Independent from Long Beach, California on February 1, 1960 · Page 26
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 26

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 1, 1960
Page 26
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Page C-10--INDEPENDENT Un " *" th ' ei111 " M «""v, ftb. i, mt Television Log KNXr C I.-.-.;: 2 KKCA Clionn*! 4 KTIA Channel 5 KABC Chonntl 7 KHJ Chonntl 9 KITV Chonntl 11 KCOP channel 13 Ih* Indtpondenf onimie* no r*»poii*tbffffy f«r cnaiigts mad* by tloliont. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1960 6:00 A, M. 4--Continental Classroom (repeat): "Physics" 6:30 4--(Color) Continental Classroom: "Chemistry' 6:45 2--Austin Green 7:00 A.M. 2--Captain Kangaroo 4--Today, Dave Garroway 7:45 2--Grant Holcomb, News 8:00 A.M. 2--Vagabond: "Death Valley" 8:30 2---Amos 'n' Andy 5--Skipper Frank's Cartoons 9:00 A.M. 2--The Red Kowe Show 4--Dough-Re-Mi. G. Rayburn 5--Larry Finlcy, Cartoons 7--Chef Milani ]1--Ramar of t h e Jungle 9:30 2--On the Go, J. Linkletter 4--Play V'r Hunch. M. Griffin 7--Life with Father 11--The Jack Lal.anne Show 10:00 A.M. 2--I Love Lucy, Lucille Ball 4--(Color) The Price Is Right, Robt. Q. Lewis 7--Chucko's Cartoons 11--Movie: "After the Thin Man," \Vm. Powell, Myrna Loy 10:30 2--December Bride 4--Concentration, H. Downs 5--Ding Dong School 11:00 A.M. 2--Love of Life 4--Truth or Consequences, Bob Barker 5--Romper Room, Miss Mary 7--I Married Joan, J. Davis 11:15 9--Topic: "N. Ireland" 13--Industry on Parade 11:30 2--Search for Tomorrow 4--(Color) It Could Be You 7--Navy Log 9--Gene Autry Movie: "Cowboy and Scnorita" Ki--Lloyd Thaxlon Red Shop 11:45 2--The Guiding Light 12 NOON 2--News; Movie (12:05): "Robinson Crusoe,' Dan O'Herlihy 4--Queen for Day, J. Bailey 5--Uncle Luther (cartoons) 7--Restless Gun, John Payne 11--Sheriff John, John Rovick 12:30 4--Thin Man, Peter Lawford 7--Love That Bob! 13--UCLA Course: "Matrix Methods in Engineering" 12:45 0--Movie: "Shall We Dance," Ginger Rogers, Fred Astairc ('37) 1:00 P.M. ·I--Young Dr. Malonc 5--Movie: "Howards of Virginia," Cary Grant, Martha Scott 7--About Faces, B.AIcxandcr 11--Abbott and Costello 13--Film: "Steel" 1:30 2--As the World Turns 't--From These Roots 7--The Ray Milland Show 11--Dial 999, Robert Bealty Ki--The Ri? P i o l i i r n " I 2:00 P.M. 2--For Better or Worse, Dr. James A. Peterson A--House on High Street 7--Day in Court, H. Simms 11--Paul Coates Show 1M--Movie: "A Very Young Lady," Jane Withers 2:30 2--Art Linkletter House P'ly 4--Split Personality, Tom Poston 7--The Gale Storm Show 9--Mr. Mrs. North II--Check II W i t h Chambers 3:00 P.M. 2--The Millionaire 4--Movie: "Hundred Hour Hunt." Anthony Steele 7--Beat the Clock, B. Coliyer 9--Movie, "Sister Kenney," Rosalind Russell ('46) ]J--Steve M a r t i n ' s Club 3:30 2--The Verdict Is Yours 7--Who Do You TrustV 4:00 P.M. 2--The Brighter Day 5--Skipper Frank's Cartoons 7--American Bandstand 11--Clutch Cargo; Linkletter and the Kids (4:05) 13--Webster Webf't cartoons 4:15 2--The Secret Storm 4:30 2--The