Independent from Long Beach, California on May 21, 1957 · Page 12
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 12

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 21, 1957
Page 12
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!*·,. m is.," ' ·';··,,~'^','.'.p- ' % / · V " ' '*'', ',."""''"''··'·'/·,'·"· ' · ' } »-· .o'':';-;' )7 .-'.^'" I',;;:'^.'V;;'''i-'^'' ' " · ' . · ' · ' · · ' · ' ' · · '.;;. .'. _ _l JT _ - ' n II ·,*··«·' 'SJBJBS · · i»»k " : 'l : ' ' ' - . · ' · ' · / ' · ' ' : . · ' · : " · ' ^^**»i. * £ast)ls ^Surveyed nory Ebell . - · , ' y /. i --: - .·' led · by President Mn, L, E. Shanks, Mrs. C. F. Wlsner, cur-, department II. Connor, ator, Introduced chairmen; Mrs. It . ( · I ; ; , !ByJEANINEBAYS - , . ^ . 1 · Problems of the explosive Middle East became a lit, ' lie clearer for members of Ebell Monday afternoon through an Information-packed talk, "The Middle East: Powder Keg," by Dr. Walter T. Wallbank, professor of Jilstory at USC. .',' ; Fact flew after fact as tl I (peaker delved briefly Into U. . foreign policies and Mid-En ·rises, drawing on personal o Krvatlons made while tcachln '. «t the University of Egypt 1951-32, * and several .· montl · spent recently traveling aroun the world through, the ample of the Rockefeller Foundatlo ; In a verbal poke at VS. to »lgn aid. Dr. Wallbank said cm {hatlcally that "the creates ; amount of U.S. aid must liven to tho countries that ar friendly to ,us. We will Impov crlsh ourselves If Wo try to he · everybody, and If we help every body, we help nobody. Wester Europe should como first." I The Middle East, Im said faces three major forces whlc must bo recognized: polltlca instability ("It Instability con tlnues, the U.S. will be (arced t take a stronger stand"); nation allsm (". . . emotional, frus trated, mad") and the menac of Russia ("Control of this arc would give Russia the one com modify she lacks In great quan tlty-oll.") . "If Russia gets control ot th Middle East, wo will have suf fered a defeat which will be more serious than we sufferec w h e n Communism engulfec China," he declared. Pointing to conditions In Egypt to Illustrate crucial economic conditions widesprca( . throughout Mid-East countries Dr. Wallbank described that na tlon as "an area about the she of Texas and Arizona crowdct with about 23 million people-230 million acres of land, and only 6 million cultlvatable." "US. policy has done a complete circle." ho continued "First we supported lintel 100 per cent, now we are apparently completely pro-Arab." Claiming that recent ' U.S. Hands, on Suez Canal problems have "put us In the Impossible position of supporting a dictator (Nasser) who will cause more trouble," the professor gave few encouraging notes. "The Arabs don't like us for pushing Israel down their throats, but they're beginning to believe .that we will fight imperialism and communism. And King Saud of Saudi Arabia, although a medelval feudal patriarch, Is · strong communism opponent." , -. -. During the business, meeting art department chairman, presented diplomas to graduating lepartment members and Mn, R. E. Skinner read recommendations, which the membership approved, for clubhouse repairs and new equipment. Group M, Mrs. Charles Rltz, chairman, served the preceding luncheon, last nf tho current club year. WE, THE 1* ·-' Page B-2-INDEPENDENT lon| (Mil), Coilf., TMI, M«r 31. Its? Helpless^With a 'Home-Devil DONT REALLY expect an answer, but how como the past few Saturdays have been so mlzzuble as fur a sunshlno Is concerned, nnd Sundays bright arid breezy? Couple Saturdays ago went gaily off to the beach at Corona del Mar to ponder over tho sen nncmoncj, the driftwood, the rocks and the threatening sky. 