Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 21, 1969 · Page 18
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 18

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 21, 1969
Page 18
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II. · N*rriiw*it ArkaiMM T1MB, MM., April 21, IN* Broadway's Tony Awards Show Said Long-Winded But Still Rewarding rical name, however, We... on stage ai some time--Sir Lau- By CYNTHIA LOWBV NEW YORK (AD - The Broadwav Tony awards, which rencc Olivier flew over from in two p'revioiis television p r o - ! E n g l a n d to pick up his special Brams led the other a w a r d s . a w a r d . The program, scheduled shows in pace, class and gcncr-.lo occupy 90 minutes of NBC n! interet seemed on Sunday nine, was close to -to minutes right to be falling into the old late in winding up. Oscar t r a p . SHOWS CHAKM W i t h a w a r d s voted in 15 catc- r r 0 nv's charm for the average Rories plus five special Tony t o . v i e w e r with l i t t l e access to the band n u t , plus scenes from ^^'-i Broadway theatre is always tin era I I n p plays to present. t:ie : !B eral sampling provided from show bogged down with the ia-,, 0 0 £ hows. There were scenes troiiuctions of the presenters. ! fr ;, m "Zorba." "The Lovers," the envelope-opening and the.-'p r o m j b c .;. Promises." and thanks speeches. . " H a i r -- the last perhaps a Just about every great ihcat-|i;i t disappointing since the cast 1 | sang a production number com- · .iPletely clothed. Banquet' branches of show business. Alan ' K i n g and Diahann Carroll, cer- VIXSTOX-SALEM. X.C. (AP. · t a i n l ' nv ° f a m i l i a r TV faces ' In Boiler Room DENNIS THI MENACE ·y KdcliM 'Hl.DAOj PUU UP A CHAIR I* c ! c -, n a scene from "The Lovers, has. as Alan King ohscrved. "c'lme a long way from the sew- Eni r ::Ef::si'3Z^ HELEN BOTTEL Helen Help Us EuiiiBjJiinillK^ Dear Helen: ell L , , : : U : , - , , . - . ,...,, ..... - - -- f v c '» if the show does you're right about "married c . r \ t i : l chandelier--.ids held re- seem jo be getting^a bit lone- bachelors." but my situation is ' ' " " "" "?~ I worse because my husband not winded, it is still the most re-i cently in the boiler room of a Revnolds plant. Forty members of the North standpoint. Carolina Coal Institute and a. NEW CBS POLICY few Reynolds executives d i n e d - CBS plans to inaugurate .warding from the viewer s| o n l y runs w j t n every skirt in sight, but he treats me as a ! slave. Findings certa::i!y '-'.ere clean.|p r c ;idcr; Frar.k'Stamon duringjj u m o .recent Ser.a;e hearings on TV! a b o m ' h i A.....: violence. It is hard to =TM how| IVe h . they guzzl( gas. He even s other women. brags had four dresses in four -- : - -- --- . ivears. and I got them all at -- Actor j^-ything to do with curtain? vio-|thrift stores, second hand. I can , ws as set up will have ' i - r c le.-.ce since l::e be con "!never go down town because -r.c ' - - - - a'nd;Cerned primarily with special ; somebody has to run the sta- w i t h ' t j 0 n . and. besides, I don't have Auctioneers LOS A N G E L Baxter and Carol Lvp.ley Poi.c-e C.".!'.! T:.·,::-.,:- Reddin'PTM?ra^.s-start:n» w i l l be r;r,'i.-.n:'.= .:i a f i v e - d a y - \ \ t c r c s d a y s ccc.r ..... h r - ' e t ' t sr'c · ' . - ; · ····''··-· -ion sta-'tr.e .Japanese pc-op:e. Dramas t h e i r ha by shots. \Ve don t even t'o'r starting'toriiiv!'"" " 'ar.d news speclti; are rarely of- gc t enough money from him to ; : ; r r i j c a t i o n a l , I f e r r i v e - or c-vtr. cor.iroycrsial. cat \vhar wo should. Yet he K C K 7 . ' : -- - - H c- c o m r. e- r. n e n t :. au.'..'.:· 1 .(.ITIHS, S Slin Kve Arricr.'s '-. from B a r b : , - * '··i- " e rr.sra- ::.;!'