Independent from Long Beach, California on February 22, 1964 · Page 3
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 22, 1964
Page 3
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Two Presidents Visit With Ike PALM DESERT (UPI) --.the two visiting head* of darkness. lNOE?fcNOENT--P*3* A-l tm ···«. oil-, imnn. Ft*, n. rn« Former President Dwight D. state met him outside his jthe two president*. The 'copter landed oa the' Eisenhower, who ***** " . E i s e n h o w e r played the $175.000 cottage on the llth Uth fairway. A corridor had;' 1 * '«** fran graciou* host Friday night to'fairway at Eldorado Countryjbeen roped off so the two: 1 ** J l t h '»»rway to greet the a couple of old friends-- Presi-'Chib. heads of state could walk un- visitors, was asked to .$ tap dent Johnson of the United He had greeted Lopez Ma- troubled by curious residents.with the others several times States and President Adolfo tecs first, putting an arm of the club and guests. | for picture*. They're rny die- Lopez Mateos of Mexico. around his shoulder. | No one else was permitted tators." he quipped. You\e had quite a busy Eisenhower and Lopei Ma- inside the closely guarded El-l - day today, haven't you?" Gen- teos flew here by helicopter dorado grounds -- with the ex- eral Eisenhower said, extend- frora Pata Springs-- a seven-lception of newsmen. ine his hand to Johnson »s minute ho? completed ia early! MAKE MONEY any time . .through Classified ads! SeJI Torch lights lit the way for no-kmger-used items for cash. WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY SALE-SATURDAY, FEB. 22 ^ LONG BEACH ONLY BANG-UP BARGAINS PACIFIC AT 1st ST. REVOLUTIONARY VALUES HOME SHOP --SECOND FLOOR 200--reg. Jo 1.00 PANELS firregs.)___ .ea. 19e 24". 30". 36". 45". 54" lengths 50--reg. to 3.98 odds and ends of DECORATOR 4 BED PILLOWS, ea. l.OO MEN'S SHOP --STREET FLOOR Prtsi Wir«J!x'. PRESIDENT ADOLFO LOPEZ MATEOS (A Mexico shakes hands with former President Dwight Eisenhower during courtesy visit paid the former chief executive by President Johnson and his guest in Palm Springs Friday. LBJ Sees 'Civil War' Splitting Reds (Continued from Page A-l) tgression is a deeply danger- cutoff of water to Guant an- (wearing a light coral-colored l " !amo naval base, and said: coat, grabbed Miss Avecita . ., We tave dealt ttith the ^ MlteM ^*r of £'^£ £ -- U« *"««* «* P ---|the Mexican president, and THE MEXICAN leader satdjj or jij^^- f^^ a f t c r citing " Olt ' ronl Havana, without said. Come here, honey, we some may think it Utopian to '[troubles in Viet Nam Cyprus,! sending the Marines to turn' want you in this picture, -completely do away with the palnml and Cuba he as- U , TJt er faucet. too.' ominous atmosphere that already seems to be dissolv ing." But he contended that sertcd: "We believe it far wiser to such goals nent." President Johnson, in his -Larger than the troubles 1 send an admiral to turn it off i A LARGE contingent of po- ave noted is the spreading'tha n to send a battalion of litical leaders led by Gov. . . . . vivil war among Commu-' Marines to turn it on." 'Pat Brown and Los Angeles as temg rmmi- n!sts - He did rot elaborate.] . . . . Mayor Sam W. Yorty greeted · « · · i SOME congressional lead-'the J o h n s o n and Lopez JOHNSON slid the United^rs, including Republican Mateos parties. Secretary of ,%!^L"K!2J1» Ju?fTM;^TStates would do whatever it'presidcntial aspirant Barry'State Dean Rusk was in John- affirmed American determina-, _ , _ t ,:_,...__ ._ JT_U--,,, v.j ,,TM^ Mi-'son's party Mayor Ycrty pave the Presi- key to the city and -.. f^., iu uimAisnru, uriuic n i^ mu k^*j- -- ·'.