Independent from Long Beach, California on February 26, 1969 · Page 38
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 38

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1969
Page 38
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C-8--INDEPENDENT IMI tMCh, CHI., WM-, Fib. U, mf PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) CLASSIFIED HE J-J»5» 5 Obltuarits-FvMrals 5 Obituaries-Funerals 5 Dlrectofs 101 Travel ~ ALLISON -- Jesse L, of 3723 Capetowno L a k e w o o d. Sen-ice Thursday 2 p.m. Spongberg Mortuary Chapel. Monuan,', 3rd to?. 436-2284. IVEY Meade C. Forest Lawn -- Caress. POULINf -- Delores. Sen'ice Thursday 3 p.m. JELEN -- Edna MTof Hunter Mortuary Chapel. 3032 E. 5th. Rosary RUSSELL -- I-n of i Wednesday 8:30 P.M. i 97';g Gramercv Ave A N D E R S O N -- Lt. i Requiem Mass Thursday; J o r r a n c e " Service William Albert,Mottell's 9:30 A.M. both at Si.' Wednesdav 10 am Aiami- : Matthew C a t h o 1 i c ·· s p 0 ,, ,, b ' e ,., Moruiai - v Chapel WESTMINSTER Memorial Park MORTUARY AND CEMETERY Everything in On* Beautiful Plac* COMPLETE FUNERALS FROM $245 I-'V3 CARS-EAST,/,/ N J.; Ohio; St. Paul, Minn,: Mi- ii; N. Carolina; Louisville Less Cost 14S01 Beac No InHIc problem ach Blvd. GE \-tfr WESTMINSTER PertMots M FOREST LAWN : MORTUARY : One Arrangement for ' Undertaking Cemetery ADULTS ONLY NOW OPEN 24 HOURS BIGGER BETTER NEW MERCHANDISE Topless Go Go Movies Many New Numbers Nudist Publications Adult Novels-Art Mags Lg. Selection Art Photos :v;s ^37-WiS TER yx\ E. StfCV Anrvmo's Feb. 24, 196' Pouitle, 11. silver. IV: yr. 3100 Vista ... ............... K-1I Mix, m. blk wm, 2 mo. 2200 E. 151(1..-.' .............. -X-13 Sheo, X M, Dlk tin, t mo. 1000 Mlra Mar ....... - ____ ...... K-» Mix, m, blk wht, S vr. Gale Burnett ....... ...... _____ K-14 Instruction 105 Schools i Imtructie* IDS K-16 Mix, m, brn. 7 mo. Gartield School..... Mix, m, tan vrtit, 3 mo. 500 Golden K-19 Sh X. fe, tan, IV; yr. 1400 W..PCH K-19 Sh X, m, trl, 3 vr. 700 E. Hill ._._.. K-24 A"iX. m, faniwht. 2 mo. 1600 Termino _.K-;S A.NTLE -- Wade H. Sea'ice Thursday 1 p.m. 'Alamuos. Hunter Mortuary Chapel, j B A R R I C K L 0 W~ Church directed by Mott ell's Mortuary, 3rd : coln Av« CEnevo \ MOTTELL'S MORTUARY 909 E. Third 436-2284 Dale. press. Forest Lawn-Cy- BARTA Emil Andrew, Mottell's Mortuary, 3rd Alamitos. 436-2284. BEARD -- Hallie -M of 334 Atlantic. Service Thursday 3:30 P.M. Mottell's Mortuary Chapel, 3rd Alamiios. BO Y D -- Rev. Francis N. of 1730 Grand. Survived by son, Edwin; daughters, Mrs. Corida Breeze, Mrs. Edna Wiseman and Mrs. Ada Lionbarger; brorher, Melvin; 12 g r a n d c h i l d r e n ; 26 great-grandchildren; 2 g r e a t - great - grandchildren. S e r v i c e Friday 10:30 a.m. Patterson Snively Chapel. BURLES -- Ken of 5917 Cerritos Ave. Survived by wife, Betty; son, Kenneth; daughter, Mrs. Amy Jewell; brother Mozart: sister, Mrs. Bessie Winterton; 2 grandchildren. Service Friday 10 ajn. Long Beach 6th Ward Chapel, LDS Church. Spongberg Mortuary directing. CARSON -- William Anderson of 4244 Keever. Bom 55 years ago in Pennsylvania died Tuesday. Survived by wife, Opal L. of Long Beach; daughter, Laura Stine of FulJerton; son, Clifford R. of Long Beach; sisters, Elizabeth Mogk of Long Beach Edna Burton of Pennsylvania; 2 grandchildren. Past Master of R. E. Dolley Lodge No. 616 FAM. Service Saturday 2:00 P.M. with R. E. Dolley Lodge No. 616 F A M Conducting at Mottell's Mortuary Chapel, 3rd Alamitos. Contributions to Heart Fund suggested. CHAPMAN -- Gladys R. Service Wednesday 11:00 A.M. Mottell's Mortuary Chapel, 3rd Alamitos. CHAUDO1R -- Elda. Service pending, Hunter Mortuary 422-1243 KENNEDY -- Ellen, Mottell's Mortuary, 3rd Alamitos. 