The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on February 20, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, February 20, 1920
Page 4
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THE DAILT FREE PRESS HOUSANDS GF WILD ANIMALS-DESTROYED 'Itt Least $5,000,000 Saved to i Farmers and Stockmen. pHarked Decrease. In Number of Coy. j otce Followed by .Corresponding ,; Decrease In Loss of Sheep, Cat- ix . tie, Pigs and Poultry. H repared by the United- State* Department of Agriculture.) I Taking the estimates of farmers and ftockmen themselves, there, has been ; aved to them during • the past year , »ot less than $5,000,000 from the : Hinting of predatory wild animals by ..the United States department of ag- . tlcultnre. In co-operation with the. ; Mates. The work Is done by the - >ureau of biological survey and such agencies as are designated by the rarloua states. During the past fiscal : fear about 32,000 wild animals were • rtlled under the direction of the bl- «Hogicnl survey by u force of between J400 and 600 skilled hunters. Indi- ^eatlons are.gtlll greater numbers were killed by poisoning, though-no actiinl jcount was made of animals thus de- J»troyed. " : ; " ' "'••'' I Extensive-poisoning-operations were conducted In the great sheep-growing sections of Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Uew Mexico, TJtah, . ncd Wyoming, This was followed'by a marked decrease In the number of coyotes, particularly with a corresponding de- jcrease In the I9?scs of sheep, cattle, ipigs; colts, and poultry. Stockmen kay that on many Important ranges imd lambing grounds the former heavy .knnual losses nave become negligible Jttr have been entirely eliminated. A3 »n illustration, there is an area about •^15- miles in diameter in western Col- jBrado where sheep owners formerly jfreported. an average loss of about 25 jeheep a day throughout the season. Toisoning operations have been con- jclucted through two successive seasons. Destruction of predatory ani- ials has been so thorough that sheep BOW range freely, sometimes uusit- | «nded for several days_ in succession, ' H»lf-Grown Mountain Lions Snapped In Top of a Yellow Pine Tree— There Are Still a Considerable Number of These Animals in the West Which Have Eluded the Hunters. Without-"loss. "Losses throughout {he- area are nominal. BORAX USED IN FERTILIZER Container Must Be Properly Marked According to Order of Secretary of Agriculture. ' A recent. order signet! under . the control act by the secretary of agriculture, and issued by the bureau of soils of the United States department of agriculture provides ns follows: "That hereafter no licensee handling or dealing In fertilizers or fertilizer ingredients shall sell for application to the soil any mixed fertilizer which contains more than one-tenth of 1 per cent of boron, expressed as anhydrous borax, unless the container thereon be marked, tagged, branded, or labeled so as to show plainly and conspicuously, ns part of the analysis, the percentage of borax present." War, Execution of Saloons'"'" • and Disappearance of Free I Lunoh Rooms—Hobo NO More.. I .What has 'become ofi^the\qld-tlm«. ~hobo?. '.-'.'•' •' ! Not that' anybody wants him back- again, buj; his-disappearance is a niy»f ' terv. - ' .-''•''*'- '-'.---'" To tie sure, the war cleaned him ; out, but even so, he was a diminish;!, Ing quantity before the bugle" called. ;i.- | Chief Thomas Shaughnessy 'pf/.lijiag;-;.!" ison, Wls., like many other v'jprtl^ chiefs, reports that the- tramp".'::litHJjj ceased to be a problem !for, hlm.-aiia that the hofco Is extinct. ',..- : •.':' •'-:$ Despite the war, It is still a puirle to Madison's custodian of the law Tvhat has become of the 2,605 hoboes' who hare disappeared from Madison in th» last .five .year* In 1914, : the ''total ! number of loQgers at the pollceKit** tlon was 2,820,- In comparison with' 2i5 In 1&19. . . . '.''•-•.":;' . The extinction or ..execution. of ; th» saloon is one contributing factor : t« ttte lack of '"boes" according to Chief Shaughnessy. Disappearance 'of free lunches and slumbering joJnfcB Obay» set the tramps to working for bread and butter. Scarcity of labor ourlnf the war "forced a lot of the triflers to work. And a lot learned how to..worit In the army, says the chief.' M .'«' In 1914, 2,820 lodgers-registered at the p'olice station; in 1915, 3,486-,' In 1016, 2,320; in 1917, 1,06?; in 1918piS6;i and in 1919, 215r The almost steady decrease In numbers is shown by a comparison of 1he lodgers In the months of December during the five years 'which,' show 313 lo'dgers at the police station in' 1014; 51S in 1915; 166 in 1916;'40 in 1017;'15 In 1918 K jand only several in 10i9. ;. -i '1" Freight rates have played a very small part in the rising cost of living. Other causes—the waste of war, under-production, credit inflation—have added dollars. to the cost of the necessities of life, while freight charges have added only cents. The average charge for hauling a ton' '•• of freight a mile is less than a cent •'£" A suit of clothing that sold for $30 :, before the war was carried 2,265 'i - miles by rail from Chicago to Los J --•-; ' Angeles