.:c:e Mario p i i : - : . or.e of ;s ;·-:: a b:::r' .spends all the station profits on ··right: booze, clothes for himself, and '.·;-;oo- River." CBS. '.' - 10 EST "bachelor fun." Things A Columnist Learns When He Opens His Mailbag if I complain, he slaps me Jason Ro- around. I was going to leave, . h u t I'm pregnant again. I think he plans it this way so he'll keep his s l a \ e . Says h i s r e l i g i o n won't allow contraceptives, but Hv If.U, BOVI.E !is to he serious about the impor- NEW VOI;K he didn't npc-n t h - f yo"i' ·'.,:! S'lii-etin-." 'iur::-. A chief rci'--i »! c-xpc: 1 .-. : a 'iW ·'.n s .':.e|,: - 7!.ings a !tant things. The monkey wears :-:r.ow i f - a n esprti.-.ion of seriousness · which '.'.ould do credit to any r:! nf 10'collect r.udents. but the mun- j:talized key is --erious because he itch -.·'. es." --Robert Hutchins. ·. ;:Cr:c'jltur- i Dolivc-ring letters is one of the be never goes to church. I love my children, but I don't think I can live through another Hc]en: exposing the hoax. Idealistic Film 'Changes' Opens To Critical Acclaim By BOB THOMAS Associated Press Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP) -- Hall Bartlett lias long been considered an idealistic film maker, but hitcly it appeared he had carried idealism too far. The evidence: Bartlett had invested two years of his time and of his savings in a movie about today's youth--without violence, motorcycle gangs, rape or dope. "Poor Hall's gotta go broke," said his despairing colleagues. Maybe not. The product of Bartlett's time and money, a beautifully photographed film called "Changes," opened to critical acclaim in New York and Los Angeles. He cautiously observes that it's too early to determine if the investment will pay off. But the auguries bode we'll. EARLY INFLUENCE A Kansas City boy and Yale graduate, Barlett tried to make it as an actor in films, failed and turned to the production side. An early influence was Stanley Kramer, who instilled in him a sense of independence and altruism. Bartlett spent two years making a true-life picture of Indian life. "Navajo," financed by $52,000 from 20 friends. His subsequent films have dealt with such subjects as penal reform "Unchained" race I "All the Young men", mental knowns: 32 of the speaking rts were cast with those who di.'t appeared on the screen fore. The leading role of the rpose-seeking young man was ven to stepson Kent Lane. "I knew 1 wouldn't be able to t a major studio to sponsor ch a film," remarked Bartt. "Besides, I had worked at GM and other studios, and ew what it was like to make ctures for a committee. I was ermined to preserve creative utonomy, even if it meant risk g all my savings. "It was a big crapshoot. I put ·erything I had into it and bor- wed the rest--$800,000 in all." When "Changes" was com- eted and scored--the contem orary music is one of the film'f est elements--Bartlett offered to the 14 major releasing com anies. Eleven offered him eals, and he chose the Cinera a Corp. The results of the apshoot will be forthcoming; s of now, it appears to be a na ral. Several years ago a rumor i health "Zero Hour." "The Care began in the Camden-Philadel- tal!ers " arlri t h o Unittlfl Nalion! plua area that tea tags could be exchanged for seeing eye dogs. The Tea Council, in cooperation with the Better Business Bureau, made a strong denial. As time went by, the seeing eye dog rumor became twisted to include crutches, then wheel chiars. It spread up and down the east coast and we became quite alarmed. The more we denied its validity, the more people seemed to misread and misunderstand what was bing said. Well intentioned groups have saved literally h u n d r e d s of thousands of tags before anyone thinks to ask "Where do we send them?" It's small comfort that the tea industry isn't the only victim. In Springfield, 