Independent from Long Beach, California on March 19, 1976 · Page 13
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 13

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 19, 1976
Page 13
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A-14-INOEPENDENT (AMI PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) Lon; Bejch, Cjlil., Frl., March 1I-, i.-.-_-_-.-.-i.-j-. DEAR Atftf Y opposite sex (Continued from Page A-13) - - f o r some time and is anything but quiet. "I didn't know how to seduce a man until I was over 30-- I didn't know how to be direct. That's what a woman goes through and then what a penalty she pays to walk out of tne 'accepted' role. She can I get credit; she's not looked on with favor. "The sports scene (where Ms. Brooks was once a controversial figure) is a great example of this -- it's the last male bastion. No money is allocated to womens' sports the way it is to mens'. "And women are not seen as having knowledge of math and sciences. She has two breasts, therefore she's only supposed (o suckle babies. "David says men arc in boxes. I say, I don't care what boxes they're in -- they'll never know what it is to be raped, to have your potential cut off at an early age. You can only know that by experiencing In the workshop men and women will be asked to fantasize a world of females, where the only television figures are female and where men, with external jjcnitalia they must protect, have a natural affinity to Iw passive and stay at home and be protected. "It's experiential, a reversal of settings." In today's society, she says, men are made to equal dollars and women lose touch with their rationality. "Men arc guilty of arrogance. They tnke Ihcmselvcs too seriously. We're jjuitly of sloth, of not taking ourselves seriously enough. "Oh, it is changing. There has been a dramalic change," she says. "We now take ourselves very seriously indeed. We no longer will let ourselves be given a Iwo-car garage ami a house in suburbia. "Women are demanding real body rights and are becoming more assertive. And this is terribly frightening to men." INK -11 [Smoldering over cigarettes ELLINGSON agrees. "Men are scared," says the 28-year-old innovative and unorthodox minister wlio sees the women's liberation movement as a great boon to humanity. "Men are socialized to have Ihcir ego identity in their jobs. If their career is gone, they are emotionally destroyed. "Men can only show certain emotions. They can't cry, that's not manly. A man has to have slrength'like Mt. Rushmore and John Wayne. And he can't admit he's wrong." Ellingson started a Lutheran "community" or family »f students three years ago which has since expanded into three such groups. If he were to be married, he says, he would envision it as a partnership. Each partner would work half-time, find time for his and her self, the family, and (he jobs. "lielly and [ go back and forth. I don't think women grant men the fact that they are oppressed. Men are more scared, more paranoid. In my own mind, the divorce rale is indicative of the (car men have. And Uic class will be a good opportunity for guys to share that fear and to know that scaredness can be a good thing." Further, he says many men are not the macho type. "They arc artistic, sensitive men who arc hbcleri effeminate in our society. The connotation of being gay comes in when they don't meet the stereotype. "Men's consciousness is not iliat far along. They 1 feel threatened. "But I hone men will not be forced lo face themselves because they are scared. Conflict is not what we want. Cooperation is what we want." Betty Brooks and David Ellingson consider themselves a good team. Finding an indentily in human terms is always a struggle, they say. "It's not something you can reach and then relax. You change and grow all the time. To have your mind stretched means you will have growing pains, but exciting things arc in the offing." "It's fun," says Ellingson, "being part of a crest of a movement. And you can't talk about men and women without getting inside yourself." Hy PATRICIA dc LUNA "I always play for Ihe q u e e n lo lie over the jack", says one seasoned rubber bridge player. "I a l w a y s f i n e s s e in the d i r e c t i o n of the c o u r t house," says another. In the long run, both of these players wilJ be right about 50 per cent of the time. If you want lo improve on these chances, study today's interesting h a n d which substitutes a little counting for the hunches followed by loo m a n y . bridge players. West decides to lead his other suit instead of leading up to declarer's announced club stoppers: East comes up with the spade ace and West has hit a temporary jackpol. East shifts to the club eight and declarer's nine goes lo East's ten. West plays the king and nine of spades and declarer now has the lead. Declarer has taken a spade and has Ihree lop hearts. Obviously the entire diamond suit is needed tor the game. THOSE who play for the drop, bang down the ace and king and throw away Ihe contract. East later wins the queen and the game goes down a bundle. Those who play for the queen to lie over the jack suffer the same (ale -- the 50 per cent chance goes wrong. The results of (hose who depend on the courthouse is not on fhe o f f i c i a l record. It depends where (he declarer was silling in relation to the courthouse. The only sure winners are those that do