FOM| D 6r£Irfc?rtv F EmokI?I | , , . ^oL^^r ^^^ \ trolne | , W|T J? 2 fvr ?; cotlcge or * baa ' rToniiHo -- Ti«"*"~'tcrr -- r\Tni-ti~* MATTRESS T.IDe Ldoe Ocerator. grourcl In Prod. Manaornicn 1 . LABORER Trnee $» Qualified Must be exnerlenced. Aaoiv ! A°PLY 9-11 or 1:303 P.M. Agency 1417 S. LB Blvd. 637-2972 | LAKEWOOD COTTON PRODUCTS i RORFRTSH AW Comoton , nrjiii,, LaKewood Blvd. Bcliflower - KUdtK 1 zn A W LEAD MAN $450 Mo. Salary : Xlnt. advancement i'700 uol«n- j v/ith malor So. Cnilf. Service Co. : K _._Ca!IJW.JHB_._ j LENS Grinder, exoor. Bauich i ! Lomb inc., Rrn. 03, 19 pine Ave. j MR 5-8?4 I 1 " LIOUOR CLERK. PART TIME ! EXP. 5^58 LONG BCACH BLVH. ; "LICT fHSURANCE SA~LE~SMAN | '· Ton com.., ;QO dra-A-, a!t the lea'Ji · ' vou oin handle. 63J-J207 Mr ; LINOTYPE OPERATOR ' 2739 Long Beach Blvd., L.B. Machine Operators We need oood qualified turret . Istne operators for ?nti 3ra : i shifts. Positiois occn (or sfeativ ?· have cxocriencc. i Willis Oil Tool Co. 2-!51 PALM DRIVE L.B. i MACHINE SHOP : TRAINEES I Nov.- accenting aDDl'cationi. 1 | interviews V.'ednesdov t Thursddv 8 am to 2 om. i ' E *-.e!ier-.( Fringe Ber-ciiis i and retirement nlan BAASH-ROSS i, DIV. OF JOY MFG. CO.J 1»5D1 S. Sanla Fe Ave.. Comolon 1 An Eoual ODDortunil/ emDloyef ( i MACHINIST 1 Radial Drill operator borlnj bar Fin. SPAHO CRANE SALES SERV MACHINIST TO learn tool die rnnkino '.'.Ml teat h. /.'ust hove good tcc.timcii backoround. Comm'l orcdut-t ADVANCE EQUIPMENT CO ! -KM E. EUCLID COMPTOt! MACHINISTS BURGMiSTER. G^rdcr.o 321-^10 Maintenance Mechanic ttz'd Maintenance mechanic rr rirtv iini. S'esdv Ncn-a-rens» v/5.'k. Un.on irioo. MSPV frir.c'". Hourly waae S3.01^ ic, ^3.:i5. Ca 1 . _'^r._Ha^cs_(2)3l 321*520 : " !M SWIM C POOL ROUTE . F"*ixnt.NiC(.'J rclidtle, r,t;ie otncr : "e;( SD3l/. Steady sT.olovmt.ri!. Tea '.aiarv fringe benefits. CdH si- MAINTENANCE i ELECTRICIAN j For csncral Plant Maintenance, i //lUSt "lave control circuit experience. Steady work. HE 9-W46. j MAINTENANCE ELECfRICIAN 1 MAINT. SUPER., deo- . - St. HO M · Gavlord Employment Aotncv 1836 Atlantic Ave. 551-2349 i MAN. Retired wrw Hves near 3rd ' Loma. Part time Custo-dlo dutici . MAN Io asiist manaotr m Factory brancn ar.nllance stort Mult b* neat ^oDe·rlno. Paramount Store 4JM4J! Lono Btich Stofe lVl-2329 PERMANENT . Full lime (Xisition with /*cst conil ' lirm for active man Over 35. Mim mum 5 vears cxnorlence In Mrm sorting and distribution. Past physical ejfrfminrttiofi for llttinq. Musi DC bond ,t Die. f'twrox. S550 per month after Drob^tionary ocriod. flcnefils. Ooaortunitv for advance ment. Call between 10 a.m. ana 3 p.m. wetkdsvi JM-W7*. "8?,r » '"ffl^iPAtVS MAN (nr Home Construction JinjM. MECHANIC , C O N I R O L b C U . f^'o,^/ r/'p^'^Sa i t-- l! «1h,lf D i^^,,, FR i-S!,;ir 3i9 9730 12 noon III 9 p.m. ' PRESSERS, C'txi. Clconcr'i Assoc. "JrT^uVkti'r 1 " ?w L - n - Dlvd - A D I l / a - m - ° n:/ dh^nAlNIL, P'LASTIC IHJECTIOM .Must be r««r-ieicro 01 fluto. . fAOl DING I'ORrV.Afl trjcK, forkliit Gn1 o'an! ftd.irn!. Brr;. PMstir-, 'i T S 0?49 Hunter' Woodworks QUALITY ... J.nS E...223:dji..lqrr,ipcf . (^ /^ MTD (^1 1 MECHANIC CUN i KUL Franchise new true* dealer. N«w . , , , . ^~, r- p, Shoo. Heavy riutv trurk? Overt'mc K /I A K A ( -- i H V benefits. Conlract Bob Lvnn, 3333 |V| A 1 N / A w C l\ Cherrv Ave. . . .',rN-fA:rofl-It)tcoI 2-oart i J fu : ; ''n^ ^n'i r^i'-iip f I'ff.