111. several years ago an organization spent six months collecting 200.000 empty cigarett packages which, a c c o r d i n g t o rumor, could be exchanged for a wheel chair. Then s o m e o n e asked "Who wants them?" and a Rood deal of work went up in smoke- to make a poor joke. No one knows how such rumors get started. I hope you will help us pub licize the following statement, pregnancy, having to \\ork as; hard as 'l do. Is there any way out? --Finished at 30 Dear 30: Yes. there's a way out! A lawyer will help you find it. Call the Legal Aid Society today, and then get in touch with your doctor. -- H. Dear Helen: We of the National Tea Council want to expose an enormous iyjlationj oldest irovernmont services. As [hoax. The rumor that tea bag ·'.· :: w o r l d 1 long z-jn ?s 500 B.C.. D a r i u s t h c i t a g s can be saved and ex- '·· ','··'···· Oily Great operated a postal system 1 changed for \vhrel chairs, or · · · " of the thoughoiit Persia. In America, i other aids for the handicapped ·· .s 'u'jtable the f;r:-t postage stamps didn't is totally false, as you implied go on -B!O until July 1, 13't". y o u t h ! DOCTORS WORRY ·;- .vife Doctor-s are worrying about ··; «;jr- drugs t:,at hurt instead of help. ·· Den- 1 A suru-y by two physicians i n | '1 t h a t : X o r t h f - r n Ireland of 1.1 'iO p a - ' ' rr- i::- itr-n't f o u n d t h a t 10.2 suffered · . r ;·'! ,-id'. f.-rso :'f.-;ict!ors from drug !.n thl'. t h e r a p y . Hcr.vevcr. only a few of T -1 per the reactions were of a life- · · ' . . threatening nature. .. ho' 1 - Americans still cling to the '! s i r ' ^ o i d fashioned theory that higher '.pec'.'-d education is more important to in your column several months Later, however, you included | two letters Irom women who j assured you a number of or canizations collected tea hag tags for charity, and you asked :aders for more information on the subject. We checked with one of those collectors" mentioned, a radio station in Pennsylvania, and learned that it had indeed asked for tea bag tag donations, but did not know exactly where they "The Tea C o o u n c i l of the U.S.A.. Inc., speaking for tlic U. S. Tea Industry, catagorical- ly states that there is not and never has been any truth to the rumor that tea bag tags can he exchanged for ANY aids to the handicapped. -- John M. Anderson. Executive Director, T e a Council of the U.S.A., Inc. Dear Mr. Anderson: Thank you for setting the rcc ord straight. I have received over a dozen letters describing tag collection projects in as many different organizations. These writers were responding in good faith to a cruel hoax. I hope it will be soon laid to rest for good!--H. 'A Global Affair". The producer-director-writer discussed the origins of "Changes'. "There are a lot of young peo pie in my family, and they felt lhat no one had tried to tell an honest story in films about today's youth. The kids I knew were laughing at the pictures that purported to depict the 1825 age group. And most adults believed that all of the young generation were hippies. I knew that wasn't true." Bartlett began touring the country to talk to young people He took along an unpublishec writer. Bill Kelly. 25. and stepson Kent Lane, whose moth er is Rhonda Fleming. Together they interviewed thousands o young people throughout the na tion. Bartlett admitted t h a many of his interviewees sus pccted his motivies, figuring he was out to make a sexploitation film. But he convinced them o his sincerity. REVIEW BOARD During the scripting process he used a board of 26 young peo pie to review what was beinj written. "If they said. 