Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 8, 1929 · Page 6
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, November 8, 1929
Page 6
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THS AtTOONA MIRROR—FRtDAY. NOVfiMSEfe 8, INTERFERENCE MAN IS HIRED BY CITY Hy IIOHKHT .MACK, (Copyright, 1P2H. hy mnjnlidntod Prc«» n. C., Nov. B.—The •WASHINGTON, i'|ly of Saiill. Kte hU'fd llaclt an official rndlo Interference; mun, to run down causes of niau- irtjtfln disturbances nnd eliminate, them, lilit In so dolnB II. Is nuislnjj tho federal radio authorities no little concern. 'To defray the. expenses of mnmtnln- ing a radio "trouble! mnn." the Atlehi- Itnn rlty if charKlng a license fee of & per year on each radio sol In UR". ymlcr cxI.otlnB law llc-i-nsi 1 fi 1 ''K 'i r '' i' Wfjnl, nnd lliat's wnrrylnj! tin- fedora) f'ftdfo co:nJ7ii.s.sion. '.ArtvlucH roachlnK 'he comniisslon loll o{ the InaiiKiil'ntioii of Haiilt'.H n<'W t«dlo ordlnnncf, by wlil'-h the city hopes to main; radio rcofplkm ua ncai- iy ported ns )icissiblc. With the nlimi- rtfttlon of Inturfurenrns rntiwcd t'y r«- <*cncriitlvc receiving HP|H, X-ray mn- dWncs, pU'ctrl,: wiisherti, cnrlliiK ""ins Ad the lllic, thn city hr>p«s It will bo found " to the ncw.x, tlio miial -"-' the for the purpose of paying for the work of the Inspector In running down Interferences and causing them (o bo corrected. There arc thought to be 2,(000 radio seta in Sault Stfl. Marie. The ] city's survey, which will bo nsslstcd by the radio Inspector, will determine I just how many receiving sets there ' are. ; "If preventable rndlo interference^ are irboll.ihed and the air cleared so I that listeners may have uniilloyrr) surccss in the use of »ln-ir receiving over the ether from tlic inclro|jolisc.s," ainlon tho report, «Tho commission has nothing hut praise for the active steps In rid Sault of Its prpviMitnbln radio howls und jfljnnwlin—but that $1 license fee is thi:| dbro spot, i 'Recently two im'inber.s of the coin-1 M ission's legal staff, Paul M. Hej-al aim I Hill IX f. 'Spearman, both assistants general counsel, drafted an opinion on »tato nml munli:l)i!il rBgulatlon of radio eipmmnnicatlons. Hespc<-tlng I'iciil II- censc.i or privilege taxes, they said: "•"Such ordinances fire, void. No tax rt»ay be levied by states or municipalities on the privilege of engaging In flic bnslno.iH of transmitting or receiving radio communications. Both trans-• iplsalon und reception are required to ijarry on communication. Neither can be dispensed with. E«c)i Is essential to ihtercoursc and both a transmitter ri'iul receiver an; Indispensable In effect- tag Interstate; commerce. A privilege <*ic on tran.-miitllng or receiving would Be a. tax on an indispensable Instrumentality of Interstate commerce." "They go on to cite court dec.lnlonii 'which it was held that It I.M Illegal r a state or municipality to collect such taxes. One ouch decision said that no state can compel a party, Individual or corporation to pay for the privilege of engaging In Interstate com- itiercc. Another staled that "It. long Mis been Nettled that a state cannot I51y a tax on Interstate commerce In ijhy form, whether on the transportation of subjects of commerce, the re- GJplptH therefrom, or the occupation or UUfiiness of carrying It. on." itTho report about the Sault ordinance reaching the commission said that there was every reason to believe that tjie ordinance. Including Its license feu and Its provision for a radio inspector, "meets tho approval of those citizens $ho derlvo huge pleasure on winter mghts from Hitting in their homes and listening In on thu world's bust radio entertainment. te"Thn license fee," It continued, "Is now due. The fund which II. crent.eM Is Marie, Mlc'h., hiis| nl n Sl (he hnpplnps.s of tho Sault shall 'bo Increased. In radio will increase. Tho Sault win ho found closer to the news, the mu.ilr, nnd the entertainment that, floats In over the ether from the metropolises, nnd