The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on October 6, 1906 · Page 6
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 6

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 6, 1906
Page 6
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CONSOLIDATED WITH THE MAIL AND SEPTEMBER 1ST, 1900. STAR i. I* NEWLAND WM. L. WATKINS EDITORS AND PUBLISHERS OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. Terms of Subscription: The CONSTITUTION guarantees to dvertisers a larger circulation in Livingston County than bat of all other local papers published in ChUH- cothe combined. fhe price for the weekly if paid on or. before the end of the year is 81.00, or 50 cents for six months. Subscribers neglecting or failing to so pay, will be charged the $1.50 rate. This rule will be strictlv adhered to. Entered at the postofflce at Chilli eothe. Missouri, and admitted for transmission through the mail as sec-' end-class matter. Office in CONSTITUTION Building, 516.South Washington Avenue. Teleohone No. 105. By, Mafl—Postage Prepaid: Daily, one year.... 85.00 Dailv, six months 2.50 Weekly, one vear, in advance 1.00 Weekly, one year, if not paid before year ends 1.50 Weekly, six months .75 The Daily will be delivered by carriers to subscribers in Chillicothe at 10 cents per »«ek. Any irregularity n delivery should be promptly reported at this. Democratic State Ticket. For Judge of Supreme Court, Long Term. A. H. WOODSON. For Judge of Supreme Court, Short •»'. TV. GBAVES. Tea Railroad and Warehouse Commissioner RUBE OGLESBY. A Trite Saying. .,£ ls », trite saying that no man .la wronger than his stomach. Dr. Pierae's Golden Medical Discovery strengthens tlie stomach—puts It in shape to make pure, rich Wood-helps the liver and kidneys to expel the poisons from the body and thus cures both liver and kidney troubles. If you take thisjiatnral blood purifier and tonic, yon will assist your system m manufacturing each day a pint of rich, red blood, that is invigorating to the brain and nerves The weak nervous, run-down, debilitated condition which so many people suffer from, is usually the effeft of poisons in the blood; it is often indicated bv pimples or bolls appearinr — "—I.I--.T " ViUilX, U«^l » UU*3. 1 Uli - UU1 condition which so man "y the effe< often indie _ _ .. 'ing on the skin," the face becomes uiin. and the feelings "blue 1 Dr. Pierce's "Discovery" cures all blood humors as well as being a tonic thai makes one vigorous, strong and forceful. It is the only medicine put up for sale SCARCITY OF STEERS. Kansas City, Oct. 5.—Steeis scarce, steady to firm; top, So 60 cows and heifers steady; stackers slow; calves steady. Hogs sold strong to 5c higher top, S6 52K; bulk, Sheep steady. Cattle-Receipts 3,000, ing 300 Southerns; §4.06(a560; includ- Native south- steers, ern steers, §2 50(513 *5; southern cows §1.75@2.90; Native cows •nd heifers, Sl.'To.aS.OO; stock era and feeders through druggists for like purposes that con,tai»s neither alcohol nor harmful habit-forming drugs, and the only one every ingredient of which has the profes-! sional endorsement of the leading medical „ _, . , A „„ writers of this country. Some of these Hogs—Receipts 4,000; heavy endorsements are published in a little S2.50(oi4.60; bulls, S2.00@3.25; calves $3.00 @6.25; western fed steers S3.00(a western fed cows S2.00;a3.75. book of extracts from standard medical works and will be sent to anv address free, on receipt'of request therefor by letter or postal card, addressed to Dr E V. Pierce, Buffalo. N. Y. It tells just what Br. Pierce's medicines are made of The "Words of PraSe" for the several ingredients of which Dr. Pierce's medicines are composed, by leaders in all the several schools of medical practice and recommending them for the cure of the diseases for which the "GolddK Medical Discovery " is advised, should have far more weight with the sick and afflicted than any ataount. of the so-called "testi- • inials " so conspicuously flaunted before wfojmblic by those who are afraid to let the ingredients of which their medicines are composed be known. Bear in mind that the "Golden Medical Discovery" has THE BADGE OF HONESTY on every bottle wrapper, in a full !ist of its ingredients. