Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 31, 1950 · Page 11
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 11

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1950
Page 11
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Profits Tax Cuts *f ^ -* i V *» ' ' f - K ' Incentive; Growth x , By MARGAKKT CHASE (tr. S. Senator Prom Maine) - _ ( ?' SKOWHEGAN, Me,- Oct. 31. -There are" some good ·raiments *r an excess profits tax in finanong fc ; war ef- fort'or^rearmament program. But there are also,some-arai ments against juch n-tax. And very 'seldom does the gen : eral public hear, o**ee these arguments. I'd hke + - ««· TM a few of them just as I did the . arguments''for such a tax.'I think you can do a'tetter job--in terms of national security and public Interest--in making up your own mind rather than having someone else'try to boss yourjnlnd. Two principal reasons are given for the necessity of WgTier taxes In the rearmament program. One is to raise money for the program,' This Is so fundamental that no one ~wlll argue this point. The second reason is for Checking In- Juarez Mayor Begins Cleanup . AKEZ, Mexico, Oct. 31. (/P)-The new mayor of Juarez.promise'd that he would "moralize" Juarez and Institute a drive against "prostitution and vice." oci.uuu »cn;wi. TM -- v ^ He is.Victor Manuel Ortiz Goslhs- flation by reducing the amount 34j a De j lo i aSj chihuahua, cattle -- · - - - - - of money Inj^rculation -by taking a larger tax grab out of our pockets and pocketbooks, .It Is on this reasoning In support of an excess profits tax that you can get a spirited argument. It .must be admitted that^an excess profits tax, like any other tax, Is a brake on Inflation. -It helps our gbvernment t" better'-balance the national budget and*to .refrain that much from financing govern' ment expenditures-through borrowing and deficit financing. But It Is equally true that an excess profits toe tends to encourage waste and extravagance on the part of ;· the corporation; Profit Incentive Cat The profit incentive'Is cut. down because the profit Is cut down. When the profIt ^ incentivev is cut there Is less emphasis on paring expenses and working a little harder to.get-more for your efforts. One common result has been that cor ; keyed man. He was sworn In yesterday evening at the Juarez city hall. He was named to the post yes terday by the Chihuahua state legis :ature to replace Francisco Trlana who less than a year, after taking office, was relieved of th* job by virtue -of an indictment ion charges of '.'abuse of authority." The mayor's selection came after a political shakeup. that began last Thursday when Tplana was ar rested on a Juarez street and taken by state ^policemen to the peniten tiary In Chihuahua City'. Trlana was Indicted yesterday morning by the first penal court In the state capital on charges of levy ing tribute on vice and collecting illegal taxes on imports to Juarez He later'was released .under ":10,OOC pesos bond but must remain in Chihuahua City until legal proceed ings against him are completed. This is Ortiz' initial politlca venture. Although he plans to keep-the oli - - · " -·"- the ex and Antonio. Escobedo -- he said h u *.--p~" .^,, " ,,..--r .. anu Antoniu.iwjuuucuu -- nc BCUH j profits', wiH-partially offset the ex- plamledswe eping changes in' oth cess, profits tax .take irom -their ^nicical personnel. . business by Increasing their costs of ^operation-=-. by Increasing their expenses. . . . . . : They" hike wages and salaries. They hire more-people than-..they actually need/' They'make costly repairs .-on-,their-facilities.-* rThey charge a multitude of high-living luxuries-on the. part .of company executives" and owners ' to public relations costs, advertising and entertainment expense. These are nothing less than a tax dodge and In effect, actually are manipulated and cleverly devised tax exemptions. ' In short, excess-profits taxes les sen the incentive for .economy ahc efficiency. They, indirectly/ cause ' the passing on of unnecessary costs tc the consumer "public in the final price tags placed on a commodity Obviously, this-is inflationary anc defeats the anti-inflationary objective of the tax. . . No Fair Yardstick . Another argument advanced against an excess profits tax Is that It Is Impossible · to. formulate 'any fair standard of what constitutes "excess": in profits, for all -businesses, which vary so intfch. in Tricks Xgain Due Tonight After a hectic pre-Halloween'eve- ne of .tricks or treats Tucsonlans 111 welcome .the 'fifth annual ardl gras at the high school adiuiri .tonight' ^Apparently ,all v youngtters -who ould toddle/were out'last 1 -evening itivtho'r'terrlfylng masks', fright- nlng v ghost costumes, .and eerie ·witches brooms.