thn. city will have aeroniplished another tnlRhty worthwhili! piece of legislation." ENDORSE GRUNDY STAND. ••* final l.i Heartily d by Kepiihlti'tvn Club. The P.lair County Hepiibllcnn club at n. meeting held last n)tf))t adopted n. resolution rommendlnff the stnnd taken hy Joseph R. Oi'imdy, president, of the PennHylvanlii MantihicturerH 1 association, in his testimony before the senate lobby investigation committee. A communication will he sent to Mr. tSmncly embodylnjj the reHoluHon en- rtorslnn his stand on behalf of adequate protection for (ho stale's mR.nufn.clur- entertainment. Ihnt limits i" ing Interests. The club arranged to have a reception for the successful candidates at the recent election at the next meeting, Nov. 21. A prominent speaker will he engaged and refreshments will be served. An auditing committee composed of O. S. Moore, Otto (',. Gllden ami A. I... Woods was appointed by the president, John W. Barnhart. JOKER PUTS GREEN FLASK ON IOWA SENATOR'S DESK WASHINGTON, D. C., Nov. 8.— A green bottle bearing foreign labels, and looking as It H might contain champagne, was found when tho sen- nlo convened yesterday on the desk of Senator Smith W. Brookhart, the Iowa dry who told about what he called "the Wall Street booze party" to United States senators. Senators Investigated and found It contained only spring water, being part of a dlaplny of Importers products which Republican members of LIVINGSTON'S XXXX BREAD Made \vllh Potatoes IV I fiC 1C " nc "' " ur drivers wl " 1/181 OJJJ he pleased to servo yon A MESSAGE FROM VICTOR Mr. fjcts C;iliforni;i most every evening on his new Victor radio (n;uiu: on request). You too can get sUil.ii.nis if you VICTOR Conic in supreme you a from Wolf's, and hear radio's achievement. JOIN NOW $C.(JO doptmlt will mnlcB you a memhfir of Wolf's Chrlst- nuiH Club. Join now. Model R-32 ....... .$155.00 Model RE-45 $275.00 I.CNH KiidlotrmiN KASV Wolf Furniture Company 1501-03 Eleventh Avenue Altoona's Headquarters for Victor Radios the finance committee had brought to the chamber for use in the tariff debate. It had been placed on Brookhnrt'u desk by some senator with humorous Intent, und .those who Inspected It allowed It to remain there. Brookhart. was not present. After the senate had been In session fifteen minutes, Joseph McGrall, deputy In the office of the sergeant n.t arms, returned It to Its place among the other articles on a table nearby. Concrete was flrst used for pavement In Inverness, Scotland, In 1885. The flrst In America was laid In Bellcfontalne, O. ( In 1884. ARMISTICE DAY SPEECH Witt FOLLOW WASHINGTON, D. C., Tov. 8.— President Hoover's Armistice day speech, to bo delivered at Continental Memorial hall here, will deal with foreign relations, and particularly with the world's naval problems, the United Press was told yesterday. In discussing International affairs, the president will follow precedent on that occasion. The speech was drafted with the assistance of Secretary of State Stimson and others concerned In diplomacy and the naval problem. LABOR PARtY SUSTAINS LOSS 0* POUR MEMBERS EDINBURGH, Scotland, Nov. 8.— This Labor party suffered four losses In the municipal elections In Scotland, complete tabulations showed today. Two of the defeats were sustained In the Glasgow elections where there now are seventy Moderates and forty- three Laborltes, Including two women L»aborites. Four other Labor candidates In Glasgow were victorious, The other two defeats were m Dundee. Elections In Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Paisley and Qreenock failed to change the pres- Always worn out— now out of a job! HE LIVED in i dread of this day ... "fired." Yet he knew it was bound to happen. For months an invisible force had been stealing his strength —dulling his mind—wearing him out. 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Buy your coat— NOW—and have a full season's use of it, i

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