'That'; phony,' the offending passagi came nut of the script." sai( Bartlctl. He ended up with a tigh shooting script that called for 2 ;hopting days, two-thirds on In cation. For his actors he chosi Engineering Feat LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) -The 77-foot Oroville Dam and Edward Hyatt power plant in California were chosen as the outstanding civil engineering achievement of 1969. The a w a r d " "! ix-!!-;\ f". . ' . - - : - , - - , men t h a n tcj the gentler sex. Women m a k e up only 10 per ,,,,,, cc-it ol the n a t i o n ' s 7': million!t e r fal"you may '.-'illcge students. KnT.vledgc.' nupgels: Quebec . - · r - . r . r , r r . · · ' · · . · j ij.r i,,-,!y v.aliprj city in N o r t h 1 ' r i / - : : ' : . ' . Ai.-.r-rir-,-!. In an enr of corn ; ' .:.'i -/.··'. 7 j t ; :i re- is a '-'.rand o f : ill: for each · :i'-':.:' 'if ;·' - l i ' - r n ' - ! . I.ayimt an i-l'f, is a pret- -:'··.· i'\ r.i t-.- u i i m or(!(-;il for Xew Zean ;· ;jr-\sic..i! i j.iiid s kiv.i bird. A lonr-potind !::v.i r:in produce a one I'juund ii.-.u ·, .V-.'.c:-'.,egg. For an ostrich to match O r n i t h o l o g i s t s ' t h i s feat in terms of body d'K.-k liav.-k. | weight, it \\ould have to lay a ·a -.pK-'J of i i p ' T j - p c i u n d egg. hour v. ;;c.-n di\~- It was Kin Hubhard wlio ob- ·(··.·\t-f]. "Soiiu- men arc burn !'· : ' ' I 1 :'-. ! ( i' j:rc-.''.'.. :-'ime ach.ieve greatness, }'· r - i - i f , ; : - ;.^ i t : ; i r d O t l l ( T S J H S t k o f - p S t i l l . " were destined. Here is some background ma- find useful in Quick Look At Today In History Advises Running FORT COLUNS. Colo. (AP. - Dr. Charles .7. Eagon, a phj siolofiy evjirrt at Colorado Stati University, says that by runnini at least two miles a day. five o six clays a week for two years "a person over 40 may reach fitness level comparable to tha of the athlete of similar age \vlv has been training all his life." was made by (lie American So ciety of Civil Engineers durin; a meeting here. ACADEMY AWARD WINNER! · Best Actor · News Of Other Years 10 YEARS AGO murn r i: r- :i|ip;irr.r.t.y s r ' i i ' l '.' ;:.i'ohne r-;,rl\- t: .·)·; | . I M I . J : J C . ( | s'-'-c-i-civ i . i i n d C l u b . C i l y (;.'·(·»,c ; ." l i h i / c l o r ;ai l i h i s r ;: . i l l l T - bl')!.^ 1 ):!!.' .1 I l I V l ' ! The bu,-ircl of ti.e l - ' . - i y c - t ' e v i l l e the; l i n i t r c l Fund "has available !ij.'M;:!t( r of Ciii 1 ,n.11 · | n ( i i i t c : d i f o r UK; (),nicer Society $,", liy 1IIF, ASSOCIATED PRESS 'Today is Monday, April 21, the I I 1th day of 1969. Tbere arc 2j.| days left in Ibc year Today's highlight in history: On tliis date in 1967, the army sci/ed control in Greece. On t h i s (laic: In TOI H.C. tradition has il that Rome was founded by Romulus. In 1R:«. the; Black H a n k In diiin War began along the upper lii t h o j o u t in ^ statement !ii ' ' s that i t s members "?ee ""i.vjississippi. reason lor a house to h o u s e ]n 18:ti;. Tc.siins led h y _ C l e n . liy the Ciinrer Society Sum Houston dcli'iilcd a Mcxi- H 15 YEARS AGO Work orders fin a : i r-..!i;msicin to Bales School v . i l l he issued i m m e d i a t e l y . I he K;iy- f l i c v i l l r Hoard of Kducation (said today l u l l i n v i n g l . i l i h m of hid;: Con xlruction Company of l-';iyell.e- villf Wii!. low bidder cm I h c Reneral construction project. 25 YEARS AGO One explanation for the rusty, dirty water that comes out of some water pipes in city homes is that there has been w: much r;iin that we are practically ininR rain water in our cily nipon. The soft water hrenks loose particles of rust in the Filly s i x candidates h a v e f i l e d for public office w i t h .lack liurge, secretary of the Washington County Democratic Central Committee. Several w h o have announced and said they w i l l be candidales for various offices h a v e ' not yd filed. Dead line h April 28. The I in can pickup d r i v e which