The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 12, 1957 · Page 10
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 10

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 12, 1957
Page 10
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WtilC tJ me** tlfef fcjf» Continues m fof fr«*p6tt but listed Jhen throughout the county., ° ft whst »*P*?»«4 « the three Slid when this eoiutna started, tourneys drawffig eounty names •TOllard Wo&d, \^i-kn6wn lover the past weekend, Wood *as theoniy player make Ternple ffofti this arid he did right well as he Mis To WP I&* W S5S ** Br *t6n» 'tKn»?i* i Some of the .top W1Uard " **• shi i* * olfers from Austin, other P arts ot Central Te*- patt * the Itoatch - p " y Harold Kteftek Waited i 1 B>«*£ annual In ' '• Medalist was Sonny fthoades, Tournament -no 2 goif er on the Universit? Country Club of Texas team, while Willard has no connection With i slipped in ths , i . l'L te I eter *" s - John »y Crawford, of Austin , "£* * ° n y *•• Wood's first round foe that " jearly Frida y »0"»ing o* last « After nin * holes 4, and l^ntS. (SWood 4u the gave the match to Wood - and stepped back to the cham- byipionship consolation bracket. >*JOKS j In the second match, Willard prpb-1 wen against Joe Westerman. of then I San Antonio. Willard won this summer jby a 7-5 count, and thus moved on to the semi-finals. Nig*Sf (it Freeporf U Cubs, RS In Showdown ., muddy, < wfiich wai nttlft fMton that fithing ' At Temple.... ' Marcelino Moreno, the i in Texas Aggie -player, wen Thursday night will bring a showdown in the Freeport Little League baseball race, as the tied leaders, .Who are the Cubs and Red So*, tangle. Both nines have won seren while dropping a pair over the Sox give* tfteni a 7-i mark, the same as the Cubs. Paul Howard picked up the two inning win for the RS while Ronnie Griffith suffered the loss on the/ mound for the Bobcats. .The Freeport schoolteacher 1 5p with fcid lots of. trouble with his TI\. j won Rhpades first half "of play and the ! Thursday duel will wrap up one'in LL play is played Ini L ? ttle . halve in , Royce pitch * Braves as Wbbd* Came three-hittet for fishing in tf)« Srttospbri Ate-» hit « mid-wwk lull Tu« day with only a tilt amoufti ot aetiyity reported from mott bf the favorite spot*. ' --) while Thowsai .....,.»««. w£nt ait tha the hosting raft*. - M« gave uf SUM safe While LJ touched Meall n. 1 • Utt wtek t.iittt imbunt W mbvement *as ipottea along the SuMside Beach, do\vn as , far U, S«n Lttis Pass, but only a handful 6f anglers w«r« out turned the back r.i The beach has been covered wfthJb** aid other deBH* from the Weent flood* and that i* not expected to aid local flsh- j first inning. Tommy Xtie's ln"¥-c"V"Blli"«;. vi '*** b€in * don » in D""" and «i-S.fiS: &&^8S3Gjfc S3? *a e the fielder missed the ball and I Clute Brave* with Rbnald Pisk t *• Bobc 1tt one, ••««• tCS'i.'ilS.*°"*iSf d <,,*»,l S* T" S "l •" «~ x* ™. M »» , ..i-.-^s^l-'T g» n asaa!^- -jrS^a *»« sana sj* »*?•?« *S5S.?SM:i f a?ai'HfeM F"— =-« * P whichis «.'in!* J ?i? yar , d J 1016 ' Tuesday's win fnr «i,. TJ=J) take a 6-3 ^^^ fewj _d P^d^a^ ffi !S?J n ??**.* ±f?":;. Ja P kson . as the i •$*!"?!£.