The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 12, 1957 · Page 9
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 9

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 12, 1957
Page 9
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*t> Vows TwPHp W __ I Odd CHufth I i"tYili% JtA k b A ._ . --JWT9Q, on tnf ftt H*r fathtt, Rev. ft. "'" «ftd «a* ttl*t before ' flu ftridegroww . _jwndi had given (A fflarrtag*. Thi couple ined ttanaing before the While Mr*. Jim Denttm del by Mr*. Charles *ang the "Song of V. Sawnds conaucted the tie ring eereindny that " th« eftupie. , Stedrrtan provided the litioaal weddiftg marchet lth» Wg«n an dffie aoct»»^ nents for the vottHttt, Denton at the »ang >i You.-Truly» and for Rev. ,_ J teatherwood at he tang |"L6rd'* Prayer'' fdllowlng Jciretnoftf." for her wedding the bride '- a traditional gown of „ By'Jac* over satin 'with SJeweled yoke, the long #f» flft «fi htW H«r «««! JHIR . «HtH caittdlhS t h««rt rtrt Mlds Hid in rtbDoKi, ShS wai aft»ftd«d by Uitt f ibrene Glspton ot Auotln at maid a! ttopfe «rfth St«. J«m« ChtfUs and Mtt. Crafftm M«- edith 'serving at *««ndaiiU, Connie Ho6tt, drettUtt 1ft ft M iic« cf th« bride'* tit ftaw«r girl «iffi«t was . Misg AtMftlttbttK Perty and Mitt Mildred Buchanan served *s cafldla light***. the btldihr itfendants wor* Identical gowns of pink cryi- talln* to; walte length with rose , bud bifideati* holding their bwr and pearl ftecklaee mpleanu their costumst. They carried heart Shaped arrangement* of tulle afld MABEL 8MAITEH rstorlt ha* .three cantfl- of the six who have for a position on the latos Harbor Navigation Dis- M Board, of Commuwioner*. lOeorge O. Badge, incunv. int. was' the first to file. iBoth a. L. McKay and torn llmW filed on the last day the-deadline. H.!, frank Schoflald ha* *l htt nout* guetts for past''Week her auter, and h*r«ih-law, Mr. and Mrs. ilian Piston of Puerto' ttlco id her uncle, C. A. Surface Oklahoma. I Johnny and Collene Moore •» complimented by their —nts, Or. and Mrs. 3, M. Moore, Jr., with a dinner party eat the now Hotel Sunday in [ observance of their fifth birth- f day. Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Shaffer of Bay City visited Bmorla relative* Friday of last Week. the Bmorla Rebekah Lodge hosted the quarterly Round. Up of the Rebekah and Odd Fellow Lodge* in Braxoria's Episcopal Recreational Building Saturday night with members from Angleton, Bay City, Freeport, Ro*enberg, and We* Columbia among the It registering, Mr*. Laura Von Artdale presided, with Jack Barber, vice president ot the Reund.Up assisting. The next Round.Up will be held in Wteport, July is. Refreshment* Were strvtd during the social hour. Mrs. S. J. Wright, aceom- panled by her daughter, Mrs. W. B. Stevens, attended the school for store managers and salesmen conducted by the Eastman Company in Houston Wednesday. ,. She reported two interesting films on the construction and working* of cameras and brought back the welcome news that the Fox Company would examine any camera :hat was not functioning prop. »t»W tBKpM flIW* m i»l vm>H* ww,vr» jMHtvJCcO \a% mSl0 fid i white runner wai laid ft* the WWal party t6 eater NVbjt tjU&Ut^k JK^JU &Ui^.'M±^ ** w . *flw BlOOm wwl •RfRiUCl Dy teftoy outfdMt mm tWrt ttia £ttti*$* doublie AAn tffefft^A followiftg tiit ctrttaon? • way and M«. Alt Per*? pre- sldirtg at the bride'* table; . Mri. ,B<WWrai ClK)i4 ftjf K41* dAUghftty w^ddflu a dosty N)M tfSM 1viQl iMkitt fl<N?Aft<* gtfle* whiK Mn, Stmuel H. rrankuffi, mother of tfte groom, wore, i tailored eeat-dttit la charooal gray with white «• — ^-Jw -^1. ...1C — cessone*. , , . for her weekend honeymoon the bride wore a pink batiste temi-tailored dress with white accessories and a white earna Patron Shows Personality In Ordering ' !Rfe tttt\tt^ w»i4jiy ^§- ' i^^otefi. v*&•• ft £"iiSHi &i«5235£Lss , _***». JW' nafnttttr* CM*- want* 'Quality in he* fead. "ft* x* * *tt*it** .