*.* JW A .^IJ. i.*.j. Yorty pinned a corsage 1 ;late.~ I More big crowds greeted on Mrs. Johnson's dress. A -It is the task' of states- President Johnson's arrival Marine Corps band played )."* he continued, -to'at I n t e r n a t i o n a l AirportJ'Hail to the Chief and the your choice, ea. 3.0020--7.99 Goose Down PILLOWS 20-4.99 Dacron* blend PILLOWS zTppered and interlined 50--3.99 4.99 Percale SHEETS -Lady Pepperel, floral print and woven stripes, fulls and twins. 15--12.98 Printed Area RUGS each your choice, ea. 5.0015--8.99 fo 19.98 Cabin Craft BEDSPREADS, odd twins only 8--11.99 Heirloom BEDSPREADS 6--10.99 BEDSPREADS smartly tailored and quitted 12--9.98 fo 14.98 DRAPES. DbL width. 54" 84" lengths 12--8.99 King size PILLOWS Dacron* blend, zlppered, Interlined each commitment "we tinue to honor.' But he warned the Vietna- m's" a^contett tcfbe won°lrt- prtvcnt the 4tn S er *" Cyprus where a 21-gun salute was^Amcrican and Mexican na. , .__,,_.. .Vfrom exploding into disaster." fired in his honor. tional anthems. thTt E ^n^^hemse^«" I Switching halfway across At the brief airport cere-; The crowd was largely . . . . ' [the world to Panama, he said mony. viewed by a h u g e ^ M e x i c a n - A m e r i c a n and ALTHOUGH HE did rvotthe United States is "pre-lcrowd, Johnson gave a bear cheered wildly in Spanish, name Communist China in his'pared. calmly ar.d without hug to the shorter Lopez ; *L T no, uno, uno, uno!" (Span- discussion of Viet Nam, the pressure to consider aH the!Mateos, who said in Spanish: ish for Number one.) President made his meaning problems which exist be-i*If I'd known how tall you More than two hours be- clear in saying that "thosejtween us--and to solve them look I would have brought fore the addresses at UCLA engaged in external direction promptly." 'my high heels." |were to begin, crowds of sev- and supply (of the guerilla] Noting American patience] As photographers madeWal thousands jammed the -your choice, ea. 1O.OO save up to 50% MEN'S ALL-WOOL WORSTED SUITS specially priced S 30* a group of fine imported worsteds, solids, stripes, checls. regs., longs, shorts, sizes 36 to 46 no money down arrange your own credit terms ·alterations extra 24--16.98 to 29.95 Area RUGS 12--14.98 King SFie Lady PeppereB BLANKETS 12--27.99 RbergUs DRAPES DbL width -- 9 6 x 8 4 " 8--15.95 printed COMFORTERS Dacron* flSed 10 each war) would do well to re-,with problems in our henii- pictures of the two presidents campus and streets around member that this type of ag-'sphere. he spoke of Cuba'sjwith their wives. LadybirdJthe school. Presidents Discuss Alliance Johnsons Hosts at Dinner Party Lopez Mateos Family, 10 Others PALM SPRINGS (DPI) --friends. [Antonio Carrillo Bores. Am- 'President and Mrs. Johnson' The men were in dark suits ^ssador cf Mexico, and Ful(Continued from Page A-l) gave a small candlelight din-'and the women wore short'ton Freeman, ambassador-; t r- i. c- i- i *.'ner party Friday night for'cocktaiMength dresses. Mrs. designate to Mexico, tjons with Cuba, Salinger leftj^^ p^;^ ^ Mrf .l jotason pitched from a 1 . . . . this and other ^_^ J .^|Adolfo Lopez Mateos of bright peach, pink and green' THE J O H N S O N S have today* )p"TM . ~?~ - jL/yMexico and 10 other guest*.'print in the afternoon to a taken a liking to this resort wriicrj win DC Lssueoai *:.: The g p ^ £;,,),, included ( white, two-piece dress for her|area where the desert and the axn. Lopez iwaioes j aj g^est* outside of the of- dinner. mountains meet, according to a new* conference tmmedi-, fjdal ^^ ^ brother ind | ^ e menu was a n-Ameri- ! their aides. The warm sun-f ately after public release the communique. Both leader* had major ad- SPORTSWEAR--STREET FLOOR reg. to 19.95 Jumpers and Shifts . .