Independent from Long Beach, California on February 22, 1964 · Page 4
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 4

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 22, 1964
Page 4
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f tl) t A-4--INDEPENDENT Lin INC*, ewf.. ixur«n. »«· a. SCRANTON STEPS UP PACE Rocky Asks His Support but Sherman Adams Mum WASHINGTON Ifl -- New in his state's March 10 pri^met Rockefeller in .« hotel U.S. Talk Over Sub Plans MADRID. Saturday (£Y -Spain's information minister Wirtz, Unionists Argue [ About 35-Hour Week MIAMI BEACH. Ha. (UPI)| George Meany. nr i^. U| Labor Secretary W. Willard president, said there was Wirtz tangled with top AFL-|"very. very track" exchange CKJ leaders Friday over theiribetween the labor secretary York Gov. Nelson A. Rocke- miry. courted S h e r m a n · Adams' support ia New! ADAMS Hampshire F r i d a y while described as the second most [not a witness in these pro- plans to base Polaris sub-1 [lobby but brushed off news-'marines in this country men's efforts to determine discussions were still going sometimes was where he stands, taying *Tm on between Madrid and ministration drop its opposition to the 15-hour work- Washington. "We don't agree withWirtz at an." Meany said ia reference to the · administration jirtg before a critical AFL-CIO ^aim that cutting work hours ^^tnXi'^Vf^^^^*^*^****^ ' · Without directly linkbg^^. ^^ «"f *J^J5£? "*" *« W. Scranton said in an Ohiolwhen he was first assistant to] RockekfeBer d e s c r i b e d the sub-base and « de - tti *!S d ^ ^toT i.?^,^) nelaborfederatJoa'f hieh speech the nation needs'President Dwight D. Eiscn- Adams as an old friend and Cuba Issues. Manuel Frag» k ,,_ r^htinV to,^ jShrnrT'command Immediately adopt- ·fearless leadership." tower. Adams resigned after when asked i( he is seeking Iribarne said he did not e* *«" KSJ°L^^^^SSer^S AcUr Rockefeller, campaigning being accused of accepting his support said, TVe been pect the United States to cut .Jaunistratio -** le ""'· - - * --hard for the Republican presi-lvaluable gifts frora Bernardjaiter It all the way." [off aid because of Spain's ^S, f^Ji dential nomination, met brief- Goldflne, Boston industrialist Asked il he thinks hell with Castro's Cuba. L.,^* ;',',, ly with Adams in the biter's'who then wss facing multiple'it. the New Yorker said. "He's Fraga Iribarne declared that'?!* .t^r^n*!?^?^' » · ^n -* . : t- n...'r.j t -i i * .: 'u- *--i... -it...". . i*:_ ..^..'it.t,:?* Cnt; M i. .·-..wi.i.,' ».«;_i l w ^ uic c*«ncu uiai uicjonn- Adams, former New Hamp-jthen has been little in the forward." »Mre governor and onetime news. powerful White House figure,I The former governor, clad communist, it has * ^P*^ 1 object tora^-negotiated re- Relationship with its former I ^^ . , ttnrk!n» hmir. *nA in Utin Americ-l refused to take a public stand in a bright red himberjackevhe would accept a draft but including Cuba. ^^ . , l ,, he msisted that a /-, . /t i spoke in Cincinnati in one oj regimes canno* mienere oe-i -- « ir «T «vT u ^Tll'IllO'^ f ,?*rtll?/f the increasing number of out-twecn nations of the samei!° « st * Mli a « .35-cour "week OjJf Ul-gd I^IUlVll L f stite ap p| arlnctj which'str^fc" he told newsmen afteri"^^ major mdustry would ^ n . T . hi,l«kml«^«b5Mtm«tte.jwhfehend-^.