started Monday on the east .side of town and moved west toward the railroad Irncks, will be completed east of the (nicks today. Mayor Oenrgo Sanders said today. ,V».l»^^^ i|! Kaymnnd SI. Jaqucs Dana Wyntrr Arthur O't'onncll Kevin McCarthy UARK TTHBATRE" NOW I Open 7 p.m. reported "'". ! " m ' in lhc " : ' U ' C ° f K TM ....:i..ui n laCIIIIO. In lH5fi. the first t r a m crossed the Mississippi Itiver--cm a bridge from Rock Island, III., to Davenport. Iowa. In 1!)45. during World War II, a Soviet broadcast .said Russian troops had pcnct rated the limits of Berlin. In 1954. U.S. Air Force planes iSicii f l y i n g French troops Fra'ncc' to Indocbina to reinfnire the French bastion al Dien liicn I ' l i i i . Ten years agci-Tht United Slulos, B r i t a i n and the Soviet Union ucre holding a conference in Ceneva on discontinuance of nuclear lesls. Five years ngn-- I'rcsiflent I.yndnn B. Johnson urged Amer- ic'nns to help create what he called a "peaceful revolution in lives ol poverty-stricken peoples of the wurld. One year ago-- A With-ranking N'cirlh Vietnamese clefeelor disclosed plans for an enemy assault on £aif(on. One Venture NiKlitly I'-M P- nl - Sinidiiy Matinee 2:01) P.m. Adults $3.00 Children $1.00 Sorry No I'asses or Reserved Seats Winner of Two Academy Awards FRANCO ZEFFIRELLI rrrf.oto.rf ROMEO ^JULIET ROBERISON COLOR Plus 2nd Feature THE FUN STARTS WHEN THW TAKE THEIR CtOAKS AND DAGGERS OFF! 'IVlASQUERADE MMMCM.M UWTEDMTISTV TONITE TUESDAY! Man Who Watched irst A-Bomb xplosion Dies HOUSTON, Tex. (AP) -- A an who watched the world's rst explosion of an atomic omb has died of leukemia hich may have been caused by le blast 24 years ago. Patrick Stout, 53. of Houston d Friday at M. D. Anderson ospital. A former Army master ser- eant in special intelligence, tout watched the explosion tily 1fi, 1945 from a position ine miles away. His family aid he later walked into the rater formed by the blast in ew Mexico. Stout developed leukemia in lay 1967. The Veterans Admin- jtration in Houston denied his pplication for service disability enefits but agreed to submti it o a group of scientists and doc- ors who said "there is a strong robability that the leukemia 'as the result of exposure to tomic radiation during serv- ce." A Houston sjjokesman for the 'eterans Administration said no ayments am now being made o the Stout family. He declined o comment on the possibility of pension. Stout worked for the Federal and Bank in Houston before nlisting in the Army during Vorld War II. He returned to the Land Bank fter the war and became a vice resident and secretary of the irganization. He resigned in 967. NEWS WHILE IfS HEWS IN THE TIMES »re «u- .KVOO, TuUa, Chonntl 2 KYTV, Springfield, Chonml 3 1KFSA, Fort Smith, Chonrul 5 iKOTV, Tulso, Channel 6 KOAM, Pirtsburg, Channel 7 KTUL, Tulso, Channel 8 (ChMMl 4 M e»w» m FiifttttvlMl KODE, Joplin, Channel 12 1 ickmml I M crtK in Fayitttvlllt) KUHI, Joplin, Channel 16 - ·ubjcrt without .-.- -.:-- CMnnel J «n e.fclt in ft.y.ttevilM r2! KG TP' fuY^xil'i'Ssi!!!!! 36 nolle*. (CMnnrl J *n Mklc in F»ytt«v!ll«) MONDAY EVENING- ·k i:M-- New« 2,3, S, 6, 7, , 12, 1C Avengers "Musical Fantasy 2, 3, 7, Gunsmokc ·', King Family *· 7:00 -Don Ho 2, 3, 7, * 7:39- Peyton Place S, Here's Lucy 5, 6, 12 16 Movie 2, -1. t, IB Frank Sinatra 5, 6, IB Outcasts 8, 12 it 8:30- Family Aifair 5. 6, 16 *9:00- Drama Special 5, fi. 10 Big Valley 8, 12 News SB News. Weather. Sports 2, 3, 5, 8, 7, », 12, 16 Noon · .. Noon On Five .................... · Melody Matinee ................ 7 Dream House ............. · ..... * * 12:30 Hidden Faces .................. 2 Man With A Mike ............. . S As the World Turns ........ », °, 16 Wenther ..................... 7 Let's Make A Deal ............ 8,12 * 1:00- Days of Our Lives ---- 2. 