Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 22, 1988 · Page 13
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 13

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 22, 1988
Page 13
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Phm _,-Tribune, Logansport, Indiana, Tuesday, March 22, 1988 Page 13 On Television TUESDAY . « , 1VLS QGW mn March 22 o® 8 O 8 O O(H) O a) o ID CD 09 CD as ® 5PM : amily Ties (;05) M'ster Oil Strokes Final 4 5:30 News (.35) L & S Happy Days Muscle Map News Newlywed G.I. Joe Love Connect M'A'S'H Jem People's Ct, Big Valley Star Trek Sesame Street DuckTales. News Win. Lose Superior Ct, Double Dare WKRP News People's Ct. 6PM \lews (:05) Alice Fact of Lite SpottsLook News News Fact ot Life 6:30 NBC News (:35) Fjrnett 3's Company In PGA Tour ABC News CBS News WKRP News Crazy Like a Fox Family Ties Survival Wld HappnirV Now News News News Cheers Bus Rpt Happy Days NBC News CBS News ABC News 7PM M'A'S'H (.05) Andy Bosom Buddy SportsCntr ET Jeopardy! Cheers CBS News 7:30 Cheers (:35) Snford 8PM 8:30 (:05) Sword, Ploughs 9PM 9:30 In the Heat ol the Night (:05) Revolution NBA Basketball Pacers at Pistons (L) Magic Years Win, Lose Wheel Barney Hollywood Eq Remington Steele Family Ties Cheers MacNeil/ Lettrer NewsHour Family Ties Curr. Affair 3's Company Jeopardy! 3's Company Wheel Mewlywed Wheel Cheerleading Who's Boss? Trial, Error Wonder Years Sister Sam 10PM 10:30 (:05) Casablanct News Col. B'ball 51 si NAIA Championship (L) Moonlighting Com'g Age Frank's PI. Mov: Melvin and Howard Trial, Error Crossbow Sister Sam Branded Com'g Age Frank's PI. 700 Club Mav: A Wedding on Walton's Mountain Chicago Nite House Nova Mw: Cutter's Way Trial, Error Who's Boss? Sister Sam Wonder Years In the Heat ot the Night Com'g Age Frank's PI. Moonlighting thirtysomething Cagney & Lacey News Cagney & Lacey Slrght Tlk Gob Nevuhart Chefs Taxi Singing Detective News Curr. Affair Cagney & Lacey thirtysomething Autistic Children Often Misdiagnosed Dear Ann Landers: As the parent of an autistic child, I am often in the difficult position of explaining autism. This complex disorder is frequently misdiagnosed and is hard to explain. Your column educates millions of people. Please print this letter and help autistic children get the chance they deserve. As for those who make critical remarks and stare because of my son's unusual behavior, I hope they will be more understanding and realize how lucky they are to have a normal child. Here are the symptoms of autism: 1. Resists normal teaching methods.. 2. Inappropriate laughing and giggling. 3. No fear of real danger. 4. Apparent insensitivity to pain. 5. Strange behavior at play. Will spin or bounce objects for hours at a time. Ann Landers 6. Refuses to make eye contact. 7. Indicates needs by gesture rather than words. 8. Inappropriate attachments to certain objects. 9. Acts as if deaf. 10. Crying for long periods for no apparent reason. 11. Has difficulty in relating to other children. A loner. 12. Marked physical overactivity or extreme passivity. Anyone interested in getting more information about autism should contact the Autism Society of America, Suite C1017, 1234 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington, D.C. 20005. -- A READER IN FLORIDA DEAR FLORIDA READER: Thank you for the opportunity to inform my readers about autistic children. Those parents need all the help they can get. Dear Ann Landers: My fiance smokes in bed, sometimes several cigarettes a night. On occasion I have seen him fall asleep with a cigarette in his hand. He seems to have no idea how dangerous this is, and nothing I say makes any difference. 1 love him dearly but wonder if I can live with this habit. Help me explain to him how dangerous this is. - SMOKED OUT IN LONG BEACH DEAR SMOKED OUT: Tell your fiance that one of the principal causes of fires in homes is cigarette smoking in bed. Your fiance is putting your life in jeopardy as well as his. If he loves you, he'll stop it. Do you have questions about sex, but nobody you can talk to about them? Ann Landers' newly revised booklet, "Sex and the Teenager," will give you the answers you need. To receive a copy, send $2.50 plus a self-addressed, stamped M>. 