^ff^J^i^,«» |him better him to the fore pecth'e candidate. By LEE CRAIG l n , t peech to the Cincin- PALM SPRINGS-M"r7r."7 where the two presi-«.« ·»«** TM .?£*"· than 5.000 spectators turned dents left the plane. It ^ai,^!,?' .?*· out at this desert resort's air-joccupied by two bands; an,*^ , ls m * and thrust'ed after midnight as a pros- port Friday to greet the Prcs- American jazz-style j r r o u p , Idents cf the United States and a Mexxican and Mexico. ,band. Earlier, they had received Johnson grinned and spec- politically and eco- to in frfe nations. To restore "American lead- a tumultuous welcome in Los ta tors cheered as the Ameri- «** "_* corridor to great- can b a n d broke into ~The, nes1 ' Scranton said, the United States must halt its Anjeles. The crowd here was liberal-Eyes rf Texas Are Upon ly sprinkled with teen-agers.!You." However, he gave no| who w a v e d American and such recognition to a follow-! Mexican flags as th e y j i n g rendition of a song writ-, screamed their welcome to ten especially for him, "LBJ, Lyndon B. Johnson and Adol-: You're the Man." Jo Lopez Matcos. . . . . . Johnson perspiring in a NERVOUS Secret Service. black suit under the K W e - m e n . as conspicuous as Arizona, Rockefeller's most pree d e s e r t sun. ppcared though they had been in tini- active rival for New Hamp- tired and ready for a rest as form, watched as t h e two shire's delegates, was not on lie and the Mexican chief ex- world leaders walked along,the campaign trail Friday but I." the'next to the wire fence whicfrthe New York governor took .note of the senator's claim Mother, Saves 4 Tots in Fire. A young mother dashed into her smoke-filled upstairs ipartment lite Friday night and rescued her four tiny children, one of whom apparently started the fire with matches. No one wis injured as flames gutted the frame b« more selective in 1 apartment at 1037 California foreign aid and try to'Ave. ,1 Mrs. Betty J. Atkins. 23, said she was outside when trie flames first were noticed. SEN. BARRY Goldwatcr cf The chiTdrcn ranged in' age i up costs, force price in- jcreases and reduce employment instead of creating more jobs as the labor leaders insist. that a 33-hour week is .ential to ease the impact automation and spread Constitution Group Elects Cochairmrn elected Sproul. Dr. Berkeley, Gordon president emeritus of the University of California, and James C Sheppard, San Marino, past president of the State Bar, as its HIBISCUS REDS · PINKS · YELLOWS · WHITES DOUIUS 1 SIIGLES FRESH IUSHY NEW STOCK 1 .GALLON $100 Si 25 CANS_ '1 BOUGAINY11LEA RED FUCHSIA RED BUSHY PLANTS In Bloom 1-GALLON CAM Center California \j- 1_»-- \_-~_ -- _^T_ 15600 $0 ATLANTIC; AVE. COMPTON ecutive left "Air Force VS. presidential jet port AFTER shaking hinds with /Jar License. Denial Advised The city of Long Beach changing greetings with'them|that Rockefeller is receiving^ j k e d the state Friday to and adding members to the^e active support of thejdcny a liquor license to a res- trans-'reld back the t h r o n g , ex- from one to five. ~I shook Hands With a Pres- the official greeting partyjident" Club. both presidents walked to the! Then, Johnson's big black Teamsters Union. Rockefeller agreed in interviews that this is so but excited crowd to grasp many closed Cadillac pulled up and,when asked if he would like taurant-bar featuring rock "n" roll music. Dep.' City Prosecutor John cf the outstretched hands, (the two men got in for a ride,to have James Hoffa. the holic Beverage Control Ap- die of the grceters w a s t h r o u g h the flag-drjped,Teamster president, come to pealj Board to deny a license thapely Virginia Sanchez. 