Edqc of Nij-ht 11--TV Reader's Digest 4--Lee Giroux Show (4:40) 5:00 P.M. 2--Burns and Allen *J--Teleplay: "Girl on a Park Bench," Joan Fontaine 11--Susie, Ann Sothern (5:05) 5:30 2--Movie: "Captain's Paradise,'' Alec Guinness (Br.) 5--Popeye, Tom Hatten 7--My Friend Flicka 0--Criswell Predicts 13--Robin Hood, Rich. Greene 11--People's Choice (5:35) 5:45 n--John Willis the News 4--News Almanac (5:55) 6:00 P.M. (--(Color) News and Sports 5--Bo/o the Clown 7--Hemingway; Weather !)--Cartoon Express I,"?--Baxter Ward, News 11--Jim Bowie (6:10) 6:15 4--Huntlny-Urinklcy Report 7--John Daly and the News Jo--Goodwin J. Knight; Cal ] i Tinney Sees (6:20) 6:30 4--(Color) Curt Massey Show 5--Clete Roberts Reports 7--Navy Log 13--Adventure Tomorrow: "Nike vs. Bomber" 6:45 4--(Color) Jack Latham nws 5--The Big Three (News) 11--George Putnam, News 2--weather Vane (6:55) 7:00 P.M. 2--7 o'clock Report (News) 4--Manhunt, Victor Jory 5--Municipal Court 7--Schilling Playhouse: "Cotch's Catch," Paul Massie, Dora Bryan 9--The Little Rascals 1--Quick Draw McGraw 3--Seven League Boots: "Land, Sea and Sky" 7:15 2--Douglas Edwards, News 7:30 2--The Kate Smith Show, w i t h Count Basic, John Sebastian 4--Riverboat, Darren McGavin, Diane Foster 5--Johnny Otis Show 7--Cheyenne, Clint Walker 9--Whirlybirds, Ken Tobey 1--The Three Stooges 3--I Search for Adventure: "A World of Our Own" 8:00 P.M. 2--The Texan, RoryCalhoun Movie: "Dracula." Bela Lugosi, David Manners ('31) 9--State Trooper, R. Camer'n 1--Life of Riley, Wm. Bendix 3--Movie: "Virginia City," Errol Flynn. Randolph Scott 8:30 2--Father Knows Best, Robt Young, Jane Wyatt 4--Tales of Wells Fargo, Dale Robertson 7--Bourbon Street Beat, Richard Long 9--Square Dance Party 1--Meet M'Graw, F. Lovejoy 9:00 P.M. 2--The Danny Thomas Show 4--Peter Gunn, C. Stevens 9--Movie: "Blood on the Moon," Robert Miichum, Barbara Bel Geddes 1--Frontier Doctor, R. Allen 9:30 ·The Ann Sothern Show Top Viewing Today 2:30 P.M.--"House Party" (2). Special salute to the kickoff of Hie Heart Fund Drive with Eddie Cantor and June Allyson as guests. 7 P.M.--"Rivcrboat" (4). Details below. 10 P.M. COLOR--"Steve Allen Show" (4). An old friend is welcomed back by Steve when Private Steve Lawrence appears. Allep gave Lawrence his first "big break" with a singing spot"on an old "Tonight" show. Olhcr guests are Jaync Meadows and flamenco guitarist Carlos Montoya. (Allen's newest book, "The Question Man" will be published on Feb. 15.) 10:30 P.M.--"June Allyson Show" (2). Story of a movie actress, en roule to a premiere of a new film, who loses her sight in an auto accident. She now must live in a strange new world. Robert Taylor plays himself in a brief appearance. TERRY VERWN missed sonic filmings when he was injured in a Palm Springs auto crash on Jan 23, but is back in action again. 6:30 P. M. The development and testing of the Nike brothers, Ajax and Herculues, is followed by "Adventure Tomorrow" (13). 