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure constipation, invigorate the HvTtr and regulate stomach and bowels. Dr.JPierce's great thousand-page illur tratealDommon Sense Medical Adviser will be sent free, paper-bound, for 21 one- cent stamps. o. - cloth-bound for 31 stamp: Addresser. Pierce as a'bove. Superintendent of Public Instruction HOWARD ALLEN GASS. Democratic County Ticket. For Congress W. W. RTJOKER Representative JAMES O. RANEY Sheriff MARK WHITE Recorder of Deeds WILLIAM REYNOLDS Prosecuting Attorney E. O. ORR Clerk of the County Court A. M. SH ELTON Tieosarer U. S. ALLBRITAIN Probate Judge PIERCE OVERTON Olerk of the Circuit Court MATTHEW ;McBRI DE Collector B. F. THORP Assessor JOHN J. MAY Presiding Judge founty Court S. HAWKINS Judse Eastern JMstrict IRA DONOVAN Public Administrator FORREST M. GILL Judge Western District O. W. GARLICK For Coroner. R, H. CABELL. THE cordiality of the reception Riven Governor Folk by the people of Livingston county Saturday leaves no doubt of the esteem and confidence they feel towards him. MASSACHUSETTS now has a chance to elect a reform governor. John B. Monn, district attorney of Suffolk county, with a reputation for-prosecuting grafters, big and little, has been nominated by T>oth the Independence League and Democratic convention for Governor. Mr. Moran is one of the leaders in the crusude against corruption which was started by - Folk's work in Missouri. He has announced a platform of reform legislation for Massachusetts and his record m Boston is assurasce that he will, to the best of his ^tbiliiyy^arry-oat his ^latfo«a if he is elected. If the temper of the people is the same in Massachusetts as it is in other states, Mr. Moran will be elected. STATE FAIR SUCCESS. James Gregg of the North pre- conct arrived Friday noon from Seda ia where he has t«?n attending the State fair. He stated that the fair was a success in every way and that large crowds were in attendance each day. SKIN ' are qnickly and permanently cured by ZEMO. Xhfe'first application vriU* top the itching and demonstrate to you the •wonderful curative and healing properties of ZEMQ. Ask your druggist, he will tell, you ZEMO Basil/surpasses anything'in the world today for the cnre of every form of skin and scalp disease. ZEMO is an honest"medicme, and always cures. Get a bottle today of your druggist, or write to us. E. D. McConnooehey of the H. W. Castor I a Sons Advertising Co.. ofSt. Louis, says: f "Zemo cured m« of a severe case ofitcbiae I eczema after all othe*remedies failed. I "J believe Zemo to be aa' honest medicine. I ind will cladly answer all inquiries." I Price. $1.00. Leading Druggists I orbyExpress- [ PREPARED ONLY Br I E. W. ROSE MEDICINE CO. I 3032 Olive StrMt. ST. LOUIS. MO. !'• • Gairmnletdand Sold By ••..••• O. P. CLARK, DRUGGIST. FAVOR METHODIST UNION. St. Joseph, Mo. Oct. 5—A pro posal to endeavor by united effort to bring about the union of the North and South Methodist churches of the'United States was presented this morning to the Nora Methodist conference, by Dr. C. N. Broadhurst, a messenger of the Southern conference of Missouri. Although it has recently been the custom for the state conference of the two bodies to send messsengers from one tothe other, the message delivered this morn- sng by Dr. Broadhurst in a masterful discourse plainly showed the sentiment of the Southern Methodists of Missouri to be favorable to the union. That the Northern Methodists of this state are also friendly to the proposition was evinced by the great ovation tendered Dr. Broadhnrst at the close of his address. No offlciol action was taken in the matter this morning. The only action within the scope ot the conference would' be a resolution recommending the union. laflamm itorv Rheumatism Cured in 3 D av a . Morton L. Hill, of Lolmuon, Ind., says: "My wife had inflammatory Rheumatism in evorv muscle and joint: hersufferlriK was terrible and her body nnd face were swollen almost beyond recognition: had been In bed for six weeks and had elptbt physicians, but received no benefit until she tried the Mystic Oure lor Rheumatism. It gave Immediate relief nnd she was able to'wnlk