-^-rcf', time. Colleae siudeniv i. -.ervut- ,i ° i 1 '· l^r, ,,,,;·,,:),,,{ p,-,. mci ok. Call J7B-6S.J? : V 0 ,..,? 0 A " J * ·"'·' eDe " de " t - "-" ice established customer' foi REAL t S T A F f c bALtb vin: Profiurts .Inc. Over 390 ^k-i;-'. L,C e NlE3 Q* NOT ExLPlJont Mrnmos. _ S ' ? ' J i ) / ^, M |Q '^(ft V morr ner -notth .*,i;N ran b p vou'S ii yo-jr scare (:mc o; V A R I E T Y i j F V . ' O S K f O ^ · .1 idl'lnm- career with unlimited \ / i -- TPH A i\ IP findnrisl returns await vcu. Are W [-- r~ [\ r\ ' \f ^ vo-j dniuii-oui? Do vou have a ns- EX-SERV/CEMEN : ' ·.-.-« mS/"TM 5 .,! °'i.ion i. PURPLE HE4R7 VETEPif.', t ,, Sw for'de'a^.^W-MJS '.'." LOCUS! : R E . SiLFS^H IISOV/K. ' " · E V / L I . « . ii- DrnA-. lit-lo or no tvoer. O. Hflrd Younq Men 18 TO 25 -wo- 1 ... Como.e!r listna on w-l SI 0 ,, Co. *«cn,blv work. Ho ,.- ! ,'^f ».»'" r - C!PIV "- Be " IWr l Tv r "S C 7S Mr C h S r MrV ' ^ n01 " 4 °"" '··J»DOCH T?.. 4 .'.!* 1 Superior Outdoor Display ! R E°M Sr5E onfv! l o'.T tou-on-.tM. l?St Gftvlord Ave. LB J33 S450 or *?'Jji'2 \EM "VATIS-FIE'D WITH 5:00 or p'riilTF SAlY'SMAN 5230 i week. Ntrl not rail tor ^ ' KUU C , , LHC , . interview. Ages Between ^ ·'. J-j 'o^ muiH-il Launrfrv. 7 n m. to «us! have »l least 15 hour! of c/r- 1-10 o.m.. Io reives C^v 0! Com. ninp !me available W week. · nierce. Se'J resjinc to rto A^^I*. 1213) 532-6090. li-:«.TMiriir:t. Pre'^-Teieor^m. Help Wonted 150 Help Wanted ISO (MEN) (MEN) NOW INTERVIEWING n IK RESTAURANT TRAINING .·.HI. r 'in nvvorr FULL TIME · t · NO F X P ! RHNCI. N i ' J - ^ A K S \\T; TRAIN' VO1 COMPANY PAID VA(..\ II' i\' . ! ( ' i \ v r r K c HFAI.TH IXSI.'RAN'f.i: SICK LEAVE GEXEROL'S I'ROMI 5HARIXG 1'1..\N BOB'S "Hoir.s oi ;hc IMI; Boy FAMILY RESTAURANT \Vc .uc i rjpullv cx:-.i:-i-n[; iu^.:r:!/.!tii)n. pru s -:feii\e Jnd .:Kc M oiu-r n'.jny (ii'iMir:'::!]'^^ u.irt:'rii; 3^ a t'uOK tr^sncf. INTKKVII-AVS \\"ri)\l ; SOAY. TilURSDAY i: I ' R i n A V ·) A.M. to .( I'.M. \O PHON'K (.AI.] Pl.l A^l' 258! LON BEACH BLVD. 2220 BELLFLOWER BLVD., L.B. 5 8 0 9 LAKEWOOD BLVD., LAKEWOOD AM Equal Opoortunitv tmpimr Help Wwt«4 1S9 (MEN) ROUTE SALESMAN ^·JTr^GOGD O=?6^fuMITY · :^ WAM OVER n WITH sovs ?E:-A:L E X P E R I E N C E : CDvv.'sstON siio A v; O'JARAN:E = . PA't VACATION. Alert Cleaners .'*) t. »3SECSi'is. cov'roi ""^MiLK"" ROUTE DRIVER · · * ; or f3- . "J'^ -9 r:^r^ i-. ·e ;s'-d M rsofe ^O-k n n-w.v ''TRIPLE AAA WATER COMPANY For Interview Appoinfmenf CALL HE7-440S 9 i-n io S on "Ou ; L Sf'ifi---aT mr ^9Tion»i1» ^ 1- ".EJiv ADO'i- Ifl Mrton RM ·i'.i- Yea'.t. ^6J4 E Wajiingto' a v.i i A · ^ O ' j l f - . ^ L L S OPPORTUNITY HELMS BAKERIES Eiiab Routes Availabla V.-i-iv Co-TOrtnv 8^--»" M '.'..iior Medkdl De-nMl "d. vacatioi* '. n^v Wecv s-i.,n En^fS'T-Mi r^c.:"'-i I r f ' u n d r t D I * ) ntcrvl^wi A AM to 8 AM 426-0361 ,.^0 ".if 'r ivc . Lono R^i.