7 P. M. In order to obtain a job, American in Englanc Captain Grey Holden, por- rayed by Darren McGavin who is also "Mike Hammer" on TV) has moved his "River- joat" (4) to 7:30 p.m. on Mondays. The big sternwheeler will try to push "Richard Diamond" and "Love Marriage" out of sight. Diane Foster will play and wealthy politician's daughter o whom Capt. Holden proposes marriage. The girl is! arl .orn between love of adven- :ure and her loyalty to a j w n o agrees to marry the first gir 'ather who desires to migrate .o California. Flashbacks have him during "Schilling P l a y h o u s e " (7) Friends help him find a worn- show how various new mem- ers of the crew came to the are used to|an who is willing to go into the marriage but he of conveni- makes one boat including Joshua (Jack:statement that upsets the ap- KNOB a t I I a.m. 4--Goodyear Th'tr: "Capital Gains," Rod Taylor, Joanne Dru 5--Movie: "Them Nice Americans," Bonar Collcano Br.--'58) 7--Adventures in Paradise, Gardner McKay, Gloria Vanderbilt, Dan Duryca 1--Harbor Com'cl, W. Corey 10:00 P.M. 2--Hcnncsey, Jackie Cooper 4--(Color) Steve Allen Show w i t h Steve Lawrence, Jaync Meadows, Carlos Montoya 1--George Putnam, News "!--Baxter Ward, News 10:15 1--Paul Coates File J--Roy Storey's Sports; Cal Tinney Sees (10:20) 10:30 2--June Allyson Show: "So Dim the Light," Miss Allyson, Robert Culp, Robert Taylor ',, Three Final (News) 7--Man with a Camera, Charles Branson 13--The Tom Duggan Show 10:45 0--John W i l l i s and the News 11--Sports, J. Wheeler (10:50) 11:00 P.M. 2--11 o'clock Report: l-'leming. Stout, Stratton 4--(Color) Jack Latham nws 5--The Mike Wallace Show, with Dorothy Day 7--Lew Irwin Reports 9--Martin's Playhouse 11--Movie: "Naughty Marietta," Jeanette Mac-Donald, Nelson Eddy 11:15 2--Movie: "Dark Passage," Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall 4--The Jack Paar Show 7--Let's Dance, Al Jarvis 11:30 5--The Star and the Story 12 MIDNIGHT 5--Del Moore's Hangout 9--Movie: "Heidi," Elsbeth Sigmund (Sw.--'55) 13--Movie: "Saint Benny the Din," Dick Haymes 12:15 7--Movie: "Savage Drums," Sabu, Lita Baron 1:00 A.M. 2--David Nivcn Teleplav: "The Collar" 4--News; Teleplay (1:05): Sound of Music" and Miyoshi Jmeki in "Flower Drum Song" at 11 a.m. on K R H M . . . More of Dave Brubeck 'rom I to 5 p.m. on K R H M . . . Paul Desmond's "First ^lace Again" is f e a t u r e d on B1Q at 1 p.m The Cole 'ortcr a l b u m by Columbia is played at 3 on KBIQ featur- ng Michel Legrand. . . . The N'cw York Philha; inonic, Bernstein conducting, gives a lerformancc of "The Rites of Spring" by Stravinsky on KUSC at 4:30. . . . "The Fire- lly" is offered on KPOL at 3 p.m. with several artists Featured. . . . Bobby l l a c k c l t ' s trumpet and vocals by I S i l l y j a i i escaped convict and shares L'ckslme h i g h l i g h t the show j the information w i t h "Peter :il 6 p.m. on KNOB "ThisiGunn" (4) for a 50-50 .split 'A/f.s.s KIT CHS Her Oivn Sliow Judith Lawton, u n t i l recently featured as the masked "Miss KFI" on NBC's weekend "Monitor" series, will unmask to present her own week-day news broadcast starting at 5:25 p.m. today on radio station KH. News headlines and feature stories will he reported from the women's point of view, wiih a quick rundown on world events, h u m a n interest stories and "Hollywood Town Talk," highlighting a review of some book, television show, novie, record or event of in- crest around "Glamour Town." Lambert), Pickalong ( J a c k Miichum), and Chip, the cabin boy (Mike McGreevey) w i t h his dog Andy Jackson. McGavin. i n c i d e n t a l l y plecart. 