436-22S4. MANNASM1TH -Guy M., of 3122 Theresa, apt 4. Survived by wife, Lura; son, William; 5 brothers; 5 grandchildren; 1 great-grandchild. Member of Free and Accepted Masons. Sen'ice Thursday, 2 p.m., B. W. Coon Funeral Home- 10th Ohispo. McFADDEN -- Elbert \V., 1912 E. 3rd St. Service Wednesday (today), 11 a.m., Dilday Family L a k e w o o d Chapel. HA 1-8411. 1 E. Flower. Btllfl 1672741 , JOHN A. MIES PEACE" ME 3-1W SCHNARR -- William ' H. of 744 Cherry. Sur-! WHITE FUNERAL HOME . vived by wife, Evelyn; son, James Smith; brothers, Harry, Ernst, Ervin and Clarence Schnarn sisters, Mrs. Emma Milton and Mrs. Clara Peterson; 2 grandsons. Service Thursday 1 p.m. with Rev. Harry Weed officiating at Patterson Snively Chapel. EEN HILLS iOl So. Wottrn ««n mill Florist BELLFLOWER Mortuary M7.1771 ROSE H!LU MORTUARY^ DILDAY Family Funeral Directors LONG BEACH LAKEWQQD *RT_ESIA MORTUARY UN. 50263 l»13 So. Pioneer Artnli S M A L L W O O D -l u T r E R Martha A., 2121 E. 65th St. Service Wednesday (today), 12:30 p.m., Dilday Family Chapel. 4369024. CONNELL -- Howard. Mass of R e q u i e m Wednesday 9 a.m. Sr_ Cyprians. Luyben Family Mortuary directing_. _ DA1L -- Anita! Dilday Family Funeral Directors. 436-9024. McNElL -- Guy of 1203 E. Anaheim- Wilm i n g t o n. Sen'ice Wednesday 10 a.m. at Holy Fa'mily Church,' Wilmington, Rev. Father j Charles Bums efficient, i with Interment in Soul's Cemetery. Wilmington Funeral Home, directors. THOMPSON -- Gilda Opel of 6823 Driscolj. Bom 55 years ago in Oklahoma died Monday. Survived by husband- Ki T -. ? f *an £ Beadl : sor . Kl r - Jr - ° r Los Ar '^ c ' 1 "; sisters, Mrs. A] Shoope Mrs. Hazel Campbell, Mrs. Greta All l Mernniiiii Mrs. Edna UcKINLEY MORTUARIES LflKewood arid Do'.vnev 537-1911 HARSTS COLONT-V- MORTUARY 1760 Olllornia Ave. 591-0771 Cemeteries and 20 Mausoleums WESTMINSTER ""Memorial Park Cemetery loh -- 5150 each Includ- Ino endowment care -- wlin ioter- «F fr«e t»rim. GE "1-6577 CLT/AETTERY Lots for sale. Greenhills Memorial Park, San Pedro. Will Sflcrifice L _43!-52i5. SALE "or trade 4 ' choice lots Forest Lawn, Cypress. Call 4J9-69/6 after 5 or v/kcnas 2 LOTS. Westminster Memorial Pflrk-ViC'orv G.irdon. Rons. 59o- 0067. SINGLE? WIDOWED? DIVORCED? = 33 A '.'iSiAC-t T H A .via. CHANGE YOU? ufE CALL 537-0681 ... . aiv-vood . . .. . m, bl!(13n, 2': 3300 Asirioiic ... /7.x.. m, bli:. 3 r-.o. 1703 S;c^te-. P:. 5n X. !?. 01. V vr l»3 E. 7:n. Sfao'e. m iri. 7 r 3233 r-r**nii.-,cr .'.'.. -rt. b'^-v.-rsT. 5 400 W. Tin. , . .V-, m. nliv.nt. l v. Ana-elm «. Orange . Also cr.?C'K County Pmid Garfieia Ave., Si3-1175. Califs Largest Computer College Approved For Veterans IBM COMPUTER PROGRAM'S (COBOL/BAL) ADVANCE INDUSTRIAL DRAFTING IBM Keypunch-Sorter PBX Recept. Secretarial ABC Shorthand Industrial Drafting Girl Friday CALL 435-8914 NEW CLASSES START MARCH 3RD, 1969 ; Student Loans Avail. Free placement j ' Approved For Vis* Students by Dept. of Immigration ! ' ALL CLASSES TAUGHT til LONG BEACH : Osv Nile (.lasses Cal I For Free Info Or Visit i MT1 BUSINESS COLLEGE ; 236 E.Jrd St., Long_Beach (Btwn. Locust^JL-B.JIvd.) S e K o o i f * ~ 1 0 5 School's"* ~ 105 Instruction Instruction UMNtyMMt IMIH 4 HWMINJL 