Independent from Long Beach, California on March 11, 1966 · Page 66
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 66

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1966
Page 66
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.-VT* " Rt «£ 11; !« Auto, for Sdt 174 BUY WITH CONFIDENCE AT SUBURBAN PONTIAC IN BELLFLOWER . . . WE ARE DETERMINED to deliver a record number of BRAND NEW PONTIACS TEMPESTS IN MARCH . . . Autos for Sat* 174 Autos for W* for Me 17* WE LOSE!!! YOU GAIN!!! BUY NOW- SAVE!! EXAMPLE: 1966 PONTIAC TEMPEST Overhead Cam "6" EexJlned: Airromillc, rooVe end hcatir, Decer oreue, wiw, cuilem icil belli. |»n K»y .windihiew, Air · - V V USED CAR SPECIALS I v^s *S *·:*· S -.S 1 962 PONTIAC IONN,EVILLE 4-DOOS HARDTOP -- leige exterior with Mttklie/liHerior A top-notch car with radio and heater, ajvWiiiatlc, power steering and power brakes. THE BEST IMV,IN TOWN! I I License No. QGH 139. 1959 PONTIAC 4-DOOR HARDTOP --Crewe, Mterfer with s«atc»lng -Interior.' Factory Installed radio em* heater, automatic triennthilan. EceHlefiMreMsp*ittI«». U«- N». FLU U4. 1964 TEMPEST '6' 4-DOOR SEDAN --White exterior with · sharp red In- ' teirler. A ireflt car far economy end performanct. license N«. : KTiSZ». 1960 PONTIAC 4-DOOH HARDTOP --The clastic lONNEVILLI with ra*« and heater, automatic, power ttewrina. and brakes AND AIR CONDITIONING. THIS IS A STEAL! !! License Ne. FMt Sit. 1961 PONTIAC VIMTUtA STOXT COUPE --The popular model a t ' a terrific »vlus. Thht It a real ulce car one) Is well I.UctwH*. NHVH4. 299 1959 CHEVROLET Vi-TON PICKUP --Kaele eid keater. Lie. No. Llf52. ^ '799 S 999 '749 '1699 1963 PONTIAC lONNtVILLE 4-DOOR HARDTOP. Fully equipped w r«*e, heater, autematlc, power steering, power bra« rWs Is' one of the belt. Uceeie No. KGE 700. 1961 RAMBLER 6' $CQO CLASSIC STATION WAGON --Radio, heater, 3-speed ^M jB? ^W trewnuilision. License No. FJXI01. ·^·^ ^ **'1960 PONTIAC SO AC VINTURA COUPE --Sharp and runs like a watch. Auto.. d^% ^V ^^ matic, power steering/brakes, radio, heater, -whltowall lires, MiV f f^f · tt. License Ho. FNC 87* . . . . ^^ ^^ 1962 T-BIRD $1")AO White with bMKtlrul Inttrior. Fill power, M air. Whole' · ^M ·· ^M sale look: $l«5. License Ne, HI4V421: .'. · ^a»* ^^ * 1965 TEMPEST $ 010Q LeHANT COUPI!--Automatic, radio, heater, EZf alais, j/L · ^1? ^«W etc. Uetttse Ho. HOPOZt.. . . «i«ae«ael m m 1962 CADILLAC $1 CAA Convertible Coupe. Yellow with whit* tost aid black I ^J ^^f ^V iitferlw. Ml power, no air. W/S. License Ne. FSZW · ··aaf' -«W m 1958 PONTIAC $4 Q P CHIIPTAIN COUPE --Radio, deoter. power steering and ·· JaW JksaW smsmlsslon. License Ne. OXE731. aT JeW eft^F PACIFIC THE BIG 'WHERE AUTOMOBILE SHOPPING IS A PLEASURE' CORNER HIGH VOLUME REDUCES COST! . . . $·· us for th«) deal o t h e r s h a v e turned down. We want to sell over 500 cars this month! LONG BEACH--LAKEWOOD'S BIGGEST SELECTION Autot for S«U 17* Art** for Sal* 17* AutMforM* 174 NEW 1966 MUSTANGS 50 FASTBACKS HARDTOPS CONVERTIBLES · IN STOCK FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY · We believe that clean-cut, accurate advertising is the first step toward obtaining and holding your trust. Among .man/ offered this weekend is the spectacular value below . . . EXECUTIVE 1966 GALAXIE "500" BRAND NEW '66 CHEVROLET HARDTOP COUPE NOT STRIPPED, BUT FULLY LOADED!! 