-n SALE'S^ ~ EARN THE MOST ENCYCLOPEDIA BRlTTANlCA Sell bv ODDOint onlv. Ph. 4M-0976; 547-3110 SALES: Bi/iv sales Exec, rvetda vouno asilitant. J4SO+- commiislon tlKtnus after flnt month tralnlrxi probatlonarv oerlod. SomtCol- ifgt SAl«5 exoerlence. For Irfor- mallon CALL AS 1-OH6 S Money $ TALKS Would you like to be a professional salesman? No door- Icnoclcers w a n t e d . Come in lat us prove to you we ar* ail making good money! $650 SAL. PER MO. plus comm in mgmt. DOWNEY 1 2 3 1 1 W O O D R U F F REDONDO BEACH 7810 ARTESIA SUITE A GARDEN GROVE 12422 LAMPSON AVE. SALES Auto Salesmen WE NEED YOUNOWI! SELL CARS No c.iotriencf nec«jarv, wt hav» Qualified mina0«n to trim you. IT Y?U cnn follow InsJrvcllcra, YOU cin earn a good living her* whll» YOU learn. Lots of floor time. Tw- rltic pay Dlan. Exceptionally flood C.ijti Bonus tor steady veer round emoi'jvee caid Dec. 15th. Aooiv in pccjon, contact Salcj Manaacr RAY VINES CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH V.U.t.OV/ AT t.AKFWOOD BLVD. SALES TRAINEES Pdd time OK. Free train cours.r. Beom a new career now. Learn lia .lutomobile business from A to 7. £jrccrt class room Irtatructlon. Keto vour present lob v.'hltt trjin- · New class startino now. immeotteiv, class limited. Se* Mr. HDUJC. Downey Dodge, M10 E. rirp-.ione Blvd., Downey. M2-3121. SALES CAREER :.' ^ tra-nino orooram. VI BW 1500 S. UD. Dlus bonus. 4JO-1U4 , SALES EXECUTIVE Openings now avflllab'i with on* ot tne fastest growing rtSMrcn cornoafrles. E*rer with r*al estatt saving) loan, insur. or itfver- tiiinj l-.e!piul for oersonai Interview calf Cornos Inc. 71^539-3101 S A L BE A MILLIONAIRE a small Jfivesment can turn Yc'» info a millionaire in one year. Ao- Diy 8 P.m. shdro, 3770 Aflaniic Blvd., is., sultfr ?0?. I HIS AD WILL NOT BE REPEATED SALES L-voe General Contracting Urni ooport'jnily witrt too oay for rio^it rren. Mo constrxiclforj kncwtedai nicessar/. we train, Del Bunch Corporation W33 E pAlondra Blvd., B*llflowtr 5A PRUDENTUL INSURANCE. Career ooDtv. VAly solarv to $200. Can starf rort lime GA 7-997*. be- f o r e 4 D m. (Eaual Opptv. Em- Car tiBcesscr/. 923-7241. 5A1 F5MAN: exa. men's wear (tsolv poilt.on Write Box NI1U Inrjeo. Press-Tftleoram TIGERS! i' voj feel your ro*' Is worin more S5S Li i ,'.'·-. A»te;i. £31-3235 9 to ( SALES "Unusual Opportunity" WANTED: 3 men witn sales bac*- oroun-J. Col'ege not necessary. Th* indea«"ilent Order of Fores+er^ has opening for right man exwt enced in meeting the cubllc. D : ?- nltied, life-time position. Eamtnzs commence Immediately. Should b* 1250 oer week or more. Intervlf*i bv aoD't. onlv. Cal! » to 5 Ma* tnru Frl 436-1251 SALES RETAIL APPLIANCE i FURNITURE SALESMAN Exoerienced. Excellent p*v «ntf frinoe ben*IIt». Apply In per»n. 3553 E, Century Blvd. In Lynwood SALES.V^N no eo. nee. v;t train · Q-«n C-tv Ford 5303 B*if. Bl. ! L.B. SALESMEN Easy sales every hour! out i srvw VCHJ how to present KNA^ 1 ^ 5HOES. No nvestment or dttxtti!. Full or oart tlmt. Can KENNY WISE. Manager. Dtyi S4 ilN NEEDED for direct tale* ·vitn Natlanwldt Firm. Excellent Benefits, colleo* w«fwrtd, 33 t* 40. Contact Mil* Dnkt 714-5*3-9144 SALES: see our od, da» 150, "Financial," P.O. 6«x 44S7S. SALESMAN for radio amAteur tat^on^Ml, HI 7*41 J

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