7:30 P. M. FM STATIONS KLON KXLU .... KPFK KUSC KI-AC KNX ~;._ KPOL KRHM . KABC . KHKD ' KWIZ " KFMU oo.l KUUO 88./ KNOB 90.7 KCE3H 91.5 99.5 92.3 KAAI.A 100.3 93.1 KHJ 101.1 93.9 KUTE " 101.9 9J.7 KFOX " _ ' I0?.3 95.5 KOLA " ' 103.5 96.3 KBIO ' _ lOi.3 96.7 KCBA 105.7 97.1 KBMS 105.9 FM HIGHLIGHTS The Brubeck Quartet does .omc "Tempo Departures" on "The Count Basic and harmonica virtuoso John Sebastian share the guest spotlight on "The Kate Smith Show" (2). Kate will sing several selections. As sheriff of Arroyo Scco, "Cheyenne," (7) arrests i well- driller for the murder of his partner and faces a lynch mob. Cheyenne has to shoot down the son of the town's leading citizen who is leading the mob. 8:30 P. M. Veteran Hollywood fencing Radio Programs , KIAC 570 K*»C 790 KXIA ,,....! 110 KOH 1390 ; KM 640 KHJ 930 Kill 1190 KWKW 1430 ' KMPC 710 KfWi 9JO KFOX lUO KWU 1480 KBIO 730 KNX . 1070 KPAC 1330 KDAY 1380 " Th* Indeftndtnt eiiumtx no rcJitonilblllly /or chong«f mod* by · fuijvKc. ; MONDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1960 ; 7:0b AM. ~- KFI- Pal Bishop, News *. KABC-- Frank Hemingway . KHJ-- Wink Martlndale ,', KNX-- World News R'ndup '· KGIiR-Chrlsl Faltn 7:15 KFI-- Hit the Roqd c KABC-- News; John Trotter KNX-Boh Crone Show KGER-Auorev Lcc 7:30 ·. KNX-- Frank Goss 7:45 ; KFI-Nows; Southland KNX-Bob Crone Show ",GER-- W. B. Record KABC-- Paul Harvey (7:55) 8:00 A.M. · KFI-- News; Hit the Road KABC-- Cllll F.nole, Nrws KNX-Hugh McCoy; So'ls KGER-- Wilbur Notion KABC-- John 'Trotter . KNX-Bob Crane Show [ KMPC-- Bob Kcllcy (8:25) 8-30 KFI-- Pat Bishop Reports KGER-- Voice ol China S'45 1 KFI-- Andy and Virginia n KGER-- Percy Crawford KABC-- Wendell Noble, 8:50 9:00 A.M. 11 KABC-- Breaklast Club KHJ-- Frnnk Corroll, to 11 KNX-Huoh McCoy, News KGER-- Lutheran Hour 9:15 KNX-- Bob Crane Show 9-30 KFI-- Ladles' Day X KGER-- John Brown Hour y 10:00 A.M. KFI-- Nws; Swinaln' Years · KABC-- John Holbrook nws KNX-- News; Rloht lo HaoDlncss 00:05) KGER-- Rescue Mission 10:15 d KABC-- Tcllo-Tcst KNX-- Second Mrs. Burfon i 10:30 1 KABC-- John Ameche(fol) eKNX-Youno Dr. Malonc KGER-- Overcomlno Llie 10:43 · KNX-- Ma Perkins KGER-- Rav. LcRov Kopp KF-I-- Emphasis (10-55) o 11:00 A.M. _ KFI News KHJ-- Wink Marllndale i KNX~Ncws KGER-- Dr Louis Talbof KFI-- The Swfngln' Years KNX-- Whlsuerlng Strecls 11:15 KMX-- Couple Next Door 11:30 3 KNX-- Helen Trent KG CR-- Sunshine Mi^on E KFI-- Emphasis (MMu) 11:45 E KFI-- Pat Blshon, News . KGf:R Y2 anNG oON t KABC-- Pdul Harvey . KNX-- Hugh McCoy, News KGER-Through the Bible ; 12:15 KABC-- Jim Ameche