'Long about lunch time drizzles re-dampened the available firewood. Quickly tucked some between two tarps, along with sundry beach paraphernalia and hot dog makings. Dew stopped long enough for small but blazing fire, Hot dogs were followed by angels-on-horseback, a bit of nostalgia from Girl Scout days long nco (marshmnllowi In split banana, roasted with peel on, In embers) . . . drizzles dittoed again Saturday eve on return from Garden Grove where Betty Kremel took efferveracent lead In that community's little. theater play, "Sudd In Your Eye." Betty's been saving her acting talents for the suburbs for some reason. Before moving Groveward she worked long and hard for The Theatre, but In a press relations capacity, . - , - , . _ ' *-.,, * f t ' f t ' · ^' ; - - · · ' ' ' 'NIIKF SAID about the weather which we can iln naucht about nnyway. Eyeing the earning weekend, hobbylit Ida Maa Griffin wy» the hobby ihoiv Friday through Monday at Mnnl- pal Auditorium should' be well worthwhile, Shu's in charge of the nunilsmatliti' booth (L e, coin collector*). Never eon tell when s new hobby can start, either. Last year » man and wife eak* decorating team set up their booth across from the Long Beach' Gobi Collectors, and the husband got so Interested he all but gave up cake fancying for coin * WHILE MRS. GLENN E. MOORE choose the Southland for a visit from New York City, the J. R. Brlttons are ensconsed at the -Hotel George V just off the Champs Elysees In Paris. Mrs. Moore arrived last week for an extended stay with her son and daughter-in-law, Phil and Barbie Moore, and her dear rascally grandsons, Steven and Michael. The Brtttons are travelling through Eurofe on an official itudy tour of Airline Ground Transportation Assn. and will vlilt Germany, Switzerland and Italy before returning Stateside. , '" ' ft ft it ' '"' * ! ' ADIOS-- Barbara Stewart U moving to Palo Alto, but not without well wiihM and fond farewell* on the part of her Long Beach friends. Mrs. W. J, Watkbu and Mrs. Norman Scott have gave m luncheon for her last Week in tho Naples. · MEMBERS IN EARNEST - When the 15 chapters of Theta Sigma Phi social and philanthropic sorority unanimously made Community Rehabilitation Industries their year's project, they did It with serious Intent In addition to ', presenting CRI manager, Ted Pezman, with a check for $300 Mrs. DuBay, new president, center, and Miss Betty J. Forhan, right, learned from electronics assembly trainee, Jean Prlngle, the Intricacies of his Job. The sorority is a new member of CRI's organizational council Jed by Miss Mabel Nlebcs of Indoor Sports.--(Jasper Nutter Photo) By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN '*' DEAR ABBY: I have four children. Three normal girls and one boy who Is a "home- devil" and a "street angel." This boy Is 9 and he runs everyone In this house crazy. He won't mind. He does just as he pleases and when we hit him he just laughs. At school he acU like a little angel so nobody can believe what we have to put up with at home, I read In child guidance books that In a case like this we should give him special attention and extra love, but will you please tell me how you can give "special attention and extra love" to a miserable kid like ours? --HELPLESS ·' *" Blf DEAR HELPLESS! Thta "miserable kid" Is your non. Aik your family doctor to recommend a specialist in "problem children," and find out what makes your son so "miserable' 1 at home. The sooner you get profM- alonil help, the happier everyone will be. . . ., ft ft -ft DEAR ABBY: My father came home and caught me In one of his new white shirts playing ping-pong and he turned me over hli Itnee and spanked me good and hard with a ping- pong paddle. I didn't know It was one of his best shirts. I am 13 years' old. Do you think was rlghtT-STILL SMARTING ' , DEAR SMARTING I Get "Knurl" alt over and leave your father** white shirt* alone. You wore lucky you weren't playing baseball. ft ft ft DEAR ABBY: I am so skinny my friends | all tease me about It. I can't seem to put on any weight at all although I have double choc- , olate malts for lunch every day and I load plenty of butter on my potatoes and rolls. I ' eat candy and Ice cream and all the fattening things I can think of. What can I do to gain a ' little welghtT-SKINNY. ; DEAR SKINNY! Stop ... I am drooling! ·· , Better see a doctor and let him put you on a ·'' high calorie diet. · -· - f t ' - - f t ' - f t ' -··'- ' "-"; ' CONFIDENTIAL TO "KITTY"! This , metallurgist hat a lot of bran. Toll Mm the % , only metal you am IntrreMrd In Is Rold-- . Md Just enough to go around your finger, , ft ft . ft' ·- DEAR ABBY: I have a friend who has many fine traits, but I guess prldo Is something she doesn't have, Her house Is always a mess. She just Ignores the dishes, unmade beds and clothes thrown every which way, She has a flno , husband and I know he must be as embarrassed . as I am every time he sees It. Is there any way I can help her'without hurting her frallncs? --A FRIEND DEAR ntlENDt You could help her (temporarily) by cleaning the place up--but ' It won't last, A Rente of pride In keeping , thing* tidy mult come from "within." If SIIK I* happy In all that disorder ... skip it, and like her for her good qualities. , :-. · - · ft ft ·· ft- · ·'- -···· // you have a problem, write to Abigail Van Buren in care of The Long Bench /«rfe- pendent. She will be glad to answer your letter. For a personal reply, please endow a stamped sell-addressed envelope. ·'I'- p» ··.'