sonic counting. A f t e r winning the third spade, declarer knows that West started with four spades and at Icasl five clubs. Why not find out about his hearts which will then t e l l all about his diamonds? West follows to all three top hearts, and the answer becomes clear. West surely has only a singleton diamond and the remaining play becomes obvious. A diamond is led to dummy's king and East's diamond queen is finessed on the way back. Three no trump bid and made with the aid o f - a little thought in place of some worn out bromides. NORTH * 10 a t A Q 7 2 * K 103 6 + 6 5 3 WKST EAST * K 0 52 * A 76 3 f J 93 t 10 8 5 4 » 2 * Q 8 0 + A Q I O - I 2 + 8 7 SOUTH * Q J 4 J K 6 T A J 7 -I 3 + K .19 V u l n e r a b l e : N o a h - S o u t h . By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN DEAR ABBY: When my w i f e asked me w h a t I wanted for Christmas, I said, "You'd never give it to me, so forget it" She nagged me until 1 finally told her that I wanted a wife who didn't smoke. She t h o u g h t for -a minute, then put out her cigarette and asked, "How long do I have to quit for?" "Forever," I replied. "But if you quit tor a year, I ' l l be satisfied." (She was a three-pack-a- day smoker.) Well, she hasn't had a cigarette since, and I'm really h a p p y because I know she's better o f f . But now she's giving everybody who smokes a hard time. She's put all our ashtrays away, and if we have guests over who start to smoke, she says, "If you MUST smoke, please go outside!" When we're out and people ask her Lf she minds if (hey smoke, she s a y s , "Yes, I'm allergic." I'm glad she quit smoking, but how can I get her not to make such a big deal out of it? - LONG SUFFERING HUSBAND DEAR SUFFERING: Anyone who can quit cold turkey after having been a (hree-pack-a-day smoker deserves a hand. But she shouldn't give the - bak of her hand to others,, jyho have yet to recognize the hazards of their (Dibit; ^ or are unable (o ing) to give it up. Male liberation Tlie bidding: VVrst 2+ I'.-iis S n u l h I * 2 NT S n r l h 2 * 3 NT A l l Pass Opening U'.ni ltjcc nf .s|k'i(li In the Missouri Valley Regional h e l d in Springfield, Miss., (he winners of Ihe O p e n P a i r s w e r e H e n r y D a v i s , Bethany, I' a. and Terry Gibson, Okla. City. Hid With Corn South holds: . : K A .1 fi .1 7 -I n K .1 ; ! Answer: One no trump. A maximum hand for this response. Shows no ability to raise hearts and a balanced hand of 13-15 points. LWV units study property tax system A study of property tax will ncnipy 1/ing Beach LCIIKIIC of Women Vnlers nnil muelings this monlli. I t c l m n n l Shore u n i t m e e t s Monday at 12: W H.TII. in home of Shirley Gottlieb, 215 P r o s p e c t Ave. Virginia Farmer and Madeleine Knsc are co-discussion leaders. The 1'la/n section meets Tuesday nt !):,·«) a.m. in the home of Irene Snslnw, ·li.10 Marhi-r St., with Marion Scretan in charge of the discussion. Two g r o u p s me el Wednesday -- Lakewood u n i t nl 0::(1 a . m . in lacabmii ' L i b r a r y , 5020 Clark Ave.. ;md Night section at 7:-l5 in the home of ,Ic;in Davis, 532 Almond Ave. Discussion leaders arc Huth Warner and Jo Whitman respectively. Park Estates unit meets next Thursday at 9 : 3 0 a.m. in the home of Jean Hose, Mil F.I Parque, with Bca Anlennre as c h a i r woman. (Continued from Page A-13) bring him the most success. "And it is also important that women not take on the sole breadwinner role, either. Sharing gives both the chance (o rethink occasionally." In college, men distort the success object role in (he opposite extreme, he says. "They don't compete at ail, in order to show how less successful they are than others. So, in effect, they arc competing to he the biggest radical on c a m p u s . 'See how m u c h I d o n ' t do a n y thing.'" FARRELL, w h o h a s started m o r e t h a n 150 men's and joint men and w o m e n ' s consciousness raising groups since 197'!, served on the National Organization for Women's txard in New York City, and organized the first Masculine Mystique Conference. He says one of the m o s t frequent questions he is asked in private concerns male worry over impotence. '"Do you think women being more assertive will make me impotent?' tlicy ask? And it's difficult lo know how to deal with impotency. Men w o r r y about it and become impotent and the more they worry, the more impotent they become. It's a cycle. "Tor women to take on Ihe active role is to show a positive s e x u a l interest, but knowing this does not solve the p r o b l e m , because part of Ihe problem is the very use of the word impotent. "To feel that a man's sexuality is only in his gcnitalia is a very limited definition. It closes the area of his sensuality, his emotionality, and intimacy." Talking a b o u t t h e fut u r e , F a r r e l l predicts more child care centers at places of work, "so men can spend more time with their children." He also sees more research and development of male birth control methods. Vaseclo- mics can be successfully reversed and at a low cost, he maintains, "but it is so cheap that the profit margin is too low and no one will m a r k e t the material needed." The true object of men's liberation, he says, is "so men will be able to be emotional, sensual, and cry, even in public, and so, for the first time, learn how to love." SUNDANCE;; . 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