2349" Stock No. 4540. Nut Tax License. Include.* Ffilghr and Dtlivtry Handling. · Tinted WlneiMeld · F»ik-kimt« Detme Radio · Air Hotter keeKtor e Whewall Tlrei · Uaebneal * aiui · Dwl Ann Htm · Delcetree O*«*f«t*r · Dual Kn Leekleej · Full-Flow Oil Wher · Del me WkMl Ce.ere · Clqarette Llejhtef · Padded Inurement Tantl · Front aid Rear Se«f Icllt · Ubed Front Ind · Seir-adlaillno, Irekei · ll.ctrk Wlftdthlelel Wlp«f · Maejk Mlrrer Flail* · Pewerejllete Trantmlulen IMMEDIATE DELIVERY!!! Cnm-O-Martc, 250-hp. V-8, i Power Sue ring, Radio. WSW, Air Coridtltotii Vtnyl Interior. 2945 2 DOOR HARDTOP WAS $3857. STOCK. #116 NOW FOR IMMEDIATE I - DELIVERY- BRAND NEW '66 CHEVROLET 4 TON PICK-UP NOT STRIPPED BUT WITH BED H849 Plus Tax and Llc.nw -- Stock No. 7134 00 · 232 t-tylineer EM'" · DlrKrltMl Ugktl · Full-Fl.w Oil Filler . ll-qt. Tkr«w-*w«y Type) · Air Idtetter RteKtar · Dfftf Locks · Meo,te Mlrr.r Finish · Seat feltt · (51 Tim and Whr«l · Z-weed Electric Wlpera · lack-up Lights · Oil Oaucjai · Heavv Duty Seriftgi SERVICE IS THE EAfi QFOUR BUSINESS SERVICE DEPT. · OPEN · SATURDAY USED CARS 100 IN STOCK IMMEDIATE DELIVERY! 11 GEORGE SAYS DOUBLE DIVIDEND DAYS THE NO RISK WAY ON THESE FINE SELECTIONS OF OVER ISO OK USED CARS. 58 OF THESE MUST GO THIS WEEKEND TO CONTINUE TO MAKE ROOM FOR THE NEW CAR TRADE-INS. ALSO JUST RECEIVED NEW SHIPMENT OF USED '66 VW'S. LARGE SELECTION OF COLORS. · RECONDITIONED · GUARANTEED · I IBM THUNDERIIRD 2-Doer Hardtop I All Pawir EaiHpnenT I Factory Air Condi (kjiwr. | Gorotout Tftru-oull PCN- · I tit. ISS5 MUSTANG 2.Doer Hordlop JM HP V/t. 4 Sod-, R»- «o. Htaler, FACTORY AIR CONDITIONER. Nor N(*l uYP-705. 1358 FORD Convertible V/l, Cnjl«.o.m»1lc HJW- rr 1»rln0, radio, heater, clc. Out»lantln9; contfi- llonl LJR7«. 1962 CORVAIR Sport 2-Door In platinum flniiri. Pcw«r- glldt. radio and v^hiaUr, whli* »id«wal!s. Can b« youti ior LIc.nt. OYY 627 1958 VOLVO Ebony finllh, 4-peij, radio and hiolir. Con b. youri for FULL PRICE plui lox ami llctnte Llceni. No. UD 693 1963 CHEVY II 4-Daer Wean In ermine white with con- Iraiflnj Interior, radio, hooter, $QQO i.tvl.. «»lek. Entra nice for only T T T No. Oft 1962 CHEVROLET 4-Doer IlKayiw 5e«l«n. i.cylinder, Power- 9llde, radio and neater. In blue $CQQ 'Li'eeni«"Na."KHL"Ti'o" flniih 1*1895 I *2395 I $ 595 I9IS FORD 2-Deor Sedan I A cvl., aulomatlc, radio, [ h e · I e r, etc. Excellent niDortetlool Reduced Price! ASP-JM. '57 VOLKSWAGEN 2-Deor Sedan 4Cvt., 4-Soettf. Rfi Healer, Elc. A Reco mended Vafuel PUY 1 '64 COUNTRY SED. {·Passenger ' · Station Wagon 5»H.P., v-l. Outset metre, Power 5te*rlno, Radio, Heller. Exceo- COIMI Co^dlllwil ICIV/- 7S3 1960 EL CAMINO V-8, 3-iaeed, radio and heater. In ermine while tinilK. The mall mught- $4QO afler pickup License No. 6 2 1 9 1 1962 FORD 4-Doff* V-8, Cruli-o-matic, r a d i o and