125 .. Dfad j 11758 5 I Hum.irc l Reduce Fast! I want 10 womfn \vha are 10 Ibs. or more overwelgnt lo take part in a group, to commie statistics for our rapid, permanent weight loss prooram of specialized reducing. Aoplicants must not De under medical care. CONFIDENTIAL--CALL TODAY MRS. LANE Downey 923-9122 Torrance 377-9044 EXPENSIVE BUT SAFE Permanently remove 15 10 ?5 vean o: age linos, wrinkles X. brown soots bv rfiu venation. Ho surgery, salves of machine. Y.F.A. 4U-42N. P.O. Box -Ml. Long Beacn 90501 "DIAL PEACE OF MIND" Troubled? Slclc? Deslrliin prayer? ANY PRAYER GRAND Ooenina 2nd Hand store at 355 E. Ocean Blvd. (Cor. of Elm) 10 a.m. lo 9 D.m. weekdays--Sun- dav 10 a.m. to 6 p.m, "Corr.e In browse.'^ AfTRACTlVE; «x«rr vouno woman cbnctr will tidch you all the latest iteos. Call Ariklle, 59I-IS3« tx- tween 6:30 10 p.m. wkflavs. Sexual Freedom League FOR RECORDED .MESSAGE ___ CALL _[3131_ W'252 ., - . . . Calif, at South Ootp. NOW IN LONG BEACH _ _ _ , _ _ _ FOUND-- Young blue Persian fennl cat. Vic. 5*n Walnut. Anoro Fob. 71 HE 5-J?S8- . . or good hons. FOUND In files ol Cam. State Co!- lene LB. birth Certificate of Ms- Idlene. Joan Ltcker, 43WI951 ext. FOUND TINY MALE POODLE PUPPY ON Feb. ?Ut. Vic. Btl- niont Shore. Owner call -1J3-W75 i Identify. LOST. WaiiM, w/in~;tlfits F.B.W., m RH m onl Shore ares. Keep cosh, please return wallet 1 ID card. E. Ocean, Apt. 6. FO'JND--Tan. iemnle Shrahe'rt Vic. 7th Alnmitos. Apt. 10. 1010 E. 7th St., L. B LOST--pflir chi!d-s eve liaises, vie. Los AHoi Methoaisl Cnurcn. 430- LOST--Orange neulered male, vie. Siena Dr. E. 2nd St. Reward GE 9-5631 FOUND--Prescriotion sun glasses. 21st Linden, L.B. 591-3311 ex!. FOUND (11 1 toy 1 min. Poodles, males. Vic. Market Olive. Owner call 25-S313 It Identify. Nation's finlst training school for COMPUTER PROGRAMMING and KEY PUNCH "Awrowl lot Vlu Students IV MMrtment of Immitrallon* 426-9381 OR WRITE Automation institute 3605 Long Enoch Blvd. A C-E-I-R AilociaU Into- Itn hMl Mvlno com- nrttr MTU. LMn M M M ilti IBM Ml commltr. A Job Security A Placemen! Asslstwct ft Day and Ntaht Clauet « Student LHIU CAREER BOOKLET MAILED FREE CERTIFIED Personnel Service Agency Shirley Dowlcn R.E.C. SENIOR elk tvoht car v» STENO. traffic deot, car jsco F/c Dkkor, financial P-L _ISa STENO, no S/H, nice ofc «M G/0, involc*5 bii:in9 53^4 UTILITY elk, medical, ear __wso INVENTORY control die (34; CAL Frl, variety/ focal My, Medical Dept. BKKPa to general ledcer svg INSUR secty, medical crp. 'jisct LVN help in front olc ..._ . s^i G'O. Ivoe, ohones, car 5350 Male Dept. G '0. oavroll, 't iyoe . . j^s SALH5 HEP Car .. . 5SCO SALES. Ind equip serv Sico G 0, time cards. It tvoe .. 15^0 STORES CIK, e«ec DTS, Ivoe ... S4?i MAIN! suivr, elec-steom ,,, ss=o J9 Pine Rrn. 412 HE 6-6271 CAL WESTERN EMPLOYMEN! AGENCIES /LOCA1!0!IS SS25 Soring, o! Beliflo/.er Long Beach 421-9:o', Mon.-Tnurs., 8-5:30, Fn-o:30 p.n "IfERRA EMPLOY^^ENT AGENCY 5230 CLARK AVE. LAKEV.'OOD ME 3-8147 FREE t, K~ fcni|MvyfiivMf AqeneiM (POM1ITIC) DOMESTICS Schools Instruction 105 Schools Instruction 105 MILES -- Lirmie Service Thursday a.m. Hunter Chapel. 10 Mortuary MILLER -- Bernice M. Forest Lawn -press. Cy- NEIDECKER -- Pearl E. of 511 Almond. Born 53 years ago in Pennsylvania died Monday. Survived by h u s b a n d , Charles G. of Long Beach; brothers, Orville X, Albert A. Carl Recknor all of Maryland. F r i e n d s may call Wednesday from 10:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. at H e n d e r s o n ; brothers, Denver, Harley, Tom David Penniiigton. Service Wednesday 2:00 P.M. Mottell's Mortuary Chapel, 3rd Alamitos. This Mottell's Mortuary, Alamitos. 