Show KNX-- Nelson Mdnlnch KM-- Cal. Agrlc. *12:20) 12:30 KNX -- Garry Moore ShowJ Funny Side UD (Hi: JO) KGER-- Or, Orr. Bible KFI-- Eti Hart Show (12:35) 1:00 P.M. KFt-- Nws.; Andy Mansf'ld KABC-My True Sforv KHj-Paul Complon (to 3) KNX-A. Jackson, News Arthur Godfrey (1:05) KGER -- Airmail from Cod 1:13 KGER-- Christian-Jew Hour 1:30 KGER-- Heaven Home KGER-- Health Talk KFt-- Emphasis (1:55) 2:00 P.M. KFt-- Are You Llstenln'? KABC-- Don MacKinnon KNX-- News; Art Llnkleltcr KGER-- Social Security; Peter slack. Organ 2:30 KNX-- Phlllo Norman KGER-- Georpe McLaln KGER-Adv.'in Music 3:00 P.M. KFI-- News: Mary Hlckox KHj-FranK Carroll (lo 6) KNX-- News KGER-- Good News, Music KNX-Condvi" and Grant KGER-- Dan Pike Show 3:30 KFI-- Dick Sinclair Time KABC-- Evdlc Gormc; Don MacKinnon (3:35) KABC-- Business Final KFI-- Emphasis (3:S5) 4:00 P.M. KFI-- News; Dave Shaw KABC-- Don MacKinnon KNX-- News KFI-- It's Music Time KNX-- Condvlls Gran) KGER-- Gilbert Bcllitiaw 4:45 KGER-- Charlie Turner KFI-- Snorts (4:55) KNX-- Point of Lnw (4:55) 5:00 P.M. KFi it's Music Time KNX-- Lowell Thomas; Phil Rtzzulo (5:10) KG=R-- Aubrey Lee KFI-- News; Wealhcr KNX-- Carroll Alcotl KABC-- Judith Ldwlon (5-25) 5:30 KFI-- 5ld Fuller, News KABC-- William Wlnlcr KNX-- Tom Hdrinon KGER-- Builders ot Faith 5:15 KFl-- Dave Shaw, News ABC--Orval Anderson KNX -- Frank Goss; News 6:00 P.M. KMPC-- Sob Kelley, sporls KABC-- Edward P. Moroan KHJ-- Paul Compton (to 8) KNX-- Sports Storey KGER-- Back lo the Bible 4:1! KR-- scully-Hlrsch -Snorts KABC-- Jofui Daly; News KNX-- Tno World Tonlohl 6:30 KFI -- News; Dave Shaw KABC-Vlroll Plnkley KNX-- Braven Over Show; Masters of Melody (6-35) KGER-Rov. Al HsrUn «:45 KFl-Flnancc; Weather KABC-- Paul Harvey; Music; Financial (6:55) 7:00 P.M. KFI-- News KABC-- John w. vandcrcook KNX-- Richard C. Hotlcltt KGER-Fninllv Bible Hour 7:05 KFI-- Youno America SlilDS KABC-- Sidney Walton KNX-- Amos V Andy KABC-- World ot Tomorrow KFI-- News oi the World KNX-- D'bl. Your Pleasure; AndvGrlfflth; Burns-Allen KGER-- Rev. Victor Glenn 7:45 KFI-- Rollle Thomas, ipls KNX-- Bob and Roy 8:00 P.M. KFt-- Frost; Enjuhasls; Milestones In Melody KABC-- People In the News; Lee ZImmer (to 12) KHJ-- MIKo Sccrest (to ID KNX-- City Editor's Rcoorl KGER-- Voice of China 8*15 KNX-- This Is L.A KGER-- A. u. Michclson 8:30 KGER-- Airmail Iron) God KGER-- Dan Gilbert NX-- Frost Warnlnos (8:5S) 9:00 P.M. KFI-- News; Emphasis; Dove O'Delt (9:10) KNX-- News; Opinion Please KGER-- Rev. Lee Shelley 9:30 KGER-- Dr. Orr, Bible 10:00 P.M. Kf-"i-- News; The West KNX-- Rlchtlcld Reporter KGER-- Wilbur Nelson 10:15 KFl-- Myron J. BenncH KNX-- Tom Hanlon, Sofa. 10:30 KFI-- Thing Colled Life ,NX-- Philip Norman KGER-- Clarence Welch KFI-Art Baker Notebook 11:00 P.M. KFI-- News; Snarls Final HJ-- The News-Wheel KNX-- News; Merry-Go- Round (11:10) CH -- Changing Times 11:30 FI -- Conversation Please KNX-- Music 'til Dawn 12 MIDNIGHT KFI-Bon Hunter (lo 5) (NX-- Music MM Dawn KGER-- Texas Tiny (toil , _ designers, Dr. Iguchi Nagawajhas an