about in three days. I am sure It sored her li'e." Sold by N. J. Swetland Drug Company. Dlu IVilLWAUIitb oiUun louuCi New York, Oct. 5—A report was circulated today that a large issue of stock was authorized at the recent annual meeting of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway Company. The amount said to be authorized was §150,000000. RosweU Miller, chairman of the board of directors of the company, declined either to affirm or deny the report. A Notre Dame Lady's Appeal. Toall knowins sufferers of rheumatism whether muscular or of the joinlfc, sciatica luniluiffoes. iKK'kache, pains ia the kidney or neurnltrin pains, to write to her for a home treatment, which hits repeatedly cured all of these tortures. HheA'eisit her duty- to send It to ail sufferers FRKE. You cure yourself at home as thousands will testify— «o change of climate necessary. This simple discovery banishes uriciicid from the blood loosens the stiffened joints, pnrifies the blood .and brightens the eyes, giving elastic Ity and tone to the whole system. If the above interests you, for proof add t'ess Mrs. M. Summers, I&.X-4J2, Xotru -Oiuuc, Ind, $e.40<§,6.50; packers §6.40@6.52>s; pigs and lights, S6.00@6.52^. Sheep—Receipts 5,000; Muttons S4.50@5.50; lambs S5.50(&7.35; range wethers, $4 25(55.75: fed ewes, §4.00(25.10. KANSAS CITY Kansas City, Oct. 5—Wheat Dec 68Me; May 71%c; Cash No. 2 hard 70(o/71c; No. 3, 68<Vij 70c;No.2 red 71o;No.3,67^.@69Kc. Corn—Dec 37Ji,c; May 38?ic; Cash No. 2 mixed 42c>£ ; No. 2 white, 45c. Oats—No. 2 white M>i(g35c;No. 'i mixed, 31M(oi32Jic. FOLKAFTER^AMBLEBS. Jefferson City, Mo., Oct. 5.— Governor Polk has written a letter to Governor Hoch of Kansas, opening a question involving the boundary line between Missouri and Kansas and the consequent control over an island in the Missouri River on which there is a big gambling resort Governor Polk, asserts that if the island, is within the limits of 'Missouri, measures will be taken to stop the gambling at once. The island which contains about 400 acres, lies between Clay County, Missouri, and Wyandotte County, Kansas, and was formed by the divergence of the river about fifteen years ago. Neither Missouri nor Kansas has entered claim to the island. THE TEX.VS WONDER Cures all Kidney, Bladder and Rheumatic troubles. Sold by all druggists or two months' treatment by mail for SI. Dr. E. W. Hall. 2926 Olive street, St. Louis, Mo. Send for Mo. testimonials. LOOK OUT FOR FROST. A light frost is scheduled for Chillicotheand vicinity for tonight. Be sure and cover up your flowers. Saturday's weather forecast is as follows: Fair tonight with probably light frost. Sunday fair and warmer. '—[IMITATE —• JAS. CORNWELL Jim is only 15 years old. but he is drawing $40 a month in St. Joseph. Jim enrolled in MAUPIN'S COLLEGE. if you are not a chump you'll enroll too. Maupin's College "The POSITION SCHOOL" —- Chillkothe' Mo. . — UNDER SOUTHERN SKIES" "Under Southern Skies" which will be given at the Luella on Thursday night needs no introduction to our theatregoers. It has been seen in our city and its merits are so well known that the announcement of its return is suf- Scient to insure a crowded house. "Under Southern Skies" has proved the greatest in point of popularity and large houses, of all the recent plays of Southern life. It has had five saasons of riigh prosperity and indications point to still greater success for ;his, its sixth year on the road. Seat s-ale Wednesday morning If you like Coffee rut dare not drink it, try Dr. Shoop's Health 'offee. It's true that real coffee does disturb the Stomach, Heart and Kidneys. But Dr. Shoop's Health Coffee has not a grain of true coitee in it. It is satisfying, wholesome and harmless even to the youngest child. Being made 'rom parched grains and malt it 'orms a food-like drink,yet having ;he true flivor of Old Java and Mocha Coffee. Sold by P. T. Abell and E. J. Barney back. CASTOR IA For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of Mrs. S. B. Patterson, who has been in Kansas City for the past week visiting relatives and friends was in the city Saturday a short time en route to her home in Wheeling township. TAMMANY FOR HEARST. New York, Oct. 