***•* 98 th« include* sftaly** '^ Mm fefi said i pfefton ii tfto* of seftdi** th« Mtcn«i>tth* £ fa «fBf tt, probably has fcTj-fc j-t i JtfeW eta ftsiit UKr ton 6t tstading their lgft ot fcbd," khe taid, POT tj» eftett fte? **e" SMI gfesw <w M«t» U • fnftn OfcSRS liu <C$i£ft JSilnrt the table, h* it trying t» mall* an fflKp'MBtoft, the skid. If he leant b&c* in his chtir and it iatual, he doefe not want an **p«ttive metl. the man whd looks Hike an tMtiUttB n*m*uy responds to of a menu, th* -type 14 Iteety t«s Uoty in lef late* ! out . «* ttflofed* Mr*. L«f. worntft in her f«>d. -flie dresser Idves frills in her tesd. Men dihet-s tend to «ho«> 6ff mow than women, she Said. Eatfseiafljr the wen who are a»ay from home ahd their naitglag wives. Wo«en oft a trip tend to spend niore if their husbindis are hot along, Mrs. Lefler has found that women generally give .bigger tips than men because they aren't fast at figuring percentage. Women in a group, with no men present are an exception, because they figure out the tip on paper, she said. Wiiiwi' Complain in «* years of teaching the wures, Mrs. Lefler ha* heard rhany complaints from waiters " me there should be a timilaf court* ft* ffiMtft,* she said. "GuHft* art At flufif worn in « dining Wft» $* cause they aw ia ft* armc* seat. They want WtWe'A* they-fl know the feltW'^f. Waiter mainly Waflt «u&g* nvert to M friendly *J!l£?$Nik them at human being*. \fH4 perfect customer is <JB# wftt consults the waiter, Joifcwt his suggestions and uMI Hit she calls "the three ftt^tt* portant phrases in ttve SUSpUS language — "Please, thtta* you and pardon rne." Major comelaifttt HUHt waiter* are that they *Bfl| know the menu, don't feeft customers and don't ***** V care. MAC. BfiWAM) LH6 JUAlOtOM Unmatched Quality -Unbelievable Savings Firestone Julv 4th . j nti^yf i . m uon corsage. FASHIOHETTES ^_ By united Prw* the eollegitte* gee* high fashion thi* seaaon. MUU< ner Mt. It/tan feature* * feminine reproduction ol the men's felt In a red and yeUow *ilk polk* dot the pork pit is just one feminine rtyle.eojtied from the m*n'» h«t rack*. Milliner Lilly Cache features the fedora, complete with center create, —» ^.w*Hfr*.vk>«. TT*,um i,vi*,w« VIVB in several', fabric hat*. One: a red carnation;'pattern oa a white suVbsekgrSund. By United Press High price of romance note ». the Jewelry Induttry Coun- efl estimates that annually more than <2S mUlion dollars 1* (pent each year on engagement and wedding ring*,, for gift* to the newlywidaT and other jewelry connected with wedding*, the council estimated that spending in May and June alone, the peak sales months, run* to 133 minion dollars International Influence Clothes Seen In US H*W YOUR -^KW Amert can women thi* ountmer can pretend they're at the play* ground* of the world, thank* to the, international touch in one, line of sport* clothe*. Hew ttyle* by Phil R6H of California are Inspired by lash* lent from four countries—Mexico, Scotland Sweden and Nor•i*AU • '• ' ' • ' '•'• " • way* ' • Hi* Norwegian collection include* a terapl—a sleevelet*, poncho-type of over-shirt typical of thoM worn in the Scandinavian countries. Other over-shirts are designed in bulky fleece with raglan sleeve*, or parka*. the Swedish collection is from a line of fabric* designed by Count Sigvard Bernadotte. Hi* fabric* feature Scandinavian colors, such •* "Eric the red" and "fjord beige." IB Scottish collection feature! top* and pant* in tiny red and green plaids, combined with black velveteen. Skinny pantt in black or plaid are combined with plaid shirts trimmed with black velveteen, or black cotton knit shirt* trimmed with plaid. And plaid line* a belted, casual coat of white or cigar-colored corduroy. There even are soft plaid shoe*. For those whose fancy goes south Of the border, the Mexican collection feature* black, white and red pants, shirts and brief Jacket*. One outfit includes flamenco-flared pants. Finally, there'* a group •trictly for fun—guch mock mink pant* and matching boot- let—or a "chlnaUa" sweat shirt, made to look like Th« tiro n«w cart at thty left Trtod Design PLUS Mod.rn I Hrtstono De Luxe Super Charnpjoiif Designer Says Liberace And Elvis Hurt Styles SOB »TO-1J IttMkwe Flu* Hu and yevr racappable'ilr* l.OOOownV Putt Any Ptrasten* ——————— ™™ —— _^_ — _ —-— ^ low, tow PricM OB a» Sim *j>*j JIU 6.00-16 6.50-16 $13.95 7.60-15 TUM TYPI •••••••HM Matlm* $17.10 21.90 23.95 8.00-15 . '•tin tax and your racappabl* llr* Br AUN* MOSSY V. P. Staff Corr.spend«nt ;; HOLLYWOOD — ffl) — A .'young New York designer who i mad* Jayne Mansfield's, neck- line ftmou* aceuse* Liberace nd Elvl* Presley of fouling up hi* campaign to get men Into more interesting clothe*. "Llberac* and Dvi* have BUXTOK Billfolds EUJOTBIO Razors WESTERN BEL1 Buckl« Sots f ANSOh Cuff Links Tio Clasps SETS OR SINOU5 Rings Watchos Pom set men'* fashion* 'back JOj jyear*," fumed Bgee Bov**. at ,« one of the country* top [designers. 'When jwtty to fit men w wear more interesting clothe* they're afraid of appearing feminine. Liberace's Wily shirt* j*uh gob* of lac* nil men'* wear. He kick* Uk* * ruffled layer cake." Bouvee ; unvefled hi* t collection ol'clothe* for r when he popped out here to arrange new wardrobe* for Jayne. Her rtudle, he explained in an a*ide, told him he'd better raiae her neckline. "Jtyne doernt like this,-She say* what will all her nke newspaper photographer friend* tayf She £*.?? want to let them down. But the sudlo aay* the neckUne go** "R" said the energetic Bov** "But, anyway, back to the men'* cloth**— nVUtotoM.H.MtCllMH ABRANDNEWNYlONn ATANEWLOWPRKE eta*»««k*N**f| Rand McNallyl Rood' United: Mo*t of tor •nrmunnq SAJWBACKS *«*• br Orel* Martri. B*M klaek i •tree iaq**ttaao» to l*if*f yri*4 SM akpias] fa**.' ItlMfa tfaie jtfltJvMJa* 'i_ , A*4 *f WWM, ih*r ar* e**r to pack NYLON or RAYON or TulMeVTypo lowor Prtt^*T i.'twe'irat. «JO.t| aa4 *a*r »* 1 SOKI COMI>JUU>atY iOW HUCiD u B *>y**'» idm nry for ineiv eventnc shirt, TRUCKERS, ISAVE Toofl tunr TRANSPORT I w-ja-W, T«rmi as low at 2.00 a wotk *w •**'-*%*** to THBBE KR98TONK PEODUOT8 ABE ALSO AVAILABLE A? TEXACO 8IEV- 101 STATIONS DISPLAYINa THE FIBESTONE SIGN. | "JACK GRIFFIN TEXACO STATION" HIGHWAY 288 AT 19th. ST. FBEE PICK UP AND DELIVEBY VELABOO, TEXAS DIAL 3-4871 NOWLIN JEWELRY OPPOWT1 UUW THEATBI USB JAOlfiOIf T*r*$totic STORES uow.ajro, 780D1 . •tfle^a* i«| b*Jt*4 back,

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