·'.·'.^ f~*l .,.*..,,-,,. ' . , , : ' . ' · - - ; , pk 1 ' , . ,Doy;(:hoose$HJaTe .-£:·-. ' _ ' '.;./.. · / '. -··, " - * · · * . . - · · · · in ; Mother's Nursery Association Sets Installation Dinner Date': "· 1 ..'..' ·' " ""A'year ot service In the Interests of young children In this community will be climaxed at 7 p.m. Thursday when Long Beach-Harbor Area, Association for Nursery Education, will have Its annual Installation dinner at the Lafayette Hotel Speaker for the evening will Does Ritual ICIutter CKurch's Basic Principles? By DR. GEORGE W. CRANE " - . · ' ' ; . By ANGELO PATH! -_. .."· . · · . · ; , ] Qnrabclle was In the dumps. Here she was the most popular rl in tho class, .and tho one boy whom she wanted to date her emed not to know she existed. Now the prom was coming up nd sho had held out In the vain hope that he, the Only, might PEAIRS BROS I invite her. She had made a point of BUICK "BUICK at Its FINEST" ISUI imowER ILVO. Mimowcn 20THEATER TICKETS AWARDED ,: LOOK FOR YOUR NAME ON THE BONAFIDE BARGAINS PAGE OF THIS NEWSPAPER! Hidden In the «di under the BONAFIDE BARGAINS Heading ·btwhara In this n«w*pap« *f» fho names of 10 win- n«n* of · pair of truafw tickets to tho movft below. Turn right now to BONAFIDE BARGAINS and ··· If you aren't among the winners. Winners may pick up their tickets at the Cashier's Counter In th* main business lobby of tht Independent, Pms-T*r*gr«m. Even If you don't win a ticket, you'rn · winner whan you tab advantage of tha outstand- ( Ing valuai llsttd In BONAFIDE BARGAINS. Make a fiabtt of shopping BONAFIDE BARGAINS every waalt . . i. you'll malt* a habit of savlngl : . / · ^ -.-.- ·'··'··!···,·'.: ',., Tickets Good for the Show Below Only Wednesday (meeting him In the hall, being In J his way at every opportunity. He was polite, . friendly and llaloof. "What's the matter with me? [(I'm the prettiest girl in the class. I am the most popular. I can dance and swim and play tennis as good as most, even better. I'm always'well dressed, Tho big stiff. Who cares I Clarabelle cares. Now U Clarabelle hd made a point of meeting that boy's mother," she might have had a hint about the *ort of girl her son would ciiltlvatn, This lady dressed quietly and always in good taste so thai peoplo looked at her with quiet admiration as she passed. Nev er too much makeup, never too much ot anything but always just right. Her smile was quick and friendly, her voice was pleasant and her speech clear with a certain quality that made one want to hear her talk again. She walked smoothly, no swishing, no heels clacking? smoothly and easily, Instinctively one said, "A ady." Had the "lady" seen Clara- clle at work to achieve popu- arlty »he, being a "lady," would lave passed on without so much a lifted . eyebrow, but she would have thought, "Too bad. tad such a'nice'looking child." Clarabelle wore too much rouge, tier Italia were too long and too red; Her iweater* were t«o tight and her skirts (wished too much. Her voice was loud and shrill and so was her laughter. All very much overdone. , Her school mark* were merely passing and onco or twice ·ha.had had a "warning" note from tho office. Clarabelle held no class of Case U-389: Aaren S., 29, Is Hebrew who attended my BIbl Class recently In the Chlcag Temple, "Dr. Crane, It seems to m that various religions are spent Ing too much time on non-csicn tlal bits of ritual." ho began "I have felt vaguely dttsatliflcc so have been visiting dlffercn churches the past year, tryln to find some solution to m problem. "My own Hebrew religion op. poses the use- of pork. Bu Abraham. Isaac and Jacob, well as Joseph and other lead era of my people for the firs 400 yean or their recorded his lory, apparently ate hog mea freely. "Furthermore, I have vlsltec Catholic and P r o t e s t a n Churches. I find that the Roman Catholics and the high Episcopalians veto the use of any mea but fish on Friday. But Chris ate beef and chicken and lamb and mutton on Friday and 1 was no sin. And so did all the early Christians, Including PC ter and Paul, · "So why Is so much fius made nowadays about such a trivia! bit of ritual? · · ! · · -.