- * - . , , . .After8pre-mardl gras whirl, the mall-fry-win test their costumes ut"on the Judges at the stadium Ma evening. For their originality nd'efforts, tiftr-klds have a chance o -win'a handsome list of prizes do- ated by Tucson merchants. " , 'All goblins, ghosts, witches, and orrifylng figures are aslcert to pro- eed'-to the corner of Seventh Ave. and Second St. without'scaring too many people on the way, and be eady to line up at 6:30 pjn. ^ ,, Cases of carmelcorn, candy, and olsemakers are ready" for distrlbu- on. Judges-have'their glasew ollshed up to scan the array of ostumes. Mrs. Dooley Bookman vldow of the founder of the mardl grag which is the Silver Jubilee vent this year, will be there to rown the kln§ and queen. For ,the older would-be Hal oweeners, there's a dance for unlor high schoolers at Amphl iieater auditorium. ,And it's still a good Idea to make t · bit difficult for any youngsters who are still determined to amuse hemselves tonight. Just bear In mind that cars do disappear, garb- ge cans tip, windows are soaped nd a wide variety of odds and ends an mysteriously appear on your awn during the night. If you stay home, have a large upply of treats on hand, If you [on't want tricks. municipal personnel. . . . . . State Deputy J.' Jesus Barren sal. Ortiz' intentions- were to . restor order anil progress to : the .city am to see to It that- municipal fund "are spent in the -interest of-th people." . ., ,..,- ,:-',-' ,,,-.,-" ..,,.. ' 'He.. added: "We want Juarez t be known as a clean, cultural an progressive city, rather'than a cen ter for vice, prostitution and bars. Ortiz further pledged full co operation with -'civil authorities i El Paso, saying that he personal! would,. look Into any. complain about thev.city employes" that ; ..o ficlals on: the- El Paso side ofth Rio Grande' might have. --.-. Meanwhile, .-in a surprise. ,mov Arturo Lavin, who collected: fee for, a 'special police "corps, gav himself up to the city- police. .H was 'taken' into custody to fac charges : of collecting lllegal.munlc pal funds and later. · was .'release on a 5,000-peso bond. ' '.,. " · ; . . · Forest Receipt^ Better uniformly prosperous during, any given period of-time-that might be taken for the yardstick. .That is particularly so for the. newly -established businesses "and the- yoimg, last-growing companies or industries. 'Obviously, there .is' a-..difference between"a mammoth steel company that has been-in business 'for 50 years and a small electronic parts company that just .started business in 1950. -'- , An excess profits tax is unfair.to . Jyme _30::- exceeded administrate costs," Chief Forester Lyle F. Watt has .reported. '' ; -.'- Tbtal- receipts', on "-the 152 n t r y were , , tratlve costs, including, fire prote tibn, were $33,837,145.,.. _; : v: . -·; ' Receipts . and 'a'dmmistrativ costs for national', forests- in Ar All CAUCDb JJAUllLa LaA JO Wl**cm_m Afufl.v · \~J '"O Jr. ^ the corporation that is willing' to Mexico), $272,506 against risk-its money and pioneer irunew ""---'-- *"" iis n " a ' and admini zona: mat · · · - - . .-. Apache'-'.(lying partly: In Ne '_I.I**\ ffOT'J C(\C owal^ef . t^9.1 RR [fields. It is the pioneering in.new 'fields that has given such progress ·and prosperity- to America as to make, it the No. 1 nation 'of ~the .world. The deterrent effect-of this tax on "efficiency, Initiative and growth cannot-'-be: Ignored.... (Distributed by .United Features);. . 'Represent THS At Sriowflake Meet Sara Packard, Pat.Eagshaw and a junior and soph'omorei will 'represent Tucson senior high · school In « convention, for girls''social hour committees at Snowflake Nov. 17. Miss. Calanthe BrazeRon, dean of girls, will accompany the group. Sara, president of the girls''so- cial hour committee, represented Tucson high at a similar .meeting · in Phoenix, Oct. 7T · Two more g a t h e r i n g s are planned, including one In midwinter at Casa Grande and one at Phoenix. union In the spring. Topic for discussion at the state meeting will be the psychological , adjustments- a- girl'must make' to ie'a successful housewife. Rearing^Resumed On ' Request Of Bus Lines PHOENIX, 6ct~3lT (U,R--A hear tog on Metropolitan-Bug. lines'Be- quest for permission to change and discontinue 13 routes was resumed before the Arizona corporation commission today. % Strong protests were expected to come from bus^rlders opposed to dropping tht "West Camelback road »nd North 16th street lines and proposed changes in the Scottsdale route. of, $188,225. .