- „__._.:_ ,. . I ing should pick up later in the onlT "Bni <r Wnl""h' i . "u"» «°« "»i we Dan dealer* in ^ff-A-VASOfKOSyaS >v June 17 — ™nors at i4a*e-Jackson as the:'"i""^* The Red So* mn v *A int., „! Te *a» League, National League ^ u ™_ clut * Dodger* turned t for first ust SSht .. £. i and American loop will a,l! ba< * B«*oria in a wild 18-101 L 1 . ."' J ± st . nl « n t, as they Mn H t..-,. «„ tum.u scoriaa matrh wiih MIV. »«n , j ^ —._.,.. n.t.. ,niAc jvtui* r«,ver wa action last:£?,?!«?•.*'.««• «* driv-JTu^daT a Ja»t' n, Red ltake * iwon 3-1 over the Cards. ""Jjment ihal drKTVto. SSST Rhoades | tag of local players was Mac- ogdoches. Hands Freeport 2nd Defeat, 3-0 .Visiting L« Rose Cleaners ae- Bob Griffin went the dii- tlulc !,* 0 ?' th * Dod 8 er « and bad Texas Eani »»*»»i single ae- El Medico Back In Main Event El Medico, wh« continue* to' Win In mat bouts, goes against' Tokyo Joe thin week la Angleton's main Brasoria County wrestling event. and Billy Hudgins worked on the mound for the Phillies with Hagler getting the low. The Dodgers waited ™,untH ! the fourth to open Ule scoring and they picked up <ffle in that ' , frame with George Dingre arid ! I Bruce Lee getting singles while i to * d * d wWl Raymond i and P " r rouri< ' !( • - ,rt! lt down il » hum « tcll i Unk ' mai1 * oin « went on to blank Freeport's first year semi-pros by a 3-0 i count. The LJ Gators Take 4-0 used' W 111118111 " ""d a long single by mSy?*? «•*» •«•*..«>"•.*• h: The Houston outfit usedi w £± a "£ ™ B " Jon « " n " .-three hits in that first to push | Jj! 3 Sld5j' ka1 Xf^t,, 1 ?; home three runs and clo« or.t! I??,^ 1 '*™ m the *££ ] n th* »corteB. After the first, it!f?^ ?? .«. W. »»11. •• 5tTfift.T to -^^* nB K i &r&%^ d a real finh time aa.theiwas quite a baseball game. !,"* 5°"S! ed J9 left field «cor- —-__-.....„„ Member Bnh : h»H"«"V~V «*T r i?"**" ,«roup IM« «.-uring. «ner me ursi i<3aMc, who hails *oni Hou«tnn '». t T al « n »*."»e *».the/was quite a baseball game. l^Moit of'these plSerTwere ; «, T"?? h^ltaUtjfr.'fookj • Raymond McReynolds work ;^ngpart in thefo^Si fUg™ " "' "" th ^'"^' --'- - "-- —'*- ;*j>d Dr. Taylor was the ing a rtfn. Back, >to Lake Jaokaon notched **.„*«"•« trt. County loftball League win last nfeh a* Olnk Mlakenka fired a one- hitter past Boftick's Cafe. --—— Jim Henibree's *arp double while)In the flrst irnlng aooountoi for three run* and sent »he CSator* on to a 4-0 shutout of Ratka th. :T»'"~t*7-, • *w*i • »M»jiiiwHu muncjrauKis worn-; n.«u>^4* ft t. , , . v»«iur» on 10 a 4-« shut liFneedfc. The ed on. the mound for Freeport w Sf&2 to T&, $"**• by the LaMaroue cafe runr 6ff smooth/while Billy ftaeaer aandled the j ^{jJ^gSj,. 'jLJJjgj ^ *jf TheTuisdly night ed . fancy, of sev- 1 through five innings to Tom- "S 11011 6rltttal for four hlu »"<*! dron P " Bud Rucker „, to the first flight. , Evans and .. „.„„ w,, U pi B beaten by fellows that playing. iTee Shots.... -- —.. b .. Mlc imuvyoi »ev- i »M«U»U nve innings 10 lom- piayers in this area of the 'my Lassater an dBobby Spenc- i er. _. Jackson! In the seventh, Hollis Hood .. ------ Player, was one'banged out a single to left fori-j-. tne golfers at Eagle of the few safe blows the!£7? W.iker>mmi. ? agt week ">d with alLaHose' moundsman gave ~: walker couple 0 ( mo r* locals aiso »way. The Houston nine failed to do much with McReynolds after the. first, as the West Columbia hurler came through no —— --•- HVII* (&BT VU UJf) J ——-rw-wtl. •••«il*BI«f M,*, SJC hit going into the *ixth. !