22,jstrcets of the city to separate^New Hampshire to campaign to Henry'* Carioca. 1617 AU- a member of the Agua Cali-jhavens where each could in person, the governor re-^mitos Ave, on grounds that ente Indian tribe, which rrwrns have lunch and relax for sev-'plicd: ,5-Jch a license would " much of the land in this area.|er»l hours before beginning 1 Tm happy the way things.vite" an existing police prob- A bandstand flanked t h e . their conference. are going," lem. Play Classical, Popular, Rock 'N Roll! 10 ORGAN LESSONS S 15 SPINET PIANO RENTALS 795 New. Full Keyboard · I'.' Rent to buy or lease! No obligation YOU PUT TOUR FIRST TUNE THE FIRST DAY! CHOOSE THE KIND OF MUSIC YOU LIKE MOST! WURLITZER ORGAN NOW MAKES THE BIG GUITAR SOUND! IN WALL1CHS MUSIC CITY LMEWOOD ME 3-0181 -- NE 4-0295 J2SI UUIWOOB IIYD. let CendltvooM IN WALKCHS MUSIC CITY SOUTH IAY SP 2-5131 -- FR 0-4511 Howrtont ·» ArmJd OPEN TODAYI Weekdays 10 12 Mid.Igkf SUNDAY 11 ta f OPEN WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY OPEN FRIDAY NITE, SATURDAY, AND SUNDAY Fenfastic Siyirgs run rampant tfirougfi oiy Hugs Warehout.* during tKTs great Quafity l-4crrfl Furnishings SA!« Now in Progress at 52nd erici Atlantic in Long Beaclr. WALL MIRROR. First quality Firtsburgfi Hate. Iti22 3J8 SUPER SIZE WALNUT SECTIONAL COCKTAIL TABLE. L-snape. Il6i «q. in. cf lurface area. Reg. 47.95 ,, U.S3 ENO TABLE. Lustrous walnut. Quality construction- I2J3 3-PC, DINETTE. Jr. slje. TaWe end 2 O.alrs. Set 22JJ SOFA. Con'emporsry style. Foam cu-.Ucns. Reg. $200 88.BJ SECTIONAL Quilted. Oversee. Scotc^arded. Shep 248.88 LANE TABLE GROUP. Choice Codfal!, Step. End. lamp Tables. Famous Natl Adv. group. G«nuir.» walnut 28.88 DECORATOR EEDSPREAO. Quilted. Cno?c« solid, stripe, print. antique satin, te.ture. Full i Twin sir?. Reg. 49.55 14.88 Kmg Queei sl:e. Reg. S9.95 _ : 19.88 DRAPERY YARDAGE. Eoits end Bolts! Most patterns, weaves, colon end ieitures. Sold b/ tta piece. Values to 4.95 yd. 45" 58e Yd. CUSTOM DRAPERIES. Model Home returns, cu-.tcmer cancellations, irore displays. Antique satins, dima'.ls. features and bouctes. Many sizes and colors. Hurry! from 2.88 pr. 5-PC. DINETTE. Nat! Brand Tab!* and 4 De KJX. Chain. 38.88 MATTRESS 4 SPRING SETS. Hotel special. Perfsct. Motel Cancellation. Original bag-.. Compare at $75. Twin Sets 38.88 SIMMONS Advance Style HIDE-A-BEO Sleepers. CJ-.oIc. ef ceJ- cn and covers. Reg. 159.95 to 259.95. From . 9?.88 TERRA2ZO END TABLES. Durable. ld«at rental. 70% ofL 7.88 LANE. THOMASVOLLE. Bas-eH French Provincial. ItaKar. Provincial. Modern V/al-.ut OCCASIOfJAL TABLES. Reg. 39.75 to 119.95. From . 9.9S ELEGANT LIVING ROOM UPHOLSTERY. Over 365 pieces. Sectionals. Sof«», Chairs. Quilted Rain, Lu-.h fabrics. All sfylts, fe«- tures. covers, tofors. Floor end showroom samples. Model Home return. Save 75'/. THROW PILLOWS. Quitted * r d buttoned anfKque satin decors- tor pillows. Asst. shapes end ccfcrs. Ifarcl f.H. Peg. 2.95. 98c fa. MASLAND AND GUUSTAN RUGS. SVrwroom sample^ Wool-;. N/ons. Acrilans. Every cfes'gn, t»ifjre. color. Ideal eres rwji. Peg. 6.95 to 23.95 yd. Limit 6 to customer. 