3rd NEUMANN -- Virginia (Mrs.), age 75 of 2357 Lewis Ave.; Signal Hill. Passed away Feb. 23rd. Survived by husband George R.; daughters Mrs. Virginia Phillipson and Mrs. Ellena Lewis; 7 grandchildren; 25 great grandchildren. C h a p e l service and interment 1:30 p.m. Wednesday Westminster Memorial Park Mortuary and Cemetery. _ TOBIN -- John Thomas of 746 Lindea Born 72 years ago in Brooklyn, New York died Monday. Survived by sisters, Florence M. Tobin Margaret Crandall both of Long Beach; nephews, John- Frank James Crandall all of Long Beach; niece, Mrs. W. H. Bowker of Norwalk. Rosary Wednesday 7:30 P.M. Mottell's Chapel, Requiem Mass Thursday 8:00 A.M. St. Anthony C a t r i o l i c Church directed by Mottell's Mortuary. 3rd Alamitos. Announcements __ _ 35 PROPOSALS for protects to provide lechnlcdl services under Section ?(a of the State Technical Services Act of 1«5 (U.S. PuWIc La* 89.162) are invited from qualified Institutions (state aocficles, educational Institutions with accredited programs in science, engineering or priv specifically denned In Part 700, - r VII, TltH 15 of the Feder- that wish to partici- and Transportation Agency (1120 N Street, Sacramento, Ca. 95814) not later than April I, 1969, and must be accompanied bv evidence of qualification undpr Section (2) of tne Act and source Df matching , business administration, and ate non*prollt Institutions as ADUl-T MOVI7LS MEN'S WAGS TOPLESS movies t, PHOTOS HOW OPEN 24 HOURS JEE-F'S PACIFIC NEWS 35 LOCUST AVE. 437-9055 HONOR FAMILY FRIENDS with gifts for research to MEMORIAL HOSPITAL OF L.B. WEDDING in darlino chapel--SIO no up. Dr. More/ 437-3333 or 435-581. World Savlrun, 11170 1 NORMAN --Mary Olive, Service Friday 11:00 AM. Mottell's Mortuary Chapel, 3rd Alamitos. POST -- Millard Ray of 270S Harvey Way, Lakewood. Age 55. Survived by wife, Vera; '1 sons, Michael Ray and UEHL1NG -- Fred Henry of 6620 Via Los Altos, Laguna Hills. Bom 79 Years ago in Nebraska died Tuesday, i Survived by wife, Sadie' N. of Laguna Hills; | d a u g h t e r s , Winifred Brower of Fullertpn, Mary Lawshe of Covina Maidie Hohener of Tustin; sisters, Henrietta Ganzel of Long Beach St. Dorothy Kobrock of Missouri; brother, Emil of Nebraska; 9 grandchildren. Service Friday 10:30 A.M. Emmanuel Presbyterian Church directed by Mottell's Mortuary, 3rd Alamitos. Travel 40 GRIGGS -- Robert J., 333 Junipero Ave. Service Wednesday (today), 11:30 a.m., Dilday Family Chapel. 436-9024. i Lucille Clark and Valler- VANDERPOEL -Mrs. Hilda Louise of 653 Flint Ave. Survived by . sisters, Mrs. Rose We| Craig LaMar Post; sis- j ber Mrs. Elsie Kingsbu- ' ters- Eva Olsen, Twila j ry and Mi's. Emma Was- Pemberton, Viola Bell, son; nieces, Mrs. Joan FLY EL CAPITAN 4 ENGINE PRESSURIZED CONSTELLATION BARNEY'S ALL NEW 3 MILLION DOLLAR CASINO $10* Y/alker Lake, Hawthorne, Nevada Most CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED Packane INCLUDES:. 1-Rd Trio air Iransp. 2 Dinner cocktails. Entertainment {new t h e a t e r lounge). 