$391,445 against cos , , . Kalbab, $103,626 against cos of $99,588. ,.. Sitgreaves, $293,072 a g a l n s $105,041. Tonto, $124,028 and $121,231. iThe totals .for Arizona, includin the Apache national;: forest;-' /.R ceipts, $1,184,677, and 'costs, $635 665 ^ i Merited Health Speakers Here Two nationally known officials In the field of mental health,;wlll peak »t the meeting of the Plma ounty'Council of Social Agencies ; 3:45 pjn. tomorrow at the Young Women's Christian a s s o c i a t i o n ulldlng,' 738'N. Fifth ave. The visiting officials, both .from, the regional-offices of the public ealth service In San Francisco, are Henry C. Schumacher, MJX, regional consultant In -psychiatry and mental health, and Harold M keels, PhJ3., regional consultant n clinical psychology. The speeches by Dr.'Schumacher and Dr. Skeels will come toward lie end of "the regular monthly meeting of the council of social gencles, Ward S. Stalnaker, execu- Ive secretary, said. They will start peaking about 4:15 p.m., he-added and said anyone Interested In hear them Is welcome at the meet Two UA Radio Programs Set A pair of local radio production --a drama and a roundtabTe- ; dis cussion--wiil be produced 'tonigh by the University of Arlzpna^radi Dureau. for release,on local station and. state-networks)..' The drama- workshop program will Tie- aired first tonight from 7:45.-to 8 p.m. over KCNA. Th scripts are written by unlversitj radio writing student^ and pro duced by the class in radio acting Tonight's script was written by Miss Patti Blanc, -senior -sfuden from'Tucson, and Is titled "Jea. ousy." " "" The-University forum, featurin n discussion of the various Initia tive measures which wiU'appear o; the general election ballot, will b released from 9:30 to 10 p.m. b. KOPO. . . Participants . ; in · the discussion will be Eobert D. Morrow, super intendent" of. the Tucson publi schools: -Bob J Brooks, politica writer for the Tucson Daily Citizen and, Dr. Paul Kelso, associate pro Fessor.'of political science at th university. In-the absence of Joe M. Young, president of v the 'council,, who Is at Chicago this waek, Dr. Ethel Thompson, "of'the University of rizon'a faculty, will preside. M the business meeting preced- ing'the two lectures,'·several im- .. Young Arizona Wonderful Relief for ITCHING SKIN! To jromptly loothe IntenMi itching: oi ruhn, «cz*nu., psori«ri», athletes foot, ptmpla, ind iinulariurfMe skta Mid «c»lp irritations, apply Zemo--* modem highly medicated stainless anti- wptic. Ztroo On helpuheal and clear the Irritated .kin. Buy Extra Slrcngfh Zemo Liquid for stubborn portant matters win corns efor«i the board- for acflon,; Stalnaker said, Including'8 discussion of the old age ^pension, amendments The amendment Is 'on the ballot at the general election Nov. 7. - ' Dr. Schumacher and Dr. Skeels are coming here from'meetings at PHoenlx and will be at Tempe on Thursday and Friday nights. ' Legion Revue 'Open* In Phoenix Schobl^dday Ivatm f ll{t fltttttffl 1 ]r PHOENIX, Oct. 31: ; OJ,R)'--'The American Leglon i stagerevue, "Bed, White and Blue," r will s ' open Its only Arizona · appearance- tonight at Ehoenix- Union high school auditorium. The''Show, which will also be Tuitdny Ivinlni, Oct. tt, staged tomorrow night, 1« direct "Bed, from a world jjremiere run In "Lot Angeles. " · Featuring 18 star* and specialty , acts of stage, screen and radio, tht troupe Is composed of veterans-of the services or of USO camp toun. |O TRIPS DAILY IZ to PHOENIX 3:50 AM* 400 AM 7:45 AM »30AM 11:00 AM 12:30 PM 1:30 PM* KOOPM J:30 PM 5:30 PM* 7:00 PM 10:15 PM I lr.«dwny ot Churth * Ph«" 3-° 53i j NIW AI*-CONDITK)NIO COACHIS GREYHOUND 125 years ago--24 years '. before Hie "Gold Rusfw ~the first Bigelow carpet was woven. Bigelow's SUN VALLEY Carpet Bigelow's newest carved effect Wilton proves what only long * experience can produce! First,,notice the price-imagine such a low price for a true Wilton weave! And such a graceful sculptured leaf motif, too! Yet Sun Valley possesses all the quality and endurance and perfection that £· «Q has mado Bigelow so justifiably famous.' I *t *q. yd. W. R: SHEARMAN FURNITURE CO: 537 N. SIxtfi Ave. "Where Good Furnltnre Is not Expensive" Today Sun Valley reflects all the experience and t skill that 125 years of fine carpet making can develop. Phone 3-8691 NEW CMc fasfer service 'anywhere in U. S. Exclusive rapid roaS strtlc* for GMC owners-- call Western Union Operator'25 for name o^nsarest 'CMC approvid «rvJc» HAILS AMAZING RELIEF FROM CONSTIPATION n suffered with constipation, butSoL .Medicines didn't help for long. Lucky .lor me, I decided to make AIJL- BRAN my breakfast cereal. Believe me, I Iseluke mnewmant" Sam Plesky, 1051T . *O. Jiwt OM of many 1 f vmnKniri£ljlifntftHl V '»o» suffer from'con- "V itipatJon due to lack. · , L * *· Ajl«ntv of wa^erl TH "'not eomptoeZjf ;«ati»fied aft«r~10 days, send empty i " icarton to Kellon's, Batti^CrMk, IMicn. GET-DOtBLE YOtTR Fine-whiskey doesn't have, to be expensive. f ? Look at tb« low, low-price of Wilken Wlusfcey. JThen taste . its delicious country-style flavor--so mild and " mellow you'll wish you'd discovered silken-smooth Vilkaiiang, long ago. - .|5 JMONEYBACK1 J*x ^-Hr. 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