5 —"No matter what Mr. Hearst does, we are going to support him." said Charles P. Murphy, leader of Tammany hall, when asked, in tne course of an-interview, what attitude Tain- many hall would assume in case the Independence League nonrna- ted candidates in this city for the various judicial, senatorial and assembly offices. The most awka»d and ungainly- woman caa be transformed into -a boaatiful, lovely creature if she has the braid power to absorb the fact that Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea will do the business. Tea oi-Tablets, 35 cents. Swetland Drug Co. 30 head of old time big bone spotted Poland Chinas to be sol at a public sale Tuesday Oct. 11 1906- 24 head selected from m spring litters, also 6 yearling boars. Missouri chief 969(53 a head of herd. Wm.H.Scott James port proprietor. 5od2twl •«. • • .» . Elder O. L. Sumner left this af ternoon for E'mira, where he wil begin a revival meeting whic' will last about four weeks. Mrs Sainner will leave tonight fo Jacksonville, 111., for a visit of th same duration to their son. English Spivln Mn-uuent removes Hard. Soft or Calloused Lumps and Blem Ishes from horses. Blood Spavins, Curbs Splints. Swoeuey. Ring "Bone, Stifles Sprains, c'l Swollen Throats, Coughs, etc Save ISO by use of one bottle. Warranted th moat "ondertal Blomlsh.'C'aroevery known Sold by the N.T. Swoiatad PruK Oo A mule belong to Sterling Shiverdecker of Fulton when turnet into the pasture kicked up its heels so hiph it lost its balance The mule came down and broke its neck. TO CLOSE ENGAGEMENT TONIGHT .The Armin Players, which have been the attraction at the Luella; theatre this week will close their en^aiiement with the play "Tom, Dickand Harry "tonight. The company has given good satisfaction here this week and will leave Sunday for Trenton where a week's engagement will be played. Good for the cou~b, removes the cold, thecausn of the cough. That's Itching piles provoke profanity, but profanity won't cure them, Doan's Ointment cures itching, bleeding or protruding piles after years of suffering. At any store. drug Marion Coberly and S. B. terson of Wheeling came up urday to hear Governsr speak. Pat- Sat- Polk Backache Any person having backache, kidney pains or bladder trouble who will- take two or three coia, mecausfl or tne cougo. mac s j - . ,. the work of KENNEDY'S LAXA-' Pine-ules upon retiring at night TIVE HONEY and TAR —the j shall be relieved before morning. original laxative cough syrup.' Contains no opiates. Sold by Clark's Pharmacy. IN A PACKAGE. Mondo-vi, Wis., Oct. John Severson, wegian woman, east of this city in The medicinal •virtues of tit erode gums and resins obtained from the ifative Pint have been recognized by the medical profession for centuries. In Pine-ules we offej . ^ of tte Tirtnea O f the Hative Pine thai 5.—Mrs. i are of value in relieving all a young Naples, gave birth j boys yesterday. the town of j Prepared by to four baby! PINE-ULE MEDICINE CO.. CHICAGO N.J. SWETLAND DRUG CO, COSTS PAID BY ROSE Topeka, Oct. 5 -W. W. , Rose, r ormer mayor of Kansas City, £as., today paid costs amounting o §297 80 in the second case Drought in the state supreoi« court j oust him from the mayoralty jhair. The first case is pending on an appeal in the United States supreme court. The fees of the witnesses for Rose amounted to $103.50. The actual amount he will pay will be 194.30. Ivan Caryll has a pleasing habit of composing tuneful scores and in his musical efforts in "The Earl and the Girl" he has been pi rti cularly fortunate. Altogethe there are over twenty emphatic song hits in the piece,"How'd you Like to Spoon With Me," "Mediterranean Blue" and "The Poor Little Marionette" being extremely popular. The demand for seats as already evideneed by mail anc telephone would indicate a decidedly successful engagement at the Luella Tuesday night. Got in line Monday 9 a. m. A sour stomauu, a uau breath, a pasty complexion and other consequences of a disordered digestion are quickly removed by the use of Ring's Dyspepsia Tablets. Two days treatment free. Sold by the N. J. Swetland Drug Co. Word was received in Chillicothe from the bedside of William Shaub, a former resident of