3. Limousine service 21-VEGAS ODDS HAGEN -- Pearle Service Wednesday S. p.m. Hunter Chapel. Mortuary HALL -- A. Howard of Santa Monica. Survived by wife, Ruth; daughter Mrs. Lynn Keiser; brothers, Claude and Philip; sisters, Mrs. Roberta Coder, Mrs. Margaret Reed and Mrs. Beth Van Winkle; 1 granddaughter. Sen-ice Thursday 10:30 a.m. Patterson Snively Chapel. ie Larson. S e r v i c e Wednesday 12: noon Utter-McKinley Lakewood Chapel. Diunmit and Mrs. Norma Peterson; nephew. Clarence Lightfield. Service . Thursday 1 p.m. Holton I Son Chapel. HALL -- Wilford R. (Chaplain) of 4519 Pep- perwpod. Born 79 years ago in Illinois died Monday. Survived by daughters, Alice Watkins of Chicago, Holly Elliott of Placem'lle, Mary V. Crawford of Long Beach Adnee Weiss of Laguna Beach; 12 grand-i children. Member of Long Beach Council of i Churches, Lakewood Kiwanis. Phi Gamma Delta. Graveside service Wednesday 10:00 A.M. .Westminster Memorial Park directed by Mottell's Mortuary, 3rd -Alamitos. ~HILL -- Robert O7 2660 Eucalyptus Ave. Service Wednesday (to- 'day), 10 a.m., Dilday ' Family Chapel. 436-9024. HOFFMAN -- John Peter- Service Wednesday 3:30 P.M. Mottell's Mortuary Chapel, 3rd Alamitos. HUNTER -- Forrest W. Age 74 of 1326 Gra- dana. Survived by wife, Helen; daughter, Mrs. Foresty:; Laspe; brother, Paul; sisters, Lea Hunter and Mrs. Ruth Tunniclif; 5 grandchildren. Service Friday 2 p.m. B. W. Coon Funeral Home, '10th Obispo. O O Q O 0 © O O O O © TAXES TAXES TAXES TAXES CLASSIFIED /Ladies Nite, Stag Nites "Plane Parties" Seafoodarama (Fri) DAILY FLIGHTS AAon. Thru Sdt. 6:15 D.m. Special Flights Sun. Depart 10:30 FOR RES. BROCHURE Long Beach HA 1-9351 Burbank VI 9-5568 $5 add. Fri. Sat. f Tax. No baooane on fours. DC-3 Occ. flites. Ad Worth $1.00 A T - SAND SEA MOTEL )7U E. OCEAN, OH THE BEACH FILL YOUR LIFE wilh DANCING. ·4 Prlv. Lessons-2 Parties-2HK Class-514.50. Melody Dance Sludlo 18_Paclflc_Ave__ _HE_5.4I_1I WANTED^Oood Lonq BHen fatttir Home tor children at all ages, call Homtflndtrv-Catnv--HE 5-4311 Bus Dcoot containing '._.. tures please call 42^-2659. POOR READERS, Door spellers all ages 3 to 80. instant orof help. Rcas. 4 free lessons. GA 4-4078. OH BOY! Junk-Junk-Junk! Bob still loves funk, even oood stuff. Last chance, call now. 4363554. Evan Jones 2624 E. 7th WE MAKE ALL KEYS ^5c EACH. 142 L.B. Blvd variety Store HOME: for unwed mothers. Gadlen Grove 714-539-7365; 11801 Morric Ln FOUND: Laree oranoe male cai. i Vic. Long Beach Blvd. i. Rose ; crans. Call 43J-3D13. : FOUND: white brov/n Chihuahua ' aaout 2 yrs. vie. 10th 1 Cedar. · LOST. Dachshund twc, Dlacfc mair Red collar. "Sam". Belmont Sho'C .-iroa. Rc-.vard. 423-c"7 lin-tov v/hlte DO ion ?. Rc-secrans "Po?i." Reward jjc-2331 FOUND--Sni'jll blau dog, has t-ol- I lar w bell*. Vic. Palo Verde Al. linelon. Sun. V/A S-2576 | Tota Tuition Financed LOST--Female Chint whfte; vr. old. Ic. C crott. ahua. Brn. ilorddo Roy- J55-3358 FOUND: Female chihuahua, vicinity oth Cedar. 435-55B6 before noon. LOST Chihuahua 4 Manchester. white Oi brown, answer to name . Lady. Vic. IQtll Olive. 435-1295 FOUND hlsck while female kilten at McDonalds Hamburoer, wil- mlnjton. 10I.423-290I LOSI Small Beagle blonde white, female. "Suzle." Lakewood. Reward. ME 4-2477 Hypnosis 80 Socidl Clubs 55 DIVORCED? It's NOT your fault Hear a unioue recorded story. You don't have io sav a word. Just dial, relax/ and listen. Lng. Bch. 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Itiru Frl. 1010; Sat. 10-i. 434-2976 »0 DAWSON AVE.. LI. NEW TECHNICIANS Atlantic Health Offices HE ATLANTIC AVE. 437-3887 Mai-Thur. 12-10 cm Frt-tai. H4 om BODY SHAMPOO RELAXING SWiDISH MASSAGE NEW TECHNICIANS Hours: 12-9 MON-FRl: SAT. IU J7U-A Allarillc Ave. LBJM-46H SAUNA BATH .