appendicitis attack and aided the Screen Gems art; a near-siohteci nilot of a res- Levenson Will Fill In on Godfrey's TV Show Sam Levenson will take over the "Arthur Godfrey Time" broadcasts for four veeks starting Monday, Feb. 15 while Godfrey is in India preparing a television show. Guest this week with God- 'rcy on the daily 1:05 p.m. show on KNX is folk-singer Tommy Faile of station WBT, Ecksline to Be Guosl Vocalist Billy Eckstine will be a guest on Art Linkletter's House Party" today at 2:05 p.m. on radio station KNX. TV CALLS S2 30-MIK. SERVICE C R E D I T TERMS AVAILABLE HE 5-2013 -- PAUL'S TV 1525 HCIHC COASl HIWAT, L. I. Charlotte, N.C. Faile has appeared on numerous shows with a group called The Crackerjacks, and as a soloist, accompanies himself on the guitar. He is first of a series of talented artists from CBS affiliates to be featured. 2°° ···CALL ANY TIME DON'S TV V SERVICE CALLS.... GA 2-8731 PICTURE TUBSS, 21" 525 5271 Elm Ave. -- work Guaranteed Farts i Service Guaranteed | We Honor International Charge $050 L HOUSE ~" CAILS 6111 illiallt TV GA 2 "DON'T LET THEM TAKE YOUR SET TO THE SHOP" K_!Bt.SVI.MIA!i«J!OilVnj8B : AU.K»KES6(TV"' : "CALL US EARLY OR LATE--WE'LL FIX IT RITE AT YOUR GATE" Then charge It--via Bantamen'card or /nfcrnaflonol Charge-!! WE GUARANTEE to repair TV In your home or absolutely NO CHARGE CAPRON TV department in creating the atmosphere for the writer's haven used in the f i l m i n g of nstructor R a l p h F a u l k n e r i t h c "Goodyear Theatre" show on channel '1. Dr. Nagawa caches Betty Anderson t h e ! art of cpee dueling during! 'Father Knows Best" (2). Bety, who is generally "second jest" in everything, is deter- nined to win the college fenc- ng tournament. Elinor Donalue, who plays Betty, does ler own fencing in t h i s episode and is very proficient after five weeks of tutoring by Faulkner. A gold key carried by ovely young woman turns out lings at the a p a r t m e n t , to be the key to the door o f j G l o r i a Vanderbilt appears on "Adventure in Paradise" (7) as a long-lost girl friend of the skipper of the Tiki. She cue unit flies an ailing heli-| copter. 11 P. M. Dorothy Day, an ardent pacificist, whose m i l i t a n t , dc- NO GIMMICKS -- NO E X T R A S SERVICE and wo do moon GOOD service . . . 53.50 LICKERT TV 1554 W. WILIOW Phone HE 7-6888 1O A.M. to 10 P.M. says his s e t t i n g is ideal for fiance of w a r t i m e precautions the creative mind of a writer. Joanne Dru and Rod Taylor are the stars in this tale of an award-winning TV writer who finds himself incorporated into a business. He has and preparations at one time caused her to be jailed in New York, is interviewed by "Mike Wallace" (5). "Naughty Marietta," starring Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy, is shown as the "dried up" and the stories areimovie on channel 11. nut coming, his wife leaves a him, and he loses his furnish- death for the detectives of 'Bourbon Strecl Beat" (7). 