this county, but now city marshal of Las Animas, Colo., who has been confined to his home for the past three weeks with typhoid fever, was getting along nicely and would soon be able to resume his work. ROCKEFELLER IN MISSOURI Joplin, Mo., Oct 5—The report is current here today that John D. Rockefeller is back of a big syndicate that has grabbed 200 acres of rich lead and zinc producing land. The company has been prospecting secretly for seme time. Rich strikes are reported. Others attempting to 'ease property learned that thu flynclicato had control of nearly all l),rid, which is just south of Joplin. The lead strikes are said to bo as rich as anything ever found in this district. Hard to Find It would be hard to tind a more perfect curative medicine for disordered digestive organs than that gentle tonic digestant, and t-rpid liver regnlator, known as DR. CALDVVELL'S (LAXATIVE) SYRUP PEPSIN. No other medicine has its specific power over these delicate and important organs of your body, upon which you have to depend for energy to carr" on your daily work. It cleanses, digests, stimulates and cures. Sold by all Druggists at 50c und SI.00. Money back if it fails. CONGRESSMAN RIMER'S DATES Hon. W. W. Rucker, Congressman from the Second district, will address the people of Livingston county at the following times and places: Mooresville, Monday, Oct. 8. Springhill, Tuesday, Oct. 9. Sampsol, Wednesday, Oct. 10. Sturges, Thursday, Oct. 11. Wheeling, Friday, Out. 12. Avalon, Satudray, Oct. 13. All meetings will be held at 7:30 p. m. Everybody invited to Jhear ;he issues of the day discussed, d&wtd A bath cleanses the skin and rids the pores of refuse. A bath makes for better fellowship and citizenship. Not only should the outside of the body be cleansed, jut occasional use of a laxative or cathartic opens the bowels and clears the system of effete matter. Best for this are Die WITT'S LITTLE EARLY RISE US. Pleasant ittle pilla that do not grippe or sicken. Sold by Clark's Pharmacy- The Boonville Democrat o&'ers a prize of $5 each month to the woman who raises and markets the most produce during that month. The woman who won the prize for September sold §76.44 worth of produce. And country girls go to town and earn $2 CO a week as "salesladies."—Kansas City Star. Pimples call for immediate treatment. There's nothing moie offensive and dreaded than a pretty face covered with eruptions.' The body must be kept perfectly healthy with Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea- Tea or Tablets 35 cents.—N. J. .Swetland Drut; Co. Two years until the Presidential election and they are beginning to 'call names." A South Missouri editor refers to a certain prospective candidate for the Presidency as "Old Fatty." Tone the liver, move the bowels, cleanse the system. Dado's Little ver Pills never gripe. Sold by the N. J. Swetland Drug Co. Roy Pinkley will arrive tonight ! rom St. Louis and spend Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. George Pink- SHIPS TO LEAVE CUBA SOON Washington, Oct. 5—It ia expected that the largest ships of ho American floet, if not all of hem, will be withdrawn from Cu- jau waters as soon as there is sufficient army force landed to afford security to the provisional uov- erument aad the protection of property interests. The ships themselves, it is stated at the department, do not afford any protection to Cuban inierests save as being quick transports and barracks for the blue j-tenets and marines who have been landed oil the island. ManZan relieves instantly the pain caused by those blind, bleeding, itching and protruding piles. It is put up in collapsible tubes in such a way that it can be applied where the trouble originates, thus stopping the trouble immediately. Try one bottle and if you are not relieved, your money v.ill be refunded. Try our free offer. Sold by the N. J. Swetland Drug Co. WABASH RATES If j ou want to go to New York now ia the time, the rate is very low, first class tickets and first claps service. Homeseekers excursions. One fare plus 82 for the round trip, tickets on sale first and third Tuesday of each month, limited for return 21 days from date of sale.