Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 10, 1962 · Page 14
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 14

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 10, 1962
Page 14
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HUM no WT ST/lATD/1/tnTuesday. April 10. i LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE CARMICHAEL By Harold Gray THE FLINTSTONES THIM1C FoR OUT __ JtfS^-'g YEAH! FTOM THAT CLIFF WAY UP THERE ! ft SHARPSHOOTER COULD HWG PICKED HIM OFF EASY.' BUT WHY'?-'CEPT THOSE MURDSRIM' SLOBS KILL ANYBODY; ·CEPT THEIR OWM DIRTY Kit ID! y LIKE AS NOT NOBODY STILL UP THERE. TOO DARK T'SEH US HERE flNVWAY! AND, IF THEY SHOULD BOTHEI? TO CHECK, IT'LL BE BY BOAT.' IT'S A CINCH THEY'LL NEVER COME TH' WAY Wg CAME! THAT BRAMBLE THICKET.' WOW/ BET I'LL FEELTH' WOUNDS FROM THOSE THORNS FOR A YEAR! WHAT VO YOU MEAN/ /WEN OF TOfAV ARE SOPT? AS A KOCK By HANNA-pARBERA' / BO AHSAf..'WT MS,' HIT Me A3 \\AK V-- YOU WANT/ 'ALLEY OOP By V. I. Hamlin MARTHA WAYNE By Wilson Scruggs I LIKE YOU, KID. THAT'S 11 WISH I THEOMLV KEA50W TUV1MS TO HELP YOU /WAS SOWS ( "MY BELOVED, EACH MOMEMT SiWCE 1 YOUK...UH...VISITATtOU / UH,lOW6- LlWESS HAS BMSULFED MY SOUL..." ·HOW DO YOU LIKE THE \ GEE, POC, y -^ 'NEW EQUIPMENT, OOP? I DUNNO.. /...BUT WHAT X ·PRETTY HOT STUFR, Vs OKAY, [ WAS WRONG EH, BOY ? JA.I 6UESS...\ OH, MY SOODNESS, .,,,,, .,,, IT'5 JUST WITH TH 1 OLD 7 'WAY OUT OH, SURE... BUT IN THESE TIMES ANYTHINS IN SERVICE THAT LON6 HAS HAP-ITI WHY, THAT OLD CONSOLE'S BEEN IN USS FOR OVER TWENTY YEARS- IT'S A TERRIBLE LOOKING OLD PIECE OF JUNK. 1 BUT IT WAS DOIN'TH JOB ALL RIGHT WASNT IT? BUGS BUNNY LADIES DAY Y O U R B I R T H D A Y and Tomorrow Tt'ESDAV. APRIL 10- Bornj.vour birthday slar he your daily ·today the stars have given youjguidc. tremendous natural powers which .can l)e used either for good or evil, depending upon tlic method Wednesday, April II ARIES (Mar. 21-Apr. 20) -- Use; "Vi'hac now? I've counted up to tAventy and I'm stilJ not calm!" ;by which you will deploy them.lyour best judgment in all deci-| Vou have a strong spiritual na-;sions. Postpone signing importantj i t u r e and will need to make sure^'P 01 ' 5 U I l t i l later on in the week.I j t h a t this is not thwarted. You TAURUS 'Apr. 21-May 21) ; have a great deal of sympathy [or p oslpono s i g n i n g pllpcra unlll ,, : tl,e care and Irouhles of otliers; m()re propitirais linu! . Comhine, |and know how host to help. You; ln , sinscs ;m[1 | ramc interests. j are able to put yourself in the; | ·place of another'individual andi CKMIN'I 'May 22-June 21) -| lore highly adaptahlc to all' n ' kl -' c " re '" M - v(m lmllertakc '| of changing conditions. jespecially if you are traveling far Vou have Iremendotis energies afield. and boundless enthusiasms. You CANCER (June 22-Julv 23) -- The trouble with most windshield wipers is they catch so many parking tickets. t hu ,, All-Slurs will be happiest if you live in ajVou will be a person of changing : large city, for the excitement moods today. Try to keep on an [ t h e r e will stimulate you to aclion. cvcn krel. Be patient. i I Vou have a K ift for argumenla-i L ,, 0 , Jll|y 2Mva 23) _ Don ^ · live conversation and would prol!, cl a m c m - r v , , d jvc ,,,,: .ably make a good debater. spcak-i o f ., ·,,,. ;ld \. ant . lge at Ulis t i n l c , er or politician. Your ability to ;M£lkc j(h . c ,,.,,,.,.is rcMgni;!C d. meet the