9 P. M. A cad 11:15 P. M. George Jessel, Charles Dornan and Deedce and Bill arc booked for the "Jack Paar Show" (4). SPINNING THE DIAL "A BOUQUET FROM MAU- blind newsman gets a i i s n o w married to a paranoic R j C p CHFVAi IFR" is the to the whereabouts o l i h u s b a n d ( D a n D u r y c a ) w h o i n c w ' Ml: f o r ' lh c hour-long visit w i t h the great French actor-singer due next Tluirs- Weelc at t h e United Nations" on KUSC at 6:.'!0 has some in- of the reward money. G u n n almost gets killed by a giant .cresting facts about the b i g i o f a man in a sanitarium. L'.N. or,'.;um:'.:U»n and what it! !):30 P. IW. lias done. I One of Japan's foremost melLTologist of the irca who deliberately misinforms the skipper about an mpending hurricane. 10 P. M. "Hennesey" (2) puts nervous night when a 4=3002 nd HIGHT S AND LABOR RANTEED Bud's TV, 821 Cerrltos, Of lice V D*T ind HIGHT All PARTS AND LABOR GUARANTEED ·pi/ CALLS 50 I V EVE. SERVICE I* nft t IDT I DoI 'V 9 to 9 UA Z - I 3 I I Cloud Sunday II nc onswtr fl 0 F TV can Har SERVICE GA 7-S585 2(4 SOUTH ST. Outlying Areas Slightly Higher BIXBY TV PICTURE TUBES CASH OR TIME Munlt TV Repaired GOOD USED TV's 429 WEST WILLOW GA 7.4420 GA 7-561S For Pleasant Listening brings you the sweetest music of a smooth perform- i n g e n g i n e . . . b y L o n g Beach Engine Rebuilders' expert mechanics. Ring valve special from -19.95. Monday through Saturday, 8 to 7... Sunday 10 to 4. GA. 4-0407 on your telephone dial. 3525 Lone Beach Blvd. Golden Rule TV Service HOME $750 CALLS *· with Ad 12 yrs. TV nxp.--All Work Gunronlcctt GA 2-7239 5TILLERS TV-S372 L.B. BLVD. H Y D R A M A T I C Transmission Adjustment $1 f|95 Includes: Chanoe Fluid, · iv . Remove Pan, Clcnn Screen. Adiusl Linkage and Bands. New Gasket. A.E. TRANSMISSION EXGH. 5531 CHERRY CA 2-SWS day night on CBS. Take Home Infrodurto CHICKEN DINNER... CHICKEN PLATE. ..... CHICKEN WICKET SI 25 I Ray's Range Formerly R av s Hur F - M - fl nv Mon., lues.. Wed. y*mfMki *Cnisi- o r Thurs. Oder exljircs CARSON at ORANGE Thursday, l-eb. U1DA Prime Choice Beef S 53 n OF L.B. CUT, WRAPPED and QUICK FROZEN · Financing Available · FREE DELIVERY 631! WEST ANAHEIM S E R V I C E . HE 6-9405 ITALIAN GROCERY I N T R O D U C T O R Y 3 BIG DAYS HON., TUES,, WED., FEB. I, 2, 3 ORDERS TO GO! C H E E S E PIZZA $·125 75° Large Size Small Size LASAGNE, SPAGHETTI, POOR BOYS, MEAT BALLS! F r e s h Italian Sausage made on our premises. ITALIAN GROCERY 2400 E. 7th St. GE 9-2098 Open Mon.. Tucs., Wed. 'lil 7 P.M. Thurs. Thru Sun. 'lil 10 P.M. measure- metils and liking from ; $ 75 The Ivst cost no more . . . Now you can dress and ltd like a million in a l.iilor-nudc suit by J ; uz2 Harris. We have ,1;c selection of Ho- mcstic .ind imported f.tb- I K S in thoiisc from. ·Mlrruliuns of A l l Kind* TUXEDO RENTALS 122 E. Third HE 7-4406 7ha Gateway (o Sobriety, Hcnllfi 4 a Normal ill* SPECIAL NURSES MEDICAL DOCTORS [CONTEMPORARY TREATMENT 3.1.Hour Coll GArfield 6-1621 Li*niarf by 5fnf« of California LONG BEACH SANITARIUM (159 E, PACIFIC COAST HWY. LONG BEACH

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