10 envelope (39 cents postage) to Ann Landers, P.O. Box 11562, Chicago, III. 60611-0562. Moles, Birthmarks Usually Harmless Moles and birthmarks are known as nevi, the plural of nevus. These are small areas of discoloration of the skin which vary in color, size, thickness and appearance. Physicians have been aware of the fears that many people have about these birthmarks. Yet it is rare that any of them are life- threatening. Far too ofi.en, patients are told to "watch it" for any changes. This simple thought, may introduce a sense of unnecessary anxiety. "Watching it" sometimes dominates the lives of people who live in terror about the changes that may never occur. "Watching" a mole or a discoloration should be done by the physician only. The skin specialist or dermalo- Health Drs. Lester L. Coleman & Steven Andrew Davis legist can establish the nature of the mark and offer an assurance of safety. Each birthmark is one's own private possession and cannot be compared with that of another person. "Trading" size, shapes and colors of birthmarks is a pointless game that breeds unnecessary fears. — L.C. * * *. Q: I'm not sure exactly what is meant by elective §urgery. Would you explain it? A: Elective surgery is the name given for surgery that, has no special urgency or emergency. It is therefore performed at a time most convenient for the patient and the surgeon. It is obvious that a fracture of the leg or an acute attack of appendicitis does not fall into the classification of elective surgery. , A patient who is known to have a hernia may wish to put off the surgery until a vacation period is available. There is one consideration that must be thought of when elective surgery is suggested. Far too often a patient may put off an elective operation for such a long time that a simple condition becomes a complicated one. Then the elective surgery may become urgent. When elective surgery is discussed, the doctor or surgeon must be specifically asked how long a time it can be safely delayed. It is completely understandable that surgery generally induces a great sense of anxiety. That anxiety may be responsible for delaying an operation for an unreasonable period of time. — L.C. There Are Two Kinds Of Ammonia DEAR HELOISE: I've always used ammonia for cleaning windows. Did you know that there are two kinds';' One is suds- forming and leaves windows streaked (I learned the hard way). The other states on the label that it. is for glass. 1 hope this helps others avoid having to wash windows twice like I did. — F.S. Boston, Mass. You are so right! It's so important to read all product labels to prevent problems like this. — Heloise DECORATOR SHEETS Dear Heloise: I have a few uses for permanent-press sheets which your readers may be interested in. I make tablecloths and napkins with very pretty designs. I cut the .sheet to fit my table and make the napkins the size I want, and hem them in an attractive stitch. Also, for a shower gift I have made a large, long, white tablecloth with a set of napkins, embroidering a wild- dower series on the cloth and repeating the (lower on each napkin. Last but not least, ! picked up sheets in a great check pattern and made a tablecloth for my kitchen along with curtains and a toaster cover to match — L.M., Rloomington, Ind. BOOT STUFFERS Dear Heloise: We've found a great idea for "boot stuffers." We use empty foam egg cartons. We keep our boots on the floor of our closet, and the tops would always flop down, ruining the suede. The cartons Fit perfectly. All we do is insert them into the boots and zip them up. Sure saves money too! — L.O., Elizabeth, NJ. LAWN CHAIRS Dear Heloise: Over the years I have formed the habit of repairing seasonal items. 