· «' "SOME OK YOUR Christian churches condemn a man everlasting punishment If Isn't baptized correctly. But what Is the correct form? Some churches use sprinkling. Others pour wafer on the head of the irenltcnt. A third group dc mand complete Immersion. 'And then there arc still others which say that baptism Is luit an outward public symbol if an Inner change of personal' ty, so they let you take your choice and be baptized by any of those three methods. "Today In your Bible Class, moreover, you mentioned the flee. Sho left that to the "grinds" and the eggheads." The can teach their child to read Boy was class president, Fie explained by Dr. Patrl In leaflc THE WAY TO THE GOLD ^ stood high In all his subjects and In tho estimation of his tcaclv erg. His classmates as a whole looked to him for leadership. Only Clarabellc's small group shrugged him'off. Yet here was Clarabelle crying because he would not play with her, Boys usually think their mothers are the perfect example of what a woman should be. They always look at a girl with that pattern In mind, perhaps Unconsciously, Mother has been his closest woman friend all his life, hli confidant, guide and Ideal. It behooves the girl who would like the attention ol a certain boy to become acquainted with his mother, It might be a good start. , · · · ' o ''· If your child Is slow In school, It might be because ho need help In reading. How poren feuding In northern Indiana between members of a sect which opposed the use of buttons on clothing and Insisted on the use of hooks and eyc», exclusively. You said they even banned the button user* from their church. Well, do you think God pay* attention to such petty quibbling? "It is discouraging to me to see so much emphasis placed on petty details. How can a deep religious faith be based on buttons or fish vs. non-fish menus bo Dr. Doris Gregory, supervisor ot elementary education n the Long Beach public schools. Her topic will be "Transition from Nursery School to Kindergarten," During the meeting'following the dinner hour, Mrs. Lillian Exchangettes ^ s Elect Leaders ;\ Mrs. George Dunk was elected president of Long Beach Ex- changettcs during a recent meeting at the home of Mn. Ross McKee, Other members of the 1037-58 board are Mn, Orland Ford, vice president; Mrs.' N. A. McLary, recording secretary; treasurer, Mrs. and O. A. Tripp, Mrs. Harvey fterron, corresponding secretary. or pork vs. non-pork meat courses at the table? "Did your Christ itresi these ilcuyune things T If not, why do His churches get sidetracked on such minor Items of ritual?" I O · O THIS YOUNG man has ccr- alnly placed a very common challenge before all churches. You readers might discuss his remarks next Sunday, 'I urged Irst four Aaron to read the books of the New During a * recent workshop meeting at the home of the retiring president, Mm. James Morrison, articles were completed for patients at Long Beach General Hospital, - Testament for himself and sec low llttlo emphasis Jesus laced on ritual. Christ was a aslc thinker who stressed primarily the fact we should love God with all our hearts and our neighbors as ourselves. The Int. cr code has been called the Golden Rule. But most of the ritual that Is cen In various C h r i s t i a n hurches was not even men- loncd by Jesus. Jesus stuck to undamcntals. Ho preached as man's man, rather than as an ffemlnato personality. It is usually women who seal op the edges of grapefruit and write etiquette books nnd make much of folderol, and thus stress Itual, Much of the excessive Itual of churches Is thus prob- bly due to feminine Influence. Tils doesn't mean women rule ic churches, but many old -non ·dt'ml ol I/it dry I row sexless In their declining cars and thus are half female In iclr psychology. Excessive ritual may often be raced to old men who have lost telr virile stress on 1 funda- icntals and have become some- hat sissy in outlooK. Wed in North/ Of romantic Interest locally Is the