for 16j£ cents. -<* Now the freight charge is 22 cents end the suit sells for $50. The coat of the suit haa lncr«a»d 30 dolttr*. Th» freight on It has Increased only S£ cents. Othel transportation charges enter into th« cost of the finished article—carrying the wool to the mills and tha cloth to the tailors—but these othtr ciiarges amount to but.a few cent! tnor*. -"^ The $10 pair of shoes that used to" -^, •;". sell for $5 goes from the New Eng- ' ; 'V lan d factory to the Florida dealer for «';• a freight charge of 5% cents—only ~-~-****~ r one cent more than the pre-warTfateT " 7; Beef pays only two-thirds of a cent ^' a pound freight from Chicago to •"-. New York. •':' American freight rates are the lowest in the world. <lhis advertisement is published by the Association of Railway Executives ' Thou dairmf Information Mnmrnmf thtrattnui Situation may fbtai* literature by anting to Tht-Auoeiatio* of Rail-may Sftoutmu. SI BroMm, Vr J5T«e York. U] 1)1 Azores Once the Object of • Scientific Interest Owing to the Volcanic Eruptions _The Azores islands .were mads the objects of scientific Interest by^ tha volcanic, eruptions' and earthquakes while the former .were alive. ' Sub- oceanic eruptions, sometimes piling up islands which soon disappeared, L were 'characteristic phenomena. . The Azores comprise three groups .of islands, tlielr total ares being less thfin that of RJiorlc Their population is about 300,000, most of the inhabitants being Portuguese. About the middle of the fifteenth century the Portuguese sent expeditions to settle on these islands. One island, Fayal, was presented ,by Alfonso'V of Portugal, to his aunt, . Isabella, duchess of Biu'cmid.?. - It \vns upon her marriage to Philip the Good, duke of. Burgundy, that he founded the famous Jcuightly order of the Gulden Fleece. Columbus halted at the Azores on his way home after discovering America, to offer thani;s. On Santa Maria Is the -church where he knelt. IT IS TO LAUGH' Fatal Originality. She—Men are Never in the world were theire dougji- hiits like Calumet doughnuts. In no others will you find that toothsome, tender goodness* It's the same with all bakings. , CALUMET ; Baking Powder i Makes Most Palatable and Sweetest of Foods Never tough—soggy—bitter. Never anything but the very best—light,^flaky, wholesome—good to eat and good for you, because this .30 year favorite of leaveners is absolutely pure in both can and baking. Leaves no harmful residue. Contains only such in- , gradients as have been officially approved by United States Food Authorities. • : ' . . Made in the largest, cleanest, most modern Baking Powder Factory. • • . Highest quality—most ordinary leavening strength dependable Baking Powder , —therefore you use less. You possible to produce. - You •' save materials 1 it is tised with save when you buy it—moderate hi price. You save when you use. it— has more than the Calumet Doughnuts .. y, Cup sutmr, 1 Eez, 3 Level tca- spocns shortening, 2 Level teaspoon salt, % Cup tnilk or n-cisr, '2% Level teaspoons Calumet Baking Pctcder, 2Yi Level cups flour. Lemon and mace flavor Htm 1». nulia th.m—Creftm najnr Mid ' Bhnrtcnin^' t.'KOUicv, ai'^u-ull boncvn pfnr, li*, powjr^ well alfrtd t^irothep. Work cut wiLb doivlinut cattcrandfryinboilhie tot fat. -• —never fails. Order today. Improve the quality of your bakings. Reduce bilking costs. 72-Page Cook Book Handsomely illustrated in colors. Most complete and dependable recipe book evt?T issue*. Hundreds of helps in reducing household expense. Scores of selected recipes. Betterwaysof makingbet- terfoods. Send slip found in can of > Calomct and 3 2-cent BtaajnB to help covfir cost of pncktnf? ana mailicic. Calumet Baking* Powiicr Q> 4100^12^ Pillaiore St., Chicago, III. you bu3 want St. Friend—W h a t a proposal would L :i tures. I should j simply drop dead If one .of them should say something to . me ' I'd never heard before. H e r b e a r stunner for you a be. Civic Cleanllncft. "" ."Bobby, what did "you do with your peanut shells In the car?" '.?' "I put 'em In the overcoat pocket of that man I was sittin' by."' Her Changeable Mind. Aland—If he has proposed, jj-liy don't you accept him? Mabel—I can't make Tip' my mind whether I would like him when I got him home. ,• .,.;..-,->;••:!. t Auto Clarification. "What kind of people are- the Grabcolns ?" "In what respects?" "In all respects." "They are seven car people." At the Wrong End. Grocer—Now .that you've come In for a little money, I hope you'll pay me what you o\ve me. Owen Hutch—Let's "see, your name j is Zimmerman, isn't it? Sorry, old ' man, but -I'm paying off nil my creditors in alphabetical order • >. • '. ... ft'* ^. tr ' ' Near Enough. .. . bacon—Wouldn't you like to see th8 battle fields in Europe? Egbert—Oh, I've seen 'em'. Bacon—Why, you haven't been over since the %var, have you? Egbert—No; but I've been to tot movies. Horn Powder in Medicine , So extensively does powderer] nnl-*! | rnal horn enter into native remedies ! | in China that some of'the larger med- j icine factories maintain herds of de«r for their horns. TAKING SIDES. '.