«· ' / female Masseuses--SEL-GIOW- ' ? pen 7 days: 10 ro Midnite: Sun. , to Midnlfe. 1694? Beach Blvd. Hunllnflton Beach (/I4j_64j-9_ii_l j lost Found 75 ft CARS DELIVERED * To or from anywhere In U.S. AUTO PRIVEAWAY 3*3-1307 *CAR5 FURNISHED FRE~E All poinii. U.QRIVE DU »1»7 ADVERTISERS Please Check Your Ads! Ws check every Classified Ad to male* iur* ihat if's printed just the way you wanf If; but unforhinafaly, an error can still occur in content or classification. To prevent an error we may have missed -from running another day, please check your advertisement each time it appears. Notify our customer service desk promptly in cos« of error. We will qladty correct on error appearing in your o d v o r f i s e m e n t for (he first time, but cannot accept responsibility for repetition of the error, unless we arc notified about it. Thank You (or Your Cooperation Jndcoendent, Press-Teleoram FREE FOUND ADS Let's do a good deed together I If you FIND a dog. cat, keys,wallet, handbag, eyesiasses or anything of value -- call independent, Press-Telegram Ctastl- flcd, HE 2-5959 and Dlace a fr*« round ad. MTV* vou. Hn. 10-9 p.m. Free i poodles -- New deal. Call 585-3049 | for appt. SAUNA, Enema. Prostate, Colonies, Rectum. reiuvKiaJInp therapy. 10 i FOUND shaggy, black w/whlta chest chin female DUDDV. Vic llth Gdviola. Owner coll 591-1742. FOUND Sun. morn cor Lomlta Blvd. Western Ave. small shaggy fern_?l?_ d ^L Black.. TE 4-3377 eves. FOUND. Small rcd'dog-wh'lte markings, male. Flea collar. Vic Wardlow Palo Verde. 4W-32M. FOUND. Young Calico cat, female. Near Charlemagne Harvey V.'oy. HA1-JB62. FOUND: Mart, siie mixed tcfricr. VIC. 605 Frwy. Calj 693-7785. Japanese Physio-Massage B031 So. Norwaitc aivd. v/hfitier Mrs 10-6 _P.m. Mon-Sat. 6W-3662 LILIAN Masuglsti. Prastite, " New mittiod. 636^829. Fr« . gutM spirits ft cookttt. All credit cards acc«md. OPENING SPECIAL ?6 Nl» Ttcllnlclani I71O3J7 «1H H Bdl JAN'S STIMULATING MASSAGE JtAH'S STEAM MASSAGE CALL FOR APPT. 4JS-5917 4907 LONG REACH BLVP FLO'S MESSAGE. Sauna, complete service S7. 1? lo 8 p.m. (213) WO- 2015, Bellllower OVERWEIGHT? 2 minutes could chance your life. 861-1012. SWEDISH Massage. LIcTnule rtias" seur House calls only. HA 9-7333 CINDY, Holland Masseuse--»7 28S PACIFIC AV6. GA4-9S6J LOST-- L relics' v/allrt. Please relurn I. P. '5. _ 5W-163I LOST--Colli Hrs. }M. No Sufi., Mon. 591- SOC'lODRAMA of Individual -isj By appt only. GE 9«68, 4X-r^ , T. MASSAGE--1018 W. Compton 81. Compton. Mrs. 10-4:30 NE 5-4579 ! DALE SUANA/MASSAGE EXPER. i ' masseuses 1j : 6. (7U) 327-9410 \ LOST-- 5m. male bldck Poodle. Vic. P.^lr.s Vordc Soj!n. 867-31J5 Vic. An.i ... GE i-4273 : MffN-vvome^ professional AAdssuers. '· "Rcrton'io ~ House calls only 4?6-M53. FOUND--Hawk. Sanitariums, Hospitots. Homes W : WEST COAST Trada Schools Division Computing Software, Inc. Fres Counseling Day Night Classes Approved for Veterans LONG BEACH 437-0497 1633 Long Beach Blvd. h n D k d t x b LYNWOOD 6 3 9 - 3 1 1 1 11441 So. Atlantic Ave. ·ml LOMITA 534-4055 1813 Pacific Cst. Hwy. (COUNSELING OFFICE) SOUTH BAY 370-2561 16611 Hawthorns Blvd. Knuty ORANGE CO. (714) 828-2510 2835 W. Lincoln Blvd. (COUNSELING OFFICE EAST LA. 5059 E. Whittier Blvd. 268-2651 WA A Lrtrers Indicate class location Women Only NEED A JOB? NEED TRAINING? SHORT OF FUNDS? TRAIN NOW DdY 9 months AFTER grnd Short course, free olaccment new. tree brochure Poodle Groomers NEEDED DAY