recent marriage of Pvt. flex R. Hoffman, sonof Mr. nnd Mrs. E. D. Hoffman, 2310 Lemon Ave., and Miss Clarice Zenkcr, daughter Mru. E, Zenker Wachman wilt bo Installed ai treasurer. Other officers of thi local ANE area who will serve a second year are Mrs. Nolle Loder, president; Mrs. Ruth Stutzman, first vice president Mrs. Gertrude Stlce, second vice president; Mrs. Esther Blake recording secretary, and Mrs. Victoria Carver, corresponding secretary. Mn. Stutzman, program chairman, and Mr*. Slice social chairman, will be In charge of arrangemenU for the evening. Mrs. Loder will Introduce as special guests of the evening, Mrs. Gall C. Hudson, president of the' Long 'Beach Board of Education; Mn, Herbert Field Ing, president of the board, Long Beach Day Nurseries; Dr. Marcelle Nerbovlg, Long Beach State College; Mrs. Gladys Pot ter, former deputy superintend' ent. Long Beach public schools; Harvey Williams, USC, and Mrs. Marjorie Polndexter of the ACE Harbor Board. Membershrp In ANE 1» open to parents, teachers and all persons Interested In the walfare of young children. VA Wives Greet Slate Veterans Administration Hospital Wives saluted Its retiring president, Mrs. Eugene E. Cahill, and greeted a new leader, Mrs. Jack C. Westland, and her officers at a recent meeting In .he home of Mrs. Frank V, Hoffman, 5755 Del Amo. Serving with Mrs. Wcstland, past vice president, are Mrs. Ru- · lolph E. Chancy, vice president; Mn. Russell tary; Mrs. rcasurer, and Mrs. Harold Seler, historian. Board of directors members are Mmes, John S. Darden and L. T. Lawrence, : Red roses adorned the table rom which a potluck dinner was crved. T.-Spear*, secre- Robert Delgado, MY FAIR LADY, , icnJi our clothe! (o Petri'i bcciuw »he Lnowt we jci . more for lot. Jutt )1 65 . for my luiti inj »1.75 for · her plain ilmtn. The bnt ' ' coin no more « mf dir . 1 I in/; knowi. Whr not lug- xnt to your wife to all . Prtri'i tt HEmlock 6-6291, for « r e g u l t r w«)df , «top?" of Mr. and of Tacoma, Wash. Following their Fort Lewis, Wash.,-nuptial ceremony, the couple left for California. PRE-OPENING SILHOUETTI FIOURI FORM--A Part «f th* WORLD'S LARGEST HMllh Studlai (103 Studies from C*«M*-Coaifl NOW IN VODKUURTINI DOWNEY, fashion your figure now for the Bathing Suit Season Ahead! *»'·" *f ·"· M'| ( ^Ojjppoj. gminurff. ^ths jrHUit turns J^ VODKA «0 tiitf IM Proof. Dili, from trim. Sti. Pl*rn (·IIMH ( U. ion, if Hiubliln), Htrtlord.CtM. Why not hovo tho flguro noluro Intondod for you? Enroll SHhoMftc'i luporvliod progromt for hoolth onq flguro foihtonlng · ot. guoronrood U «lv* you tho figure you wput boforo tho iwlmmlng tooion itortil . P-31, "Poor Renders." To obtal a copy, send 10 cents In coin I him. P. O. Box 99, Station C New York 19, N. Y. SUMMER SCHOOL and CAMP row fox Ul.l f«rf ' EFFREYHUIITER-SHEIIEENOIIIH ^ EST-COAST 1 OFF SATURDAY? V Thro enjoy luting your i chorci doOf for you. Pttri'l . driver will 1(41)1 in tht , morning for your dry ctnn- ' ing «nj mum it it your i , convenience, Mtn'i tulti : Jl.63 ind women's pliin ' ( dreuei $1,7}. OH HEm- lock 6-6291 foi Tuur Irg- · tilir itop--It's plinntd to · mike things Miierforyou. NlltM »Ml -- lt»» SUwll -- MlIM* mil -- Rtpiilii CUMII -- Pnim Ur · Ml Tim SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA MILITARY ACADEMY . 10U Ohirrjr, Imi Bssch, Csllf. · Hlnlotk S.I tl« , II OM of Nor Irew* Schools · In Cnlrfeni)* TH l\^ctoi^lu9o IftfMff** f/fTV- CM'\ ENROLL TOOAYI NEXT 50 CHARTER KfEM- BERS AT OBR NEW D O j W N E Y STUDIO PAY ONLY 100 PER JL WEEK For a Court* ludlvldua Dotlgnod for Tout riOUHI ANMTIII ««4 Tll»l TIIATMINT . . . No OMIoolln, Of COWMl Bifboro Thompion, Pictured Horo, Achlovod Thou Chingoi In H«r MuturoRiontii i HFORE · Ann 33" IU$T. 34" J4" WAIST 13" v 37" .HIM 31" t/v R.E STA.U RANT N^: fsriblt fw rind strict rirJtsii i t^f * fUg^f-r ! NO EXTRA CHAROI FOB I · Stonm Coblnoti · Mochonlial I 3 M O N T H S F R E E If wo fill to git tho following rolultl In (0 dtfll OVHWIIOHT !..· II t**»it 1 l».k«i OH HIM mitt \ ' Will! Toko On* (Mh Oil AnklM UNDMWIIOMT *r AVIIAOI AM 1 l«h» It S»i tmmrmvm ···tvro m*4 B*. PHONE Htmlock 6 4476 / HEmlock 5411? 7 3 0 F A S T 8 R 0 A D W « Y L O N G 6 E · C H wUFtANT 10247 S. PARAMOUNT BLVD. TOpai 9-1216 DOWNEY . . FIGURE-FORM From Coakt-fo Coast

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