$5 to $9 Wool, Corduroy, Brocades, sites 8-14 25--reg. to 15.95 Wool SUrts $5 to $9 Pal colors, sizes 8-16 reg. to 15.99 Pop-over Tops and Sweaters, asst. styles, colors, sizes . $6 $9 6--13.99 Cotton Capri Sets. 8-10 7.00 12 13.99 Wool Caprfs. asst. sizes ,, 5.00 your choice, ea. 2.89 · odds and ends, summer sportswear SUrts, Blouses, Capris, Shorts 2 s -' 200 pair ALL-WOOL SLACKS regular 17.95 $ 10* a great assortment of worsteds, gabardines, iharlsllns, in 29-42 * alterations e»tra 100--Wool Slacls, gabardines, worsteds 7.00* al sues except 36 and 38 Women's Uniforms--Street Hoor 935--white, tailored, B r o o t t Uniforms. Easy-care, Dacron/Polyesfer blend, siies 1020 and l4'/2-24'/ 2 . now Ij the time to buy 14.98 ALL WEATHER COATS tan, wafer-repeBant cotton popTin, siiej 34-44. 6 9-9 conference unrnciii-ij^j p^rty the brother and! The menu was all-Ameri-jtheir aides. The warm sun sister-in-law of the First Lady,'can and prepared by Navy, shine and the glorious view Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Taylor of|Stewards. It included crab- have impressed them. . . . . . j- iSanta Fe. N M. Mrs Taylor,meat for an appetizer; filet of The Johnsons' two daurh- vuers with them for the dis- is of Meiican incestry . The^beef California, a vegetable Urs. Lynda Bird. 19, and CU S^ 1S f «:» rv I 1 - 0 !* 2 Mateos' 21-year-old platter, green salad and choc-Lucy Baines. 16. remained Secretary ot iute uean fa us fo eT £,-, ,!,, attended, 'olate mousse FJ Presidente." bsck at the White House in ; Rusk, Thomas Mann. as-| . . . . j Also ^ ated arourjl the Washington t h i s weekend sistaut secretary of state for, THE PARr i- jn the piujh'table were Secretary of Siate|whh their housemate. Warrie' inter-Amcr^an altairs, 1 /f K ^ i stone-and glass home cf real and Mrs. Dean Rusk ar.d their Lynn Smith. They are being McGcorgeBundy atopWhite t s t l t e developer ^^ TauViMcxican counterparts. For-|chaperoned by Mrs. Willie House policy adviser, "ereij^ toofc m Jn air of jn .l cipn Minister and Mrs Man- Day Taylor, a friend of the member* ot the U.5. ^"^-^onrjiity because the John-'uel Tello; Assistant Secretary family and a longtime secre- , . . .son* and their guests are old of State Thomas C. Cann; tary to Johnson. Manuel Tello, minister of, . I foreign relations, and Antonio, ^^. . ^ . , 'mind into doing something for her cour.try," said Mrs. John-; son in paying tribute to her counterpart from Mexico. S p e a k i n g in Spanish, ^through an interpreter, Mrj. ·Lopez Mateos expressed her W j-teaching i* the best profes-, At one point the tour guide; lhanks fcrr the u . c , Cf)lr . e she UP _,*ion. sard to her, laughingly, -iou ^ A _. ; ,.^ .,,,, ,,_,, ,,.,. can give the lecture." -Hosiery--Street Floor- Dacron/CoHon Sport Coats 9.00* 3-pc. Corduroy Suits, 38-44. 29.95 values, 13.00* Sweaters, iUp-ons, cardigans .... -5.0O Sport Shirts, reg. fo 6.95, S-M-L _1.99 Worl SocVs, reg. 39c pr 4 pr. for 1.00 1.25 pr.