t. EVENING CLASSES Next class starts Marcn Jrtl New closses slartino monthly ENROLL NOW!! THE ACADEMY OF PROFESSIONAL DOS GROOMING IM4I f/.oran, \Vcstmmsicr Call 714-897-6608 DEEP SEA DIVING" For Ihosft who qualify* deeo ssa diving offers a highly rtwarding future. For information call Mr. Fry al CDC 834-2501 v/Hmlngton. Drivimg SchooU MO Help Wanted HEN ft WOMEN NOTICE J0!3 APPLICANTS Tl-.e LOrJG BEACH IND6PEND ENT. PSESS-TCLFGRA.'A dor-. noi knowingly sccou! helo wdniei advorllscmcnts from firm* covered bv the Federal wane-Hour Low, ;t they offer lesi than Ihel eosl nv-m- nv,jiTi wage. If vou arc offered Icsr. bv covered firms, or if vou have questions coneernina (his law or other waoc-hour activities of the U.S. Department of Labor, call or write the deoartmcnt's locot office at 413J Atlantic Avenue, Ltng Beoch. Telcphong: GArtlcicf 6-333K ACCOUNfANT^HiR BLOCK ~ ALWAYS EMPIOYMENF AGENCY BOOKKEEPER F/C WOO-Wifl Profit toss trial balance. Make analytical monthly reports 4115 E. SEVENTH *PDIV In oerson. 3012 E. Artesia PER WIENERSCHNITZEl DRIVING LESSONS ·M low as 55.75 per woe'-. Drive now, nay later clan. Security Drlvlno School 566-3701 I'heatricai 120 YOU r.v:st be SCENT to De elected We are looking icr ceooie of ail (tciei. Interested in exposure to bit ports in commArcliils, movies, rv. 1 No training, required. ___ 595-1713 ASSEMBLERS PRECISION MECHANICAL ASSEMBLER ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLERS v;,i!i mmii'ium 6 monltis r.^f'- on P C board cind hornc-.s Llinssis work. Excellent working tondiiionj Exrellent benefits Profit Sharing GENISCO TECHNOLOGY 18435 Susans Road . Compton (213) 744-1850 Nedr Long Beach Freewav Ar cQiial oocoriyniiv emolover """·:.;-' BOOKKEEPER"^" EXD. a v:now trial balance, ooorf saldTv'. Frinue benefits, good working rond. Comoton area. _635-7154, asX for i\tiS5 De Ru-e Employment Agencies (MEN WOMEN) 125 EDP Dozens of EDP Openings EXECUTIVES to $30,000 MANAGERS to $25,000 SYSTEMS ........ to 20,000 ANALYSTS ...... to 18,000 SALESMEN ...... to 15,000 PROGRMRS to 14,000 SUPERVISORS to 10,000 COMP. OPRS. .to 9,000 CALL: BRUCE EVANS (714) 543-9366 KEY PUNCH 7,000 EAM PERS. to 7,000 CALL JACQU'E DRAKE (715) 543-9366 ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS PERSONNEL AGENCY CLERK TYPIST Tyce financial statements, tile, misc.. clerical duties In our ac- coutnlno deot. Fast accurate typing lequired. (electric). Minimum 1 vr. similar experience required. Pacific Scientific Co. 6280 Chalet Dr. 773-2020 City of Commerce An equal opportunity employer Union Bank Sq.-No. Towar Suite »W p^Orano.8, Calif. rld wide agon- We are tne e only wor lliino In EDP placc- LOS ANGELES CALL: (213) 388-3205 _ Positions avail. U.S. and Canada JM Employment Agency PUNCH PRESS OPRS. (Fl S1.85 DRILL 1 Puncn Press Oor to S3 LAYOUT 500 3 ' 82 zsfgi^TM'---^ SS-dS^Rs'I^SgTM s K T E E Y N"!i c ca oiERS - "usss 1114 LtiNG 8EACH BLVD? HLB 4JJ79S9 ·-" Hel| Mt Wontid 4 WOMEN 426-5078 CLERK-STENO V/ork for district manager. H*aw diciaohone. No jhorthMd. Xiat. emotoyee benefits. Pacific Scientific Co. 6280 Chalet Dr. 773-2020 City of Commerce ^n »qi;al onporiunitv gmalove'" "CLERKS for v/holcsalc distribytor*;. S? hr I iliift 3 a.m. to ?:30 a.m. a. 9:2? a.m. til 6 p.m. Interviews 2 lo t Dm. Mrs. Talbcrl, 7W9 AlondM Bl.. Param't. COLLECTORS v !r agency, lares 1 small cld!nii. A little experience needwi. Ca'l D.m. to 5:30 p.m. for Boot. tf-r. __6jynf, -J26-631Q. COUPLE, retired