1 repair lawn chairs in the winter to have them ready for spring. When I reweb one, I cut the plastic webbing strips the correct length, then fold them as directed and use a spring-type clothespin to hold the folded ends. I then lay an old ice pick over the burner of the range and heat the point. I push it through the webbing where the screw is to go. No frayed webbing, no hassle working the screws through, and it's done in half the time. — Linda Skonik RUBBER GLOVES Dear Heloise: Don't throw away those old rubber gloves; they're great for opening large jar lids. MARGARITA'S MEXICAN-AMERICAN RESTAURANT Com* out & experience good, authentic Mexican food. Or chooi* from our vast menu of American food. We offer iteaki, prim* rib, chicken, sandwiches, children's menu. -SPECIAIS- WEDNESDAY NIGHT-STEAK NIGHT FRIDAY NIGHT-SEAFOOD BUFFET NIGHT '8.95 1 1.00 OFF OUR SUNDAY BUFFET Reg. '6.95 NOW *5.95 TUESDAY & THURSDAY-50' OFF MARGARITAS Hours: M-Th 11 to 9 • F11 to 10 • Sat. 4 to 10 • Son. 11 to 3 2001 MAIN ST.-ROCHESTER 223-5310 Associated Press Morton Downey, Jr., (R) talks with guest on show Talk-Show Host Offends But Wins Following SECAUCUS, N.J, (AP) - No one would confuse Sean Morton Downey Jr. with such sensitive types as Oprah Winfrey, Phil Donahue or Geraldo Rivera. Downey, a self-described "talk-show advocate" whose confrontational style, symbolized by his trademark wide-open mouth, is more reminiscent of JoePyne than Jack Paar. "I bring a certain amount of excitement," Downey says. "Nobody's sure what I'm going to do next because I'm never sure what I'm going'to do next." That uncertainty has won the 55-year-old Downey a loyal following on the "Morton Downey, Jr. Show," broadcast each weeknight on New Jersey-based WWOR-TV, a superstation carried on cable systems nationally. The show has also earned criticism from people who dislike Downey's prosecutorial style, his conservative views and what he proudly terms his "simplistic presentation" of the facts. The show has gotten so heated, in fact, Downey faces trial in Secaucus Municipal Court on charges he slapped Andrew Humm, 34, a guest who works with the Hetrick-Martin Institute for Lesbian and Gay Youth. Downey could face six months in jail and a $1,000 fine, said Municipal Prosecutor James D. Orlando. Humm has also filed a civil suit. That particular show never aired because of a bomb threat during taping. "I always tell people I did the show against my better judgment," said Humm. "There's no Rather than using one glove, use both. You'll have a much better grip. — J. MacDonald, Alberta, Canada FRYING OKRA Dear Heloise: I found that spraying okra with a non-stick vegetable spray keeps the corn meal from falling off. 1 tossed the sprayed okra in corn meal, then added it to a small amount of oil in the frying pan. The spray caused the meal to adhere, it came out a golden-brown and there was no meal left in the pan. — Ruth Johnson, Abilene, Texas pretense of fairness. They're just looking for victims." Downey would not comment on the case. But there is very little else that the former radio talk- show host will not talk about. On one recent show called "Gripes, Complaints, Bitches, Moans and Groans," people who had called the station with complaints about various topics were allowed to come on the program and air their opinions. Downey bounds onto the set, offering his trademark grin and giving high fives to his wildly supportive, mostly college-age studio audience of about 150. 1 ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATIONS "THE LAST EMPEROR" !PG.13> 7:00 •••M........... L MOVIES CASS nm TJMJOO\ 'i.OO«U SHOWS UjBitfOft J "GOOD MORNING VIETNAM" I*J Burl R«ynoldi in "SWITCHINGCHANNELS" (PC) 7:10.9:50 "POLICE ACADEMY V" 7:30-5:30 (PC) 'ACTION JACKSON" R Won.-Tbur. 7:15 Only SHE'S HAVING A BABY" PG-13 Mon. • Thur. 7:00 Only STAY YOUNGER LOOKING LONGER with anti-aging by Mary Kay and sign up for a free drawing at Elvie's Records and Cluttered Closet. No purchase Necessary Colt for free facial- VICKIE SOUPLEY (219)626-3134 between 9-6 WING 2130 Market Street ot 22nd Street DING Logansport, IN. 722-4399 SUPER TENDERLOIN SPECIAL 79 Now Til Mar 31, 1988 'COUPON -----«|---- -COUPON 1 *1.00 OFF Any 9, 12, 16 or 20 Pack of Delicious CHICKEN Limit 2 Good til 3/31 /88 Wing Ding FREE COKE COFFEE or TEA with purchase of 3pc CHICKEN DINNER LimiM Good 3/31/81 Wing Ding TAX SHELTERED EARNINGS LOGANSPORT FDIC WALTON GALVESTON

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