-..: Every questioh'-'lirisi two sides; So runs 'a. goofl -Ola. song. In every dffterenc'e "abides A right side and ^'a'.wrong. .But still more skies,-, we find, begin Our judgment to contuse. There is a side that's' going to win. And one that's going to lose. And presently more. sides are seen To bother,us anew, As custom makes a choice between The .old side and the new. By subtle Influence we're drawn Into still further floubt. - Man wants, to know it he is on ; The inside or the out. - And thus from side to side thing* (o .Throughout this life so vexed. And very few cf us may know What side will turn up next. The simplest, safest way, we'll find, As mortals Jog.along, Is keeping Just two Bides in mind; The right side and the wrong. WILLING TO HELP KIM OUT Sentry Didn't Want to Be Unreasonable, but He Had to Have That Password. The new recruit, being a very promising young fellow, was put on guard after he . had been a soldier only a week. He was. given strict instructions not to let anybody pass until they gave the p'assvi'ord. The word chosen w a s "Efli- .ciency." on duty about two - \vas aroused from his reverie'by the sound of footsteps approaching in the darkness. He challenged: • .' - ' • "Halt! Who goes there?" And a voice from the gloom replied: "It's quite all right. It's your colonel." "I'm sorry, sir.-- I can't let you .pass without the password." "It's quite all right, I'tell you. I'm your colonel." "Well, I'm very sorry, sir, but I've orders, and you can't pnss this 'ere tin opener till you say 'Efficiency.' " He had ..been hours \vhen he Dental Plata Comfort Powder •Sprinkled Lightly on Dental Plate Holds False Teeth Firmly in Place Prevents Irritation and Sore Gums Absolute Comfort Assured Plewing . Healthful - Sanitary - Antiseptic In Sanitary Sifting Top Cans, 35c, 50c, and $1.00. Manufactured by the Corega Chemical Co., Cleveland, Ohio Recommended and Sold by the folio-wine Local DruggUu OPERA HOUSE DRUG STORE, HEWITT'S DRUG STORE. FOX'S DRUG STORE, SEIBERT'S DRUG STORE, or manufacturer will mall trial packa ge for ton cent*. • ture. Anyone with a sense of perspective and proportion must admit that these, are-unlimited. Like the air service, thlg branch of the army Is In our opinion destined for an expansion that will necessitate Its recognition and establishment as a separate bureau. Had the-war continued a few months, our chemical warfare service would have been using gases which produce an absolutely lethal, effect lasting forty-eight hours, but leaving no permanent .effect.—Scientific .American. AMERICAN'S CREED School Children Are Being Urged to Memorize It Versatile Soldiers. It 1» said that all of, the soldier* IB the armies of Sweden;; and Denmark can rand and Chemical Warfare Service. In the argument that is going on to determine whether the chemical .warfare service is to be a separate unit of the army or to be. included in the engineer corps, note should betaken of the probable developments si ciq« jCu- School children,in many cities and towns throughout the country are he- ing urged to .memorize "The Ameri-. can's Creed," which is a"s follows:"I bel'icve in the United States of America as a government of the people, by t!ie people,, for Hie people; whose just powers are derived from the consent of the governed; a democracy In a republic; a sovereign nation of many sovereign states; a perfect union, one and inseparable; established upon those principles of freedom, equality, Justice, and humanity for which American patriots sacrificed their lives and fortunes. "I therefore believe it Is my duty to iny country to love it; to support Its Constitution; to obey Its laws; to respect its flag; and to defend It against all enemies." •.: _. - HAVE COLOR IN Be Better Looking—Take Olive Tablets skin is yellow—complexion r —r -jngue.cpatedT-appetiterpoouj- j you have a bad taste in your mouth— L laz X'-^% g( S^ feeling—you should fake Ohvfe Tablets. Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets—a sub^s statute for calomel—were prepared bjf Dr. Edwards after 17 years of study* Dr.Edwards'pUveTabletsareapurely •vegeteblecampound mixed witholiveoiL You will know them by their olive color! H . Tqhayeadear,pinkskin,brighteyes,J no pimples, a feeling of buovgney'jik&f childhood daysyoumustgetattfeecause. f Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets act-on J the liver and bowels like calomel,—y have no dangerous after effects. •••"•" They start the bile and overcome t stipation. Millions of boxes are i_ annually at lOc and 25c. Take one < twnnightlyandnote the pleasing r ANIMAL FOOD IS ESSENTIJ Farmer Makes Mistake in Neglecting Any cf Elements in Ration " ,{ Stimulating Eggs. " . | Many poultry fiocks which -receiv an"ntmndonce °f fine quality grain d ; not In.v many eggs In • Hie'' winter tin. to a lack -of animal food like.-'soi milk, buttermilk or beef scrap. Man experiments -by practical farmer prove the value of both beef scrap an* sour milk In the ben's ration. ,At;'tl) present price of grain and eggs jH| farmer can hardly afford to : negle," any of the elements. In. the,; rati which 7 enable the hen to pay for/Mi feed. "-'•••. . . ;"•-•

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