**«• Jackton'* pitching staff, Phillies getting the hits were!weMoji Haney, has wrn ,1J Mi *« Tr » c y- «ud- Q«»«»>ury had do^- n n »i»i ,„ u WH1 be!even thou « h next two tournaments thatireal muddy. Jieal* will be looking forward! and it appear* that Braw- «>uwe was with several. strikeout* over the nine inning route. j. No games have been sched- Around 16 player* took nart ule<l tor the aemi-pro* in the ,^ .,^.. ,f .*«» «w* Pari, *....i_ j^j ott g. ]tau ot the to thi* while losing two. Thunrtay, Lake Jstk*<m wUl host United Salt in a twinbill RECORDS OF THE LAKE JACKSON GATORS FROM 1947 TO 1852 Year -'i••. »47. %W4«l 1X949 Won 56 31 57 40 46 50 ^235 Ixwt 4 15 .. 15 '" 11 9 U Tied a 0 with both Haaey and Mladetv ka aUted/to pit<* lor the Ca tor* in their Webb-Schmld Field doubleheider. K.istick'« . softball race . Mladenka { had 19 strikeouts tmt walked seven men over all of their run* ia the flrat Innlr* three coming on a double by Hembree. whfl. uie fourth wa* on • paw ball Picking up hit* for Lake . I f5«w w«* Harvey White head, Slaney and Moore, all ainglei while Lefty Under- wood'cracked out a triple in U- -._-. ._, .^fc,,^,^,,. . un double. Walk* and errors gave the Galon • chance to set up the oiir.nm f w *t ' . _The win for 1 madenka wa* •mmbej, 12 ao^wt-no setbeeka over U» IH^MMK. ^^ Lak* Jaokson' wiU Houston Saturday anri for * two^lay fcm, with *>me of the top aoftball team* taking part, b« In The final "pits rarmer 'i Billy Wicks. The opener ha« Coon Froberg mixing things up with Tiger Conway. Marvitt Jones will be the refcres thi» week. ™e- tam-event .card will get underway at 8:Jo p.m. from the, ahr cooled main building on; the Braxoiia County fairgrounds in Angleton. — o. .. County . Baseball Card Tlti , Llttto League— Minor, and Texas Leagw* ; game* i» L« k , Ja«taon if. Afternoon and night -from ' UL. and Gator FJelde, Teen-Age— Bay City at Free port fMaJorsi , . ,. West Columbia a* Alvln Little LVeiue~?"~ " Lake Jackson (K> Dodger* v*. Phlllw*; BravM y«: Card*. Angleton <A> — Kiwanis vt, Yanks; Red Son YS. Re- BraiorU Countgr League Warriert at West C*» (Bed ho , tke«. P p«, that Mfbaid CJute at IklM) Jaduen L^gue ' afternoon Vote For J* "Mac" McKay Br BILL MeMURRAY racts Ipoit* Pdilw (Editor's Nou—This U Iht tl*tb in * serif* of articles on put take JacJM«* softball learn*. The series flailed witk th* ;1I4T teem hreiigh the ting back to 1»4T. The 1»}2 record we* alto thayhird time to a .pw, that Lake J*et reached the h*lf cemiry > They hung up 36 win* and ed 87 in '*». C«tor» as they blank#d Grand Price by a M score with Lam v to win » aw -s i$ all ° >w ««P«akes thii recent rain have _ a«tor mound *#H, aiw«y portUon to Btck in league «, iMT advertlaneat , Jackaen went pV» ** they took two trom O14 Oeeaa, 7-1 a the state -title in '»J, the """« wer« *un tagged M of th* best softbaU team* the «.to and came on to prove After winning two con secutive a t a 11 softball Pullon* Hav« New Oirl four in • row a* ;/ B .« wo " ib<mt *•* *•*•» ciuV 0emwe from their championship perch but not be- manager w«* Billiard who, by .till , csiy , Last season Bullard fore they ha4 hung W p string of §Q. victories. The tournament H»f»Tf Three affair at Gstor w while number* 10 ind The 59,11 mark gave tho

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