put) ie is outstanding. i Vou are persistent and even! VIR TM ' Au B. 24-Sepl. _ a. stubborn at times. No matter howif'te afternoon and evening arej many obstacles are placed in your l l e best P arls ° r tllls d.'sorgan.zedi path, vou are able to overcomej' 1 ^ Uon ' 1 S 'S" anvthmg now! j them, one by one. and reach the LIBRA (Sept. 24-Oct. 23) --i top. There is considerable pride Guard against an error this morn-] in your make-up and you wouldjing, which can cause serious lrou-| starve rather than ask for helnlble later on in the week. IT WILL.BE THKEf HOURS BEFORE WE CAN GET A TOW TRUCK OUT PUBLIC TELEPHONE BLONDIE By Chick Young ( IT'S ME, DEAR-(I'M HOME WIVES SHOULD TELL THEIR HUSBANDS WHEN THEY HAVE A CLEANING WOMAN IN CARNIVAL By Dick Turner SHORTRIBS By Frank O'Neal from anyone, although you al- SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) -- -VM COMING TO trie RESCUE: ways stand prepared to help oth Look before you leap into any-TS! Independent in thought andllhing today, and you will save tction, you want things you way [considerable trouble later on. -- or not at all! SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. You are fond of music and will 122, _ Be alerl this morning, probably have a fine speaking andj H a s t c can m ^ e was t c unless you singing voice. If trained, you| a r c s | larp enough to avoid it. might utili/c this gift profession- CAPRICORN (Dec. 23-Jan. 20) ally as a performer or composer. Morning hours are likely to ·\mong those horn on this date WHY DO DOSS CHASE CARS? prove difficult. Someone will cri- TOTRVTOREADTHE LETTERING ON TViE HU8CAPS! IT5 QUITE i i OBVIOU5... J d are: George Arliss, actor; George ticize you, so be on your guard. William Russell, Irish poet; Bcr- AQUARIUS (Jan. 21-Feb. 13) -nard Gimbcl, merchant and phila i I Keep your eyes open for any kind thropist; Gen. Lew Wallace, sol-i dier and author of Bcn-Hur: Fran-i» f double-dealing. Be sure you are ices Perkins, sociologist and first!"" 1 :1 " "TM' i n i "K l )!!rl .v "' «· «ith- i woman Secretary of Labor. I 1 ' 1 ': To find what the stars have i n j PIKCliS iFeb. 2li-Mar. 20) - Be store for you tomorrow, selectjcarefnl that you do not speak in your birthday star and read thcjhasle and all should turn out well corresponding Paragraph. Let i for you. Be politic! LI'L ABNER i^THEV FAINTED DA1D V '" "Whal've they got that we don't have?" VAWAV--BUT AH IS With that Birtcti Cassidy loose, somfiona had better start thinking about medical aid for us junior citizens!" By Nadine Seltzer 1 hate her 'hoiier-than-thou' j attitude:" By Leff and McWilliams DAVY JONES ~SHE'S YOUR PIVING BUDDY. ,-^f " Vftl I'VE GIVEN ^ -y'i THAT A LOT ·""/OFTHOUSHT. YOU'RE BEING TOO ROUSH ON SUZY, LIZJ SU1V I BENAY WILL BE THE ONLY SORRY ONE DON'T 00 ANYTHING YOU'LL RBGRET, \\-rt By Faqaly and Shorten THERE OUGHTA BE A LAW By Raeburn Van Buren ABBIE and SLATS -- AS A WOMAN WHOSE WORD IS HER BONO. BUT ALL THAT WAS BEFORE--(6ROANJ-- FRIED DISASTER// CHARLIE DOBBS, TM KNOWN AS A WOMAN OF GRIT DETERMINATION AND, ABOVE ALl AIN'T VOU GOING TO TASTE SOME . O'THIS SWELL STEW, AVONNE ? CRABTRCE CORNERS IS FAMOUS FOR ITS COOKS -THE BEST 0' WHICH IS BECKY HERE. GUESS WE'RE LUCW SHE'S GOING T' LIVE WITH US AFTER WE'RE IN CANf/LS GLOOMS SOU CANT SEE VOUR FACE, LET THE KOOA\J Get Sweetie Pio off the stage quick! She's ad-libbing again!"

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