18.27 89e. 27«36, 2.95, 3i»60 4.95 VINYL COVERED BENCHES In durable ftnd attractive hammered cpanded plastic. Feridot, ccrpfrtcr.e. e-juimarlre, cearl. red. P.e-jular 14.95 _ _ _ ._ 9.95 STACKING STOOL In CorsnlaT er Modern tf/mg?. Write, geld. sand, persimmon end turquoise. Regular I2.95._ 1.95 STACKING STOOL in Italian Provincial styling. Fsrcf.ment. bite gra-.i cr avocado. Peg Jar 16.95 _ 11.95 STACK PILLOWS. Oversirs in durab?» vinyi cover'xg. White, per. ilrr.mon. goU or turquoise. Regufar 7.95 3.95 CARPET ROLL-ENDS. ROOM SlZfS. Trp brands. Wool, Nyfon. /^r^an. Peg. 5.93 »o I2.9S yd. Frcm IJ8 YJ. MATTRESS AND SPRING SET. Quality feat-jrei. Ferfecf. Discon finteJ cover. Original bags, hi or twin tTie 49.95 S«t KING S(Z£ 4f7 SLEEP SET. Femoui Savey. Sptt Bo« ?».9S S«f MAPLE CHESTS. IUNK IEDS. DRESSERS, STANDS, EED. SAVE so 13 toy. DE LUXE QUILTED SECTIONAL From Decorator Studio. Reg. 799.95 __._.._ 499.95 QUALITY QUILTED CHAIRS. Loung, sfyle- Sl.tpard casters. Reg. 149.95 99.95 TABLE LAMPS. Over 300 fo clear. Values lo $100. Frem 1818 EEDROOM SET. White modern. Dresser. Mirror. Panel Bed. 2 Nits Stands. Eastern construction. Reg. $280 - 129.95 sH DESK AND CHAIR. Student desk end matching cnalr. Reg. 139.95 99.95 set ODDS AND ENDS. Tables. Beds, Stands, O.estj. Mirrors. Dressers, Chairs. Buffeh. Chinas, at UNDENIABLY. ABSOLUTELY GIVEAWAY PRICES. DECORATOR CHAIRS. Quilted. Casters. Blue. Persimmon. Marine. Avocado. Compare at 119.95. Will sell fasf at 59.95 BROWN SALTMAN STORAGE CABINET/COMMODE. 2-dra*er. Ivory Walnut. Reg. 79.95 18.88 MAPLE DROP-UD DESK. Reg. 69.95 37.95 MAPLE 4-ORAWER CHEST. Peg. S9.9S .44.95 V/AGON WHEEL BUNK BED. Maple. Reg. 79.95 29.95 THOMASYllLE COUNTRY MANOR 8 pc. DINING ROOM SET. Reg. 700.00 ._ 529.95 THOMASVIU.E COUNTRY MANOR CHEST. Reg. Ii9.00 119.95 5-PC. SPANISH ANT./WHITE SOLD BEDROOM. Trip'. Dresser w/mlrror. King sl:e headboard. 2 commodes. Reg. 440.00 319.95 ITALIAN PROVINCIAL 5-DRAWER CHEST. Reg. 159.95--89.95 9-PC. FRENCH PROVINCIAL WHITE DINING ROOM SET. Buffet, chins fcp, oval table. 2 arm chain, 4 i"d« chairs. Reg. 1149.95 499.95 BROWN SALTMAN FLAME GRAIN WALNUT ACCESSORY TABLES. Reg. 59.95 14.88 Oversire Custom PILLOW JACK SOFA. Straw J Nature!, fleur d« L'ts pattern. Reg. 499.95 299.95 Crown Oversize CURVE SECTIONAL. Natural. [Slighffy jo^ed]. Reg. 799.95 499.95 Crown Oversire 2-PC. SECTIONAL Turq. Heavy Tweed Cover. Reg. 759.95 469.95 Oversee TUFTED SACK 4-CUSHION TRADITIONAL SOFA- Toast. Reg. 299.95 229.95 SIMMONS Scofchgaro'ed 2ushlcn SOFA. Nature!. Reg. 397.95 199.95 GENUINE TOP GLAZED LEATHER CIU» CHAIR t OTTOMAN. Oxblood. Reg. 309.95 199.95 Contemporary Quilted TIgnf Seat CONVERTIBLE SOFA t CHAIR. Gold end brown cover with wslnut wood trim. Reg. 230.00. I only U9.9S Oversize PILLOW IACX WING CHAIR. Choice cf Mustard cr Toast. Reg. 199.95 117.95 Oversij, PILLOW IACK T-CUSHION SOFA. Naugafiyrfe- R «9- 297.9S 199.95 Elecrrlc GRANDFATHER CLOCK. Centerr.porery W.V*t f nlsn. 59.95 2IJI TERMS? OF COURSE! T.It Y.i-i Iri M P.y-.-t ill Ml/ rise jwim HOME warBhouso sale, NOT AT OUR MAIN STORE A T T H E W A R E H O U S E 5 2 N D A T L A N T I C THURSDAY 20.... 930 TO 9 FRIDAY 21 9:30 TO 9 SATURDAY 22 9:30 TO 6 SUNDAY 23 10:00 TO 5 ACRES OF FREE PARKING · NO PAYMENT TIL MAY · SAVE UP TO 75% · WAREHOUSE STOCK · FLOOR SAMPLES · DISCONTINUED LINES · MODEL HOME RETURNS · ODDS ENDS

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