3, 7, 3ft Love is i Many Splendored Thins ................... 5, 6, 18 Newlywed Game ............ 8 12 * 1:30- Doctora .................. 2, 3, ', 3" Guiding Light ............ 5. 6, ]S Dating Game .............. '. 12 *2:00- Another World ......... 2, 3, 7, .IS Secret Slorm ............ 5, 6. 1 R General Hospital ............ ». H *2:30- You Dnn't Say ......... 2, 3, 7, 38 Edge of Night ............ , 6. Id One Life to Live ............ 8. 1] _-WHt»i See 1969 Model 'fHITH Colo, TVS E N T E R P R I S E 442-8575 JtytUfoOltdl 2333 N. Colleg. Service on all Makes *10:3»- IMovin 16 McKcnzies Raiders 3li Johnny Carson 2, 3, 5, 7 Paul Harvey 6 Joey Bishop t, 12 10:35 Movie C * 11:00 Johnny Carson «·*..··,.., 5 News 8 if 11:30- Academy Awards Special S * 12:10 Newt t TUESDAY MORNING* 6:00 Travel Campus ......*··*»· 3 if 6:30 Economic* · *3:W- Tombstone Territory 36 Match Game 2, 3, 1 Linklelter B, 6, 16 Dark Shadows 8, It * 3:25 News I, t, i, ». 1« *3:3»- Flints tones ..,.,,,,.*,.·.»* 86 Dark Shadows ....*··*·* .» * Lucille Ball ··»»«··*··*» fi Bewitched ******* t ·!···**· $ Mike Douglas ..,*«*·****··***·* 1- Flints ton us ****»t«* ·*·*··· 1" Ministers ···»*i»«»««t**- · 2 Hidden Faces .......**«*«·«.. 3, 7 *4:00- Hanger Ban *.»«««·»*«···· 3fl Batman *·*»*· * Children'* Hour * Bewitched S Ktlft : §umtfiiq; I cws odar (color) II Star Theater 7:3»- arty Line oment of Meditation ewi 7:35 - cday's Farm Report .. 8:00- aptain Kancarao 8:30- ay Cards *«:00- rtti're crowing about our Fried Chicken. And so will you, Try it soon. · Snak Pak,... · Dinner P a k , , · Picnic Pak,, i Family P a k , Party P a k . . . .S3.95 · .$4.95 · · Phone Your Order In, - It W i l l Be R e a d y When You A r r i v e , Hiway 71 JtLncunt S2l-»S7» Y»uvc IS OFFERING 10% OFF ON ANY PIZZA AND DRINK FOR ANY PARTY HELD EITHER AT KEN'S PIZZA PARLOR OR DELIVERIES TO HOME PAR. TIES. Minimum Order for This Offer -10 PIZZAS. 6:55- ght ol LU» foday'« Almanic 7:00- J. i. *, i 32 ......... t ... i. c, K ........ 12 Fun Cluh 1 Tuify and Mr. Zing 8 Movie «···«.. 6, 16 *4:36- Rawhide .*.«*....,... 16 Perry Mason 2, 7 Plinlstoncs 8 Mike Douglas (color) 3 Caspor 5 Three Stooges 12 * 5:00- Lost in Space ,,...... ofl Will Sonnctt S News 8 Rifleman 12 * 5:30- I Love Lucy I News 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, :2, 16 TUESDAY EVENING- TV and FM Reception At Its Best We Serve More Than 8,000 Homes In Fayettcville, Farmington, Greenland and Rural Areas 103W.Mt.S.r TRANS-VIDEO 442-7111 t Takes Two 3. 7,.% jidcct f' ctty Boyd s like Douclas = ucillc Jiiill 5, in ompcr Room 12 9:25 - cws i. , 1 r 9:30- :nni-rntra1ion ?. ', 36 Jovic * ai:k LaLannc 12 ievcrly HillbilHel 5. 6, 18 * 6:00- Views 2, 3, 5, News NBC While? Paper .. Lancer Mod Squml , * 7:30 Red Skclton It Tnkcs A Thief ... * 8:00- Movie S, 7. 8, 12, 16 3« 2, n, 7, 3S . S. «. 16 .... 8, 1] 5, 6. 18 ... 8, 12 t, S, 7, S« TV REPAIRS » 2 Trucks Same Day Service E N T E R P R I S E 2333 N. Collegtt 442-8575 * 1I:M- 1 'oraonnllly 2, .", 7, 3fl Andy Grltflth i. », 1C p^n Kn Theater 12 if U:3»- JollywoCKl Squnrci .... 1, 3. 7. SO Dick Von Dyk« », «, II * 1I:5S - N*W1 I *11:M- Jrnpurdy 2, 8. 7, 3fi x.y. or Uf« », «. in icwIU-lied , 12 *11:M- 'rm»r'« Oninhtcr M iMrch for Tomorrow t, II !r» Qutw (rolorl t, 1,1, t funny You SlmuM A»k I, 12 TUESDAY AFTERNOON- ·/f 8;39 _ IVirm Dny , ,.,,,,,,. S, « NYPD **«·**(«*!*··»*·*. 8, 12 Movir ·····««t«» B «t«M«... K * »:H- Stflrllmc · v v « 9 9 v t » M t f t t ,... X Thnl's Lif* "."'.!'.!','.'.!','.!'.', », la * 10:00- Nows, Wtitthcr .. t, 3, «, T, 1,12,1« News set .Inhnny Citrnon 9, 8, 5, T Movie ,,,.,..... 1« McKcnilM Ruldcra ,..,, 31; Pltlil Hdrvcy , fi Joey Ill.hop t. « if iHiAa --· Movio ._.. « * 12:0* -

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