* W. E. CREAMER, Agent. Bee's Laxative Honey and Tar, ;he original laxative cough syrup, act3 as a cathartic ou the bowels. [t is made from the tar gathered Tom the pine trees of our own country, therefore it is the best for :hildren. It is good for coughs, colds, croup, whooping cough, etc. Try our free offer. Sold by the N. J. Swetland Drug Co. The Ladies of the Baptistchurch will hold a special market of dross- el chickens, bread, cakes and pies at Sfcrehlow's meat market Saturday, Oct. 6th. Proceeds for Home Missions. Mosb disfiguring skin eruption icrofula, pimples, rashes, etc., are lue to impure blood. Burdock Hood Bitters is a cleansing blood onic. Makes you clear-eyed, lear-brained, clear-skined. The Ladies of theBapttst church will hold a special market of dress d chickens, bread, cakes and pies t Strehlow's meat market Satur- ay, Oct. 6th. Proceeds for Home .lissioDS. ^i «»~»Itch on human cured in 30 minutes by VOOLFOKD'S SASITAKY LOTION. This never alls, Soldlbythe NiT^Swetlj.nd Drug Oo MAY BE SENT TO HOME ••nil the <t..luii-i;!i N,'«-i-P.-0!.i. Information charging Lucy Weston, a little negrests, with va- granoy was sworn to this morning b/ Prosecuting Attorney John D. McNeely at the request of the child's father, Major D. Weston, whoj alleges that she is incorrigible and will not remain at home. She was arres'e 1 later in the day and probably will be sentenced to a term of years in the Girls' Industrial Home at Chillicothe. Tbo Kind You Have Always Bong-lit, and which has been tn use for over SO years, has l»orire the sijjriatnre of ami has been under his personal supervision since itsinfanoyt Allow no one to deceive yon in tins. All Counterfeits, Imitations and. "Just-, as-srood" are but Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of Infants and Children—Kxpericat.e against What is CASTGRIA Csistoria is a harmless substitute for Castor O'i, Paregoric, Drops and Soothing 1 Syrups, It is Pleasant. I£ contains neither Opium, Morphine i;or other Narcotio snhsUincc. Us ag-o is its guarantee. It destroys Worms and allays Fevcrislmess. it cures Diarrhoea and Wind C'olic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation paid Flatulency. It assimilates the Pood, regulates the Stomaen nud .Bowels, giving healthy an:l natnrpj slsspr The Children's Panacea-- ^'ue Mother's Friend. GENUINE CASTOR IA ALWAYS Bears the Signature of The KM Yon Haye Always Bo In Use For Over 3O Years. MEINERSHAGEN FURNITURE CO. UNDERTAKERS. 'PHONES: NIGHT 153. DAY 397. Six Room Cottage Modern. Threo blocks from square. Good cfllar, wood house. Pi-ice *±>00.<«>. Nine- Room Brick House Incitv. Modern. Good barn. Price «2,tOO. House Two blocks from square. Pi-ice SI. 350. Five-Room House.. Three blocks from square, good barn. Price $625. Five- Room Frome House Two blocks from square. Price $l.L'.y>. Eight-Room Frame House Three blocks from square. Modern. Price $3,500. Six- Room House Five lots, good barn; fruit of all kind. Price 8SOO. Five- Room House Five room hoose. Good repair, price $525 00. Seven-Room House In good repair: good location. Price $1750. BazelJ. Meek Land Co. AT.Cunningbam, Mgr. City Dept. I Oil! co Flours: S to 12 A. M. ! to 5 P. M. Visiting hours hy appointment. OIHIc«: Bunk nf Uillllcntlie l)Id«. Telephone .1170. Dr. Ghas. A. Wolfe, Qsteopafhic Physician Fifth Year in Chillicothe SPECIALIST ISOFIKONIO D I S E A W E CT .VS (71.TATIO X A.VD EXAMINATION FREE. OS-TE-OP'-A-THY. Tliu ilni(?U % ss remedy for tin.' r«Iluf of tlio .-mfT^rlriK. la .apidly wiunlm? favor with thinking people. Kor further information s»;u Dr, T. G. Phelps Dr, Lavina Baaucamp Sini" Consultation ami Kx>un I nation KttKK. Phones: Office III; £lf.skli i no:i: Ph*-ips --IK; Rraurlmtnp 3"i2. PUBLIC SALE -DF- POLAND CHINAS The Big Boned Spotted Kind AT THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18, 06. Budweiser 34644, my Big Boned Spotted Herd Boar, is the sire of most of the offering. W. C. Perfection 30837, the Great Kansas boar has 10 head sired by him in this sale. Will sell 70 head of high grade Shropshire breeding ewes. Write for Catalog. H. L. FAULKNER, Jamesport, Mo. Sparks, Shephard and Wells, Auctioneers. R.. V. THOMPSON, Clerk., Cashier F. & M. Bank. Own a Home We Have