--Seamless, Nylon MesK Hose. O n New colors, sites 9- (O'/j only /, P r · Scramble Table · Dress Shirts, Pants, Sweatshirt j, Ass't. sizes, colors, styles ea. Matoes to Palm Springs. Soviets Receive Radio Urani hy Wives oi Presidents Visit School, Museum WOMEN'S -Budget Shop--Street Floor orlg. 11.99 fo 19.95 DRESSES, misses' half-sizes ONE-HALF PRICE a great variety of fabrics X styles, jome with jacleft FASHIONS Better Dresses--Second Floor. reg. 25.95 fo $75 DRESSES, many one-of-a-Hnd ONE-HALF PRICE sizes 8-20 and \2/j-lV/j some costumes Included YOUNG WORLD --SECOND FLOOR (Continued from Page A - l ) MOSCOW. Saturday Tass reported Friday the first So^-iet-Arcerican space com- " a «""· ** THE FIRST ladies then mo- After leaving the art mu-, · Infants' Fashions 1.59 to help the poor children." munication* venture, w i th'tored to Los Angeles County!seum. the motorcade returned sh « " y , referring to Mrs. British cooperation, wa* » l jn uscunj of'Art where they, to International A i r p o r t *-hnson'* cfwnmcr.t on her success. !viewed the touring txhibition' wfltnc * the Udies departed contributir.n to the National The' Soviet new* agencyj -for Palm Spring*. 'institute for Children in Mex ' said a radio beam tent byj" ma««w°rks of Mexican: They were greeted there by . Britain's Jodren Bank Ob-art. % :Mayor Frank Bogen and a lctx «n-atory hit the VS. Fxho-2 The exhibit included Mexi-crowd of about 1JOO and| In addition to Avecita Lopez satellite and bounced off the can costume* which had been'presented with red carna- Matoe*. daughter of the presi- "cosmic mirror" to be picked ^donated by Mrj. Lopez Ma-tions. 'dent, other guest* also In- up by the Zimenki Obscrva-Jteos, who, with her daaghter A» she left the pUne. Mrs.^j^^j MrJ -p^r-j, KucfieL tory near Gorki en the =c:iog, at interpreter, ex- Johnson commented, -it was , . ' Volga River. plained their background to ! a man-elous day in I** An-; wife * th * sfnior scnltor Echo-2 wa* within tlie dt- Mrs. Johns.To. Jgcles." where Mrs. Edmund from California; Mrs. Samuel rcct visibility zone of the! Mr*. Johnson expressed her|G. Brown, wife ft the Cali-jYorty. wife of the mayor British and Soviet obterva- admiration at the elaborate fornia governor, waj hostess opera *tar Dorothy Kirsten; tone*. ]workmanship in the costumes, 1 for a Ijrxheor. at the Ambas-^frs. Elizabeth Smith Gatov, 1 This mark* a success," and when she moved on to sadrw Hotel attended by some former VS. treasurer, Mrj.j i:«cef« r*\ G»n;i wrote Tass, "of the first ex-the p a i n t i n g * , sculpture*, 1 50 women*. The two rirs^Edward Ro-bal, wife of the ( pcriment in *uperlong-dis-jterra cotta and o t h e r arti-|ladic* were guest* of honor.'cor.gressman. and Mrs. Edwin; tance ir.terrutional cosrsic fact*, she displayed consider- *1 want ti show you a Pauley. wife el the oil execu-j --''k) communication* on ul-'able fcp:-.!fd,"i r' Mexican woman who put* a warm live and Democratic Party L waves." 'art.. heart, enthusiasm and keen leader. I 2.99 Corduroy Crawlers, s-m-4-x! . 3.00 Sleepers, plastic soles, grip per grow feature, siies I to 4 _ 5.99 Infants' Grow Bag, Toddlers' BlanVet, Sleepers, pastels, s-m-l fo 6.99 Comforters, quilted, Nylon, Dacron* or Cotton, paitek A prints, 36i50" _2.99 1.99 . 2.99 -DRESSES. reg. to 8.99 Girls'. Jr. Teen sizes and Chubby half-sizes, assf. styles. Girls' Fashions 2.99 Jamaica Shorts, siies 7-M, for glrU and jr. teen siies _ . 99c 2.99 Pajamas, tries 3-M 1.99 and Cotton Knits in assf. prints. fo 4.99 Orion Cardigan Sweaters, assorted colors, siies 3-H ... ,, 2.88 · Boyj' Wear 49c Crew or fancy Argyle Socls, 1st quatty, tlies 7-IO'/ 2 5 pr/l.OO 2.99 Cotton Sport Shirts, 8-18. short sleeve, reg. and Ivy styles 2.98 Dout!e-lnee Jeans, 4-12. Famoirs Brand, navy only . 4.98 Wash 'n wear Slacls. Asst. sizes and colors reg. to 39.95 Dress SUITS. Siiet 16, 17, 18. 19 1.99 2.29 2.99 29.99 Fitfx it lit long letefi

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