heaicv. whit* slJ*wallf. Th*r«'i a SJLQQ Ford In your fufurt O .r » Ucini* No. L E Z 8 0 S 1962 CHEVROLET V 2 -TON FlMtltde. Heavy duty 3-speed. Big "6" engine, radio ana* heater, in 2 tone green fmilh. Extro nice on«. Licenle No. 2 5 1 1 7 1960 CORVAIR 700 DELUXE 4-Door, Supif Turbo «ng1nt, oufomaKe, radio and heater, platinum finTth. For FULL PRICE, plui fax and lie. Lic«m« N». PNJ 22? $395 I $595 IM 795 WE OFFER A COMPUTE LEASING SERVICE HOP AVI MANY OTHER FINE CARS TO CHOOSE FROM IN 1961 CHEVROLET Ermint ~file with contrasting Interior, itict shift, radio and heater, many mitet oi lervlce left on Ihll one. FULL PRICE flui to* and llcenie Llceme No. FJH 339 yBURBAN PONTIAC IN BELLFLOWER 17639 BELLFLOWER BLVD. · TO 6-1725 BELLFLOWER OPEN SUNDAYS 1956 FORD 2-Door Hardtop V-t, Automatic. Raifo, Heeler, ETC. Tranjoorra- tlcri Soeciall FUD VU, *195 I9GS FALCON Futuro 2-Door Hdtp. 1» HP I cyl.. Cruses marc, rsdro, heater, v:nv1 [nterior, etc. LlXe new coruillwil PCL-tM. I9E3 RAMBLER 170 Station Wife* 4 cvl., Automatic, Radio, Heater, Bucket Seali, elc. ExceotrcnM conation and valul PRS-M1. 1963 MONZAS ( 1 5 ) Jportj 2-Door. Choice of colon end equip ment. Exo.-nple: Sport 2-Dr., ^-ipeed tronl., radio and heater, turbo engine $QOC and real nice in ermine whit* TT1 No. FU 111 1964 DODGE POLAR* 4'De«r In gorgeout ihell beige fintth, FULL POWER, FAC. UK C O H D . ||AqQ ny milei of foe. wrnty. le(K I fff No. ONXOtO . 1964 CHEVROLET lme«I« Si*fef Jeert Hardtep Ceiif* In »racui yellow (inlth. 3 2 7 engine, radio and leater, power ffeerlng, wn "* ildewalli. Can be youri for only LIceme No. FNC 437 1961 FALCON FUTURA n Bantff blue with contrasting Interior, mcket teati, console, automatic, radio emd leater. There Ii a Ford In your $CQO 'uture. Full price plui tax ana 1 lie. , * * License No. PWD S52 VOLKSWAGENS "21" USED '66, '65, '44, '43 rnodoti. Choice of calort ana 1 equipment. Immediate delivery. Example: I"4$1AOO in blue finlih. cuitom Interior .. · WTT LIceme No, FMPII3 1960 IHC Vi-TON L.W.B. 4-ipd. tram., big "i" en- $EOO e. trnber red finllh. Like new. ·*TT glne. LIceme No. Kill 171 1962 CORVETTE Convert. 327 4-ipd. w/reverie S1DQO chrome whiell. R8H. Like new. · OTT Stock No. 1171 1965 PONTIAC LEMANS GTO. Eqiilppad h doiillng Phognix beige (inlih, V-«. Kydro-Motic, pwr. tleer., FAC. relria. Like new .. Ucenie FBY 474 1959 FORD Va-TON Sryleilde. V-j, 3 - i p e e d . Fully $£QQ equipped 1 . Extra nice Vff Lice.ii. No. K4IIO 1962 XKE by JAGUAR Stunning provincial white, wire wheeli, radio and healer. Thli one reflecti mellculoui care. . . . FULL PRICE plut tax $4J|QO and license -- A M T T Licenle Ma. NMZ ISo 1965 CADILLAC Coup* D»Vill* !n daziling wMt* VTodi* lop and Tafioi blue with ^inuin* father Interior, 6-wav uat, FAC. HEPRIG. Tht moit btaulifu) appoTntgd ·n* ,Y.F i.ia BY GtORGEII Stock No. PI067 , 95 SEE THE GOOD GUYS 3600 CHERRY AVE. LONG BEACH -GA 6-3301 NO DOWN PAYMENT PROBLEM HERE!! OPEN UNTIL 10 P.M. DAILY INCLUDING SUNDAY 'CHEVRO WA 5-2251 · SP 3-4190 17000 LAKEWOOD BOULEVARD, IN BEIULOWER

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