Tbese and Many Other Bargains. Sl.flOO—Nine-i-oorn dwelling-, small barn, some fruit, two lots, in excellent neighborhood. $2,35O—Seven-room dwelling, bath, etc., barn and woodshed. Lot 50x112 feet. $850—Five-room dwelling-, on West Webster street, one lot. $1,OOO—Six-room dwelling 1 on North Elm street. Good nei<*h- hood rnd a bargain. S85O — Five-room dwelling with lot UOxUO feet. $60O — Two small dwellings $HOO each, on easy terms. GILL ®> RYAN, Barney Bldg. ChiOicot.he, Mo. CITY REAL ESTATE. Modern slat**-roof. hrlrk venenr, 3-room ivi'lMntz. larnt- lot, tine shade and fruit, tine Incut ion. •I-room, almost new dwelling, near Centra school, price Jifc"»o Nii-t 1 ti-ro«nii dwelling, near Central school rt.Hxl rvttar. .south front, price jafrl (-room, now I story dwelling on Knynard strcft. price IAN i. •_ j r.-nw)m almost now dwelling and barn and lots and barn, price $700, near Industrial Hom**. The last four dwellings belong to noil resident and have to sell. Farms. 10O acres Land—10 acres fine corn land _ linnet? timber, blue grass pasture, unfailing spring, ii',500, J500 down, balance rt per rent. 70-acre Farm—4-room dwulllng. barn nnd out-bulldlngs. 40 acres fine corn land, bal- »nce rolling blue grass pasture, ou R. F, O., and telephone line, unfaillngsprlng In pafl- ture, price $2 tto, WOO down balance at R per cent. I have large list of all kinds of Real Estate and can suit you. Money loaned at 5» ft and ~ per cent on cltyand farm land. Insurance written In companies that pay losses OD farms and city property. Office across street from Post Office. I. N. PAGE. Dr. Frances H. Singer Osteooathic Physician Successor to Bt. Gendvleve F. Laciahlia F1TZPATRICK BUILDING. 504 Washington St., Chillicothe, Mo TKLEPHONE 444. CONSULTATION FRtE NICK RAY'S Bos, Baggage &. Transfer Line. I am now located at M. VV. L.itton's Livery Barn. Aft Calls writ be promptly attended to. I OFFICE - - - - 313 TELEPHONES* RESIDENCE - - 13 HEXKIKTTA HOTEI. No. W. STONE MASON House Moving; & Raisin? Leave orders at Santa Fe % i There's Work for You in California. After eating, persons of a bilious habit will derive great benefit bj' taking one of these pills. If you have been DRINKING TOO MUCH, they will promptly relieve the nausea, SICK HEADACHE — andnervousness which follows, restore the appetite and remove gloomy feelings. Elegantly sugar coated, Take No Substitute. All San classes of labor Francisco. may find steady employment in Top-notch wages; higher than eastern scale. Perfect climate. Construction work possible at a season when it ceases elsewhere. Invest in a railroad ticket — only $25 from Kansas City. On sale via Santa Fe Every day unni Octobei 31, inclusive. I Illustrated leaflet ihowing rate of wa free lo thoae who apply to G. W. Hagcnbuch, General Agent, The AtchUon, Topeka &. Santa Fe Railway, 905 Main St.. Kansas City. Mo, JOHN H. TAYLOR ATTOKNEY-AT-LA.W. Ofllee: 2nd floor Masonic Temple, 8. Washington St. Collections made and promptly remitted. Notary always luotllce. •H-K-H-H-I-H-: - -H-I-H-H-K-H- LADIES! Ala THE GREAT TURKISH REMEDY For Painful. Irregular and Suppressed Menstruation. Warranted to relieve the most ob* stinate and complicated cases. Perfectly safe. ?ecommendedbyladies who have usedit. Price 'l.OOpor box by mail. Sect in plain box. Address TURKISH REMEDY GO., JUUMAZOO, MICH. I. N. Page LAWYER. Washington Street. •I-I-H-t-M H M"M"M"I-I-i 507 I-I-H-5- > Saundera-Tnrner Lumber Yard I J. R. McCLELLEH * OR. W.H. PERRY, Homeopath Office Rooms 1 and 2 Wallbriron building. Residence 1542 west Calhoun St. Office ohone. No. 531: rest-. dence ohone. No. 593. All calls ia,cttr ! and country answered promptly "3"-^ or night. S4O.OOO in cash premiums will be awarded at the MISSOURI STATE FAIR. SEDALIA Sept. 29th»0ct. 5th You certainlv want to see the Bi°-"est, Brightest and Best FaTr'ever held in .Missouri. Very Low Rates from all points in Missouri For tickets on sale Sept. 28th to October 4th, good until and including October 5th, 1906. Be sure your ticket reads via theM.K.&T. Ry. Shuttle- train service between Sedalia and the State Fair grounds, THE M. K. & T. i, Kansas & Texas Ry

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