or "semi-retfrad 13 manage small trailer pork in Bell flower. Must have trailer. B HO DESIGN DRAFTSMEN Minimum 3 vrs. cxp. Including iheet metal, lite structural, Dicing. molor drives, eonvcvora. permanent, full time employment. Excel. tmnlovcc benefits. Pacific Scientific Co. 6280 Chalet Dr. 773-2020 City of Commerce An eoual opportunity emn^oyer GUYS AND GALS HEY SWINGER!! If you are young, attractive, tints ? cttina UD every mornino, tired of to 5 lobs, routine duties, boring every day schedules ft buslnesi formnlltfcs ... hut ... enloy rwr- ties, traveling, (un, music, daficinp K, mlnoling with a swinging yroua of oeooic, then nlan that future for yourself. Wo will tram vou evc- ninos. No exper. n*c. Apply In person 6 to 8 P.m. Mon. thru Fri.. I to 3 p.m. Sats. Mr. Morgan, Arthur Murray Studio, 247 E. 5th St., L.B. EXPERIENCED teachers Interviewers neetted immediately. Earn up to S5 per hr. starting NOW. Call 432-0976. ~l40 Help Wonted MEN ft WOMEN FOUND: Yoimo male v/hllo cal. Please descrlpe. J29-76I3 FOUND: Oidoer bao with onuin. ment. Vic. Naples Pla Lrge charcoal toy. ^ Funero] Directors 10 Funeral Dlreetorj ^SUNNYSIDE MAUSOLEUM MORTUARY flow together to serve you better [MAUSOLEUM 'GARDEN CRYPTS«CEMETElf CREMATORY · COLUmBARIUM · CHAPELS 10 LYHWOOD REST HOME. Xlnl. load cars. Reas. Or. on call. 63S- 3K7. Board Guest Homes 100 RETIREMENT CARE Home. Beautiful surroundings, XInt. food care. Frpl., color TV. Dr. on call. 8M-2505 or -IJ3-67M. PRIVATE Soml.prlvale room lor clderlv In lovely home; XInt. food 8, dr. on call. 860-2505; M-TOO HILLSIDE GUEST HOME Home like tiome. Nur^e In charH U hrs. 802; E 21st. GE J-«331 | Flamingo Rest Haven ' _J«L?££i!L c _ A .^ GA ^.507 I HOMEY otmo'sohcrc. Prlvafe semi oriv. room. 2-155 E. 4lh. 43 _ Wl FAIRVIEW Guest Horn* a gracigu; jiojiie lor tlio cldci Iv -i3J.S3.i6 " 1WO Son Anttnl* Dr, LONC'IIACH-GArfHlrf 4-1UI LONG BCH VALLEY CQLLEC OF MEDICAL liENTAL A55I5 U3 Allanllc, LB 422-WI MEDICAL DENTAL ASSISTANTS - - RECEPTIONIST Train Now, Pay Later Blair College liSOO S. Hawlhorne. 370-5744 LAWHDALE BECOME A Graduate Practical Nurse Fret Placement While Learning Gnvlord School of Nursing MRS. e. GAY LORD. R.N. Olr, _1834_Atlanlic_Avc.l.(S. 59l|i3« Schools 105! ^Instruction COiMMERCJAFDEEfSEA DIVING U.T.I. 921-6646 130^8 E. Flretone. Santa Fe Sprp), AMERICAN BARBER COLLEfiE OF LONG BEACH t ANAHEIM 437-4W - 3NG BEACH t ANAHEIM approved for Veterans CONTRACTOR SCHOOL 1U7 mm Avi,, Li. HE 4- HOWARD BUTLER REAL ESTATE SCHOOL L.B.'s. OlifMt 8, Finest School Anoroved b/ Slate of Calif. Day Evenlna Classes JI76 Atlantic GA 3-M78 LOS ANGELES COLLEGE OF MEDICAL-DENTAL ASSISTANTS 3133 Long Beach Blvd. GA 6-8388 ELECTRONICS-COLOR TV 1st FCC radio, phones, telegraoh Electro mcch'l dllg. Western Tech. 5459 Atlantic Ave. 422-J4J7 COURT REPORTING Day f. NIK Clasiti Slenotype Scnool _ WANT A TRADE? ALLIED Well) School 4343 Imperial Hwv, Lyn. wood. «36-0185» ADpr. for Vtli MOmOMBRY W/iRII HAS IMMEDIATE OPENINGS for Male or Female Department Manager* for th» following aepartmsnts: · IEDDIN AND LINENS · OIFTWARE · UNt JEWELRY · CAMERAS Profit Sharing Insurance 40 Hour Wetlc Paid Vacations Health Insurance Retirement Plan Top Wages New Facility Immediate Discount Privileges MONTGOMERY WARD Ailc for Mrs, Jo tin 868-0911 12051 Imperial Hwy., Norwollc Itlwtin Plont.i J. Nonvqlk llvdi. on Imp.rinl An iqugl oppoilunlly CmpUy»r

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